An Unexpected Visitor

BY : AmandaLee
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*m/m sex in this chapter*

Chapter 13

When Erik entered the bedroom, Charles was already there. He was sitting in the bed, on his usual side, which was right, wearing his blue cotton pyjama, reading.
He looked rom rom his book when Erik came in, but didn’t say anything and quickly looked down into the book again.
Erik couldn’t tell if he was still angry; he couldn’t tell what Charles was thinking at all. He was good at concealing his mood, and Erik was no telepath.
Erik didn’t say anything either, when Charles didn’t. He concluded that his lover was still angry with him, and therefore chose to ignore him. He also wondered if he was assumed to sleep on the sofa again tonight? Unless Charles said anything else, that was obviously the case.
Sighing, he undressed and pulled on his pyjama. He looked at the sofa, where he slept last night, and then at the bed, wher rea really should be sleeping, next to his lover.
Slowly, with heavy steps, Erik approached the bed. He knew that Charles knew he was coming, but he showed no signs of noticing it.
How bad could this be?
Erik crawled down on his side, and sat down, with his legs folded under himself. He leaned against Charles and rested his chin on his shoulder.
- Hi... what are you reading? he asked, hoping that Charles would understand the message in his pronouncement, and realize he wanted to make up. Charles knew very well that Erik was never interested in what he read.
This time he read a book, not a magazine.
- Here, see for yourself, he said and handed Erik the book.
The book was called “The Lord of the Flies”, and was written by William Golding. Erik had heard about it, but never read it.
- Is it good? he asked Charles.
- Yes, very good.
Charles still spoke without looking at him. Suddenly Erik grabbed his jaw and turned his face against himself. Now their eyes met for the first time during the whole day.
- Charles, the grey-haired man said pleadingly. Look at me, please? We are still friends, aren’t we?
For a while Charles Xavier was quiet and gravely looked into his friend’s pale blue eyes. His feelings were mixed. He loved Erik, and did not want to fall out with him, but he was still angry because Erik had brought Lecter here. But did he really have a reason to be?
Charles couldn’t hold back a smile. - Yes, we are still friends, he said and leaned out to kiss Erik.
Erik eagerly returned the kiss and moved closer to Charles. He wrapped his arms around the other man’s neck, as he rubbed his nose against his cheek.
- What do you say? Shall we make love? he whispered.
- Yes, that would be great, Charles whispered back.
- You don’t want to continue reading “The Lord of the Flies”?
- I’ll rather read you.
Warm with joy and excitement, Estrastraddled Charles pelvis, without breaking the kiss,ch nch now became more frantic and passionate. He started unbuttoning Charles’ pyjama shirt to get if off him. He was eager, and almost ripped a few buttons away in his fervour.
Quickly he pulled the garment down Charles’ shoulders, and then passes his hands over his bare chest. The telepath’s nipples instantly stiffened when Erik’s hands touched them, and Erik could clearly feel his erection pressed against his thigh, still covered by cloth. But not for much long.
Magneto moved for a moment, let his hands slide inside the waistband of Charles’s pants, and quickly pulled them down, and then off.
Charles gasped when the relatively cool air in the room came in contact with his hot, throbbing erection. He shivered.
Erik quickly passed his hand over his stomach and crotch, but did nothing more, since he was in a hurry to get out of his own clothes. He wasn’t more gentle with them than he had been with Charles’.
When he was finally naked, and free from all confining clothes, he sat for a while, folding his legs under himself, opposite Charles in the bed. His arousal was obvious; his penis was hard and jutted forth from his body as a proof.
Charles regarded him with lust. Erik was slender, and his body was long and slim; thin torso, with long arms and legs. His skin was pallid and hairless; not as smooth and soft as it was once, but nowadays a little wrinkled, but still beautiful, and Charles couldn’t wait to caress him.
Above the soft, grey tuft of pubic hair between his legs - his only visible body hair - was his stomach, flat, with only a few wrinkles.
Charles grabbed Erik’s penis and gently pulled him close.
- Now come here, he said, his voice faint with excitement.
Erik smiled, and sat astride his lover again and kissed him. Charles opened his mouth to let in Erik’s tongue. Simultaneously he stroked the other’s body with his hands; his back, his slender waist, his buttocks and thighs, and the erection between them.
- Charles? How shall we do...? Erik murmured between the kisses. Will you do the deed, or shall I?
Of course he already knew what Charles usually wanted, but he asked anyway. If Charles wanted to break the habit, he would not mind. It was good both topping and being topped.
But Charles was sure of what he wanted. He wanted to be penetrated, and feel Erik in him. He cupped Erik’s head in his hands before he answered, and rubbed his cheekbone with his thumb, then his moist, warm lips.
- You, darling, he then said.
He knew Erik preferred to top. They complemented each other.
- Alright, Magneto replied with a smile. Then let’s do that.
He leaned his forehead against Charles’ for a moment before he slid off of him, to look for the tube of lubricant in the bedside drawer.
“The tube” appeared to be a small, white bottle, and the lubricant, which it contained, was transparent and thick, reminding of shower gel.
Erik spread his lover’s paralysed, limp legs and pushed his knees up, placing him in the position he wanted him in; on his back with drawn up, splayed legs.
He spent a few seconds stroking the erection between his legs, before he brought his hand down to lubricate his opening.
He quickly found the puckered and tight little opening between Charles’ buttocks, and entered him with two sleek fingers.
Charles gasped when he felt the intrusion. Not because it was uncomfortable, but the gel felt cold in his warm passage. But when Erik’s fingers found his prostate, he forgot everything else and just moaned from pleasure.
- Alright, let’s get started, said Erik. We don’t want you to come before we have even started? Are you ready?
Charles managed to nod. - Ready... he breathed.
Erik stood on his knees between his splayed legs and coated his own erection with some lubricant. Charles was right. The lubricant really felt cold against warm, sensitive skin. He couldn’t help shivering.
Erik leaned over Charles, so they could look each other in the face, with the most of his weight taken onto his own elbows. He kissed the telepath’s cheek and neck, as he started to enter him.
The pounding from Charles’ aorta reached Erik’s lips.
When he was fully sheathed, Erik started thrusting. Charles lay still in the bed under him, and only moved when Erik’s thrusts made him move.
Erik had very much liked to try another position, but of course Charles’ paralysis limited the amount of sexual positions they could do.
He could for instance not stand on all fours without help, or hold his own legs up. The usual missionary position was the position that brought him least strain, so therefore they always had sex in that position.
And it worked, too. Erik gasped and moaned with pleasure while he thrust, and occasionally claimed Charles’ mouth.
Charles was hot, moist and very tight, and Erik rode him hard and fast. He quickly approached his orgasm.
Charles new Erik was close to coming. He himself was not. Erik’sndinnding against his prostate surely sent electric shocks into all his nerves, but it used to take time before he came this way.
He finally grabbed Erik by the shoulders, and breathed in his ear,
- Please... not yet...
Magneto tried to postpone the crucial moment by being completely still for some seconds, and then started thrusting again, although slower. He did it for Charles’ sake. The other man’s pleasure was important to him, and he would be a lousy lover if he came before his partner reached orgasm.
- Thank you, Erik... Charles whispered after some time, and Erik could feel the ring of muscles around his opening contract around his member. A sticky pool of hot fluid formed between their bodies.
Erik came too, about half a minute later, emptying his seed into his lover, who already lay spent and exhausted under him.
Directly after the orgasm Erik was stricken by a faintness that made him collapse on of of Charles, and they lay there for a while, with their sweaty and tired bodies entwined.
With an effort of will Erik finally rose a little, since he after all didn’t want to fall asleep on top of Charles, and in him. His penis was flaccid now, but it was still inside Charles’ rectum.
- Maybe you want me to stay in you all night? he asked with a weary smile, but he got no answer from Charles. He was already asleep. His face was lax and expressionless, and his eyes were closed.
Erik gently, not to wake Charles up, slid out of him with a wet, sucking sound. He then placed him on his side in the bed, and spread the cover over him. He placed himself behind Charles, back against stomach, and wrapped his arm around him.
- Sleep tight, sweetheart... he said to the other’s neck. I am sppy ppy we are friends now...
Then he kissed him, and simultaneously felt that both his and Charles’ stomach was wet. Oh, damn. Maybe it would be best putting a condom on his penis next time they did this?
But Erik had no more strength to think about that now, and soon slept as soundly and peacefully as his telepathic lover.

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