Arcade's New Niche

BY : Masterdudemind
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Like so many times as Arcade’s captive, Dallas Roirdan, Citizen V, barely had any idea what to expect in the day ahead. The guards led her to a door and instructed her simply to wait.

So Dallas simply stood there, naked, trying her best not to think what was in store for her.

Finally, after several nerve wracking minutes, the door opened. And though Dallas knew she should expect a horror show, it actually took her a moment to realize what she was looking at.

The floor was a clear plastic, with differently colored lumps irregularly scattered about.

Dallas stepped inside, knowing that there was no point to delaying the inevitable. She went to the first pink lump, and gasped in shock.

She found Cathy Webster, Free Spirit, underneath the floor. She was encased in a plastic casket that was completely form fitting, without room to even move her fingers. The casket pushed Cathy’s body upwards with two custom holes for her full breasts. Dallas looked down towards Free Spirit’s pussy, and saw that it was stuffed with a giant dildo that was buzzing away.

“Oh my God,” Dallas gasped. She looked around, and found Silverclaw, Tigra, Firebird, X-23, Dagger and Pixie all in similar situations, stuffed in form fitting boxes with no room to move, dildos filled past capacity with their breasts poking out of the floor.

As much as Dallas’ heart went out to their suffering, she found herself baffled when she didn’t find her teammates, Jolt and Songbird. Whatever was going to happen next, this was clearly an attack on her.

And Arcade loved using teammates against one another.

“Lovely, isn’t it?”

Dallas felt a wave of panic strike her as she heard that voice. She recognized it instantly, and cursed herself for not realizing this was his handiwork earlier.

“Zemo,” Dallas hissed.

Baron Helmet Zemo strolled into the room, followed closely by Jolt and Songbird, and two guards behind them. Cum was dripping down the legs of both women, and neither could raise their heads to look at her.

“What’s this about, what sick game is it this time?” Dallas demanded, though she knew she’d regret hearing the answer.

Zemo loved his twisted games, almost as much as Arcade did.   

“One moment,” Zemo said, “I need to see to my former teammates, before we begin.”

Dallas watched, helplessly, as Zemo motioned for Jolt and Songbird, plus the two guards, to follow him.

Songbird and Jolt carefully watched their step, but Dallas watched as Free Spirit, Dagger and Firebird had their breasts carelessly trampled by the guards or Zemo.

The former Citizen V watched as anti-gravity cuffs were placed on the wrists and ankles of her teammates. The devises were activated, and the two were then left hovering several feet in the air, helpless.

The two Thunderbolts secure, Zemo walked to the center of the room, not caring who he stepped on.

“When we first met in combat, you blindsided me, ambushed me,” Zemo said, stopping with a foot on Tigra’s breast, “rigged my castle with explosives before we could fairly determine who was superior with the sword.”

“Right, because you’ve played fair your entire life,” Dallas swept her hand towards the floor, “and the point of this? Why are you hurting them?”

“Good swordsmanship relies on foot work and situational awareness as much as the blade,” said Zemo. He strolled around the room, before coming to a stop with his foot on X-23’s left breast. He leaned down to look closer at her face, while she squirmed in agony, “hmm, I don’t even know who this is.”

“This will be a quick contest,” Dallas said, trembling in rage, “the failsafes Arcade implanted in me don’t allow me to commit any type of violence. You’d already be dead otherwise.”

“I spoke to your owner…”

A flash of anger shot through Dallas

“… and he’s allowed me an exception,” Zemo snapped his fingers, and the guard brought him two thin rapiers. Dallas observed that the tip was covered, like those used in practice matches.

Zemo tossed one blade to Dallas, who caught it effortlessly. She tested the weight, and knew immediately something was different.

“The rules are simple,” Zemo said, “connect with your opponent’s body, and score a point. If you managed to strike me, I’ll receive an electrical shock. If I connect, oh, let’s say twice? Your teammates are punished.”

“There’s no charge in this thing,” Dallas said, “I don’t believe you, and I won’t play your stupid game.”

Zemo held up his wrist, “I’m willing to prove it. And you don’t have a choice.”

Dallas snapped her sword outwards, connecting with Zemo’s wrists.

She heard the familiar snap of electricity, and was almost giddy when Zemo pulled away, obviously hurt.

“Convinced?” said Zemo.

“I am,” Dallas smiled.

“So eager to inflict agony,” Zemo smiled, “I wonder what it is that Erik ever saw in you.”

The mention of her boyfriend made Dallas see red. She lunged at Zemo, rapier aimed at his cock.

With a single swipe of his sword, Zemo redirected the tip downwards, towards the floor.

“Arrgh!” Pixie screamed, as electricity painfully tore through her young tit.

Dallas pulled the blade back quickly, horrified at what she’d done.

“Careful,” Zemo said, “control is important. As is knowing your surroundings.”

Zemo stalked around Dallas. She knew immediately that he was trying to flank her, but she had to move carefully. She didn’t want to stomp on the breasts of her fellow captives when she was forced to defend herself.

“I’m curious,” Zemo stopped over Silverclaw. He slowly pressed his foot over her large, brown breasts, crushing it beneath his foot. Dallas watched, as Maria wept and pleaded through her ball-gag, “how much do you care for your fellow captives?”

“I will castrate you if it’s the last thing I do,” Dallas said, as she lunged forward.

Zemo blocked her thrust, but Dallas kept good enough control of her blade not to strike one of her fellow prisoners again.

But Zemo parried each assault, each attack, and Dallas knew she was in trouble.

After all, swordsmanship was a skill, and like any skill, one needed practice and challenges to maintain or improve their craft.

All Dallas had practiced for months was sucking cocks or pleasing sadistic men (and some women). Screaming as she was raped or whipped, that was her exercise. As much as she hated to admit it to herself, even the simple act of holding a weapon, of fighting back, felt strange and alien right now.

But damn, did it feel good too.

Dallas, so lost in the ecstasy of fighting back, missed a feint by Zemo, who then plunged the blunt tip of his rapier into her nipple.

“Ahh!” Dallas screamed, as volts of electricity struck her breast. She stumbled backwards, and realized that she hadn’t even considered that Zemo’s rapier was like hers.

“That’s one point,” Zemo said.

“That’s all you’ll get,” Dallas said defiantly.

“If you say so,” said Zemo, “oh, the young woman who reminds me of the Wasp, may wish you to move your foot.”

Dallas jumped as if she had seen a snake. She hadn’t even realized that her heel had been grinding down on the Pixie’s breast.

“You never even saw her until today,” Dallas growled, “how could you be so cruel?”

“Fine breeding,” Zemo replied, “lets continue!”  

When Zemo came at her, Dallas knew immediately that she was in trouble.

She struggled to counter his thrusts, his swordsmanship was fluid and smooth while hers was clumsy and reflexive.

Dallas stomped on a breast trying to back away from Zemo, and she was so focused fighting off Zemo, she barely realized what she’d done.

Baron Zemo, for his part, simply strolled about the room, savoring Dallas’ amateurish attempts at handling a blade while not giving a damn who he stepped on.

“Your time as a whore has not been kind,” Zemo observed with a smirk. His foot came down on Free Spirit’s breast, just before he slipped through Dallas’ defenses again, the blunt, electrical tip striking her pussy.


Agony ripped through Dallas, and she dropped her sword.

“Two points,” smirked Zemo.

Dallas looked towards her teammates, pleading for their forgiveness.

She watched as the guards placed her friends with their backs to the floor and eyes towards the ceiling, the ant-gravity cuffs keeping them at waist height. And when Dallas saw the guards pull back the whips, she knew that she could never forgive herself.




“Please, stop!”

Jolt and Songbird were helpless as the whips struck their already abused flesh. Zemo had run a train on them, over thirty men in two hours, and their cunts were already raw and aching. Each lash brought their pain to a whole new level.

Each Thunderbolt received twenty lashes to their now fiery cunts. But it was when the guards dropped their whips and undid their pants, that the women truly began to despair.

“No, not another,” Jolt sobbed. The guard’s erect cock barely touched her abused pussy, and the pain was immeasurable, “don’t, no more…”

Ironically, Songbird barely made a peep when the guard entered her burning cunt. She was too exhausted, though she sobbed, as his cock battered her sore and aching cervix.

“Tell me, Hallie, how does it feel?” Baron Zemo said.

“It hurts,” Hallie answered, “please, Dallas, don’t let him do this again!”

“Dallas, make him stop,” Songbird pleaded.

Dallas cringed inwardly. She knew that Zemo had made her friends rehearse those words, but they stung all the same.

“Shall we continue?” Zemo said.

Dallas knew it wasn’t a suggestion.

Dallas brought up her sword, as her eyes were wet with tears.


Free Spirit watched helplessly as Dallas did everything she could to hold Zemo back. She wasn’t surprised when Zemo led the battle to where she lay, completely immobile.

Dallas stepped over her exposed breasts, but Cathy wasn’t surprised when Baron Zemo’s foot came down on her right breast, grinding it like pepper.

The agony was unbearable and Cathy would have screamed if she could. Zemo shifted his weight, twisting her breast under his heel.

Though she knew it wasn’t rational, Free Spirit began to hate Dallas for losing like she did, for bringing Zemo’s wraith down on her and for allowing the opportunity to punish him slip through her fingers.


Dallas clumsily deflected a strike, and left herself open as Zemo slashed his sword across her breasts like a whip. The pain was sharp and quick, and Dallas considered herself luck that there hadn’t been any electricity.

“A first-year student wouldn’t have made that mistake,” Zemo observed, “how badly have your skills atrophied?”

“Why don’t you spend some time here as a prisoner, and find out?” Dallas snapped. She knew it was childish, but Zemo’s words about her skill stung, cutting her to the quick.

Because of all of Zemo’s captives, Dallas was the only one who could still fall back on what made her a heroine in the first place, because they weren’t powers, but training.

Only now, Zemo was throwing in her face how that training had faded, after so much time as a whore.

Blinking back tears, Dallas raised her rapier, and swore to herself that she wouldn’t go down without a fight.

“Ah, I see some of your fire has returned,” Zemo stepped on X-23’s breasts, his full weight resting on the sensitive orbs, “come at me. I won’t move. Come straight at me, score a point, and your friends?”

Zemo nodded towards Songbird and Jolt, who were still being pounded.

“I’ll give them a reprieve.” Zemo said, “and I’ll even remove my feet from this young lady.”

Dallas grinded her teeth, and came at Zemo. She drew on every ounce of skill, and tried to recall all her training.

She stabbed at Zemo’s stomach, deciding to go for the easiest target, and he knocked it aside contemptuously. When Dallas went for his elbow, he simply leaned aside to dodge. Dallas attempted to stab Zemo over a dozen times in less than two minutes, and every single attempt ended the same way.

“Enough, you’re beginning to bore me.”

Dallas was utterly unprepared when Zemo sidestepped her thrust, and smacked her brand with the tip of his rapier.

Dallas knew that she must have screamed, as the raw pain of the brand magnified the pain of the electricity. Dallas blacked out for a second, and fell over like a cut tree.

“I must admit, this isn’t the test of skill I thought it would be,” Zemo grabbed Dallas by the hair, and began dragging her, “I think I’ll indulge myself in your current skills, if you don’t mind.”

Zemo dragged Dallas, until her knees were resting atop Silverclaw’s large breasts, pressing them against the floor.

“Keep your knees there,” Zemo ordered, as he unzipped his pants and freed his cock, “or your fellow Thunderbolts will suffer even more for your weakness.”

Dallas could feel Zemo’s cock brush against her pussy, and her lip trembled.

“Make this more pleasurable for me, and perhaps this Avenger won’t suffer long, hmm?”


Silverclaw had an agonizing, front row seat as Zemo raped Dallas atop of her. Maria’s breasts, which had been stepped on several times, had felt like throbbing, aching bruises.

But now, with Dallas’ knees bearing down on her breasts with all her weight, the pain was a thousand times worse. Her nipples felt as if they were reversed and turned into daggers, and every movement from Dallas brought Maria a new hell.

Maria watched as Zemo’s cock slid into Dallas’ pussy, sinking in slowly. Having been a captive of Arcade for so long, she could see how Dallas’ pussy gripped Zemo’s manhood, and began squeezing it, milking for all it was worth.

Each thrust brought a new wave of pain, but Maria couldn’t look away as Zemo hammered into Dallas’ pussy, his cock sawing in and out. Droplets of sweat and pussy juice trickled down, but Maria didn’t care.

The agony was so much, so terrible that she was transfixed by the assault. Maria watched in desperation, praying to see the Master of Evil cumming.

So she watched as his cock slammed in and out of Dallas’ pussy. She observed how it seemed to quiver, and realized that Citizen V had accidently cum, and not the Baron.

The entire time, Maria felt as if her breasts were ready to explode. She felt each thrust, as Dallas was rocked back and forth by Zemo.

Maria leapt tears of joy when she heard Zemo grunt, and saw his cum trickling out of Dallas’ pussy. The feeling of pressure disappearing as Citizen V’s knees removed themselves from her breasts was the sweetest bliss Maria had felt in some time.


“I’d be lying if I didn’t say this was something of a disappointment,” Zemo said as he stood up and secured his pants, “I would have thought you’d have more fire, Dallas. What did Erik ever see in you?”

Dallas tried to ignore the feeling of Zemo’s seed trickling down her leg as she picked up her rapier. She observed her friends, Jolt and Songbird, still being raped, as Zemo stood there smugly.

“It certainly wasn’t your skill with a blade,” Zemo rubbed his chin, “or at least, not a metal one, hmm?”

Dallas screamed as Zemo, pain and outrage overriding all logic. She swung her rapier wildly, all skill and training, already rusty, now completely forgotten.

Zemo deflected Dallas’ wild strikes effortlessly, stepped backwards, regardless.

Dallas, fueled entirely by rage, took the bate and followed him like an angry dog across the dueling floor.

Dallas didn’t notice when she stomped on both breasts of Firebird.

She never noticed how Zemo crushed the breasts of Tigra underneath his heels, and never paused when she did the exact same thing.

Dallas brought her heel smashing down on Dagger’s right breast when she thought she saw an opening.

When Dallas’ heels came down on Free Spirit’s breasts, Zemo stood his ground. He parried her thrusts, smirking all the while. He effortlessly kept Dallas back for a full two minutes, snickering as Dallas’ feet scuffled back and forth on Free Spirit’s abused breasts.

All the while, Songbird and Jolt were fucked hard by their LMD guards. Each thrust feeling like a small car crash, fucking the two senseless.

When he was done tormenting Free Spirit, Baron Zemo moved to the side, Dallas staying on him the entire time.

This time, Dallas’ feet came to a stop atop the young breasts of the mutant Pixie.

Out of the corner of his eye, Baron Zemo watched how the young woman thrashed about, weeping and sobbing as Dallas’ heels crushed her nipples, and pancaked her breasts.

Baron Zemo did his best to hold it in, but Dallas could still see him chuckling.

“What? What’s so damn funny?” Dallas hissed, as she tried in vain to connect with her rapier.

“I was just wondering,” Baron Zemo pointed at Dallas’ feet, “how could you be so cruel?”

Dallas, horrified, froze. And Baron Zemo struck.

His rapier moved in a fluid motion, striking Citizen V’s clit, her brand, then both nipples.

All strength fled Dallas, as she fell to her hands and knees, sobbing.

“Ah, exactly where you should be,” Zemo said. He began to undo his pants, “I have to say, this little contest has become tiresome. I think I’ve answered the question of who the superior swordsman is. A shame, that you wasted your opportunity at revenge.”

Zemo grabbed the sides of Dallas’ head. On pure reflex, she opened her mouth, and passively took Zemo’s cock.

“But at least we now know where your skills lie.”



Arcade, Miss Locke and Baron Zemo held up a glass of wine.

“To Baron Zemo,” said Arcade, “the second greatest artist in the room today.”

“Yes, today,” Miss Locke gave a predator’s smile.

“You are too kind,” Baron Zemo said.

The three took a sip of their wine.

“I have to admit, I’m tempted to pay you,” Arcade said, “I think today, you did more to crush the hopes of escape than I’ve done in weeks.”

“Oh, doubtlessly,” Baron Zemo smirked, “I know from experience, that those with superhuman abilities defer to those who do not. They see our… their weakness as strength.”

Dallas Riordan sat alone in her cell, yet she could feel the weight of all her fellow captives on her. She pulled her legs up to her chest, and sobbed.

“Today, I have demonstrated it as weakness, nothing more."

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