Mixed Feelings

BY : Panduki
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"No no, please don't misunderstand me, Kiro. I'm just saying that maybe this could help you! Your gift is, well, amazing. I've heard of mutant healers out there before, but I've never been able to actually meet one until now. Well, not including Logan. But his powers only apply to himself, and I'm afraid his do nothing to actually dull the pain he endures-"

"-Damn right, bub," Logan interjected, earning him a stern glance from Hank.

"- so, I figure this could be a great opportunity to maybe improve your powers, if they are perhaps unconsciously guided by your mind. Besides, the more you know about anatomy and physiology, the better! Perhaps you could even help out here in the medical lab, if you wanted?" Dr. McCoy seemed rather hopeful, and smiled brightly at the young albino sitting on the examination table.

"Jeeze, Hank, the kid comes in for a check-up and you give him a job offer. At least get to know him a little, first?" Logan grunted, from where he leaned against the wall. Logan still didn't seem sure what his feelings were on the newest addition to the Institute. The kid seemed nice enough, sure, and even Logan had to admit the kid probably turned heads wherever he went, but there was still a lot that wasn't really known about him. Logan had discovered, not for the first time, just how reliant he had come to be on the chatter of the students he so commonly overheard all day. It gave him a real glimpse into who they were, especially when they thought no one else could hear them. But with Kiro, there was nothing. The boy was as silent as the grave, and about as white as a ghost.

Despite it all, Kiro had seemed to treat him with nothing but kindness and respect. Indeed, he seemed to treat everyone that way, when he wasn't afraid of them to the point of being a meek little churchmouse. 'Definitely gotta work on your confidence and social skills, kid. I also gotta come up with a nickname for you.' He chuckled mentally. He had to admit, he was starting to slowly grow attached to the albino, and it was a relief to finally have a teenager at the Institute who didn't seem to act like an out of control hooligan at every opportunity.

"Ah, well, that's the side effect of having an ability like your's, Logan," Hank replied, looking over his shoulder with a grin, "It's almost pointless to have a checkup. No health issues whatsoever. It seems that healing power applies to him as well. Though you could stand to put on a few pounds of muscle, Kiro," Hank observed with a good-natured nudge to Kiro's chest, making Kiro giggle silently.

Now that he was out of his clothes and in just a pair of boxers, the boy was not quite as thin or malnourished as Logan had feared. Indeed, he seemed to just have a naturally gracile build, an almost feminine cut to his body that accented the curious, androgynous beauty that he had been gifted with. The muscle he did have was lean and corded, perhaps from labor at the monastery and long nights spent walking. He was, altogether, hauntingly beautiful. It was only when Logan noticed Kiro's violet eyes had been watching him that he realized he had been staring. Clearing his throat, the burly Canadian looked away.

Kiro had been watching him too, he realized, and the brief moment their eyes met had made him a little uncomfortable. It was almost like the kid was crushing on him. He found himself wincing mentally at the thought, 'Kid, I'm probably old enough to be your grandpa's grandpa..'

"Well then, Kiro, I may have to impose the same policy for you that I do on Logan," Hank grinned as he tidied away his examination tools, "'Clean bill of health unless serious trauma or surgical intervention are experienced or required.'"

When Kiro just stared at him, apparently uncomprehending, Hank shook his head, resting a hand on Kiro's shoulder, "Oh, sorry. Don't worry, it'll all make sense in- ... oh.. my.." Hank paused, and a slow, dreamy smile came over his face. It seemed he had finally experienced Kiro's pleasure-giving touch. "Hah.. I had been warned about your abilities, but my goodness that feels nice! I wish we could bottle that and use it as a happy pill!" He said with grin, though he cleared his throat softly and withdrew his hand from Kiro's shoulder when the.. secondary effects of Kiro's touch became apparent.

Logan gave a polite cough in the background.

"Ahem, yes. We're all set here, Kiro. I'll have this on file within the hour. You won't be needing any regular checkups like the other students, just come and see me if you ever have any issues you think you might need help or advice with, alright? Go ahead and get dressed and come outside when you're ready." The Beast nudged over the small tray with Kiro's clothes on it, and ushered Logan out of the room before softly shutting the door behind them. Logan felt Kiro's eyes following him the whole way out, and he was glad when the door shut.

"Well, think you might have a little protege?" Logan asked, partially to change the subject from his inner thoughts, as he jerked a thumb back towards the door, the two of them walking back into the main office of the medical bay.

"Well, can't blame a man for hoping, can you?" Hank said with a grin, lifting his powerful shoulders in a shrug, "Besides, as rough as the kids are with eachother, especially during mutant ball, it'd be good to have some help in here."

"No argument from me on that," Logan grunted in agreement. "Especially being able to have them back on their feet in seconds instead of days."

Once the two claimed a couple of chairs and sat in companionable silence for a couple moments, Hank started to say something when a sudden *BAMF!* startled the two of them out of their chairs, Logan bellowing out, "God DAMN IT, elf!!!"

Kurt flinched away from Logan's yell, wincing and shrinking into a borderline crouch, huddled as he was between the two of them on the floor. "Ah, sorry...?" He proffered, looking back and forth between them, "I.. um, I just came to check and see how Kiro's doing?"

Hank sank back down into his chair, a hand on his heart, "Alright, Kurt.. I think we may have to impose a little rule on you, let's not port into a room unless you are certain nobody else is in there? Unless they know you're coming?" He gushed a sigh, and then added, "For your information, though, he's doing quite well. Far better than my heart, after that little surprise."

Kurt, for his part, looked duly chastened, and nodded, saying with a sheepish grin, "Ja, heh, I guess I need to be a bit mor-"

"Elf, whatever you're thinking, multiply it times a hundred," Logan growled, glancing over toward the exam room door.

It was still closed. Huh.

"Hm, wonder if Kiro's alright," Logan said, tilting his head to the side. He hadn't heard anything out of the ordinary, but come to think of it, he hadn't really heard anything at all, as though the boy hadn't moved very much.

Their attention drawn, the three looked at the door in concern. It had been a few minutes, why wasn't Kiro finished changing? Hank finally called out, "Kiro? Is everything alright?"


"Well, it's not like he can answer anyway," Kurt said with a chuckle, and stood up from the floor. Apparently volunteering to go check on his wayward roommate, he stepped toward the door, tapping a claw gently on the wood when he arrived, "Kiro? It's me, Kurt! Is everything ok?" He opened it a crack and peered inside.

Whatever he saw in that second or two he froze during, made him apologize profusely, first in German and then in English, and hurriedly shut the door before putting his back to it. "Er.. umm.. he's.. uh.. he's fine.." Kurt rambled, his tail curled nervously around one ankle.

Hank blinked, and looked at Logan, before looking at Kurt, who looked not unlike Hank had just a moment ago when Kurt had startled the daylights out of both of them. "Um, far be it from me to ask, but.. what seems to be the matter?" Hank asked, genuinely confused.

Logan's nose twitched, and he smirked. Once the door had opened, he had gotten a whiff of something that had explained everything. "Think it might be a good idea to give the kid one of those 'anatomy and physiology' lessons right now, Hank," Logan suggested, his tone of voice hinting at the particular kind of anatomy he was talking about, "He probably didn't learn much if anything of that at a nunnery."

Both Hank and Kurt now had the same expression, and Logan knew that if either of them had an image inducer on right now, they would probably be beet red. "Oh, well.. I suppose you have a point," Hank said, running a hand through the mane atop his head before he rose from his seat and started toward the door. "Ahem. Kurt, why don't you let me reassure Kiro that there's nothing.. ah.. 'wrong' with him," he said.

"Right, yes, ah, good idea," Kurt mumbled, *bamf!*ing over to one of the chairs and sitting in it. Logan didn't miss his hunched over posture, or the smell coming off of him either. He just gave a lopsided smirk. Whatever Kurt had seen had definitely left quite the impression on him.

"Teenagers," Logan mused.

Once Hank had gone back into the exam room and shut the door behind him, Kurt excused himself and ported out of the room in a hurry. Logan could just imagine why...


"I don't know, professor. It might be kind of rough for him at Bayville. Even one classroom has more people than he's probably used to seeing in a week. You know how he gets around crowds."

"It's an option, Scott, nothing more. He is perfectly at liberty to refuse, or pull out if he feels he must. Considering how well he is taking to his studies here at the Institute, I imagine he will excel no matter where he puts his mind."

The professor and Scott were seated in the professor's study, the warm afternoon sun shining through the window helping to ward off some of the autumn chill that had already made it jacket weather for several weeks now outside. What had initially been a discussion about Scott's potential post-high school plans had now turned to Scott's impression of allowing Kiro to join them at Bayville High.

True to his word, the professor had been able to arrange asylum for Kiro, and paperwork was already being published that would finalize his refugee status and allow him to live in the United States for good, if he so chose. A few closed-door meetings about Kiro's unique circumstances, as well as his abilities and potential benefit to people had only been the proverbial icing on the cake ("My adopted daughter was in much the same situation in Czechoslovakia, Charles, I will ensure this goes through."). They hadn't quite decided on a fitting surname for Kiro, yet, and Charles was debating simply asking Kiro's opinion on the matter. Technically, he didn't really need one, but it would certainly help him fit in better. And in that regard, the boy needed all the help he could get. It had been a couple of weeks now, but the boy was still having some difficulties adjusting.

"I'm just worried, professor. You know how much the kids -here- tease him, already. Bobby and Sam especially. He's been a good sport about it, but these are just his friends.. think of what blowhards like Matthews and the Brotherhood could do." Scott sighed, holding his head in his hands.

"I know, Scott. But learning to deal with bullies is just as much an important social skill as any other. Especially if he is to be a regular here at the Institute, and perhaps even on the Team," Charles intoned, causing Scott to raise his head in surprise.

"You mean...?" Scott began, but he trailed off on seeing the professor's raised hand.

"Merely something I am considering, Scott. It has only been a few weeks now, but young Kiro is adjusting well to the Institute, and I know Hank, Logan, Ororo, Kurt, Rogue and several of the others have already taken quite a liking to him, and the feeling certainly seems to be mutual." The professor nodded and smiled as he remembered catching sight of Kiro and Ororo in her garden yesterday. It seemed that the boy's ability didn't just work on mammals, but also on plants.

Was any form of life so affected? To say that Ororo had been delighted was an understatement. Upon seeing her orchids rejuvenated at Kiro's touch, bright and colorful once more, she had kissed the boy's forehead and fairly clapped with glee. The poor boy's blush was almost as red as the petals, but he was grinning, too.

"Professor..?" Scott asked, and Charles shook his head to clear it.

"Ah, apologies, Scott, I was remembering something," The professor explained, earning him a lopsided grin from Scott, before the other continued, "I was just asking if you wanted me to tell Kiro about your offer?"

"Of course, Scott. Let him know that it's an option, if he wants to give it a try. I know Hank would like to have him start taking lessons in the infirmary, but I'm sure there's no reason why a schedule couldn't be worked out between the two," Charles said, leaning back in his chair to steeple his fingers once more.

"Sounds good, professor. I'll let him know, I think he and Kurt are still out- .. actually, come to think of it, I'm not sure what they are doing. They had gone out earlier today, but that was shortly after 7 AM." Scott mused, as he glanced at his watch. 3:04 PM. "Huh, wonder where they could be?"


"Um.. are you.. sure?" Kurt asked, unable to meet Kiro's eyes as the albino sat on the log.

They had come to a small clearing where the river had slowed to a gentle gurgle, and Kiro had taken the opportunity to sit on the conveniently-placed log that rested on the bank. The dark blue jeans he was wearing were brand new, courtesy of Logan, and the black lambswool sweater had been a gift from the professor. On his feet were a similarly unassuming pair of plain black boots. The simple attire both accented and subdued Kiro's exotic beauty, and even just sitting on the log, the boy looked alluring. Kurt, too, was wearing simple but comfortable clothes, his typical loose-fitting brown cargo trousers that acommodated his legs and feet, and a roomy dark grey hoodie that had plenty of space to curl his tail under in the chilly air.

Kurt still wasn't sure what to think about him. "Mixed feelings" didn't even begin to describe the whorl of emotions that now gripped his chest. It was ever since that afternoon in the infirmary where he had seen Kiro, sitting on the exam table, looking in confusion down at himself.

Fully erect.

Kurt had never even thought of Kiro that way, nor any other student at the institute, except perhaps some of the girls (Kitty and Tabby immediately came to mind, there was a joke in there somewhere, but he couldn't quite make one). But those had been crushes. This was, well, right in his face. The sight had affected him profoundly.

Kiro had always been beautiful, in a way that caused pretty much every boy at the Institute to question their sexuality (and maybe some of the girls as well). But even then, Kurt had never quite thought of him in a sexual manner. Not until it was on full display.

He could still remember how Kiro had looked, even just sat there on the exam table. His expression was one of confusion, perhaps mild fear. His body was on full display, completely hairless and smooth, except for the white hair  from his head that spilled down his shoulders and fell in rivulets around his chest and back, and the white eyebrows, which were furrowed in confusion. His erect member had stood proudly, throbbing up against his belly, large enough to be considered 'large' for a boy his size, but still cute, somehow. Supple. The hefty sack beneath had likewise been large, smooth like the rest of him, and the twin orbs within seemed almost eager to be finally able to be put to use. And after years of living in a nunnery, of all places, who could blame them?

Kurt's reaction had been immediate, and his thoughts had come in a rush. A second that seemed to last an eternity. He hadn't realized he had even begun to grow erect until he had started babbling to the doc and to Logan, and the realization had made him even more incoherent.

Immediately after Hank had gone to give him his 'Anatomy Lesson,' Kurt had ported upstairs and taken a long cold shower.

But now, here they were, a few days later. There had actually been very few awkward moments between them, helped along partially by the fact that Kiro was, for all intents and purposes, as mute as a mime. Hank had apparently been quite confused by it. "After all, as far as I can tell, his vocal cords are there, he has a hyoid bone and a fox-p gene. All the ingredients are there. Why can't he speak?" The doctor had asked, almost incredulously, and the professor had simply replied, "There is a lot about this young man that we still simply do not know, Hank. Perhaps it may be a consequence of his mutation in some way? Or his albinism? Some past trauma? Who knows? If we can find the answer, we will. If not, I am sure we will find a workaround, or he will."

But that also meant that sometimes, Kurt would get the distinct impression that Kiro was trying to tell him something, or ask him something, and the boy couldn't. They had found out the hard way that Kiro's English instruction was unfortunately incomplete. He could understand most spoken English just fine, as well as Latin, Romanian, and even some Macedonian and Hebrew(as Kitty had been delighted to discover), but when it came to writing, his literary knowledge was limited to Latin and Romanian, as there apparently hadn't been any English texts at the abbey. A simple enough problem to fix, he would simply have to learn a few more letters in the alphabet, and learn a lot more written vocabulary. But it would take time.

For now, they were limited to a sort of hodgepodge sign language and answering yes or no questions. It was both endearing and frustrating.

When Kurt had offered to spend the day with Kiro, the albino had been delighted. They had been growing closer these past couple weeks together, and Kurt found himself delighting in Kiro's company more and more. The boy was probably the nicest person he had ever met, even including his parents, and every so often their eyes would meet, and Kurt would find himself smiling before realizing it. Kiro smiled as well.

Their first stop, since it was a Sunday, was to Mass. Attending as a regular churchgoer, rather than what was essentially an un-avowed monk, was clearly something that Kiro found a bit discomforting, but the Latin Rite was an obvious comfort, and it was clear that Kiro had little to no trouble understanding the priest's Latin. 'Maybe he could help me with it,' Kurt mused, while the two knelt side by side. They had been wearing casual clothes, due to their plans to just immediately go out into Bayville after Mass, and Kiro had been quite the attraction afterwards, greeted kindly by the primarily middle-aged and elderly congregation and the priest, Father Gregory, in particular.

When Kurt explained that Kiro was a new student at the Xavier school, and a refugee from Romania, they had been sympathetic, but the priest had also been pleasantly surprised to learn that Kiro had spent most of his life in an abbey. When he had experimentally spoke to the boy in Latin, Kiro immediately grinned and nodded, though his muteness had prevented them from having a full-on conversation. "He's a special one, Kurt, that's for sure!" Father Gregory said with a kind grin, and Kurt found himself agreeing wholeheartedly.

After they left the church, Kurt had taken Kiro out into Bayville to some of the X-men's favored hang out spots. The various restuarants around Bayville that they liked to hang out at, like Crazy Larry's pizza place, Gutbuster's burgers and the Sweet Tooth ice cream shop (Kiro's reaction to his first taste of ice cream was both heartwrenching and heartwarming all at the same time.. Kurt could not even imagine: a life without ice cream? Or cheeseburgers?), and finally, after they had returned to the school, they had gone for a walk out into the woods around the Institute.

It was after an hour's walk that the two had decided to rest in this little clearing beside the river, and that was when Kiro had done it. Sitting on the log with a soft, quiet sigh, Kiro had smiled up at Kurt and gently patted the log beside him.

Kurt had froze, a visible blush climbing his cheeks from his image inducer. He had never known how the professor had been able to program that, but somehow he had managed. Kiro was blushing as well, a gentle one, and Kurt stammered out, "Um.. are you.. sure?"

At Kiro's nod and bright smile, Kurt's heart pounded in his chest, loud enough and hard enough that he was certain the albino must have been able to hear it. Again, his emotions were a whorl, and his thoughts a jumble. It was almost as if he was... 'Nein! I can't be feeling this way.. how.. and we just went to MASS earlier, I..'

He didn't even realize he had already sat down until he felt Kiro's touch, thigh to thigh, and the warmth of an arm around his waist, followed by the gentle weight of a head resting on his shoulder. The warmth from Kiro's touch flowed through him, the gentle swell of happiness, of pleasure, of things that those words didn't even hope to describe adequately. Kurt murmured something in German, his eyes closing as he felt his arm wrap around Kiro in return. Catching sight of an inquisitive look from the albino's violet eyes, Kurt smiled, "So.. wrong.. and yet.. so right. You confuse me so much, Kiro.. mein freund.. mein.." He stopped himself, another blush flowing up his cheeks. What was this feeling? What had he been about to say?

"Kiro.. I.." He started to pull away, doubt once again clouding his thoughts. This wasn't right. Even if Kiro was so beautiful, so gentle, so.. this wasn't right! They should both know that better than anyone, shouldn't they? Didn't the-

Kurt's thoughts were interrupted as he felt a hand on his cheek, and he saw Kiro looking at him. His expression was so.. sad? Yes, sad. Hurt, almost? No, concerned. Concerned for him? Kurt's mind again began to wonder about the other mutant's powers. Was he another telepath? Or empath..? But that didn't make sense. He could not feel Kiro probing his thoughts or emotions like Jean or the Professor could.

Perhaps he was just observant. Kurt could only imagine the facial expression he had right then, bordering on self-loathing. But despite himself, his other hand went up to rest on Kiro's, on his cheek. "Kiro, bitte verzeih mir.. das ist nicht richtig," Kurt murmured.

Kiro just looked at him, confused, and Kurt realized he had been murmuring in German again.

With an apology, Kurt responded, "I.. it's not right, Kiro. Doesn't the church say so? We're two.. boys. Isn't it wrong?"

Kiro again looked at him in confusion, but Kurt had spoken in English. What was the problem? Kiro then shook his head, and Kurt realized the expression was one of incredulity. As though what Kurt had just said was unthinkable. Did the nuns teach a different interpretation, perhaps? There were so many different churches, brotherhoods, sisterhoods, who was to say?

Kurt again felt the hand on his cheek, rubbing gently, and it was only then that he realized that those violet eyes were getting very close.

But Kiro hadn't moved.

Kurt had.

Before he realized what he was doing, his lips met Kiro's, and the warmth was electric. They were neck-deep in a hot tub, and the pleasure was ecstatic, traveling to one hot spot after another, up and down his spine, and up and down his front. As their kiss continued, Kurt became aware that he was fully, almost painfully erect, and he groaned without intending to as their kiss deepened. He felt Kiro's hand gently cupping his side, inviting Kurt to turn to face him, and Kurt did so.

Only when they parted for air, gasping and glassy-eyed, did Kurt realize what he had just done. "Oh mein gott.." Kurt gasped, his heart pounding with more than just arousal, excitement, and yes, even lust. Now there was.. fear. Shame? He was up on his feet in an instant, leaving a confused Kiro on the log looking up at him in concern, lips and cheeks flushed with their kiss, a small drop of red trickling down one lip. Wait, what? Red? Blood??

"Oh nein, I'm, I'm so sorry, Kiro, my fangs, I .." He stammered, slipping into German as he gently wiped the blood away from Kiro's lip, before searching for the cut.

That wasn't there.

Kurt was aghast for a second, before he suddenly burst out laughing. It must have already healed. "Your powers, I forgot!" Kurt said, shaking his head.

That helped take the edge off of his fear, somewhat at least. But once the laughter had passed, the thought reoccured to him that he was still painfully erect, quite aroused, and he had just broken a very, very serious taboo in the Catholic faith. "I.. we just.. I kissed.." Kurt murmured again.

Kiro, sitting there on the log and looking even more beautiful ('Was that possible..?'), simply nodded with a gentle smile. He certainly did not seem displeased by the situation, not at all.

The albino, too, was erect, and Kurt did a slight double take when he noticed the large bulge in the other boy's jeans. Logan had bought him a pair that were several inches too large, perhaps in the hopes that he would grow into them ("Or bulk up a bit, for fucks sake.."), so the fact that the bulge was so prominent certainly did nothing to stop Kurt's sudden memory of seeing the full thing in all it's glory a few days ago. Very large for his size. Kurt found himself imagining what it might be like to- 'Nein, stop!!'

Despite himself, Kurt again apologized, "Kiro, I.. I'm sorry, but. I need some time, to think about this, ja?" He explained. Kiro watched him with those violet eyes, and did not tease him. There was no hurt expression, or pouting. The boy simply nodded with that kind smile, and reached over to take his hand, pulling him into a hug.

Kurt felt the tears come, and wasn't sure why. It was almost as though Kiro had triggered something inside of him, or gently nudged aside the cork on the pent-up bottle of his confusion and emotions over the past few minutes. Emotions that had been caused by realizing just how close, indeed, he had grown to Kiro over their brief time together.

After just a few seconds, what had started as a mixture of shame and confusion and arousal and lust was now released in a catharsis of crying, soft sobbing that was punctuated with questions, mumbled in German that Kiro couldn't understand, but still comforted all the same. What would his parents think? What does this mean, anyway? Was he gay? Was he going to hell? Why did this feel so right, even if he knew, at least in theory, that it was supposed to be so.. wrong? So very wrong?

No answer came, just more tears, and the constant stroking of his back by Kiro, while Kurt sobbed, and sniffled, and rested his head against Kiro's. His scent filled Kurt's nose. It was an earthy scent, fresh and clean, like a long, soaking rain in an ancient forest, mixed with the gentle scent of sandalwood, frankincense and myrhh from their earlier mass. The pleasure from him was a constant comfort, the warmth of a blanket fresh from the dryer, or sinking down into a hot tub after a day in the snow, or, he soon realized, being touched intimately by a lover all over his body.. and he did not back away from that touch. Not right away.

Finally, after what felt like an hour but had probably only been a few minutes, Kurt drew back, and once again sat beside Kiro on the log, the two leaning against one another once more. The warmth from Kiro continued, and Kurt did not shy away from its gentle comfort. He noticed with a small smile that the bruised ribs he had gotten from Logan's training session yesterday afternoon had stopped hurting, and were probably healed by now. He wasn't sure what to think, wasn't sure what to do, wasn't sure what to say. Who could he talk to? Would anyone even understand? He rubbed a booted foot on the ground in front of him, leaves and mud from the riverbank shifting in its wake.

Neither of them said a word. The river just churned and gurgled softly, the wind sighed through the trees above, and the sun continued to trace it's way slowly toward the horizon, both of them in the comfortable shade of the woods. Kiro had always preferred the shade, due to his albinism. But despite the chill while they were out of the sun, Kurt felt rather warm, and comfortable, just leaning against Kiro now.

Eventually, Kurt spoke, "Kiro.. thank you."

He felt Kiro stir beside him, and a gentle squeeze on his knee.

"For, um.. I don't know for what, exactly," Kurt explained, feeling as though Kiro was asking for an answer. "I just," he continued, then stopped.

With a smile, Kiro just slipped an arm around Kurt's body and squeezed, saying nothing.

Kurt paused, then grinned, and sighed, "Well, I guess I'll worry about all of that later." His arm slipped around Kiro's body in turn, and the two continued to sit together on the log, as the afternoon wore on and gradually grew colder.


"No clue, bub. I'm a teacher, not a babysitter," Logan grunted as he hunched over the engine compartment of one of the Institute's vans, the soft sound of a ratchet wrench clicking out across the garage.

Scott sighed, "Alright, if they do head back, just please let them know I need to talk to Kiro about something."

After hearing Logan's chuff of acknowledgement, Scott shrugged and made his way out onto the drive. Catching sight of his sportscar, he paused for a moment with his hand resting on the hood. It had been a few weeks since he, Kurt, Kitty, Rogue and Jean had done anything. Granted, they had never exactly been party animals (well, they not including Kurt, at least), but their nights on the town had still been pretty fun.

"Hm, maybe we could take Kiro out with us and show him a good time.." Scott mused as his ruby red glasses turned towards Bayville.

"You wanna show who a good time?" Jamie asked, mouth agape. Beside him, Rahne seemed equally puzzled, "Say that again, Scott?"

Scott groaned and turned around to look at the two, "Hey now, c'mon, I didn't mean.."

Rahne fixed him with a critical look and asked rather pointedly, "Does Jean know aboot this?"

"What??!" Scott blurted out, growing even more flustered, "Guys, you don't understand, you just mis-"

Too late, however! The two younger mutants had dashed off, both of them laughing like mad. Scott smacked his forehead with another groan. "Oh for the love of," He wondered if he should pre-empt them at least by sending Jean a signal, but then thought better of it. She could read his thoughts just as easily as anyone else's. When in doubt, she could just confirm right from the source. Right?

I mean, sure, Kiro was rather cute, but-

'Cute?!! What the hell, brain? He's a GUY..'

Then he remembered the first hour or so of their meeting, where he had been utterly convinced that Kiro was not only cute, but a really cute -girl-, besides.

'Oh god damn it..' Scott grumbled mentally, leaning over to thump his forehead on the hood of his car.

"Where the hell are you guys, Kurt?! Kiro?!" Scott called out, somewhat aimlessly, craning his neck to peer down at Bayville below.


"Wait a sec, whose turn is it to fix dinner anyway?" Bobby asked, twisting around on the couch to look around the room. Just in time for a throw pillow to sock him in the face, "ACK!"

"It's Sunday evening, dummy! Take out night!" Rogue drawled, settling back down on the recliner and flipping a page in her magazine. Southern Girl, of course.

Well, not exactly take out night. More like "scrounge" night, and "you want somethin', you get it yourself." Which for most of their cases, meant take out.

The professor took it all in stride, though he did voice his concerns that the students at least become a bit more comfortable in their culinary prowess before resorting to the "quick, easy, unhealthy and expensive" route of take-out.

"Huh, speaking of dinner, anyone seen Kurt or the new girl-OW!! Damn, Rogue, jeeze.. ahem.. new GUY...? They've been gone all day!" Sam asked, rubbing his side from where Rogue had punched him as he passed her.

"Well, Kurt said he was gonna show Kiro aroun' town. Maybe they jus' found somethin' fun to do." Rogue said with a shrug, then immediately regretted it as a chorus of "ohhhhs" went up around the room, mostly from the guys. "Oh for fucks sake.." Rogue growled through clenched teeth as she buried her head in her hands.

"Yeah, I'll bet they found something fun to do! Maybe they went clothes shopping!" Bobby crooned, before imitating Kurt, "Oh, Kiro, you are so sexy in zat dress! I almost don't even realize you are a guy!'"

At this, Kitty fumed from her spot on a bean cushion, "Bobby, knock it off!" It was bad enough he was insulting Kurt, but somehow even worse to be throwing Kiro in with it. "He's, like, the nicest boy ever.. both of them are! Stoppit!"

Of course, that didn't help. That only made it worse. Sam howled with laughter, joined in by Roberto, who immediately took up the slack, "Yeah, so nice! So nice in all that makeup, Kitty. What, were you planning on setting him up with somebody? Should have told us he was really a faggot-"

The slap was so sudden, and so hard, that all conversation and laughter immediately stopped. Kitty was just suddenly THERE, right in front of him, tears shimmering in her eyes and her face red with both anger and hurt.

She didn't say a word. Just phased through him and took off upstairs, leaving everyone speechless. Everyone, that is, except for Rogue.

"Ah don't fucking believe you. Are you serious, Berto? Are you fucking KIDDING ME? 'That he's really a' what? WHAT?! No, don't even say it again, or Ah'll bust ya up too!!!" Rogue was shouting before she even realized it, standing a foot in front of Roberto, looking as though she couldn't decide whether to strangle him or beat him to death. Even Amara had paused in the hall outside, looking at the scene in the rec room in astonishment.

"Rogue, I.." Roberto started, a hand on his now-red cheek that had already started to bruise.

"Shut. The fuck. Up." Rogue spat, as angry as any of the mutants had ever seen her.


The voice was not Roberto's.

Logan stood in the door.

He did not look happy.

His arms were folded across his chest, and his glare pierced everyone in the room.

Rogue, to her credit, immediately stepped away from Roberto and grabbed her magazine from the recliner. At Logan's silent gesture, she went out into the hall to wait for him.

"Roberto, if I ever hear you talk like that again, I'll turn -you- into a 'girl.' Got it?" Logan growled. His voice was quiet, no claws were even extended. But somehow his authority filled the room. Roberto paled so much that he almost looked like Bobby, before he nodded, replying meekly, "Yes sir."

And just like that, Logan was gone.


The rock went sailing about twenty feet across the grass from the force of Rogue's kick, followed soon after by her inarticulate growl. "Ah just.. Ah don't believe that idiot!! It's bad enough people treat us this way because we're mutants.. but now we're treating -eachother- this way because.. because what?? Somebody might be gay?! How goddamned stupid can you GET?!"

Logan said nothing for a moment, leaning against the porch as they stood outside. He had thought Rogue needed some time to cool off before they had their little chat, and he had been right. Finally, however, he spoke, as Rogue's angry pants settled down into just labored breathing. "Y'done?"

Rogue, despite her hands still trembling with anger, managed to crack a half smile before nodding. "Ya, Ah dun feel like twistin' his head off at any rate.."

Logan nodded, and stepped over to stand beside her as they watched the orange sunset gradually start to darken towards purple twilight, "Roberto's a teenage boy. They say stupid shit like that all the time. Most of the time it ain't serious, and I doubt the little jackass really meant anything by it." Logan took a breath and then blew it slowly out his nostrils. "But that's not the point. You were right, Stripes."

Rogue paused, savoring the moment that Wolverine would ever agree with her about anything with a lopsided grin up at him.

Acknowledging this, Logan smirked before thumping her shoulder companionably, "Don't let it go to your head, kid. But yeah, you were right. He shouldn't've said that. Especially not about one of the other kids here. And you did the right thing in settin' him straight. But I did bring you out here for a reason," Logan warned, and Rogue steeled herself for the inevitable tongue lashing.

"Normally I'm fast'n'loose with the rules around this house, but you know the Professor and Ororo especially don't like hearin' that kind of language outta you kids. And I can only imagine how either of them would've reacted if they heard you shouting in Roberto's face at the top o' yer lungs like that, understand?" Logan growled, and Rogue shrank back a bit. She knew she had been lucky. Ororo and the Professor were away from the Institute today, set to return early tomorrow morning or later tonight.

Logan's words were barely above a conversational tone, but they still stung. They stung because she knew he was exactly right. But Logan was silent as he looked at her, and she knew he was waiting for something.

She nodded, "Ah know, Logan, you're right.. it was pretty stupid of me to do that, no matter how angry Ah was." She lowered her gaze, surprised at how contrite she felt. But then, this was Logan dressing her down. It felt like disappointing her dad. A dad she actually cared about, for once.

Logan grunted, "Damn straight, kid. So don't do that again, alright?" Rogue nodded. "And if the boys keep giving you or the Ghost any problems, you just let me know," Logan concluded.

Rogue paused and looked up at him, "Ghost..?" She asked with a quirked brow, already grinning as the answer dawned on her, "His official nickname?"

"Shuddap and get back inside," Logan growled, but he was smiling. Rogue gave him an affectionate punch on the shoulder and complied, letting the door swing slowly shut behind her.

Once she was gone, Logan huffed a sigh and leaned against the mansion wall. "Damn kids," he grunted as he searched in his pockets for a pack of cigarettes. He never smoked inside the mansion, or even on school grounds if he could help it, but tonight he felt he needed either a smoke or a drink, and it was a long way down into the depths of the basement where he kept his stash of alcohol safely away from where any of the kids could get into it.

Once the cigarette was in his lips, Logan lit it, took a drag, and then snapped the zippo closed before slipping it back into his pocket. They may have been old-fashioned and barely lasted a few days without a fuel refill, but this one was special. It had been one of the first ones ever made. And Logan had used it for its original purpose: in the trenches.

The memories started to bubble up, before being firmly squelched down beneath his boot. Charles had worked regularly with him on keeping those memories at bay, one of the reasons he had so much respect for the man. As he smoked, Logan found his thoughts going once again to "Ghost," his nickname for the pale, violet-eyed boy who was now at their institute. A name that had special meaning for him, and he found more and more fitting for their latest student. Though Logan had told no one about those memories yet. Not even Charles.

The jeers of the kids earlier this evening had got him thinking: did the girls take pictures of him in that ridiculous get up they had him in? Make up and a dress and such? Was that how the boys knew about it? Probably not. Even Kitty or Tabitha wouldn't have been THAT scatterbrained. They probably just looked at the boy and put two and two together. Anyone who could have even Scott confused as to their gender was just begging to be imagined in a dress. Of course, there was always the possibility that one of the boys had peeked and saw them, just like Logan had while passing by. 'Damn kids should learn to keep their doors shut,' Logan muttered mentally.

He sighed. Even Logan had to admit, the kid hadn't looked -that- bad in the dress, despite  the overdone makeup job on him. The strange, almost unearthly beauty had gone rather well with the dress. In a curious sort of way, the boy seemed almost just as at home in that sort of get up as he would have in, say, a properly made suit. "Definitely gonna be a heartbreaker someday, that's for sure," Logan muttered, taking one last drag of the cigarette before tapping it out on his palm. "Hell, who'm I kiddin', he probably already is. He just doesn't know it yet," he muttered, remembering some of the looks the boy had gotten around the Institute. Including, oddly enough, from Kurt. That in particular made Logan curious.

'Hm, wonder what those two are up to right now,' Logan pondered for a a second. After dropping the cigarette butt in the nearby wastebin, Logan stepped back inside.


"There you are, Kurt!" Kitty observed as she leaned over the balcony, peering down at the two boys as they made their way across the field outside, heading toward the Institute from the treeline. The sky above them was still lit in purple, though the grass beneath was dark, and Kitty had only seen Kurt because of the unmistakable white hair and pale face of what must have been Kiro beside him.

Letting out a sharp whistle to get their attention, Kitty then waved as Kurt and Kiro started looking around. "Kurt!" Kitty called out, "Up here!"

Kurt waved back, an instant before the two of them vanished from sight, only to reappear in Kitty's room behind her, arms around each other's waist.

Kurt was about to say something when he noticed Kitty's red, puffy eyes, and his expression was immediately one of concern. "Oh mein gott, Katzchen! Was is -" he then stopped himself and shook his head, "Sorry, what.. what's wrong, Kitty? Was it Lance? Has something happened?" Kurt asked, stepping over to touch her arm and then draw her into a hug, Kiro following close behind.

In the back of her mind, Kitty thought it a bit strange to see Kurt with his arm around another boy like that, but it was soon washed away by fresh tears as she felt Kurt hugging her. "Oh Kurt, it was awful! *sniff* No, not Lance, it was.. it was Roberto! And Sam! And Bobby!" She wailed, and Kurt blinked in confusion, "Vas? What do you mean, Kitty? Did they.. was it some kind of prank?" He looked around, seeing no signs of their usual mischief. And certainly nothing that would earn this amount of tears.

"No no, Kurt, it was.. it was about you and.. you and Kiro!" She sniffled, stammering in between her tears. That revelation, however, caused Kurt to stiffen noticeably in her arms and look at Kiro, who returned his gaze in confusion, apparently not understanding the problem.

It was at that time that a gentle knock sounded on the door, making Kitty jump all the same. Rogue's voice soon followed, "Hey, Kitty? Ya in there? Can Ah come in?" Kitty nodded to Kiro, who went over to the door, fiddling with it for a moment. "The lock, Kiro, you have to twist that little knob above the doorhandle," Kitty reminded him, unable to repress a soft chuckle at the boy's continued adjusting to the things that so many of them took for granted. Even door locks.

"Oh, ah, hay Kiro! Bro-face! Guess y'all know what's got Kitty and me in a huff," Rogue drawled darkly, tugging the door shut behind her a little too hard. Kiro blinked at her, and then back at Kitty, and then at Kurt, confusion still on his features. At a gesture from Kurt's tail to continue (as his arms were still around Kitty's back), Rogue sighed. "Roberto was bein' a jackass, Kurt. Well, all of 'em were. Makin' real stupid jokes 'bout you and Kiro especially."

"V.. vat kind of jokes?" Kurt asked, hoping his voice didn't sound as nervous as he felt, his accent thickening as he curled his tail around Kitty's and his legs in order to keep it from twitching in agitation.

"Stupid ones, like, makin' y'all out to be gay, like, you dressin' Kiro up in a dress and then Roberto called him a fa-" Rogue continued, but was immediately cut off when Kitty blurted out, "Hey, we only did that as a game, Kiro didn't seem to mind!"

"Vas?!" Kurt exclaimed, peering down at Kitty in something bordering on incredulity and horror. "You put him in a dress and called him a -"

"NO, Kurt!" Kitty shot back, pushing him back slightly to look at his eyes, "Well, I mean, yes, we put him in a dress, and we umm.. put make up on him.. but we didn't-"

"Why did you put him in a dress?!" Kurt asked, looking back and forth between Kitty and Rogue, confusion, hurt, and something else on his face.

"Hey, don't look at me, bubba! I jus' walked in and saw 'em doin' it. So did Logan, poor guy!" Rogue elaborated, rubbing her forehead.

"Oh.. mein... GOTT.." Kurt gushed out, and stepped back from Rogue to sink onto the floor in a crouch, hiding his face in his hands. "Nein, nein, nein...!!" Kurt mumbled, over and over again.

Kitty sniffled as she shook her head, "No, no, Kurt, c'mon.. I meant it when I said that Kiro didn't mind, he even seemed to be having fun! Wasn't he?" She asked both Rogue and Kiro.

Rogue groaned and shook her head, "Damn you fer makin' me admit it, but yeah, Kiro didn't seem to mind one bit.. can't imagine why.." Rogue muttered, an edge of .. envy..? In her voice.

Kiro nodded at her words, giving Kurt a thumbs up, which soon turned into a concerned touch on the shoulder as he realized Kurt still had his head buried in his hands, mumbling in German, his skin hot with embarassment beneath his blue fur.

Kurt finally looked up, his expression still confused, even as he let out a small shiver from the feeling of Kiro's touch. "So.. wait, you dressed him up like. Um. That. And then you put make-up on him? And Roberto or Bobby or.. Sam? Saw it? When was this??" Kurt asked, looking back and forth between the three of them.

"It was Friday, Kurt. Halloween, just the other day?" Rogue proffered, looking at Kitty for clarification.

"Yeah. You had that meeting with your guidance counselor, remember, Kurt? That's why you told us to head home and not wait for you." Kitty explained, her sniffles finally stopping. She no longer looked on the verge of tears, but she was still clearly simmering with anger at the night's events. "Besides, I don't think they saw anything. The only person who caught us was Logan.."

"Not like you would know though, all of your attention was on Kiro wearin' your purple dress!" Rogue said with a teasing tone to her voice that made Kitty blush. "Hey, you were oggling him, too! At least before you made him clean up before the birthday dinner."

"Oh mein gott.. I still can't believe you, you.. did that." Kurt mumbled, sinking onto his haunches and finally flopping down onto his rear on the carpet. Kiro sank down on his knees beside him and touched his hand reassuringly.

Rogue found herself studying the two of them. Kurt had always been the touchy-feely type, perhaps because he was so used to not being touched by anyone except his parents for most of his life. But it still seemed strange to have him be so comfortable with that kind of touch from another guy. Sure, a clap on the shoulder or arm was one thing, but this..? Rogue could see why the boys were teasing them, even if it still made her blood boil. Though the more she thought about it, 'So what if they really are.. that way? If anything, Ah'm even more happy that Kurt finally might have found someone special! Especially after things went south with him and Amanda..'

Rogue hadn't realized that Kurt and Kitty were still talking, and she came back from her thoughts just in time to hear Kitty recap what Roberto had said earlier in the evening, and explain its meaning to a puzzled Kiro, who soon looked shocked and uneasy. Kurt's reaction was swift, and dangerous.

"Zat.. verdammt.. BASTARD.." Kurt snarled, followed by muttering something in German. Neither Kitty, nor Rogue, nor it seemed Kiro, understood what he said, but all three of them could feel the seething anger in those words, so unaccustomed coming from Kurt. Their lovable goofball. And Kiro immediately put a soothing hand on each of Kurt's shoulders in response, looking at him silently but with a pleading expression.

"Kurt, dun't worry about it, 'kay? Logan heard the whole thing, and he threatened to castrate Roberto and prolly any of the other boys if they said somethin' like that ever agin'." Rogue assured him, but Kurt still did not look too convinced.

"I can't believe them.. it's bad enough that we are treated this way because of our genes.." Kurt trailed off as Rogue started nodding, and she continued, "Ah know, bro, trust me. And Logan sure as hell set him straight, just as much as Ah did. Plus, you should've seen Kitty slap that smirk right off'a his face," Rogue reported proudly, making Kitty blush and grin despite her earlier breakdown.

"Vas..?? Kitty??" Kurt asked in surprise, a smile on his face as well as his golden eyes gleamed. Gleamed, that is, until she held up her hand. Sure enough, her slap had been hard enough to bruise Roberto, but it had also hurt her hand, and even her wrist, both of which had ugly purple splotches from where they were bruised and no doubt hurting. "Yeah, I.. like.. was kinda really angry, so, I just.. umm.."

"Ya damn near sent him onto the floor! That was great!" Rogue crowed, as she went over to give Kitty a congratulatory hug.

Kiro was suddenly there, though, and he gently reached out to take Kitty's hand and wrist in both of his hands.

Kitty blinked, and blushed, and she whispered, "Oh.. what is? Oh, like.. wow.." Her eyes grew heavy as her blush deepened, and she relaxed visibly as Kiro sat beside her on the bed, violet eyes quietly watching her as his hands continued to gently hold her's.

Kurt and Rogue both watched in quiet fascination. Kurt, from seeing what the touch looked like, once again, on another, and Rogue from both curiousity and fascination. She had not yet felt it herself, but Kurt knew that the touch worked through clothes, fortunately, unlike her power, and perhaps she would get the opportunity soon. Kitty's blush only deepened, the longer the touch went on, her breath going shallow.

Scarcely ten seconds had passed before Kiro released her hand, and Kitty gasped as she flexed her fingers, bent her wrist, and turned her hand this way and that. "Oh.. my.. god. That's, like.." She then blushed, and shivered, adjusting her legs beneath her as she sat on the bed. "God, that felt, -amazing-.."

Rogue raised a brow, and looked at the boys, before looking back at Kitty and leaning closer to whisper, "Girl, you look like you just about came in yer panties.. you alright..?"

Kitty squealed and hopped up off the bed, clutching a pillow to her lap "Oh my god, Rogue, you did not just say that.. like.. oh my god!!" Kitty seemed torn between freaking out and breaking down into a giggle fit. The same sort of reaction that Rogue had seen on Kurt, with just a handshake.

'What the hell kind of power is this?' Rogue mused, even as she laughed and shook her head at Kitty, "Girl I was jus' teasin' ya!" 'Sort of..'

Kurt, to his credit, had enough sense to remain quiet about Rogue's teasing, and he simply asked, "Um.. Kitty, is your hand all better?" Drawing her attention back to the, well, the matter at hand.

"Wow, um, yeah.. it's like.. not just better, it feels.." She flexed her hand again. "It feels like that ache I sometimes get from typing is gone too?" She looked down at Kiro, who had remained sitting on the bed, watching her with those violet eyes and a small smile.

"If this is what it's like to be Logan, I can totally see why the guy acts like he's immortal," Kitty remarked, causing all three of them to laugh, and even Kiro collapsed in a fit of (strangely silent) giggles.


"Well, it's up to you, Kiro, that's all I mean. The professor said you can take it or leave it," Scott said with an encouraging smile.

They were back in Kurt and Kiro's room, the boys all sitting together, Kurt and Kiro on the edge of Kiro's bed, while Scott had pulled over the chair from one of the nearby desks. Scott had found them all in Kitty's room, laughing from their joke, and his immediate reaction had been relief that Kitty and Rogue were no longer in a homicidal fury over the boys' stupid teasing.

Even Scott had thought they went way too far, when he first heard of it, especially talking about another member of their Institute, and had been about ready to take Roberto out to the proverbial woodshed before being assured the matter had already been dealt with: By not only Kitty, but also Rogue and Logan, all in spectacular fashion. The defense of their fellow mutant and team member had made Scott proud. Besides, he hadn't, as of yet, seen any evidence that Kurt even swung that way. Heck, hadn't Kurt been dating Amanda for a while? At least before she had moved, and tearfully decided to break things off with him.

Now, Kiro, on the other hand, Scott had no idea. He still wasn't entirely convinced that the boy was even, well, a boy. But that was beside the point. Kiro had to be the nicest, gentlest person he had ever met in his life, and despite any misgivings Scott might have about his possible orientation, he had to admit he felt protective about their newest student, and the thought of anyone bullying him, especially one of their own, made Scott's blood boil. It was like someone tormenting a helpless kitten. Just.. far too cruel.

He had said as much just a few minutes ago: "Now, Kiro, there are a lot of students at Bayville High. Most of them are good, friendly kids who just want to get to school, get good grades, and go on to college or wherever when they leave. But there are some who are just there to cause trouble, or to make other peoples' lives miserable. Especially somebody that.. umm.." Scott paused, trying to find the right words, "Somebody who's like you. Who's just gentle and .. and kind, and looks like they wouldn't hurt a fly. That's just the kind of person those jerks would want to hurt."

Kiro's reaction wasn't exactly scared, but more, sad? And he nodded. Had he faced the uglier side of life before? One could certainly imagine, despite his young age and spending years among the nuns. After all, he had to have been a foundling in the first place, and that meant someone had to kick him out of his own home, or, perhaps even worse, make him an orphan.. the thought curdled Scott's blood.

"So, Kiro, I want you to listen. You don't have to go if you don't want to, okay? But the professor wants you to at least try, and see how you do. I think it would really help you get a firmer grasp on English, especially written English. Maybe one of the teachers could even teach you sign language, if you wanted! We'll have to ask. But if it's too much, or if somebody causes you trouble, you just come find one of us, okay? And I think Kurt said-"

"Ja, I'll ask if we can have some classes together!" Kurt added with a grin.

"- Right. We're here for you, Kiro, just like we're here for all of our fellow students. Just like you're here for us." Scott grinned, knowing the truth of it, even if it sounded horribly corny saying things like this sometimes. "So what do you say? Want to give Bayville High a try?" Scott asked, holding out a hand.

Kiro's grip was gentle, and his shake was butterfly-soft, but even then the warmth, the pleasure, the sensations of Kiro's grip traveled up Scott's arm and flowed through his body, like stepping into a hot spring. He shivered, reluctantly releasing Kiro's shake with a huff after a few seconds.. Or had it been a bit longer? His mind was fuzzy, drunk with the pleasure, still. "Man, I am -never- gonna get used to that, I think.. whew.." Scott mused with a grin. Though his cheeks were flushed, and there was an unmistakable bulge in his- 'Oh shit!!'

"Ahem!! Um, anyway," Scott, a bit too quickly, stood up from the chair and turned toward the door, away from the puzzled glance of Kurt, and the gentle smile of Kiro, as he pushed the chair back over to the desk. "Ah, yeah, I'll let the professor know about your decision, Kiro. Expect to wake up early tomorrow morning, ok? The professor will probably want to accompany you at the school and discuss the arrangements in person with Principal Kelley, especially since this is a tenative thing."

"Ja, sounds good, captain!" Kurt chirped from the bed, excited at the thought of going with Kiro to school tomorrow. There was a mild sense of foreboding in his gut, but he pushed it down. He wanted to be happy, for Kiro's sake. The other boy had probably never gone to school in his life, much like Kurt hadn't, until he came here. Such a new experience, that so many kids took for granted, with all its happiness and sadness and headaches and excitement, should be savored. "Um, are you alright?" Kurt asked, noticing that Scott was still standing at the door, hand on the doorhandle, without opening it to go out in the hall.

"Ah, yeah, sorry, was just.. um.. trying to relax, real quick." Scott mumbled, before smoothing down something on his front and stepping out into the hall.

Kiro and Kurt looked at one another, and then giggled. As much as Kurt balked at the idea of thinking about Scott in that way, even he had to admit that seeing Scott so flustered and aroused was absolutely hilarious.

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