Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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Kurt and Kiro had just left on a date with Scott and Jean agreeing to drop them off and pick them up (while they went out on a date themselves), shortly after Kitty had been picked up by Tristan, by the time Rogue had found Logan. He was out beside the garage, perhaps brooding (judging by his lit cigarette), when she approached. "Hay wolf-man," she said with an affectionate smile, and Logan grunted, "Hey yerself, Stripes."

She leaned against the garage beside him and sighed, before she said,"Ah have a confession to make."

Logan, beside her, smoothly replied, "I'm too old for you, Stripes. Besides, you're like a daughter to me. Don't make it weird."

Rogue was so completely caught off guard that all she could do was gape at him for a few seconds, before she realized he was smirking around his cigarette, and had been teasing her.

"Oh mah GAWD, Logan.. okay, okay, ya got me, that was a good one," she said, surprised by her own chuckle.

Logan nodded in return, and took a draw from his cigarette, before asking, "What's on yer mind?"

Rogue took a breath, and then smiled as she realized what Logan had been doing. Getting her to relax, and even laugh a bit, before he even knew what she wanted to say. Sometimes, the intuition that Logan possessed really surprised her. Most tended to view him as just a dumb, musclebound berserker.

'Well, if that wasn't scary enough, now try imaginin' him as a SMART, musclebound berserker,' Rogue thought respectfully. Which, when she thought about it, he definitely was. She ran a hand through her hair and finally said, "When you were talkin' with Ororo the other night, about Kiki? Ah kinda.. eavesdropped."

Logan nodded, "I figured. Sounded like there were three heartbeats in the room, when there only should've been two." Rogue blinked up at him, surprised again. Just how good WAS his hearing? Then she realized he was smirking again. "Damn it, Logan!" She said, grinning again as well.

The Wolverine shook his head, "Nah, my hearin's pretty good, but not THAT good. Otherwise I'd go nuts with all the noise you kids make," he admitted. Then he took another, final drag from his cigarette before crushing it out in his palm. "So, you heard about that nightmare, hm?" He asked.

"Yeah," Rogue admitted, "Ah didn't feel right about listenin' in like that, but, well, it really got me thinkin', y'know?" She looked up at Logan, and continued when he nodded. "Especially with what happened to Kiki, and learnin' about his mother. Ah mean, especially in Romania. With his powers? Not just the pleasure-touch, but healin' like that? Immune to diseases and the like?" She shivered.

"It just made me a lot more scared for him than Ah already was," Rogue finished, and hugged herself, not just from the cold and the fresh snow that was falling. Logan was silent for a moment, and finally nodded, "I know what you mean, Stripes. The world's an even scarier place now, I think, for somethin' like that. Especially since Kiro's still so hard for Cerebro to detect, for some reason." Logan stepped away from the wall of the garage and walked forward a couple paces in the snow, peering up at the clouds and the dark sky above. "I'm used to bad dreams, but that one.. that one really hurt," Logan muttered.

"Ya really like him, don't ya?" Rogue asked, needlessly. She already knew the answer. But Logan nodded before admitting self-deprecatingly, "Guess it's kind of obvious, hm?" Rogue grinned and shrugged, "Well, you're like a cool dad to all of us, Logan. Even if you're scary sometimes, too. But with Kiki, you really seem like a father to him. And Ah know he really feels close to you, too, like, he finally has a dad for the first time in his life, I guess."

Logan paused for a moment, and Rogue heard the soft clink of his lighter before he lit up another cigarette. 'Damn, he really WAS out here brooding, wasn't he?' she thought, an edge of concern in her face as she looked at his back. He finally nodded and said, "Yeah, I think you've definitely got a point, Stripes." The burly Canadian turned and paced down the garage driveway for a few steps, before he turned once again to face her, the cigarette in his lips. He looked thoughtful.

"Hay, Ah definitely think it's a good thing," Rogue said, a warm, genuine smile on her face. "He's never had a dad, even a substitute one, in his life, from what Ah can tell," Rogue continued, and Logan peered at her, a quizzical expression on his face. "You suggestin' somethin', Stripes?" He asked.

Rogue blinked, and thought for a moment. Was she? She then realized that yes, in fact, she was. She smiled and shrugged, "Well, Ah was just thinkin'. You know the professor's got legal guardianship over Kiki right now, but, well, maybe you could just ask him to-"

"- Stripes, it's bad enough you've been kind of a matchmaker around here lately, now you're tryin' to be a homemaker too?" Logan asked. There was no insult in his voice, though. He actually seemed on the verge of smiling again. The thought did seem to appeal to him, much as he seemed to want to pretend it didn't.

"Hay, Ah regret nothin'," Rogue shot back, and grinned, "Besides, Ah think it'd really make him happy, too," she added, both of them quite aware of who she meant by 'him.' As she watched, Logan thought it over, and then took the cigarette from his lips, barely halfway burned. He then crushed it out, and smirked. "Alright, Stripes. I'll talk to the professor about it. But you keep your mouth shut about your eavesdroppin', and what I'm talkin' to the professor about, deal?" He asked.

Rogue nodded, and found that she could barely contain her grin, "Deal."


"Well, Logan, I must say that this certainly comes as a surprise, albeit a pleasant one," Charles said as rested his chin on his hands. "I knew you and Kiro had grown quite close during his time here, but I confess, you never really struck me as the type to want to, well, adopt, old friend," Charles admitted with a smile.

"You and me both, Charles," Logan confessed with a shrug. He and Charles were in the study, and the nearby clock had the hour at 8:34 PM. The snow outside wasn't too bad, so many of the students were out on the town this Saturday evening, including Kurt and Kiro. Gone to some German cuisine place that Kurt had been wanting to try, apparently, according to what they had told Ororo. "I guess I sort of already view him that way," Logan began.

"Much the same way you view the other students, to some extent, even if they get on your nerves?" Charles interrupted with a playful smile.

Logan smirked and nodded, "Yeah, I guess so. The elf especially," he admitted, remembering Kurt's tendency to push all his buttons the wrong way, sometimes, even as he had wormed his way into Logan's heart. "But with Ghost, it's, well, different." He pushed away from the mantle of the fireplace, beginning to pace on the carpet near where Charles' wheelchair sat.

"I hadn't realized it before, but I really -do- think of him as a son. My son," Logan admitted, and saying it aloud made him realize the truth to the words. His son, given the namesake of one of his first lovers, so long ago, just in a different language. And the only one, Logan realized with mild surprise, that he had ever been married to, in all but legal record, over the years.

Charles nodded as he quietly looked into the fire, "I remember our discussion weeks ago, after you and the boys shared some private time outside. I know it meant a great deal to you, and to them, whatever was said." The professor then smiled and looked over at where Logan stood, "I think that was when your bond with Kiro really began to tighten. He's always been close to you, it seems, but since that night.."

Logan smiled, and nodded, sending a small wave of gratitude towards Charles for respecting their privacy. It wasn't that he didn't trust Charles. Quite the opposite, he trusted Charles as much as he had ever trusted anyone in his life, especially after everything they had done for one another over the years. It was more that a private discussion like that should stay private, and thus more meaningful between the three. Charles knew, and respected this. It was one of the many things that Logan respected about him in turn, and why he considered him such a good friend.

"Yeah, I think that night was when I really started to feel it, too. Somethin' in me knew, deep down, even before then, which I guess is why I named him what I did, but, well, at that point it beat me over the head with it, I think," Logan said with a shrug, coming to stand beside Charles's chair once more. The professor smiled and nodded, "Well, Logan, I think you already know my answer. I can think of no one I would rather have as a father to the young man. Though part of me does wish there was also a suitable mother figure around, in the absence of the nuns, and his birth mother," the professor mused, a hand on his chin.

"Well, don't count Ororo out," Logan suggested, lifting his shoulders in a shrug. "You've seen how she's taken to him," Logan added. Charles chuckled softly and admitted, "True, she does rather seem to enjoy having him under her wing. And I know she also enjoyed having her nephew Evan here at the Institute, however briefly. I wonder what she might think of being a mother, albeit a surrogate one." Charles had to pause for a moment at Logan's mention of Ororo, and the brief flash of feelings Logan broadcasted unwittingly. He had noticed Logan and Ororo spending more time together lately, and the thought, however seemingly far-fetched, that their often barbed friendship might be blossoming into something more, made him smile.

Logan nodded again, "Worth askin' her," and smirked as he added, "And while she's not exactly a nun, she's definitely got the 'witch' part down," in a sad bit of dark humor that nonetheless had him scowling soon after. "Still can't believe what those bastards did. Sounds like she really was a wonderful mother to him, if only too briefly," Logan said.

Charles had been about to chide Logan, albeit gently, about his 'witch' remark, until he saw Logan's face. He sighed as well, and nodded, "She really was, Logan. Certainly from Kiro's perspective. Or Bela, I guess I should say. The most heartfelt example of unconditional love I have yet seen, and in the face of so much danger to her child, and to herself. But all she ever wanted, was to nurture and protect him."

The two were silent for a moment or two, just listening to the soft ticking of the clock on the wall and the warm crackle of the fire in front of them. Logan finally sighed and said, "I wonder what he'll answer when he's asked?" Charles blinked, and looked up at Logan. Logan returned the glance, a wry smirk curling his lips before he elaborated, "I know you, Chuck. 'It's the boy's choice more than anyone else's.' I'm just wondering what he'll think."

"Logan, my old friend," Charles said with a soft smile, "I think we are both reasonably confident in what he will 'say.' I'm looking forward to asking him."


"Hey boys! How was it?" Jean asked as she leaned over the passenger side door to wave at Kiro and Kurt as they left the restaurant, 'The Bavarian Banquet.' Both were smiling and holding hands, though Kurt gave a giggle and a roll of his eyes before he responded, "Well, it would have been better if this wasn't the German equivalent of Taco Bell, but the food was still alright!"

Scott frowned from where he sat behind the wheel, "Aww, man! I heard this place was supposed to be decent, too! Sorry about that, guys!" He had been the one to recommend the place to Kurt last week, having heard good things about it. "I guess Greta has been a bit spoiled by the fact that only her grandparents are German and she grew up in America?" He mused, and Kurt grinned while he and Kiro slid into the back seat. "Maybe! Though it was still good to teach Kiro what some of the things are, like hendl and bratwurst!"

Kiro gave a silent giggle and nodded, buckling his seatbelt once he was settled behind Scott. "Nothing compares to mutti und vatti's cooking though! I hope you'll get a chance to try some, Kiro!" Kurt said happily. Though Jean didn't miss the small flicker of doubt and nervousness that flashed from Kurt when he said that. While Scott began to pull them away from the curb and maneuver through the parking lot, he called over his shoulder, "Oh? Did you tell them about you and Kiro?"

He unfortunately missed the look that Jean threw his way, as his attention was on the traffic he was waiting to pull out into. "Um, no, not yet," Kurt responded, shifting a bit nervously in his seat. "I want to, and I guess I have to do it soon, because I know they might be expecting me to spend Christmas with them, I just.." Kurt explained, though his voice trailed off as he propped a hand on the armrest and cupped his chin in his hand, gazing out the window somewhat pensively.

"You'd really rather spend Christmas together with Kiro, especially your first one?" Jean guessed, and Kurt nodded. Beside him, Kiro cast a worried look at Kurt, before reaching over to gently take his hand and squeeze it. Kurt smiled at him in response. "It's okay, mein engel, I.. I'm just not looking forward to that conversation," Kurt confessed. His parents were, like himself (at least until recently) Catholic and also old fashioned in their other beliefs.

"Well, you've said yourself many times, Kurt: they're good people. They'd have to be, to just fish a baby out of the river and take you into their home, even with the way you look," Scott said hopefully, flashing a grin toward Kurt in the rear-view mirror. "And that still wasn't as bad as I've seen you look some Sundays after drinking with Logan!"

"Hey! I never drank more than I could handle!" Kurt said, and it was true. Mostly. That was his story and he was sticking to it! Besides, Logan would back him up on it. Jean just rolled her eyes and smiled at the two of them, exchanging a wink with Kiro in the back seat.

As they drove, though, she nodded, "I really have to agree, Kurt. I know it'll probably be a shock to them, and.. well, I'd be lying if I said I was completely sure they'd accept it, but, well, you're their son, in all but blood. Maybe check with the professor and see if you could call them and talk things over?" Jean suggested.

"That could work," Kurt said, and rubbed the back of his head. It would be the first Christmas he had spent away from his family, if he did decide to stay. But the thought of spending Christmas, especially this Christmas, without his angel by his side was just as torturous, if not more so. He gently lifted Kiro's hand to his lips and kissed his knuckles, knowing Kiro's violet eyes were watching him with worry.

"And I'm sure they'd probably feel better about it when they met Kiro, too! He's about the furthest thing from a jerk I can think of, as far as boyfriends go," Scott said. And then immediately regretted it when Kurt started laughing, and Jean teased, "Oh? So you've been thinking about boyfriends, Scott? Tell me, where does Kiro rate on your boyfriend scale?"

Scott just groaned and said, "Sometimes I really ought to think before I speak." Jean chuckled softly and even Kiro was giggling silently in the back seat as they finally turned onto the road that led out of Bayville and began the drive toward the mansion proper. "Well, that is definitely an idea. I know I want them to meet you, Kiro. I just.. I want it to be a nice meeting," Kurt said with a smile.

Kiro nodded as well, and smiled. Kurt had showed him pictures of his adoptive parents, and his home in Bavaria. He had even talked about maybe having Kiro visit there someday. Kiro did not speak German, of course, any more than Kurt spoke Romanian, but it seemed like something they both felt like they should do at some point. Kurt's parents both spoke English, after all, so they would still be able to talk directly with Kiro. Kiro had also seemed amiable to the idea of returning to Viscri and visiting the sisters, and bringing Kurt along, too, to once again see them.

'So many 'maybes,'' Kurt thought with a soft sigh. 'Or what-ifs. I know I shouldn't have waited so long to have this conversation with mutti and vati, but..' Kurt had to admit it. He was scared. Scared all over again. His parents meant so much to him, had taken him in when just an infant, and he didn't want to disappoint them. Would this be a disappointment? Especially after how much his mother had teased him about how 'cute' her grandchildren would look someday, if they took after their daddy?

Kurt blinked, as he realized his eyes were tearing up again, and at Kiro's concerned squeeze on his hand, Kurt forced a smile and shook his head. "Nein, it's okay, mein engel, just... um.. just the cold wind," Kurt lied. He knew from the look on Kiro's face that he didn't believe him for a second, nor did Jean when she gave a cautious glance in the rear view mirror. But he just wasn't ready. Not right now...


It was a little after 9:30 PM when they finally pulled into the Institute, rolling to a stop in front of the mansion's front porch, and Scott frowned as the snow continued to come down thicker. "Hope the rest of the students are already back, or on their way soon," he said, looking up at the clouds. "As far as I know, only a few others besides us were out tonight. Bobby, Ray, Amara," Jean replied, starting to count on her fingers, "Roberto, and Jubilee."

Kurt smirked as he and Kiro stepped around the car together to stand on the Institute steps, responding, "That doesn't inspire much confidence, Jean, considering those names." Jean smacked his arm good-naturedly as she pointed out, "Hey, they're still not as bad as you used to be on the weekends! Thankfully Kiro's seemed to mellow you out a bit!"

Kiro looked back and forth between the two with curiousity, though whatever Jean was about to say was cut off by Kurt as he playfully put a hand over her mouth. "Nope! I will keep some mysteries intact for mein engel!" Kurt taunted, and Scott chuckled at the scene before the sound of the front doors opening caught their attention.

"Ah, good, you all made it back safe," the professor said, greeting them with a genial smile as he rolled out onto the porch. "Apparently there's a storm front moving in, and as you can see, it looks like it'll be bringing a good foot or two of snow with it." Scott nodded and patted the top of his convertible, "We noticed, professor! Everyone else made it back?"

The professor shook his head, "Not quite yet, we're still waiting on Jubilee and Bobby, but they've said they're almost back and have taken a taxi," he said with a smile, tapping his forehead. "Good to hear," Scott replied with a nod, "Jean, I'll be right in, just going to go put the car in the garage," he then announced, before stepping back over to the car and doing so.

Once the rest of them went inside, the professor paused in the atrium and smiled at Kurt and Kiro. "Boys, I actually have something I'd like to discuss," Charles said, causing both Kurt and Kiro to freeze on their way to the rec room. When they turned to face him, he didn't miss the undercurrent of tension from Kurt, and a brow furrowed as he found himself curious what might be the matter. Kiro, however, just seemed curious. "It actually mostly concerns Kiro, Kurt, if you'd rather run along," the professor offered, and seeing Kurt's look, he smiled and said, "It's nothing bad. Quite good, in fact, I think."

Kiro's violet eyes turned to Kurt, and he made a gesture before nodding his head toward the stairs. Kurt, however, shook his head, "No, it's alright, mein engel. If it's okay with you, well, I'm curious too!" he said with a brave smile. Kiro smiled as well, and took Kurt's hand before turning back to the professor and nodding. Charles smiled as well, and said, "Right this way. Logan's actually still in the study, so this all worked out rather well," while he turned his chair and led the way.

Those words, however, made both boys even more curious. Logan...?


The four of them were once again seated in the study, not unlike they had been earlier in the day. Kurt and Kiro were side-by-side on a loveseat, while the professor and Logan sat across from them, the professor's wheelchair beside the chair Logan was seated in. "Well, as you may remember, Kurt, when Kiro was formally accepted as a refugee here in the United States, it was required that he be accepted by an American citizen to act as a legal guardian, to be granted asylum."

Kurt nodded, and Kiro beside him nodded as well, a small, grateful smile on his face as his violet eyes glanced back and forth between the two. Both of the boys were burning with curiousity, but the professor felt the need, as ever, to explain the situation first. Steepling his hands, he continued, "I have been fulfilling that requirement, as Kiro's legal guardian, for the time being. However, tonight I received a request, a rather pleasant surprise, I think. Which brings us to the matter at hand. Logan?"

Logan shifted a bit in his chair, as though he were nervous. But that couldn't be right. Logan? Nervous? He didn't GET nervous. Not often, anyway. 'What's going on here?' Kurt wondered, while he regarded Logan in mild curiousity. The man finally spoke, "I'm not really too good at this sort of stuff, so, bear with me, Elf, Ghost."

The two boys nodded, though exchanged a puzzled glance, and waited patiently while Logan apparently organized what he wanted to say. The professor, beside them, was equally quiet, respectfully letting Logan take the lead in the discussion now. "Ghost," he began, before pausing, and saying, "Kiro, you know I've kinda taken to you right away, since you first came here. More than I usually do with the other kids. I think because of who you remind me of," he guessed, and the two boys nodded. Their expressions were serious, and somewhat sad, Charles noted with curiousity.

"It took a little while," Logan admitted, "But I finally realized what's been staring me in the face for a fair bit. I think of you like a son, Ghost. My son." His words made both boys grow still, and Kurt's jaw dropped while Kiro just looked, well, stunned. His violet eyes looked at Logan, and Logan looked right back. Kurt just stared, feeling the pieces fall into place. It all suddenly made sense. The way Logan seemed so patient with Kiro, and was just as eager as Kurt to hunt for him when he went missing. The way he seemed to soften, ever so slightly, when Kiro was 'talking' with him, and the looks they would exchange. Paternal looks, like when Kiro nailed a particular obstacle course in the Danger Room, Logan almost saying without words, "Good job, son!"

Not unlike Kurt's own, albeit adoptive, father.

The silence stretched for a few seconds longer, and Logan finally said, "So, I've been thinking of making it official. If you wanted. I know you've never had a father, at least from the sound of it. I'd like to be that, for you." As a thought occurred to him, Logan chuckled softly, "Since I pretty much already have, unofficially."

Kiro rose slowly from the loveseat, gently pulling away from Kurt, and Kurt could see him visibly trembling. His expression was a mixture of emotions. Surprise, genuine surprise. Shock. Sadness? And finally.. joy.

Logan was ready for him, when he began to lunge, and the Wolverine had stood from his chair right as Kiro connected with him in a sudden, tight hug. Kiro's whole body quivered, the long waterfall of white hair down his back shimmering softly in the firelight, as the two embraced, and he shook with what must have been silent sobs, before nodding his head several times against Logan's shoulder.

Kurt didn't think he would get any other shocks so quickly, but he did, when he saw Logan returning Kiro's hug, holding him silently, and a single, small tear working its way down his cheek, shadowed from almost a day without a razor's touch. Neither he, nor the professor, said anything while the two hugged, and Logan remained silent as well. No words, it seemed, were necessary just then. Only when Kiro finally drew away, his cheeks wet with tears, but smiling as brightly as Kurt had ever seen him smile, did Logan give a half-smirk and ask, "So, I'm guessing that's a 'yes?'"

Kiro nodded several times once again, and leaned up on tiptoe to place a gentle kiss on Logan's bristly cheek, before hugging him tightly once more. Logan ran a hand down Kiro's back, softly stroking his white mane of hip-length hair, and looked over to Kurt and Charles. "Well, that happened," he said, and his voice was so dry and sardonic that Kurt couldn't help but burst out laughing.

Charles, too, laughed, and Kurt sprang up from the loveseat to join in the hug, gushing his congratulations to Kiro and Logan, "That's so wunderbar!!! Mein engel finally has a dad, and he's the most badass dad ever!" Charles shook his head at Kurt's description, about to chide him for his language, but couldn't help but chuckle again. It certainly was wonderful. "I'm ecstatic for you, Kiro, and you as well, Logan. I'll notify the State Department first thing Monday morning, and I'm sure Secretary Lawrence will be delighted to make that little change to his records," Charles said, while he rolled his chair over to his desk.

While the professor busied himself with some papers for a few moments, Kurt smiled up at Logan and leaned up to whisper, so that only he and Kiro could hear, "I know that.. Ghost.. would be happy as well. Kiro really is like your and his son, ja?" Kiro drew back and looked up at Logan with his violet eyes, and his smile had softened at the mention of his namesake. While he was certainly not related to the "real" Ghost by blood, at least not as far as they knew, he did seem to possess a spirit quite similar to Logan's long-deceased lover, and his namesake.

"You are, really," Logan said, his voice soft. "Every day it becomes a little more obvious. I'm.. I'm really happy you'd like me to be your father, Ghost," he continued. And Kiro nodded several times in reply, before he reached around to touch Logan's chest, just in front of his heart, and then flash a thumbs-up. The gesture made Logan smile, another rare, genuine smile, and Kurt grinned as he quipped, "Kiro approved! The best stamp of approval!"

"Well said, Kurt," the professor complimented with a smile as he rolled back over to join them, having apparently done whatever he needed to do at his desk. Kurt and Kiro stepped back from Logan, and the four of them stood in a small circle as the professor shook Logan's hand, and then Kiro's, a genial look on his face. "I am truly happy for you both, I look forward to making the arrangements official and introducing you as father and son," the professor concluded.

"Though if you think this means I'll go easy on you in your training, you got another thing comin'!" Logan growled towards Kiro, and Kiro feigned a terrified look, before breaking down into silent giggles, soon joined by the professor and Kurt. Logan's growl turned into another smirk, and he nodded.

Once Kiro recovered, his violet eyes beamed up at Logan with a fond look, and he then shook his head before he reached up to thump a fist on his chest and give an arrogant toss of his head towards Logan. A perfect copy of one of Logan's typical gestures, essentially translating to "Bring it, bub!"

The sight of such a small, beautiful, utterly non-threatening boy do such a "badass" gesture was so hilarious and yet so cute at the same time, that Kurt couldn't help but snicker.

Logan folded his arms across his chest and gave a critical, approving nod, before saying with a smile, "That's my boy."


They had spent a few more moments chatting quietly in the study before parting for the evening. The professor had suggested, and all had agreed, that they keep the contents of their discussion private, at least until things had been made official, paperwork-wise. Kiro and Logan had shared a lingering hug once again before they exited the study, and Kurt was grinning like a fool at how, well, -happy- Kiro looked when they drew apart.

Kurt couldn't blame him. To have never had a father, ever, his whole life, and then have someone whom he clearly loved, respected and admired so much, offer to be his father? It clearly meant a great deal to him, and even with the other father figures at the Institute, like the professor and Hank, Kiro had chosen Logan in particular to bond with fairly early on. Though Kurt definitely would have to tease him a bit later about his earlier crushing on Logan during his first few days here. 'It definitely puts it all in a whole new light now,' he thought with a mental grin.

Once Kurt and Kiro were in their room again, Kiro's spirits only continued to soar, and the two were in each other's arms and half naked before Kurt had even bothered to double-check that the door was locked. Kiro's power was flowing freely, and Kurt trembled and moaned at the pleasure and warmth cascading down his body. There was not even the slightest hint of a flinch when he touched his angel's body, and Kiro seemed to notice as well, with an ecstatic smile. Perhaps the 'high' may have worn off by tomorrow, but the two, as one, decided to make the most of it tonight.

The two boys were soon fully naked and grinding gently against one another on the covers of their bed, and Kurt moaned into their kiss as he felt Kiro's hot length pulsing and throbbing against his own between their bellies. He broke the kiss reluctantly, and frowned when he noticed he had, in his eagerness, once again nicked Kiro's lips with his fangs. Kiro had apparently not even noticed, but Kurt still leaned up to gently kiss the blood away and whisper an apology, even though the cut had already healed almost instantly. Kurt then gently, but insistently, rolled Kiro onto his back, and winked, "Time to get some payback, mein engel, for all the times you've teased me like this. Stay!" He ordered.

Kiro frowned up at him, though his eyes were still bright with a smile, and he nodded before obediently laying back against their pillows. Kurt beamed a smile down at him, and crawled down on his hands and knees until he was kneeling between Kiro's thighs. Kurt then grinned and began to run his three-fingered hands up and down Kiro's belly, down his thighs, and around (but not quite on) his member and sack beneath. Within just a minute, Kiro was writhing and biting his lower lip, and Kurt grinned, once again wondering whether Kiro, too, felt the same pleasure that others felt when touched, or touching them, in return.

Kurt grinned as he watched Kiro, his eyes closed and his whole body writhing and twisting as Kurt continued to carress and stroke all up and down his body, whispering sweet endearments to him in German, and the occasional one in English. "Such a beautiful angel, does that feel good?" Kurt asked, and Kiro nodded, and his mouth opened in a silent gasp as Kurt's right hand now began to rub and carress over Kiro's erect length. Beneath his touch, Kurt felt Kiro's member throbbing and pulsing hotly, growing even harder. Kurt also felt his heart racing. This was exquisite! Knowing he was making Kiro feel so good.

After a few more lovely moments of making Kiro writhe under his silent massage, Kurt finally wrapped his hand around Kiro's member and began to stroke him slowly, while occasionally slipping down to cup and massage the smooth sack and large balls beneath. He was soon surprised when Kiro's hand reached up to stop him, Kiro panting hotly as those violet eyes looked up at him with a pleading expression. He then shook his head, silently. Kurt paused for a moment, and smiled as understanding came to him before asking, "Mm, about to come already, mein engel?"

Kiro's nod was so adorable, and Kurt grinned, before saying, "Mm, well you know, we didn't get dessert earlier at the restaurant. I want some cream!"

'Mein Gott, I feel like an actor in a cheap porn production.. and I love it,' Kurt thought with a wry smirk. Kiro, to his credit, did not seem to have the same feelings about Kurt's words, probably because the boy had never seen any porn before. Well, hopefully not, anyway, unless Dr. McCoy had gotten rather creative with his "technique" videos during Kiro's "sex ed" class. For his part, Kiro just blinked, and then blushed hotly, before nodding and laying back down.

Kurt reached up to run a hand across his chest, and then leaned over, trailing a line of kisses across Kiro's completely smooth, hairless flesh. Across his thigh, a lazy curve over his hip and belly, and finally.. all along the warm swollen length of his member, still throbbing hotly, just barely down from the edge of orgasm. Kurt still marvelled at how he was able to tell that about his lover. He drew back a bit to peer at Kiro's erection, jutting up proudly against his belly, which thanks to Logan's training was now smooth with cobblestones of muscle just barely defined.

Especially up close, Kurt was again struck at how large Kiro's member was, almost ill-fittingly so, on such an otherwise small and slender boy. He found himself wondering if he would grow into it, so to speak, or whether, like Kurt, he seemed to already be at the height he would always be at. Either way, Kurt grinned, and grasped the pulsing arousal in his hand, before lifting it up and winking. "Time for some dessert!" he whispered gleefully, and drew Kiro's length into his mouth.

Kiro once again gasped silently, and his body arched on the bed, as Kurt took Kiro's full length into his mouth. He wasn't quite as good at Kiro was at controlling his gag reflex, but he still managed at least one good swallow to start with before he backed up and began to slowly bob up and down, his thumb and forefinger around the base of Kiro's length. While he began to suckle Kiro in earnest, his golden eyes opened to peer up at Kiro's face, and he smiled around Kiro's member at what he saw. His beloved angel was clearly enjoying every second of it, not the barest hint of a flinch or fear on his face. It was almost as if their horrible attack had never happened.

He fully intended to make the most of it. Kurt resumed his affections, the room quite silent except for the soft squeaking of the bed beneath them and the soft, wet sounds of his mouth around Kiro's member, along with their labored breathing. Kiro hadn't been lying when he told Kurt he was close, just moments ago, and soon, Kurt felt the member throbbing and pulsing hotly in his mouth shortly before Kiro's hand reached down to gently pat his wrist.

Kurt drew off of Kiro's member, and looked up at him with a smile, before saying, "Come on, mein engel.. do it.. give your beloved demon some cream!" Kurt did not wait to see what Kiro's reaction was, because he immediately drew his lover's full length back into his maw. Right down to the base of Kiro's member, his nose nuzzling that perfectly smooth belly and groin. Not the slightest hint of hair was there, or anywhere else on his body beneath his eyebrows, despite his age. He was perfectly smooth, like an angel carved from creamy white marble. Kurt was again struck at how opposite they were. A demon and an angel indeed.

Kurt twisted his head back and forth, as he had seen Kiro do (and remembered quite well how it felt being done to him), and suckled, hard, as his other hand cupped Kiro's balls and massaged gently. Inwardly, he thought, 'C'mon, my angel! Let it all out! Every little drop!' as he suckled and bobbed, barely an inch up and down, fighting his gag reflex every second.

Kiro did not disappoint. His hands clenched in the covers beside his hips, and his whole body writhed and arched off the bed as he opened his mouth in a silent scream. Kurt had only an instant's warning to hold his breath before that member throbbed hotly, pulsed, and then twitched in his mouth. Once, twice, four times, six times, nine times.. Kiro came, oh how he came inside of Kurt's throat. Kurt swallowed all that he could, aided by the fact that he was deep throating Kiro and most of it went right down his throat and into his belly, but he was still delighted by the sheer amount Kiro could produce. One of the things they had been happy to discover they had in common.

Right at the point where Kurt felt himself losing the battle against his gag reflex, though, and needing to take a breath, Kiro relaxed and flopped onto the bed, panting hotly, and Kurt slowly drew back from Kiro's member, sucking the whole way and then popping off of him with a gasp. After he swallowed, the salty (and yet strangely sweet) taste of Kiro's seed still on his tongue, he just smiled and resumed running his hands slowly up and down Kiro's belly. His angel's cock was still rock-hard, just like Kurt's usually was after he came, and he knew that Kiro was probably already ready to go again after just a few seconds' rest, but he felt the need to stop and let him enjoy the afterglow.

'I think this is the first time I've actually given him a full blowjob, since that first night together, now that I think of it,' Kurt mused, and blushed at the thought. He now knew why he had been experienced enough to feel so comfortable with everything they had done that night, but it still struck him just how his body, and more accurately his mind and heart, had reacted to this wonderful boy he had grown to love. Kiro was not Klaus. Not even close. His mind had seemingly never even thought to compare the two, even as he drew upon the knowledge that hateful man had given him.

He finally noticed Kiro's violet eyes gazing down at him, and he smiled as he tilted his head to the side, still propped up on his elbows between Kiro's legs. "Was..?" he asked, playfully, while his tail swished back and forth behind him. Kiro was smiling brightly, and he slowly drew himself up to a sitting position on the bed in front of Kurt, before turning around and leaning over to rest his hands on the headboard. He tossed his head to send his hair cascading down his shoulder, and looked over his shoulder at Kurt with a beckoning expression.

Kurt paused, and looked up at him critically even as his own member throbbed painfully in his lap at such a frank invitation, and the sight of Kiro's heavenly looking, supple bottom presented so. "Mein engel.. are you sure?" He asked, and rose up to run a hand along Kiro's rear. There was a subtle tension at his touch, and Kiro tried to hide it, but Kurt sensed it nonetheless. He squeezed the supple swell of flesh beneath his hand, and said, "Let's not go too fast, before you a-"

He was interrupted by Kiro reaching around to gently cup a hand over his mouth. The boy then looked at him, his violet eyes earnest, before he mouthed three words, in German, surprisingly. 'Bitte, mein liebe.' The same words Kurt had often whispered to him, usually while in the throes of passion. Kiro was as silent as ever, not a sound had left his lips. But Kurt knew those words well enough to read them when Kiro mouthed them. He smiled, and nodded, before saying, "Alright, mein engel.. but we stop immediately if it is too much, ok?"

Kiro nodded, and cupped Kurt's cheek affectionately, before he returned his hands to the headboard and relaxed. Kurt grabbed the bottle of massage oil from his nightstand's drawer and soon set to work preparing Kiro, as he had done many times before. They had made love several times since Kiro's abduction, but never in this position. It was one that Kurt himself had been forced into plenty of times, due to how easily it forced someone to submit to an assaulter, and allowed them to be controlled and helpless. Yet it was also one that was special for them, the one they ended up using the most, too, other than when they were face to face in "missionary" position (a name that Kurt always found funny, for them in particular, to use).

Even as he gently slipped one lubricated finger, then another into Kiro's tight ring, he paused as he felt his lover grow tense for a few seconds, and then slowly relax, before nodding for Kurt to continue. Slowly and gently, Kurt continued to prepare him and then anoint his own member with the warm, slick oil, murmuring softly to Kiro the whole while. After a couple of minutes, Kurt was finally kneeling behind Kiro's rear, and his throbbing member was resting between Kiro's cheeks. For the first time in over a month, in fact. He rested one hand on Kiro's hip, and another grasped his member, and he asked, "Are you ready?"

Kiro nodded, and looked back at him with an encouraging smile, before he rocked his hips against Kurt's groin, rubbing him with that supple, heavenly butt. "Nnghh," Kurt felt himself growl, and he smiled back, before he warned, "Alright then, mein engel, here we go..!" He then positioned himself at Kiro's tight, though now quite slick, entrance, and began to rock his hips forward, pushing slowly inside.

He immediately began to think that this was a mistake, when he saw Kiro's eyes clench closed, and his whole body grow tense. He stopped. Kiro drew a slow breath, and a low ripple of trembles went through his body. Kurt began to draw out, but no sooner had he started to move then he felt Kiro move too, pushing back against him. Kurt gasped softly as he felt his member push past the first tight ring of muscle inside of Kiro, and shivered in turn at the warmth that flowed through him.

"That's it, mein engel, it's me.. it's your Kurt," Kurt whispered, and slowly, oh so slowly, he pushed deeper and deeper inside. Kiro answered him by pushing back as well, pausing only occasionally with a small tremble of fear, trembles that were eased away by Kurt's gentle murmuring and his own relaxed breathing techniques, the same ones, Kurt thought with a smile, that Liz had taught him as well. Both to ward off panic attacks as well as to slow their heart rates down and soothe frayed nerves.

Kurt hadn't even realized he was fully inside of Kiro until he felt Kiro's warm, soft, supple cheeks pressed firmly against his groin, and he grasped Kiro's slender hips with his hands, shivering in delight. He was there again, sheathed fully inside of his lover, feeling those tight rings of inner muscle clenched around him, the pulse of Kiro's heart, the warmth of his powers flowing like liquid fire and sparks of electricity all through him. It was all he could do to not come right there, especially after having dealt with Kiro's gifts the whole time he was giving him a blowjob.

The thought made him grin, cumming just from giving someone else a blowjob and not even touching himself. With Kiro's powers, that was a distinct possibility if he let it happen. All of these thoughts drifted through him as he paused and savored the sensation of them once again making love, in their favorite position, and he gently carressed and rubbed Kiro's hips, ass, and lower back while he allowed them both to adjust. Kiro finally drew up a bit and looked over his shoulder at him, and even with the unmistakable glimmer of tears in his eyes, he was smiling. They were doing it once again, taking back another small piece of their love together.

He nodded. And Kurt returned it, with a wink, before replying, "Okay, mein engel.. let's continue." He then began to move, rocking his hips slowly and smoothly back and forth as he drew only a couple inches in and out of Kiro's warmth. Kiro bit his lower lip and arched his back as he met Kurt's thrusts with his own, his hands gripping the headboard tightly as they once more began the slow dance that they had shared for the first time so many weeks ago. Kurt watched, entranced, as the moon and starlight from the window played across Kiro's back and his hair, almost making his ivory skin glow. Kurt's own blue fur was like a dark shadow against him, and he grinned once again at the thought of the image they two must have made. An angel and a demon, forbidden lovers, but lovers nonetheless. 'And I would have it no other way, my beautiful angel,' he thought, while leaning over to wrap his arms around Kiro's middle and hug him affectionately.

Kiro's body tensed only momentarily, and it was soothed away seemingly both by the gentleness of Kurt's hug, while they continued to thrust against one another, as well as by the feeling of Kurt's silky-soft, velvety fur against Kiro's back. Kurt blinked out of the corner of his eye as he noticed Kiro again tossing his head, and turning to the side slightly. Exposing his neck. 'Was..? Really? Oh, Kiro..' Kurt thought, immediately hesitating. Kiro was definitely playing with fire, tonight. But Kiro trusted him, and Kurt trusted his lover in return. He knew his limits.

Kurt smiled and leaned over to gently nibble at Kiro's neck, and up at his ear, giving gentle, oh-so-gentle love bites with his fanged teeth. Kiro flinched, barely, and Kurt purred into his ear, "It's me, mein engel, your demon.. just claiming you back, ja? You are safe in his arms once again.. yes, all mine," he teased, his voice quite playful, and out of the corner of his eye as he drew back, his grin broadened as he saw Kiro smiling. It was working!

As the minutes ticked by, their lovemaking grew more energetic. Kiro occasionally paused, or had to take deep breaths, but eventually they were thrusting against one another with smooth, rhythmic slaps of furred thighs against smooth, supple flesh, and the soft sound echoed through the room in time with their labored pants and (in Kurt's case) soft grunts, moans, and whispered encouragements.

His tail had once again wrapped itself around Kiro's member, and begun to stroke him, and the white-haired boy beneath him was arching his back and shuddering in delight as he met Kurt's thrusts enthusiastically by smacking his rear against Kurt's groin. Kurt bit his lip and groaned as the familiar, delightful pleasure in his groin continued to swell, helped along by the surging, euphoric pleasure from Kiro's powers building steadily as well from their lovemaking. "Unghh, mein engel.. I.. soon!! I'm going to..!" Kurt warned him, trying to slow down, but Kiro met him harder, and looked back at Kurt with a pleading expression in his eyes. The tightening of Kiro's inner muscles told him Kiro was close, right there with him.

Kurt leaned forward and hugged Kiro tightly once again around the waist, their lips meeting in a deep, hungry kiss as Kurt's back arched and he pounded into Kiro in earnest, moaning against their kiss. Within the coils of his tail, he felt Kiro's member growing as hard as a rock, and leaned further down as Kiro's back arched, and his fingers clutched at the headboard, his whole body trembling like a coiled spring, ready to explode. 'Come on, mein engel,' Kurt thought as they kissed, 'Let it out! Come on!!'

Kiro broke their kiss and shivered, squeezing his eyes tightly shut as his mouth opened once again in a silent cry. Kurt groaned loudly as Kiro's inner muscles squeezed down tightly and rhythmically around his member, and he felt his lover's member spasm inside the grip of his tail as he continued to stroke him, throughout his orgasm. The soft sound of Kiro's release spurting down onto the covers beneath them was soon drowned out by Kurt's soft cry, muffled by burying his cheek against Kiro's shoulder as he clutched against Kiro beneath him and shoved himself as far inside of his angel as he could go. He ground his hips against Kiro with every burst of seed he pumped into him, and he gasped at the flashes of white that danced in his eyes at the pleasure coursing through him. Would he pass out? He had no idea, but if he did, he wouldn't care...

... It turns out he HAD passed out, as he realized when he opened his eyes to find himself laying on his side, still clutching Kiro's body against him. It seems they had both fallen over. Kurt was dimly aware of the feeling of wetness on his groin fur, even though he was still sheathed inside of Kiro, and found himself grinning at the idea that he might have pumped the other boy full to overflowing. His heart was still racing, and Kiro's was as well, and he figured he hadn't blacked out for very long. 'But damn, that was ... that was intense!' he found himself thinking, still shivering at the aftershocks of orgasm that shot through him, vying with Kiro's powers to send him into utter bliss. He carefully leaned over to nuzzle at Kiro's cheek and place a gentle kiss there, and smiled as he felt Kiro's arms hug his tightly in reply.

The night was almost perfect.


That was until Kurt realized with a groan, "Ohhh scheiss!!"

They hadn't brought a towel to the bed with them.

They had been in such a hurry! Kiro lifted his head in concern, but Kiro gently hugged him and said, "Don't worry about it, mein engel, just.. um.. the covers. We kind of made a mess all over them." Kiro shuddered, almost as if he were crying? No.. not crying. Giggling. Kurt grinned, and felt himself giggling too.

Oh well. They would clean up in the morning.

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