Old Rivals

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Peter arrived at work the next day, he was in the elevator with Lois, 

“Let me know when you want to have some fun” he said to her and she scoffed and got off the elevator once it reached their level. Peter smiled and just went on with his day, working on crime stories while giving some Spidey photos to Jameson for extra cash. He finished up and decided to head out for lunch, he pulled out his phone and looked through some messages he got: some from Liz, one from MJ, several from Gwen, and one from Lois. He looked through all of them while walking down the street and he heard sirens so he went and did the usual thing…


Gwen was collecting some files from Harry’s home office that had any indication of missing tech or money from the company, she knew they would try to cover it up so now she could help Peter expose them, she was looking around when she got a call on her phone, she went to her phone and saw it was Harry who thankfully never came home last night,

 “Hello.” She answered,

 “Hey honey, I’m sorry about not making it home last night but I have a lot of work to handle at the office and the factories we have around the city need to be checked on…” Harry said trying to make it sound like a perfect excuse but Gwen just shrugged to herself,

 “It’s okay honey, you do what’s best for the company.” She answered in her sweet voice and Harry just hung up,

 “Loser.” Gwen said as she looked up Peter’s number with a smile, she called him and he answered after the first ring,

 “Ye’llo! What’s Up?” He shouted on his end,

 “Doing the superhero thing?” Gwen asked with a smile,

 “You know it! High speed chase going down, I’ll call you back okay!” He said and Gwen had her hands playing the strap of her robe,

 “Well when you’re done..get your tight spandex butt over here, Harry’s gone for the day again.” She said in a promising tone and Peter laughed on the other end,

 “Ohh Gwen Stacy you Fox!” He replied and Gwen laughed before hanging up, she decided to get something out of the closet, she opened it up and fished out a shoebox hidden under a dozen other ones since Harry’s trending gift is always shoes and heels, Gwen smiled as she opened up the shoebox and pulled out a flash drive she had hidden inside. Gwen then went to her laptop and connected the drive to view the contents: some old photos of her and Peter from their high school days, some new photos of their affair, and also a few videos, Gwen was about to play one when there was another call on her phone. 


“Well that’s over.” Peter said as he webbed up the criminals for the police to take into custody and he was about to swing away when he saw a familiar face taking photos of him, he approached her,

 “Mind telling me what you’re doing?” He asked her and she flashed the camera one last time before pulling out her tape recorder,

 “Spider-Man! Lois Lane here. Care to tell

Me how do you handle the daily routine of being a superhero?” She asked him and Spider-Man looked at the sexy brunette,

 “I fuck alot.” He replied point blank and Lois just had a blank look,

 “Okay uhm…what do you know about Gwen Osborn’s affair? I’m sure you’ve seen something swinging around the city.” Lois said and Spider-Man sighed with annoyance,

 “I do not know anything about that. Now excuse me.” He said with annoyance and Lois followed him along with several other reporters from various new corporations,

 “Wait! Just a few more questions! Please!” Lois begged along with the others and Peter just ignored them until,

 “Are you Peter Parker!??” One of them asked and Spider-Man looked back at the reporter and so did Lois as well as everyone else,

 “Well?” Mary Jane asked him and Spider-Man scoffed at her,

 “He’s my photographer!” He said with humor and swung away, everyone cleared away and left but Lois gave MJ a stare,

 “What was that?” She asked her and MJ gave her a smug smile,

 “Just trying to get a rise out of him, oh and I’ve been meaning to thank you.” She replied and Lois was now confused,

 “For what?” She asked and MJ stepped to her,

 “For getting Peter hard and ready, he really gave it to me that day you know. Good thing that hard-on didn’t go to waste.” Mary Jane said as she went ahead leaving Lois annoyed and fuming and she went up to her rival,

 “And just what do you know about me and Peter?!” Lois snapped at the redhead who smirked at the brunette, she wiggled her eyebrows at Lane,

 “I know you think he still has a thing for you, I know you tried to use your body to entice for a so called story back at the apartment building. So you’re a tease and a lame excuse for a reporter.” Mary Jane had a smirk on her face while Lois just scrunched hers in anger,

 “I bet Peter wouldn’t even want you anymore….you’ve gotten old since college.” Mary Jane walked away and Lois wanted to punch her right in the face but she had another idea, she smirked as she pulled out her phone. 


Peter swung to the very large balcony of Gwen’s home with Harry. He stretched loosening his muscles after some crime fighting and swinging around, he saw Gwen come out in her robe with her elegant hair, creamy skin, and cleavage. She smiled at the masked superhero,

 “Hello Spider-Man, may I ask why are you here at the home I share with my husband?” Gwen asked the masked hero and she was already hot in between her legs with the foreplay game they have, Spider-Man approached the sexy woman,

 “Well Mrs.Osborn, I wanted to question your husband as to Oscorp’s recent activities with dumping chemical waste out in the ocean, and the manufacturing of armed drones being supplied to unknown assailants.” Spider-Man said with a stern voice and Gwen did her part by rolling her eyes with a annoyed look with a glass of wine her hand,

 “Oh please Spider-Man, don’t you have a petty criminal to stop or a cat stuck in a tree in a tree to save.” Gwen replied in a pure Upper East Side rich Bitch attitude with a equally pure smug smile and Spider-Man rubbed his masked head with a deep sigh,

 “Mrs.Osborn, just please tell me where I can find your husband. Now.” Spider-Man said with impatience and Gwen scoffed then took a sip of her wine then smirked at the hero,

 “I wonder what the press would say if I were to tell them a certain hero was harassing me.” She said with a evil grin and Spider-Man let out a laugh making her frown,

 “Who would believe I harassed someone much less you.” He said with a clear smirk in his voice and Gwen smirked back,

 “Oh really?” She said and she put her glass down on the nearby table and her hands teased the knot of the robe, she grinned at Spider-Man,

 “Tell me this….do you think a wife should pay for her husband’s crimes?” Gwen asked as her hands played with the knot while Spider-Man sighed,

 “Have you committed any crimes Mrs.Osborn?” He asked and Gwen giggled and gave him a sly smile,

 “Well…I’ve been a disloyal wife…I’ve been having an affair for a long time now, and I’ve wondered what Spider-Man has under his suit.” Gwen said slyly and she undid the knot and let the robe open right down the middle teasing her breasts, her body and her pussy was teased as it was hidden under the robe, Spider-Man breathed in deeply and Gwen smiled at the bulge down below,

 “Looks like you need some downtime, care to join me for a drink?” Gwen offered a glass to Spider-Man who took it in his hand. 


The roleplay did it’s part, it made it hotter, sexier, and more fun. Gwen was laughing as Peter pumped into her with speed and force as he held her against the wall with her body pressed against the cold glass wall and her breasts squeaked as they rubbed against the glass while her ass was being rammed by Peter’s hips as they both kept gasping and groaning,

 “Ughhh Yeah Yeah ohhhh Yeah hahahahhaa Yesss Harder Harder!!!!! Ahhh ahhhhhh” Gwen laughed loudly as her lover pushed his cock all the way inside her with each thrust, he held onto her ass, gripping it tightly making her more wet than she already was, her hands held onto his shoulders while her legs wrapped around his torso and locked together with her feet, 

 “Yes Spider-Man Yes!!!!! Yess!!!! Yesss!!!!! Make me Pay Spider-Man!!!! Ahhhhhh ahhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh Yesss!!!!!!” Gwen groaned and hissed as Peter let out his animalistic grunts since hearing her shouts made him want to drive her over the edge,

 “Rughhhh ughhhh ughhhhhh ughhhhhh Mrs.Osborn!!!!! Uhhhhhhh ughhhhhh ohhhhhhhh Mrs.Osborn!!!!! Ohhhhhhhh” Peter did his part by referring to Gwen by her marital name and he felt her pussy tighten and leak even more, Gwen loved the knowledge of being unhappily married and having an affair with a man she truly does love, who happens to be trying to take down her douche bag husband’s crimes. Peter reached for a shaking tit and he molded the flesh in his hand, his fingers tweaked her nipple which made Gwen hiss and giggle then she put a hand on his mask,

 “I thought you said” Spider-Man said but Gwen interjected,

 “I changed my mind, I want to see you.” Gwen said and she pulled his mask off revealing Peter’s handsome face that she loved to kiss and peck since she was 17 and speaking of which,

 “Come here.” She whispered and then she pulled his head to hers and their lips meshed together with open mouths and swirling tongues as they panted and groaned feeling each other’s warm body as they kept their pace, Gwen carrassed his face with her hands while Peter gripped her ass even tighter and he even spread her cheeks a little exposing her pussy lips even more allowing him to fully push in, 

 “AHHHHHHH OHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH” Gwen yelled out feeling her womb being stabbed and Peter covered her mouth and he pumped harder into that particular spot, Gwen yelled into his hand and her hands gripped his shoulders, he pumped harder and harder, spreading her ass more, her legs just dangled at his sides now, he watched her face go from pained to exhaustion to sleepy then,

 “UGHHHHH AHHHHHH AHHHHHH OHHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHH OHHHHHHH SPIDER-MAN OHHHHHH” Gwen screamed, her legs bucked, her pussy exploded with her juices pouring out that it leaked out despite the hard rod acting as a plug, Peter laughed when he felt her cum and he went faster with his own thrusts that Gwen just whined and hissed as he rubbed her against the cool glass,

 “Gwen!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhh Gwen!!!! Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh ughhhhhhh Gwen!!!! I’m Gonna!!!! I’m Gonna!!!!!!! OHHHHH GODDDD!!!!” Peter let out one last hard grunt as he pushed all the way inside her and he cam right into her womb, he held onto Gwen as she did held him, they both had red faces with sweat and panting faces feeling each other’s release drip and leak in between them. Gwen had a hand on her hair as she laughed feeling lightheaded after an intense fuck, 

 “Again?” She whispered and Peter kissed her in response,

 “Let’s Go.” She said and he let her down, then she took his hand and led him inside the penthouse. 


“Ughhh ughhhh Fuck Yeah!!!! Hell Yeah Gwen!!!!! Ahhhhh ahhhhh Fuck!!!!!” Peter had a full grin on his face as he laid on his back on the Osborn’s bed as Gwen rode with back and forth reverse cowgirl style and she would even twirl her hips around dragging his cock with her succulent lips that gripped his rod tightly and squeezed the liquids out of it. Gwen laughed and cheered as she kept riding the amazing dick she has loved since she was 17, her hands covered Peters and she put them on her breasts and Peter automatically started playing with them making Mrs.Osborn giggle and more wet in her pussy and body,

 “Ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh Spider-Man!!!!! Yes Spider-Man!!!!! Ohhhhhhh ohhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh Spider-Man!!!!!!” Gwen kept screaming out his alter ego which made him buck his ups into her so now they both worked themselves into the other with passion and lust. 


 “So this Lane is back to annoy my life huh.” Gwen commented as she walked to the fridge to grab a bottle of water, Peter eyed her naked form from the couch,

 “Well she is a reporter at a pristine Newspaper company so she digs into the scandals of the city and crap.” Said Peter and Gwen let out a dry laugh as she walked back to him with a bottle of soda for him,

 “You’ve always worked at a newspaper and you’ve never dug around any else’s business.” Countered Gwen and Peter took a sip of his soda before replying,

 “Gwen all I did was turn in pictures of myself in the suit for cash, plus I’m actually trying to put your legal husband in prison remember…” he said carefully and Gwen gave him a serious expression,

 “Oh my god…you’re right….you are trying to put my husband in jail…” Gwen said looking him straight in the eyes and Peter gulped out of nervousness only for Gwen to pounce on him and kiss him all over,

 “Ohhh God I need you.” Gwen pleaded in between kisses and Peter just laughed out as she kept groping his member and body while gripped her tits and grabbed her ass,

 “You’ve always had a thing for her…” Gwen whispered with a giggle as she sat on him taking him inside her,

 “Whoa!!! Ughhhhhhh Fuck!!!!” Peter groaned feeling her loose walls start to grip his tool,

 “Can you blame me…she’s always been a horny bitch…” Peter said with his own laugh as Gwen started to bounce on him with a gleeful laugh, she used her thighs to squeeze him hard and his rod pulsed with precum lubing it up making it nice and slippery, Gwen laughed as she remembered meeting up with Peter during break from classes years ago. 


“Ughhh ughhhh Yes!!!!!! Yess!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh God I’ve missed this!!!!!!!” Gwen Stacy panted and moaned as Peter was working himself into her snatch and her legs were on his shoulders so he was fully pushing himself inside her walls with his groin and balls striking her ass and thighs, she felt her body loosen up from the inside and her walls squeezed him hard to hold him in place as he pistoled his rod into her pussy. Peter was panting like a dog with his body covered in sweat and he would kiss and bite Gwen’s leg that was on his shoulders and she would yelp and groan from that, 

 “Ughhhhhh Peter that tickles ahahhaa” Gwen laughed after a groan and Peter smirked as he turned her over making the blonde laugh as her ass now pointed up and Peter spanked the sweet rear,

 “Peter!” Gwen yelped then hissed when she felt his tool jab her asshole stretching the tight walls as it pushed deeper and deeper, Gwen felt her body go numb from the pressure and she groaned out while Peter let out a grunt as he struggled move into her, she was too tight,

 “Ughhhh ughhhhhhh ughhhhhhhhh Peter!!!!!! You’re Sooo Biggg ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh Goddddd ughhhhhh ughhhhhh” Gwen just put her face on the bee to silence her loud noises while Peter bit his own lip to quiet himself as he thrusted into Gwen’s ass as he held her waist to hold her still. Gwen had come to visit Peter during her break at Oxford, she was supposed to see Harry that day but she pulled an excuse that her plane was delayed and she used another ticket she bought through another airliner to sneak into New York to spend time with her true love….who was currently breaking her ass with his dick,

“Ughhhh ughhhhhh Yeahhhh Ohhhhhh Yeahhhh, Harder!!!!!” Gwen begged after her ass loosened to his rod so now she was grinning feeling it slide in and out, Peter huffed and went faster with his thrusts making his twin bed creak in his small room, but then a cell phone rang out, they both groaned in annoyance,

 “Is it mine or yours?” Peter asked while he kept going and Gwen panted and hissed as she reached for her phone, she rolled her eyes,

 “It’s Harry…hold on babe.” She said and Peter huffed and pulled out letting Gwen answer the phone as she catches her breath,

 “Hey Harry.” She said and made a gagging face to Peter which made him grin as he watched her try to listen to Harry as she was naked with her secret lover,

 “No, I got a later flight so I’ll be in New York later than sooner sorry.” She sounded apologetic but she was winking at Peter while shaking her tits at him which made him drool as she talked to Harry but her hand would pump his cock to keep it awake and she would grin at his pained pleasure unable to voice out his pleas, she pumped him as she kept talking to Harry about their plans for when she got there but she eyed Peter’s leaking cock,

 “Okay babe. Yeah okay. Okay Love you too Bye.” And with that she hung up and she put her mouth on Peter’s tool making him gasp and groan as she sucked on fast bobbing her head up and down, her hand went to his mouth where he sucked on her fingers and his own hand went to her pussy lips where he messed with her the same way she was with him,

 “Rhhhhh ughhh rhhhhhh brhhhgg” Gwen gagged on him as she felt her pussy inflame from his fast fingers digging deep into her and Peter’s other hand went to her tit and squeezed it which made her leak even more…


Gwen was getting dressed after their fuck and Peter grinned at her,

 “Does Harry make you cum as me as I do?” He asked with a smirk and Gwen rolled her eyes with a scoff and a smirk of her own,

 “Who says he even makes me cum.” She replied as she pulled her top back on and put her hair into a bun while the couple shared a laugh,

 “So where are you heading now babe?” He asked her and she smiled at him, knelt down and pecked his lips,

 “I’m gonna head back to my room and freshen up before I fake another flight to make it more believable that I barley got here since Harry said he’ll pick up.” She said and Peter nodded then his phone rang with a certain song as the ringtone,

 She’s a freak! She’s a freak! She Super Freaky!” The song kept playing and Gwen shot a raised eyebrow at Peter who chuckled at her look as he grabbed his phone,

 “It’s Lois. She’s calling me since its the late afternoon so she’ll probably wanna meet up.” He explained to Gwen who looked curiously at him with a sly smile,

 “Oh do I have competition?” She asked him

And Peter smirked at her again,

 “Oh, says the girl with a billionaire boyfriend!” He said with a laugh and Gwen playfully swatted his head with her hand,

 “Shut up! It’s different okay!” Gwen said back with her own laugh and Peter mocked her laugh with a grin,

 “Oh sure babe how is it different?” He asked coyly and Gwen scoffed,

 “Answer it and put it on speaker so I can hear you guys.” She commanded and Peter had to obey her rules so,

 “Hello, Hey Lois what’s up?” He asked and Gwen could hear the other skank walking down the street in the speaker,

 “Hey Parker! I’m done with classes for today so I’m about to head out to the pool for a late workout to ease my body. Wanna come watch?” Lois Lane asked with a clear mischievous grin in her voice and Gwen gave Peter a look and he shrugged,

 “Really? Like for what exactly Lo? Just to watch or what do you have in mind?” He asked her and Lois giggled making Gwen raise an eyebrow with a smirk and Peter chuckled,

 “Well I thought you could be my lifeguard and watch me swim in the nice cool pool….and you’re invited to join in.” Lois said with a hot voice and Gwen covered her mouth to silence her giggles while Peter agreed to meet up with Lois at the pool,

 “Alright Lo, I’ll see you there. Just text me when you’re heading to the pool and I’ll meet you outside.” He said to Lois and Gwen eyes him with mischievous eyes as she heard the other woman let out a laughing giggle,

 “Okay Parker, see you soon…and bring your swimming trunks.” Lois ended the call and Gwen swatted Peter’s arm, rather roughly,

 “Ow! What?” Peter complained and Gwen scoffed at him,

 “It’s one thing to have a side piece, but it's its another to have an actual girlfriend Peter.” Gwen countered and Peter gave her a WTF look,

 “Gwendy like I said…you’re dating Harry Osborn, who’s rich as fuck. Visits you like every other week in England…and you’ve admitted to fucking him earlier by confirming he can’t make you have a orgasm.” Peter finished his explanation and Gwen took in all his points and just huffed and eyed the floor,

 “It’s different…I don’t love him.” Gwen said shyly and Peter smiled at her,

 “Who ever said I love her…she’s just a way to let loose while you’re gone Gwen. I’m still yours.” He said to her with love and Gwen smiled back at him,

 “As I will always be yours too Peter Parker.” Gwen said and she knelt down to give him one last kiss. 

    Later-ESU POOL

Peter watched as Lois walked into the pool area in her sexy red and blue bikini, her tits meshed together against the red top while her ass squeezed the crap out of her blue bikini bottoms which did wonders for her legs and waist,

 “Alright I’m just gonna do a few laps okay, then we’ll do something fun.” Lois said to Peter with a smile and he winked at her,

 “Sure thing Lane.” He replied and his cock flew up when he saw her dive into the pool and rise up with her breasts heaving and she laughed,

 “You know what, screw practice, jump in Parker!” Lois yelled out with a smile and Peter laughed too,

 “I forgot my swimming trunks.” He said back and Lois’s smile grew bigger and she narrowed her eyes at him,

 “You don’t need one…” she replied and Peter grinned like crazy, he started to strip revealing his naked body and Lois already grew hot and wet in her loins, she gawked at Peter’s athletic body and large member as he dived into the pool and he swam underwater all the way to Lois where he swam up to her face to face and she laughed when he emerged with a grin…


Peter had Gwen agaisnt the wall, he held her by gripping her ass and she wrapped her legs around his back and locked her feet as he thrusted like a mad man into her gushing wet pussy,

“Fuck Me!!! Fuck Me!!!!” Gwen Osborn pleaded to her lover who grunted as he went faster and faster, their bodies glistened with sweat from all the fucking they’ve done already and thankfully Harry has his own whore to keep him busy while Gwen enjoys her time with Peter who was currently marking his territory inside her as he stabbed her again and again with his rod and her whole body was inflamed from her core, Peter gripped her ass and stretched it out for his dick as it pistoled her like crazy and they leaked onto the floor as usual..


Peter got home after he spent a few hours on patrol and he did dropped off some photos at work, while ignoring Lois’s attempts to get his attention, so now he made it home and he sat on his couch and turned on the tv, then his phone rang, 

 “Yello.” He said into the phone and he smiled as he heard the speaker, after a minute the call ended and he got up and took out some beers from the fridge, he put them on the table and when there was a knock on the door he opened it and greeted his guests,

 “Hey guys, so why the surprise?“ he asked them and they smiled widely at him,

 “Liz and I wanted to catch up some more with you…” Mary Jane replied and Liz Allen winked at Peter and he grinned at his old high school friends.

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