Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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"Well it's not like he gave us much of a choice, Scott," Ray fumed as he leaned petulantly against Scott's car. Sam didn't look too happy either. As far as they were concerned, they had just given Coach Grey exactly what was coming to him by embarassing him in front of the whole gym, and now here was Scott giving them a lecture about it. Of course.

"You had a choice from the very beginning," Scott shot back, hands on his hips, "You could have just proven him wrong by playing harder, for starters!"

"At BASKETBALL? Seriously, Scott? That's a sport for wimps!" Sam scoffed, and shook his head, "I mean it's almost as bad as baseball!"

Scott rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming on. He hadn't seen Kiro yet, and he was starting to get worried. Sam and Ray had arrived about 20 minutes after Ororo had picked up the rest of the gang and taken them back to the Institute, and that had been 30 minutes ago. Now they were standing in a parking lot that was pretty much empty except for the faculty and staff cars parked near the building. "C'mon, Kiro, where the hell are you..?" Scott muttered as he glanced over at the school building.

Ray and Sam followed his gaze, and then glanced back at him, before Ray suggested, "Hm, maybe he's still a little shook up from that brawl you guys had?" Scott cringed in response, "It wasn't exactly a brawl. More like a scuffle," he dodged, and then shook his head, "But, what do you even mean by that?" He asked, genuinely curious as he looked back at Ray. Ray shifted a bit uncomfortably and said, "Well, um, I mean, he's not exactly a tough guy, is he? Real skittish and stuff, always smiling at folks otherwise. He's probably off crying somewhere or something." Despite his words, Ray actually didn't seem to be trying to insult Kiro. He was just stating a fact.

Scott sighed and nodded, "Maybe. He's not rough and tumble like us, that's for sure. But that's one thing I like about him," he mused as he looked toward the school doors again. Still no Kiro. "Huh? Whatcha talking about?" Sam asked, running a hand through his hair as a cold wind whipped past them. It would start snowing soon, maybe even next week at this rate.

Scott shrugged, "Well, I mean, he's sort of.. above that kind of thing, I guess? Like when you hear about Gandhi or Martin Luther King. I can kind of see how someone would feel that way, even if I don't share it. It just seems like, he's too good to fight. Literally." Ray nodded, and then drawled, "Whoa, Scott. That's like, so deep, man," before he cracked up laughing, Sam echoing him. Scott just sighed and shook his head, though he was smiling as well.


Smiling, that was, until he realized that Kiro still hadn't appeared. "Alright, I'm officially worried.." Scott said, and his voice was completely serious as he glanced at his watch once more. Almost 5 PM.

"Yeah, this is nuts," Sam admitted, stepping away from the car. "Um, what should we do?" He asked as he looked around the lot. Nobody else was around, just a couple of teachers finally leaving in their cars.

Scott frowned, and felt his instincts kick in as he glanced at his watch. "Ray, you stay here. If Kiro shows up, ping us on our communicators," he said, tapping his wristwatch. "Sam, you take the east side of the school and I'll take the west. We'll work our way through. You know where all of his classes are, right?" He asked. When Sam nodded, he continued, "Let's hit those first, and I'll check the library too. Should still be open for Study Hall for another .. shit, 10 minutes! We gotta go. Okay, let's do our sweep and then meet back here in 20 minutes, tops."

Their plans made, the two mutants jogged back towards the school, leaving a pensive Ray waiting alone by the car. "Man, Kiki, where the hell are you, dude?" He asked, shivering a bit as the cold wind picked up once again as the afternoon sun began to grow orange with the coming sunset.

His shivers only increased as a soft, cold rain began to fall.

"Fuck," he cursed as he reached over to lift the fliptop on Scott's convertible and then flip up the hood on his hoodie.


"No way would he have just decided to walk home or anythin', definitely not after the day we've had," Rogue said, fighting hard to control her tears.

It was now fully dark outside, a steady, freezing rain was pounding, and Scott, Ray, and Sam had finally returned to the Institute, after finally concluding their search for the third time and driving back to the Institute sick with worry after reaching the professor. Action had been swift, and Logan had already gone out to the school on his own to try and track Kiro's scent. It was unlikely he would be successful, given the rain over the past hour and a half, but Logan would not be dissuaded in his efforts to at least try. It was really their only option short of asking potential eyewitnesses, since the school had no security cameras anywhere on campus.

The rest of the X-Men had now been assembled in the ready room, and Jean, Rogue, Scott, Kitty, and Kurt had just finished recounting the day's events, trying to find some clue or pattern as to what might have caused Kiro's disappearance. The professor listened with a neutral face, his hands steepled under his chin, brow furrowed in thought. He had asked several questions, and listened patiently.

Kurt had tried, and failed, to contain his worry, and was now pacing the back of the ready room, tears shining in his eyes and his tail lashing in agitation. Twice, now, he had begged the professor for permission to go and join Logan in the search, but the professor had forbade him ("Kurt, I understand your concern, but a coordinated effort is best, here. This is when working as a team is of the utmost importance."). Kitty, as well, had begun to cry silently in worry, and the tension in the room was thick enough that it made it diffiult to take a full breath.

"Indeed, I think you are right, Rogue," the professor mused, and cast a glance back at Cerebro. He had already used it for almost an entire hour, trying and failing to track down Kiro. The boy's mind was as elusive as ever, and even his mutant signature only seemed to occasionally show up on Cerebro's sensors. It was damnably frustrating, especially now.

"Something else troubles me though, professor," Jean said as she looked at the small readout on Cerebro's main screen. Logan shone as a small blip, moving once again in an orderly circuit around the school grounds. He had reported Kiro's scent, but it was so muddled by the rain and the scents of the hundreds of other students that he simply had not been able to track it's direction yet. And it was getting more difficult to even try.

"Lance Alvers seemed.. so hateful. Unbelievably so. I've never felt any emotions like that from him before," she said with a shudder. "It was almost like, if he had Kiro alone, he'd have seriously tried to kill him. And even Todd Tolansky seemed rather unnerved."

The professor nodded, as the students around the room shifted with nervousness. "I've already considered that it may have been Alvers' doing, Jean, but as of yet," he gestured at the screen, "- the Brotherhood appear to simply be at their mansion. And I already asked members of the Bayville Police Department to investigate their home," the professor added, causing a hush of surprise to fall over the room. Once again, the professor's uncanny intellect and instincts had caught them by surprise. He nodded, "The police questioned everyone at the mansion, and searched the grounds. No sign of Kiro." That alone caused a small ripple of concerned looks back and forth through the room. If the professor had chosen to involve the police, then he was definitely concerned.

"What should we do?" Ororo asked, and cast a worried glance toward Kurt, who was now kneeling in the corner, his hands clasped in front of him, head bowed.

"The only thing we can do, Ororo. Join Logan in the search. But we will each take a section, all along the route from the school to the Institute," the professor instructed, pointing at the stretch of road leading down to Bayville high and back up to the Institute. "I pray that we are all simply overreacting, and that young Kiro has just.. run off, like he has apparently done for the nuns, but I would rather we not take that chance." The police had asked whether he wished to file an Amber Alert, or even an All Points Bulletin, but the professor had declined. At this point, he felt safer with the X-Men leading the search.

Around the room, there were nods of agreement. The professor then turned to Ororo. "As for me, Jean and I will pay the Brotherhood a visit personally, and have a little chat with them."

"Let me come with you," Kurt's voice caused them to look toward where he was approaching, his eyes gleaming with more than just tears. "Please, professor," Kurt begged, and Charles felt his heart twist into a knot as he considered for a moment. Finally, he nodded, "Alright, Kurt. But you must promise me that you will not, under any circumstances, lose control of yourself."

Kurt stiffened, his tail lashing, and finally nodded, "I promise, professor."

Charles nodded as he then looked towards Ororo and Scott. "Coordinate the students, please, Scott, Ororo. And search from the air as best as you can, Storm," the professor added. "We will find our wayward Thaumaturge, one way or another."


"It's bad enough you sent the cops here, Chucklehead, but now you and Jeannie are coming to mess with us?" Fred sneered as he stood firmly in the doorway, blocking their entrance as the Professor and Jean stood (or sat, in the professor's case) on their doorstep, Jean holding a large umbrella above their heads to keep the steady pounding rain at bay. The police had left about an hour ago, and the Brotherhood had been more or less taking it easy when there was another knock at the door.

"We aren't here to 'mess with you,' Mr. Dukes," Charles said, his voice carefully neutral. "We are simply concerned about our missing student. You, Mr. Alvers, and Mr. Maximoff were involved in that altercation earlier at the school, so naturally you would be the main persons of interest if Kiro were to suddenly go missing. Which he has."

Both Charles and Jean had been furtively scanning with their minds, but it was difficult to do. Lance, Pietro, Todd, and Fred, despite their abyssmal academic performance, all had remarkable discipline when it came to shielding their minds from unwanted intrusions. Considering their "enemies" were the X-Men, this perhaps came as no surprise. But even detecting whether they were lying or telling the truth was difficult.

"We didn't do nuthin' to the little fag, Chuckles, at least not after that fight earlier," Fred said with a dismissive sniff, "Principal Kelley suspended us and we went home. That's all. Been here all night," he said. And Charles felt his spirit fall a little bit as he sensed the truth in Fred's words. He wasn't lying. Or if he was, he wasn't aware of it.

"May we speak with Lance, please?" Jean asked, hopefully, though there was an undercurrent of fear in her voice. She had been visibly shaken by the emotions roiling off of Lance earlier today, though she was finding it difficult to sense him now, even though Cerebro had sensed him in the house. "I doubt he wants to speak with either of you," Fred said with a scoff, and he glared down at the professor and Jean, "And if y'all don't leave, I figure I might just call the cops on YOU for tresspassin'."

"Could you at least ask him, Frederick?" The professor asked, "Please understand our concern." There was no compulsion in the professor's voice. He was simply requesting.

"Fine, Chucklehead. But if he don't wanna talk, y'all leave, got it?!" He asked, and both Jean and the Professor nodded. The door was then slammed in their faces, and they waited in silence while the Blob presumably sought out Avalanche to ask him to talk. Jean finally sighed, "Professor, I'm so worried.."

"I know, Jean. I am as well. It would be so much easier if we could just sense-" he was interrupted when the door opened again. Surprisingly, it was Lance, his face visibly bruised from where Kurt had repeatedly struck him earlier. Dried blood caked his nostrils, and one of his eyes was partially blackened, but not swollen shut. "The hell do you two want? Cops weren't enough harassment for you?!" Lance demanded, looking at the two of them. His irritation was almost overwhelming. Indignation, as well.

"Mr. Alvers, we simply want to find Kiro, that's all," the professor began, but before he could continue, Lance leaned forward to glare at him, "That little bitch ain't here, dumbass! Or didn't the police already tell you that when they came through here like the fuckin' gestapo?! Read my lips: He. Ain't. Here. Now what else you want?!"

The professor met his gaze calmly, and after a moment's silence, shook his head. "Nothing more, Mr. Alvers. Sorry to disturb you," he finally said. Lance chuffed at the both of them and then spat, "Good, get the hell off our property before we call the cops," before the door was slammed once again in their faces.

"Certainly a friendly sort," Jean mused, though she shivered with more than just the cold wind and rain before she turned to the professor, "Anything?" She asked, hopefully. The professor shook his head, "Nothing. I could not detect a single lie in anything they said. It seems our quarry is elsewhere." He turned and began to roll down the path back to their van, Jean following close beside him with the umbrella, when a *BAMF!* nearby caught their attention. Kurt. He shook his head at their looks, "No luck for you either, ja?" he asked as he went over to huddle under the umbrella with them.

Jean shook her head, "I'm afraid not, Kurt," she replied, and felt her heart cracking at the look on Kurt's face. While they had been talking, Kurt had ported into the house secretly to have a look around, clinging to the ceiling to remain unseen. He had checked each room that he could, and seen nothing unusual. Just the usual squalor of the Brotherhood mansion, with Fred, Pietro, and Lance lounging about. No sign of Todd, but that wasn't unusual. He was often out picking pockets or otherwise getting into trouble.

"Let's head back to the Institute, then. Maybe one of the others had some luck," the professor offered, though none of them seemed very confident as they went back into the van, the professor being helped inside with a quick port from Kurt. With Jean at the wheel, the van backed out of the driveway and then turned onto the road, heading back toward the Institute as the rain continued to steadily come down. Out of the corner of her eye, Jean saw Kurt once again bow his head in tearful prayer in the passenger seat, and she whispered a silent prayer of her own for him and Kiro as she drove.


"Nothin'. Not a goddamn thing," Logan snarled as he felt his claws snick out and swipe the air. The rain had soaked him to the bone, and he was chilled just as badly as the boys had been last night as he once again stalked around the field outside Bayville High. The scent had gone cold, and the rain had washed away whatever remained. He knew it damn good and well, he just hated to admit it.

Ghost. The kid was every bit the reincarnation of his lover, he had felt. His heart and soul at the very least, if not his appearance, and the added benefit of mutant powers. 'If Ghost had had those powers,' Logan thought darkly, 'he might still be alive when I found him.' And yet, here we was again, frantically trying to search for one of his kids. Kurt's lover. And he had nothing to show for it. Nothing.

His hands balled into fists, and he trudged back to the school's main building to smack his fist against it in frustration. It was almost a relief when his communicator beeped, distracting him from his self-revulsion. "Wolverine, this is Storm, over," Ororo's voice came over the comm, somewhat distorted from the wind. She must still be flying around somewhere.

"Wolverine here, over," he said into his wrist communicator, huddling under a nearby patio to get out of the rain for a moment. His communicator crackled to life once again, "The students have all reported in. No sightings of Thaumaturge. Anything on your end, over?" Ororo's voice sounded hopeful, and Logan felt his frustration rise again. They all respected him. His reputation had been well earned. Damn it, he was BETTER than this! That kid was counting on him!

"Still nothin', over," Logan finally growled out. There was a long moment of silence before Ororo finally said, "We've done what we could for tonight, Wolverine. Professor X wants us all back at the Institute, over." Logan drew a shuddering breath, quelling his rage. It wouldn't do to go all berserk. Not right now. He needed to focus. One of his kids was missing, who knows where, and he had to find him. Maybe after the rain finally let up, they could try again.

"Wolverine, please acknowledge, over," Ororo's voice came again, a pleading note to her words. Logan let out a slow breath, and finally punched his communicator, "On my way, over."

He heard Ororo's reply as he stepped back out into the rain, but this time heading towards where he had parked his motorcycle, "Acknowledged, Wolverine. Storm out." He couldn't help but smirk a bit as he looked up at the sky. Storm was powerful, but unfortunately not powerful enough to stop a whole storm system. If only.

With a sharp rumble of the engine, the motorcycle roared to life and Logan was soon back on the road, heading toward the Institute once more.


The next day passed in a dreary fog that was caused by more than the thick fog that now hung over Bayville from the cold front that had just blown in last night. The weather was uncharacteristically wet for the winter, as it was not yet quite cold enough for it to snow. The students at the Institute had tried to sleep, at the professor's command, but they were bleary and disheveled from worry when they had come down for breakfast that morning, and Kurt had not even come down at all.

The professor had initially worried that Kurt had gone out alone to search for Kiro, but he had not. The boy was just in their room, kneeling at Kiro's bedside, crying softly with his old, wooden rosary in his hands. The professor had tried to console him, but Kurt had just silently shaken his head before begging the professor to leave him in peace. He had done so, and had been prepared to let Kurt spend the day at home before Kurt had surprised him by showing up downstairs, dressed and ready to go to school.

The day had passed thankfully without much incident, though a dark cloud hung over all of the Institute kids, and Kiro's absence had not gone unnoticed by his teachers or by his fellow students, especially in light of yesterday's rather brutal fight in the cafeteria. Questions were asked, but the students had been ordered by the professor to give only sparse, but truthful, details. Kiro was missing, and no one yet knew where he was. The authorities were searching, as were the staff at the Institute, and they would all know when he had been found.

So calm, so neutral, so routine. Kurt barely said a word to anyone all day, even his teachers, and Jean felt worry twisting her gut when she sensed the emotions coming off of Kurt. Despair. Worry. Grief. Anger. No, not just anger. Rage. The very same rage she had felt from him when he was in the midst of fighting back against Lance. He had finally known true happiness, true love, only to have it be snatched away from him. His lover, the most gentle soul he had ever met, was gone. Who knew where? Who knew what had happened? Kurt certainly didn't, and that lack of knowledge gnawed at him. He blamed himself, and also, he was ashamed to realize, Scott, who had suggested he go back to the Institute. He was ashamed of that blame, because he knew, in his heart, that Scott had only been trying to help him with his homework. But it was still there, as irrational as it could be.

Kurt's silence, perhaps, worried her, and the others, the most of all. Kurt Wagner, their resident jokester, party animal, and connoisseur of pranks. Who always had the Institute laughing with some antic or another. He had grown quieter these past few weeks, while he had been reconciling his love for Kiro, Jean had noticed. But this weekend, for a few wonderful days, they had the old Kurt back again. New and improved, genuinely happy, and in love. It was beautiful. It was wonderful.

And now, it was gone. Like tears in the rain, as the old line from Blade Runner went.

Dinner had been another quiet affair, and the professor had assured all of them that the police, Logan and Ororo were going to handle the search in the meantime, that they should all just focus on school for now. Kurt had been absent from dinner, as well. Kitty had voiced her concern, but Rogue had told her it was probably better to just leave Kurt be for now.

Kitty, unfortunately, hadn't listened.

Rogue didn't even realize that anything was wrong until Kitty had phased back into their room later, sobbing. All Rogue could do was hold her as she sobbed, and just kept saying over and over, "I was just trying to help, that's all.. that's all." Jean had 'overheard' what happened, and had come in to console Kitty with Rogue, while she explained what had happened, her voice tight.

Kurt had been praying again, as he knelt at Kiro's bedside, and Kitty had entered the room after Kurt had not responded to her knock or her voice. She was worried about him, especially with him not eating for an entire day. He was still silent next to the bed, his rosary clutched in his hands, but Kitty had finally aroused his attention when she touched his shoulder, "Kurt..? Please, t-"

"STOP IT!!!" Kurt had snarled, and was on his feet, glaring at her with those glowing yellow eyes. Eyes that held such pain, such sorrow, such anger, that it terrified her. "STOP! JUST STOP!!! LEAVE ME!!! GO AWAY, NOW!!!!" He had roared in her face, and Kitty had ran, right through the wall, in a complete sobbing fit by the time she had returned to her and Rogue's room.

"Oh my gawd, bro.." Rogue whispered, a hand over her mouth. She knew Kurt had had some problems when he first came to the Institute, a lot of pain and sorrow over his life, pent up emotions and such. But him snapping like that, at Kitty of all people? "He must be in a living hell right now, for him to get that bad," she concluded.

Jean nodded, continuing to gently rub Kitty's back. Kitty had finally calmed down, though tears were still streaming down her face, and her body was trembling. "I.. I have never, ever seen Kurt like that. Ever. That was KURT, Jean," she whispered, her voice still in shock. Jean simply nodded once more.

Their Kurt. Driven into such despair and anguish. And Jean could feel others at the Institute feeling some of the same feelings. The professor, Ororo, Hank. But particularly Logan. She hadn't pried, but she hadn't needed to. It was clear that Logan and Kiro shared a special sort of bond, and that Logan was taking this almost as hard as Kurt was. He had been away from the Institute for most of the day, driving around Bayville and out in the countryside. Searching. But as before, there was simply no trail for him to follow. Whatever had happened, last night's rain had washed it all away.


Lance sneered as he peered down at where Kiro huddled against the wall, nude. His ivory skin shone in the dim light from the single bulb. He really did look like a girl, a nubile young maiden, as long as you ignored what was between his legs. "Hey, you weren't kidding, man. Not a mark on him," he observed in a soft whisper, folding his arms across his chest.

Beside him, the other man nodded, "Told ya. He's got some kind of healing power. Looks like he's got some other gift as well, felt really weird when I was lugging him around. Nice though." He admitted. "You oughta have some fun with him," he taunted, and Lance snarled, "Shut it."

His name was Clovis. No last name, or at least none that he was willing to give. That was fine. Probably wasn't even his real name either. That was fine too. Lance, just like the rest of the Brotherhood mutants, was just as much a product of the street as Clovis was. He knew people. People who could get things done, or get information. Bernie, his usual go-to, had recommended Clovis by name when Lance had come by his house at half-past three, where Clovis happened to be staying. Lance had made him a simple offer. Grab Kiro before he could go back to the Institute, and bring him here. That was it. A simple job. And Clovis had done it, that very same day. Far beyond Lance's expectations.

He had apparently just been there to study the school's layout and make some plans, but Kiro's unique description had made him easily identifiable when Clovis saw him wandering the halls from outside, in a hall that was otherwise completely deserted, and some quick thinking on Clovis's part meant he had taken the opportunity to quickly and easily abduct the boy right then and there. The fact that the back field of the school leading to the treeline had likewise been completely clear of students had been sheer dumb luck, that Clovis had happily exploited.

Clovis was well dressed, in slacks, a sports coat, collared shirt, and oxfords. But he had the bearing and confidence of a man of action. His black hair was close cropped and neatly trimmed, and his green eyes were hard. Cold. The eyes of a man who had spied, stolen, kidnapped, and perhaps even murdered people for a living. Truth be told, he made Lance nervous. But he had been willing to help, as long as Lance was willing to pay. A few snatched wallets from last week had been more than enough to cover the cost.

And now here they were. Lance held out a handful of bills, and the man took them. He didn't bother counting them. He knew, as well as Lance did, that Lance was terrified of him. Clovis was clearly not a man to be messed with, nor cheated. "Good work, Clovis. Nice doin' business with you," Lance said, curtly, sounding surprisingly confident for an 18 year old who had just negotiated someone's kidnapping, and seen it through.

"Any plans for him?" Clovis asked, as the money disappeared into his jacket. Lance shook his head, "Haven't decided yet," was all he said. The man nodded. "Well, you know he's got a lot of friends at that Institute. Might ought to decide quick, and then cover up afterwards," he warned, and Lance nodded.

Clovis was good at his job, and he had apparently known about the mutants at the Institute. The basement they were in was poured concrete, part of an old glass refinery that had been abandoned and demolished above them. There was only a vacant lot above, where Clovis's car, a plain, unassuming white sedan, was parked. The smell of bleach and other disinfectants filled the corridor, and apparently were enough to block any scents from going upstairs. Not to mention that through the double doors down the hall led into a slab of poured concrete, where the lot had been poured over the former basement level. And even then, there was no visible indicator that there was even anything left beneath this lot, unless you happened to climb down into the sewer entrance near the road and wander down the tunnel until you found the emergency exit that led into these tunnels.

Their business concluded, Clovis soon left the two alone, and assured Lance he would never see him again unless he wanted to hire him again. Lance relaxed, visibly, when the man was gone. He then smirked as he stepped down into the small room. There was not much to it, really. It apparently used to be an underground office of some sort, but now there was only a cot in the corner with an old mattress on it, a couple of discarded office chairs, a desk, and, at Lance's request, a five gallon jug of water with a couple of canteen cups and a case of military MREs. Contrary to Clovis's rather dire suggestion, Lance hadn't yet decided whether he wanted to kill Kiro. This little slut. This bitch. So he had food and water available. Down the corridor, there was even a bathroom, though the "toilet" was basically just a hole in the slab that led down into the sewer nearby, with a similar hole in the corner of this office which as far as Lance was concerned would suit the little slut just fine..

Kiro was huddled in the corner still, knees against his chest, arms behind his back, shivering, his face resting against his knees. He had a blindfold on, and earplugs in his ears, still. A precaution, Clovis had insisted. He didn't want the boy to see or hear anything that might allow him to know who had done this. Lance had been impressed. The man took his job seriously.

Kiro's clothes, as well as his backpack, were haphazardly thrown in a corner beside the cot, and Lance couldn't help but snicker softly at Clovis's thoroughness. Not even a trace left at the school, especially after that rain last night. He doubted even Logan would have the faintest idea of where to find them. Oh, this was going to be fun. Lance's eyes once again returned to the little albino huddled in the corner, shivering as it looked like he was crying again.

Lance once again found himself remarking at the boy's.. beauty. Just like a girl. He shivered at the memory of the boy's touch at school, and snarled, before his attention came to the bed. "Alright, little bitch.. time to get what you've been askin' for," he said with a growl, and stomped over to where Kiro sat on the ground. An arm under the boy's shoulder grabbed him harshly, and propelled him over to the mattress, which he fell over and left that supple rear propped off the edge. Lance gulped at the sight of it, and once again told himself, 'Just imagine it's a girl, Lance, like Kitty. That cockteasing bitch who never put out. Yeah, that's right. Just a girl, a girl begging to be used.'

The thought solidified in his mind, Lance undid the belt of his trousers, and knelt behind Kiro, shoving the other boy back against the mattress when he tried to struggle. The pleasure from touching him coursed through Lance's body. But it only made him angrier. Trying to use those tricks again? Now? Fine! He would show 'her' just how much he 'appreciated it.'

"Here it comes, you little bitch.." he sneered to the trembling boy beneath him as his cock sprang free, knowing and not caring that the boy probably couldn't hear him.

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