An Unexpected Visitor

BY : AmandaLee
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Chapter 17

Doctor Lecter called and reserved at table at a Chinese restaurant, Chinese Magic, in the centre of Westchester, and also, he rented a car.
Ororo had not forgotten her promise to let herself be taken out by the doctor, and he hoped she would have nothing against the restaurant that he had chosen.
He sought her out five oíclock, just after finishing a long workday down in the lab with Jean. The mood between them had been chilly after their conversation about Storm, and Hannibal had longed for some other company than Jean.
Ororo got delighted when he came to get her.
- I hope you donít mind Chinese, he said with a smile, and his raspy, pleasant voice gave, as usually, Ororo goose pimples.
- No, not at all, I love Chinese! she replied and returned his smile. Where are we going?
- To a restaurant in Westchester. I have called them and reserved a table for six oíclock. Will that be okay?
- Excellent! Then I have...
She glanced at her watch.
- ...about 30 minutes to get ready.
- A beauty like you doesnít really need to get ready, smiled doctor Lecter. But Iíll gladly wait outside while you prepare yourself. Shall we meet at the entrance at five thirty?
- Yes, thatíll be fine.
- Iíll be waiting for you.
Doctor Lecter glided away. Storm looked after him for a while before she sneaked back into her room. Hannibal Lecter had been wearing a dark silk suit; the same he had arrived in, three days ago. He also wore a wig, and glasses; something he didnít usually wear, but Storm realized it was because he was wanted by the FBI, and didnít want to be recognized.
Despite the disguise, he looked very neat and distinguished. She searched through her wardrobe for something that could match his style and charisma.
She decided to take something stylish, but yet simple, and chose a black evening gown with thin straps, a flimsy, transparent shawl to wrap around her shoulders, and low-heeled shoes, since high heels would make her taller than doctor Lecter, and she did not want that.
She let her hair stay loose, and put on some light make-up. When she was finally finished, she took her neat, little purse and left.
She had not told anyone about thnnernner, but if she met someone on the way, who asked why she was all dressed up, she was going to tell the truth.
Doctor Lecter waited for her in the lobby, just like he promised. He said nothing when he saw her, but he smiled, and the look in his eyes clearly revealed that he thought she was beautiful.
Doctor Lecter had rented a black BMW. His very thorough and believable false identities worked practically everywhere, and he didnít have to be afraid of getting caught through them.
The car smelled new and fresh inside, and the seats were made of black leather. The car was dashing, but Hannibal was just sorry for not having any music cassettes. They had all been left in the Jaguar he left at the university.
But he concluded that he much rather listened to Ororoís voice, than any music.
It took about fifteen minutes to drive down town. Ororo asked Hannibal if he needed any help finding ďChinese MagicĒ, but he said that wasnít necessary.
Five to six, the BMW stopped in front of the restaurant.
Doctor Lecter quickly jumped out of the car, walked around in, and opened the passenger door to Ororo, offering her his hand.
A bit surprised, but certainly very delighted, Ororo allowed herself being pulled out of the car.
He hooked her arm into his, and together they walked through the entrance. In the ceiling, when they entered, there hung a multicoloured chandelier, spreading a strong, beautiful lustre.
Doctor Lecter told the restaurant keeper that he had reserved a table for two, and certainly used one of his false identities. He hoped that Storm wouldnít let the cat out of the bag, and maybe call him ďHannibalĒ, or ďdoctor LecterĒ, but he didnít believe she would be so thoughtless.
He had ordered a table by the window. Two live candles stood at the table, and the window offered them a view over the city. The restaurant was very beautiful.
Ororoís heart pounded as they settled themselves. Each time she looked into Hannibalís eyes, her heart rate changed. Her feelings surprised her. She couldnít remember she had ever felt like that for anyone before.
He must be thinking Iím a silly little girl! she thought.
A waitress came by and asked if they were readyordeorder.
Of course Ororo chose something vegetarian, and Hannibal didnít blame her for it. He chose the same main course as she did.
While they ate, they talked about a lot of things. Doctor Lecter spoke much about his interests, but not very much about himself or his background.
When Ororo noticed that he didnít like talking about himself, she did not bother him with any questions, although she was curious.
They started discussing literature instead. That was a subject Hannibal had much to say about. They discovered quite soon that they had about the same taste when it came to books; they both liked biographies and fantasy novels.
Ororo thought that this somehow brought them even closer, and she felt more and more attracted to him.
Doctor Lecter also mentioned that he cared much for lyrics. That had never interested Ororo very much, but she politely listened while Hannibal told her about Dante, Florence, and La Vita Nuova.
Proudly he told her that he had been to Florence some years ago, and lectured Dante before the Studiolo in Palazzo Veccio.
Ororo told him much about her childhood, her growth in Kenya, and her weather manipulating powers.
He showed sincere interest, and all the time asked for more. He talked, too, of course. Everything he said was maybe not so interesting for Storm, but she liked listening to his voice, being so beautiful, melodic and soothing. He had doubtlessly the most beautiful and pleasant voice she had ever heard.
They stayed until around eight thirty. The waitress swept by and put the bill on their table. Doctor Lecter took out his wallet and paid. Then he got up.
- Come on, he said and offered Ororo his hand again. I will drive you home now. It is getting dark.
Storm took his hand, and together they left the Chinese restaurant. He didnít let go of her hand while they walked toward the rent car. She was happy for that. She liked the heat spreading from him to her, through the close contact.
He opened the car door for her again, and Ororo couldnít help fng eng embarrassed in his presence.
No one had ever treated her like that before. Suddenly she wondered if all the terrible things being said about doctor Lecter were true. They simply couldnít. How could a man, as charming, as kind, and as fascinating as doctor Lecter be a crazy psychopath?
It didnít make any kind of sense.
They drove back to the mansion in silence. Doctor Lecter was a slow and calm driver. He didnít say much, but when they stopped before the red lights, he turned his head and gave Ororo another smile. She shyly smiled back at him.
She hadnít noticed how near the mansion they were. Only a couple of minutes later doctor Lecter turned into the Xavier instituteís approach.
It had started to rain lightly while they sat in the car. Hannibal put his arm around Ororoís shoulders, and they ran, crouching down, the short distance to the main entrance.
Ororo pressed the code onto the number-plate, and the doors were unlocked.
- Have you hadice ice evening, Ororo? the doctor asked as they walked toward the housing rooms.
- Lovely, Ororo replied. Thank you for the dinner., liked the restaurant...
- It delights me that you were pleased with my choice.
Now she smiled slyly. - Taste is a sensitive question!
They stopped outside the door to Ororoís room.
- Ororo, said doctor Lecter, taking her hand. I ask to thank you for your company. It has been a very pleasant evening.
- I should thank you, Ororo said faintly. You... what have you in mind to do now?
- I will probably withdraw, and maybe read something, Hannibal replied. The professor has lent me many great books.
- How is Rogueís medicine going? she asked to win more time.
- It is progressing fine. Jean and I went through her old results once more today. We are counting on starting soon.
- That sounds great. I hope you succeed.
- I hope so too. But I guess I should go now, he finished. Good night, Ororo. See you around.
Before he could turn away from her and leave, Ororo reached out her hand and grabbed his arm.
- You donít want to come in for a little while? she asked spontaneously, and was surprised at how natural she sounded.
At first doctor Lecter was quiet. Then he smiled. - Sure, he said. Why not?

- Would you like a drink? Storm asked after inviting doctor Lecter in. I might have something you like in my cocktail cabinet. Champagne, wine, bourbon, brandy...
- No, thank you, Hannibal replied.
Ororo interrupted herself. - Alright. I see. What would you like, then?
Doctor Lecter didnít answer at once. But then he walked towards her, grabbed her shoulders, and kissed her.
At first Ororo got a little shocked, since she really had not expected anything like it, but after some time she started to relax and began to return Hannibalís kiss, as she felt his grip of her harden. His kiss tasted of the food they had eaten earlier.
At last they broke the kiss, and Hannibal moved his hands from her shoulders up to her cheeks.
- Would you want me to leave? he asked and looked her gravely in the eyes.
- No... Ororo whispered and met his gaze.
Doctor Lecter caressed her smooth cheek with his thumb. Ororoís eyes seemed to express a multitude of feelings, but she certainly hadnít lied to him.
- I want you, Ororo, he said. But if you want me to go, Iíll go.
- Storm said again, still with a trembling voice, but she sounded more certain this time.
- Are you certain?
- Yes, I am. Please Hannibal, donít leave...
He looked into her eyes and smiled. Then he cupped her head in his hands and pulled her close to kiss her again. Thime ime Ororo placed her hands on his shoulders and eagerly accepted his kiss.
Her mouth was hot and wet and tasted so nice. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and licked her teeth. Ororo moaned faintly and wrapped her arms around his neck, as she was wondering if this really happened.
She could hardly believe it. But it was happening, and Ororo was welcoming it.
Doctor Lecterís hands slid down to her shoulders again, and this time his long, nimble fingers beto pto pull down the straps of her dress. She let him do it, although her heart rate increased remarkably, and he noticed it.
With a soothing smile, he said,
- Relax, my dear. I only want to see how beautiful you are underneath this.
The gown fell to the floor. Underneath it Ororo only wore a strapless bra, and small, white panties.
Hannibal watched her with an intense look.
- You really are beautiful, he said. So beautiful...
He placed his arms around her to unbutton her bra, but now she stopped him, half-heartedly. - No, wait... she mumbled. Letís go over here...
She took a hold of his hand and started leading him toward her bed. They walked very slowly. Hannibal watched Ororo, how her beautiful, round hips swayed as she walked, and her thin back slender and shoulders, as beautifully sculptured as an ancient Greek marble statue.
And then her hair, which actually was her most beautiful and sensational feature. He only wanted to reach out his hand and pull his fingers through it.
Ororo turned off the great ceiling lamp, and instead she lit a smaller lamp on her bedside table. She could feel his eyes on her, and felt slightly embarrassed, but also very expectant and excited.
It would surely be wonderful to make love to him.
They still didnít speak to each other. Smiling, Ororo sat on the side of her bed, and Hannibal sat down beside her.
She unbuttoned her bra herself and let it fall to the floor. Her breasts were large and firm and high like a young girlís, with large, chocolate brown nipples, that stiffened when he touched them.
- You can undress too now, she whispered in his ear.
Hannibal did. He was more careful with his own clothes - it was his best suit, after all - and neatly folded his shirt and his pants and placed them in a nearby armchair. He hung his jacket on the chairís back.
When he wakedaked, he went back to her in the bed. Ororo watched him. He was quite short, and thin, but yet agile and muscular, and despite his age, his skin and muscles were firm like a young manís, revealing that he was fit - and strong.
Now he had an erection clearly displaying his arousal.
When he crawled down to her in the bed, Ororo slid out of her panties, and lay down on her back.
Doctor Lecter kneeled in front of her and looked down into her face. He only watched her for such a long time that she started to feel awkward. Was there something wrong? Did he not want her anymore?
Finally he spread her legs with his hands and looked down at her sex. Her pubic hair was white, just like her head hair, and formed a sharp contrast to her dark skin. It looked peculiar. Peculiar, but beautiful.
He swiftly passed his hand over the hair down there, and continued to her cleft, opening her warm, wet vagina with his fingers.
Ororo gasped for breath when she felt his fingers down there. She started to grind her hips against him and made drawn-out moans.
- Alright, Ororo... Hannibal said seriously. Ready?
She nodded. - Yes, please...
She felt her groin was on fire. She wanted him that much.
Hannibal grabbed her legs and placed them over his shoulders, and after that he entered her.
It all happened very quickly. Storm groaned with both pain and pleasure. The feeling came as quite a surprise. She had had sex before, but it was a very long time ago, when she was a teenager, and it had not been very pleasurable then.
Doctor Lecter took it slowly. Perhaps it was for her sake. He stroked her calves as he thrust into her, and that soothed Ororo. Soon she started to feel pleasure, wanting more, and Hannibal suspected that.
He increased his speed, and she gasped every time he thrust, since it actually felt extremely good.
She didnít know for how long they made love, but the act lasted for a good while. Hannibal Lecter was a very persevering lover.
When he was finally finished, and emptied himself in her, he leaned over her, limp for a while, and she could hear the pounding of both his heart and her own. Doctor Lecter lay with his face against her neck, and she could feel his breath caress her skin.
But doctor Lecter recovered quickly and his pulse returned to normal, like his breathing. He got up onto his elbows and looked down at her hot, flushed face. His gaze was as intense as always. He gently kissed her cheek and then slid off of her.
Ororo stayed down and breathed heavily. Hannibal lay beside her for a while, on his side, caressing her hair and cheek with his fingers. Finally she began to feel sleepy, and was almost asleep when doctor Lecter suddenly said,
- I should go now, Ororo.
She woke up immediately. - Leave? she asked. Now? Why? Canít you stay here and sleep with me tonight?
- I am afraid I canít, he answered. I have to get up early in the morning to work in the lab, and if someone comes to look for me in my room, I have to be there. I am sorry.
He swung his legs over the bedside and got up to look for his clothes.
Ororo got a lump in her chest while he was dressing. Why didnít he want to stay? She had the feeling that the reason he gave her only was an excuse.
- Was I bad? she almost whispered and tears started gathering in her thick eyelashes.
Hannibal sat on the side of her bed and tenderly caressed her cheek, and then her back.
- Bad? How can you believe that? You were wonderful! she said with emphasis.
And she really was. How could she even believe she was *bad*? He bent down to kiss her forehead.
- You were truly wonderful, but I really have to leave.
- Okay.
- You are not angry with me, are you?
- No, of course not.
- And weíll keep this to ourselves, can we?
- Sure, Storm said.
- Good night, Ororo.
He got up in order to leave. She grabbed his arm.
- Will I see you again? she asked.
- That would be lovely. I can see you tomorrow evening, if that suits you. We can go out. I know many wonderful places that I am sure youíd like.
- Great.
- Iíll see you. Good bye.
He kissed her one last time before he silently left her room and pattered back to his own.

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