An Unexpected Visitor

BY : AmandaLee
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Chapter 14

Hannibal Lecter sat huddled in an armchair in his temporary room at the mansion, with a drawing pad, which the professor had generously provided him with, on his lap.
He was making a sketch with a sharp lead pencil. The sketch he was working on represented a woman; her face was Ororo Munroeís. With just a few elegant motions he drew her large, soulful eyes, her full mouth, and heart-shaped face.
Doctor Lecter thought, that even though the drawing became very precise and lifelike, it could not catch the incredibly beautiful womanís beauty as it was in real life.
Hannibal could relax. He knew that no one from the FBI would come here for him. He was safe. For now. It was a relaxing thought, but he was feeling bored. After so many years in narrow cells in prisons and asylums, Hannibal did not like sitting in just one room, but he knew the professor would not like if he was sneaking around at the mansion at nights.
Xavier didnít like to have him here in the first place.
What does he believe, really? thought doctor Lecter. That I will murder his students in their beds?
But despite that he didnít like the decision, he felt bound to respect his hostís wishes. To keep busy, he spent his time drawing and reading. There was no TV in the room.
Hannibal wondered if Jean had gotten time to talk to Xavier, and ask him if doctor Lecter could stay and help her with the serum.
Suddenly he heard knockings on his door. Hannibal looked up from his drawing, a bit surprised. It was soon eleven oíclock. Who could want something at this time?
- Come on in, he called, and expected to see Jean, coming to tell him that there no cno chance in hell he could stay and make the serum, but that he must get his ass away from here not a second later than what had been decided.
But it was Ororo. She opened the door and came in, carrying a food tray and a smile. The doctor was almost taken aback.
- Miss Munroe... he said when he had pulled himself together. What a pleasant surprise...
Smiling, Storm came and sat down in the sofa, next to his armchair, and placed the tray on the table before them.
- I thought you might be hungry, she said. I was to cook you dinner, but I couldnít find you then. I hope you donít feel I am forcing my way in...
- No, no, certainly not. It was very sweet of you. And yes, I am actually very hungry, he added with a smile. Letís see what we have here...
- I cooked the dinner myself, Ororo said proudly. I hope you will enjoy it. I wasnít really sure what you liked, so...
- It looks delicious, said doctor Lecter.
On the tray there was a plate with meat - probably lamb, the doctor guessed - roasted potatoes with meat sauce, a bowl of salad, a bread plate, and a bottle of red wine.
- Did you make all this for me? the doctor asked in surprise.
- It was nothing, Ororo replied casually. I thought you might be hungry, and came up with the idea to surprise you. Nothing at all.
- You are an angel, Hannibal said, and really meant it.
Ororo Munroe was an angel, in every way. She looked like one, and truly acted like one, too.
- Now eat, before it gets cold, Storm said, embarrassed, and turned her gaze away. Then she saw a glimpse of the drawing pad the doctor had on his lap.
- What have you drawn? she asked, interested. May I see?
Hannibal looked at the drawing, and sighed, but still he handed her the pad.
Storm gasped when she saw the sketch, which was representing her, and regarded it in silence for a few seconds. The drawing was excellent. It was like looking at oneself from a distance.
- This is amazing, she said, breathless and stunned. You really have a talent! I have no words...
- I was bored, Hannibal explained. So I came to think of you, and... well, I got the idea.
- You are a real artist.
- Keep it, Hannibal offered.
- No, I couldnít... Ororo began, but got interrupted by doctor Lecter.
- Nonsense, he said determinedly. If you like it, you shall keep it. I can make a new one whenever I feel like it. Keep it as a memory of me.
- Thank you, Ororo whispered and placed the pad, as though it had been a priceless treasure, on the table.
- Miss Munroe...
- Please, call me Ororo.
- Ororo... I should eat now, before it gets cold, doctor Lecter said, and leaned toward the table, pulling the food tray to him.
Ororo sat quiet, anxiously waiting for his response. She usually didnít cook dishes which contained meat, since she was a vegetarian, so she had not much experience.
What if doctor Lecter didnít like it? What if he didnít even like lamb? It was Erik who said that he probably liked it. But he had also said he didnít know for sure.
Oh, God! If he said it was bad now, she would drop dead!
Doctor Lecter ate in silence for a while. He had to admit the food wasnít perfect; the meat was a bit too dry, probably because she had kept it in the oven for too long, and the potatoes werenít spicy enough. But the salad was great, and even if doctor Lecter usually was a gourmet, he was hungry, and the food was more than good enough.
Very well, Ororo might not be a master cook, but she had done this from kindness, and that was all that counted.
The wine was probably not the most expensive kind, but it was good enough to swallow down the food with.
Hannibal poured some wine into his glass and leaned back in the armchair, sipping his drink.
- Was it good? Storm asked anxiously.
Hannibal smiled. - Yes, it was. I am used to more spices, but it was good. Thank you very much.
- Eh... I am a vegetarian, so I usually donít cook dishes with meat.
The doctor nodded. Okay. That explained it. But he thought that her salad actually had been delicious.
- I see, he said. Do you think I could return the favour? Would you let me take you out to dinner, Ororo?
- That would be wonderful, Storm replied instantly, without further thinking, and immediately she got all warm inside. Then reality caught up with her, and she remembered that doctor Lecter would not stay for more than another day.
- But... youíre leaving soon, arenít you? she added sadly.
Hannibal laughed. - I might not leave as soon as you think I will, he said. It depends on professor Xavierís decision, whether I can stay and help Jean to manufacture Rogueís new serum. If he permits me, I might stay for another while.
- You know about Rogueís new serum? Storm exclaimed.
- Yes. Jean told me. I went through her research findings, and helped hecaticating the error. She asked me to stay and assist her with the production. Weíll see if Xavier approves.
Storm could hardly believe her ears. - *You* found the error? In such a short time?
Doctor Lecter nodded. - Yes. It was only something minor. Jean had surely found it eventually. I just gave her a nudge in the right direction.
- Itís unbelievable! Jean has been working on it for half a year! How did you do it?
- I have lots of experience of drugs, Hannibal replied calmly with a smile. I am a MD, after all.
- Were you in the med-lab all evening?
- Yes.
- I came by with the food before, but you werenít here then.
- I left to explore the mansion, and suddenly I found myself down there. I had never been able to imagine it would be so huge.
Ororo laughed. - No, you werenít supposed to.
- You never answered me about the dinner, Hannibal pointed out. Will I get the honour to take you out?
- That would be lovely! Ororo replied and smiled so widely her cheeks tightened.
- I feel honoured, but talk to the professor first, so he wonít accuse me of abducting you, or anything. It might be best.
- I am a big girl, Storm said offended. I donít have to ask permission for everything I do!
- He doesnít trust me, Hannibal stated.
- But *I* do, Ororo claimed. Are you really as dangerous as everyone seems to think? she then asked.
The doctor laughed dryly. - Media likes making a monster out of me.
- Iím sorry if I...-
- No, itís alright. I will try to give you an objective answer. Yes, I can be dangerous, but I am no monster, at least not as media says. Donít believe everything you have read about me. I am actually not *that* bad.
- I havenít read much about you at all, Ororo said. In fact I didnít even recognize your name when you introduced yourself yesterday. Charles told me who you were.
- Then what did he say?
- That you... are an escaped criminal. A mental patient.
- Anything else?
- Not much. He told me to be careful.
Doctor Lecter sighed. - I almost knew, he said. Are you sure you still want to go out with me? I wonít take offence if you decline.
- Of cour wan want to, said Storm resolutely. I think that you are nice, and I am not afraid ou. ou.
The doctor chuckled and put his half-full wineglass on the table.
- Not many people have said that to me after the verdict, if they knew who I was.
- Iím just telling you the truth.
- I know that. I would notice if you were lying.
Storm suddenly felt embarrassed, and she flushed. Oh no! Can he tell that I like him? Is it really that obvious?
- Enough about me, Hannibal said suddenly and leaned back again. Can you tell me about yourself? How did you come here, for instance?
- That was a long time ago.
- Tell me, please.
- I was born here, in New York, Ororo began. But when I was six, I moved with my parents to Kenya, my motherís home country. When I was twelve, my powers manifested for the first time.
- What are your powers? Hannibal asked.
- I can control the weather, and from there comes my codename; Storm.
- What happened then?
- We lived in Kenya for another couple of years, and there I was worshipped like a goddess by a primitive tribe.
Storm smiled at the memory.
- They believed that it was magic, not that it had anything to do with genes. I gave them rain when they wanted rain, so they worshipped me. The problem was that I couldnít always control my powers. Itís difficult for many mutants in the beginning. But anyway, we moved back to the States a couple of years later. My parents died in a plane crash, and after that Charles found me, and brought me here.
He taught me everything. Controlling my gift, he educated me, taught me about values, everything... He became like my second father.
- I see. And now youíre helping him by teaching the new students the same things he taught you? asked Hannibal.
- Yes, basically.
- Charles Xavier is a decent and just man.
- And loving, Ororo added.
- He cares very much about his students.
- He will let you stay and make Rogueís serum, said Ororo. He will do it for her. She has had a hard time lately, not being able to touch anyone. And it has been hard for Logan too.
- Logan? asked the doctor, raising his brows.
- Yes, he is Marieís boyfriend. Havenít you met him? Heís also called Wolverine. Tall, dark, muscular...
- No... Hannibal said ghtfghtfully. I havenít seen him.
Ororo shrugged. - Maybe you havenít. He is often out.
- Iíll rather see you, doctor Lecter said in a low, velvety voice, that gave Ororo chills. She felt she was flushing again.
Am I really falling in love with him? Yes. That is one possibility.
- Itís late, she murmured and started getting up. Maybe I should leave you alone...
- It *is* late, but it doesnít bother me.
- I should go anyway. I have to be able to get up in the mog.
- Of course.
She got up and sat down on the elbow rest of doctor Lecterís chair. Gently she placed her long-fingered, beautiful hand on his shoulder.
- Good night. I suppose Iíll leave now.
- Good night, Ororo. Donít forget your portrait.
- I wonít.
- And donít forget I will take you out to dinner.
Storm laughed like a little girl. - I will definitely not forget that.
- Good.
- I am really looking forward to it.
She bent down to give him a (goodnight) kiss on his cheek - very slowly, so he would able to recoil if he thought she was getting too intrusive - but just as her lips brushed his smooth, fragrant cheek, she felt his hand around her jaw, and doctor Lecter brought his lips to hers, giving her a real kiss.
Storm got so stunned she found herself returning the kiss. She had not expected it, but she didnít welcome it any less despite that. She, who hadnít been kissed for years, returned Hannibalís kiss without hesitation, and got so eager that she thought she had frightened him.
He grabbed her shoulders and held her at armís length after a while.
Storm got terrified and embarrassed. Had she passed the limit? Maybe he wasnít interested in her like that at all, but only had in mind to give her a platonic, friendly kiss?
Ororo confessed quietly to herself that that was not what she had wanted. If he had pulled her close, and wanted to do more than just kissing, she wouldnít have resisted. She had even welcomed it.
But he didnít. For a while he just sat still in the armchair, looking at her as he held her by the shoulders.
- Good night, Ororo, he said seriously. Iíll see you tomorrow.
- Yes, good night... See you...
She couldnít resist the impulse to place her hand on top of his. He smiled and let go of her.
Storm got to her feet, started walking toward the door, and remembered she had forgotten the portrait, anrnedrned around to get it.
Her heart was pounding the whole time while she stayed in his room.
They said nothing more that night, but Ororo left, and doctor Lecter stayed in the armchair. The place where her lips had touched his burned for a long time after she had gone.

It was dark in the room and Rogue lay in her bed, when Logan returned.
He didnít turn on the lights to wake her up. He could see well in spite the lack of light. The young woman looked like a formless heap under the quilt, and her long brown hair was spread over the pillow like a fan.
Probably she was sleeping.
He thought of their conversation in the corridor earlier that day. Rogue had claimed that they could not continue their relationship as it was now. Really, Logan agreed with her. The situation was becoming unbearable. But what was there to do about that?
He had promised Rogue that their love, and the hope of some day being able to touch her again, were enough to keep their relationship alive.
But was it really enough? Wasnít he lying to himself now?
Quietly he started to undress in the darkness. Rogue had not moved since he came in. She had to be asleep. Otherwise she would have said hello to him when he came.
Silently and gently, he approached her bed - *her* bed, he reminded himself. Not *their* bed anymore - and looked at her in the darkness. He had wanted to bend down and give her a goodnight kiss on her cheek, but of course he couldnít do it.
He just stood there, by her bed, for a long time, not really knowing what to do. At last he touched her spread hair carefully with his fingertips. It was soft as silk.
Rogue did not respond. Logan went to his bed and crawled down into it, to get some sleep.
When Rogue heard that Logan had gone to bed, she opened her eyes. Tears gleamed in them, but she wasnít crying.

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