Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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"There it is," Charles said as he pointed. From the air, at only about 400 feet, it didn't look like much. Just a vacant lot, like many around Bayville. This one, however, had produced a glimmer of instant recognition, and trepidation, in the professor's eyes.

Logan had not asked him what he had seen, as he combed through Klovisiak's mind, drowning out the man's agonized screams. But he had been by the professor's side ever since, knowing that Charles, in his own way, needed Logan's support, just as Logan had relied on Charles in turn, over the years. It was just the five of them in the blackbird right now as they came in low over the lot. Charles, Logan, Kurt, Ororo, and Hank. The rest of the students were still at school, and would be for at least another hour.

And thank God for that, Charles found himself thinking. He had warned them that the boy would probably be in a horrific state when they found him.. 'If he is still alive, please, let him be alive,' Charles thought to himself. And it was for that reason that he only wanted the adults, and Kurt, to be there when they rescued him. He had pierced no further into Klovisiak's mind than necessary to find the location, even though he could sense there was something else, some other critical piece of information that was important to this matter. But the 'mind rape,' as it could only be so-accurately described as, was such a detestable thing that he had backed out as soon as he retrieved the location itself.

Whatever else they might find, he hoped, would be enough. The professor remained aboard the Blackbird as Logan, Kurt, Ororo and Hank disembarked near the edge of the vacant lot. Charles guided them telepathically as they made their way down into the culvert, and from there into the sewer entrance. Flashlights at the ready, they proceeded with caution, just in case.

But it turned out that their caution was entirely unnecessary. The underground corridor, barely more than an abandoned hallway under the lot, was completely empty. Empty of everything except..

"Kiro!! Mein engel!!" Kurt sobbed as they swept into the dirty room that Kiro was in. There he was, huddled in a corner, dirty and smelling of urine, feces, and other fluids that made Logan's blood boil, as surely as they did Kurt's. But what stunned them most of all, was Kiro's reaction when Kurt touched him. He backed away deeper into the corner, shuddering with silent sobs, and Kurt pleaded with him, "Engel, please, it's me.. it's Kurt," he said, renewed sobs leaving his voice.

"Kurt, wait," Hank said, with a hand to his shoulder, gently drawing him back. "Logan, the lights," the doctor ordered, and Logan went over to the switch on the wall, switching it off and leaving the room in almost total darkness, except for the softly glowing light of Kurt's eyes. Hank then produced a small flashlight from his belt and unscrewed the cap of it, producing a small light that was almost like a candle, which he set on the floor nearby. He then carefully reached forward and removed Kiro's blindfold, and even his gentle touch made the poor boy flinch away. Only when Kiro could see them did he begin to break down in earnest, crying fresh tears as he squeezed his eyes tightly shut.

Hank then experimentally clapped his hands, above the boy's closed eyes, and blinked as he didn't react. "Something's wrong with his hearing. Here, let me," Hank said as he moved forward. He then gently touched Kiro's forehead, making the boy startle, before he reached down to touch his chin and slowly turn his head to the side. "Oh dear God," Hank whispered. The earplugs in Kiro's ears thankfully had not caused any visible infection, but they were filthy and caked with dried blood, and it took all the care of a surgeon's touch to remove them, not helped by Kiro's flinching away. Soon enough, though, Hank had them removed.

Kurt had watched with soft tears of his own, mingled with sadness, relief, and a deep, seething anger, as he looked at his lover. His beautiful angel. So filthy and frightened and ... when he found who did this, he would..

'Kurt, not now, please not now. Kiro needs you, and you need him,' the professor's voice entered his mind, and he could swear he felt the professor's gentle hand on his shoulder. Kurt wiped his tears, and nodded.

"Engel, mein engel," Kurt whispered softly, moving forward until he was beside Hank. "I'm here, beloved, it is ok," he whispered. Kiro's eyes shifted to meet his, and recognition finally dawned. Kurt felt his heart almost break all over again at the fear in Kiro's eyes. He knew that fear. The fear that this was all just a dream. "We're real, mein engel, look, here, feel me," he said, snatching one of his gloves off and holding out his hand for Kiro to touch. Kiro looked at it, but didn't reach forward.. he was keeping his hands behind his back. Why?

"Elf, wait," Logan muttered. He had been prowling around the underground hallway with Ororo, ensuring they were alone and also perhaps gathering scents and evidence. But now he was back, and beside him, Ororo let out a low whispered gasp. He moved with professional precision as he gestured for Kiro to turn around, "Easy now, Ghost, we've gotcha.. we're gonna get you out of here, just lemme get these damn cuffs off'n ya.." Logan murmured, for all the world like soothing a panicked animal. And right now, that was what Kiro might as well have been. A fawn on the edge of panicking and fleeing.

One of Logan's claws snicked out, and after just a couple of flicks of his wrist, the cuffs fell free. Kiro then immediately went forward and seized Kurt in a hug. A hug almost painfully tight. Kurt's arms wrapped around Kiro as well, feeling the warmth of his lover's touch flow through him. "I'm here, mein engel, I'm here.. you're safe now," he murmured, over and over again, his words flowing into German as fresh tears streamed down his face. Logan, he became dimly aware of, was no longer beside them.

Logan had gone back out into the hall, and his whole body was shaking with rage. Getting close to Kiro, smelling him, smelling the filth on his body, was all the confirmation Logan had needed. He was taking deep, slow breaths, and making a visible effort to calm himself down. It was almost a full minute before he noticed Ororo outside in the hall with him, staring at him. He met her gaze, and his eyes were full of anger. She recognized that anger. That predatory gleam. Her eyes widened as she realized something, "Logan.. you.. you know who did this?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

Logan simply nodded, and his eyes were hard. "Yep. And soon the Professor will know as well. But I need you to do me a favor, 'Ro. Don't tell the elf. Not yet. Trust me on this," he said, and his voice was serious. He looked back over his shoulder, where Kurt and Hank were busy helping Kiro to his feet. He had seen something in Kurt, sensed something, perhaps. And he almost seemed concerned just as much for Kurt as he did for the boy they had just rescued. Ororo furrowed a brow, but nodded.

Behind them, Hank and Kurt had made ready to bring Kiro back to the surface. Physically, the boy was fine. A little undernourished, but his healing powers had kept his body in fine form. No visible wounds or infections anywhere on him. His mind and emotions, however...

Logan sighed, 'Charles, you're gonna have you're work cut out for you with this,' he sent a broadcast up to the professor, knowing that Charles still couldn't sense Kiro's thoughts and emotions from a distance.

All he felt back from the professor was the mental equivalent of a nod, sensing the professor was distracted with something.

At Hank's urging, Kurt ported himself and Kiro directly up into the Blackbird, while the others followed behind on foot, eager to leave the horrible place...


"He hasn't left his side at all, not since he came back," Ororo said, answering Kitty's question first as the mutants crowded around her at the atrium. They had returned to the Institute about a half hour before the rest of the students had from school. As it turns out, Kiro's "prison" had been barely an hour's drive from Bayville, no time at all for the Blackbird to fly.

All that had been found in the room had been Kiro's backpack and his clothes, haphazardly thrown in the corner, as well as his crucifix, miraculously undamaged. Other than Kiro, there was nothing else there. No other signs of habitation or human activity. None, that is, that they could see with their naked eyes. But Logan had been strangely quiet the whole flight back.

Kurt hadn't noticed, all of his attention on Kiro. He had not left his lover's side, not for a moment, the whole flight back or now, when they were at the Institute. In spite of Kiro's healing abilities, Hank had insisted he be brought down to the medbay for the time being. Both so that he could be examined for any potential problems (such as improperly set bones that had healed), as well as so he could be kept in peace, quiet, and isolated from the other students for now.

All that the professor had told the students was that Kiro had finally been found, and he had endured horrific brutality during his kidnapping and imprisonment. The students' imaginations had filled in the rest, but that was for the best, the professor thought. Their imaginations, he hoped, would never approach the true horror of what Kiro had endured. Hank, too, was nowhere to be found, having accompanied Kurt and Kiro to the medbay and not left since. Only Ororo and the professor had met the rest of the students at the atrium when they had returned, with the news that Kiro had been safely recovered.

Kitty, however, had immediately asked about Kurt. "Kurt! Where is he? Is he okay? Does he know?" She had asked, and Ororo simply nodded before she answered, "Kurt rescued him alongside us." She then raised a hand as a clamor immediately started, before saying, "He hasn't left his side at all, not since he came back," she said, "And I must insist you stay away from the medbay, or Kurt and Kiro's room for the time being. You know the amount of stress Kurt has been under the past few days, and Kiro especially will need time and space to heal from this ordeal."

Jamie, meanwhile, didn't quite seem to understand, as he innocently asked, "What do you mean, 'heal?' Isn't he like Logan? Can't he just heal anything in like a couple minutes?"

Ororo's look, however, chilled them all to the bone, and even made Jamie flinch, as she replied simply, "Not all wounds are physical, Jamie."

After a moment's silence, Ororo then looked at all of them, "Alright, then. You all have homework to do, I'm sure, and supper needs to be fixed shortly afterwards. Run along upstairs now." Ororo watched as the students complied, most of them immediately trudging upstairs to their rooms. It was Friday, again. The weekend. Yet everyone looked so tired. Relieved, yes, but exhausted. Ororo sighed. She had often hoped for peace and quiet on a Friday evening.. but not under these circumstances.

"Ororo..?" A voice behind her. Ororo turned to see Rogue standing there, arms folded across her stomach. She stepped forward, and her voice was quiet, unusually subdued as she asked, "How is he..? How.. are they? My bro and Kiro both?"

Ororo shut the front door softly behind Rogue before she said, quietly, "Bad, Rogue. Very bad." She did not sugarcoat it, and instead gave the cold truth, something that she knew she could do with Rogue. And as she watched, Rogue simply nodded, "Is there.. anything Ah can do? For either of them?" she asked.

Ororo shook her head, "Be there, as you always have, Rogue. But understand that this is their battle to fight, for now," she said, softly. "Kurt loves you, and so does Kiro. But they will both need some time, and space, I think," she responded.

Rogue sighed, "Yeah, you're probly right, 'Ro," she admitted, and peered down at the floor. Ororo followed her gaze, knowing Rogue's mind was on the medbay, far below.


"Are you certain, Logan?" The professor asked, his expression grave, and his words soft. They were in his study, but still speaking in hushed tones. Logan nodded, and his hands balled into fists, "Dead certain, Chuck. That.. thing's.. scent was all over him. All over," he added, needlessly, and the professor shuddered softly at the memories. It had been just a quick flash each time, but he had needed to sooth Kiro's mind when the boy had a panic attack when he was once again on the Blackbird, and again earlier in the medbay, and the flashes he had received were enough to make him pale, even after his earlier glimpse into the mind of the man who had kidnapped him.

"Logan, we mustn't-" Charles started, but Logan interrupted him, politely but firmly, by saying, "Preachin' to the choir, Chuck. I know. I haven't told the elf. and I .. I don't want you to, either. At least not yet. He's sitting right on the edge, and nearly fell off it earlier today," Logan warned, and his expression darkened at the memory of Kurt nearly catatonic earlier. "But he's gotta know sometime. He deserves to know who did this," Logan said, his voice steady as he spoke.

Charles nodded, "I agree, but.. I'm worried," he confessed. He had gotten a brief flash from Kurt, earlier today in the interrogation room. A rage, a fury, an anguish that had almost boiled over. Kurt had been pushed by this incident, right up to the breaking point, in his grief for his potentially-lost love. And unlike Kiro, Kurt was a fighter. A trickster and prankster, sure, but a fighter nonetheless. And a lifetime of being scorned and resented, living in fear.. and something else.. something the professor couldn't quite discern yet.. had produced a wellspring of pent-up emotions inside of him. Emotions that, up until now, had been remarkably well-controlled. But now..? Kurt had a raw wound on his heart, his very soul, and it reached down to the very darkest pit of those emotions buried inside of him. And even Kurt had been terrified at what he saw, the professor had sensed earlier in the interrogation room.

"I'm worried too, Chuck, believe me," Logan admitted, and Charles felt the truth in his words. They were of one mind here. "So, what do we do in the meantime?" He asked, already knowing the answer, but wanting to hear it all the same.

"Right now, we tend to our wounded child," Charles said with a nod. "Both of them," he then added, remembering the impressions from Kurt.


"Kurt?" Hank whispered softly as he appeared at Kurt's side. Kurt blinked as he startled awake, his hands still clasped around Kiro's, where he had been sitting beside his bed. The soft sounds of the machines around them were not his typical idea of a lullaby, but they seemed to have worked.

Kiro slept, still, from where the professor had knocked him out some time ago. His panic attack earlier had rocked Kurt to the core, and it had been especially painful knowing that him touching Kiro only made it worse. Only the professor had been able to soothe him, and finally render him unconscious, all with a gentle touch on Kiro's hand and a moment's silent concentration. The only place that seemed to be okay to touch was his hand. So Kurt had been holding one or the other of them almost constantly while his lover slept. But now it was...

"Wh-what time is it, Dr. McCoy?" Kurt asked, his voice still groggy with exhaustion. He looked around blearily, and huddled closer to Kiro's side. "It's almost midnight, Kurt," Hank said, as he moved over to check Kiro's IV. Despite Kiro's healing abilities, he had still been suffering from dehydration and borderline malnutrition, and Hank had put him on an IV "just to be safe" while he slept. The boy's healing abilities had done the rest, given new fuel to work with, and Kiro was, physically at least, looking just fine now.

"Kurt, if you'd like to-" Hank began, but Kurt interrupted him in a pained whisper, begging him as he clutched Kiro's hand and huddled closer beside his lover's bedside, "Please, no, Dr. McCoy. Please don't make me leave, I'm staying with him." Hank's hand came to rest on Kurt's shoulder, making him jump.

"Relax, Kurt, please. I'm not making you go anywhere," Hank said with a gentle chiding in his tone, "I was going to say, if you'd like to sleep properly, I can pull over another bed beside this one?" He offered. Kurt nodded before replying, "Ja, please, doctor, I would appreciate that very much." The gratitude in his voice could be felt even by a non-telepath like Hank, and the Beast smiled softly as he made good on that offer.

After just a couple of minutes, Hank had another bed secured to Kiro's, the arm-rest removed between them and essentially making a queen-sized hospital bed. "There you are, Kurt," Hank said, and then went over to the wall to dim the lights in the room. "Doctor, will you..?" Kurt asked quietly, his voice trailing off as he climbed into the bed beside Kiro's slumbering form.

"Don't worry, Kurt. I'll be right out here," Hank assured him, gesturing over his shoulder to the main office area nearby. Kurt nodded with gratitude, his golden eyes glowing in the dim light and shining with grateful tears, before he settled down beside Kiro. Not touching him, but once again holding his hand, as his other hand rested on his belly.

Nearby, Kurt could hear the soft sound of Dr. McCoy sitting behind his desk once more, typing quietly at his keyboard as he worked. The soft sound, combined with the beeping and humming of the machinery around them, lulled Kurt's exhausted mind once again into sleep.


Despite knowing that Kiro was back at the Institute safe, there was a quiet thrum of worry around the Institute as Saturday morning dawned. The unspoken question hung in the air, "What had happened to Kiro? If he was kidnapped, did they catch the bad guy? Why wasn't anyone talking about it?" Naturally, of course, the students had begun to fill in the missing details themselves. "I betcha Logan killed the guy," Bobby said over a glass of orange juice in the kitchen, "You know how he is. Anybody kidnaps one of us kids, Logan goes on the warpath!"

Rogue shook her head, remaining silent as she sat in the corner of the table, alone now that Kurt and Kiro were absent once more. She had been assured that they were both down in the medbay, still, but she still worried. She hadn't seen hide nor hair of Kurt for several days now, since he hadn't left his room. And now that he was 'back' and supposedly doing better, he was just as absent as ever. But if what they had heard about Kiro was true, she couldn't blame him. Kurt was head over heels in love with the other boy, and Rogue had to admit she would probably be torn up something fierce as well if something like this had happened to whoever she loved, even Kurt.

"Better hope so," Ray said sourly, "Because if he didn't, whoever it is is still out there." That brought conversation at the table to a halt, albeit momentarily, and Jamie then laughed, somewhat nervously, before he pleaded, "H-hey, c'mon Ray, don't jinx us."

"Children, that is quite enough speculation, please," a voice from the hall caught everyone's attention, and the professor soon rolled into the kitchen, wearing his house robe still. Scattered "good morning, professor"s were heard through the room as the professor rolled over to join them, and he nodded. "What I said yesterday was true, please understand. Kiro was abducted, and suffered vicious assault and brutality over several, almost five, days. For him, it must have felt like weeks. We know who did it, as well, and they will face justice, I assure you," the professor then said, assuaging the fears of the students.

But then, of course, "Who was it, professor? I swear, I'm gonna-" Roberto said, and the edge of anger in his voice was unmistakable. He, surprisingly, had been one of the most vocal in his concern for Kiro, and his determination to help find him, even going out with Logan on a few patrols during the week.

"I have already said, Roberto, that they will face justice," the professor said once again, his voice firm. "Their identity will remain secret for now." He then added the following words, "Mr. Logan and myself will deal with them personally at the proper time." Once again, all conversation and movement in the room stopped at the professor's words. There was something in his tone of voice. An iciness, that sent a chill through the room, as surely as Bobby could have.

The professor was angry. A cold anger that was both quiet and utterly frightening.

Roberto simply nodded, his face pale, and he sat back down in his chair without saying a word. Even Rogue found herself trembling. But the professor finally nodded, and then his expression changed to its normal pleasant demeanor, before he said earnestly, "Now then, everyone, please enjoy your breakfast, and try to have a good day, yes?"

With that, the professor turned his wheelchair smoothly around, and rolled out of the room without another word.

Jamie, shivering, said, "Man, the professor is -scary- when he wants to be.."

Around the kitchen, everyone else nodded, silent.


"Engel, mein engel, please, it's me!" Kurt whispered softly, frantically, clutching Kiro's hand as his lover twitched and kicked on the bed. Finally, after several more seconds, Kiro's violet eyes opened. They were unseeing, at first, until they focused on Kurt's face, beside him on the bed where Kurt propped himself up on an elbow. Recognition slowly dawned, and finally Kiro squeezed Kurt's hand, and slowly drew him close. Kurt gently acquiesced, and allowed Kiro to move him how he wished, and he gently hugged Kiro in return.

"Um, how are you feeling? Do you need anything?" Kurt asked after a moment. Kiro finally nodded slowly, and blushed a bit, before he pointed toward the wooden door a few feet away. The bathroom. Kurt nodded, "Ok, here, let me help you, beloved," He said with a gentle smile. Kurt crawled out of bed and landed lightly on the cold tile floor below, before he turned to help Kiro down.

Kiro's healing ability had him essentially fully recovered already, but Kurt still felt the need to be extra gentle and careful with Kiro as they moved. Kiro seemed to appreciate it all the same. The boy's fingers were trembling badly, still fresh from his nightmare, as he tried to remove his own I.V., and Kurt whispered, "We'd better let Dr. McCoy do that, for now, ok?"

Kiro frowned, but nodded. Kurt called for Dr. McCoy, and after only a few seconds, Hank lumbered through the door. His eyes were somewhat glazed from a sleepless night spent working and watching over the two of them, but they brightened when they saw Kiro and Kurt both standing near the bed, Kiro in a hospital gown still, and shifting somewhat uncomfortably. "Ah, Kiro, thank heavens. I'm sure you must need to use the facilities," Hank observed kindly as he came over. "Here, let's get this off," he murmured, reading Kiro's expressions easily. A moment's brief discomfort later, Kiro's IV was removed, and the adhesive tape removed briskly from his hairless arm, with only a momentary wince from Kiro. Kurt found himself envying him, briefly. With his fur, and Hank's, an IV was a particular kind of agony for them when the adhesive was removed.. Kurt then accompanied Kiro over to the bathroom, waiting politely outside of it while the two of them could hear Kiro busying himself within.

Hank sighed softly, rubbing his eyes, "I'm relieved, Kurt. That healing ability of his and Logan's is something special. But, well, it doesn't seem to work on the mind or the heart," he said with a frown.

Kurt nodded, "Ja, Dr. McCoy.. I.. I think it's going to be rough, for the future. But he's home now, with me, and I am going to do everything I can to help him," he said, conviction firm in his voice. Dr. McCoy's words were a comfort as he said, "We all will, Kurt, that's a promise, to both of you."

The bathroom door opened, and Kiro peeked outside before stepping out to Kurt, and gently slipped an arm around his waist. Kurt smiled, once again letting Kiro touch him how he wished, before gently touching in return, receiving only the tiniest flinch from Kiro as a result. Kurt knew what had happened to Kiro, all of them who were there to rescue him did. But Hank found himself rather surprised at how Kurt seemed to know, perhaps even on an instinctive level, how to treat such a victim of that vicious assault, in his turn.

'Curious,' Dr. McCoy observed mentally, making a note in his subconscious. Kurt's touches seemed guided, somehow, touching Kiro only in certain places, almost none of the intimate areas he had typically observed in them, unless Kiro himself had put his hand there. It was almost as though Kurt had dealt with something similar before. But Hank was unfamiliar with any such incident in Kurt's past. 'Hm..'

He shook his head after a moment of watching the two of them silently embrace, and politely cleared his throat to get their attention. "Kiro, would you like me to have some of your clothes brought down?" He asked with a smile, and his smile widened as Kiro smiled in return, nodding with obvious gratitude. He perhaps felt rather exposed in that hospital gown, almost as much as when he had been naked before.

"Also," Hank added, fetching something from his inner jacket pocket to press into Kurt's palm, "I'm sure you will want to wear that," he said with a wink, before turning to exit the medbay and head up to their room.

Kurt opened his hand to reveal the cross necklace from the sisters, and Kiro's hug around his waist tightened upon sight of it. Smiling, Kurt gently raised it to his lips to kiss it, before Kiro did the same, and he then reverently placed it around Kiro's neck. Kiro gazed into Kurt's eyes, his violet ones gleaming with unshed tears, before he slowly began to cry once more, and drew Kiro into a firm, full embrace.

The two were still holding one another when Hank returned several minutes later, a small bundle of Kiro's clothes under his arm.


The rest of the weekend passed at a languid pace, but neither Kurt nor Kiro noticed too much. Hank had given Kiro a clean bill of health after only a cursory examination, and had suggested to Kurt that the both of them port up to their room whenever he was ready. He had advised the professor that Kiro had, at least physically, made a full recovery (and in fact was pretty much physically fine when they had first found him, albeit filthy, dehydrated, and suffering from mild malnutrition).

He would, however, need their help and support, mentally and emotionally. In their private discussion, both Hank and the professor had agreed that counseling should be suggested, though it would of course be up to Kiro as to whether or not they would have it provided. Hank found himself hoping the boy would allow it.

For the time being, however, Kurt seemed to think that the best course of action was to just be by Kiro's side, and ensure that he was safe and kept at peace. It seemed, at least on appearances, to be working rather well. The professor's visits to check on the two of them, a couple of times a day on Saturday and then again on Sunday morning, had shown him a smiling Kiro, and Kurt by his side. Both of them seated on Kiro's bed and reading, watching television, or simply holding one another. Not quite as intimately as they normally had, but then, the professor understood Kiro's reluctance to have anyone touch him that way for the time being.

Early Sunday evening, however, came a major, major problem. The professor had been unaware of it at first, until he had gone to the boys' room to check on them once more, after Kurt had once again come down to the kitchen to fetch a meal for the two of them. But when the professor entered the room at Kurt's rather curt invitation, he had come in to find Kurt giving him a angry look, with Kiro by his side looking worriedly at Kurt and then back at the professor. Even without asking, the professor knew why.

"You know who did this," Kurt said, a statement of fact rather than an accusation. His eyes were hurt. "You know, and they're still out there??" Kurt said, his voice failing him, but not before the first flame of rage could barely creep into it. Kiro's arms slipped around him from behind, and Kurt gently hugged them as his eyes closed. Charles stiffened, and sighed. One of the students, however innocently, had told Kurt what the professor had said the other day. Damn. Kurt's emotions roiled off of him. Betrayal, and again, that deep, seething rage that the professor had begun to hope was only a moment's imagination.

"Kurt," the professor began, but Kurt's eyes snapped open, a familiar, and unnerving, glimmer in them, "Who did this, professor? Who did this to my angel?!" Kurt snapped. Behind him, Kiro flinched away from the anger in Kurt's voice, though his hug on Kurt's waist tightened a bit, clearly trying to calm Kiro down.

"Kurt, please-" Charles once again asked. But Kurt didn't seem to hear him as he gently drew Kiro's hands from his waist and stepped forward, his whole body shaking as he approached the professor. "Professor, you.. you can't be serious. You know who did this, you know who hurt him, but you won't tell me. Why?! Why?!!" he demanded.

"Elf," Logan said from the door, and Kurt blinked as he realized Logan was standing there, watching them, a warning tone in his voice. Kurt felt his trembling get worse, however, feeling like his whole body was going to explode, and that the ground was going to give out from underneath him all at the same time. "Logan.. you.. you too? You could smell them, I bet, you.." Kurt whispered, and dropped to his knees in front of the professor's wheelchair. Tears fell freely down his face. "You both know, but you won't..!" He growled out, and his hands pounded the carpet beneath him, muscles quivering visibly through the back of his t-shirt. He was silent for a long moment, until finally...


Charles froze, and behind him, he felt Logan grow tense as well. Kurt's single word had pierced them like a spear.

"It's Lance, isn't it??" Kurt snarled, looking up at the both of them. Their silence was all the answer he needed, and Kurt looked over his shoulder at Kiro, feeling the tremor of fear wafting off of him. "Don't worry, mein engel," Kurt said, his voice as cold as ice. "He will ever hurt you, or anyone, again. Your demon will avenge you," Kurt snarled.

"Elf, wait!!" Logan shouted, but it was too late. Kurt had already ported out of the room.

"Logan!" Charles called out, but Logan had already dashed out of the room.

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