Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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Disclaimer: I do not own X-Men Evolution or any characters contained therein and no profit/money is being made from this story, much as it would be delightful to! My OC, Kiro (a.k.a "Ghost"), however, is definitely mine!

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No one at the Institute knew exactly what had happened, only that something serious was afoot. The sun had just begun to set outside, and it was still mostly above the orange horizon, when Logan had suddenly dashed through the hall like all the legions of Hell were chasing behind him, and he had gone out the door without the slightest word to anyone, not even bothering to shut it behind him before he had run out to the garage and hopped on his bike.

'Rogue, Jean, Scott, Kitty, I need you with me in the garage as fast as you can!' The professor's voice was calm, but urgent, as a telepathic ripple went through the institute. When the four had joined the professor in the garage, they were surprised to find Kiro with him, dressed and on his feet, but clearly very worried about something. The professor's look urged silence, however, and his orders were swift. "All of you, quickly. Into the van. We have to stop Kurt!"

In another minute, the had loaded into the Institute's black van, and soon it was roaring down the road the same direction Logan's bike had gone. While Scott drove, the professor carefully directed him as well as Logan telepathically, assisted by Jean behind him. Kurt's anger was frightening, but it actually helped them track him. Right now, he was at the Brotherhood's house. And what the professor sensed made his face grow pale. "Scott.. hurry," the professor quietly urged, and Scott was grateful for the fact that no traffic was on the road this late on a Sunday evening as they barreled down the road into the Bayville suburbs.


"WHERE?!!" Kurt snarled, slamming Pietro once again into the wall, his hands tight around the scrawny speedster's neck as his feet dangled above the floor beneath him. Kurt seemed not to even notice that Pietro's face was turning purple, and it was only the appearance of Fred who stopped him from choking Pietro unconscious, or worse, and sent him slumping down the wall and coughing hard as he tried to recover.

"Lance!!" Kurt hissed, "Where is he?!!!" and without even waiting for a response, he ran forward and leapt into the air, delivering a swift kick to Fred's nose. His blob powers didn't help when it came to his face, it seemed, and Kurt felt the satisfying crunch of bone beneath his foot as Fred staggered backward with a bellow, a string of curses gushing from his mouth as his eyes watered and blood began to pour down his face and his throat.

"Kurt, yo dawg, he's not here! He's not!!" Todd hurriedly said, clinging to the ceiling in obvious fright. Kurt looked like an honest to God demon right now, and Todd didn't want to be anywhere near him. "He went out earlier this evenin', gone out someplace, I dunno where! He took his dirtbike!" Todd pleaded, and with that bit of information, Kurt snarled once again and soon vanished in a puff of smoke.

Pietro had only just recovered, and Fred barely gotten back to his feet, when Logan pounded on the door outside. Todd was the one to break the news as he stood outside, trembling in visible fear at what he had just seen.

"He was like, a demon out of Hell, y'all! I dunno what Lance did, but he's met his match! Kurt looked like he's 'bout to tear him apart!" Todd said with a shudder. Logan had already gone over to the side of the house where Lance's dirtbike was kept, and at a quick signal from him, the others piled back into the van. "Better pray we get there first, Toad," Logan warned, "Or that might just be what happens!"

Todd watched with a gulp as the van and the motorcycle pulled out of sight.


Lance couldn't believe it. The little fucker had escaped. Somehow. But how? He had the only key to those cuffs, and nobody, nobody could have known about that place except him and Clovis. He kept turning it over in his mind as he sped along the woodland trail, the dirtbike thrumming underneath him. No matter how fast he rode, though, the fear nipped at his heels. What if Kiki had somehow known who it was? Managed to tell someone, somehow?

Lance had only a half a second to react when a blur of blue fur, golden eyes, and flashing fangs appeared in the air in front of him in a sudden puff of smoke. And unfortunately for Lance, that was far too little time. Kurt had braced himself well, and Lance might as well have slammed headfirst into a rabid, blue-furred grizzly bear for all the ferocity Kurt unleashed on him. He was tackled right off of his bike, the vehicle skidding to slam into one of the nearby trees off to the side. His helmet was sent flying off his head from a sharp elbow to the face, and Kurt sent out a quick series of strikes from his hands and feet that would have made Bruce Lee proud as he struck Lance first in the throat, then the gut, and then the nose, one right after another. By the time Lance realised that it was Kurt who had attacked him, he was already collapsed onto the ground, the air kicked out of his lungs and his windpipe shocked from Kurt's flat palm strike.

"You FUCKER! You BASTARD!!!" Kurt spat, and even as Lance choked on the ground from Kurt's double-tap to the wind in his lungs, the Nightcrawler delivered a kick to Lance's ribs. Tears were in Kurt's golden eyes, but his body quivered with fury as he pounced onto Lance's chest and slammed both fists against Lance's eyes. "WHY?! Why did you do it to him!?!! WHY?!!!" Kurt roared in Lance's face, and all Lance could do was stare back at him in stunned silence at the sight of Kurt, a face he couldn't even recognize, so contorted it was in rage, and pain, and grief.

Kurt didn't stop in his rant, however, and he grabbed Lance's shoulders and slammed him repeatedly into the mud beneath them, while he knelt on Lance's chest and pinned him to the ground. "Kiro, the sweetest angel I've ever known, my love, my heart!! You did that to him!!! He's never done anyting to you! NOTHING!" Kurt shouted in Lance's face, tears flowing freely and dripping down onto Lance's face. But Lance had finally recovered, and he snarled as well as the ground beneath them shook, "You.. fucking.. faggot!" His fist snapped up and collided with the side of Kurt's head, sending Kurt flopping off of him, though he soon rolled back up to a crouch.

"Yeah, I did!" Lance sneered, his own disgust and hatred boiling over in the face of Kurt's assault, helped by the fresh pain from Kurt's beating. Pain was good. Anger was better. It helped him focus on something other than the shock that he had apparently been found out. "He's a little fucking monster! He deserved everything I did to-" Lance was cut off as Kurt suddenly ported behind him and slammed an elbow into the back of his head, "You shut your disgusting mouth!!" Kurt snarled. He hadn't even realized he had been waiting for that confession, but it was like a magic spell that doubled the fire in his belly. He once again pounced on Lance as Lance was now on all fours, and even as the ground rumbled beneath them, the mud churning the trail into mush as the earthquake from Lance's powers continued, all of Kurt's attention was on Lance. His heart pounded, breath flowed like fire, and the world turned crimson in his gaze. He was dimly aware of pummeling Lance again, then grabbing him. Dragging him somewhere as he was dazed from a knee to the side of his head. Lifting him up...


... Kurt hadn't even realized what he was doing until he found himself gazing up at the struggling face of Lance as he had him pinned against the trunk of a nearby tree, legs kicking uselessly against Kurt's own. Kurt's hands were around his neck, and he was snarling every curse he knew in German into Lance's face, though his words were peppered with something else, something he was only dimly aware of, as he added, still in German, "I'll kill you, Klaus.. I will fucking KILL YOU.. you will NEVER hurt anyone again.. not me, or my angel.." he snarled, his eyes wild. As Kurt's fingers tightened in their grip, he watched Lance slowly lose focus, his face getting redder and darker, and his kicks grow weaker and weaker against Kurt's legs.

Just a little more.

Soon he would stop.

Soon his angel, his Kiro would be safe.

No one would hurt Kiro again. Or himself.

Lance's eyes were closing, his head going limp above Kurt's squeezing hands.. starting to droop to the side..

Just a little more. That's it, Klaus.. soon you'll be dead..

Wait... Klaus?

"KURT!" A shout in the distance. He ignored it. Though it almost sounded like Scott's voice. Scott? Who was Scott?

Never mind, he had to focus!! He was so close to ending this!!

"KURT, NO!!!" Another voice. Closer. Who..? Sis? Sis?? He didn't have a sister.. did he?

"Oh God, Logan! LOGAN!! It's like he can't even hear us!!" Hands on his arms, trying to stop him. Katzschen? Why? Why try to stop him?

Katzschen..? Who were all these people? Why were they trying to stop him??

Couldn't they see he was dispensing justice?? Finally killing the man who had hurt him. And now hurt Kiro..? He snarled louder and doubled down, watching with satisfaction as Klaus's eyes finally closed. No longer struggling.

That's it, you bastard. You evil son of a bitch.

Soon you'll be dead!!

More hands on him. Grabbing his body, trying to pull him away. Begging him to stop, telling him he was better than this. Better?? You idiot, Scott! You don't even realize what this wicked man has done!!

Shouting. Calling for the professor. What professor..?

Even Logan's grip on his arms couldn't stop him.

Logan? Logan was here? But why wasn't he helping? 

If only he knew what this wicked man had done. To him. To Kiro.

He growled as he doubled down, feeling the pulse beneath his hands grow weaker..


He smiled. Yes, almost..!!

"Kurt, I'm sorry," a voice said sadly, as he felt a hand touch the side of his face.

The professor's hand.

"NEIN!!!!!!!" He snarled as he felt the strength go out of his body, and he saw his hands drop away from Lance's neck.

How could they?!! Those traitors!! Why...?

His vision grew darker.. and then he fell backwards, down, down, down into the blackness...

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