An Unexpected Visitor

BY : AmandaLee
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Chapter 5

Logan went back up to the room which he shared with Rogue, after an intense hour of exercise down in the Xavier-institute gym.
He had not showered afterwards, and his strong, broad body with its swelling muscles gleamed with sweat.
He had exercised roughly today, but not any harder than he usually did lately. Working out like a lunatic had become a way of relieving - or maybe controlling - his sexual frustration.
It was because of Rogue. They were still a couple, and together, and on the outside they could have passed as any normal couple. But in fact Logan and Rogue had not slept with each other - or had any kind of intimate contact - for almost five months.
Five months ago the serum, which Rogue took to be able to control her power, and touch other people without killing them, had made her allergic to it, and she had been forced to stop taking it, and go back to a life without physical, human contact.
Jean was in the process of producing a new serum, but in spite that she spent almost all her available time in the lab, researching, for five months, she had not made any notable progresses.
Rogue was still as unavailable as when the problem emerged, and the entire situation was becoming unbearable to Logan.
He had not been with a woman for almost half a year. He loved his girlfriend, and had been faithful to her, just as he promised, despite his inability to touch her. He had beevingving like a monk only for the woman he loved.
He didnít want to confess it, but many times he had thought of heading down town, and just fuck the first female he could find.
Who she was would not matter. He would never see her again anyway. He just needed to relieve himself.
But no. His love - and guilt - always defeated his physical needs at last, and he stayed with Rogue.
They used to watch TV, eat, talk, or maybe just sit quietly together. He wasnít sure if she knew what he had in mind to do sometimes, but he was sure she didnít understand how he felt.
She used to masturbate for him sometimes with her gloves on, of course, but he actually preferred not to let her do it, since his desire for her just grew worse then. She was so close, so close, and yet so...unavailable.
Loganís breathing got heavy before he removed his grey, sleeve-less cotton shirt, and black slacks, and disappeared into the shower.
Rogue was not there. He felt almost relieved. If she had been there, she would have seen how frustrated and excited he was. His erection had been squeezed inside his pants for long enough, and it was a great feeling to release it.
While the hot water washed over him in the shower, he relieved himself, and his white, creamy semen vanished into the sewer together with the water.
Loganís whole body shook, and he leaned his forehead against the cool tiles in the shower stall. It had been a purely physical ejaculation, without real pleasure, but at least he could look Rogue in the eyes again without revealing his true thoughts and emotions.
After about fifteen minutes, he turned the water off and left the shower, tied a towel around his waist and went out of the bathroom.
Rogue was there now. She sat on her bed - they slept in separate beds nowadays - and gave him one of her usual sunny smiles when she saw him.
- Hi, Logan! she said. Have you been working out?
- Yep. I just got up. And where have you been?
- With Kitty and Jubilee. Weíve been working on a school project.
- Oh.
Logan went to his drawer and took out clothes to wear; a clean T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He dressed in front of Rogue. At least he didnít have an erection now, and he fought hard not to think of anything that might provoke one.
Then Rogue suddenly said something.
- I saw Magneto, she said. Heís come here.
- What? Now?
- Yeah. I said hello, but he didnít notice me.
Magnetoís presence no longer shocked Logan. The old man had been her and and off lately, and they all knew they had nothing to fear in him. He was only here to see his lover, Charles Xavier.
Logan snorted. - Well, well. I guess we have to endure his presence.
- I think he looked a bit troubled, Rogue continued. Do you think he and the professor might have argued?
- I donít know, and I really canít care any less, Logan said shortly.
- Why are you so grumpy? Rogue asked.
- Grumpy? I ainít grumpy.
- Pissed, then. Or angry. It is the same.
- Itís nothing... Logan murmured. Iím fine.
- Okay.
Rogue glanced at the watch. 10:50 P.M. It was starting to get late. She thought it might be best going to bed. She took out her night-dress; a large, roomy red T-shirt, and started undressing in order to change.
Logan watched her disrobe, and immediately he felt the desire returning. He became aware of her beautiful body, her firm, beautifully round bottom, her slender waist and her high, shapely breasts.
The scent of her reached his sensitive nostrils, and he inhaled it. Preferably he had just wanted to lunge at her and take her at once. But of course he couldnít. Looking was all he could do. And it made him frustrated, and also annoyed.
- Do you have to sway your body like that? he snapped without thinking.
Rogue spun around at once. She held her night-dress against her bare chest.
- What? I was just...changing!
- You know what I mean! You donít have to make it worse than it already is!
- This is my room too! Rogue exclaimed, offended. I can fucking dress where ever I want to! And no oneís forcing you to look.
- Itís a little hard not to, Logan pointed out.
- This goddamn curse isnít my fault! Rogue suddenly screamed. You hear me?! It isnít my fault! I donít wanna live like this!
Her tantrum made Logan gape with surprise. He had not believed she would become so angry and react so violently.
- But sweetheart, no oneís said---
- No oneís forcing you to look! she snapped. Donít you think itís difficult for me too?
- Iím sorry, Logan said self-consciously. I didnít mean to... sound accusing. Itís my fault. I just canít help I want you. Youíre my girlfriend, Marie.
- Are you sure about that? she asked in a thick voice, and her lower lip trembled remarkably.
- Honey, you know itís like that, Logan said softly. Sure I wish everything could go back to as it was, but I only want you. I love you.
- I love you too, Logan... Rogue whispered, almost inaudibly.
Logan wished he could have gone to her and taken her in his arms. He couldnít. Surely he loved her, but the complete lack of physical contact was breaking their relationship.

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