Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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That evening was the first that Kurt could remember in recent memory that neither he, nor Kiro, had any nightmares. After they had finally recovered from their afterglow, and spent the next several minutes crying grateful, happy tears in each other's arms, they had returned to the bathroom to gently wash one another once again, though this was more concentrated on their lovemaking they had just done.

Once they were back in bed, and their towels hung up to dry, Kurt had been surprised by Kiro gently propping Kurt on his side, and then spooning up against him, just how they had slept before. Kurt had almost cried again, he was so happy. And Kiro looked happy too, even as he clamped down on the tremors, and the occasional flinch, as Kurt's arm gently wrapped around Kiro's belly.

They were still like that when Kurt awoke, just a little while after sunup, on Sunday morning. Neither of them had moved, at least not much, during the night, and Kurt smiled as he breathed deeply the scent of Kiro's hair, and his skin, his head still resting against Kiro's shoulder. His bladder ached softly, needing to go to the bathroom, and his member was erect, perhaps amplified by Kiro's powers, as well as his own testosterone, but he didn't care. He wanted to enjoy this, as long as he could.

When Kiro came awake some minutes later, it wasn't with a startled flinch, or a tremble of nightmares. It was slow. Languid. Relaxed. His violet eyes opened, and he blearily looked towards the window, seeing the soft glow of dawn outside. He then began to stir, until he remembered Kurt's hand around him, and when he hugged Kurt's arm to his chest, the smile on Kiro's face would have rivaled the morning sun's for brightness. Kurt gently whispered, "Guten morgen, mein engel," before leaning over to place a gentle kiss on Kiro's cheek. Kiro slowly and carefully rolled over to face Kurt, and beckoned him into a kiss. Morning breath or no, Kurt couldn't have been happier.

After a few more moments of cuddling, though, Kurt reluctantly parted, "I'm sorry, mein engel.. bathroom," he whispered in explanation. And Kiro nodded in understanding, pointing to himself as well, causing Kurt to giggle.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

Kurt worked his way out of the bed, and helped Kiro out as well, before they made their way to the bathroom.


"Well, you're certainly in a chipper mood this mornin', elf," Logan observed, before a sudden jab almost caught Kurt square in the jaw. He danced backwards, and reset his guards, before he gave a sheepish grin of apology. "Good night last night?" Logan asked, and there was actually no hint of sarcasm in his voice.

"Ja, Herr Logan," Kurt said with a smile, as the two traded a few punches. "We.. we're making good progress, I think," he reported proudly. The sight of Logan smiling always caught him by surprise, but it made him feel even better as the Wolverine nodded, "Good, elf. That's damn good news. And for once y'all didn't stay up half the night, so that's even better," he teased, and Kurt hissed playfully, "Okay, that's going below the belt!" before he snapped a foot forward in a kick to Logan's gut. It connected squarely, but Kurt had barely hit him hard enough to bruise, his control quite sound.

They were down in the Danger Room, a private session for the three of them: Logan, Kurt and Kiro. While Logan and Kurt practiced more conventional sparring, Kiro was nearby running through a series of rolls. All three of them were wearing gi's, though Kurt's had been heavily modified to make room for his tail and accomodate the shape of his legs. Ordinarily there would be a group Danger Room session on Sundays, just like on Saturdays, but Logan had decided to have mercy on the team, and simply asked them to play a game of "mutant ball" outside later that afternoon. Kurt and Kiro had opted for some martial-arts training that morning instead after the two had spent the early part of the morning at "Mass" with each other in their alcove, and Logan had been happy to oblige them.

Logan smirked at Kurt's kick, "Not bad, elf, now I know what to start yellin' next time we're in a real fight," he teased, and Kurt growled, "Don't you dare!" before he grinned and launched a barrage of punches. The two went back and forth for a while longer, before Logan signaled a break by bringing his hands together, palm covering fist. Kurt returned the gesture, and smiled as they stepped aside to take a breather. Kiro came over to join them, all of them panting softly, before Logan nodded and asked, "Any problems, though?"

Kiro reluctantly nodded, and Kurt reached over to gently touch his arm. "Ja, it was difficult for him, but he insisted. He wanted to keep going, and we finally did it," Kurt said with a smile, obviously proud of Kiro's determination, even as he winced from a few bruises Logan had just given him. He felt comfortable talking about it with Logan, especially given what Logan had trusted them with that special night, weeks ago.

Logan nodded as well, and smiled, before he looked Kiro over, "Well, just don't try to do too much too fast, Ghost. Your healin' power doesn't extend to your emotions, unfortunately, and you two have only been in counseling for a little while yet."

Kiro nodded respectfully, and flashed Logan a thumbs up, but he smiled with confidence. He, too, had been in a good mood all morning. "Well, elf, Ghost, why don't you two give it a try?" Logan asked, gesturing to the mat. Kurt blinked, and looked at Logan, "Um, how would that work though? Do I just.. attack? And Kiro defends?" he asked.

Logan nodded, "Just so, elf. Just remember to go about half speed. Kiro's still a beginner, and plus, don't want to trigger nothin'," he added, and Kurt nodded at his wisdom. After he turned to face Kiro, Kurt gave him an encouraging smile, before he said with a  wink, "Just remember, mein engel: it's not sparring, it's just a different kind of couples counseling!" Logan facepalmed and groaned, but Kiro giggled, before he nodded and went over onto the mat, squaring off in front of Kurt with Logan beside them.

Logan stood between them and extended a hand, before saying, "Randori... hajime!" Kurt grinned at the words. Logan had been teaching Kiro very traditionally, and the style did indeed seem to suit Kiro pretty well. The relaxation, the flow, the peacefulness and reactiveness of it, seemed a perfect fit for Kiro's temperament and his natural grace. After they bowed, Kurt began to prowl around Kiro in a slow circle, giving Kiro time to get his stance situated and to relax.

Kurt then stepped forward with a slow punch, about half-speed as Logan had suggested, and he was surprised when Kiro smoothly caught his wrist, pressed his elbow, and sent him into a throw with seemingly little effort. Kurt was back on his feet in a second, and grinned brightly up at Kiro, "Wunderbar, mein engel!" Kurt complimented. He then moved in and attacked again.

Under Logan's watchful eyes, the two lovers sparred. It was a relaxed, and actually pretty fun, session. Logan suggested different attacks, and Kiro reacted to each with a steady, easy grace. When there was one that he hadn't been taught to respond to, like a knee, Logan taught him how to improvise on the fly, using what he already knew. "Move with him, Ghost. Remember, you can feel that momentum, every time he steps into you. Use it. Take what he gives you, and redirect it, either back into him, or into the ground," Logan lectured.

Even as Kurt moved, he remarked on this side of Logan, one that he normally didn't see. It was almost paternal, the kind of relationship he had with Kiro. Almost as though Kiro was a son, from his namesake, so long ago. The thought made Kurt smile, even as he continued to attack Kiro in slow motion, and get thrown, or put into a joint lock or another until he tapped out, for his efforts.

Eventually, all three of them were spread out on the mat, having just finished a cooldown and now stretching. Kiro had given Kurt a quick once-over with his hands, to heal any bruises and bumps from the session ('Ja, I could TOTALLY get used to this,' Kurt had thought with a dreamy smirk), and all three of them were sweaty and disheveled, but quite satisfied with the morning's workout. Kiro's natural flexibility was already well known to Kurt, but he was still surprised to find how limber and graceful the other boy was even as he arched his back and moved from one position to another. Almost like he were dancing.

Oh. Right. The dance.

"Mein engel, um, do you know how to dance?" Kurt asked. Beside him on the mat, Logan quirked a brow, as he switched from one side to another while stretching his legs. "Well that's random, elf," the man said, glancing between the two of them. "I'm guessin' there's a reason he needs to know?" He asked.

Kiro shook his head in answer to Kurt though, and Kurt winced a bit, as he explained, "Umm, well, Kiro asked me to the dance next week. The Sadie Hawkins dance, ja?" And Logan blinked for a moment, before finally smirking. "Well, that explains the dress the girls got him," he replied.

Kiro blushed, and Kurt shook his head, "Oh Gott.. I don't know if he will wear it or not, his choice I guess, umm, but ja.. I guess you will have to learn how to dance, mein engel!" He said with an encouraging smile. Kiro knew what dancing was, of course, having seen it in a couple of movies and on television (as well as having Kitty rock out with her headphones on a time or two, and inviting him to join her). But as far as Kurt knew, Kiro had never been taught any sort of formal style of ballroom or couple dancing.

"Although," Logan observed, "You're a pretty quick study, Ghost. You move really well naturally. I'm sure you could learn how to dance easily enough," he said with an encouraging smile. His smile immediately faded, however, when Kurt innocently suggested, "Why don't you teach him, Herr Logan?"

"I don't dance, elf," he said quite firmly. Kurt winced, and nodded, sensing a surprising amount of pain hidden beneath those words. Kiro reached over from Logan's other side to gently touch his leg, and Logan shook his head, "It's fine, kid. I just.. no. I don't dance. Not anymore."

Kurt blinked, but chose not to question the matter further. Pondering for a minute, he brainstormed aloud as they began to rise from the mats and start to fold them up, "Hm, well, if we let Kitty teach you, she'll probably have you dancing like a stripper before the day is over," he said with a wry grin, and Logan just shook his head with a snort.

At Kiro's puzzled expression, Kurt said, "Umm, never mind, mein engel, I'll.. umm.. explain what that is later." As they carried the mats over toward the wall where they were typically stacked, Logan suggested, "Well, why not Ororo?"

Laying the mats out once again, the three of them gave them a quick spray with disinfectant and a wipe down with paper towels. "I'm sure she'd be happy to teach you, and knowing her, it'll be quite elegant," Logan continued, as he finished wiping down the mat and began to fold it up to join the stack.

"Well there's an idea," Kurt said with a grin. Ororo already seemed to have taken Kiro on as a nephew, helped in no small part perhaps by his earnest help in her garden, and interest in learning how to meditate. Which, for him, it seemed, was simply another form of prayer. "Though I'd suggest you both clean up a bit before you ask her," Logan observed, gesturing to the three of them, thoroughly sweaty from the morning's training session.

"Good idea," Kurt said with a wry grin.


"Oh? The Sadie Hawkins dance? Well that's quite a pleasant surprise!" Ororo said with a warm smile. "I'm sure the school wouldn't mind your circumstances, boys," she assured them, as Kurt and Kiro stood beside her on the patio. "Well, there's kind of a problem," Kurt confessed, looking over at Kiro before his gaze returned to Ororo, "Kiro doesn't seem familiar with that kind of dancing. We thought maybe you could teach him?" Kurt asked, and smiled brightly.

Ororo quirked a brow, and her smile warmed the air, "Well, that's rather flattering of you, Kurt, Kiro. Did you have any particular style in mind?" She asked, looking the two of them over. Kurt blushed beneath his fur and rubbed the back of his neck, "Um, well, I guess it really depends on what Kiro would like to learn. I'm sure if it's anything like last year, well.. before the .. um.. incidents happened, they would have some slow-dancing and the like."

At this, Ororo chuckled softly and shook her head, "Alright then, we'll start with the basics. At least enough to get you comfortable. You'll both be wearing suitable attire, I'm sure?" She asked, before she led the way back inside, the boys close behind her. Outside on the lawn, the occasional flash of mutant powers could be seen as Logan's game of mutant ball finally began. The door shut behind them as Storm led the way into one of the studies.

"Oh ja, of course!" Kurt said with a grin, perhaps deciding that discretion was the better part of valor in terms of what he would tell Ororo. Admittedly, the thought of Kiro wearing his violet dress out in public made Kurt quite flustered, even though he also couldn't help but remember how.. well.. beautiful Kiro looked in it, perfectly complimenting his exotic, feminine looks. Tabitha had once playfully teased him about being a "trap," and Kurt could totally see why.

"Well, Kurt, you already know how to dance. Have you shown him anything yet?" Ororo asked, while she browsed one of the shelves on the side of the room. This one had a small selection of CDs, particularly of classical, baroque, and romantic nature, as well as an audio player flanked by two small speakers. The kind of music that made studying a bit easier, but also was perfect to learn to dance to, especially of a formal nature. Kurt blushed and shook his head, "Ah, no, sorry, Ororo. I actually had forgotten about the dance until we were reminded last night," he confessed. "And then Kiro asked me to it," he said with a bashful smile.

Ororo looked over her shoulder at them, and smiled, "Well, I certainly don't blame him. I'm sure you two will have a wonderful time. Now then.. ah, here we are. The essential classic, "The Blue Danube" waltz. Kiro, why don't you stand over there for a moment, and Kurt and I will demonstrate," she instructed, gesturing for Kiro to stand off to the side of the carpet, while Ororo then invited Kurt over.

The music began to play the introduction to the waltz, while Ororo explained how they were standing, and where the gentleman would put his hand on Ororo's waist ("I suppose for your purposes, Kiro, you would be considered the lady, in this dance,"), and their other hands would be held out to the side. When the waltz began, Ororo counted softly, but loud enough for Kiro to hear, while Kurt and Ororo began to step and circle in time with the music.

Kiro watched with rapt attention, and a bright smile, mimicing Ororo's movements while he stood in place. For his part, Kurt was also smiling at how happy Ororo seemed to be. She was a very classy lady, as Logan had said, and much like the professor, had a taste for the arts, literature, and music of what would be considered "high society" in older days.

She even occasionally played the piano in the atrium, on rare quiet nights, and Kiro had been fascinated by it when he stopped to listen. The monastery in Viscri had no organ or instruments of any sort, the Sisters apparently being quite traditional, in that the only music made would be that from their own lips. From the day he had first arrived from Romania, Kiro had been utterly fascinated by music that seemed to be everywhere: Video games, films, television, the radio, CDs. And while he did not necessarily like all of it, he seemed particularly entranced by the classical, orchestral music, as well as church music from organs to hymns. The sound of a male choir doing Gregorian chants had just about made Kiro do a double take, and he grinned brightly before immediately "singing along" by mouthing the Latin lyrics as they were chanted, having apparently heard them all before. It had made Kurt ecstatic.

When the time came for them to "switch off," and Kiro now took Ororo's place, Kurt smiled brightly as they stood in the carpet while Ororo reset the waltz. She then came to help Kurt and Kiro get positioned properly, remarking at the similarity between their heights making them quite a perfect pair for the dance. Kiro was a few inches shorter than Kurt, but still close enough in height for their steps to match well, and to be able to look into each other's eyes.

When the waltz began, Ororo once again softly counted the rhythm, standing beside them while the boys began to dance, "1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, yes, that's it Kiro, follow Kurt's lead. Right in step with one another, that's it!" She encouraged them with a patient smile.

Kurt grinned.

They were doing it. They were dancing! It was somewhat awkard at first, and both Kurt and Kiro accidentally trod on one another's toes a few times, but a quick kiss of apology made it all better (as well as the warmth from Kiro's touch) and soon enough, with encouragement from both Kurt and Ororo, Kiro was following Kurt's lead as they waltzed around the study.

As Ororo explained, most dances were rather similar. Just learn the rhythm of the song, and move to that rhythm. Step together, turn together, and so on. Once you built from the waltz, it was fairly easy to go from there. But, as Kurt mentioned with a wry grin, they wouldn't be expected to do something complicated like a tango, or compete, so there was rather little to worry about. It was just an opportunity to come on the floor, as a couple, and dance, for each other and with each other.

As the boys finished one last waltz together, Ororo smiled and applauded, and they were joined by another pair clapping at the door to the study. Kurt and Kiro turned in surprise to see the professor and Hank there. Hank favored them with a wink, and said, "Well, not exactly Fred Astaire level yet, but I'd say you're both off to a great start!"

The professor gave Hank a wry grin beside him, and then nodded in apology, "I hope we weren't interrupting, everyone. We came to find Ororo," he explained. And Ororo covered her mouth, "Oh, yes! Our meeting. I'm sorry, professor, I had lost track of time," she apologized.

The professor smiled and nodded patiently, "Quite alright, Ororo. It was obviously for a good cause," he said, and beckoned her over. "As it happens, our guest was running late as well due to the snow, so it is no trouble," the professor continued as Ororo joined him and Hank at the door. She then smiled at Kurt and Kiro, "Well, you've both got enough to work with, I think. Just be sure to practice a little each day before the dance on Friday evening, and I'm sure you'll do just fine!" she said encouragingly.

After Kurt and Kiro waved, the three instructors stepped out of the study, and Kurt then went over to the bookshelf to turn off the music player and tidy away the CD. "Hm, I wonder what their meeting is about?" he pondered, after turning to take Kiro's hand and walk with him out of the study. Beside him, Kiro shrugged with a curious expression.


"I'm glad you decided to come, Agent Fury," the professor said as they shook hands, "I know things have probably been busy, as they always are, at your agency." They were down in the Operations room at the mansion, with Fury, the professor, Ororo, Hank, and soon, Logan stepping through the door. Logan had initially been alarmed at the sight of several black cars driving up to the Institute, but the fact that they had been buzzed in was enough to settle his nerves, and a quick thought from the professor had alerted him to the occasion. While Fury's agents waited in the atrium and outside with their vehicles, Nick himself accompanied the professor down into the Operations room.

In a rare occasion for them all, Fury had apparently come with good news. "Well, the DA was definitely on our side in this one," Fury began, setting a legal brief on the table for the instructors to look at. "Alvers was found guilty on all charges. And the judge, well," he peered at the court reporter's transcript, before reading aloud, "'I would hang you if I could, Mr. Alvers, this is among the worst cases of abuse I have ever tried. Fortunately for you, however, the death penalty is no longer authorized in the state of New York.'"

Kiro had been thankfully saved from having to give a sworn testimony, as the evidence pretty much spoke for itself. Fingerprints, urine and feces samples, semen and blood, all told a far grimmer story than any tearful testimony ever could, perhaps the worst because of the knowledge that Kiro could give no spoken testimony, even if they asked for it, unless it was written out in Romanian and translated for the court. The jury had deliberated for less than one hour before rendering a unanimous guilty verdict on all charges, and sentencing Lance to a minimum 25 year sentence, with a recommendation for life imprisonment.

Logan nodded with a soft growl, while Ororo, Hank, and the professor had their faces carefully neutral. The professor then remarked, his expression crestfallen, "And to think, that young man was once a member of this Institute, however briefly."

Logan's hand came to rest on Charles' shoulder, saying bluntly, "You did what you always do, Chuck. You gave him a fair chance, and an open hand. You had no way of knowing the monster he'd turn into later on down the road."

The professor nodded sadly, before replying, "I know, my friend. But still.. sometimes I wish I had found some way to help him. Teach him." Beside them, Fury shook his head, saying matter-of-factly, "Some people are just bad, professor. They can't be reasoned with or shown the error of their ways. Fortunately, though, he won't be a danger to anyone else for a long time."

"So, you were given custody of him?" Hank guessed, and Fury nodded in reply. "We just incarcerated him earlier today, in fact. He's up at Coldwarf Pass." At this, Logan quirked a brow in recognition of the maximum security facility, before nodding in approval and saying, "Not takin' any chances, then?"

Fury shook his head, "Not at all. Especially not after seeing what happened to both Kiro and Kurt," he said. Logan nodded as well, though his expression darkened a bit when he saw the professor rubbing his forehead. They had had to do a pretty horrible thing, to save Kiro. And even though it had worked out for the best, Logan knew it was still rough. Both on the professor for doing it, and on Kurt for having seen even a brief glimpse of it. And then there was Kurt's psychotic outburst just a few weeks ago, the night when Lance had been arrested.

"Did you want to give them the news?" Fury asked, reaching into the folder to remove a copy of the records, which he offered to the professor, who accepted them gratefully. "Indeed. Kurt and Kiro deserve to know that they are safe, now. And actually, Fury," Charles said with a smile. "I would like you to have that honor, if you wouldn't mind, since it was your assistance that made it possible."

At this, Fury favored them all with an uncommon smile, saying, "Of course, professor. I'd actually been curious about meeting this young man as well. Clearly you all care about him very much, to say nothing about Kurt's obvious devotion."

With a nod from the professor, Ororo went over to the wall to activate the intercom, saying crisply, "Attention, please. Kurt and Kiro, could you please come join us down in Operations? We have someone very important who would like to speak with you."


While they waited for the boys to join them, Fury asked about Kurt and particularly Kiro, and how their recovery was going. The fact that they were attending regular counseling and therapy together made Fury nod with obvious relief, and he also seemed happy to hear that Kurt and Kiro were already back in school again and apparently doing well there also.

Fury also, in a surprise to all except perhaps Logan, asked how the professor was doing. The professor simply smiled, and assured Fury that he had recovered about as well as he possibly could have, due in no small part to seeing Kurt and Kiro together again, and knowing it had all been worth it. They were his children, in all but name (though Kiro was essentially his son unofficially, due to his legal guardianship), and rescuing them had been his only concern, as it should have been.

Less than five minutes later, Kurt and Kiro stepped through the door to Operations, and both paused at the sight of Agent Fury standing there among the group of their instructors. Kurt's eyes brightened immediately with recognition, while Kiro just looked nervous at the sight of the imposing, unfamiliar man with an eye patch. "Agent Fury!" Kurt finally said, and took Kiro's hand as they went forward, "Kiro, this is Agent Fury, he's the man who helped us find you!" He said, gratitude gushing from him.

The poor man barely had a chance to speak before Kurt hugged him, and he fell back a step before chuckling softly and patting Kurt's back, "There there, son, I just did what was right, that's all," he said. "Just like any of you would've done, I'm sure."

Kurt squeezed him one more time before stepping back, giving the instructors a sheepish apology as he went back to stand beside Kiro. Remembering his manners, Kurt grinned and gestured to his beloved, "Agent Fury, this is Kiro Popescu, code name Thaumaturge," he introduced him proudly, happy to both be able to give a full name, as well as the code name marking him as a member of the X-Men team.

Fury paused upon taking a closer look at Kiro, taking in the boy's appearance. They had had no record of Kiro at SHIELD, nor did they have any photographs of him, another reason why they had offered to let the X-Men handle his retrieval. Kiro returned his gaze evenly, those violet eyes quite striking even in the dim setting of the Operations room. Fury finally smiled, and extended a hand, "Well, I'd heard you were quite the lovely one, but this just about confirms it. Agent Nick Fury, of SHIELD. Pleased to meet you, Kiro."

Kiro reached forward and gently took Fury's hand with a smile, gratitude and respect clear on his face as their hands shook. Fury's expression barely shifted when Kiro's power became known, helped by Logan's earlier warning a couple of minutes ago that the boy's powers were somewhat unique, and quite pleasurable to experience. "Now if I could just get a shot of -that- each morning with my coffee," Fury mused with a grin, and around them, everyone laughed softly. Still, Kiro said nothing, and Fury looked at him with concern when their handshake released, "Hm, are you alright, son? Haven't spoken since it happened?" He asked.

Kiro frowned, and then shook his head before raising his hands in an apologetic gesture. Beside him, Kurt explained, "He doesn't speak at all, Agent Fury. He's never made a sound, or said a word, even where he grew up. It's.. part of what had us so worried about him when he disappeared."

Fury nodded once again, his expression growing somewhat dark, "Hmm, lot of bad people out there would definitely take advantage of that, not to mention those powers of his and his appearance. But thankfully," he said with a nod, "That's what I came here to tell everyone about. Here, have some good news, son," Fury said with a smile, as he took the briefing packet and offered it to Kurt and Kiro.

Kiro just furrowed a brow at seeing all the unfamiliar words, especially in legalese, while beside him, Kurt read over the pages, his expression swiftly changing from nervousness, to consternation, and finally, to relief. "Oh thank God. Guilty on all charges, and sentenced to 25 years minimum," he said, and at Kiro's look, Kurt smiled and explained, "It means a court found him guilty of what he did to you, and now he's locked up, mein engel. Like I was in detention a while ago, but for 25 years, not just a week. He won't be able to hurt you, or anyone else, again."

Kiro did not look happy, necessarily, but he did look visibly relieved as well, and trembled a bit as he apparently remembered something. Kurt gently embraced him, whispering softly to him as the boy trembled more. Deciding to give the two some privacy, Fury turned around along with the rest of the instructors as he nodded, "As I said, though, he's up at Coldwarf Pass, and SHIELD is personally overseeing that entire facility. He's not going anywhere for a very long time." Beside him, Hank nodded, "And thank the good Lord for that. You surely have saved this young man's life, Fury, and perhaps Kurt's as well."

At Hank's tone of voice, Fury quirked a brow over his eyepatch-covered eye. "Kurt didn't take things too well, did he?" He said softly, and Hank shook his head, "Not well at all, I'm afraid. But I can't say I blame him. Lance very nearly did not survive to be arrested. We were able to stop Kurt just in time, before he.." Hank trailed off, and Fury nodded in understanding. There were grave looks from all of the instructors, remembering that horrible night that Kurt had gone berserk. After a moment, Kurt spoke from behind them in a quiet voice, causing them all to turn around.

"I'm.. not proud of that. For almost.. killing him. Even if he may have deserved it. I'm sorry again, professor. Hank. All of you. So sorry for losing control, I just.." Kurt said, his voice failing him as he trembled softly. It was Fury, however, who responded first, looking down at Kurt and Kiro side by side once more, "Kurt, there's a fine line between killing someone and murdering them, even if both actions have the same result. And sometimes, the only way to stop a bad guy is to put them down for good. But this time, at least, that proved unnecessary, and your friends were able to pull you back from the edge before you took that unnecessary leap."

Stepping forward, Fury put a hand on Kurt's shoulder and looked down at him, waiting until Kurt met his eyes. "You got a second chance, and you have your beloved back by your side. Most of us never got that," Fury said, his gaze growing distant for a second before he continued, "Don't be sorry, son. Be grateful. And use it as an experience to learn and grow, and maybe even help save someone else if the time comes," Fury said, his voice firm. Kurt was rendered speechless by his words, and tried several times to say something, but nothing would come out. Finally, he just smiled, and nodded.

Poor Fury was surprised once again as Kiro hugged him tightly, and this time, Fury's face did change expression, from a "full dose" of Kiro's powers flowing through him. He smiled, a genuine smile, and hugged Kiro in return, running a hand down the boy's thick white hair. "Well, this could certainly become addictive," he said with a chuckle, and beside him, Ororo admitted, "Oh it is. Sometimes I swear some of the students get hurt on purpose just to go down to medbay and have him treat them."

"Medbay?" Fury asked, as Kiro stepped away and looked up at him with a bright smile. Beside him, Hank gave a toothy grin and said proudly, "Indeed. Young Kiro is my assistant in the medbay. His power doesn't just make you feel pleasure and take away pain, it's actually a remarkable version of Logan's healing ability, that doesn't just heal himself incredibly fast, but anyone else he happens to touch. He's become quite a capable helper, and is turning into an excellent nurse in his own right, from his lessons with me."

"Well, that just makes me all the more glad that I was able to help bring you home safe, Kiro," Fury said, that genuine smile still on his face. Logan smirked, "Ain't seen you smile like that since Eleanor and the kids were alive, Fury. It's good to see," he added with a nod. Fury, for his part, just nodded, a pained look crossing his face for barely a second before soon vanishing into that pleasant smile once again. He then observed, "I have to say, Kiro, you're almost like a human teddy bear."

At the sudden laughter from the instructors, and Kurt, Fury looked around in puzzlement.

"That's one of his nicknames, Agent Fury," Kurt explained with a grin, "'Kiro the Human Teddy Bear,' And you now know why." Fury chuckled as well, and extended a hand as Kurt handed the legal brief back to him. "Well, knowing is half the battle, as the old saying goes. I'd better get back to the agency," he said, turning to head back to the table to gather up his briefings except for the copy left with the professor. Once everything was neatly secured inside his briefcase, he went to join the others once more.

"Thank you again, Agent Fury, for helping bring mein engel back to me," Kurt said with a smile as they all began to walk toward the elevator down the hall. Fury looked down at Kurt and Kiro with his one good eye, and smiled once again. "You're welcome, son," Fury replied, as they stepped into the elevator.

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