Arcade's New Niche

BY : Masterdudemind
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When the guards shoved Maria de Guadalupe Santiago, Silverclaw, into the room, Maria took some small comfort in the fact that she didn’t recognize the man. She thought, she prayed, that he was just another man who wanted to fuck an Avenger, and had settled on her.

Maria would later reflect that she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Dressed in simple black pants and a white shirt, Silverclaw realized he might be anyone. He was fit, standing six feet tall with muscles hidden underneath his shirt, but otherwise unremarkable. He could be a Hydra commander, merc, anyone.

Maria took some small comfort that the room had only a bed with no tool box, which meant he was unlikely to have anything too twisted in mind. It felt strange, to feel relieved that the worst she expected for today was to be raped yet again, but Maria had grown accustomed to that part of her life now.

“Get on the bed,” the man ordered.

His harsh, clipped tone worried Silverclaw, but was soothed by the fact that she didn’t remember his face. She did as she was ordered, planting her naked rear on the edge of the bed, waiting for his next command.

Juan Garcia stepped in front of Silverclaw, taking a moment to drink in the sight of her naked body and submissive body language. Five years ago, he never imagined himself in this position of power over her.

“What’s my name?” Juan Garcia said softly.

“What? What do you mean?” Silverclaw said, baffled. If the man wanted to be recognized, she reasoned, he would be wearing a costume.

“My name, you little bitch,” Juan repeated, as he began undoing his shirt, “what is it?”

“I don’t know,” Silverclaw said, trying to sound submissive, “…master?”

“Really?” Juan opened his shirt, and revealed a line of four scars across his chest, “you did this to me, and you don’t even know my name?”

Silverclaw shuddered, realizing that she was far deeper trouble than she knew. Maria wanted to protest that her powers only gave her so many weapons, but didn’t. She knew from experience it wouldn’t work. If she wasn’t careful, anything she might say would add fuel to the fire of his rage.

“I’m sorry,” Maria said instinctively.

“You are now,” Juan said, “now that you’re under my power, a helpless little whore spreading your legs for anyone.”

Juan undid his pants, and Maria began to sweat when she saw the size of his erection.

“But then, when we met?” Juan was quacking in anger now, “you barely gave me a moment’s thought. Slashed my chest, scarring me for life, beating up my crew and then went on your way.”

Maria instinctively squirmed backwards as Juan approached.

“Until today. So I’ll make you a deal. Say my name, my full legal name, and I’ll stop,” Juan said, “I’ve rented out an entire wing for you, but say my name and it all ends.”

Juan savored the look on Silverclaw’s face, as her lip quivered and her eyes began to water.

“Please, please I never meant to hurt you,” Maria’s heart was hammering. An entire wing, would that be true?

“You wanted to hurt me,” Juan replied, “here, I return the favor, five fold.”

Juan pushed Maria onto her back, and laid over her, his cock brushing against the lips of her pussy.

“But all you have to do to stop this,” Juan growled, “is say my name.”

Maria tried to reason with Juan, but he moved quickly, and rammed his cock into her dry pussy.

“Ugh!” Silverclaw gasped, as her walls were split apart. She had been fucked hard in the past, but it never got any easier.

Especially when the man fucking her meant to be so vicious. His cock traveled the full length of her pussy before it slammed into her cervix. Juan fucked her like an animal, and seemed to give her the same regard.

While his cock speared her pussy, Juan’s hands were clutched around Maria’s large breasts. Juan kneaded them, enjoying the tit-meat as it flowed through his fingers.

“Please,” Maria gasped, “it hurts!”

In response to her pleas, Juan squeezed her breasts as if they were water balloons he wanted to pop. Maria cried out, and for a moment, Juan slowed his pace inside of her.

“All you have to do, is say my name,” Juan said, his voice filled with malice, “and you better get it right.”

Silverclaw said nothing in response. Anything she said, Maria sensed, would only make him angrier.

She felt a little bit of relief when Juan withdrew entirely, and took a few steps back. Her pussy and breasts were raw and aching, and any reprieve was welcome.

But it was short-lived, when Juan grabbed her ankles, and pulled her to the edge of the bed.

“Put your legs on my shoulders,” Juan ordered.

And Silverclaw obeyed, no matter how much she didn’t want to.

Juan started again, just as cruel as before. Only now, each lunge of his cock left Maria breathless, and she would have sworn her breasts were about to explode from the pressure as Juan squeezed them in his fists.

Juan looked down on Silverclaw, and realized he couldn’t remember a time when he felt as alive as he did now. The woman who’d scarred him was squirming underneath his control, her breasts in his hands and her pussy wrapped around his cock. He was no longer an after-thought to her, but was the center, and cause, of her entire pain wracked world.

And he had only just begun.

“We’re behind schedule,” Juan said with a sigh. He released his hold on Maria’s bruised and aching breasts, and casually allowed himself to climax into of Maria’s pussy.

Maria swallowed when she heard Juan say ‘schedule’. The man had already savagely fucked her worse than anyone in recent memory, and she doubted he was going to get any gentler with time.

Once he’d finished cumming inside of Maria, Juan pulled his pants on, and glared at Maria.

“Get up and follow me,” Juan ordered, and he savored how Maria stood up and followed, like an obedient dog.

When they entered the next room, Maria began to break out in a cold sweat, when she saw what was waiting for her.

In the center of the room, waist high, was an eight foot long plastic ‘wooden horse’ resting on metal poles. At one end was a heavy gym mat, and in the corner was a dreaded ‘toy box’.

“Get on the poll,” Juan ordered.

“Please, don’t make me do this,” Maria begged, “I’m sorry I hurt you, I’ll do anything, just don’t make me do this!”

“I won’t ask again.”

Tears fell down Maria’s face as she walked towards the poll. She lifted her, and placed her pussy atop the horse. She tried to slowly ease herself onto it, but no matter how slow she went, it was still agonizing. She was forced to stand on the tips of her toes, as her body weight was now focused on her pussy.

Juan was surprisingly patient as Silverclaw struggled to get comfortable atop the wooden horse.

“Now that you’re comfortable,” Juan said, while Silverclaw was anything but, “we’ll add a few trinkets to make this interesting.”

Terror ripped through Maria when she saw Juan approach her with straps. He grabbed her left ankle and bent it backwards, before he placed the straps over them and tightened them in place. With a few adjustments, Silverclaw’s leg was frog-tied, and the weight on her pussy felt even heavier.

“Stop, wait!” Maria cried.

Juan ignored her, and in short order, her other leg was frog tied, and her entire body rested on her pussy.

Silverclaw had been a captive of Arcade’s for some time, but she couldn’t remember agony like this.

“We only have a few additions,” Juan said.

Maria looked at him in appalled disbelief. What more could he have in mind?

Next, he pulled out a collar with two connected cuffs, and secured it around Maria’s neck. Once that was in place, he forced her to raise her wrists, and then cuffed her wrists next to the collar. Maria risked choking herself, if she lowered her arms.

When that was done, Juan returned with two big twist ties. Maria watched helplessly as he secured them around her breasts, and pulled them taunt.

It felt as if razor wire were slicing through her breasts, only Maria knew it was worse. At least then, the pain would stop.

Finally, Juan produced two weighted alligator clamps. Only three pounds, but when Juan placed them on her nipples, Maria would have sworn they were about to be ripped off.

“Your objective is simple,” Juan said, “you need to transverse this wooden horse, or else.”

“Please, don’t make me do this,” Maria begged.

“If you linger,” Juan picked up a riding crop. He brushed it against Maria’s brand, “I’ll be forced to be especially creative.”

It was only eight feet, but in Maria’s condition, it might as well be eight miles.

She squeezed her legs together, swung her weight from left to right. It felt like she was scraping her pussy against sandpaper, but she powered through. Juan’s warning left her too fearful to do anything else.


Maria cried out when the writing crop slashed across her back. The weights on her nipples bounced painfully, as Maria tried to control her breathing.

“Faster,” Juan said.

Silverclaw squirmed faster, but if she was moving any quicker, she found it hard to tell.


“Faster,” Juan droned.

Every quarter of an inch was agony unlike anything Maria had felt before. Her pussy was burning, her breasts, starved for oxygen, were purple and swollen, straining against the plastic ties. And every movement meant that the clamps on her nipples swung wildly. Maria swore they would tear her nipples off at any moment.

And her captor whipped her like a machine.





When Maria made it half a foot, half a foot more agonizing than she ever thought possible, she decided to do the only thing she could. She clamped her eyes shut. Silverclaw still wept in agony, but felt the only way she could survive this with her sanity somewhat intact was if she had no idea how much further she had to go.

As he whipped her back, leaving angry red welts, Juan savored every second. How Silverclaw squirmed. How every inch was endless agony, even though she moved with the speed of a slug.

Once he’d covered every inch of her back in welts, he moved onto whipping her ass. Silverclaw mewled pathetically, but she never stopped.

A part of Juan admired how thoroughly Arcade had broken his captives. There were whores in Thailand who had more self respect than the heroines here.

Fifty three minutes.

That was how long it took Silverclaw to make it eight feet, as her breasts burned, her nipples felt like they might be pulled off at any second, her pussy was ground underneath her own weight, and Juan whipped her like a mule.

When Maria realized she was at the edge, she actually wept tears of joy. With all the strength she had remaining, she threw herself forward, landing on the heavy mat that had been placed at the end.

Unfortunately for her, she landed on her much abused breasts, and found herself unable to turn herself on her back.

“That,” Juan smiled, “was worth every penny.”

Juan thought that Maria might response with some biting comment or beg for mercy, but instead she just wept. He savored that, as he reached down, and flipped her on her back.

“My breasts,” Maria gasped, “please, take the ties off!”

“In a moment,” Juan parted Maria’s legs, and pressed his cock against the lips of her swollen, aching pussy. The way it quivered at the touch, made Juan wish he’d done this at the beginning, “I just need to get another taste.”

Juan slammed his cock inside of Silverclaw, and Maria found that she still had voice enough to scream.

Juan felt her pussy ripple around his cock, and knew that he could feel her pain, her agony. He slapped her swollen breasts and aching nipples, and the way her body reacted made Juan wish he could do this every day.

Maria was completely helpless as Juan slapped her breasts while he impaled her cunt. She had no leverage, nothing she could say that would incline him to mercy. All she could do was lay there and suffer underneath some criminal she didn’t even recognize.

Juan wanted to do this forever, but he knew he wasn’t rich enough for that.

So he allowed himself to climax inside of Maria’s pussy, again filling her with his seed. He undid the nipples clamps, the twist ties around her breasts, everything.

“Stand up,” Juan ordered.

Like a child learning to walk, Maria slowly rose to her feet. Every major part of her was in agony, but she feared even more pain if she dared disobey.

She hobbled after Juan, each step an experience in agony.

The next room held only a simple box, barely a foot and a half high, with two pairs of cuffs on each side.

“Hands and knees,” Juan ordered.

Silverclaw did as she was ordered, and actually managed to relax, just a little, as she felt the tip of his cock pressed against her backside.

But it still felt like he was tearing her in two, when he sheathed his cock inside her ass.

“This can stop anytime,” Juan said, “just say my real name.”

Maria clenched her eyes shut. She tried hard to be angry, to not think that he was right, but the guilt was destroying her. She knew it was stupid, foolish, but she still blamed herself for this.

As Juan impaled her ass, slowing only to spank her like a child, all Silverclaw could do was hate herself for every stopping this criminal, and for ever being a heroine.

Juan, once again, didn’t last long. He came inside of Maria’s ass, and then stepped away.

“Get on your back,” Juan ordered.

As ever, Maria did as she was told. Juan bent over, and cuffed her wrists and ankles to the side.

Juan took a step back, to admire his handiwork, simple as it was. Maria was bound on the floor, legs spread, unable to raise her arms as her abused breasts heaved. More than that, her pussy was red and inflamed, perfect for what was to come next.

“One moment,” Juan said, “I need to summon a guard so that he can bring your date.”

“Date?” Maria asked, before she realized what he meant, “no, wait! Not that, please, don’t!”

Maria struggled, no matter how helpless she knew it was. She didn’t have her powers, and the fail-safes would have stopped her even if she had leverage. But her mind was in a panic now, heart hammering as she realized what Juan intended next.

And sure enough, Juan returned with a German Sheppard named ‘Brick’ (Maria had serviced him before), who was pulling at his leash, trying to get at Maria.

“He seems eager,” Juan said, “care to tell me my name? And if you guess wrong, I’ll be extra creative.”

Maria fell silent. Her brain refused to work, as she realized that she had no way out.

“Very well then.”

Juan released the leash, and Brick raced towards Maria. The dog had been through this so many times it was now part of its instincts.

Eat sleep, shit. And fuck human women.

 Maria gasped as she felt Brick’s wet nose touch her aching, sore pussy. The mere brush brought needles of pain stabbing through her, and it got even worse when the dog began lapping at her pussy.

“Stop, bad dog!” Maria snapped, for all the good it did her. The animals knew to obey their handlers, and fuck their bitches.

And right now, that’s all Maria was.

Brick’s tongue lapped at her pussy, picking up the salt sweat he could get. And though this wasn’t Maria’s first time with a dog, it was the first time that just its tongue caused this much pain, this much discomfort.

Maria gritted her teeth as Brick mounted her, and began pounding away at her pussy.

He beat her aching, abused pussy like the animal he was, heedless of her pain and discomfort, of how she jerked at every thrust.

Almost as bad as the rape, Maria found, was how it was being carried out. Arcade had made her fuck his animals so damn many times, but most of the time, it was anal. Maria could at least look away, when they took her in the ass.

But now, with Brick atop her, pounding her pussy, that was no longer an option. She felt his hot breath on her face, his paws on her stomach alongside his cock in her pussy. A deep sense of humiliation took Maria, atop of the staggering agony of her raw, beaten cunt.

Maria glanced at Juan, who simply sat in the corner, one leg crossed over the other, reading a book. Maria was actually glad for his indifference right now. If he paid attention to her, he might think of something even worse.

Brick came inside of Maria, his cum spilling into her pussy. Every captive of Arcade’s had learned that dogs could cum for almost twenty minutes, and Silverclaw knew from experience, Brick usually took ten.

At least, Maria sighed, he wasn’t knotted inside of her.

Once Brick was fully spent, he withdrew, and padded to the door to lie down.

Juan stood up, and let the dog out, and returned almost immediately with another one.

“Wait, I need to rest!” Maria pleaded.

“All you do is work on your back,” Juan scoffed, “what do you need rest for?”

“Just a minute or two,” Maria begged, “please!”

“I’ll let your boyfriend decide.”

Juan unclipped the dog’s leash, and the animal had buried it’s cock inside her pussy instantly, slamming the battered flesh of her cunt.

“While you’re resting, maybe you could try to remember my name?” Juan said

Maria sobbed as the second dog fucked her, drool dripping down on her breasts.

It wasn’t until the fourth dog that one became knotted inside her, its cock wedged in her pussy like a nail until it finally deflated.

The eighth dog slapped at Maria’s sore, burning tits as it fucked her.

The eleventh dog looked like a small bear from Maria’s perspective, and she could barely breathe when it’s paws rested on her stomach. Each thrust of its canine cock left her struggling for breath.

The fifteenth dog was another big dog, but light and long. Somehow, the entire time it fucked her, the dog was balanced perfectly atop of Maria’s abused breasts, its nails digging into her tit flesh like a knife.

And on and on it went. Hours passed, as Maria was certain that she was fucked by every single dog Arcade kept on hand to rape them, and a few others he must have borrowed.

Maria felt nothing but pain when the last one trotted away. She had no idea that it was indeed, the last one to fuck her abused pussy. She was certain that the parade of dogs would never end.

But Juan, instead of returning with yet another dog, returned chastity belt and two thick dildos.

“I’d love to stay and play longer, but I have to be in Africa in three days for a job,” Juan said, “so we’re going to do this one last thing, and then we’ll head to bed together.”

Maria felt a wave of rejuvenating energy shoot through her. Seeing an actual end to her torture, a light at the end of the tunnel, she found the energy to sit up.

“For your cunt,” Juan handed Silverclaw a dildo. Maria had never seen one like it before. She felt the side, and could feel plastic petals on the side.

“Well?” Juan said, “I don’t have all day.”

Maria placed the dildo at the mouth her of her slit, and braced herself.

She eased it in, and once it was in her, Silverclaw realized what the ‘petals’ were for.

They scraped against the walls of her cunt, collecting the animal cum that filled her pussy, and kept it from spilling out.

It was a new kind of agony, the cum being scraped off the walls of her cunt and being pushed and packed in, but Silverclaw never complained. She knew better.

Instead, she slid the dildo fully inside of her, biting her lip to hide the pain and whimpering. Once it was fully inside, she looked to Juan.

“Lay down on your front, and raise your ass,” he ordered.

Silverclaw obeyed like a trained animal, and Juan aimed the giant dildo at Maria’s clenched anus.

“This may hurt,” Juan said, “but only if I do it right.”

Juan swung the dildo like it was a battering ram, hitting Maria’s anus dead center.

“Agh!” Maria cried out. She felt as if her ass were being split in two, but in truth, the dildo had barely sunk in an inch.

Juan watched Maria squirm, before he pulled his foot back and kicked it the dildo in deeper.

“Please, don’t do it like that!” Maria begged, “I just need a second!”

“I’m tired,” Juan said with a practiced yawn, “and I’m in a hurry.”

Maria felt as if her body were body being split in twain, once, twice and finally, three times.

Both holes completely plugged, Maria stood up as expected, and offered no resistance as Juan secured a chastity belt around her waist.

“I like to have my cock sucked as I sleep,” Juan explained, as he led Maria into a room with a queen sized bed.

Maria felt more like a pet than a human, as she crawled beneath the sheets.

She took Juan’s cock into her mouth, and listened as the man got comfortable, and began to drift off to sleep.

Maria could feel the dog cum seeping into her womb, and reflected that, no matter how long Arcade held her captive, today would be one of the worst days of her life.

And she didn’t even know the name of the man responsible.

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