Arcade's New Niche

BY : Masterdudemind
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Free Spirit and Citizen V

Cathy Webster and Dallas Roirdan, known as Free Spirit and Citizen V were led separated from the others and led down a steel corridor by Miss Locke herself. Stopping at a large steel door, Miss Locke motioned for the guards to lead Free Spirit away while she stayed behind with Dallas.

Dallas glared at the Dragon lady. Smiling, Miss Locke produced two badges.

“Tell me dear, do you recognize these?”

Dallas gasped in horror as she read the badge numbers. Both belonged to two different friends from her days in the New York Police Force.

“Oh, you needn’t worry dear, this is just a reminder.” Miss Locke reassured her, “your friends are fine, so long as you do as we say.”

Miss Locke began tweaking Dallas’ nipples painfully, “But there is another reason I have these badges with me.”

Miss Locke turned the badges around so that Dallas could see the thin clip on needles that were on the back. Dallas began backing away, preparing to run, but two thugs grabbed her and held her firm.

“Why so scared? They’re just like regular badges. The needle goes thru fabric and clips on to the other side.” Miss Locke explained, “Oh, that’s right, you’re nude. I guess we’ll just have to improvise!”

With the two guards holding her, there was no way for Dallas to escape. Miss Locke grabbed her quivering right breast and squeezed, forcing the little bit of flesh around the areola to jut outwards. Then, with sadistic slowness, Miss Locke inserted the needle.

“Arrrrgggh!” Dallas screamed, “Stop, please!”

“Almost there, dear.” Miss Locke said as she guided the needle thru the inch of flesh. One all the way thru, Miss Locke clipped the needle on and admired her handiwork. Covering Dallas’ left breast was a police badge, a symbol of her former life that she’d likely never see again.

“Now, for the second one.” Miss Locke stated. Dallas wept, and Miss Locke inserted the f bad badge just as painfully into Dallas’ right breast.

“Alright boys, give Dallas her toy.”

Dallas, her mind still reeling from having her breasts pierced, didn’t resist when she felt the men placing what she thought was a strap-on, studded dildo around her waste. They secured it in place with little trouble, and placed the dildo over her clitoris. It wasn’t until they activated the dildo that Dallas realized that it wasn’t normal fair.

“Ohhh…” Dallas moaned, half in pleasure, half in surprise. The dildo was sending signals to her clit that drove her pleasure centers wild.

“You like?” Miss Locke inquired as she rubbed the metal pole, and Dallas barely khersherself from cumming.

“What is…”

“It’s an invention from the science department. They call it a nerve amplifier field. In essence, that metal pole is an extension of your…shall we say love button?”

“So… good.” Dallas moaned despite herself

“I’d imagine so, that’s idea.” Miss Locke said, “It’s not exactly how the other side lives, but close enough. Pet

The guard standing behind Dallas stabbed her rear with a syringe and quickly injected the fluid. Dallas knew better than to resist. The metal doors in front of her opened, and she was roughly shoved thru and fell face first into a stick white substance that covered the entire floor.

“We’ll explain in a moment, dear.” Miss Locke said as Dallas watched the doors close.

Dallas didn’t have to guess what the stick white stuff was that covering the floor and now her chest. Angrily, she wiped it off as she stood up. The fluid was down her legs now and in between her toes, but there was nothing she could do about that. She didn’t want to think about where they’d gotten it all. Suddenly, a spent condom flew down from above and exploded on her face. She heard a roar of laughter, and looked up. It was then she realized her exact circumstance.

Miss Locke had put her in a semen filled pit with wide of bleachers looking down at her. In the bleachers were scum of all kind; most were no doubt contributors to the ‘pit’.

“If you’re wondering, while the majority of it is human, we did need to outsource to various animals.” Miss Locke explained over the P.A system, almost reading Dallas’ mind.

“I swear I will kill everyone here.” Dallas muttered

“Doubtful. Now, think of this as reinvented mud wrestling.” A panel slip open to reveal Free Spirit, now armed with a similar strap on dildo about her waste. They’d returned Cathy’s red gloves and blue bandana mask, but nothing else.

“Your objective is to rape the other as much and as painfully as possible. The loser will have to service all the men you see in the crowd personally.”

Dallas and Cathy gulped as they looked at the hundreds of men jeering them on. Both womeuddeuddered. As much as they hated it, neither wanted to be the woman forced to servso mso many men.

“Free Spirit, we don’t have to do this, we can fight them!” Dallas implored, though she knew the words rung hallow. Cathy stepped into the pit and slowly began circling Dallas, sizing her foe up.

“Fucking bitch isn’t even resisting!” Dallas thought to herself with a stab of anger. She felt her rage swell in her chest, unaware of the fact that she’d been injected with aggressors by Arcade’s men, which resulted in her anger. Dallas stood perfectly still, willing to let Cathy make the first move.

She didn’t have to wait long. Free Spirit charged forward as fast as she could in the cum covered floor and let loose a punch straight at Dallas’ jaw. Dallas, easily the better-trained fighter, ducked under the blow and kicked Cathy’s legs out from under her. Dallas was on top of the girl’s back in a second, pinning her arms behind her. Cathy squirmed in pure cum and agony as her arms were painfully twisted behind her back.

“We can fight this!” Dallas yelled.

“Fuck you bitch!” Cathy replied. The athletic blond bombshell that had once been Captain America’s partner struggled fiercely to get free. Unlike Dallas, Cathy had been given three times the amount of drugs, and thus any attempts to talk her down were a waste of breath.

“No, fuck you!” Dallas hissed.

Dallas didn’t hear Free Spirit scream when she drove the strap on dildo up her tight anus over the roar of the crowd, but she saw the girl throw her head back and her mouth drop open.

“Ohhh…” Dallas lost herself in pleasure for a moment as the special dildo allowed her to feel the tightness of Cathy’s virgin sphincter. It was pleasure unlike anything she’d ever felt before, and like an addict just starting the habit, she wanted more. She wanted it all. Dallas began slamming her hips forward while pulling Cathy’s twisted arms back, impaling the screaming girl on the makeshift cock. The slimy, cock covered floor made leverage hard, but Dallas did the best she could. The hole around the dildo tightened, and Dallas screamed as it sent an orgasm thru her body.

While she did that, Cathy screamed in pain for all she was worth. The studded cock spread her anus farther apart than anything she’d experienced before, and Dallas’ thrusts were pushing Cathy’s face thru pure cum, which her mouth was scooping up like a shovel.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Dallas pushed Cathy across the floor using the pleasure pole she’d embedded in the girl’s ass, heedless of any direction.

“Agghhhr!” Cathy screamed as Dallas nearly twisted Cathy’s arms out their sockets while impaling her ass. For Cathy, it was like someone rammed a branch up into her ass and was using it to push her around like a mop. She wasn’t far off.

Finally, the pounding pushed Cathy up against the pit wall. Cathy felt another wave of pain shoot thru her ass, and clenched her hole accidentally. She heard Dallas scream out in pleasure, and Cathy’s pwracwracked mind got an idea. She relaxed as best she could, letting Dallas rape her ass as easily as possible. Dallas, lust driven, noticed the change but didn’t care. She wasn’t about to let Cathy slip free, nor was she about to stop.

“Should have ugggh! Listened to uggnh! Me!” Dallas grunted as she rode Cathy’s tight ass back and forth, her impressive breasts giggling with every thrust.

Cathy gritted her teeth for another three minutes as Dallas impaled and expanded the passage of her ass. Then, she put her relatively simple plan into action. She clenched her ass cheeks as tightly as possible just as Dallas lunged forward.

The older woman screamed again as an orgasm unlike any other overtook her. It was so powerful in fact, it loosened her hold on Free Spirit, just as she’d planned. Cathy wrenched her arms free, and pushed back against the wall, the back of her head catching Dallas in the face. Dallas stumbled back in pain, her grip on Cathy lost.

“You’ll pay that that bitch!” Cathy shouted as she reared around and struck Dallas across the face, sending the woman tumbling back into the floor of cum. Cathy tackled the falling woman. They slid backwards, but before Dallas could counter attack, Cathy head butted the older woman. Dallas fell backwards, insensible. The world was spinning round her like a roller coaster.

“Rape my ass, will you bitch?” Cathy demanded as she lay over Dallas’ prone form and dangled her strap on cock in front of Dallas’ pussy. The ribbed, studded cock was a good fourteen inches long and from Dallas’ perspective, bigger than anything she’s ever taken before.

Cathy jammed the beginning of her steel cock into Dallas’ tight pussy, and the red head shrieked as her tight passage was forced open.

“Like that, huh bitch?” Cathy cooed as the cock sent powerful pleasure impulses thru her body. Dallas wailed as she was painfully stretched.

“Yeagghh!” She screamed as the metal pole tore at her tender walls

“Real screamer, huh?” Cathy sneered. She grabbed Dallas’ pierced breasts and using them as handle bars, pulled herself deeper into Dallas’ abused pussy.

“Get it out! Get it ooouuut!”

By now, only the first three inches of the studded dildo had pierced Dallas’ sex, tearing and ripping the entire way.

“It’o bio big, take it out, take it out!” Dallas pleaded

Cathy of course paid no heard as she rocked back and forth, impaling the red headed bitch deeper and deeper. Cathy’s well-toned blond body was covered in a fine sheet of sweat. Her breasts, dripping from when Dallas forced her face down in the cum covered floor, swayed back and forth naturally. Cathy didn’t care about the thousands of men watching her rape Dallas, she was in heaven.

“So tight…so good…I could do this all day.” Cathy panted as she continued to impale Dallas.

Dallas barely heard Cathy’s taunts. The dildo raping her was nearly impossible to bear. Only half of it was embedded inside her, and already it was stretching her childbearing muscles to their utmost to prevent her from being torn in two.

“My ass still hurts bitch!” Cathy spat as she maliciously squeezed Dallas’ punctured breasts. Dallas screamed even louder than before and blood began to trickle down her large orbs.

“Please stop, I’ll do anything just stop please stop…” Dallas babbled as Cathy pushed the strap on phallus deeper and deeper down her tight cunt.

“I’m just having too much fun, you old bitch.” Cathy spat. Just then, her strap on pushed past Dallas’ cervix and into her womb.

“Ohhh Gawwwwwdddd!” Cathy screamed as the most powerful orgasm she’d ever had overtook her. It lasted only four seconds, but it was better than anything she’d experienced before. As it faded away, Cathy looked down on the tear stained face of Dallas. And smiled.


Cathy began raping Dallas again with even more vigor than before. Unlike Dallas, Cathy was a true superhuman, and so was her endurance. She rammed the fake cock in and out of Dallas’ tight twat. She was like a drug addict, and the orgasms that came from raping Dallas were the only way she could get her fix. And so she raped Dallas for a good twenty minutes until she finally collapsed on top of her, both totally exhausted.

“Congratulations, Ms Webster. You won.” Miss Locke said over the P.A. Free Spirit was too exhausted to care. Four guards entered the giant pit, and roughly hauled the two women to their feet. Dallas could barely stand due to the burning in her sex, and couldn’t bring herself to raise her heaathyathy wasn’t much better, but awareness was slowly coming back into her mind.

“What do I get?” Cathy asked softly.

“Dallas there will have to service about two hundred men. You will only have to service about a quarter of that amount.”

The two women were led away in two different directions, both weeping about their fate.

Dallas was hosed down with a jet of water as soon as she was out of the pit, and then forced down on a rolling bed that was already waiting in the corridor. Dallas could do nothing as they spread her legs and tied them to each post. Soon she was secured spread eagle to the bed with her swollen pussy utterly defenseless. The thugs casually pushed the bed down the corridor and into a much larger room filled with A.I.M and Hydra soldiers. The thug who’d pushed the moveable bed into the room stepped forward and cleared his throat.

“Okay, you guys know the rules. You got your numbers, and no more than three at a time.”

Dallas barely had time to process this before they fell upon her. Within seconds she felt like she was being stabbed in her pussy, anus and mouth with oversized cocks. Her burning sex would only get worse before the day was thru.

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