Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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The rest of the week was remarkably low-key. Kurt and Kiro had both been surprised at the relatively reduced amount of assignments to worry about, though Kurt remembered a similar experience during last year's dance week. The dance was an annual tradition going back several years, and their teachers wanted their minds free to focus on it. While Kurt and Kiro appreciated the gesture, the two of them mostly used it as an opportunity to catch up on the work they had both missed.

Their evenings home from school were spent mostly doing homework in their room, while taking breaks to go down to the kitchen and grab dinner together. Despite feeling much more comfortable touching one another after their evening on Saturday, Kurt made a suggestion that they wait until after the dance to try being intimate again, a sentiment that Kiro agreed to with a bright smile.

They still snuggled close each night, once their homework was done, and kissed and touched one another frequently, but nothing beyond that (as tempting as Kiro's powers made the prospect seem, especially when the two awoke each morning with almost painfully-hard erections). Kurt actually found himself liking the idea as the week went on, the anticipation making him look forward to the dance even more. Kiro seemed to be having a similar feeling, and Kurt couldn't help but be reminded of how the two of them had almost thrummed with anticipation before their date. And the incredible evening they had had afterwards.

Kiro's nightmares had seemed to be getting a little better. He still had a few of them during the week, and one had caused him to almost bolt out of the bed in a fright before he realized where he was, but he had recovered afterwards and immediately rushed into Kurt's arms without the slightest hint of a flinch. Kurt's gentle touch, a shared kiss, and soft murmurs in German soon had the both of them asleep in each other's arms again. Kurt, unfortunately, had also been having nightmares as well, both about Lance and Kiro, as well as about Klaus. Part of him had wondered whether they were nightmares, or perhaps more repressed memories. Neither option was appealing. But just as he had done for Kiro, Kiro's gentle touch and comforting powers had soothed them away, his lover's silent support always there.

Friday afternoon had them released from school early, both so that the school administrators could set everything up for the dance, and so those attending the dance could complete whatever homework they needed to and get ready as well. Once Kurt had met up with Kiro outside of his classroom, the two had walked hand-in-hand down the hall toward the parking lot, soon joined by Kitty. Kitty, however, had been surprised by Kurt's answer when she had asked the boys about their remaining catch-up work...

"Wow, really? All of it?" Kitty asked, clearly impressed. Kurt smiled and nodded, saying proudly, "Yep! And not just me, Kiro, too!" Beside him, Kiro grinned and flashed Kitty a thumbs up with his free hand. "The work this week was so light that we just buckled down and got completely caught up on everything we had both missed, during our absence," Kurt said with a shrug. Kitty giggled behind a hand and said, "Yeah, they've been, like, totally nice this week! Why couldn't they just-"

"Kitty!" A voice from behind them called, soon accompanied by a rather good-looking boy that seemed somewhat familiar to Kurt, but he couldn't quite place him. He was rather tall compared to Kurt and especially Kiro, standing about 5'10", and had a sturdy build that put one in mind of a construction worker. His hair was a warm brown color, almost like honey, and his eyes were a similar brown as well. He had an olive complexion, though whether it was due to long hours outside, or a possible ethnicity, Kurt wasn't sure. His face was square jawed and handsome, though he still had a boyish quality to him that he might outgrow in a few more years, and he had a kind smile on his face as he approached Kitty.

Kurt still couldn't quite place him though, and wondered who he was. His question was soon answered though as Kitty turned and her eyes lit up, soon calling over, "Oh! Tristan! Hey!" with a wave of her hand. Kurt and Kiro paused in their steps and turned to watch the two as they stood hand-in-hand still.

Kitty met Tristan with a friendly hug, and upon stepping back, they began to talk. "Ready to have some fun tonight?" Tristan asked, but then stopped when he noticed Kurt and Kiro standing nearby, "Oh! I'm sorry if I interrupted something. Kurt, right? From the Xavier school?" He asked with a friendly smile, extending a hand. Kurt shook his hand cautiously, and smiled back, "Ja, that's right. Tristan? I don't think we've met before. This is my boyfriend, Kiro Popescu. Pleased to meet you," he added, and there was a genuine note to it. Tristan seemed quite nice indeed, a refreshing change from the mixed reception Kurt typically received these days.

Tristan's handshake was firm, and he smiled wider, "That's right! Kitty's gushed about you two a fair bit-"

"-Tristan!!" Kitty whined, though she was smiling as well.

"-All good stuff!! She's really happy for you, Kurt. And Kiro! Pleased to meet you as well," Tristan said, extending a hand towards Kiro. Kiro smiled brightly up at Tristan as well, and the boy seemed rather stunned by Kiro's beauty up close, as most were. As their hands shook, Tristan looked puzzled for a moment, but the handshake was brief and polite enough that he seemed to pass off Kiro's power as just a fluke. Or perhaps his own embarassment at realizing he was staring at Kiro. It seemed he did not know about their status as mutants. That was a relief! Kiro, for his part, seemed to think Tristan was quite handsome as well, and smiled up at him with a subtle blush to his cheeks, one that made Kurt grin. He had seen Kiro react in a similar manner to both men and women, Logan in particular came to mind. Kiro, it seemed, liked everyone, at least until they gave him a reason to do otherwise. He was even reminded of Kiro's apparent kindness to Todd Salinsky before his kidnapping by Lance. It was one of the many things that Kurt loved about his angel.

"Ah, um, sorry about that, Kiro," Tristan said with a sheepish expression as he released their handshake and rubbed at the back of his neck. "Not sure what came over me there. Kitty wasn't kidding when she said you were beautiful! Like something out of a romance novel," He said, favoring Kurt with a grin before he added, conspiratorily, "I think she's jealous, Kurt, really jeal- Ack! Hey!" He exclaimed as Kitty swatted him with one of her books.

"Ahem!! So, yeah, Tristan, tonight! Us! Dancing! And Kurt and Kiro will be there too!" Kitty said, her books safely stored under her arm once more. Tristan nodded as well, and grinned at the two of them, "That's really awesome, guys! Glad they don't have an issue with it," he said with a genuine note of relief in his voice. Kurt and Kiro's expressions must have asked a silent question, because Tristan smiled and explained, "My sister's a lesbian, so this," he said with a gesture to their held hands, "is totally cool with me. I actually think you two are pretty cute together!"

Kitty grinned and broke in, "I know, right? Like, oh my god, Tristan, you should totally see them later! I think Kiro's gonna have a-"

"Wait, Kitty, you never told me about Tristan before," Kurt interrupted, both out of curiousity as well as to perhaps avoid Kitty spoiling the surprise of what Kiro might choose to wear. The thought made his heart race, even as he smiled. "So, are you two...?" He then asked, gesturing to the two of them.

Kitty immediately blushed, and fell into silence, while Tristan grinned and shrugged, "I think it's fair to say we aren't sure yet, Kurt. I mean, we're friends, obviously, but I think Kitty wanted to take some time off to make sure she wasn't still on the rebound from that Alvers dirtbag," he said, an undercurrent of scorn in his voice.

After a moment's hush, Kitty nodded, "Well, I'm, like, so totally over him, and he can go rot in hell after what he did. Let's not talk about him anymore, huh guys? Tonight's gonna be awesome!" She said with a grin, and they had no problem agreeing with her.

"But yeah, we aren't sure yet. I'm fine with waiting, though. Who knows? Might make our minds up tonight?" Tristan said with a smile, and Kurt found himself smiling as well. Tristan seemed like an honest-to-God gentleman. They seemed so rare these days, especially in high school. It made him feel better, and perhaps reined in the natural "protective big brother" instinct he often got in regards to Kitty, especially after Lance.

"We'll see, big guy," Kitty said with a grin, and brushed some of her hair out of her face as they once again started to walk down the hall toward the parking lot, joining the steady flow of other students. "Did you still want to just meet up at the entrance?" Kitty asked, and Tristan nodded before replying, "Yeah, that'd be cool with me. Catch you guys then?" He asked, and the three of them nodded before Kitty hugged him again, promising to see him later.

With a friendly wave, the big boy took off, and Kurt shook his head as they watched him disappear into the group of students, observing, "If I didn't know better, I'd swear he was like a lumberjack, or a construction worker, instead of a high school student?" Beside him, Kiro nodded, squeezing Kurt's hand gently as they neared the front office.

"You're not that far off," Kitty said with a grin, "He works part time after school to help his dad out at an engineering firm. Lots of heavy lifting and such, I think it's mostly because he's worried about his dad hurting his back." Noticing something about her tone, Kurt grinned and said, "Well, you really seem to like him." Kitty's blush was immediately apparent, but she smiled and said, "Well yeah, I definitely do. I just.. I just dunno if it's like, love, there or not, y'know? How did you two figure things out?"

Her question caught Kurt a bit off guard, and he was quiet for a moment as they stepped out the double doors and onto the patio leading down to the school parking lot, before saying, "I really don't know, Kitty. I think it was more, we were in love from the beginning. We just, um, realized it eventually. And then we kissed, and it all became a lot clearer." He said, his memory immediately going to that first kiss they shared in the wooded clearing.

As they walked down toward where Scott and Jean were waiting by the car, Kitty almost squee'd, and said, "Kurt, I am like, so jealous.. I swear. You two are so lucky!"

Catching Kiro's gaze beside him, Kurt smiled and said, "Ja, Kitty.. we really are."


"Hey, broface, lookin' good!" Rogue drawled with a smile as Kurt came down the stairs to join the others headed to the dance in the atrium. She hadn't asked anyone to the dance, but had still decided to go anyway, mostly as a show of support for Kurt and Kiro. Even though the two had been 'out' at school for a couple of weeks now, this would be their first special occasion together as a couple.

The importance of the occasion hadn't been lost on Kurt either, who blushed visibly through his image inducer as he adjusted his tie, smiling, "Thanks, sis. I don't dress like this for just anyone," he admitted. Kurt was wearing a conservative, but rather debonair black suit, with a black silken tie that had blue highlights running through it, matching his eyes in his image-induced projection. He also wore a pair of specially made three fingered white gloves, to help disguise his hands in the event anyone shook them, though his image inducer had changed their appearance to the customary five-fingered form.

Much like his sunday clothes when he and Kiro had attended Mass, Kurt had opted to wear an actual full suit, rather than just modify his image inducer as he typically would. He had found that simply wearing relaxed fit, wide-tailored trousers did just fine in accomodating his legs, and while the cut was somewhat old-fashioned, there were few things in modern formal wear that ever seemed to go fully out of style. And tonight was special. He really wanted to dress up.

"Kiki still gettin' ready?" She asked, peering upstairs, and Kurt nodded with a chuckle. "Kitty wanted to help him with his hair, I.. um.. I think she's got something planned," he admitted, and rubbed the back of his neck. Rogue groaned, "Knowin' her, she'll probably go as nuts as she can. But not too much. She still has to get ready, too," she noted. Rogue herself was wearing what basically amounted to clubbing attire, though still somehow managed to look elegant at the same time. A long sleeved green blouse that looked for all the world like a combination between a silk turtleneck sweater and a Chinese shirt, and a matching skirt over a pair of black silken leggings below, with black knee high boots underneath.

"You're looking pretty good too, sis, not as scary as usual though," Kurt teased playfully, and dodged the punch she threw at him. "Hey, Ah didn't want to ruin the evenin', bromonster," she said with an eyeroll. Around them, the other students who were attending were likewise rather well dressed, though none of the girls other than Rogue and Rahne, who was wearing a rather elegant cream-colored evening dress, had yet come down. The boys, even Roberto and Bobby, were all dressed in suits of various colors, styles and cuts, and Kurt had to grin at the sight of Scott in his suit with his customary shades. "I swear, Scott, you look like one of the Men In Black who misplaced his regular glasses!" Kurt playfully teased him, and Scott rolled his eyes with a grin as he responded, "Ha ha, Kurt. You're just jealous because I make these look good." Scott indicated his glasses with an arrogant toss of his head, and Rogue snorted beside them, "Like a couple o' struttin' peacocks, Ah swear."

"Hey, wait.. that's.." Roberto off to the side could be heard saying, and all attention soon went to the stairs. Jean made her way down the staircase, and she looked quite lovely indeed. Her hair was done in a neat braid that accented the red satin cocktail dress she wore, and an intricate carnelian pendant hung at her neck. She smiled at them all before saying, "Didn't anyone tell you it's rude to stare?"

"Yep. Worth it, though," Scott teased as he extended a hand, and Jean took it with a smile. "The others are still getting ready, but I'm sure they'll be down in a few minutes," Jean said. Beside her, Rogue glanced over at the clock, "Well, all things considered, we're still makin' good time. Still got like 20 minutes before we need to be on the road."

"Don't jinx it, sis," Kurt warned, glancing warily at the clock. "You know how Kitty gets when she's trying to impress someone," he added with a cringe. Rogue nodded in acknowledgement, while Jean asked curiously, "Who's she trying to impress?"

Kurt started to explain, but his breath caught in his throat at the sight of who came down the stairs next.


The dress he wore was the same kimono-styled sleeveless dress the girls had invited him to try on many weeks ago, of elegant violet silk, with an intricate weave of chrysanthemums embroidered along it. His feminine build, but smooth chest, meant that the dress fit perfectly, hugging his curves like a lover, and adding an allure to his exotic beauty that made Kurt's heart quicken to see it. Kitty had obviously helped him out further by applying some make-up to his face. There was just enough mascara to accent his lovely violet eyes, and the lipstick he wore was a subtle shade of rose that brought out the suppleness in his lips. His hair was done in a style that Kurt could not quite name, except that it was, well, beautiful. The majority of his hair was in its usual position, hanging free down his back, but Kitty had done up part of it into a lovely braid at the top of his head, with what Kurt could only guess was a pair of chopsticks slipped into his hair to hold the braid firmly in place. Beneath his dress was a pair of open-toed violet shoes, almost sandals, really, with low heels that were a blend of Asian and American fashion, accenting the motif of his outfit perfectly.

Kurt hadn't realized he had been holding his breath until Scott gently nudged him, and he let it out with a gasp, and stammered out, ".. Mein.. Gott." Beside him, even Scott looked rather flustered, and the rest of the students in the atrium were completely silent as Kiro finished descending the stairs. Beside him, Kurt heard Rogue whisper, "Damn, bro.. just. DAMN."

Around the room, all eyes were on Kiro, and even Roberto and Ray were blushing at the sight of him in the dress. If they hadn't all known he was a boy, the illusion would have been utterly perfect. Kiro looked, for all the world, like a beautiful maiden from some sort of fantasy novel. Kitty had clearly been planning this little evening for weeks, and it showed.

Logan and Ororo chose that moment to step in from the professor's study, near where Rogue, Jean, Scott and Kurt were standing. Both of them also paused at Kiro's appearance, where Ororo raised a hand to her lips and whispered, "Oh my," and even Logan beside her said not a word, not even a snarky remark. He just looked at Kiro, an opaque expression on his face.

Kiro greeted them with all with a graceful bow and a shy smile, and then approached with a smooth roll to his hips that was graceful, exotic, and alluring all at the same time. Finally remembering his manners, Kurt extended a hand to his lover, and smiled when Kiro took it, gently drawing his angel over. "Mein engel, du siehst so wunderschon aus," Kurt said softly.

Scott's wry smirk told him he had been speaking in German, but Kiro obviously didn't mind. It was quite clear what Kurt had meant, to anyone looking at him. He smiled up at Kurt, blushing softly through his makeup, and nodded before he reached up to gently touch Kurt's suit jacket, and give to thumbs up. Kurt giggled softly, "I'm glad you approve, mein engel." Up close, Kurt became aware of a particular scent on Kiro. Perfume. Cherry blossoms. He hadn't anticipated it, but it actually seemed to go rather well with his normal scent, and made him smile broader, and hoped that Kiro felt similarly about his own choice of cologne.

"Well, now I feel a bit underwhelming," Rogue said with a chuckle, soon echoed by the others around the atrium as they waited for the rest of the ladies to come down. Logan and Ororo soon stepped over, and Kurt smiled up at the two of them with Kiro on his arm. "Well, Kiro, I must admit, I'm a bit surprised at your choice of attire," Ororo said with a raised brow and a stern hint to her voice, though she was soon smiling, "You're.. lucky you can pull off that look so well. I was honestly fooled for a second into thinking we had a new young lady at the Institute that I wasn't aware of."

Beside her, Logan finally smirked, and nodded, "Good to see Half-Pint finally figured out what she was doin' with the make-up, Ghost." Ororo blinked in surprise, before she apparently put two-and-two together, and she facepalmed with a sigh, "Oh good heavens. Well, I can't say I'm surprised at that."

On a more sober note, though, Logan looked Kiro over one more time, and said with a furtive wink, "Lookin' good, Ghost. Both of you. Not bad at all." Logan's praise was like warm sun on Kiro's face, from the way he brightened up, and he went over to give Logan a hug as the burly Canadian let out a gruff sound, as though he were annoyed, but returned the hug with a smile.

Ororo soon made a small circuit around the atrium to check over everyone's suits and dresses, ensuring they were looking properly presentable for the dance ("Remember, you aren't just there as fellow students at Bayville High, you're also representing the Institute, let's look your best!"). Additionally, she had a camera to take pictures of them ("Before what a night of partying will do to you!") and while she did so, the rest of the students attending soon came down. Kitty and Amara were both wearing simple but elegant gowns of similar design, almost like Roman tunic dresses, Kitty's in bright purple with lavender highlights, and Amara's in an emerald green. While Amara chose to keep her hair down and wear a small circlet on her forehead, Kitty had her hair up in a formal French braid. In spite of what she had said earlier with Tristan, it seemed she still had every intention of dressing to impress. Roberto let out a wolf-whistle and beside him, Bobby and Sam nodded in agreement, while there were similar compliments tossed toward them from the rest of the boys, including Kurt and Kiro.

Kurt had to admit, everyone was looking splendid, tonight!

By then, the professor had joined them to wish them well, "Now, I'm sure most of you remember last year's little excitement," he said, elliciting a low chuckle around the room and a pained expression from Kurt. "I'm confident we won't have any similar fiascos to worry about tonight, but nonetheless I just wanted to remind all of you to be vigilant for any sign of trouble, and be on your best behavior. But above all," the professor added with a small smile, "Have fun tonight. Enjoy your time at the dance, and come back here safe. Logan and Ororo will be in charge of your transportation there and back."

"So don't be late getting out when the dance is over, unless you feel like walkin' home," Logan replied sternly.

While the students gathered their things and made ready to go, the professor wheeled over to where Kurt, Kiro, Jean, Scott, Rogue and Kitty were standing in a small group. After complimenting everyone on their appearance, he quirked a brow at Kiro's attire and smiled, "Certainly not what I was expecting, Kiro, but I must say, you wear that look very well. Even better than Kurt did, on a certain occasion," the professor said cryptically. The sudden outbreak of laughter around the group almost drowned out Kurt's astonished, "Professor!!!" and even the professor gave a playful grin over his shoulder before he returned to his study.

Kiro looked rather curious, and peered up at Kurt beside him, who by now was blushing beet-red through his image inducer. With an inquisitive tilt of his head, Kiro smiled and gestured to his dress, before pointing at Kurt. Kurt shook his head quickly and stammered, "Umm, n-nein, mein engel. Nein. I-" he started to explain, though he was interrupted by Ororo calling from the front door. "Alright, that's enough standing around admiring one another. Let's get out there!" With a round of cheers, the students filed out of the Institute's front door, down to where a pair of vans waited to bring them to the dance.

Kurt groaned, and Scott offered helpfully, "We'll explain later, Kiki. Let's dance!"

With a round of chuckles, the gang went out to join the rest.

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