Arcade's New Niche

BY : Masterdudemind
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“You ladies ready for another exciting day?”

“Yes, sir!”

Almost all heroines responded as one, except for one. Danielle Moonstar looked around, and noticed that some of their fellow captives were missing. Her eyes darted around, trying to see if the guards reaction revealed anything. The smugger they were, the more terrible the punishment usually, but Danielle couldn’t read them.

“Something wrong, Dani?”

Dani felt a shiver shoot down her spine, as Arcade’s eyes came to rest on her. Drawing Arcade’s attention was like being a mouse drawing the attention of a lion. Nothing good could come of it.

More than that, she loathed how he used her name, how he spoke to her with familiarity after all he’d inflicted on her and the others. Arcade could burn in hell for a million years and that still wouldn’t have been punishment enough for his sins against her, let alone her friends.

And now his attention was focused on her.

“We’re missing a few people today,” Danielle said.

Arcade glanced around.

“We are,” Arcade then shrugged, “how is that of any concern of yours?”

Danielle literally bit her lip. One of the women missing was her best friend, Rahne Sinclair.

“You know why,” Dani growled, mustering all her courage.

“I know it’s not your concern,” Arcade said, “but if you’d like, when Miss Sinclair is done with her fun, I can give her guard duty for a few weeks.”

Danielle’s face paled.

“Unless you’d care to come up here and give me a blow job, right now.”

Danielle felt the eyes of her fellow heroines fall on her as she stood up without another word, and did exactly as Arcade demanded.

“Ah, the power of friendship,” Arcade laced his fingers through Danielle’s hair. He used her long hair as leverage, her head bouncing back and forth. What Arcade savored more than the pleasure was look the other heroines gave Danielle. No one dared stand up for her.

As she sucked his cock, Dani just prayed that Rahne was strong enough to survive whatever sick new torture Arcade had dreamed up.


The entire room was perfectly white. The table clothes, the drapes, and of course, the bed.

In the center of it all, Rahne Sinclair was laid upon the bed, kept lightly asleep by a special drug cocktail.

She was dressed in a white girdle that covered her waist but not her breasts. A bridal veil was across her face, and lacy white leg stockings that covered both legs and white sleeves that went past her elbows. In between her legs was a perfectly trimmed triangle of pubic hair, and more.

Her head rested on a pillow, as Rahne dreamed a dream assisted by anti-depressants and a special drug concoction used in a way it’s designers never intended.

To Keith Moon, a smuggler with very specific tastes, Rahne, and her circumstances, were perfection itself. He watched as her breasts slowly rose and fell, her bright red hair the perfect contrast to her white clothes.

Keith undressed slowly. He had an entire day, and he so wanted to make the most of it. Once he was naked, he climbed on the bed slowly, like a jungle cat stalking prey.

He reached down to Rahne’s slit, and spread it with his fingers. He snaked his fingers inside, and smiled with satisfaction to feel that Arcade’s promised bonus was there.

Keith lowered his head between her legs, and began lapping at her pussy, savoring the taste while his thumb began to massage her clit. Even asleep, Rahne bucked her hips towards Keith, physically begging for more.

As Keith worked, Rahne dreamed.

“Ah’s just glad ah got you out before that bastard could touch you,” Sam Guthrie, Cannonball, carried Rahne over the threshold. She rested her head against his strong, muscled chest, as she breathed a sigh of relief. She still shuddered as she remembered Arcade’s threats to do…something.

“I knew I could rely on ye,” Rahne sighed. She wistfully leaned against her hero, taking in his warmth. 

Sam sat her down on the bed (where did the bed come from? Rahne wondered, before the thought drifted away), and gave Rahne a smile she had once waited to see so many years ago.

“You can,” Sam said, “because I would never let anyone hurt the woman I love.”

“I love ye too,” Rahne said, her heart pounding. She’d waited for this for so long…

Sam leaned in, and kissed Rahne. Rahne felt her head swim, and she didn’t come back down as Sam moved between her legs (wasn’t she wearing pants?). A moment later, Rahne couldn’t think through the pleasure.


Keith smiled as he heard Rahne whisper another man’s name. Not that he cared much. This was for him mostly, but he couldn’t begrudge whatever pleasure she took, in whatever dream she was in. 

He wasn’t selfish, after all.

When Rahne was as damp as a swamp, and her clit fully risen, Keith brought himself up her to her right breast, and took it into his mouth. He teased her nipple, tracing it with his tongue, while suckling this perfect mound of flesh.

“Oh, Sam…”

Rahne couldn’t believe her luck as she looked down her chest, and saw the love of her life, Sam, sucking on her breast like a new born babe.

When Keith was finished with Rahne’s second breast, he felt as if his erection might explode then and there.

He placed his cock at Rahne’s slit, and began to slide inside of her.


Rahne felt the total weight of her lover inside of her, a quick tearing pain, as he entered her. But she knew that was just the pain of the first time (first time? For some reason, that didn’t feel right).

Keith savored the feeling of Rahne’s pussy wrapped around his cock, and the small trickle of her maidenhead blood mixed with his sweat. He knew she was far from a virgin, but medical science was an amazing thing, and this was just a fantasy to begin with, so why not one more element?

The ripple of Rahne’s pussy as it struggled to accommodate his girth along with the loss of her ‘virginity’, Keith sighed in pleasure. This had barely begun, and already Keith felt as if he were in heaven.

Keith reached up and brushed the bridal veil from Rahne’s face. He admired her perfect, petite face for a moment, before he kissed her, his tongue exploring her mouth. Rahne returned the kiss, moaning softly.

In her dream, Rahne savored Sam’s kiss, her tongue exploring his mouth as he explored hers. She could barely count the number of years she had waited for it and now it was everything she imagined. She never knew that he was so big, but Rahne always suspected. With his tongue in her mouth, and his flesh inside of her, Rahne never wanted this to end.

Keith began to push himself deeper inside of Rahne, as she pushed back against him, trying to take him deeper inside herself. Even as his cock spread the walls of her pussy wider and wider. Keith was well endowed by any measure, and half the reason he wanted a sleeping bride fanyasy was because he was so damned tired of the whining, the complaining about how it was ‘too big’, ‘too much’.

But Rahne only moaned in discomfort. She felt some pain, but to her, making love to the man of her dreams was worth anything.

“…Sam, oh Sam!” Rahne whispered, and Keith smiled.

He pushed deeper inside her pussy, as it gripped his cock like a velvet glove. He sank in deeper and deeper, until he reached the end. He reached her cervix, and began to fuck Rahne with even more vigor.

Rahne, seeing only her first love, bucked her hips back against her, and squeezed her pussy. In her mind, she saw Sam leaning over her, his pearly white smile making everything okay.

Rahne matched Keith’s pace almost perfectly, taking him completely inside of her, pushing back as he thrusted forward.

“Sam…,” The friction gave rise to pleasure, and Rahne gasped as her first love sent her over the edge, “Sam!”  

“Oh Red!” Keith laughed, as he came inside of Rahne. He filled her stretched pussy with cum, and withdrew with a satisfied sigh.

“…I love you…”

Keith chuckled as he stood up, stretching his back.

He looked at Rahne, laying there with a mixture of cum and maiden blood pooling in a small puddle at the base of her pussy. She had a satisfied grin on her face, and the perfect white of the clothes and pale skin contrasted perfectly with the red between her legs.

Already, Keith could feel himself growing hard again.

“Those blue pills of Arcade’s are better than Viagra, my dear,” Keith said, “I can actually feel my balls refilling.”

Rahne said nothing, which was pretty much what Keith expected. According to Arcade, nothing could awake the young Scotswoman unless he so willed it. To Keith, it kept her in a state of perfect innocence, which held the greatest appeal.

He grabbed Rahne by the ankles, and pulled her to the edge of the bed, spreading her legs until her pussy was at the edge of the bed.

Keith climbed onto the bed, carefully climbing over Rahne until his legs were straddling her face, and his cock rested on her cheek.

“This looks excellent on you, my dear,” Keith dragged his cock over Rahne’s face, enjoying the sight and power of it all. This woman could tear him apart with her bare hands, and yet here he was dragging his cock over her face like a magic marker.

“Time for a taste, honey,” Keith guided his cock into Rahne’s warm mouth.

Rahne coughed, but reflex took over quickly. She began to suck, as…

“Sam, please…!”

Rahne never expected Sam to force her to perform oral sex, let alone do it so roughly. He hadn’t asked so much they were hugging one moment, and the next he forced her head to his crotch, nearly gagging her.

Using experience she didn’t know she had, Rahne suckled his cock, licking the underneath, drawing in the taste.

Keith was astonished at how skilled, how experienced Rahne was, even asleep. She took to his cock like a child to a lollipop, far better than even the whores in Thailand.

Keith gripped the back of Rahne’s head, and bobbed it up and down until he swore he could feel her tonsils.

Rahne’s skill brought Keith off quicker than he ever could have imagined, but at the last moment, he withdrew, and shot his seed all over Rahne’s face.

His cum splashed across her face, covering her right eye and dribbling down her cheek.

Keith thought it went perfectly with the white girdle, view sleeves and leggings.

“Lovely make-up,” Keith observed.

Keith stood up once again, took a quick walk around the room. Arcade’s blue pills were amazing, but that didn’t mean he himself had endless stamina.

He took a seat across from the bed, his eyes never leaving Rahne’s unconscious form.

He wondered what his friends and foes would think of the infamous ‘Moonlight Smuggler’ if they knew that his fetish, his secret desire, was a simple wedding to a young, virginal woman.

Keith chuckled to himself. He had once killed a man for coughing at the wrong time, and yet this was his greatest fantasy. The fact that it was a heroine somehow just lifted it to a whole other level.

Keith thought about the power in Rahne’s small frame, the videos Arcade had shown him of Wolfsbane tearing through entire groups of men, and felt his manhood returning to life.

Keith stalked over to the bed, having reached full erection in just a few steps.

He grabbed Rahne’s thighs, and raised Rahne’s legs, letting them come to rest on his shoulders. He placed the tip of his cock at her tight, defenseless ass. He pressed forward, barely sinking in less than an inch, and gasped.

“I am not paying Arcade enough,” Keith moaned. He lunged forward, sinking his cock into Rahne’s perfectly tight ass. Keith knew he was far from the first man to plunder this tight ass, but damned if he didn’t feel like it.


In her mind, Rahne was on her hands and knees (why did this seem s familiar?), with Sam’s hands on her hips and his cock was slamming into her ass. Rahne was a virgin (wasn’t she? Something about being fucked like a dog brought back strange feelings), and the pain of his giant cock was quickly becoming too much.

Rahne looked at Sam, pleading at him with her eyes to stop, yet his gaze never met hers. Why was he doing this?

“…don’t want this, Sam…”

Keith smirked. He had sheathed his entire cock inside Rahne’s tight sphincter, and it was God damn amazing. He withdrew half way before slamming back inside, and Rahne replied with a pained whimper.  

Her breasts quivered and her eyes began to water, as Rahne’s dream was met with the harsh reality. Keith quickened his pace, each stroke into Rahne’s tight ass better than the last.

Even as she slept, Rahne’s ass quivered, gripping him perfectly in a half hearted attempt to keep him out, all the while encouraging him onward. Keith grabbed her thighs, pulling her in while pushing his cock completely inside her clenched ass. His balls slapped her perfect white ass with each thrust now.

“….Sam?” Rane choked. She never thought the man she loved and thought loved her, would treat her so dismissively, “why?”

“Because baby,” Keith said. He knew Rahne likely couldn’t hear him, but he didn’t much care, “this isn’t your dream, it’s mine. And I’ve just gotten started…”

Time for a break.s mine. And I’ve just gotten started…”

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