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The Wheel

Bonita Juarez, Firebird, woke up with her arms aching. She tried to move them, to rub away a little of the soreness, but found that they refused to move. As the fog of sleep left, Bonita realized that her arms were bound at her side, padded restraints with a grip of steel.

Bonita hated that awaking in bondage felt so normal, so typical of her life now. But rather than dwell on that now, Firebird took stock of herself. Her bladder was empty, her teeth felt clean and her stomach felt full.

It was always an ominous sign when Arcade broke his usual routine of humiliation, they had all come to learn.

And Bonita didn’t feel any better, when she realized that she felt a cold breeze beneath her.

Since as long as she had her powers, Bonita could barely remember a time when she felt cold. According to Dr. Pym, her powers automatically regulated her body temperature, always keeping her at the perfect body temperature. Only in the presence of extreme cold would she even feel the slightest chill.

Having some of her wits about her, Bonita looked to the side, and saw several of her fellow captives, bound exactly like her.

Wolfsbane, Magma, Tigra, X-23, Jolt, Free Spirit and Surge were all bound to giant wheels in the middle of the room. Every one of the wheels was above a small body of what she took to be water, and Bonita knew she was no different. Not when she realized she felt the cold breeze drifting up from her toes to her pussy.

“Oh God,” Bonita whispered, “he’s found another hell for us.”



Amara estimated that she’d been awake for nearly ten minutes before Arcade marched in, followed by his remaining captives.

There were a row of rooms across from Amara and her fellow captives, and no doubt just as many behind them. With a snap of his fingers, Amara watched as Citizen V, Songbird, Dagger, Wallflower and all the rest found their own rooms, and sat on the edge of the bed.

Amara grinded her teeth, seeing at how well Arcade had trained her fellow captives. Sometimes, it felt to her as if he didn’t need the failsafes, they’d grown so accustomed to his brutal rule.

With that handled, Arcade casually strolled to his bound captives, that manic grin of his always seeming to shine with his psychotic madness.

“Good morning, ladies,” Arcade said, “I hope you slept well. Don’t worry about breakfast, I took care of that for you.”

“How considerate,” Free Spirit drawled.

“I’m a gentleman like that,” Arcade smiled, “in fact, today you will all receive a kindness. I’m expecting a big crowd, but you only have to participate if you want to.”

“And the bodies of water underneath us are for décor?” said X-23.

“Well, it’s not exactly water,” Arcade said, “some oxygenated chemicals chilled to below freezing. Safe to swallow, don’t worry.”

“So fuck or freeze,” Amara growled.

“Hey, it’s a choice,” Arcade shrugged, “yours, as a matter of fact. I’ll give you some time to think about it. We’ll start in, say, ten minutes? Until then, you can reflect.”

Arcade snapped his fingers, and as one, the wheels to which the heroines were strapped began moving.

Arcade smiled as the women as he heard threats, pleadings for mercy and attempts to be brave. And as one, they were silenced.

A good start, Arcade chuckled.


Free Spirit

Cathy Webster, Free Spirit, felt the wall of freezing cold air hit her first as she descended into the super-cold liquid.

Instantly, her nipples were painfully erect, and she was shivering worse than she could ever remember.  And she was still several feet away from the liquid.

The cold became almost unbearable seconds before Cathy’s head was dunked in it. Once she was submerged, the young heroine screamed. Arcade was right, in that the liquid was oxygenated, but to Free Spirit, that was just another torture as liquid colder than ice flooded down her throat.

She would have taken drowning, over this cold.

The freezing liquid swept over her body like a thousand little needles. Agony radiated from her nipples, clit and pussy. The cold felt as if it went down to her bones. Cathy’s body shook instinctively for warmth, but it would never have been enough.

Cathy had no idea how long she was under, locked in an inhuman cold, but when the wheel continued turning, bringing her own, the cool, sixty degree air felt like a sauna.

“So,” Arcade smiled, “how was the first swim?”

Free Spirit was shivering too hard to spit any defiance, her entire body aching from the cold.

But she found the will to weep, as she felt herself being carried back up and over.



Amara gasped, as she emerged from the cold again.

Her powers had granted her the power to control molten rock, and ever since they emerged, Amara had never known cold.

Only now, if felt as if she was making up for lost time. Each dip was painfully, cutting her to her core.

Amara remembered how, just days ago, she had promised Arcade that he had seen her last tear. Her defiance felt as hot and powerful as the earth’s core itself.

But here she was now, broken so soon, with cold. It took all her strength not to cry out, to beg to be fucked, and that was rapidly fading.



Bonita was barely aware, as her fellow captives were brought in and placed in their rooms. The cold was almost all consuming.

Until the men, the customers, entered.

“Please, please help!” Bonita shouted. She gathered her willpower, struggling not to stutter, “need cock! Please!”

Bonita saw some men chuckle, before she was lifted up and over again, to be dipped in a sub zero hell.


Jolt and Wolfsbane

“Choices, choices.”

The captive heroines quickly learned that their ‘Johns’ could stop the wheels, if they so chose.

Warren King had done exactly that, stopping Wolfsbane’s and Jolt’s agony, as he decided between them. Their young, quivering bodies were equally appealing to his tastes, as was how they begged.

“I have animal inside of me,” Rahne pleaded pathetically, “I’m the most passionate fuck.”

“I’m more athletic,” Jolt shouted, “I’m a little shorter and tighter.”

“Hmm,” Warren said, still reflecting.

“Feel my cunt!” Jolt said, “my real name is Hallie, and I’ve waited all my life to fuck you!”

 “Hallie?” Warren smiled. Something about knowing the real name of a heroine turned him on, “well, I’d hate for your life to be wasted.”

Hallie felt the restraints disappear, and Warren produced a hose. He sprayed Hallie down with a short spray of hot water, and Jolt swore that it was the greatest thing she had felt her entire life.

Channeling her superhuman speed, Hallie threw her arms around him, and kissed Warren passionately.

“Just the opener,” Hallie winked.

“Can’t wait to see the rest,” Warren said, “hold on.”

Hallie couldn’t watch as Rahne’s wheel was reactivated. But her sobs weren’t enough to make Hallie regret what she’d done.

Instead, Hallie walked a few steps ahead of Warren, shaking her ass at him as they went to their room.

When they stepped past the threshold, Jolt leapt onto the bed, twisting in midair. She landed facing Warren, and smiled.

“Mind if I get ready? I want a taste of you before we start,” Hallie winked at Warren.

She slid three fingers inside of herself, and smiled as Warren undid his pants.

Jolt slipped his cock inside her mouth eager, bringing him to full erection in seconds.

Warren was eager, and Jolt gasped as his cock entered her ready slit. The little bit of heat from his cock, and the friction of it working in and out of her cunt was a bliss she had never felt before.

Hallie wrapped her arms and legs around Warren as they fucked, and milked his cock as best she could.

Warren, a long time client of Arcade’s, would later regard it as one of his best fucks ever.



Bonita staggered as she was released. Firebird’s powers had kept her from freezing, but the line between freezing to death and health was thinner than Bonita ever thought possible.

Her client, Mark Collins, led her into a room where her fellow captive, Tandy Bowens, Dagger, was hanging from the ceiling by her ankles, naked.

“I like a good catfight before I fuck,” Mark explained. He handed Bonita a bamboo cane, “show blondie here a good time, if you want some hot dicking, emphasize on hot.”

Bonita snatched the cane out of Mark’s hand.

“Bonita please, don’t…!” Dagger begged.


The bright red welt Bonita had left on Dagger’s smooth, creamy white ass had barely begun to form before she smacked it again.


“Argh! Bonita, please!”

Bonita swung the cane again, and again and again.

Mark watched, growing more aroused, as Dagger’s creamy, toned ass transformed into an angry red, radiating pain. He savored how Bonita slashed Dagger’s ass relentlessly, beating it with a desperation unlike anything he’d ever seen.

“Alright,” Mark grabbed Bonita’s wrist, stopping her, “that’s enough. Give me a moment to admire your handiwork.”

Mark smirked as he pressed his hands against Dagger’s abused ass. Her cries had turned to soft whimpers now, but she still quivered to the touch.

“Enough about her,” Bonita pressed her naked chest against Mark’s back. She reached around, and stroked his erect cock, “I want something now, something thick.”

“Who am I to deny a lady?” Mark smirked.

Bonita slid onto the bed, and spread her legs. She moaned, as Mark slammed his cock inside of her.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard!” Bonita cried.

Dagger’s heart broke, listening to Bonita whore herself like she did. Dagger knew the woman well enough to know that she had been broken, and had given all of herself over to Arcade. And seeing a fellow captive break was a pain that equaled the burning she felt across her ass. 

Bonita was beyond shame, now.

“Yes, yes!” Firebird cried, as Mark grabbed her tots and squeezed them with all his might. The man was a sadist, and any other time, it would have hurt.

Now, it was welcome. The more their flesh met, the more Bonita savored on a physical, visceral level.

Each thrust of his cock forced the air from her lungs, and his hot breath washed over Bonita’s face.

And God help her, Bonita never wanted it to end.


Surge and Wolfsbane

 “I like to watch,” Jacob Jennings smiled, “and I love muties.”

Surge and Wolfsbane huddled together, shivering furiously as they clutched themselves. Their John hadn’t been so kind as to give them a hot shower, but after so long in such cold, its mere absence felt like a mercy.

“Shall we?” Jacob motioned towards an empty room.

The two mutants, still aching from the cold, waddled towards the room as fast as they could.

Once inside, Rahne pushed Nori onto the bed. Rahne was aware that with her metal gauntlets on her wrists, Nori was no doubt colder than her, while Rahne’s lupine powers gave her a little better resistance.

Rahne climbed atop Surge, pressing her tits against the young Asian as she kissed the young woman passionately.

The fact that they had once been teacher and student was never an issue. While Arcade had eroded most taboos, both women were too desperate for physical contact now, and the heat that it brought with it, to care about much else.

Rahne rubbed her pussy against Nori’s, and blinked away tears as the aching cold fled, and sexual sensation returned. The feeling was like being born again

Nori felt it herself, and pushed back against Rahne. Her hands were still freezing, aching, and it took all of Nori’s willpower to keep them away.

Seeing that her student was suffering, Rahne slid a hand down towards Nori’s clit, while she took one of Nori’s nipples in her mouth.

The sensation of heat, the basic stimulation, made Nori cum almost instantly.

“God, oh God,” Nori panted.

Rahne felt a pair of hands on her ass, and instinctively relaxed. She knew that it was Jacob, but had no resistance for him.

In fact, she welcomed his rod, now pointed at her ass. With once thrust, his large cock had split the walls of her anus. It felt two sizes too big, but now Rahne welcomed that. She could feel every ounce of heat as it entered her body, the painful friction now like a salve and she was grateful for it.

Neither Nori nor Rahne had any complaints as the three-way continued. They savored it like fine wine, and wept when Jacob finally blew his load over Nori’s chest.

Because that meant going back to the wheel.



“More, more!”

Amara was sandwiched between two men, Clay Owen and Eric Klein, and Gods help her, she savored it like fine grab.

“Grab my tits!” Amara snapped at Clay, as he lay under her, his thick cock deep inside her snatch.

Clay obeyed eagerly, pawing her breasts with both, rubbing her nipples between his fingers.

“Damn girl,” Eric nibbled at Amara’s ears, and kissed her shoulder blades. The feeling of his hot breath on her back made Amara shudder, “you are randy!”

“I was built for cock,” Amara pushed back against Eric, “why deny nature?”

“Why indeed?” Clay chuckled.

“I knew you boys would understand,” Amara pressed her lips against Clay’s, her tongue slipping into his mouth. She drew the kiss out for several seconds, before breaking contact, “now give me what I want.”

Amara hated herself more than the rapists inside of her, no matter how hard she tried. After all, she held herself to higher standards than rapist scum.

But Amara just couldn’t stand the cold any longer. Just thinking about it filled her with fear.

So she threw herself into the role of whore, hoping that satisfied clients would be enough to keep her from going back.

“Yes, yes!”

Eric slapped Amara’s ass with his open palm, leaving a red welt.

“More, more, baby!” Amara begged. Even now, she welcomed the pain of the slap, as a buffer against the cold.




“I’ve been so bad!”




“You sure, honey?”

Laura Kinney, looked at the man with contempt.

“Positive,” Laura said calmly, “you’re not my type. You being a rapist, and all.”

The man shrugged.

“Fine, chill out then.”

The wheel Laura was bound to restarted, and again Laura found herself headed up and over, head first into her sub-zero pool.

It took no small amount of will to endure it, so much so that she was shocked to see who was waiting for her, when she came up.

“How was the swim, babe?” Arcade smiled.

The wheel stopped, this time with Laura’s toes still in the water.

“I could do it all day,” Laura replied, “it’s rather invigorating.”

“Good, good,” Arcade smiled in a manner that told Laura he had some additional suffering in mind, “I have something that might help.” 

Arcade held up two plastic cylinders. To Laura, they looked like oversized Chinese finger traps. As long as your average dildo, yet made of plastic with countless open spaces between them.

“These are for you,” Arcade smiled, his pearly whites almost shining.

Laura made sure to betray no fear.

“Not my color,” said Laura.

“Don’t worry,” Arcade replied, “no one will see it.”

He activated the wheel, stopping it when his face was level with Laura’s ass and pussy.

Laura knew what was coming next as Arcade guided his ‘gift’ into her pussy, spreading the walls of her pussy as if it were a cock. It wasn’t comfortable by any measure, but Laura had endured worse during her career as a prostitute.

When he was done with that, Arcade placed the other one at the entrance of Laura’s tightly clenched ass, leaving her with a matching set.

“Alright,” Arcade winked, “back to work.”

Laura felt her wheel beginning to turn again, and swallowed hard. She knew what the next spin would bring her.

Laura gritted her teeth as she felt the liquid meet her head. She was almost used to the cold. Almost, because it was far colder than any human even animal was ever meant to be in.    

And when her pussy and ass struck the liquid, it took all the willpower Laura could muster not to scream.

Every nerve in her cunt screamed in agony as it was flooded with the freezing, stinging liquid. The cloned mutant couldn’t remember any pain that compared, even after all she had suffered inside and out of Arcade’s.

Her ass was flooded just the same, and was no less agonizing. Laura felt as if someone had drilled into her with an icicle and simply never stopped.

Naturally, Arcade was there when Laura emerged, grinning like a fox.

“Well, having any second thoughts?” Arcade said.

For a moment that seemed to last forever, Laura actually did. Her will waivered, and she reminded herself that yesterday, she’d been raped. Tomorrow, she would be raped.

But she took one look at Arcade’s smug face, and remembered that today was today.

“C-c-changing the ru-ules after the game s-s-started?” Laura stuttered,

“You pussy.”



“Oh God, where has this tongue been all my life?” Lana Reynolds moaned

“Tightest pussy I’ve had in a while,” said Jake Reynolds, “when I’m done here, you’ll have to grab one of the strap-ons and try her out!”

“You know it, honey!”

Rahne’s face was smothered by the blond woman’s cunt, while her body builder of a husband was between the young mutant’s legs, his throbbing cock shoved in Rahne’s tight pussy.

Lana’s pussy grew damp at the sight of her husband’s cock sawing in and out of Rahne’s abused cunt, warping the fleshy walls of her pussy as it struggled to take it.

The sight was intoxicating to Lana, and she in turn rubbed her damp pussy across Rahne’s face. Lana even grabbed Rahne’s flesh mounds, using her breasts to balance herself with.

Jake’s massive cock was one of the biggest Rahne had taken yet, and with all of Lana’s weight on her breasts, her fingernails sinking into the sensitive tit-flesh to the point of almost drawing blood, the pain was terrible. Rahne could feel every inch of his thick cock, as he slammed it into her cervix.

Yet Rahne never cried out. She lapped at Lana’s pussy like a good bitch, as her dampness trickled down on the young Scotswoman. Rahne thought nothing of the fact that she was a glorified sex toy to a married couple.

All Rahne cared about, was how long they could last before getting tired of her.



“Thank you, thank you,” Surge said, as she was led away from her wheel by her latest ‘savor’.

Ten minutes alone, ten minutes in sub freezing temperatures was all it took to drag Nori down to a new level of pitiful subservience. She saw her latest John, Marco Griffin, as her savor, a man she would do anything for.

And for Surge, ‘anything’ was especially wide.

“You won’t be saying that for long,” Marco chuckled, as he led Nori into his room.

Nori didn’t blink, as she was bound spread eagle. She could still feel the cold on her gauntlets, and in her bones. Other than cold, all Nori could feel was gratitude for the person who’d taken her from her suffering on the wheel.   

“I think when I’m done, you’ll wish you were back on that wheel,” Macro smirked, as he picked up a paddle.


“Ahh!” Surge cried out as her ass burned.

Marco observed the red welt on Surge’s naked ass, and smiled.

“The moment you want the pain to stop,” Marco said, “you need only to ask.”




Nori’s ass was burning, and she didn’t need to see it to know that it was now a bright, cherry red.

“Thank you,” Nori sobbed, before she could stop herself.

Any distraction from the cold, she relished. Surge felt no stink of shame, as she lusted after Marco’s body heat.

When Nori felt Marco’s hands on her ass, spreading her now red cheeks, Nori willed herself to relax. She wanted him inside of her, wanted his seed.

When she felt the tip of his cock beginning to press against her ass, Nori pushed back as best she could. She cooed, as his cock pressed inside of her.

Marco grabbed Nori by the hair, and pulled her head back as he slammed into her.

“Thank you,” Nori wept, as Marco’s balls slapped her ass.


Free Spirit

Of all the women Arcade selected for this special torture, Cathy Webster, Free Spirit, suffered the worst.

She had no healing factor, no energy powers to keep her warm. All she had was a derivative version of the super soldier serum, making her peak human.

And that was only enough to survive Arcade’s torture by inches.

Cathy wept as she was bound back to her wheel.

As she was lifted up and over, heading towards her icy fate, her body was wracked with sobs. Fear of what was to come, shame that she longed to be raped again than face the cold.

Cathy screamed as the liquid struck her head, and then slowly slid down her body.

Her last suitor had been especially hard on her nipples, pinching them with al his might for the pure sadism of it. When those abused bits of flesh struck the cold, it was as if lightning lashed through Cathy’s breasts.

Cathy screamed, but no one heard it through the liquid.

Cathy was immersed slowly enough that she could feel the wave of cold creeping down towards her abused cunt.

Still aching from all the past men who’d fucked her, the subzero liquid was like napalm to her abused flesh.

Cathy would have screamed, but she lost the strength after the agony in her breasts.

When Cathy came back up again, she was anything but the heroine Free Spirit Her wheel stopped, and her heart powered as she realized that someone was checking her out.

But her teeth were clattering, and when Cathy saw Rahne being led away, she knew that her chance had passed.

The wheel began again.

When Cathy plunged in again, somehow, impossibly, the pain seemed to double. She would have sold her soul for a respite.

The second time, Cathy was half convinced that she in hell.

The third time, the wheel stopped.

Cathy tried to look at the man (or woman) examining her, sizing her up for their enjoyment, but she was utterly exhausted. Nothing more than a human shaped blur registered in her mind.

Cathy felt the restraints unlock, and when her feet touched the ground, her suitor reached out and grabbed Cathy by her blond hair, dragging her to a private room.

Though painful, Cathy gave no resistance. She was being led away from the worse hell she could remember, towards what was only bliss by comparison.

Her partner threw her down on the bed, and Cathy pushed herself against the sheet, trying to take in as much heat as she could.

Cathy’s head was still swimming, as she felt something pressing against her slit.

“Ohh,” Cathy moaned. She didn’t know if it was a cock of a strap on, but she knew it was warm, and was making its way inside of her.

Frankly, nothing else in the world mattered to Cathy other than that.

She felt the something pushing inside her pink folds, and moaned as she felt the heat from the friction as it slid into her. She savored every little bit, as the invader sank deeper, deeper and deeper inside of her.

Cathy felt her partner grab her breasts, and she purred contently. The feeling of the heat, of their fingers squeezing her breasts was pure ecstasy. They pinched her nipples vindictively, but Cathy welcomed it, anything to ward against the cold.

Cathy rocked back and forth, as her cunt was slammed again and again. Tears of joy slid down Free Spirit’s cheeks, as her cunt was painfully spread. Her cervix was pounded again and again, as it was slowly spread.

Cathy felt the exact instant that the person fucking her slammed into her now open womb.

“Yes, yes!” Cathy wrapped her legs around the person now inside of her, driving them deeper inside of her tight snatch.

“Fuck me fuck me deeper!” Cathy cried out.

Her assailant obliged, battering her cunt even harder and harder now.

Another woman would have been left weeping and begging from the pain, but Free Spirit felt only gratitude, as the cold left her mind.

Cathy didn’t know how long her cunt was pounded, but she drank in every second of it like fine wine. As heat returned to her body, she began to drift off, playfully imagining her cunt being fucked for an eternity.

 When Free Spirit awoke again, she felt rough hands grabbing her wrists, pulling her upright.

“No, no please, not yet!” Cathy begged, as she was once again secured to her wheel.

Cathy wept, feeling as though she had fallen from heaven and into hell itself.

The irony never even occurred to her.



Greer Nelson, Tigra, pulled the blankets closer to herself, still shivering. She felt as if she might never be warm again, even with her fur and blanket.

Tigra and X-23 were the only two women who hadn’t entertained anyone the entire day. But Greer, unlike Laura, enjoyed a slight advantage in that the liquid she was dipped in was simply chilled, not sub-zero.

None of the men and women who came her way ever made a serious offer, and Tigra had been given orders to refuse them all.

But being covered in fur meant that she was still cold, and guilt ate at her gut knowing that she was being spared while her friends suffered so much.

“Hey babe,” Arcade said as he entered the room, “sorry I’m late. Had to handle a few things.”

“What, tomorrow’s hell?” Tigra growled.

“Actually, had to move some money around in my Swiss bank accounts,” Arcade replied, “I’m still getting used to making money, heh.”

“You can’t do this again,” Tigra said, “what you put my friends through was worse than your usual sadism. We can’t take it a second time.”

“Excuse me? Did you say ‘we’ and ‘friends’?” Arcade raised a disbelieving eyebrow at Tigra, “you say that like you don’t rat them out every other Friday.”

“You made me do that,” Tigra snapped, “and if you want me to keep doing it, you can’t do what you did today, ever again!”

“Well,” Arcade rubbed his chin, “I’m not fond of repeating myself, I will admit. But you really should be thanking me.”

“For what?”

“You’re a hero,” Arcade removed a recording devise from his pocket, “listen to these tidbits.”

“Cannot believe she stood up to it!” said Rahne Sinclair.

“…an Avenger to the bone,” Firebird said.

“…stronger than I thought,” Jolt said, through shivers.

“You made an impression,” Arcade said, “your fellow bitches rank you right up there with X-23.”

“If they only knew,” Tigra said, “they’ll be suspicious if I don’t turn up in the cells tonight.”

“I got a few lucky girls in their own individual cells,” replied Arcade, “heated, if you were wondering. So what’s my present, for not doing this trick again next week?”

Tigra pulled back he sheets, showing her naked, feline form.

“Promise not to do it again, and I’ll play along tonight,” Tigra said, “I’ll even use the tail.”  

“Deal!” Arcade slipped out of his clothes at nearly record speed, and climbed onto the bed.

“Come on, Red,” Tigra said, “time to conquer this pussy.”

Tigra’s tail wrapped itself around Arcade’s already erect cock. The feel as its soft fur stroked him left Arcade staggered for a moment, as the velvet like grip was nearly enough to bring him off.

But Arcade had spent too much time raping heroines to be stopped so easily, and Tigra knew as much.

So she guided his cock with her tail, into her damp pussy. She cooed playfully, even though the touch of him made her sick.

With the day done, Arcade took time to savor every inch of Tigra’s tight cunt.

The first inch was perfect, the anticipation of a tight cunt that was to come.

The second inch was where Tigra’s tightness was first evident. Her hybrid nature made for one of the tightest cunts Arcade had in custody.

When Arcade finally sank his full length inside of Greer, he felt, if only for a moment that he might grant any request just for a taste of this pussy.

But then Arcade remembered that Tigra was his to do with as he pleased. So he smirked as he savored the moment, slowly sliding his cock back and forth inside her tight depths.

While he impaled her cunt, Arcade reminded himself not to neglect her exotic breasts. The feeling of tit-meat and fur between his fingers was always a treat. His thumbs played across Tigra’s nipples, bringing them to full erection.

As Arcade fucked her, Tigra did her best to ignore how his touch no longer filled her with disgust, and how relieved she felt, knowing that her fellow captives actually held her in high regard.

So as a reward, she milked his cock, pushing her crotch forward as he thrusted into her. She purred as she played with her breasts, and ran her tail across his balls as he fucked her.

Tigra fucked Arcade better than some of the men she actually loved, and the entire time, never felt the shame and disgust that the Avenger knew that she should feel. But she was thankful for at least one thing.

At least her eventual place in hell would be warm.




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