An Unexpected Visitor

BY : AmandaLee
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Chapter 7

Eight oíclock the morning after Magneto arrived at the mansion with Hannibal Lecter, professor Xavier had, without telling why, summoned the students to the auditorium of the Xavier-institute.
Rogue was sitting there now, squeezed in between Kitty and Jubilee, and wondering, just like the rest, what the deal was.
He had really not told why, only that it was important. The about 60 students were quiet and tensed and waited for the professor to turn up at the podium and explain what was going on.
- Do you know anything? Rogue whispered to her friends. What does he want to say?
But Kitty, and the small Asian girl, named Jubilee, did not know any more than Rogue did herself. Although they had their theories.
- Iíve no idea, Kitty whispered back. But it might have something to do with Magneto, she added seriously.
- Magneto? whispered Rogue.
- Yeah, he arrived yesterday.
- I know. But is that something remarkable?
- Maybe they broke up! Jubilee gigglehinehind her hand. And now he needs our support to make it through the crisis!
Rogue elbowed her in the ribs. - Youíre ridiculous!
- You wanted to know what we thought, Kitty replied, pretending to be offended.
- No, Rogue elucidated, I wanted to know if you *knew*.
- It was a theory, said Jubilee, still giggling.
- Maybe Magneto dumped professor Xavier, Kitty added. And then he came here yesterday to display his new boyfriend!
- What? Rogue exclaimed, looking like a live question mark.
Kitty nodded seriously. - Yeah, she said. Magneto came here together with another man yesterday. I happened to see them.
- What man? asked Rogue, but she didnít receive any answer, since professor Xavier had wheeled to the podium and cleared his throat in the microphone. Kitty and Jubilee quietened instantly.
- Good morning, my dear students, Charles began. You must wonder why I summoned you here this early. But I have in fact something very important to inform you about.
The professor became quiet and had about 60 curious and tensed pairs of eyes focused on him. It was clear that the students were eager to know what this was about.
- Yes, Xavier began again, this is the deal; this school has gotten a guest. He arrived yesterday, and he will only be here for a couple of days, mostly. I want your full attention now, my dear children.
This man, our temporary guest, wishes not to be disturbed, and therefore it is very important that you do not disturb him. If you happen to come across him, you had better pretend you donít see him. Please, be polite, but noting more. Avoid conversations with him.
Have you understood what I wanted to tell you? he then asked and regarded his students with a serious expression.
He heard an affirmative murmur amongst them, but they all sounded a little hesitant.
- Who is he? someone called. Can you tell us who he is?
- He wishes to stay anonymous, Charles replied.
- Do *you* know who he is?
- I do.
- Magneto came here yesterday, didnít he?
- Yes, he did.
- Is he Magnetoís friend?
- No. But listen to me now, I really canít be more specific. I only wanted to notify you about this, and let you know what to do. That is all, basically. All classes continued as planned. You are dismissed.
Charles Xavier said nothing more, but wheeled down from the podium and left the auditorium through a side exit.
The students also started rising after the professor had gone.
Rogue felt both surprised and confused when it was time to leave. So it was true! A man had actually arrived with Magneto yesterday! But who was he? And why did he want to stay anonymous?
She didnít for a second believe what Kitty and Jubilee had made up, but there was something strange about this visitor. She was sure of that.
Rogue looked at her wristwatch. A quarter past eight. It had been a short summit. Her first class would not start before nine thirty. She tried to think of something to do in the mean time.
Logan had probably already gone down to the gym; he always worked out early in the morning. It had become a routine.
It is because of me that he does that, Rogue thought sadly. The truth was that Logan and she hardly ever saw each other any longer, and obviously he thought that was the best thing.
Is this really a relationship worth saving? she thought.

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