Arcade's New Niche

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Hour 3

By the third hour, the guards had decided to be a little creative.

Rahne and Maria were taken to the showers for a rinse, and from there taken to an empty bondage room. Shackles were placed on their wrists from above and pulled taut, forcing the two young heroines to stand on the tips of their toes to prevent their arms from sliding out of their sockets.

Hanging from their wrists, the guards then placed blindfolds over both of them. Maria and Rahne both stiffened as they were blind folded, as they realized they’d be unable to brace themselves for the next torture.

Then, nothing. The guards, somewhat sated, stood back and watched the two once strong heroines tremble in fear.

One especially sadistic guard stomped his foot, and laughed as both heroines nearly jumped out of their skins.

The guards produced gags, and silently placed them in the mouth of the young heroines.
Blindfolded, gagged and naked, Maria and Rahne knew they were in the perfect position for torture. They waited anxiously for the guards to begin, terrified who might be first.
Of course, that was the idea. One guard by the door entered a few commands into the door panel, and the show started.

A seemly glass panel came down from the ceiling and separated the two heroines, though neither knew it. The panel was completely sound-proof, to the point that an exploding bomb couldn't be heard from the other side.

Both Wolfsbane and Silverclaw had been raped and recorded extensively. Never one to let a perverted idea slip by, Arcade had commissioned mix tapes of their suffering for certain customers.

As a result, Rahne could hear Maria begging, pleading for mercy while all kinds of terrible suffering was visited upon her while Maria heard Rahne groveling and whimpering while torture after torture was heaped upon her.

The guards, who had retreated to the control booth, watched in amusement as both girls broke out in a cold sweat, trembling in fear that once the guards were finished with the other, they'd be next. Both girls broke into a high pitched squeal on it, terrifying the captive heroine who was listening to it.

The guards laughed and laughed, unable to think of a better joke. The two cunts were actually given some relief and didn't even know it. Their imagination and fear tortured them more than they ever could.

Amongst Arcade's people, Trey Collins was jokingly known as the Whore Whisperer. He grew up on a farm, and grew up from the age of five learning how to take care of every kind of farm animal. While most people in his position either grew to love or hate animals, Try was different. He just didn't care. To him, they were nothing special, just large animals that required a special kind of care. When he left home at the age of seventeen after falling in with the wrong crowd, he was neither relieved or disappointed at leaving those beasts of burden behind.

Life had a sense of humor at times, though. Since joining Arcade's employment, Trey found himself in the position of caring for Arcade's various animals, and every once and a while, performing a show with them.

Like now, as he led a powerful Black Stallion he named Bucky around a large stable by the reigns. There were almost a hundred people watching Trey as he led the stallion around the stable for everyone to see. The beast was a little harder to herd than the animals back home, Trey reflected.

Of course, he smiled wily, those horses didn't have a heroine strapped underneath them, riding their giant cock.

Bonita Juarez, Firebird, hung underneath the massive beast's belly in complete agony. Leather straps ran over the top of the beast, connected to her wrists and ankles. The animal's hard penis was wedged inside her pussy, which was barely able to contain it.

When they first started the act, coaxing the beast's massive member alive took some doing, but nothing worth doing was easy. Now the beast loved the shows as much as the audience.

When the beast was brought to full arousal, two men on each grabbed the heroine and aimed her cunt towards the massive tool while Trey kept the beast from panicking too bad. They had to rock the once proud heroine back and forth a little bit, but the men knew what they were doing.

The end result made Trey thankful for his upbringing. The way Bonita threw her head back, the way Bucky's massive erection bulged through her pussy and the way she still managed to swing back and forth on the giant cock...Trey couldn't think of a time when he helped create a more beautiful sight.

They'd given Bucky a special drug combo that pacified him somewhat, and prevented him from climaxing, so Trey had plenty of time to show off his Mona Lisa to everyone.
Underneath the horse, Firebird was gagged, but silently screaming. Her voice was dry and cracked after screaming for so long, but she couldn't help it.

Her arms felt as if they might fall off, and she could almost feel herself being torn in two by the giant cock wedged in her pussy. She could feel every vein, every bulge of skin. Her once delicate pussy felt as though it were being torn in two, and with each step the horse took the tip of it's struck slammed her intestines. Each step the horse took sent waves of unimaginable pain through Bonita's body, more pain than she ever thought humanly possible. Every second brought what felt like an hour's worth of pain.
Each grimace, every expression of pain was captured by high powered cameras hidden across the stable, and micro-cameras hidden on the horse itself and broadcast on a high definition television screen. Bonita's pained wracked face brought off man after man.

Trey led Bucky around the yard slowly at first, to wet the appetite of the audience.

They cheered like football fans as they saw Firebird's bound form bouncing back and forth on the giant cock.

Trey became aggressively more daring with Bucky, and the two sprinted around the stables for a good three minutes to the cheer of the crowds. Underneath, Bonita's face was contorted in agony and not an inch of her face wasn't wet from tears. By now she was cursing the Avengers, God, her parents, anyone and everyone who led her to her current situation.

Of course, the crowd wasn't the type who were satisfied with a little horse racing, and Arcade gladly obliged them. Trey directed to a loose stack of her, and the trained horse did as he was told. He jumped it.

When Bucky's hooves left the earth, Bonita felt for a moment that reality itself ceased to exist, and that was left in it's place was pure pain. Pure, white hot agony unlike anything Bonita had ever felt before. When Bucky came back down, Bonita screamed as she bobbed back and forth on the animal's cock. She watched in horror was the bulge in her stomach that started at her pussy moved up and down her body, before settling deep inside her again.

Trey had Bucky jump several bales of hay, each taller than the last. Bonita barely registered when Bucky didn't jump high enough, there was just too much pain.

Trey loved being the center of attention, but knew that he couldn't keep this particular show going forever. Sooner or later, Bucky was going to demand satisfaction and if he didn't get it, he might start to disobey, a very dangerous prospect with an animal that weighed a ton. A crushed heroine meant his ass.

So after about an hour and a half of simple tricks, he started his coup de grace.
First he brought Bucky to a halt.

“Whoa boy, I gotta have a word with your passenger,” Trey bent down and looked at Firebird. The defeated look, of how she was consigned to her fate, brought no small amount of pride to Trey, “I'm going to do something about that parched throat. Spit any out, and you get stable duty for two weeks, understand?”

Bonita nodded, and Trey unzipped his pants. It took him a few moments, but soon he let loose a jet of streaming piss expertly aimed at Bonita's mouth. The former Avenger, her throat dry and hoarse from screaming, couldn't prevent herself from gulping some down. When he was finished, Trey rezipped his pants, and then pulled what looked like a silver necklace out of his back pocket and hung it around Bonita's neck. Firebird was fairly certain that it was a microphone.

“Okay Bucky, we're on the home run,” Trey scratched his favorite horse behind the ears, “now, trick five, now!”

Bucky, for the promise of carrots and sexual satisfaction, did as he was trained and performed what he was taught as 'trick five'.

To the amazement of everyone, Bucky stood up on his hind legs alone, and for a split second, everyone could perfectly see how Firebird was secured to Bucky's arm sized cock.
For Bonita, for a split second, her entire body weight was resting on Bucky's hard cock, all one hundred and fifty pounds plus. Her cry of agony had a special tone to it, and was carried through out the stable.

“Five Bucky!” Trey thought the scream ended far too quickly for his liking.

To his credit, Bucky held it longer the second time around, and even longer the third time.

“What do you say folks?” Trey turn towards the crowd, who were by now on the edge of their seat, among other things, “is the fourth time the charm?”

“Yeah!” they shouted as one.

“Five, Bucky!”

For his final attempt, Bucky managed to stay on his hind legs for a full twelve seconds. Trey was convinced it was some type of world record, and glanced at Bonita. Her eyes were glazed over, and her head was turned to the side, a little bit of drool passing her lips.

“Good boy, good boy!” Trey gave Bucky a specially made carrot biscuits, and then signaled to his two assistants who stood by the gate, “just one last thing to do.”

Trey slapped Bonita a few times until she started to come around. As a general rule, the girls were not allowed to take mental vacations when they were working, and this was no different.

“What!” she demanded, her magnificent tanned chest heaving “how can you make me suffer even more!”

“Hey, we're just trying to finish up here,” Trey replied, “can't do that if the star's wacked out of her gourde. Now, we need to finish off Bucky. You could make that go faster, if you wanted. But look at the bright side, your cunt's retired for the next two days. Alright boys, you know what to do!”

Trey's two assistants took their place on each side of the horse, and grabbed the straps that held Bonita to the underbelly of the stallion. As one, they began to swing it, and her, back and forth on Bucky's cock.

Bonita gasped, barely able to breath as the arm sized cock battered her already brutalized intestines traveled up and down her once more. Just as Bonita swore that her body was reaching its absolute physical limit, Bucky climaxed.

The horse shot its seed into Firebird's womb, but as filled as it was with Bucky's cock, there was almost nowhere for it to go. With nowhere else to go, cum dribbled out of Bonita's pussy and onto the ground below.

Bonita cried tears of joy as she felt Bucky's cock, having finally climaxed, grow soft inside her. The burning, tearing pain inside her love canal eased somewhat. The lack of pain was so overwhelming to the Hispanic heroine that she barely registered when Arcade's men un-strapped her from underneath the horse, but she groaned in relief as the cock slid out of her snatch for the final time.

Trey led Bucky back to the pens, while his two assistants held up Bonita, and her horse stretched and cum filled pussy for everyone to see. The way the crowd cheered at the gaping, ruined hole, one might have thought their favorite team had just won the Superbowl.

The men then gently set Bonita down, and laid her on her stomach. With a plastic cord, they secured her wrists behind her back and then raised her ass in the air, just in time for Trey to return with three well-trained dogs...

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