Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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"Good! Ah hope he never sees the sun again for the rest of his miserable life!" Rogue said with a grunt, as she sat with her arms folded on her chest on the patio steps. The rest of the students nodded and gave sounds of agreement. Logan had just given them the news, having returned from the Operations room and gone out into the Mansion's yard to meet them, while Fury and the rest of his agents departed the grounds.

The students, like Logan, had initially been concerned, but the professor's telepathic message had put them at ease. Despite Jamie's puppy eyes toward a couple of the agents on the patio, the men had been quite professional (albeit polite) in their refusal to divulge any details. Probably because they themselves, as was standard practice, had little to no idea what the contents of the meeting were about. They were just here to ensure Fury's security while he was out of his facility.

"Well, considering that it's SHIELD who's got him under lock and key, I think that's a distinct possibility," Bobby said, while playfully making a real snowglobe in his hands from snow at his feet. Beside him, Roberto nodded gravely.

"Wonder what the Brotherhood are like now that their 'leader' is gone," Jubilee mused, before sending a small spark of plasma into Bobby's snowglobe, causing the illusion of a snowstorm.

Logan shook his head, "Probably about the same as they've always been. Disorganized slobs and layabouts, kinda like you kids on the weekends," he added, elliciting a groan from some and a proud, "Yeah, so?" from the others, though all seemed to be quite relieved knowing that Lance had, at least for the foreseeable future, been quite thoroughly dealt with. "Though even with Mystique pullin' their strings, I still got the impression that there was someone else running the show, even before she disappeared to wherever she went," Logan muttered quietly.

"Well, one crisis at a time. Didn't you teach us that?" Scott chimed in hopefully, and Logan grunted with a nod. "Damn straight, Cyke. Alright, kids, since I'm feelin' generous, y'all can go another round of mutant ball, or we can run a couple laps in the snow. Up to you."

"MUTANT BALL!!!" Came a resounding chorus, and with scattered chuckles, the students once again jogged out into the snow away from the mansion, while Logan fetched the ball from his feet.

"Alright, Half-Pint, you're it!" He called before throwing the ball to her. "GET 'ER!!"

Kitty's panicked squeals echoed across the yard as the game resumed.


"Well, Kurt, I must say I'm surprised at you," Mrs. Jessup said, regarding him with a critical look in her light blue eyes. Kurt shifted uncomfortably under her gaze, feeling his nervousness rise. It had already been difficult enough to get up the will to come to her office, but now he couldn't help but feel like he had made a very big mistake. Well, he was here now, on Monday afternoon, and there was nothing to be done about it now.

Mrs. Jessup was a short woman with greying blonde hair and a face that still maintained a great deal of beauty despite her years. She bore a strong resemblance to Angela Lansbury, and seemed to enjoy teasing the rumors that the two of them might somehow have been related. As Kurt stood in her office, actually a smaller side room in the school's main office, he couldn't help but feel like he was being judged.

"What took you so long?" She finally asked. "I was beginning to think that the rumors I'd heard about you and Kiro were just fiction," she continued, and seemed not to even notice Kurt gaping at her. "I mean, you hadn't even asked about tickets! We usually only give them to the girls, so you wouldn't have even been able to attend without asking me."

Kurt finally recovered enough to stammer out an apology, followed soon after with, "N-no, they are not a rumor, Mrs. Jessup. We are very much in love.. I just, um, I wasn't sure whether it would be ok.. and Kiro only just asked me on Saturday-"

"-Of course it would be ok, Kurt!" She interrupted, a note of exasperation in her voice, for all the world looking like she was about to bop him on the head with a rolled up newspaper. "The Sadie Hawkins dance may be primarily geared towards the typical boy-girl couple, but that doesn't mean for an instant that I would ever think of barring any other type of student couple from attending." She continued, while she bent over to the side and began to rummage around in one of her desk drawers for something.

"So, Kiro asked you, did he? I thought that he didn't speak? Has he learned sign language? Or did he write a note?" She asked, pausing to look up at him with a smile. She had a bubbly demeanor that shone through sometimes, and this was one of them. Kurt could almost imagine her being a little like Kitty when she was younger. "Well, you're right, he doesn't use sign language, and can't really write in English yet. But, Kitty brought up the dance when we had all gone out last night, and said we should go, so Kiro asked me, in his own way," he said with a smile, remembering the look in Kiro's eyes. True, Kiro couldn't speak aloud, but he still had a remarkable ability to express himself just through his eyes, hand gestures, and facial expressions alone.

"That's adorable," Mrs. Jessup said, and her words were genuine as she finally had found what she was looking for, a simple manilla envelope with "SH DANCE Ts, X-tra" written on it in marker. Those must be the tickets! She took two out and slid them across the desk to him with a smile, "Well, then I will expect to see you both there on Friday evening, Mr. Wagner, and ready to be the envy of everyone else there!"

Kurt laughed as he reached over and took the tickets with a smile, before carefully slipping them into his backpack. "I don't know about making anyone envious, I will just be happy enough to dance with mein engel," Kurt said softly. Mrs. Jessup chuckled again, "Oh come on, Kurt, live a little!" She teased him, before giving him a wave.

Kurt left her office with a grin on his face and a spring in his step, heading back to his last class of the day.


"Well, it's an option for you, Kiro, is all I'm saying. It certainly would be a little more convenient than having to carry around a notepad, or perhaps some sort of digital keypad. Though I would still recommend those anyway, since whomever you're trying to talk to might not know sign language," Ms. Harrison said as she walked alongside him down the hall. Classes had just been dismissed about ten minutes ago for the day, but Kiro was still only taking a half-load of classes compared to the other students, and tended to spend his afternoons either outside reading (usually under the shade of the building or a tree), or in the library.

Ms. Harrison had caught him there in the library, however, and had been clearly delighted to see him continuing to practice his literacy. Kiro had been doing surprisingly well in her English class so far, and although he still had much more written vocabulary to learn until he could be expected to read and write at an acceptable level for his grade level, his progress had been steady, helped along largely by the fact that he was essentially just learning the written forms of most of the spoken words he already knew, and the proper English alphabet to go along with them.

Ms. Harrison had just surprised him, however, with her suggestion that he consider studying American Sign Language as well, but Kiro had seemed quite uncertain as to whether he wanted to undertake it. In spite of the fact that he essentially already used a form of sign language, or rather, expression language, already, learning a whole language built around hand signals and facial expressions struck him as rather strange and daunting. Ms. Harrison chuckled softly and nodded, "Well, that's certainly understandable, Kiro. One language at a time, yes?"

Kiro's recent kidnapping had shaken her, and although she and others had been relieved to see him back in class and doubly relieved to learn that his kidnapper had been imprisoned, Ms. Keating was clearly concerned about how he was doing. "How are things going with Kurt, Kiro?" Ms. Keating asked, turning the corner with him as they made their way down the halls toward the main office and the parking lot outside. She had not known about the specifics of Kiro's abuse, nor of Kurt's crazed rampage, but she could still tell that things had not been easy. Kiro looked up at her with a brave smile however, and wiggled his hand in the "so-so" gesture, before touching his heart, tapping his watch with a finger, circling the finger clockwise several times quickly, and flashing a thumbs up.

At this, Ms. Harrison laughed, "Well, it seems you DO know a bit of sign language already, albeit your own!" Kiro giggled silently as well, and she nodded before asking, "So, kind of difficult now, but you're hopeful for the future?" Kiro nodded with a bright smile, his violet eyes glimmering in the late afternoon sun through the windows they passed, and Ms. Harrison found her smile widening. She had certainly been surprised by Kurt, the self-proclaimed "ladies man" and Kiro getting together, but the more she thought about it, the more it seemed so fitting. They were quite alike in many ways, although so different in others, and seemed to compliment each other perfectly.

"There you are, Kiki! Everything ok?" Kitty said as she jogged down the hall towards them, a worried expression on her face. Kiro immediately nodded, and gave an apologetic bow, before tapping his watch and shrugging his shoulders. Kitty sighed, even as she grinned, "Probably got lost in a book again, hm?" Kiro blushed at her tease, and smiled, shaking his head.

"My fault, Kitty," Ms. Harrison explained with a chuckle, "I caught Mr. Popescu in the library and thought I'd check in with him, and talk some things over. Sorry if we caused you any worry."

Kitty flashed a bright smile up at Ms. Harrison and shook her head, "No no, it's fine. We'd only panic if it was another 20 minutes or so," she said with a chuckle, albeit nervously. While Kiro had been back with them for a couple weeks now, the kidnapping, right here on campus no less, was still fresh on their minds, and even the presence of several additional Bayville police officers volunteering to patrol the grounds regularly hadn't really helped.

"Well, thank goodness for that! This is supposed to be a special week!" Ms. Harrison said with a wry smirk, which jogged Kitty's memory as they once again began walking toward the parking lot, "Oh! That reminds me, Kiki asked Kurt to the dance!" She said, unable to contain her excitement. Ms. Harrison raised a brow, and then peered over at Kiro beside her, who was blushing again and carefully not looking at either of the ladies. "Ohhhh? And did Kurt accept?" Ms. Harrison asked Kitty, clearly already knowing the answer.

"You bet he did! They are gonna look so cute!" Kitty gushed, almost hopping on her toes as they continued to walk. "Hm, haven't you asked anyone, Kitty?" Ms. Harrison asked, and Kitty nodded, "Yeah, decided to ask Tristan," she confessed, and Ms. Harrison peered at her curiously. "Tristan? But I thought you two had decided you weren't really serious?" She asked.

Tristan was a boy whom Kitty was friends with, and had seemingly been growing closer to since breaking up with Lance months ago, but they hadn't quite gotten to the point of dating, and Kitty seemed uncertain about whether or not they even would, "Well, that's just it. We're not, really. Not yet, anyway. But he's a good friend, and we figure if neither of us have anyone else to go with, might as well have a good time together!" Kitty said brightly. Kiro smiled as well at Kitty's words, and flashed two thumbs up. He certainly seemed to agree with her sunny philosophy.

Ms. Harrison didn't miss his gesture, and nodded, "Well that's certainly a good attitude to have! Though part of me thinks you're also doing that so you get to have fun teasing Kurt," she observed, giving Kitty a playful nudge in the side. Kitty broke down into giggles and danced away, before wagging a finger in the air, "I admit to nothing!!"

As the three stepped out of the hall, Kitty waved toward Scott's car, where the rest of their gang were already waiting. Scott, Jean, Rogue, and Kurt were standing in a small huddle near Scott's car, wrapped in their winter coats against the wind. Now that most of the students had already gone down to the lot or to the busses, the three of them were easy to spot as they descended the school stairs, and Kurt's expression of relief was visible even from where they stood. Kiro frowned slightly, clearly regretful to have worried his lover.

"Oh! Ms. Harrison, hi! Thanks for finding Kiki," Scott said, waving as the three approached, and Kiro blushed as he brushed a curtain of his hair back from his shoulder. Ms. Harrison chuckled and patted Kiro's shoulder reassuringly before explaining, "Nothing of the sort, Scott. I'm actually the reason he's late. I caught him in the library before the bell, and hadn't realized we were still talking until ten minutes after it rang."

While she had been talking, Kurt had immediately went over to wrap Kiro in a hug and greet him with a kiss, a small tremor of worry just barely noticeable as it left his body from the touch of Kiro's powers. Kitty went over to Rogue and began talking excitedly, perhaps making plans for the dance, while Jean and Scott came over to stand in front of Ms. Harrison.

"Well that's alright then, I have to say I'm grateful the school decided to bring a few more LEOs here," Scott admitted, nodding towards the half-dozen or so squad cars that were now parked in the lot nearby. "Volunteers, I'm told," Ms. Harrison said with a smile, "Say what you will about the Bayville PD, they definitely care about you kids."

"Long as they cool it with the speed traps, I'll be happy," Scott said with a wry smirk, and Ms. Harrison laughed with the others before bidding them farewell and making her way to her own car in the faculty lot. Once everyone finally piled into the car, Scott soon had them on the road back towards the Institute.

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