An Unexpected Visitor

BY : AmandaLee
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*m/f sex in this chapter*

Chapter 22

It was 5:50 P.M. and all the party arrangements were finally done. Logan and Rogue had after a long day of hard work, gone to their room to make themselves ready for the party.
But Logan was certainly not going to dress up very much. He would attend wearing jeans and a flannel shirt, as always. Although he was going to shower and perhaps even comb his hair. This was a party, after all, and he did not attend parties very often. One could make some efforts at least.
Rogue was in the shower at the moment. Logan could hear the splashing of running water from the bathroom. He could still not quite believe it was true.
Rogue could start having a normal life again. Without gloves, and without fear of accidentally killing someone only by brushing him or her.
She would have to take shots every morning and every evening, but that a sma small price to pay for the freedom it would give her. And they could have sex.
Suddenly Logan got an idea. Quickly he stripped, took a towel, which he tied around his waist, and went toward the bathroom. Of course the door wasnít locked. Logan pressed down the doorknob and carefully opened the bathroom door.
He could see Rogueís silhouette, like a shadow through the drapery, and her sensual motions when she soaped and washed her body.
The sight made Logan very aroused. He took off the towel, left it on the toilet lid, and approached the shower stall.
He pulled the drapery aside. - Hi, sweetie! Logan grinned. Can I join you?
Rogue was just washing loads of lather from her face, and could therefore see nothing. The fear when she suddenly heard Loganís voice next to her ear made her jump.
- Logan! she exclaimed. You scared me! You canít do that!
- Iím sorry if I frightened you, said Logan. Can I come in?
He didnít wait for a reply. The sight of Rogueís naked, wet body; her small, yet firm and conical breasts, flat belly, and round, shapely buttocks had made Loganís arousal increase. At once he received a rock-hard erection, pointing right into the air.
- Alright, come on, then, she said, but then he had already stepped into the shower stall, and stood underneath the hot jets of water.
He came up behind her, and pulled her slender body into his muscular arms. He inhaled the scent of her warm, newly washed skin, and started kissing her neck and shoulders.
Rogue immediately felt Loganís erection pressing against her thighs, and realized how aroused he was. He was suc her her neck, and his hands slowly passed over her body, squeezing her soft breasts, then her belly, and finally his hand found her crotch.
Logan caressed Rogueís nipples, and with his other hand he caressed her sex; slowly his finger slid in between her labia, and quickly found her clit, located just before her vaginal opening. He touched the hard little nub, and heard her moan.
Her cheeks flushed red and she threw her head back.
- Oh, Logan... she breathed. Oh...oh...
- You like this, sweetie? Logan growled, as his kisses and caressed became more and more fervent. He took her earlobe between his lips and gently nibbled it. Rogue bit her lower lip to hold back a drawn out groan.
Logan added another finger, and this time he let his two fingers slide into her vagina, all the way to the knuckles. She was warm and wet inside, and he longed terribly for the feeling of that tight heat around his member, which was now as hard as it could possibly get.
He had to have her. Now. At once. Otherwise he would explode.
- Spread your legs, he breathed in her ear.
Rogue did what he asked, since she was almost as excited as he was, and desperately wanted to feel him inside her.
- Logan... the party... she murmured and tried to think clearly, although it was hard, with Loganís fingers doing such an amazing job inside her, and his kisses, and...-
- There is time, Logan murmured back. I need this now, and so do you.
He was right. She needed it. She was not going to stop him.
Further encouragement was not needed. Logan pulled his fingers out and instead brought the tip of his penis in between her thighs from behind, and as soon as he had found the tight little slit, he pushed in.
He moaned, and Rogue gasped for breath. Starting slowly, he moved in her, simultaneously caressing her breasts and her clit, and kissing her where he could get his mouth.
Rogue stood with her hands against the wall in the shower stall, and screamed as the hot water washed over them both, and made them remain wet. Loganís chest hairs tickled her back. It was a great feeling she had missed during the past five months, when they couldnít have any physical contact.
In time his thrusts became more and more rough, and their pleasure grew. If he could have had it his way, he would have slammed her slender body against the wall, but of course he didnít, but realized he had to be gentle and adjust to her.
- Oh, God... oh, Marie... Iím coming! he panted. Oh...oh!
Logan almost roared when he finally came and shot load after load into her passage. He kept thrusting all the time while he ejaculated in her, and his hold of her tightenpasmpasmodically.
Marie had reached orgasm twice. When Logan was finished, it felt like her knees would buckle, and she would faint.
Exhausted, and warm, she leaned against the cool tile wall, while Logan leaned against her back, and the water washed away all the traces of their lovemaking.
Logan stayed in her for another while. He was still semi-hard. At last he pulled out of her and turned her against him, so he could look into her face.
- Marie... he just said. I love you...
- And I love you... she whispered.
For a while they stayed in the shower, quiet, leaning against each other. Then they stepped out, still a little shaky, and wiped themselves and got dressed.
Logan pulled on a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. Rogue chose a wonderful evening gown made of red velvet, which was tight around her figure, with matching high-heeled shoes in the same colour.
She looked marvellous. She put on some make up, (something she usually didnít) and made herself an elegant, feminine hairstyle that made her look older.
When the time was five to seven in the evening, they left the room.
The party was to start at seven sharp.

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