Arcade's New Niche

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Free Spirit

Josh Parker, agent of RAID, unzipped his pants and slid out his cock.

“So who is this chick again?” Josh asked, as he pressed it into the woman’s mouth.

Cathy Webster, Free Spirit, tried to push the man’s words from her head as she sucked on his cock. After all, she had enough to handle without his insults.

Today, She was bent over, bound in classic penal stocks like a criminal of old, and completely naked. She’d been chosen as Hall Duty, meaning that while her fellow captives were suffering a special torture or entertaining paying clients, Cathy had been left to handle any ‘overflow’ between appointments.

Right now, it meant that she was being spit-roasted by two Hydra agents, who were waiting in line to get a taste of Songbird and Jolt, and decided to blow off some steam while they waited.  

“Freedom Chick, or somethin’.Who cares?,” answered his partner, Robert Drake, “I swear though, she’s got the best pussy of the bunch! Perfectly tight and knows how to squeeze!”

“Mouth ain’t bad either,” Josh sighed, “not as good as Songbird, but up there. Good job, Freedom Girl.”

On the scale of daily humiliations suffered while Arcade’s captive, being forgotten barely registered anymore. In fact, in general she found it an effective shield. She was the last pick of criminals who sought to earn their infamy by raping a helpless heroine. The Thunderbolts had Zemo,  the mutants had the Friends of Humanity, and so on.

Cathy only had the one, but in some ways, that was worse than a thousand. Despite her attempts to suppress the memory, Cathy’s mind drifted back to three days ago, when she did receive someone who recognized her.


Cathy pulled at the bonds above her head, never truly expecting them to budge. Half of it was reflex, an unwillingness to surrender to what she knew was coming next, and the other half, if she was being honest with herself, was fear.

Arcade had dressed her in her blue bandana face mask, with red gloves and boots with her sash around her waist, and nothing else. He then bound her hands over her head to the ceiling, hoisted her a foot into the air. Her legs were forced apart with a spreader bar, which she knew from experience was tied to a heavy weight behind her that she couldn’t see.

There was only ever one person who preferred to rape her like this, and he was a monster amongst monsters.

When Cathy heard boot-steps behind her, she fought the urge to shake in fear. It was one of the few victories she could claim over the bastard.

“Hey baby,” said Crossbones, right-hand man of the Red Skull, “miss me?”

“Who are you, again?” Cathy was surprised how casual she sounded.

“Honey-bear, I’m hurt,” Crossbones held a hand over his heart in mock pain, “but I guess this means I’ll just have to remind you.”

Cathy looked straight ahead. She knew what was in store for her. Crossbones had been here before, and no doubt would be again. And if she wanted to survive, she had to save every ounce of energy for what was to come.

“I brought a cooler with some snacks,” said Crossbones, “you tell me what I want to hear, maybe I’ll share. Do you even remember the last time you had anything other than some guy’s cock and that crap Arcade gives ya? I bet a Thailand hooker eats better than you.”

Cathy said nothing. The truth of the matter was, Crossbones’ offer was far more tempting than it had any right to be, and just the mention of real food was enough to make her mouth water. Arcade wasn’t about to starve them, but it had been far too long since she could recall having a real meal.

“Nothin’?” Crossbones shrugged, “suit yourself.”

Cathy looked straight ahead. According to her mentor, Captain America, Crossbones was dangerous in countless ways, not all of them physical. He had once nearly brainwashed Cap’s girlfriend against him, without the use of any advance technology, but instead simply physiology and cruelty.

In his own way, Crossbones was as smart as he was deadly. And Cathy knew if she gave an inch, he would swallow her whole.

“I thought we’d do the classic red white and blue today,” said Crossbones, “unless you’d prefer another routine?”

Cathy’s upper lip curled in disgust, but said nothing. She loathed how Crossbones’ torture sessions all had their own different names. But they all ended the same way, with her screaming.

“No thoughts?” Crossbones stepped behind Cathy, and she could hear him pick up something heavy. When he stepped back around, he was carrying a heavy duffle bag, that he dropped a few feet from Cathy, “suit yourself.”

Crossbones reached into the bag, and produced a small weight, connected to a short chain. At the end of it was an alligator clip. Crossbones dangled it from his hand for a moment.

“All you gotta do to make this stop is give me something on Rogers,” Crossbones said. He waved the clamp in front of his face before tossing it back in the bag, “doesn’t even have to be big. Tell me, what’s his favorite soda? I bet he’s a Mr. Pip man, myself. Skull things Pepsi, if you can believe it. Wanna prove him wrong?”

Give an inch, and he’d swallow you whole, Free Spirit reminded herself. There were some things worse than being Arcade’s captive, though not many. And being broken puppet of Crossbones was a fate worse than being Arcade’s toy

So Cathy said nothing.

“Suit yourself,” Crossbones said. He reached into his duffle bag, and removed several candles.

Crossbones removed several candles, and set them around Cathy in a circle. Cathy clenched her fists as Crossbones lit the candles, knowing what it meant.

Once that was done, Crossbones went back to his duffle bag, and removed a whip.

“Sure you don’t want to just tell me his favor soda?” Crossbones cracked the whip experimentally, “give me that, and I’ll cut you down, even let you take a nap before your next appointment.”

Free Spirit shivered, and for a moment considered giving it, just lying to Crossbones, anything.

But Cathy knew that they were both too smart for that. Because next time it would be that much easier to give him something, and the time after that. Before long, Cathy wouldn’t be able to recognize herself.

Arcade was the threat to her body, but Crossbones would destroy her mind, if she let him. He would take her apart in ways Arcade never could.

“You’re boring me,” Free Spirit spat.

“Well, lets fix that,” Crossbones reached into his duffle-bag and removed two pairs of alligator clamps, each with a small, grey seven pound weight at the end, “first, the warm up.”

Cathy felt equal parts fear, pain and disgust as Crossbones knelt in front of her, and pinched the sensitive skin of her labia. But as much as it hurt, Cathy knew it was nothing compared to what was to come next.


Cathy snapped her mouth shut trying desperately not to give Crossbones anymore satisfaction than she already had, but it was far from easy.

The alligator clamp on her pussy felt as if it were slicing into the flesh of her body, while the weight on the end of it made it feel as if her flesh were being peeled off. The tremors, the spasms of pain that she couldn’t control made it even worse.

And Crossbones still had one left.

Once he was done with the second one, Crossbones flicked the weight at the end, enjoying how it caused Free Spirit’s breasts to tremble.

“Still don’t have anythin’ to say?” Crossbones asked.

Cathy looked at Crossbones, and gave him a look that could have melted lead.

“Fine, be that way,” Crossbones removed a whip from his duffle bag, and casually cracked it.

To her surprise and credit, Cathy didn’t tremble when she saw the whip. And when Crossbones lashed her across the back, she only cried out the fifth time the whip struck her.

And after the eleventh lash, Cathy just gave up on holding in a single scream. She knew from experience that Crossbones, uneducated thug that he was, was completely and utterly methodical in his torture, in his abuse.

The whipping started at her shoulder blades, and then inched its way down her back. Each lash was its own hell but was in turn made worse by the weighted alligator clips that were hanging off Cathy’s pussy.

Each strike sent them swinging, and to Free Spirit, each time she was certain they’d tear away. Crossbones watched them carefully, patiently. One lash followed the other only after the weights had begun to slow.

He was in no hurry, after all.

It was because of that that it wasn’t until the twenty eighth lash that Crossbones’ whip had struck Cathy’s naked rear.   

And when Crossbones was done whipping her rear, making it feel as if an army of fire ants were devouring it, he worked his way down to her thighs, and then ankles. Not an ounce of flesh was neglected.

“So,” Crossbones moved to Cathy’s left, “feeling more talkative?”

Free Spirit forced herself to raise her head, and thorough her tears, gave Crossbones his answer without saying a word.

“Well, that’s your choice,” Crossbones said, “guess I better get back to work, huh?”

Crossbones came at Cathy from the side, whipping every inch that his whip had missed when simply focused on her backside.

Cathy was proud of the fact that she only screamed that time when her brand was struck. But all told, Crossbones was like an artist, and her body his canvas. He was determined not to miss an inch, and he hadn’t thus far

And before too long, Crossbones was standing in front of her.

“You know what ya gotta do to stop this,” Crossbones said.

Cathy knew what was coming, and stopping herself from trembling before the whip struck was like stopping the sun from rising. Ironically, when the whip struck the front of her ankles, Free Spirit didn’t react.

And she barely flinched when it struck her thighs.

And then Crossbones stopped.

“You’re just asking for punishment, at this rate.”

“Go…go to hell!” Cathy snapped, despite all wisdom.

“Pretty sure you’re already there,” Crossbones pulled the whip back.

When it struck her pussy, Cathy felt so much pain that it almost registered as something else. She threw her head back to scream, but nothing came out.

Long seconds crawled by as Cathy struggled to recover her wits. And the first thought that crossed her mind, when she had the ability to think, was to despair that Crossbones had only whipped her once.

He was allowing her time to recover, to feel each individual lash. To feel the agony as the weights on her pussy lips dangled like fish on a hook.

And right on cue, just as Cathy had gotten her breathing under control, the whip cracked again.

The pattern repeated itself. When she recovered in a cell later, Cathy would guess that Crossbones spent fifteen minutes alone just abusing her cunt.

When he was done, Cathy could feel her resistance hanging on by a thread. When the whip hit her stomach, Cathy wept openly.

The whip slashed across her breasts, and once again, the pain had peaked. Crossbones didn’t spare an inch of tit flesh.

When Crossbones finally stopped whipping her, Free Spirit felt as if her skin was being devoured by fire ants.

“Give me a minute, toots,” Crossbones dropped the whip, and seemed to remove his phone from his pocket, “I need this for my resume.”

She heard the click of the camera, as Crossbones circled around her. He had done this once or twice before, but it still made it no less humiliating.

“Work of art, if I do say so myself,” Crossbones said, as he showed Cathy the images of her whipped and aching body, the angry red marks that she seemed to possess instead of skin, “any suggestions on how I might improve, kiddo?”

“Eat a dick,” Cathy forced herself to say.

“Is that how you stay toned?” Crossbones slapped Cathy’s ass, and Free Spirit shuddered in pain, “well, maybe one day I’ll give it a shot. Well, time for the next stage of red, white and blue.”

Crossbones reached down, and pulled the weight at Cathy’s feet backwards. The young heroine groaned, as the strain on her arms seem to double in an instant.

When Crossbones was done, Cathy was leaning forward at a 45 degree angle, her arms feeling as if they wanted to pull out of their sockets. Crossbones whistled as he set up for what was to come next. Cathy could see him picking up the candles, and shivered.

“Hope you don’t mind if I have some fun with this next step, eh?” Crossbones stepped behind Cathy, and unzipped his pants.

Free Spirit hissed as Crossbones put his hands on her hips, still aching from the abuse of the whip, and tried to relax as she felt the tip of Crossbone’s cock at her rear.

But in so much pain, and much agony, relaxing was impossible. Crossbones’ cock plunged into her ass, parting it like the red sea.

Cathy struggled as best she could. She’d had Crossbones’ cock inside of her so many times now, but the man was strong and thick. It never got any easier, especially given what was to come next.

“Rogers never fucked you, did he?” Crossbones said. He thrust inside of Cathy several times. Each time was just as good as the first, and behind his mask, Crossbones smiled. He might not get exactly what he wanted, but damn this was close enough, “his loss.”

Cathy gritted her teeth, and her elbows howled in pain from each thrust. But worse than that, was the inability to know when Crossbones would take his next step.

Crossbones sighed as he fucked Cathy’s tight ass casually. He wasn’t pressed for time, and knew that sometimes in torture, anticipation was the worst suffering of all.

Crossbones fucked her for a few minutes, before he moved onto ‘White’.

“Arrghhh!” Cathy screamed as hot wax was poured across her back.

The searing heat met with whipped flesh, and to Free Spirit it felt as if molten lava had been poured down her back.

Crossbones actually stopped fucking her for a moment, so that he could feel her body quiver around his cock.

“This is all on you, blondie,” Crossbones took another candle, and poured it down Cathy’s back.

Hanging as she was, it flowed down her back for a moment, each inch bringing Cathy to new heights of pain.

Crossbones dabbed a new more bits of hot wax across Cathy’s back, and watched and savored how she squirmed like a fish on a hook, still impaled on his cock.

“You bastard! Argggh!”

Cathy knew she couldn’t get away, couldn’t get free, but her body refused to believe it. Crossbones resumed pouring hot wax down her backside, savoring the way she writhed.

Cathy screamed as Crossbones poured, then wiped away, half the candles that he had lit. But it when he withdrew his cock from her ass, Cathy was far from relieved. She knew the torture was only half over.

Casually whistling, Crossbones moved the weight connected to her leg spreader, and this time pulled it forward. Cathy’s arms felt as if they wanted to tear out of her sockets, and she wept again despite all her efforts not to.

“Alright,” Crossbones rolled the cart with the remaining candles to the side, just in reach, and unzipped his pants, freeing his cock. With no effort to be gentle, he plunged inside of Free Spirit’s abused pussy.

Cathy tried to relax as Crossbones’ cock slammed through her pussy, trying to deny him the tightness he wanted. But her body was like a machine, an excellent machine thanks the super soldier serum in her veins,, and its first reaction to pain was to squeeze  and try to keep it out. It didn’t care much about things like leverage.

“Always so perfect,” Crossbones sighed, “you know I’ve fucked plenty of the bitches here, and you’re still the best. Tigra is a two bit whore compared to you. Guess fame doesn’t make a good pussy, huh?”

Free Spirit gritted her teeth. She had no clever retort, and wanted to deny him as much satisfaction as she could. Plus, she knew what was to come next.

Crossbones pumped inside of her a dozen times, before she saw him reach to the cart, and remove a lit candle.

When Crossbones poured the hot wax on her breasts, Cathy tried to scream, but nothing came out.

“Tickles, does it?”

Crossbones continued pounding her pussy, as he poured more and more wax on Cathy’s abused breasts.

Cathy threw her head back and wept, knowing that there was nothing she could do to save herself, nothing she could do to stop this agony.

“Oh, white,” Crossbones said, sighing as his cock exploded inside of Cathy, “I’ll be honest, its my favorite color in this bit.”

Crossbones withdrew with a chuckle. Cathy’s perfect breasts were dotted with the wax he hadn’t wiped away, and his cum was dripping out of her pussy.

“Only one part left,” Crossbones said. He went to his bag, and removed two zip ties, “blue.”

Free Spirit chewed her lips as Crossbones wrapped the first zip tie around her breast. He wasted no time in pulling it taunt, and almost immediately it felt as if her breast were wrapped in razor wire.

“Gotta be careful,” Crossbones gave the zip-tie a harsh tug, and Cathy gasped, “too loose, and it’s just purple. Kinda clashes with the theme, ya know?”

Cathy’s body quacked with agony, but Crossbones zip-toed her second breast with little issue.

When he was done, Cathy felt as if something her sawing through her breasts. The skin, which had been bright red, began to change.

“I really don’t know why you’re makin’ me do this,” Crossbones said. He removed a protein bar from his pack, “just give me somethin’ solid, and I go away.”

“Until you come back!” Cathy hissed.

“Waitin’ for that, is better than this, I imagine,” said Crossbones, “all you have to do is give an inch. Is it pride?”

Crossbones reached into his pocket, and removed his phone. He tapped several commands, and then Cathy heard herself screaming.

“Stop! Please, I’ll do anything!”

“Not me! I’ll be good, just no more!”

“Enough! Please, please!”

And a dozen times more. Cathy was under no illusions as to how many times Arcade, or one of his customers, had broken her, leaving her a weeping shell.

“Kind of surprised you have any left, honestly.”

“That was for me,” Cathy said, as the agony of her breasts seemed to grow with each breath, “not for Captain America.”

Crossbones raised an eyebrow.

“Do you really think he even knows you’re gone?”

“Do you think he’d ever stop looking if he knew?”

Crossbones shrugged, “Suit yourself.”

Crossbones reached out and twisted Free Spirit’s nipple. The young heroine threw her head back and screamed louder than she had since this had all began.

“Guess we better finish this, huh?”

Crossbones removed a knife from his belt, and with a casual toss, sent it slicing through the rope that held Cathy’s hands up.

She dropped on her back, landing in a world of pain and agony as the air left her body. Her breasts were now blue, just the way Crossbones liked them.

With a quick motion, Crossbones removed the spreader bar, and tossed it aside.

“Better this way, anyways,” Crossbones was inside her in an instant, and through the pain, Cathy could still feel her skin crawl as she felt his breath on her skin, “more fun.”

Cathy screamed as Crossbones grabbed her oxygen starved breasts, both as blue as Smurfs. He crushed them between his fingers as he pressed all his weight down atop of them.

“Last chance. You could blue ball me right now, bitch,” Crossbones said, “say the word.”

Cathy forced herself to stop screaming, to stop whimpering. She wanted, needed, to show Crossbones that she heard him, that she understood him.

She met his glare, and said nothing.

“suit yourself,” Crossbones said, “business or pleasure, and I get pleasure.”

And with that, Crossbones began slamming into Cathy. His cock was like a battering ram to her cervix, and every inch of her body radiated agony.

Crossbones leaned down and sank his teeth into her breasts, and Cathy screamed. When he was done, he slapped the sensitive orbs of flesh with an open hand, and Cathy never stopped screaming.

After what felt to be an hour, Crossbones came inside of Cathy’s pussy again, but Cathy knew it wasn’t the end. Arcade supplied his customers with pills that would allow them to cum so many times, that she knew she had more suffering in store.

Crossbones flipped Free Spirit on her stomach with little warning, and she gasped as the eight of her body was forced on her abused breasts. Crossbones speared her ass, and began slamming inside her again, only with each thrust, he slapped Cathy’s brand.

To Free Spirit, as it was every all her pain receptors were screaming at her. She prayed that she might pass out, but the serum kept that mercy from her.

Time slowed to a painful crawl, that Cathy thought would never end. Crossbones seemed to cum, time and again.

But even as well trained as Crossbones was, he had limits, and more importantly, other places to be. Free Spirit was a side-project of his own, not something that excused him from his other responsibilities.

When he felt the time approach, Crossbones withdrew from Cathy’s pussy, his cock caked in his own juices, and stood up.

“Well, guess this date is a bust,” Crossbones took a step forward, and then grabbed Cathy by the hair, pulling her up and guiding her mouth over his cock, “least you could do is clean me up.”

Cathy whimpered, but obeyed. She obediently swallowed the cum and sweat, as she had so many times before.

“I’ll let Arcade clean you up,” Crossbones winked at Cathy. Her face fell, realizing that the slicing pain she felt in her breasts wouldn’t be going anywhere soon, “but don’t worry babe, I’ll be back soon.”

Crossbones released Cathy, and she fell back bonelessly. She didn’t have an ounce of strength left, but she still felt a world of agony.


“Yeah, this Freedom Girl’s pussy is amazing!”

The second man slammed into Cathy, slowly drawing his cock bath and forth inside her pussy, savoring every inch.

“Can’t believe I never heard of her before!”

Cathy clenched her eyes shut, fighting tears. Maybe no one had heard of her before, no one knew her before now. All the world might ever know of her would be as a sex slave of Arcade’s.

But at least, they wouldn’t know of her as a traitor.  

Afterword: Thanks, Agent G! 

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