Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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"See? Aren't you glad you decided to come with us?" Kitty said, leaning over to gently nudge Kurt beside her. Kurt had to admit, he was. He had initially thought he wasn't in the mood to go out tonight.. but an addiction is an addiction! Whether the breakfast burger gutbombs, or the more typical gutbusters, the lure of a good American cheeseburger cannot be denied!

Besides, Kiro had seemed quite eager, as well. This was the place of their first date, after all. 'And who could resist those adorable puppy eyes? Not even Logan,' Kurt thought with a giggle. He slipped an arm around Kiro and leaned over to gently kiss his lover, who reciprocated happily. A chaste kiss, since they were at a full table, but a kiss nonetheless. And the wonderful thing was, nobody taunted them. Nobody teased them. It was normal.

The whole gang had decided to go out together on this brisk Saturday evening, like they had the week before that fateful trip to Romania. Scott, Jean, Kurt, Kiro, Kitty and Rogue all sat at one of the large booths in Gutbuster's Burgers, and for a moment it had seemed like even Roberto, Bobby, Amara, Ray, Rahne, Jamie and Jubilee would come as well, but they had opted for pizza instead. ("Besides," Rahne had said with a grin, "I don't think any place would be able to handle all of us together!") Scott had agreed.

"Might not be a five star place, but it sure as hell has good food and plenty of it!" Rogue quipped, and around the table were nods of agreement. "Hay, that reminds me, wasn't this where y'all went for your first date a while back, bro?" Rogue asked, and Kurt nodded with a grin, saying proudly, "Of course! If mein engel's going to live with me, he needs to understand my addiction!"

"Get 'im hooked early, 'eh?" Scott said with a smirk, and shook his head. "Well, at least he knows his limits, right Kiki?" He asked, gesturing towards Kiro's plate. Kiro, too, had ordered a gutbuster, but had only eaten about half of it before pushing his plate away. He had regained the weight he had lost during his imprisonment, and once again had his delightful curves. Logan's training routine had not bulked him up, either, and it was still a question whether or not his body type even could. Instead, he had received some delightful definition on his abdomen and legs, and had begun to move even more gracefully when he walked, almost like a jungle cat. Or a unicorn, according to Kitty ("I mean, c'mon, doesn't he, like, totally look like Amalthea's human form?" "... Kitty, you are such a dork," Rogue had retorted).

Kiro blushed and nodded, but patted his stomach with a smile before kissing his fingertips, a gesture he had come to use for signalling that he thought whatever he had just eaten was delicious. Kurt, of course, had ordered two burgers, and already finished both of them. Now the gang were just lounging in their seats, chatting amiably. It wasn't quite a quadruple date, since Rogue and Kitty had no one with them, but it was a wonderful, down-key group of friends, enjoying a nice outing together for the first time in over a month, and no one had any complaints.

"Live together, hm? Well I do like the image," Kitty said with a giggle, holding up her hands with thumbs extended as if she were framing a portrait of Kurt and Kiro together. "In fact, maaaybe we can find a nice little wedding dress to-"

"-NO!!!" came a chorus from all around the table, even from Jean, though she immediately burst into laughter. Kitty, though, was not to be deterred, "Hey, that reminds me!! There's the dance coming up next week, remember?" She reminded them, and Kurt blinked. "Huh? What dance?" He asked. He had pretty much stopped paying attention to those things when he and Amanda had broken up months ago. But now, he certainly did have someone to go with...

"The Sadie Hawkins dance, Kurt! You remember!" Kitty chided him. Kurt cringed, "Oh Gott, how could I forget," he said, remembering the disaster that had happened last year. Kiro just looked puzzled, and looked around the table in confusion. Jean chuckled softly and said, "It's a party, Kiro. A social event. Except instead of the typical "boy asks girl to go to dance with him," it's reversed. The girl asks the boy to go. Last year's dance didn't go so well, though," Jean said with a frown, and the others at the table nodded.

"Let's just say, I learned how dangerous it could be to mess with my teleports," Kurt mumbled, and there was a round of nervous laughter around the table.

"But yeah, Kurt! You should totally go with Kiro!" Kitty said with a grin. Scott, meanwhile, looked confused as he asked, "Umm, can they do that? I mean yeah, Kiro's lovely enough to look the part, but.. umm.. what, why are you all staring at me?"

The silence continued for another second, before everyone burst into laughter once again, and Kiro just blushed, looking at Scott. Scott then apparently realized what he had just said, and looked flustered, "Hey, now, c'mon, you know what I mean!!" He said, looking around the table. Jean just grinned, responding with a nod, "Oh yes, Scott, we know what you meant. You think Kiro looks lovely!"

"Too bad, Scott, he's taken!" Kurt said, the picture of a protective boyfriend as he pulled Kiro to him in an exagerrated manner. Poor Kiro looked about ready to fall off his seat from a giggle fit. "And you should be ashamed, you have Jean to worry about!" He chided, though he was unable to keep a straight face and soon broke down into giggles himself.

Scott just facepalmed with both hands and rested his elbows on the table, muttering something unintelligible. Jean looked at him however with a surprised expression, and then a blush, but whatever thought she had overheard she decided to keep secret. Kitty, however, went back to brainstorming, saying, "Hey, I don't see why not! It's an official school party! They gotta let Kurt and Kiro come! And it's a great opportunity to wear that dress we bought! He'll look so cute!!"

Scott blinked, and looked at Kitty. After a moment, he asked, "Wait, you mean you really did-"

"-Yep!" She responded proudly.

"And he-"

"-Uh huh!" She responded again.

"Hay, if that fails, just have him wear that leather pants club outfit y'all got him from yer vampire fanfic, Kitty!" Rogue drawled. Kitty squealed and immediately gave Rogue a swat on the arm. "Oh my gawd, Rogue!! That would probably get him kicked out for being too hot!!"

Scott, however, was blushing as red as his glasses, "Wait, what? Leather pants..?"

Kurt, trying desperately to ignore his own blush, just said, "Scott, for the love of God, don't ask.."

But even Kurt had to admit, Kiro had looked damn sexy in the "vampire" outfit, and heartmeltingly beautiful in the dress.

Maybe.. maybe they could go to the dance after all?

Once Kitty had calmed down from Rogue teasing her, she seemed convinced that it was certainly worth attending, at least. She finally concluded, "If nothing else, talk it over with Mrs. Jessup, the coordinator! But I'm sure she'll let you! Especially seeing how cute you two are together!"

"Well, Kiki, why dont'cha ask him?" Rogue said with a grin. "Since I guess you'll the 'girl,' that night."

Kiro, blushing horribly but grinning, took Kurt's hand in one of his, and then and gently reached up to turn Kurt's face toward him with his other hand, before tilting his head inquisitively. Even without saying anything, Kurt was blushing right through his image inducer, and he finally grinned before saying, "Of course I would love to go, mein engel." They then embraced, and once again kissed, though this time a bit more than a chaste one.

"God, you two are disgusting," Scott said, but he was grinning.

Beside him, Jean nudged him with an elbow before saying, with a quirked brow, "Yes they are. You should take notes, Scott."

"Damn, son, she told you," Rogue said, before she and Kitty broke down into laughter once more.


By the time they got back to the Institute, it was a little after 10. Well before the usual weekend curfew, but still late enough that there wasn't much point in going out  anymore, especially with the weather as cold as it had gotten. Beneath the snow, the ground was icy cold, and even Kiro's wanderlust had calmed considerably with the weather, though that may have had something to do with the fact that he typically wore regular American clothes, these days, rather than his thick woolen robe from the monastery.

Once they were inside, Scott and Jean had got upstairs, and Rogue and Kitty had wandered into the rec room to browse for a movie to bring up to their room. As for Kurt and Kiro, they took only a moment of looking into each other's eyes before they decided as one to head to their room. Once the door was shut and locked behind them, Kiro slowly went into Kurt's arms and just hugged him silently for several minutes. Kurt knew what he was trying to do, and just stroked his back gently before he whispered, "Only if you are ready, mein engel. And only what you are ready for, nothing more.. ok?"

Kiro nodded, and drew back with a smile. They were both erect already, as they often were after an embrace. Kiro's power effected Kurt just as powerfully tonight as it always had. It still amazed him that it never wavered, or seemed to weaken, like his body would build up a tolerance to a drug or chemical. The past couple weeks, however, their erections had been carefully ignored, and their time in bed had been limited to just cuddling or sleeping, with the occasional session of kissing or heavy petting (literally, in Kiro's case, as he seemed to enjoy petting Kurt as much as massaging him, neither of which Kurt minded in the slightest).

Their clothes were removed slowly and carefully, and soon enough they were naked. Kurt stood still in front of Kiro, feeling the cool air on his throbbing member, and breathed slowly and carefully as he waited for Kiro to initiate whatever they would do. Kiro seemed to focus for a moment, and then closed his eyes as his hands began to roam over Kurt's body, and his belly. The power from his touch was exquisite, and the pleasure was heavenly. It seemed even more intense without their clothes on, and Kurt let out a soft moan as Kiro's hands wandered. Not even really groping him. Just touching. Carressing. Gently exploring, as though trying to jog his memory about their previous lovemaking sessions.

Carefully, one of his hands took Kurt's, and placed Kurt's hand on his cheek. Kurt smiled down at Kiro, and began to slowly carress his angel's cheek, in gentle affection, and silent admiration. His hand slowly moved up to Kiro's long, white hair, lustrous and thick from a new conditioner that Ororo had recommended for him, and stroked down until he came to Kiro's back, and began to rub up and down. Despite the gentleness, he felt Kiro stiffen slightly, and he stopped. Kiro shook his head, and took Kurt's hand, before insistently putting it back on his side. "Engel, please.. don't force yourself," Kurt said. His hand moved over to Kiro's belly, and his heart ached as he watched Kiro flinch again, his hands stilling on Kurt's own belly.

An idea struck him, though, and he smiled, before gently lifting his finger to Kiro's chin and slowly tilting his lover's face up, saying, "Mein engel.. perhaps we should wash away that filth, ja?" Kiro's eyes blinked up at Kurt slowly, before realization dawned. He seemed uncertain, but willing to try, and he smiled before he turned and led the way into their little bathroom.

Once the water was on, and warm, Kurt and Kiro stood under the showerhead, holding each other once more. After a moment, Kurt whispered into Kiro's ear, "Everything he did to you, we'll wash it away. Even if it takes many more showers like this to get it all, ok?" When Kiro nodded, Kurt smiled. But he was then surprised when Kiro gently touched his chest, and then pointed to himself, before he mimed a washing motion against Kurt's chest as well. Kurt felt his heart wrench.. and he smiled, "Ja, mein engel.. let us cleanse each other of it. Lance.. and Klaus.."

Even mentioning their names again, made him shiver. But they needed this. This was every bit as important as their therapy.

Liz was right.

They should take this back. They deserved it. They would NOT let those evil men win.

Kiro paused in their shower for the moment, his hair and skin, and Kurt's fur and hair, both soaked and steaming, to turn off the shower head and turn on the bath, after hitting the switch to close the drain. Kurt was initially confused, but then he smiled as he saw Kiro cup water from the filling tub and pour it down Kurt's chest, reminiscent of their bathing one another in the river, under the moonlight, weeks ago.

Kurt reciprocated the gesture to Kiro, and soon, the two were once again washing each other. This time with soap (and shampoo, in Kurt's case), rather than rivergrass, and hot water rather than cold river water. But it might as well have been from a font in a church, for how it made Kurt feel. His lover's gentle touch was like focused beams of sunlight, almost, the pleasure and warmth from his powers able to be felt even through the hot water. Washing away, bit by bit, the filth of their abusers' touches.

Kurt's own three-fingered touch was not as dexterous, but Kurt smiled at Kiro's reaction. Each time his hands passed over Kurt's chest, his belly, down near his hips, his angel relaxed a little more. Kurt gently murmured to him, not even realizing he was doing so in German, as he held Kiro close against him with one hand, and gently poured water down his back with another.

Finally, the water had gone cold, and once the drain was opened, the two stepped out. Kurt was about to help Kiro with a towel, when he was surprised by Kiro's hand on his. Kiro gently turned him around from the towel rack, and leaned up to kiss him on the lips. Kurt returned the kiss, and felt his member once again stirring to life as he felt Kiro's against his, twin currents of pleasure and warmth flowing up and down his body once more. Kurt's eyes drifted closed from the pleasure. When their kiss broke, Kurt whispered, "Ohh Gott." Kurt then felt a towel around his shoulders, and opened an eye to look down as Kiro, too, had a towel around him, but he spent only a moment helping Kurt get most of the water out of his fur, before he gently took Kurt's hands and pulled him out of the bathroom, backwards, towards their bed.

Kurt met those lovely violet eyes, and smiled, seeing the courage there. Kiro's mind, it seemed, was made up. He was going to try again, after their mutual baptism, of sorts. Washing away evil deeds of others, rather than their own. Laying their towels over the covers, Kiro drew Kurt onto the bed with him, and Kurt knelt before his lover on the towels. Once again, they embraced, chest against chest, belly against belly, and member against member, pressed between their two bodies. Kurt felt himself painfully erect, and realized, quite clearly, just how long it had been since he had enjoyed release. He had not even touched himself, these past few weeks.

He wanted Kiro, desperately. Wanted to pounce him. To claim him, as they had before, what felt like so long ago. But he held back. This was Kiro's challenge, now. And it was Kurt's place to be patient, and let Kiro control things. Kurt broke their kiss with a soft moan, and once again whispered in Kiro's ear, "You are in charge, mein engel.. whatever you want, we will do." Kurt felt Kiro's touch on his chest, gently pushing him back, and he looked down to meet Kiro's eyes. Those beautiful, haunting violet eyes.

They were the first thing he had noticed about Kiro, under the hood of his robe, eyes like none he had ever seen. Did Kiro feel the same way about his own golden ones? They had drawn Kurt to Kiro, both with curiousity, and an allure that he had not been consciously aware of until later. Love at first sight...? Maybe. He would like to think so.

Kurt felt Kiro gently turn him, and he moved with Kiro until he was laying on his back, with Kiro kneeling between his legs. He smiled, and reached over with his tail to fetch the small bottle of massage oil from the nightstand's drawer. Once it had been deposited in easy reach, Kurt watched as Kiro knelt between his legs, and ran his hands all along Kurt's thighs and lower belly.. and then, finally, to his erect member and the furred sack beneath. "Unghh," Kurt heard himself groan, and fought the urge to cum right then and there, especially from Kiro's powers sending raw pleasure through him.

Kiro noticed this, and smiled, giving Kurt the "ok" handsign. Kurt wasn't too worried. After all, they had both found out, rather delightfully, that they could pretty much go again and again, until they were physically exhausted, no matter how many times either of them came, perhaps due to Kiro's special powers, and their own youthful vitality and mutations.

But still, he found himself wanting them to cum together. At least this first time together again after so long. "Mein engel.. please.. let's.. together?" He asked. Kiro's expression faltered for a moment, and then went impassive. He seemed to be thinking very hard about something. Steeling himself, perhaps?

Kurt then saw him reach for the vial of massage oil, and he smiled, spreading his legs and leaning back to close his eyes once more. 'Yes, Kiro,' Kurt thought, 'Go ahead, if that's what you want.' But he was surprised when he did not feel the oil beneath his tail. No, instead, he felt the oil on his member, making him bite his lower lip and groan once again. "Engel.. was..?" He asked, and looked down. Kiro was up on his knees, and had one hand oiling Kurt's member, while the other was behind him, probably preparing himself. Kurt felt a twinge of concern flow through him, "Kiro.. are you sure..?" He asked.

Kiro paused then, and looked at Kurt for several seconds, before he firmly nodded. He then leaned over to gently kiss Kurt's lips, and nodded again. Firmly. Kurt smiled, and nodded in return. "Yes, mein engel, my beloved.. let's.. let's take this back." He brought his legs together, and watched as Kiro moved up to straddle his hips with those supple thighs. His heart skipped a beat, once again, at the sight of Kiro's beauty. Ivory skin, pure white hair falling down his shoulders and back like a heavenly waterfall of clouds or snow, and those delightful, feminine curves. He watched, without movement or sound, as Kiro slowly rose up, and positioned himself above Kurt's erect, throbbing member. He then met Kiro's gaze as Kiro began to slowly lower himself.

"Watch me, dearest," Kurt whispered gently, as he felt Kiro start to tremble. "It's me, it's your Kurt, not him," he said, and reached up to gently take Kiro's hand, and squeeze it, before placing it on his belly. "Feel my fur, mein engel, my tail around your leg. You are with me, now.." He continued. And as he spoke, he felt Kiro slowly lower himself down further. Felt himself press against the tight nub between Kiro's cheeks, and finally.. slowly.. push inside.

Kiro shivered, and tears started leaking from his eyes, but when Kurt offered to stop, Kiro insistently shook his head, and pressed his hands down against Kurt's chest, fingers curling in Kurt's fur and rubbing the smooth, hard muscle beneath. He paused for a moment, took several deep breaths, and finally pushed down further.


A little more.

Until finally Kiro's supple bottom was once again resting against Kurt's groin, with Kurt now fully sheathed inside of him. Kiro leaked tears steadily, and leaned forward to slip his arms beneath Kurt's shoulders, hugging him, and rubbing his cheek against Kurt's, for all the world like an albino kitten, before drawing back a bit to beckon him into a kiss.

Kurt returned the kiss, his arms gently resting on Kiro's sides and running down to his hips, to then cup his rear, and he felt Kiro begin to move. Riding him. Oh Gott, yes.

Finally, they were together again.

Kiro trembled visibly, and seemed to be riding the line for a moment, but the more Kurt gently whispered to him, the more he seemed to slowly relax. "Fight it, mein engel, this is our love. This is our dance. You and me. We take this back, tonight," Kurt said, and he saw Kiro nod, as his angel, his beautiful angel, began to ride harder. Oh it felt so good! The pleasure was already starting to crest, and he saw Kiro's member twitch and jump against his belly.

Kurt saw Kiro's hand move, and grab his right hand, before putting it on his member. Those violet eye looked down at Kurt, met his golden ones, a pleading expression on his face. 'Please,' those eyes said. Kurt's hand closed around Kiro's member, and he stroked him in time with Kiro's thrusts. Kiro shivered, and trembled, but this time with pleasure. And the tears that leaked from his eyes seemed not as pained now.

"That's it.. mein engel.. take it back.. all of it!" Kurt whispered, his voice growing huskier as he felt his own pleasure continuing to build. No, don't cum yet! He ordered himself. Together! We must do this together!!

As he watched, Kiro seemed to be waging an interior battle. His expression was torn between pleasure, love, pain, and fear. He bounced on Kurt's lap, his inner muscles twitching and spasming, and finally, his eyes opened, violet orbs shimmering with fresh tears, as they looked down at Kurt. Kurt sensed it, sensed it from the way Kiro's inner muscles danced and squeezed around him, and the way Kiro's member throbbed, stiffened, and pulsed in his hand. Kiro was right there. he just needed a little push. 

"Cum for me, mein engel," Kurt urged, even as he felt himself teetering on the edge, "Cum! Together!!" He said. No sooner had the word left his lips, than Kiro's rear slammed down onto his lap, pushing Kurt as deep inside as he could go, and those inner muscles clenched down HARD around him.

The pleasure crested, and crashed over his whole body as he felt himself crying out. Even as his own release took him, and he felt himself grinding up against Kiro supple bottom, those heavenly soft cheeks, and pumping his essence deep into his lover, above him, Kiro's hips ground against his groin in turn, as his whole body writhed, and his member spasmed in Kurt's grasp, releasing it's bounty in a series of long, thick gouts of white that arced in the air.

His release was so powerful that most of it overshot Kurt, and even the bed, landing on the carpet behind them. Kiro's mouth opened in a silent scream as his back arched, and Kurt saw the edges of his vision growing dark from the pleasure coursing through him, and the heavenly appearance of Kiro poised in the throes of ecstacy. 'Mein Gott, he is.. he is just like an angel should be,' he thought, even as he winced from the pleasure of his own release, continuing to twitch inside of Kiro and pump what felt like a whole gallon of hot seed into him...

His vision darkened once more as he felt Kiro squeezing him inside...

He wasn't sure exactly if he had passed out, or if he had just been overwhelmed from the experience. But when he was once again aware, Kiro was resting atop him, chest against his, having lowered himself to drape his body across Kurt's, and he was breathing heavily with his cheek resting against Kurt's.

Both of their hearts were still racing, and the warmth of both Kiro's powers and the massive afterglow were lapping around inside of them like hot tub rippling from a splash. Kurt's arms were wrapped around Kiro's back, and his member was still inside of Kiro's rear, held in a snug embrace by those inner muscles that occasionally twitched around him. Finally, Kiro stirred, and drew back just enough to look down into Kurt's eyes, his white hair forming a small curtain around their faces as it pooled on either side of Kurt's head. Tears were in Kiro's eyes, but he was smiling. He gently leaned down and beckoned Kurt into a kiss, one that Kurt hungrily returned.

They had won a victory tonight. A small one, perhaps. But one nonetheless.

They had made love.

For the first time in weeks. And while it had been slow, and careful, and nowhere near as extravagant or marathon as their previous sessions had been, it was a start.

A new beginning. And as far as Kurt was concerned, it meant everything to him to see Kiro smiling like that. Tears in his eyes as well, he reluctantly broke their kiss, and leaned up to whisper into Kiro's ear, "Ich liebe dich, mein engel.. mein Kiro."

Kiro's chest heaved with a silent sob, and once again, they embraced...

Outside, the snow continued to gently fall.

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