An Unexpected Visitor

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*Final Chapter*

Chapter 26

Doctor Hannibal Lecter was ready to leave the Xavier-institute. He had returned ale mae magazines, books and clothes he had borrowed from Charles, and thanked him.
Now he was neatly dressed in his dark silk suit, which he arrived in, and with him, he had his briefcase, where he kept everything he needed to survive in the wide world.
Xavier, plus his X-men, had gathered in the lobby to say goodbye to him.
- Is it certain now that you donít want to stay? Charles asked him one last time.
Hannibal shook his head and smiled sadly.
- I am sorry, said Charles.
- I have to leave, said doctor Lecter. I have to. I am sorry.
- It is alright. I understand.
- Where is Erik? Is he coming to say goodbye?
- He will come, Xavier replied. He is leaving too, today, to takre ore of some problems.
- Has it got to do with the blue girl? the doctor wondered.
- Yes, it has.
Right in the moment, Erik arrived at the lobby, accompanied by Mystique, whose arm he held in a firm grip. She was s kee keeping her down, and refused to meet anyoneís gaze when she entered.
- Are you also leaving now? Erik asked when he saw doctor Lecter.
Hannibal nodded. - Yes, it is time.
- Where are you going?
- To my house in Maryland, to begin with. I will move, but there are some things that I would like to bring before I go.
- How are you getting there?
- Iíll rent a car, Hannibal said.
- Go with me, instead, Erik offered. I am going to New York City.
o yoo you mean that?
- Of course. It will be great to have some company.
- Is the blue girl coming? doctor Lecter asked, frowning.
- Yes, she is. But donít worry about her. She will not be any trouble. I promise.
- Alright, then, Hannibal said, shrugging. If you insist...
Now Mystique raised her head for the first time, and gave doctor Lecter a poisonous look when he referred to her as ďthe blue girlĒ. She recalled that he had helped bandaging her last night, and she also recalled trying to punch him.
- We should go, Erik said. It is a long drive to New York City.
Suddenly Rogue rushed forth toward Hannibal, and gave him an unexpected kiss on his cheek. Her entire face was smiling.
- Goodbye, Hannibal, she said. I am forever grateful.
- Knowing that delights me, the doctor replied, taking her hand into his own, squeezing it lightly. Now she was wearing no gloves, and everyone could see how happy she was because of it.
Even Logan, who had until now efficiently ignored doctor Lecter, came and patted his shoulder.
- I also want to thank you...he murmured. You are...a great scientist.
- The pleasure was mine, said the doctor, smiling at Logan.
Ororo stood by herself a small distance away. She had large bags underneath her eyes, probably since she had been crying so much, and a split, swollen lower lip, after confronting Mystique last night.
Although her arm didnít hurt at all anymore. Hannibal had done a good job fixing it.
Slowly Hannibal approached her and took her hands in his own. He looked deep into her eyes. Her large, beautiful, dark eyes expressed sadness and pain, but also acceptance. She knew that Hannibal Lecter would disappear out of her life as quickly as he had entered it, and she could do nothing about it.
- Ororo, he said. Do not hate me, please.
- I donít hate you, Hannibal, she replied gently, with her soft voice.
- I care for you, Ororo, and I will not forget you, he promised.
- Will I ever see you again?
He sighed. - I donít know, he said ast.ast. But I think not.
Then Ororo almost burst into tears and started crying out loud. To prevent it, she wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. She was almost jealous of Magneto, who would get to drive the doctor all the way to New York City.
- Goodbye... she whispered. Take good care now.
- You too, my weather goddess.
Slowly they disengaged from each other. - Go now, Ororo whispered and looked down at her feet.
- I promise Iíll write, said doctor Lecter.
Ororo brightened up a bit. - You will? So we will keep in touch?
- I will write, the doctor repeated and squeezed her hand one last time before he turned around and started walking away from her.
- Goodbye, Charles, he said a looked into Xavierís eyes. Thank you for wanting to understand.
- Goodbye, doctor Lecter. Remember what I said, Charles replied seriously.
Erik let go of Mystiqueís arm and went to his lover. He bent down and kissed him deeply. Charles returned the kiss with his eyes closed.
- I will call you tonight, promised Erik.
- Do so. I am missing you already.
- I will come here again as soon as I have worked out my problems with Raven.
- Drive carefully, Erik. Goodbye.
- Goodbye, Charles. Goodbye, everybody.
Erik stood up again and started leading Mystique toward the door. Doctor Lecter had already gone out beforehand.
Ororo knew that she would never see him again, and now she cried. Why would life have to be so cruel?

The End

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