Arcade's New Niche

BY : Masterdudemind
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Nelson Greer awoke slowly. Ever since she’d been kidnapped by Arcade and used as a sex slave, Tigra dreaded waking up every day. The only reason they were given any rest all was so they could suffer through another round of sexual abuse, and the feline Avenger knew today was no different.

In some ways, captivity for Tigra was even worse than what some of his other prisoners experienced. Arcade made a point to break the feline heroine the first day, and turn her into a spy. Given how closely he monitored all of them, Tigra suspected that Arcade just wanted to be extra sadistic, but all the same, he made Tigra a traitor. She had already snitched out her fellow heroines twice and felt disgusted with herself each and every time.

There were times when she almost found the courage to defy Arcade, but the sadistic bastard just threatened to out her to her fellow heroines and Tigra knew there was no way she’d survive the constant abuse alone.

The rapes, the sheer humiliation and loss of control, each heroine relied on one another, in ways spoken and ways not, just to keep their sanity. And if they knew of her betrayal, they would turn their backs on her in an instant. It was a constant threat Arcade held over Tigra, and one she just wasn’t brave enough to overcome.

The Feline Avenger scanned the room, and saw that she wasn’t alone. The Thunderbolt Citizen V, and Danielle Moonstar from the X-Men were in the room with her. Tigra took a moment to examine herself, and realized that the dirt and grime from yesterday, all the semen that had coated her pussy, had been washed clean.

So they have something in mind already, Tigra surmised. She took some small comfort in the fact that she’d be spared the usual, humiliating morning routine.

The guards marched in only seconds after Dallas awoke with their usual cocky grins.

“On your feet, cunts,” ordered the lead guard, “today we got something special planned.”

The three former heroines stood up. Tigra tried to stare a hole into the floor, Citizen V tried to look indifferent while Moonstar gave the guards a look of pure rage.

“How long do you think you can keep this up?” Moonstar spat.

“Today, tomorrow and the day after that,” said the Lead Guard, “and now. Now shut your mouth and march, unless you want to test my temper?”

Danielle bit her lip, and the three heroines marched out. The guards led them to a room across the complex, to what the three recognized as the ‘stage room’.

“Okay ladies,” the lead guard pulled out a plastic box, and removed three sets of anal beads, “bend over. I think you know where these go.”

“I’ll shove them down your damn throat one day,” Dallas spat.

But she, like Danielle and Tigra, bent over obediently. All but three guards left, smirking at the display. Each took one of the heavy metal beads, and approached the heroines from behind. They pulled on a plastic glove, and looked at their well toned asses with pure lust.

“This is what I signed up for,” said one guard, as he forced his thumb into Danielle’s tight sphincter.

“Getting paid to look at naked chicks,” said the second guard. He forced three fingers into Tigra’s furry rear, “no better. We got the best job in the world.”

“Hey, assholes,” said the lead guard, “Plug these assholes already. We got a schedule to keep.”

“Sorry, boss.”

Dallas tried to relax as the first metal ball, cold as ice, was shoved into her tight anus. The guard had all the leverage, and by now she knew better than to resist, but nature had a way of taking over.

It took a solid minute to get the first one down, and when Dallas felt the second, ribbed like it was a pine apple, she cried out.

“Please, stop, wait!” Dallas begged as her inner walls flexed on instinct, gripping the needles and stabbing her insides, “don’t!”

“It’s just plastic,” the guard mumbled, “stop whining.”

Tigra took the pain of another ball as it was shoved into her tight anus. The ribs on the second hurt, but all she could think of was how she deserved it, that this pain was her own fault.

Danielle Moonstar bit her lip until it bled, refusing to cry out, to show weakness. She’d failed too many times in the past, but that would never stop the young mutant from trying.

“Alright, all pluged?” the lead guard asked. His men nodded.

“Alright ladies, stand up,” he said, “keep your tails inside if you know what’s good for you, and follow me.”

Dallas, Tigra and Danielle waddled after the man, as the guards walked behind them, laughing.

Each heroine had a ‘tail’ of two anal beads pocking out, that swung back and forth from their rears.

“I hate to see these bitches leave,” said the first.

“…but I love to watch ‘em go!” said the second.

The three heroines found themselves in a cold, windowless room. There was a large screen on one wall, chains hanging from the ceiling, and curiously, a sleek metal dish on the floor.

The heroines were positioned over one of the metal dishs, and in short order their wrists were bound over their heads, and the chains pulled tight until all three were standing only on the balls of their feet, facing the TV screen.

“I imagine you ladies are eager to get started,” said the lead guard, “so I’ll explain the rules of this game.”

The guard pressed a button on his remote, and instantly an image of their friends was displayed.

Jolt, Songbird, Husk, Wolfsbane, Silverclaw and Firebird were all bound naked in chairs. Their eyes were blindfolded, and a ballgag shoved in their mouths.

The three heroines tensed, as they saw that their friends weren’t alone. They were surrounded by throngs of men and women. Some passed by, and squeezed a breast, or nibbled an ear, but they were surprisingly untouched.

Untouched, but terrified.

“Underneath your feet are powerful electro magnets,” he explained, “the goal is to keep your tail in as long as possible. You’ll have a team here in a moment to make it…challenging.”

“And what happens if we fail?” Tigra asked.

“Glad you asked, kitten,” the guard smiled, “to you? Nothing. You’ll be re-kenneled. But your friends? They’ll be turned over to the fine men and women  who bet on you to win. And just so you know, the buy in started at ten thousand.”

That sent a shutter down the spine of the heroines. There was no worse john than one who was angry at a whore who cost him money.

“Don’t worry, we explained this all to your friends,” the guard chuckled, “I’m sure they’d understand if you just gave up.”

“You bastard…” Dallas spat.

“It’s a job requirement,” he said. The three heard more men entering, “okay guys. Drake, Logan, you get the Thunderbolt. Mathews, Scott, you get the mutie. Brad, Keith, you get the cat.”

“Okay ladies,” the lead guard tapped his remote, “get ready!”

Danielle clenched as she felt the beads in her ass began to pull. Dallas gasped, fighting her bodies instinct to expel the intruders from her rectum, and Tigra tightened her ass as much as her muscles would allow.

“Okay, boys. Do your thing.”


Dallas tried to control her breathing as Drake and Logan approached her. In her time as captive, Dallas had ranked the guards in terms of sadism and creativity. And just her luck that these men ranked high on both.

“Logan, you take the breasts,” Drake said, “I’ll ready the new toy.”

Dallas gasped as Logan began covering her breasts with alligator clips. The first two were placed on her nipples, and felt as if they were getting ready to tear the flesh at any moment. Dallas had felt worse, but it was still agonizing.

But for all the pain, Dallas didn’t start to worry until she saw Drake with a small, thin brush. It was smaller and thinner than a ballpoint pin, but had stiff metal bristles.

“Tell me, Citizen V,” Drake loved using their codenames, “do you know what the urethra is?”

Dallas paled, because she did.

“It’s the cavity in the human body that releases urine,” Drake continued, “pee hole, if you want to be crude. On men, it’s the tip of the penis. But in women, it’s found in the vagina…”

“Don’t…please,” Dallas begged, as Drake’s hands went to her slip, and began carefully exploring it. She began to quake with fear as she felt his finger placed over it.

“You need to focus,” Drake said, “you don’t want your friends to suffer, do you? Don’t worry, this modified pipe clean is sterile, and Doc Shoc can fix you up later.”

Dallas wept. It wasn’t the first time, but until now she couldn’t remember weeping in sheer fear and anticipation. And she hated herself for it, but she considered just letting the anal beads slip free, to give up.

“Okay,” Drake placed the pipe clean at the entrance of Dallas’ urethra, and then plunged it in.

Dallas threw her head back and screamed. In many ways, the urethra was her most private hole of all, and just the idea of the physical invasion was horrifying.

The sheer disgust made the physical pain a hundred times worse. Lined with nerves and sensitive tissue that was never meant to be touched, Dallas’ brain was overwhelmed with pain. Drake paid no heed to the delicate tissue, scrubbing the inner walls like he was scrubbing a dirty dishpan.

Dallas’ entire body trembled in agony, and a bead slipped free.

“Shit man,” Logan said, “stop being so gentle!”



Danielle gritted her teeth. Her ‘team’ had started with the whip, a classic, and she felt disgusted that she was grateful for that.

She knew the whip, she could endure the whip, at least for a little bit.

But her blood ran cold when the second man, Scott, stood in front of her with a tattoo gun.

“You have a color preference?” Scott asked casually.

“What…ah!” Dani cried out as the whip struck her back again.

“Color preference,” he said, “the ink isn’t permanent, but could last a few days regardless. Last chance, color?”

Danielle blinked back tears.


“Good color for a redskin,” Scott smiled. He adjusted a a knob on the side of the gun, and then grabbed her right breast, “don’t worry, it’s a new needle.”

There were tattoo needles that were virtually painless.

That wasn’t the type that Scot was using.

Danielle screamed, as she felt as if her breast was being devoured by fire ants. Scott took the needle and jammed it into her nipple, and then began to sketch a star design across her breast. He dragged the needle back and forth across her sensitive needle, and scribbled across her areola.

That alone was agonizing enough, but when the whip struck her back, Danielle jerked forward, and stabbed herself deeper with the needle.

And through all this, her ass ached, and she fought her body’s natural urge to expel the metal beads, as the magnet beneath her pulled without relent.

“Stars work best, don’t you think?” Scot said, when he was finally done.

Danielle looked down at what she felt was her ruined breast, and saw a green star that encompassed her breast.

“Now lets get the other one…”

Danielle quivered, and an anal bead slipped free.


They slipped a zip tie around Tigra’s left breast, and she gasped as it was tightened.

“Don’t want you to get comfortable,” Brad said, as he picked up an alligator clap the size of a small puppy.

He opened it, and Tigra watched in horror as it swallowed her entire right breast. It chomped down, and Tigra was shocked to find that the pain, while agongizing, was far less than what she expected.

“Hold on, hold on,” Brad went to a dial on the side, and began adjusting the tension strength. Slowly, what felt like inch by inch, the metal teeth sank into Tigra’s soft breast, until it felt as it the clamp was going to bite through.

“Okay, Keith, you’re up,” Brad said.

Tigra, blinking back tears, watched as Keith handled six more alligator clamps. They were far smaller than the one devouring her breast, but that was little comfort.

Because hanging at the end of each was a metal weight.

“Okay baby,” Keith peeled back Tigra’s pussy, and clamped the first one on.

“Arrrgh!” Tigra screamed, though the beads in her ass remained in place.

The clamp on her pussy pulled the soft flesh towards the ground like it was gum, and to Tigra it burned as if it were on fire.

“Looks good,” Keith said, “lets get the rest.”

Six times, they repeated it. Three on each side, and one for her clit. Six times, Tigra’s agony reached a new height.

When the duo was done, over thirty pounds of metal hung from Tigra’s pussy, and her left breast was turning blue.

But her anal beads remained in place. Tigra took each ounce of agony, knowing she deserved it and more.

“Okay, Brad, get the whip.”

Tigra let loose a feral scream of agony as the whip struck her abused pussy. Each time it struck her, she jerked, and the pain climbed and climbed.

But through it all, she fought to keep the beads inside her, even as stomach cramps rippled through her.

“Now the breast!”


“Now, can you tell me what this is for?”

Danielle looked at the dildo through a fog of agony and tears. She vaguely made out a pine apple like design. Danielle remained silent, the only defense she could muster.

“If you said dildo, you’re right,” Scott said, “but it’s much more than that.”

Scott pressed a button, and the dildo began to expand. The ‘leaves’ pushed up and outward, like a flower’s greeting the sun.

Danielle began to struggle in her bonds, even though she knew it was futile. The beads on her ass seemed to weigh even heavier now.

“Now, lets get some lube,” Danielle saw the bottle of ‘lube’. She couldn’t read the entire label, because she was too terrified when she saw the words ‘hot sause’ on it.

When the dildo was fully coated in a red, oily substance, Scott turned to Danielle.

“Better brace yourself,” Scott smirked, “this may sting.”

Scott, like all of Arcade’s men, knew how to wield a dildo for maximum effect. He swung it for Danielle’s cunt perfectly, and with one thrust, buried it up the hilt, smashing into her cervix at full force.

Danielle’s head snapped back, but to her credit she didn’t scream. But a bead began to slide free.

“Now, part two.”

Scott pressed a button, and Danielle did scream as the dildo and its pointed edges began to push against the soft tissue of her pussy. The hot sauce that it was covered it began to burn like lava, and despite her best efforts, Dani could feel the beads in her ass begin to slip.


They’d been raped so many times, Dallas thought, what’s one more?

Dallas, Citizen V, was more ashamed of herself than words could express. She knew how horrible gamblers could be, having lost thousands of dollars. They were ruthless, angry and creative.

But Dallas wanted so badly to give up, to spare herself more pain. She could feel the pull of the magnets on the bead, and sweat poured from her brow as she fought her body’s natural instinct to expel them.

Even now her body betrayed her, as terrible cramps wracked her body, as the whip struck her ass gain and again.

They’d be raped again. And again, Dallas told herself. But this was the only one she could stop, if she was strong enough.


“Arrrgh!” Tigra screamed, as Brad twisted the giant nipple clamp on her breast. He twisted it as far as it would go, and then moved onto the clamps on her pussy.

One by one, slowly, agonizingly, he twisted and pulled, as Keith whipped Tigra’s burning ass. The feline Avenger could feel the beads beginning to slip, until…


Tigra’s eyes snapped open from the haze of pain, and it took her a minute to realize that her ass was still being impaled.

“Noooo!” Dallas cried, “Hallie, I’m sorry! Melissa, please forgive me, I’m sorry!”

“Yeah yeah,” Drake sighed. She began undoing the alligator clamps on Dallas’ breasts, “lets get you to Doc Shoc. Your friends have a long day ahead of them.”

Tigra looked to the screen, and saw that Songbird and Jolt had all but been ripped from their chairs by an angry mob.

Hallie was already on her hands and knees, a cock in each end, while Songbird was bent over a table, with a man pulling back a riding crop.

Dallas wept and begged for forgiveness as she was dragged away.

Danielle and Tigra glanced at one another.

“And then there were two!”

Tigra felt the magnet beneath her increase in power, and saw half a bead slip free from Dani’s ass.

“Alright,” Scott picked up a cattle prod, and jammed it into Dani’s clit.

Dani screamed, and that seemed to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. The beads slid free with a heavy –thunk-, and Dani began crying even harder.

“Rahne, I did the best I could,” Dani sobbed, as they undid her bonds. She watched in horror as men fell on Rahne and Paige like locusts.

“Well, that was disappointing,” Mathews sighed, “was hoping for a real competition here!”

“…I won?” Tigra couldn’t believe it, as her bonds were undone. Brad reached behind her, and yanked the anal beads free. The pain was terrible, but brief, “what happens now?”

“Indian here gets fixed up, and you go to the guy who placed the biggest bet on you,” Keith said, “but your fellow Avengers get a day off.”

Danielle and Tigra were led in two different directions, and it took Tigra a moment to realize what had happened, that she’d actually won! She’d saved her teammates!

Despite the agony that was between her legs, that knowledge gave her a strength she hadn’t felt in a long while.

“Here’s the winner’s room,” Keith said. They shoved Tigra inside without ceremony, and then shut the down.

Tigra’s heart jumped to her throat when she saw the man standing there in front of the bed, a bottle of champagne in one hand.   

“What?” Arcade said, “you were expecting Bugs Bunny?”

“…Arcade?” Tigra could barely breathe, “…you?”

“How always wins,” Arcade smirked, “and I let you win too. Didn’t you think it odd that a woman with super strength was competing against two people without?”

“You…let me win?” Tigra couldn’t believe the words he was saying.

“Hey, I value my employees,” Arcade snapped his fingers, and a large screen appeared on the far wall.

It was Firebird and Silverclaw in the ‘Study Room’. It was a room that held a normal bed, countless books and DVDs, and the largest ‘carrot’ any of them could earn.

“Two days vacation,” Arcade said, “because of you.”

Tigra’s eyes began to water.

“How about a little appreciation, eh?”

Tigra lunged for Arcade with all the speed her powers could give her. And for one terrible moment, Arcade thought his fail safes had failed, as Tigra ripped his clothes off his body like they were wrapping paper.

But then she pushed him onto the bed, and climbed atop him.

“A little?”

Tigra’s tail reached around, and wrapped itself around Arcade’s cock, and coaxed it to life.

Tigra knew she’d sold her soul, and this was just more of the same, But she realized that she’d gladly burn if it meant sparing her fellow Avengers.

“Not in my vocabulary.”


“Wow,” Arcade looked at the ceiling, and saw that his chest had a dozen stratches on it. Tigra lay against her, her furry breasts pressing against him, “I should do this more often.”    

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