An Unexpected Visitor

BY : AmandaLee
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Chapter 12

It was already late when Jean went to talk Charles into letting Hannibal Lecter stay, so he could assist her in manufacturing Rogueís new serum.
They had agreed on that Jean would talk to Charles alone.
- He doesnít like me, the doctor said. I believe you will have better luck on your own. My presence will probably just make him feel upset and awkward. But bring him my words.
Jean realized that doctor Lecter was probably right, so she did not object, but agreed on consulting Charles alone. She knew him well and knew how to talk to him.
But of course it was impossible deceiving him. That was something that everyone at the mansion had learned. But Charles was just and understanding, and even though he didnít personally like doctor Lecter, he would not deny Rogue a chance of a decent life.
Charles was still working in his office. The lights were on in there. She could see that underneath the door when she approached it.
She knocked on the door.
- Yes, Jean? Charles replied from the inside.
She opened the door and entered. Of course he knew already before she knocked who was outside. Maybe he even knew what she was going to say?
He sat behind his huge desk with a lot of papers spread before him. He looked up when she came in. He smiled faintly.
- Good evening, Jeannie. Are you coming from the lab?
- Yes. What are you doing up so late?
- I am correcting the studentsí latest math tests, Charles replied. I know it is late, but I promised them that they would get them back tomorrow.
Jean didnít know that he shuddered at going to the bedroom, since Erik most likely would be there. But Jean knew nothing about the argument, nor would she ever know.
- I need to talk to you about something, said Jean.
- Yes? Charles asked, taking off his reading glasses.
- I have been down in the med-lab all day, working on Rogueís serum.
- Yes, you work hard. Maybe you should slow down a bit? You have no deadline, after all.
- That was not what I wanted to discuss, Jean said. Doctor Lecter came down to me this afternoon.
- Oh, did he now? What was he doing down there?
Jean could instantly grasp a watchful and suspicious tone in Charlesí voice. Obviously he was unfavourably disposed toward doctor Lecter.
- I donít know. But I do happen to know that he saved me many months of work. He figured out what was wrong with Rogueís medicine.
- You gave him your notes?
- He asked to have a look at them, yes. And he located the error, in only a couple of hours. Can you believe it? Itís been there, the whole time, right under my nose. I just didnít see it.
- Jean? Charles said seriously.
- Yes, Charles?
- Does anyone else know about this?
- Just doctor Lecter, you and I.
- Not Rogue?
- No, not at all.
- Good. We mustnít wake any false hope. Are definitely positive he is right?
Jean nodded. - Definitely. There is no doubt.
- Then what are you going to do now? Charles asked seriously.
- I was about to ask you if Lecter could stay here for a little longer so he might help me producing the drug.
- Has he offered his help?
- Yes.
Charles Xavier sighed. He was in a difficult situation. *If* Jean was right, Rogue might get a chance of a normal life again. He could not take that away from her. He just *couldnít*. She deserved it, and she would hate him forever if she found out that he had denied her the chance only because of doctor Lecterís background.
But Lecter *was* a criminal, and Charles didnít trust him.
- Charles? Jean asked when she wasnít receiving any reply.
- What does he want in return?
- Nothing. He says he is doing it for Rogue.
- I see. Well, I suppose it is alright if he stays as your assistant. But keep an eye on him, Jean. I donít trust him.
Charles didnít trust Hannibal Lecter, but so far there was no reason not to let him stay and assist Jean, and therefore help Rogue, so Charles tried to be objective and ignored the chills that Lecterís presence gave him.
- Oh, thank you, Charles! Jean called and hurried to give him a kiss on the middle of his bald head.
Charles gave her a weary smile, and patted her shoulder.
- I am doing it for Rogue, he reminded her. Go to bed now, my dear. You must be very tired.
- I will. But what about you?
- I will finish this. Then I guess I have to... go to bed.
Charles sighed when he thought of the ordeal waiting in the bedroom.

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