An Unexpected Visitor

BY : AmandaLee
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Chapter 10

Ororo Munroe stood at the sink in the kitchen, chopping vegetables. Since she was a vegetarian, and didnít often eat the same food as the rest, she had to cook her own meals.
Erik was accompanying her in the kitchen. He didnít say much, but he was sitting at a table near the window, absent-mindedly looking out through it.
He was eating an apple; with a small, fine knife he cut fine slices, and a crunching noise sounded every time he chewed them. He ate very slowly. He was already sitting there when Ororo arrived, and he still did, looking absent.
When Storm was done with her vegetables, she put them in a casserole, turned on the stove, and waited for them to start boiling.
She went and sat down at the table, opposite Erik. When she came, he turned his head and looked into her eyes. Then she noticed that the look in his eyes was not absent, but sad. Had something happened to him?
- Erik? Ororo asked. How are you? You seem a bit down, I think.
Erik sighed, and put away the apple and the knife.
- Well, I... we had a fight. Charles and I, he explained.
- A fight? O, I see. About what? Would you like to tell me?
Storm brushed her white hair behind her ears and waited for a reply. A while passed. Maybe he didnít want to talk about it?
- Well... he then said slowly, without looking at her. It was about... doctor Lecter. Charles does not want him here.
He shrugged. - That was our fight. I think he should givnnibnnibal a chance. But he didnít want to listen.
- Iím sorry, Storm said compassionately. Have you talked about it?
Magneto shook his head almost imperceptibly. - No. I slept on thfa lfa last night. He had gone before I woke up. We havenít seen each other since then.
- Have you spoken with doctor Lecter, then? she asked.
- I havenít seen him since last night either.
- Well, you... Iím just wondering if... you, uh, know what sort of food doctor Lecter likes? Ororo asked carefully, aware of how tensed up she sounded.
Erikís eyes widened. - I actually donít know, he replied. But I believe he is the type that ... cooks his own meals. Why? Have you planned to surprise him with a dinner?
Storm bent her head down and could feel she was flushing. - Eh... no, forget I said anything... she murmured.
Now Erik laughed. - My dear, he said softly. I can see you like him. It canít be more obvious. Am I right?
Storm sighed but couldnít hold back a little smile.
- Yes, I like him, she confessed. He was extremely kind to me yesterday. He is a true gentleman. I would like to surprise him with something nice. Is that a terrible idea?
- No, not at all! Erik chuckled. I can understand if he gives you goose pimples. He is an extremely charming man. I like him too. But not *that* way, he added quickly. That would really give Charles a reason to be mad at me!
They laughed together at the absurd idea.
- And me too! Ororo said. Iíd be mad at you too!
- Donít worry. There is no chance that will happen.
- You really love Charles, donít you? she then asked seriously.
Erik nodded. - Yes, he whispered. I love Charles.
Storm nodded too. - I am happy for you. Donít let that argument ruin what you two have.
Erik smiled sadly. - No, not at all. We have had our fights before, Charles and I. It has always passed.
- It will pass now too, Ororo assured him. But donít you have any idea what doctor Lecter might like?
Magneto thought for a while. - I would try something meat... He is hardly a vegetarian.
- Lamb stakes? Storm asked, knitting her forehead.
- Just so.

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