Arcade's New Niche

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Bonita Juarez, Firebird, awoke on a medical gurney, her head swimming. The first thing she felt was an ache in her breasts, and how her skin was clean of the sweat and cum that had covered her like a second skin when she felt into a nightmarish sleep in her cell last night.

Bonita opened her eyes, and saw that it was more than that. She was dressed in her Firebird uniform, complete with bra and underwear.

“Welcome back to the world of the living.”

Bonita turned her head and saw Dr. Gordon? Dr. Wade?

The names changed constantly, not that Bonita ever believed that they were given the doctor’s real name to begin with. That was if they were even people. How many of Arcade’s people were human beings, or artificial beings, LMDs, was a subject of constant debate between his captives.

All Firebird knew for certain was that Arcade was never short of people who could warp their bodies for the sexual deviancy of their johns, using any and every tool imaginable. Sentinels, Pym Particles, modified plants, it seemed as nothing was beyond his depravity.

“What did you do to me?” Firebird tried to sound angry, but after having been captive so long, there was only so much rage she could this early in the morning.

“That’s something your client wants to show you,” the Doctor said. Without a word, a guard came in, and nodded for her to follow.

Firebird did her best to stand up straight, to carry herself with an air of dignity and defiance, but it was hard, she could still taste the shampoo used to wash the cock of the man she’d blown last night.

Bonita could hear the sounds and smell the musk of sex as they made their way through the compound. She caught a glance of Dagger, her legs frog-tied and her pussy supporting her entire weight on a wooden horse, and felt a slight bit of sympathy pain in her pussy.

She was there less than two days ago herself.

The guard led her to her appointment, and Firebird said a silent prayer as she stepped inside.

“My God…”

Bonita was met by a Hispanic man, his bare chest covered with both muscles and tattoos. She had no idea what they met, but she knew that they signified that he was a member of her country’s infamous Cartels.

But Bonita’s breath caught in her chest when she saw the scars on the man’s left arm.

Burn scars.

“…you’re amazing,” the man said, breathless.

“…I’m sorry,” Firebird said instinctively. She couldn’t remember burning a man so badly as to leave scars like this man bore, she had always been so careful with her flame before, even taking lessons with Johnny Storm about control. Her entire career, she always respected the dangerous power she wielded, power that was now rendered useless, “I…I never meant…”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” the man said. He pointed at the scars, “you didn’t do this, Chica. Nah, this was because of a miss by an old boss. Call me Rafe.”

Firebird glanced at the walls, giant screens on three walls. They were the same screens that resided in the cells Arcade kept them on constantly, playing images of their defeats and humiliation over and over.

And true to form, they were depicting some past humiliation, some past sexual assault.

“I prefer some porn prior to love making,” Rafe said.

Love making? Bonita thought to herself, but didn’t dare say aloud.

There was always that deluded John who thought that what they were doing simply buying themselves a prostitute, a whore for the evening. No amount of begging or common sense could convince them otherwise, and Firebird had long since given up trying.

Firebird glanced towards the ceiling as Rafe led her to the bed by the hand. To her disgusted, she recognized the incident perfectly, and unbidden, her memories drifted back to that horrible time.

The scene being depicted on the far wall displayed Bonita strapped to a medical chair, her legs bound high up in stirrups. Bonita was flat on her back, strapped down with nothing to support her head, with a half dozen men in the room looming around her.

“Alright boys,” said Donald Flores, the leader of these scumbags, “anyone who wants her pussy, you better step up now, because when I’m done…”

The men chuckled, and Bonita shivered.

Four men took her by the pussy, grunting and grinding against her. Cocks pounded against her cervix, yet after having so many men inside her, Firebird could feel it when someone was rushing. These men where sadists, and were eager to see their boss at work.

“Avenger pussy, best pussy yet,” Sighed the last man who came inside her, “never even seen them before today.”

“Alright boys,” Donald Flores cracked his knuckles, “someone go get that cleaning solution, eh? Fuck if I want to deal with sloppy seconds, eh?”

Firebird shook her head, trying to deny the tears that would soon some. One of the man returned with a water-bottle, filled with a salt water solution and wedged it aside of Firebird’s pussy.

“Hey, wait!” One of the man went to Firebird’s head, and zipped his pants. He jammed his cock in her mouth until his balls slapped her nose. Firebird did what they had all been taught, and a few seconds later, the man gave his friend the thumbs up.

“Peter, we ain’t got all day….”

“Okay Jake, let ‘er rip!”

Jake squeezed the water bottle, filling Firebird’s abused cunt. The salt water turned every stretch and tear inside her pussy burn as if it were filled with acid, as it washed the cum from her pussy. Were it not for the cock jammed in her mouth, Firebird would have screamed to high heaven.

Instead, she just gurgled as Peter’s tool went down the length of her throat.

“Oh man,” Peter couldn’t hold on a second longer, and shot his load down Bonita’s throat

“Okay, Fire-whore,” Donald ran a finger up and down Bonita’s pussy, “get ready…”

Bonita began to sweat, as she could feel the man clench his fists at the mouth of her pussy.


Bonita felt the air driven from her lungs, as Donald slammed his knuckles inside her pussy.

“Tighter than I thought,” Donald said.

Firebird said nothing, because she was gasping for air, struggling to breathe.

Donald’s fist was a slow, steady invasion of her abused and worn pussy. Worse, Bonita could feel the rings on the man’s hands as he invaded her cunt.

Bonita swore she could feel the insignia on his rings, the callouses on his fingers. By instinct, she clenched, but Donald didn’t care. He had leverage, and desire.

He and his men savored how Bonita’s breasts trembled, and she jerked from side to side.

“Please, mercy,” Bonita begged softly. She feared that if she spoke any louder, his men might hear and then he’d only laugh.

“Fresh out, honey,” Donald said, “sorry, babe. Got castrated, long story. You wouldn’t deny me the fun everyone else has, would you?”

“It hurts…,”

Donald rolled his eyes.

“Someone want to shut this bitch up?”

Firebird felt someone grab her by the hair, and pull her head down. He presented his cock, and to Bonita’s shame, she opened and accepted it on reflex, even as she was wracked by agony.

Donald slowly pounded her cervix, each slow punch sending agony through her lower body, stretching her pussy every inch of the way.   

Watching it now, watching from the outside, seeing how Donald’s fist warped her stomach and sucking cock as the man fisted her, brought a new wave of revulsion through Bonita. She felt a special level of disgust when she saw the time stamp, and realized how long she had suffered.

“Before we start, would you please get me ready?”

Rafe sat down on the edge of the bed, his cock not yet at full rigidness. Bonita put on a fake smile, and went to her knees.

She reached out with her tongue, and lapped at the cock like a cat lapping milk. She had learned that some men loved to be teased, and judging from Rafe’s reaction, he was one.

She then took his fullness in her mouth, until he almost touched the back of her throat, and ran her tongue underneath the length of his penis.

As she sucked him off, Bonita caught a glimpse of another scene of humiliation, and once more, she couldn’t help but think back to Arcade’s sick and depraved punishment.  

“Welcome one, welcome all,” said the Announcer, “to another show of Bitch Avenger!”

Bonita, Tigra and Silverclaw were on their hands and knees in a circle, naked and trembling. The air around them was forty degrees at best, and it made them seem terrified while their nipples became as sharp as tacks.

Which was not to say that the three of them weren’t in fact, terrified. Their status as Avengers made them the ideal targets for so many criminals and sociopaths, even those who never fought the team themselves.  

Sometimes, there was nothing more that people enjoyed than watching a beloved institution fall.

Or, in this instance, be raped and humiliated.

And Arcade loved to please his fans.

All that separated them from the dozens of people who’d paid to see this particular humiliation was a velvet rope. Arcade had billed it as dinner and a show, and there wasn’t a single chair turned away from them.

Arcade knew how to add insult to injury, Bonita reflected. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d eaten real food, just cum, water and the slurry that Arcade fed them.

But now scents of fish, steak and bread wafted through the air, and it was almost enough to make her drool.

Firebird, Silverclaw and Tigra were left there, naked and ignored, for close to an hour before the crowd grew silent, and a spotlight from above focused on them.

“Today, we have Earth’s Mightest Sluts,” Arcade strode through the room, microphone in hand, “today we see exactly what kind of bitch each one is. Are you ready?”

The roar of the room cut Bonita’s heart like a knife. Everyone in this room was only alive because the Avengers, and yet they were only here to see the members of the same team humiliated.

“First gentleman caller goes by the name of Beethoven! Bring him out, boys!”

Firebird, Silverclaw and Tigra all turned their heads in horror as one of Arcade’s man strolled down the floor, with a St. Bernard on a leash.

When Bonita heard the click of the velvet rope being moved, she began praying.

To her shame, it wasn’t for mercy, it was just praying that the beast wouldn’t choose her.

“Who’s the lucky lady this boy will bring home tonight?”

Bonita jumped as she felt the beast’s wet nose against her bare pussy, and the crowd roared in laughter. She could see a big screen TV displaying her mortification for all to see.

When the giant dog moved to Tigra, and Bonita tried to keep the relief from her face when the beast mounted the cat-woman instead of her.

“Oh, look at this people!” the Announcer said, as the St. Bernard began fucking the feline Avenger, “forbidden love!”

The laughter cut through Bonita like a knife. She never thought of herself as perfect, but she had dedicated her life to helping others. And now she was being punished in the most vile way, for being a member of a group that did nothing but save their fellow man.

“Lets see the next gentlemen caller!”

Another man came out this time, with a large German Sheppard that pulled at the leash.

“What lucky lady will go home with this handsome gent?” mocked the Announcer.

The guard had barely unclipped the velvet rope before the dog pulled suddenly on the leash, breaking free.

This wasn’t the first time this dog had heroine pussy, after all.

The German Sheppard went straight towards Silverclaw, nearly knocking her face-first into the floor.

“Oh! Looks like we have an eager boy!”

The German Sheppard slammed into Silverclaw, her ebony hair flying about as each thrust rocked her to her core.

“Guess we all know who gets the last man, don’t we, folks?”

Bonita turned her head and saw a guard approaching with a Doberman Pinscher. Unlike the dog before it, this one was well behaved, never pulled on his leash. So Bonita had to wait the entire time as the guard approached, undid the rope, and then took up a position behind her, and she could feeling each second stretch out an eternity.

 The dog placed it’s front legs on her rear, and Bonita felt as if the eyes of the entire room had fallen on her when she felt it’s warm cock enter her pussy.

Like its mates, the dog had no concept of grace or subtlety, humping her like it would any member of its own species.

“The Might Avengers, everyone!” said the Announcer, “place your bets on who brings their boyfriend off first! Because that lucky lady gets a night off!”

Bonita shuddered when she heard that, and to her eternal shame, she began rocking back against the dog cock in her snatch, squeezing her pussy as she did so.

“Oh God!”

Rafe exploded in Bonita’s mouth, and the fiery heroine swallowed it on instinct. By now the taste was as familiar as milk to her.

Bonita wished her were naïve enough to believe that Rafe was satisfied, but she knew better. More than that, she spied several blue pills on his nightstand.

‘Arcade Viagra’ was what she and her fellow captives called it. The damned pill allowed a man to cum six or seven times without tiring. The cost should have been extravagant, but Arcade’s clients never seemed to be short of the pills.  

“Your mouth…,” Rafe sighed, “who knew someone as pure as you could be so skilled?”

“I have other skills too,” Bonita said quickly.

She had learned long ago that it was best to take the lead whenever possible, to steer the ship if she couldn’t stop it.

So Firebird pressed her aching breasts against Rafe’s limp cock, and ran her tongue up and down the length of her as she massaged it with her breasts.

To her credit, Rafe was hard again inside of a minute.

“Enough,” Rafe said, his voice firm, “I don’t want just your mouth…”

Rafe climbed back on the bed, and motioned for Firebird to join him.

It was at times like this that Bonita wished that Rafe had simply bound her to a bed and had his way with her. Being forced to participate like this was one humiliation on top of another.

But she didn’t have the bravery for disobedience, so she climbed on the bed, placing her legs around Rafe, with her pussy lined up to take his cock like a willing lover.

“You are so amazing,” Rafe grabbed her ass, brushing against her ‘A’ brand, and pulled Bonita onto his erection. He then leaned forward, suckling her nipple.

Bonita gasped, as breast milk spilled forward. Once up a time, she would have been horrified to see breast milk coming from her body like this.

But now, the sight of it was almost a relief. Arcade could have done anything to her, and making her lactate was low on the list of cruelties he’d inflicted on her just this week.

So  Bonita cupped both breasts, and squeezed, squirting a tiny amount of breast milk onto Rafe’s chest. He smiled with satisfaction, and flicked her hard nipple with his tongue as he sucked.

As he did that, Bonita caught a glimpse of the last screen that was depicting her past tortures.

The screen showed her naked, hands bound over her head, with a man whipping her from behind. ‘Pain’ was scrawled on her right breast with lip stick, and on the right was scrawled ‘slut’.

A man was whipping her from behind, while a woman wearing a large, studded strap-on reamed her pussy, all while Bonita wept and begged for mercy.

Firebird watched the scene, and realized something baffling.

She couldn’t remember that incident at all.

“Your taste is amazing,” Rafe kissed Bonita, his mouth tasting of her breast milk as his tongue explored her mouth.

“And how,” Bonita broke the kiss and rocked forward for, tightening her pussy around his cock. Remain in control, she told herself, “do I feel?”

“Like magic,” Rafe said.

Firebird wrapped her arms around Rafe and pulled him deeper inside of her, trying to match his pace.

Rafe smiled, and his left hand snaked down to Bonita’s pussy.

Firebird could begin to feel it almost immediately, a soft and growing sensation in her pussy. Rafe’s hands were surprisingly skilled and gentle.

“Rafe…Rafe…,” Firebird felt each thrust lift her onto a higher plateau of pleasure, and she didn’t bother to fight it. She felt no shame as Rafe once again took her breast in his mouth, only the amount of pleasure that shot through her body rising.

“Wait, please…” whispered Rafe.

Firebird had had enough men inside her to know when a man was building to a finish, and she tried to take a calming breath, but it wasn’t enough. Rafe’s hands were just as skilled as his cock, and Bonita felt herself being pushed over the edge.

“Oh….yes….,” Bonita was rarely one to cum loudly, and she rode out her climax for a few seconds, as she felt Rafe climax inside of her.

“Oh…my dear Firebird,” Rafe rested his head against her breasts for a moment, “we will need to work on that.”

Firebird said nothing, as Rafe began sucking on her breasts once more. The ache was gone, but Firebird barely noticed it now.

Because having cu before Rafe, she was now fearful she had offended him. Some clients turned so quickly, from sweet and gentle to the actual monsters that they were.

But when Rafe was done suckling like a babe, he motioned for Firebird to lean back on the bed. He leaned over her, and brushed his hand over her still tingling pussy.

“We should come together,” Firebird held her breath, seeing Rafe’s smile. Things often turned so quickly, “but that’s my fault. Please except this apology.”

Rafe’s hands went to work on her tender clit, teasing and exciting it with almost expert skill, that Firebird found herself climaxing within seconds.


Rafe watched with mild bemusement, as Firebird once again reached and fell over the precious that peak of pleasure. But once she had, Rafe didn’t, couldn’t stop.

He loved how Bonita tried to find the words as she came. How her cheeks became so red, and she arched her naked back to the sky. It was all so intoxicating to him, to see this perfect angel of a woman made sexual.

For Firebird, it felt as if she were bouncing from one cloud to another. When Rafe’s hands slipped, or missed a step, she fell from perfect pleasure, only to be caught again as he finds the perfect touch.

When it’s finally over, Firebird realizes that she’s covered in a thin sheen of sweat, and Rafe is hard again.

“Lets try another way,” Rafe smiled. He placed a hand under Firebird’s thigh, and gently turned her on her back.

Bonita knew what was expected, and raised her ass to meet him.

Bonita grunted when she felt Rafe enter her tight ass, and found she was looking at that scene she couldn’t remember from before.

The same woman from before was wearing a different, double dildo strap-on, that filled her holes entirely, while Firebird was sucking the man’s cock. Her entire body was now covered in whip-marks, and her breasts covered in wax.

Yet despite all that, Bonita couldn’t remember. The woman looked familiar, yet that was it. But why couldn’t she remember…?

The answer hit Bonita like a slap in the face, and she placed a hand over her mouth to keep from screaming.

She couldn’t remember it, because that day was like every day since Arcade had captured her, and whored her out. And as painful and humiliating as it was, it just blurred together with the next.

The first two were bad days, but being whipping and fucked? Business as usual.

In fact, Firebird realized that the time she was spending with Rafe, a man who had her body modified so he could suck her breast milk and was currently raping her, was best day she’d had in recent memory.

And realizing that this was her new normal, and this rape was a good day for her, cut Bonita deeper than any knife.

“Don’t worry, chica,” Rafe said, obvious to Firebird’s suffering, “we got a long time to get it right.”









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