Arcade's New Niche

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“Jake? How goes it?” Arcade strolled to the front and only entrance of his current complex, where in less than an hour dozens of men and women would stream inside, to both enjoy the bodies of the heroines he held captive, and to increase his legend in the outlaw community.

But for that to happen, Arcade felt that sometimes his guests needed an immediate reminder of the services he offered, something to entice and remind them of what awaited him here.

“We’re about done with the displays,” replied his man.

Arcade nodded. That was why he had instructed his men to bind Wolfsbane, Pixie, Tigra and Namorita to the wall like movie posters. The heroines were bound spread eagle, padded shackles holding them in place, as naked as the day they were born. He had Wolfsbane and Pixie on one side of the hall, and Tigra and Namorita across from them.

Arcade observed as his men secured them against the wall. It was important to emphasize to his new clients, his customers the power that Arcade casually wielded over these once proud heroines, and to that end he wanted those who appeared at first glance to be the genuine article to be the first thing they saw.

Pixie’s wings, Tigra’s feline form, Namorita’s toned muscle form and ankle wings, and Wolfsbane’s lupine form, all clear signs that these were not actresses, but the genuine article.

Arcade observed his heroines, trying to gauge their moods. Tigra was sullen, unable to meet her captor’s eyes, as usual. Whether it was the rapes or being forced to be a traitor, Arcade didn’t know or care.  

Next was Pixie, she had that new captive style, shaking like a leaf as she imagined what today would be like. She and her New Mutant friends were a new addition to his list of captives, and Arcade wasn’t certain she’d been through her first three dozen rapes. If anything, she should be thanking him for this respite, but all she did was beg and cry. Ingrate…

Then there was Namorita, still full of fire and rage. Just a look from her might have melted steel. She spat and swore vengeance as the bite gag was fitted her in mouth. Best not to offend the clients before they got inside, Arcade reasoned but he enjoyed watching her struggle.

Last was Rahne Sinclair, Wolfsbane. In her time here, Arcade had seen her mood ping pong wildly. Once day, she was a little mouse, silently praying for divine intervention, the next she spat the most vile of profanities, until someone shoved a cock in her mouth.

Today, was angry defiance. An O ring was shoved in her mouth, but she shook with righteous anger.

Arcade sauntered over to Rahne, and slid a finger inside her.

“Why so angry?” Arcade said, as he wiggled his finger inside her pussy, “I bet you won’t have more than five or six men inside you today. That’s barely work!”

Rahne hissed something that would have been profane if she hadn’t been gagged. Her lupine form gave her expression of anger a wild and feral animal. Arcade knew that she would have killed him in a second were it not for the failsafes.

That was why Arcade chuckled, and thought back to the first time he’d fucked her.

The Past

“Another day, another dollar and one more day that will live in infamy,” Arcade said, as he watched his captives marched into their cells. Today had been a long one, and they didn’t even have the energy to look at him spitefully as they were locked away for the night.

But Arcade noting something odd, in that the headcount was a little low. Where was that petite redhead…?

“Looking for someone?” said Miss Locke from behind.

Arcade turned around, and saw Miss Locke, and more oddly, Rahne Sinclair, actually dressed in a white, oversized T-shirt. Arcade smirked when he read what was written on it.

‘Happy Birthday’.

“So I guess that’s why one dog isn’t in its kennel?” Arcade said.

“I don’t believe that you’ve tasted this morsel yet,” Miss Locke said with a conniving smile.

Arcade looked Rahne up and down, her face flush with equal parts horror and rage. She loathed being talked about so casually, but was clearly afraid of drawing even more attention to herself right now, being in the presence of the two most responsible for her suffering. Her face was flush with barely contained anger, but she couldn’t bring herself to meet his eyes.

“No, no I haven’t,” Arcade smirked, “how could I do that to a fellow ginger? Ms. Sinclair, I’m so sorry.”

Rahne flinched at the mention of her true name, but said nothing.

“Can you make sure everything is locked up tight for the evening?” Arcade said, “let the men know that they can have any girl they want tonight. No reason why I can’t share the joy, no?”

Miss Locke smiled, “Of course. You have fun now.”

“Will do,” Arcade threw an arm over Rahne’s shoulder. The young mutant nearly jumped out of her skin, though Arcade was pleased to see the look of hatred she gave him, “looks like you get a comfy bed tonight. Isn’t that great?”

Arcade could see Rane gritting her teeth.

“Hell was made for creatures like ye,” Rahne said, softly.

Arcade smiled.

“Babe, if I ever met the devil, he’d just think he was looking in the mirror,” Arcade said.

Rahne’s lips curled into a choked growl, but she said nothing, as Arcade led her to his room. Instead, Rahne held her hands at her side, pushing the t-shirt as far down as it would go as they walked.

“Sorry we couldn’t do dinner,” Arcade said, as they reached his room, “I already ate. Maybe next time?”

Arcade watched as anger once again flashed across Rahne’s face. Her buttons were all but neon signs, and he couldn’t resist pushing them.   

“Voila! Castle El Arcade!”

Rahne felt the raging anger inside her grow louder, stronger as she stepped inside. The door had led to Arcade’s bedroom, no surprise there, but what surprised Rahne was what surrounded his oval, king-sized bed.

The bed was surrounded by display cases, each one filled with a costume belonging to one of her fellow captive. Without realizing it, Rahne drifted to the display case that contained her legless, sleeveless unitard, the one-piece costume that she had worn into battle so many times.

Beside it was Dagger’s costume, Jolt’s and on it went. It was irrational, but seeing how Arcade kept a piece of them in his private room made Rahne realize that she could hate this monster even more, after all he’d inflicted on her already.

“Nice set pieces, no?” Arcade said, stepped up to the displays beside her, “really set the mood, don’t they?”

Rahne snapped her head towards Arcade. Her body trembled with rage, and her throat was dry with fury.

“Hard to say which are my favorite. It varies, some days,” Arcade tapped on the display case with Dani and Amara’s costumes.

“Why don’t ye just fuck me and put me back in the cells?” Rahne growled, despite herself.

“Because I haven’t had a taste of you, yet,” Arcade smiled, “red heads are the best, am I right? I’d rather savor our time together than hump and run. It is my birthday, after all.”

Rahne just glared.

“I’m going to go get changed, brush my teeth, that sort of thing,” Arcade said, “why don’t you…get ready? I’m sure it would make things easier. Just leave the shirt on.”

Arcade winked at her.

“I like to unwrap my presents myself.”

Rahne watched, trembling in fury, as Arcade sauntered to his bathroom to brush his teeth. Just seeing those small amenities was infuriating, those small bits of everyday life now denied her.

Still, Rahne put her anger aside as she sat down on the bed. She knew from experience what was going to happen, and there was nothing she could do about it.

The least she could do, though, was make it a little less uncomfortable.

She slide her left hand down to her pussy, and slipped her fingers inside of herself. She swirled her finger only twice, and shuddered as pleasure swept through her body. She brought her fingers away, and found them drenched.

“That bloody bastard,” Rahne muttered with a growl.

“My goodness,” Arcade was wrapped in a bathrobe with a smirk on his face, “aren’t you eager to start?”

“Ye did this,” Rahne growled, “ye do something to our bodies, our hormones, to make us…”

“What?” Arcade said, “what do I make you? A slut? A whore?”

“…eager,” Rahne said, too angry for a clever retort.

“Well then,” Arcade produced a pair of scissors from his pocket, “lets not wait to unwrap you, shall we?”

Rahne stood perfectly still as Arcade lowered the scissors to just between her legs, and began cutting upwards. She could feel the cold metal as it brushed against her skin, and flinched as he cut through the collar, and the scissors brushed past her cheek.

When he was done, the shirt was split cleanly in the middle, exposing Rahne’s pussy and bellybutton, but still hiding her breasts

“Well,” Arcade said, “aren’t you going to undress?”

Rahne growled, but shrugged the shirt off, and stood nude before Arcade. Her cheeks were flush red with equal parts anger and shame. Even after so much time nude, Arcade observed, Rahne hadn’t completely lost her modesty. 

Which made this all the better.

“Wow,” Arcade cupped her breasts, and the feeling made Rahne’s skin crawl, “these are like, perfect for you. You are the text book definition of petite, you know that? Not too big, not too small…”

Arcade flicked Rahne’s nipple, and the young mutant flinched.

“Just right.”

“Thank you,” Rahne snarled.

“Anyways, lets get this show on the road,” Arcade opened his bathrobe, and gave Rahne a knowing look, “work your family magic, baby.”

Rahne got down on her knees, and with her right hand cupped Arcade’s penis, and guided it into her mouth.

The act disgusted her, as did the fact that she was sucking on the cock of the man responsible for so much suffering, but she controlled her gag reflex, and ran her tongue along the bottom of it. Arcade was hard in seconds, and Rahne bobbed her head back and forth along the length.

“So hey, Rahne, what do I look like from down there?” Arcade said cheerfully.

Rahne knew the question was rhetorical, but it stung all the same. She knew that if she didn’t please him, he would go straight after her friends, Amara, Paige and Danielle and do God only knew what.

So she sucked Arcade’s cock with what little skill she had developed so far, and prayed it was enough.

“Such a quick learner,” Arcade ran a hand through Rahne’s hair, “but not quick enough.”

Arcade grabbed the sides of Rahne’s head, and slammed her forward, plunging his cock down her throat. Arcade laughed as Rahne’s hands flailed at her side. She’d learned not to resist, but not to panic.

Rahne felt sick inside as she tasted the full length of Arcade’s cock in her mouth, the feeling of his hands on her head as he bobbed her back and forth on his manhood. With her powers, he would be less than nothing to her, and even without them, Rahne knew she could take this man, the same way she knew the sun would rise in the morning.

But raising a hand against him wasn’t an option. The failsafes kept her in check, just as much as the safety of her friends did..

“Skilled, though! Definitely skilled,” Arcade moaned, “about to cum, don’t swallow!”

Rahne’s eyes went wide as she felt Arcade shot his seed in her mouth. While she had, for the most part, lost her gag reflex, Rahne shivered in sheer revolution as she tasted Arcade’s cum.

“Ahh,” Arcade sighed, his cock still hard. He withdrew from Rahne’s mouth, “alright, show me.”

Rahne was trembling with rage, but she obeyed, opening her mouth, displaying Arcade’s cum as it rested on her tongue.

“Good doggie,” Arcade said, “now, swallow!”

Rahne, with no small amount of self loathing, obeyed.

“You never did tell me, what do I look like from down there?” Arcade said.

Rahne, her eyes wet but defiant, said nothing.

“Maybe you didn’t hear me,” Arcade leaned down, and pinched Rahne’s left nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

“Ahh! Stop!” Rahne begged. It felt as if Arcade were slicing the sensitive bud of flesh from her breast, and of course it only got worse, as Arcade pulled her to her feet.

“I said,” still pinching Rahne’s nipple, Arcade gave it a sharp and painful twist, “what did I look like, from how there?”

“A monster!” Rahne snapped, despite her common sense telling her to say anything but that, “an utter monster!”

Arcade released Rahne’s nipple, his Cheshire grin never leaving his face. With a sudden shove, he pushed Rahne onto the bed, where she landed on her back.

“Good girl. Just what I wanted to hear,” Arcade said. He shrugged his robe off, “lets get to the main event, shall we?”

Rahne had her legs pressed together, in the vain hope of warding off Arcade. But when he reached down with his cold hands, and casually pried them apart, Rahne didn’t resist because she knew it was futile.

It was more than just the fail-safes. It was the fact that she was terrified about what punishment he might inflict on her friends if she offered any real resistance. Rahne found herself in a constant battle between heart and head.

Worse still, the touch of Arcade made her skin crawl. Rahne had been assaulted more times than she could count now, and done unspeakable things, but there was something especially disgusting about Arcade’s touch. After all, he was the source of her misery, of her suffering. Every abuse she suffered was because of him in some way.

But Rahne still refused to allow herself to look away, as Arcade climbed atop her, his cock aimed at her wet, waiting pussy, and she felt his hot, stinking breath on her naked flesh.

The first breath went across her belly button as she felt his hands pressing down on the bed.

The second breath landed in between her breasts, and Rahne began to feel the tip of his cock pressed against her folds.

Finally, they were face to face.

A mental image of a dragon preparing to devour a fair maiden flashed through Rahne’s mind. Though Arcade was, physically nothing compared to some of the foes Rahne had faced, right here and now, he was everything.

There was nothing he couldn’t do to her. And nothing he wouldn’t do, Rahne feared.

“So proportionate,” Arcade sighed, as he leaned down to kiss Rahne’s still tender breast. He began suckling it, until the tip became rigid.

Rahne loathed how the only thing Arcade truly left them was their minds, if only so that they could suffer more.

Rahne felt her nipples harden, and despite herself, she shifted her waist oh so little, lining up her wet pussy with Arcade’s cock.

“Just get on wit’ it,” Rahne hissed.

“Since the lady insists,” Arcade’s smiled was like every predator’s rolled into one for Rahne.

And despite that, she still gasped in pleasure as his cock slid into the folds of her pussy, and hated herself for it.

Rahne knew that what she was feeling, the lust that made her long for his manhood, was artificial but it was no less overpowering, the sensation no less intoxicating.

Rahne felt at war with her very sense of self. She bit her lip to hold back a moan, while never feeling more disgusted.

This was the man who made her and her friends fuck dozens, every day. This was the man now responsible for the most horrific events in her life, in a life already overwhelmed with tragedy. His very touch made her skin crawl, and if she were able, Rahne knew she would have killed the man in an instant and never lost a single wink of sleep.

But God damn, did his cock feel good inside of her.

“…bastard!” Rahne whispered, as she suddenly found herself within inches of climaxing, as his cock gently worked its way inside of her.

“Rather ironic insult coming from you,” said Arcade.

Rahne bit her lip once more, rather than risk moaning in pleasure.

Arcade had begun slowly pushing into her, gently, almost like a lover would. Nothing like the dozens of men before him who thought her pussy should be pounded like a nail, Arcade was careful and gentle as he pressed inside.

And that, combined with whatever he’d done to the fail-safes, meant his rather average cock felt better than any cock she had taken before (Rahne briefly remembered that she had been a virgin before Arcade). Rahne couldn’t remember another time she had felt so good.

Arcade’s hands went to her nipples, gently teasing the tender buds, and bringing Rahne pleasure in a way that made her sick to her stomach.

“Why did I wait so long?” Arcade moaned, as he thrusted into Rahne’s tight pussy. Each thrust felt better than the one before

“God!” Rahne hissed, as she neared climax again. Though she hated herself even more, she wrapped her legs around Arcade’s waist, and pulling him inside, and her pussy clamped down on his cock.

“Holy shit!” Arcade gasped, and he had to concentrate not to cum then and there, “now you’re getting with the program!”

“If yuir going to fuck me, ye might as well do it right…oh!” Rahne arched her back, just as Arcade was lunging inside her. The timing was almost surgical, and she felt herself reach that perfect moment of pleasure nearly instantly.

Rahne gaped for a moment, before releasing a breath. Arcade of course hadn’t stopped fucking her, but the climax was enough to at least sate some of the artificial lust that Arcade had forced on her body.

“Got an animal inside ya, in more ways than one, huh?” Arcade smirked.

“Truer words were never spoken,” Rahne snapped back.

Arcade smiled, but didn’t retort, and for that Rahne was grateful. She didn’t want to risk angering or tempting him into further cruelty.

Instead, she tried to match his thrusts, taking his cock deep inside her own pussy. Every inch he was inside her, meant that Rahne was just a little less overwhelmed by the heat instilled in her by the failsafes, and was a little more herself.

The irony that she could reclaim her mind by fucking the man responsible for her lust didn’t escape Rahne. But she also knew a futile battle when she saw it, and she didn’t have the strength for it now.

So as Arcade plunged his cock into her pussy, and his fingers mauled her aching breasts, she instead tried to imagine him as someone else. Doug, Alex, Sam, anyone but the man responsible for everything she had suffered not just today.

But that was all but impossible. No one she knew could ever be this cruel this sadistic. Rahne could see a crazy in Arcade’s eyes that made it impossible to see him as anything else but the madman he was.


Rahne gasped once more as his cock stroked her pussy.


Rahne fet as if her clit were rock hard. Every time she felt Arcade’s pounding near it, she was brought to a higher level of pleasure.


Rahne sighed, as a small, five second climax took her, but then shame took her, as Arcade’s words, him using her just for pleasure, struck her heart like a knife.

And of course, that was when Arcade leaned in for a kiss.

His tongue explored Rahne’s mouth. The young Scotswoman hadn’t kissed too many different boys in her young life, and the fact that she was French kissing Arcade of all people was another dagger in her spirit.

Try as she might, Rahne couldn’t stop the tears from falling, something Arcade was quick to observe.

“Yummy,” Arcade reached out, and scooped a tear from Rahne’s face with his index finger, and then licked it clean. Cliché, he reflected, but now he realized it was for a reason.

Rahne hated herself for being so weak as to cry in front of Arcade, which of course did nothing to stop more tears.

But the hurt of that didn’t stop the lust Arcade had inflicted on her, but Rahne no longer had the energy to meet his lunges, nor courage to meet his eyes.

Arcade could see this all through his lust, and for the moment, he was okay with it. Some things only had so much mileage, after all.

“Here it comes, Rahne,” Arcade said, as he felt himself ready to release, “your favorite part!”

Rahne felt sick to her stomach as she felt Arcade fill her pussy with his hot seed.

Rahne had already taken twice as much cum in her pussy today than Arcade had filled her with, but his seed felt especially disgusting to her, and made her feel filthy in new and disgusting ways.

“Whew!” Arcade collapses atop Rahne, resting his head next to hers, “pretty good, huh? And you weren’t too bad yourself.”

“Thank you,” Rahne said, her voice brimming with equal parts rage and pain.

“So tell me,” Arcade’s left hand reached for Rahne’s right breast, and began playing with it. With her nipple between his fingers, he asked, “what’d you do today?”

Rahne looked at Arcade in disbelief. She couldn’t believe his tone, almost completely serious, like they were a couple discussing their day.

While no small part of her wanted to gut Arcade, Rahne knew it was better to play along.

“Well, after the morning gruel, enema and gruel, I had to complete against three other girls on me back…”


 The competition was relatively simply.

Rahne, Dagger and Jolt had been secured on narrow cots raised to waist level, with their legs in stirrups. The cots were too short for them to rest their heads, and the cold metal was uncomfortable on their backs, but that was only a plus to their captors.

“This here is a cum collecting contest,” the head guard informed the three women, with the same smirk that all the guards had, knowing they controlled women who could have destroyed them without a second thought in other circumstances, “girl who gets the most, gets a bath, and doesn’t get whipped. Any questions?”

There were none, of course.

Rahne tried to relax as the first man pressed his thick, eager cock against her slit. Unlike most, he actually massaged her clit, almost making the ordeal bearable.


Another man pressed his cock against Rahne’s lips, and she reluctantly remembered that this was a competition. She could see that Jolt had already sucked a man off, and another man had just finished in Dagger’s pussy.

So Rahne sucked as best she could and held her hands out to the side, offering handjobs to any takers. When the first man came in her hand, Rahne smeared his cum across her belly before taking another man in her hand.

And when the cock in her mouth finally finished, Rahne licked her lips as if the disgusting taste was the best thing she ever had. Men seemed to like that.

And that went on for hours. When it was finally time to decide the winners, Rahne, Tandy and Hallie were unstrapped and stood side by side in front of the latest group of men wh’d just had them.

To her ever lasting shame, Rahne squeezed her legs together the moment she felt the –drip!-, -drip-, drip- of cum out of her pussy and onto the floor. As much pain as she had suffered Rahne had no desire to suffer any more because she had come up just a little short.

Rahne, Jolt, and Tandy stood in front of the head guard, covered in cum and looking as if they were slathered in frosting. The guard waved a wand connected to some handheld devise, and then smiled.

“Tandy, you are the biggest slut,” he smiled.

Rahne’s heart fell the moment the guard said those words. She looked at Dagger, and saw the girl’s long, curly blond hair was actually matted down to her head. When Tandy had been giving men hand-jobs, she had rubbed their cum in her hair.

“Alright boys,” said the guard, “we got us a chink and red head. After we hose ‘em down, who wants to see who can scream louder?”


“Jolt was louder, at least today,” Rahne snarled, “Ms. Locke took me from there to Doc Shoc, and then gave me to ye.”

Arcade traced a finger around Rahne’s nipple.

“So typical day?” Arcade said.

“Aye, till now,” replied Rahne, “I’d rather be back there.”

“Well, tomorrow should be easier,” Arcade said, “we just got a special hammock for the horses, and we need a front cunt to test it out.”

Arcade savored how Rahne’s face went pale.

“But that’s tomorrow, right? Better to live in the moment,” Rahne could feel Arcade’s rigid member pressed against her leg, “and today is still birthday, after all.”

Arcade grabbed the side of Rahne’s hip, and turned her over.

“This is your preferred style, right?” Arcade placed the tip of his cock against Rahne’s quivering rear.

“Original as ever,” Rahne growled.

“It’s my birthday,” Arcade said, his cock pressed against Rahne’s tight ass, “why don’t you sing me the traditional song?”

“Happy birthday..ugh!... to you!”

Rahne gritted her teeth as she felt Arcade’s cock push inside her.

Arcade savored the feeling. Rahne was still relatively new to anal sex, and her first instinct was still to clench. She created a nice little vice around his cock, almost as tight as her pussy.

Happy birth day to you.”

Rahne felt sick as she felt Arcade pumping inside of her. Arcade didn’t care, but knew that she wasn’t doing the best job she could. He slapped her ass open handed as he sheathed his cock in her tight ass.

“Happy birthday Dear Arcade, happy birthday to you.”

“And many more!” Arcade said, and then slapped Rahne’s brand.

Rahne buried her face in the sheets as she screamed from the unexpected pain, and screamed again when Arcade slapped the brand once more.

Arcade loved the way her soft white skin seemed to ripple, the way her entire body flinched. He took his time as he fucked Rahne’s ass.

After all, it was his birthday.


Arcade looked at Rahne’s defiant face, and smiled inwardly.

The night they shared together on his birthday wasn’t like most nights.

Because while the internal mechanisms that allowed him to control Rahne’s libido were still in full effect, the fail-safes that kept Rahne from gutting him, were not.

After all, birthdays were about tradition

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