Arcade's New Niche

BY : Masterdudemind
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“You worked hard today,” the guard gave Sooraya Qadir, Dust, a harsh shove into the cell, “make sure to get some rest for tomorrow.”

Sooraya just shuddered, and refused to turn so that the guard wouldn’t see her tears. She waited until the guard had left before she slumped against the wall, sobbing.

“Good evening, Sooraya.”

Dust was startled for a split second. It wasn’t that she wasn’t used to sharing a cell with someone, by now she had shared a cell with everyone, but until now she thought she had been alone, lost in her own horror.

“Laura,” Dust wiped her eyes and acknowledged her friend.

“Long day?” X-23, as naked as Sooraya, went to her friend and sat next to her.

The question cut Dust to the quick, and she snapped her head at her fellow mutant.

“No, it was perfect. I loved all the penises inside me!”

Laura smirked, “You sound sarcastic. And you can say cocks, you know.”

“Go to hell!” Dust snapped, tears streaming down her face, “not all of us are sluts like you!”

Dust raised her hand to her mouth, when she realized what she said.

“Oh Allah,” Dust felt her heart drop, “Laura, I’m so sorry, I never meant…”

“No,” Laura snapped, “don’t apologize. You’re right, this is easier for me than it is for you.”

“Still, I never should have said that…!”

Laura squeezed Dust’s hand in hers.

“Perhaps. But if you want to make it up to me? Remember that anger, remember that strength,” Laura said, “today was horrible, and tomorrow will be too. But so long as you preserve your spirit, they’ll never really win.”

Listening to her friend, Dust felt for a moment that she could believe it.

“What…” Dust took a deep breath before continuing, scared of both the question and the answer, “what do you think our chances of escape are?”

“Do you really want to know?” Laura said, casually.

Dust mustered up her courage, “Yes, I need to know.”

“Not good,” Laura said, “I believe that Arcade replies on more than one system to keep us subdued. We have nanites in our bloodstream, and more than that I can smell what I believe to be a control devise in our brains.”

“Our brains?” Dust touched her forehead instinctively

“Towards the back of your head, actually,” Laura said, “the lack of any surgical scars leads me to believe micro robots were assembled into our nasal cavities and programmed to assemble out of easy reach. A back up for the nanites in our blood.”

“Oh,” Dust said.

“In addition to that, I know that every woman here has lost at least a few days,” said Laura, “placing us in a room with any one of the dozens of known brainwashing devises would be child’s play.”

“More insurance,” Dust said, sullenly.

“Correct,” Laura said, “more than that, Arcade isn’t making the mistake of giving us any rights whatsoever. We are always being observed, usually by guards and always by LMDs that never sleep and see everything. We’re always naked, usually held in different cells and have nothing to bribe the guards with. Within limits, they are actually rewarded for any abuse they visit on us.”

Laura was surprised to see how well Dust had taken her comments.

“What about the guests?” Dust said, “surely, someone will be tempted to say something…! To brag, or…or sell him out for a lighter sentence!”

“I thought as much too,” Laura said, “but the guards have alluded to an insurance policy. I don’t know the nature of it, but it’s enough to discourage the guests he allows here. Arcade is very careful with his guests. As for a villain revealing this place for leniency, think about that for a moment.”

Sooraya did.


Laura gave Dust a smirk.

“’Please don’t arrest me for robbing a bank, I’ll tell you instead who I’ve raped’,” Laura said in a sarcastic voice, “I’m certain that some of the villains that fuck us have been to jail since. But they’re not about to confess to a greater crime, especially one that would put them in the crosshairs of heroes and villains alike.”

“Sadly, I don’t feel as if our odds of breaking out are too high,” Laura said, “Professor Moonstar, Citizen V, myself and Free Spirit are the only ones here with any training in counter intelligence, and Arcade has us all watched closely as a result. And, to be honest, his failsafes prevent my easiest method of escape, which would include self mutilation.”

Dust made a face.

“I will not lie, I am glad that option is off the table.”   

“All the same, Arcade is running a very tight operation,” Laura said, “there is no facet of our lives in here he does not control. The food is barely nourishing, he performs defacto cavity searches daily, influences our level of arousal and allows us little to no rest beyond what is demanded by our bodies. Most of our fellow captives are already asleep due to exhaustion.”  

“So you’re saying that there’s no way out,” Dust said, her voice trembling.

“I didn’t say that,” Laura said, “there’s just no easy way out. Arcade will overplay his hand. A guest will do or say, stupid. We just need to be ready, and keep the faith.”

Laura squeezed Sooraya’s hand, gently.

“Keep the faith, and stay strong.”

“I will try,” Sooraya nodded, wiping some tears from her eyes.

“You should get some rest,” Laura said, “it is the only peace we get. Care for a pillow?”

Sooraya chuckled, despite herself.

“Yes, please. That would be nice,” said Dust, “I’ll get you next time.”

“No need,” Laura said, then smirked, “though you said that last time too.”

Laura moved to the center of the cell, and aid down on her back. Sooraya crawled over, and laid her head on Laura’s stomach.

Dust did her best not to reflect on Laura’s assessment, or on the horror of the day, how many cocks she had sucked or how many men had cum inside of her. She was just thankful that her last customer, for whatever reason, insisted on fucking her in the shower.

All the filth of the day had been swept clean, at least physically.

Dust rested, but as she closed her eyes, she felt a familiar heat building between her legs.

For ten long minutes, Sooraya tried to ignore it. She tried to rationalize away the dampness between her legs, tried to think about anything else.

“You are going to deal with that?” Laura said, finally.

Though she was naked, Sooraya crossed her legs instinctively, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You really think I can’t smell it?”

Sooraya sat up, and gave Laura an apologetic look, “I didn’t mean to wake you…”

“No, but Arcade did,” Laura said.

“What do you mean?” Dust said.

“I mean, that I can smell that him, or more likely his people, have activated the failsafes in you, to make you aroused.”

“But, he wouldn’t!” Sooraya said, desperately.

“Why not?” said Laura, “we have no agreements with him. He’s made it very clear that we’re his property, to be used as he wants.”

“This is my fault,” Dust said, “punishment for discussing escape!”

“I think it’s Arcade’s fault,” replied Laura, “but you shouldn’t have been so naïve to think that anywhere here is safe from Arcade.”

Dust was silent for a moment. A small part of her thought of their cells as their sanctuary, that when Arcade was through torturing them for the day, he would allow them a small respite.

But it was now clear to her that she had been hopelessly naïve, that there was no true untouchable place in this hell.

“You’re right,” Dust said, finally, “I’ll go to the corner, Laura and try not to disturb you.”

“Actually, I have a better suggestion,” Laura said, “I’ll help you deal with it, and then we both enjoy some sleep.”

“You can’t be serious!” Dust said.

“Why not?” Laura shrugged, “be real, Sooraya. Your failsafes didn’t activate by accident. Arcade’s people turned them on, and they mean for us to fuck. If we play along, we will get some sleep and rest. If not, you spend the rest of the night in denial with no sleep, and I have to smell your wet cunt all night.”

Dust said nothing.

“Sleep is the only consistent peace we get,” Laura said, “are you going to give it up because of your pride?”

Dust was silent for a moment, then said, “I don’t want to play his game, and I can’t ask you to do this.”

“We have to,” Laura said, “and besides, you didn’t ask. I volunteered.”

“I…very well,” Sooraya said, defeated.

“Well, lets begin,” Laura crawled towards Dust on her hands and knees. To Dust, she looked every bit the predator she once was. Sooraya didn’t know what to expect, but was still shocked when Laura lunged for her, and gave her a deep kiss.

Laura’s tongue swirled around in Dust’s mouth for an instant that seems to last forever, before she pulled out, and leaned next to Dust’s ear.

“They’re watching us,” Laura said, “we give them a good show, and then we can sleep in peace. Also, the cell is sound proofed. So don’t hold back.”

Sooraya met Laura’s eyes, and nodded.

“Lets start small,” Laura said, before placing her mouth over Dust’s left breast, and placing her hand over the right breast. She began massaging the nipple with her hand, while her tongue began teasing Sooraya’s already erect nipple.

“Oooh!” Sooraya moaned. She wasn’t experienced in the ways of the flesh, even now, and she never thought such pleasure could come from her breasts alone. She leaned back, allowing Laura greater access, as warm electric feelings flowed from her breasts.

“Sweet Allah…” Sooraya moaned, as Laura went about her expert work.

Dust was laying on her back now, with on nipple in Laura’s mouth, and the other between the feral mutant’s expert fingers. Laura shuffled around atop her friend, and placed her left knee against Sooraya’s pussy.

Carefully balanced, she rubbed her knee gently against Dust’s wet pussy, while ramping up her efforts on her nipples.

Sooraya couldn’t believe the feeling that was flowing through her body, nor could she believe how it built up and up inside of her, until…

“Laura!” Sooraya gasped, as her pleasure peaked. Dust was enraptured but baffled, at how easily she had cum.

X-23 kept up her menstruation for a few moments, before stopping, and gave Dust a knowing smile.

“That was….” Dust struggled to find the words.

“Excellent?” Laura supplied.

“I should say, ‘impossible’,” Sooraya said, “or so I thought. You made me cum, just by playing with my nipples.”

“Well, my knee is a little wet,” Laura winked, “but yeah. I’m just that good.”

“Indeed,” Dust said, stunned.

“Now, let me finish up,” Laura leaned in, and gave Sooraya a deep kiss. Dust returned it for a moment, before she began to wonder if Laura was doing this for their sake, or the sake of their captors.

Laura never broke the kiss, and her hand traced down to Sooraya’s pussy. Dust immediately felt two fingers slide into her pussy, and gasped.

“Now you’re going to see what I can do when I focus on the pussy,” Laura winked.

Laura gave Sooraya another deep kiss, her tongue exploring the mouth of her Arab friend, as her fingers went about their work.

Dust had no idea how Laura accomplished it so effortlessly, but she magically worked Dust’s clit while her fingers expertly stimulated her pussy.


The first orgasm hit Dust like a wave, and she swore she could see stars.

It faded quickly, as Laura slowed her work, but Sooraya had barely recovered before the next one hit her.

By the fourth orgasm, quick and dirty, Dust had gathered enough of her wits.

“Stop, stop!” Sooraya pushed Laura away, “this isn’t fair!”

“Oh, sorry,” Laura pulled back and sniffed the air, “I should have checked to see if you were okay with this. I didn’t mean to be…like them.”

Dust shook her head, “You could never be like them. But this isn’t fair, I’m the only one receiving any pleasure.”

Laura gave Sooraya an odd look.

“Did you just hear what you said?”

“I did,” Dust gave her friend a blushing smile, “you are the strongest of all of us, Laura. Arcade’s not broken you yet. I cannot ask you to bear that burden when I can help. Allah would not want that.”

To say that Laura was surprised was an understatement. She chided herself for thinking of all religious people as the same. Sure, Rahne was repressed as hell, but Sooraya wasn’t her. Laura didn’t realize it, until just now, how open-minded her friend was.

“Well, what do you suggest?” Laura asked.

“Umm, I don’t remember the name of the act,” Sooraya’s cheeks grew heated, “but I performed it with Surge two days ago.”

Sooraya made a motion with her hands.

“Ah, you want to scissor,” Laura said with a smirk.

Dust looked at her fingers, and said, “How did I not guess that?”

“You don’t have a dirty mind,” Laura frowned, “but this place will change that.”

In response, Sooraya grabbed Laura by the side of her head, and gave her a deep, passionate kiss.

“Not today.”

This time, it was Laura who blushed, “Alright then, lets do this. But if you want to get the most out of this, you have to do some work. Work your nipples and clit in tandem, understand?”

“I promise,” Sooraya winked at her friend.

Laura leaned back, and got into position.

And the moment Laura felt Sooraya’s pussy, she bit her lower lip to keep from moaning.

Sooraya’s pussy felt better than silk, and from the warm human contact, the loving touch of her friend, seemed to wash away countless hours of being fucked by greedy men and women, by literal dogs and everything else Arcade had thrown at them.

Laura felt a weight that she never knew she’d been carrying lift off her, as Sooraya rubbed her pussy against Laura’s. The young mutant was shocked at how quickly Dust went to work, one hand on her nipple, the other on her clit, making the love bud work overtime.

Laura started moving in rhythm with her friend, and before she even realized it, Laura had cum.

“Hmmph!” Laura could hear the cameras at work, and did her best to stay stoic. She feared that any sign of attachment would be used against her friend.   

Laura rubbed her pussy back and forth against her friend’s, nearly cumming each and every time. The touch, the gentleness, the ease of it all brought Laura to a height of pleasure she rarely felt before.

So much so, that Laura almost didn’t notice as Dust’s movements slowed, before finally coming to a stop.

“Sooraya?” Laura said.

“I’m sorry,” Dust replied, gasping for air, “I’m afraid I haven’t the energy to keep up anymore.”

“I’m amazed you kept pace as long as you did,” Laura lay back on the floor, and sighed, “how do you feel?”

“Sated,” Dust said, “and angry. I appreciate your help, but we still played their game.”

Laura crawled over to Dust, and pulled her into a hug.

“True, but we did it our way,” said Laura, “that should count for something.”    



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