An Unexpected Visitor

BY : AmandaLee
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Chapter 8

Rogue prepared for her first class and was gathering her books and other possessions. She had not even caught a glimpse of Logan. Maybe he had gone down to the gym, or then he had gone outside.
He often left without telling what heíd do and where heíd go. He just left. Sometimes Rogue couldnít help asking herself if he was cheating on her.
She left her room with her books under her arm, and her long, white cotton gloves on. She could never leave the room without them. They constantly had to follow her. That they made her hands sweat and itch, and also brought a huge amount of other inconveniences, were not avoidable. She had to wear them.
Why did she have to become allergic to the serum? Life was really not very fair.
Rogue had almost forgotten all about the man who professor Xavier spoke about in the auditorium only a good hour ago, and didnít give him any thought while she cruised toward the English classroom.
Storm was to be her teacher. She was not as stern as Cyclops, but she didnít like students who were late.
Rogue suddenly bumped into someone. Surprised and somewhat shocked she dropped her books, which fell to the floor with a bang. She gasped before she could stop herself. Dumbstruck she looked up to see whom she had run into.
It was a man she had never seen before. He was short, barely any taller than she was; slim and lithe, but fit and strong at the same time. He middmiddle-aged with large, brown eyes which looked into hers when they halted.
There was no doubt. This was the man professor Xavier had spoken and warned them about. ďBe polite, but nothing more.Ē
- I am sorry... Rogue squeaked and put her hand to her mouth. She hoped she had not hurt him or angered him in any way. It had been an accident.
- It was my fault, doctor Lecter said comfortingly. I wasnít paying attention. Are you alright, my dear?
Rogue managed to nod shyly. The man didnít sound dangerous at all. Then she looked down at the books she had dropped. Doctor Lecter did too. When she bent down to pick them up, he did too, and offered to help her.
He was a lot faster than she was. He had collected every book and half of everything else she dropped in no time, and rose with her belongings in his arms.
Rogue felt her face became all red. The manís kind behaviour embarrassed her, since she was not used at all being waited like that. And by a stranger!
- Here, the doctor said with a smile and offered her the books. I hope nothing broke.
Still embarrassed Rogue accepted the books and murmured ďthank youĒ. Her hands had become all sweaty inside the gloves.
- Iím sorry, I wasnít looking... she murmured.
- No, the fault was mine, doctor Lecter replied. I tend to get a little absent-minded sometimes.
- Sorry for asking, but... youíre the guest who arrived yesterday, arenít you? With Magneto? Rogue couldnít help asking.
Hannibal Lecter laughed. - Yes, that is probably correct. My name is Hannibal. And what could be the name of such a beautiful young lady?
He held out his hand against her. Rogue moved her books onto her left arm and took his hand. Now when she was wearing the gloves, it was safe.
- Eh... Iím Marie, she said and returned his smile. But they call me Rogue, she added.
The doctor raised his brows. - Rogue? Why?
- Iím not sure, really. It just happened to be that way. Most of us here have a ďnicknameĒ, referring to our powers. I assume ďRogueĒ has nothing to do with my power, but...
- I like Marie, said doctor Lecter. Tell me, are you from the south?
Rogue laughed. - Yeah, matter a fact. Meridan, Mississippi. How could you...-
- I can tell by your accent. I like your accent.
- Thanks. No oneís told me that before.
She was a little surprised, but certainly very flattered. She started wonderiny pry professor Xavier practically had forbidden everyone to talk to this man.
- ďHannibalĒ... she said thoughtfully. Thatís unusual.
- I know, the doctor smiled. I have had terrible nicknames, but Iím not telling you!
- Itís exotic...
- Yes... so are your gloves. It is very warm in here. Why are you wearing them, if you donít mind me asking?
- No, itís okay, Rogue said. Everyone knows. It is my ďpowerĒ, so to speak. My mutation. I canít touch other people. If someone comes in contact with my bare skin, I absorb their energy. They might die.
Doctor Lecter shaped his mouth to an ďoĒ. - Oops, he said gently. That was not a very nice ďgiftĒ!
- I know, itís a curse!
- Do you have to live with it for the rest of your life?
- Yeah, obviously.
Suddenly Rogue ght ght of where she was actually heading. The English class! She had to be quite late by now!
- Jesus, I gotta run! she called. My class begins... My class *began* five minutes ago!
- I am sorry if Iíve been keeping you, said Hannibal. Those books look heavy. Allow me to help you carry them.
- No, thatís really not necessary, I...
- Please, sweetheart? It is only an honour to help such a charming young lady. Allow me, please?
Rogue handed him the books, laughing. - Very well! she said. Itís your back! But now we have to hurry so that Storm wonít boil me alive!
- You go ahead, I do not know where youíre headed.
Rogue and Hannibal hurried through the corridors until Rogue finally reached the classroom where the class went on. When they approached they could hear a dull murmur come from the inside, despite that the door was closed.
- Oh, damn, theyíve started! she sighed and stopped.
Doctor Lecter returned her books.
- Oh, thank you! Rogue breathed and took them from him. Youíre really strong for...
- For my size? For my age? the doctor laughed. I get that a lot.
- I didnít mean to...
- No, itís alright. Now go inside so your teacher wonít get angry with you. Who is your teacher, by the way?
- Storm, Rogue replied.
Hannibal lightened up at once. - Ororo Munroe? Can you please thank her for taking such good care of me last night? She is really a sweetheart. - I - Iíll do that, promisegue.gue. Thank you so much for your help. But now I have to go inside.
- Of course. Very nice to meet you, Marie.
- The same. You donít seem bad at all!
Rogue avoided Hannibalís questioning eyes by quickly sneaking into the classroom. Afterwards she could hardly believe how she could have said something so stupid. Why would he be bad?

When Logan went back up after another intense exercise hour in the gym, he went directly to the kitchen to get something to eat. He made three sandwiches, which he ate, and drank a bottle of beer, which he found in the refrigerator. Then the hunger - and the thirst - were somewhat sated, and that was enough for now.
He started wondering what he would do the rest of the day. He was no teacher, like the other X-men. Nor did he have any education, so he was unable to assist Jean in the lab, making a new serum for Rogue.
It annoyed him. Sometimes he couldnít help feeling a little redundant here at the mansion. It felt like he just took, without giving anything back.
Logan decided to go to his room. In the corridor, before he got there, he met Rogue. She brightened up when she saw him, and gave him a cheerful smile.
- Logan? Where have you been? I thought youíd gone out.
- No, I was just down in the gym, he replied. But what about you? Shouldnít you be in class?
- I have a free period, Rogue said, slightly indignant. Did Logan believe she was shirking?
- Oh. I was just heading for the... Logan murmured and tried to walk past Rogue, but she stopped him by seizing his arm with her gloved hand.
- Logan, she said seriously, what is it? Are you avoiding me? I really think we need to talk.
- Talk? Logan tried to sound surprised. What should we talk about?
- Last night, for example. Donít you think I understand? You avoid me and spend almost all your time in the gym, our out, not to have to think about our real problem. *That* is what we need to talk about.
She sounded very determined. Logan sighed. Of course he knew how right she was, but it was really nothing he wanted to admit or discuss. Especially not now.
- Honey, please...
- Stop! Stop running away! You donít have to stick together with me, if weíre having it this way. It might be best if we broke up, because this simply doesnít work! Youíre only feeling bad, and so I am! exclaimed Rogue.
Logan didnít answer. That fact that she came out with exactly that which had troubled him for months didnít make it easier to accept. On the contrary.
- Marie, do we have to...
- I love you, Logan, said Rogue in a low voice. Now both her voice and lower lip trembled. I canít help it. But I donít wanna make you unhappy like this. Think about it, please? Iím serious. There is a stalemate soon. Consider this carefully, and then tell whether youíd like to continue, or not. Logan? Iím really serious. Okay?
Now she stepped aside to let him pass if he wanted to. Logan turned to her and gently placed his hand on her shoulder.
- Marie... he said slowly, uncertain of how to continue. I... Iím sorry. Iíve treated you badly, I realize that now. Iím so sorry. I donít wanna lose you.
Rogue shook her head. - You havenít treated me badly, Logan, she said. Donít worry about that. But I think you know what the problem is, donít you?
- I canít touch you.
- Yeah.
- Maybe I will. Some day. I wonít give up my hope.
- Is hope really enough for you?
- Yeah, Logan replied truthfully. It is. I donít want to break up, Marie. I hope you donít want to, either.
- No, of course not, Rogue said faintly.

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