Old Rivals

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Peter made his way to Oscorp to do his usual getting under Harry’s skin, he did that by openly taking pictures of the Oscorp building and people would eventually ask him what’s he doing, that’s when he would tell them of their hidden crimes and while some dismiss him for another paranoid conspirator, others agreed with him and shared their own stories of Oscorp which peter would take notes on with their permission since they want to reveal the company’s wrongdoings. Eventually security would force him away from the building and he left, happy with knowing if security went to get him away, Harry noticed him from his office high up in the sky. Peter just walked around the city enjoying the rare peaceful sunset in New York as the calm orange covered the city. But he had an inch in his pants, a bad one, and as luck would have it he found himself in the neighborhood a certain coworker lived in, with a smile he made his way to the building he knew she lived in. 

  It was late at that point, he knocked on the door to the fancy apartment and she opened the door 

“Peter, what are you doi…” she was cut off when peter pushed her inside,kicked the door shut, and started kissing and caressing her body, she tried to fight him off but he continued to kiss and grabbed her ass which earned him a slap to the face, he stopped and looked at her flushed face. 

 “You know you want this too” he said and began to walk towards her and he was pushed to the large sofa in the living room. She was still wearing her work clothes, which reminded him of how Erica Durance would dress on that superhero show….elegant work pants, button shirt with blazer to show her slim waist, sexy hips,and busty chest. She was livid though 

“How dare you come here at this hour and try to do this?” She yelled at him, indeed Lois Lane had no idea why Peter would do this, well she had some idea why…. 

  Hours ago 

 “You know where my office is” Peter had yelled, Lois kept walking but couldn’t help the seeping need of release in between her legs as her loins began to shudder at the thought of…., she shook her head and headed straight for her own office and closed the door, only to see Peter had somehow beat her there, and he was sitting in her chair by her desk, scrolling on her laptop, and was masturbating. Lois’s eyes grew wide at the fact she could see it from where she stood, Lois eventually found her voice 

“Parker what the hell are you doing” she tried to say seriously but was too focused on his erect member, Peter kept scrolling and answered without breaking eye contact 

 “I’ve always wondered what you look like in a swimsuit, so I just decided to check out your photo albums then I found a photo of you in a bikini and well…you do this to me”

She walked and was soon right next to him as he stroked his own member as she only looked on with a slightly open mouth. Then She knelt down and took it in her mouth earning a gasp from Peter as his hands went to her head as she bobbed her head. She slurped and bobbed on his member as he continued to gasp at her skill, he always wondered what Lois Lane is like when in the heat, and now he was experiencing it. His hand went to her bulbous ass and he slapped it, the strength of her bottom making an echo in her office which made him harder and she moaned as he slapped her rear again. He finally released in her mouth, and he heard her gag then swallow his river of cum into her throat and stomach. Her face was flush red as she immediately got up and practically ran out of her office and went home 


   Peter walked to Lois, who only pushed him back which made him chuckle, he said he’ll stop but he begged her to let him stay over for the night since it was very late and they’ll just carpool to work together morning anyways, she agreed so long as he doesn’t try anything, especially since Stuart, her boyfriend, would be returning from a business trip soon 

“Leave him and sleep with me” Peter had said to Lois only for her to scoff and walk into her bedroom and close the door, he waited a minute then walked to it and opened it, she was changing into her nightgown, she was wearing a black lace bra with matching panties, she slammed the door shut and locked it after hearing Peter growl from behind, he laughed and went to the sofa to get some sleep. 

 During the night, he heard Lois go to the bathroom and he knew she’d forget to lock the door since she was clearly still sleeping, he was right. He entered her bedroom and crawled into her bed as she slept, he cuddled into her and she surprisingly cuddled into him in her sleep, Lois had a smile on her face as she snuggled into Peter and peter just held her as his hand started to feel up her body from her back to her rear. Lois let out a sigh and said Peter’s name catching him off guard, guess she thinks about him that way after all, Peter had an evil grin on his face as he had a plan to get another revenge. Lois was dating a businessman and close friend of Harry, who helps him conceal evidence of illegal activities and he knows how much Stuart has flirted and hit on Gwen since she’s told him how annoying Stuart can be, so he decided to add another plot to the plan: get Lois to spy of Stuart while also enjoying her for himself, Peter’s idea was to convince Lois to spy on him while Gwen was the one to add the whole ‘fuck that bitch til her pussy’s sore’ part which again surpsied him but hey he’ll be the one enjoying it. 

   The whole night Peter kept caressing Lois’s body as she slept, and she too would rub his chest, caress his cheekbone and at one point one hand went to his groin area and she just rubbed his boxers, he suppressed a groan to prevent waking her, but he decided to be bold and planted a chaste kiss on her lips, she smiled at the kiss and even leaned in a bit to plant one of her own in her sleep much to Peter’s enjoyment. He fell asleep while holding Lois and she was holding him. 

  Lois stirred in her sleep feeling very hot and was having a sensational dream: She was being pounded by Spider-Man in her office at the bugle, he was holding her against the wall as he thrusted as she moaned louder and louder and when she looked at his face, she saw Peter. She woke up and saw she was holding Peter in her arms as she was sleeping and he was holding her close as he was fast asleep. She actually liked this feeling, it feels so much better than cuddling with Stuart she thought and she couldn’t help but notice a large dent in his boxers under the covers. She began to sweat but decided ‘no, you still have a boyfriend so there’s limits, right?’ she questioned herself in her head as she looked at the rod she had sucked, she decided to go back to sleep, but not before planting a kiss on Peter’s cheek making him smile and slightly rub his groin against her leg making her quietly giggle, she shut her eyes.

 The next morning Peter and Lois woke up like any couple would: looking deep into each other’s eyes, sharing a kiss, getting up and doing their morning routines. Peter tried to see Lois get changed but she pushed him out and he was left to wonder what color bra and panties she would wear for the day, he asked her through the door and she responded with a curse word making him laugh as he got changed. He said he wasn’t finished with her before leaving her apartment to start another day. He went to the Bugle early on to get some of his information written since it was a lot of new material he, Gwen, even Liz have collected about Osborn and his company. It was very early, the sun was still reaching the skyscrapers and only a few people were in the building altogether, he was in his office when someone knocked on his door, he said come in and in came Mary Jane. She was smiling at him and she asked if he could help her with settling a certain debate she was having with a friend. He agreed and was surprised to see her slightly move her tight skinny jeans down a bit to reveal her pink lace panties 

“What do you think, sexy or slutty?” She asked him with a full smile, happy to see his gaped mouth at her reveal, ‘Now he’ll stop aiming for that Slut Lane’ she thought to herself as Peter continued to stare at her underwear. Peter simply said with a smirk

“I need to see the other piece to decide” and Mary Jane gave him a side smile and slowly, seductively, unbuttoned her cute white shirt to reveal a dark pink lace bra. He smiled widely, got up and went face to face with her and said 

“On you, Sexy as hell MJ '' she kissed him and he kissed her back as they sucked each other’s lips and tongue dangling with one another, he unbuttoned the rest of her shirt as she lifted his T-Shirt over his head. Now both shirtless they carrased each other’s bodies while their lips smacked together. He pulled away much to MJ’s surprise but he was giving a daring stare with a wicked smile that made her smile from whatever he has planned 

  “Let’s do it in Lois’s office” he said and she took his hand excitedly and led him to Lane’s office. Peter had stolen a key from her place and unlocked her door as he and MJ resumed their kissing as he locked the door again once they were inside. Soon MJ removed her shirt again she  unzipped her jeans as Peter yanked them off her legs and began to kiss her sweet smooth skin. She practically tore off his clothes leaving him bare as she was in the sitting position on Lois’s desk with Peter in between her legs. They gropped each other,MJ pulling on his member, Peter was nipping and biting her breasts making her moan as her legs locked behind his back, he yanked her panties off, and Mj grabbed his member and positioned it to her sit, she moaned when he felt him. 

10 minutes Later 

  Lois walked the still empty hallways to her office, she heard moans and groans coming from inside the walls. She realized the sounds were coming from her locked office that had the shudders down. She unlocked the door with her key and went in immediately closing the door, she saw something that made her drool: 

   Peter had MJ up against the window, and was fucking her from behind as her breasts slide up and down on the glass. He was going fast into her as she moaned and moaned. Lois slowly walked up to them and was now right next to MJ as she saw her blushing red, sweaty, face as she moaned while Peter was thrusting from behind, looking tight at Lois’s face while hers was pressed against the glass, she gave Lois’s a smirk and a lick of her lips making the brunette reporter gap at her actions as she only watched Peter push and push Mary Jane Watson more and more as he went faster and faster, both groaning and moaning not minding Lois’s presence. Lois tentatively leaned in and planted a light kiss on MJ’s lips, making the red head give a lustful smile to her wide pleading eyes, Lois only began to caress her sweaty arms as she was being pounded, then lois looked at Peter’s face: sweaty, panting, focused on going into MJ with force and speed. He looked right at Lois’s eyes 

“You’re (pant) Next Lane” he said as he went faster into MJ making her groan out loud as they were almost done, Lois only gasped at Peter and ran out of her office making Peter and MJ laugh as she did and slammed her office door shut. Soon Peter and Mj cam together with their moans sounding in unison. They put their clothes back on, with Peter slapping her ass,and shared one last kiss before starting their work as other employees were now arriving and they noticed Lois did run away, Peter decided to check in on her. 

  Lois decided a dip in her building’s indoor pool would help cool her off from the image she saw back at the Bugle, she was in such a heat she didn’t even change into a proper swimsuit, she was in her white bra and matching panties. She was very thankful no one was around since it was still early morning. She loved the feeling of the water engulf her body as she swimmed from one end to the other, she eventually cooled off and collected her towel when someone whistled to her from across the pool, She saw peter,naked and fully erect, giving her a smile...an evil lustful smile, Lois stepped away slowly and ran in her bra and panties to the elevator, panting as her ass and tits jiggled to escape what she knew they would do. 

She ran to her apartment and unlocked her door, only once she was inside she was pushed against her closed door and was being groped and kissed. She hit Peter with her hands only for his own hands to grab hers and place them over her head as he kept kissing and biting her sweet lips, she groaned and groaned in his mouth while her legs tried to kick him and he only moved his hands to her ass and lifted her. Her arms went around his neck to hold herself since now she was kissing him back with fever and passion, she moaned into his mouth and she could feel his member standing tall against her thigh making her squeal as he moved them to her bedroom. He laid her on the bed, and backed away making Lois frown at him, he smirked at the reporter 

 He waited and when she nodded he leaned down and kissed her. Then...the front door was opened as they heard it shut from her bedroom 

“Lois I’m back” Stuart had returned, he made his way to the bedroom where he saw Lois in a sexy pose and pounced on her horny and ready, unknown to him a naked Peter Parker was hiding and then one swift movement he came right behind stuart and knocked him out, Stuart collapsed on the floor as Lois only looked on with shock, then Peter pulled out his camera: gave lois another evil smile and Lois began to pose for her her secret lover in her white undergarments 

 She pushed her breasts together, stuck her ass in the air, blew a kiss to the camera, went like a tiger on the bed, then some selfies of Peter hugging Lois and Lois kissing his face while he gropped a tit while the other held the camera. The last photo was a completely nude Lois Lane, big areolas, slim waist, sexy wide hips, thighs and ass to slap all day as she posed one last time. He left her apartment with  one last kiss, kicking Stuart’s unconscious body on the way out, full smile as he walked knowing he has another hole to fill whenever he is bored,speaking of which he was hard as a rock,that stuck out plainly in his jeans,as he walked down the parking lot there was a busty ebony babe who looked at his bulge with wide eyes. She quickly looked away and Peter smirked to himself and looked directly at the sexy woman 

“Wanna touch it?” He asked and she slapped him across the face. 

 “If you have a boyfriend or husband, I won’t tell him that we fucked” the woman simply punched his gut and pulled out something out of her leather jacket, a NYPD badge. 

“Wanna say anything else before I arrest your ass for sexually harassing an officer” she barked at him while holding up her badge to his face, Peter  moved her hand to the side 

 “Well officer is it sexual harassment if she cums for me in the end?” he asked right to her face as she shoved him to the wall trying to subdue him but Peter’s superstrength helped him wrestle her as they both grunted trying to dominate the other, both feeling each other’s body and somehow their lips found each other. 

     The squad car shook and shook as they frantically rocked into each other, Peter grabbed her big Hershey chocolate tits as she bounced on him. Peter had no idea how tight she’d feel, he was trying so hard not to cum right then and there. Her juicy asscheeks smacked his hips as the flesh bounced along with her, she was panting and sweating, her face focused on his as they stared at each other while rocking the car, she hand her hands on his shoulders as he moved his to her waist gripping it as she thrusted herself on his member that was barely visible from the frantic moving. Peter groaned loudly and she knew what was gonna happen, she got off him and immediately started to suck him off with her mouth taking him whole as she bobbed her head, Peter groaned and said ‘Misty Knight you Angel’ as he cam in her mouth and she gulped and gulped his vast amount of cum, making its way to her stomach. She cleaned her lips with her hand and pushed him to lay flat on the backseat, then she climbed on top of him, Peter gripped her sexy toned thighs and slurped his tongue and mouth on her clit and sticking his tongue in her walls making her gasp and groan as she gripped the metal cage meant as a barrier for arrestees and the other hand went to the window directly above peter. Peter's mouth did wonders on her as she moaned louder and louder even bucking her hips into his mouth and Peter let out a happy moan enjoying his dinner from the police woman. She looked at him and cam at the sight of the smartass white boy eating her out, her liquids gushed and spilled into his waiting mouth as he drank and swallowed her cum as she shuddered and caught her breath while still on top of him. She eventually pushed herself off him and they both sat on the seats next to each other, peter went for a bold move and put a hand on a heaving mound and pinched her nipple, she looked right at him with eyebrows raised

 “Hey you just fucked me in your squad car” Peter said earning a chuckle from her as she swatted his hand away and told him to pass her stuff, he gkt changed quickly to watch her dress herself, purple bra and oanties that couldn’t contain those awesome breasts and juicy ass that only a bombshell black woman can hone. They got out of her car and she sighed as Peter looked at her questioning face, he slowly approached her and she approached him as well, they leaned in and shared a kiss. They smiled at each other and she put a contact card, with her personal number on the back, in his coat pocket as she stepped in the driver’s seat and went on her way. Peter couldn't believe what just happened and made his way home. 

 He arrived at his regular old apartment and went straight for the shower, having spent several hours mixing sweat with several sexy ladies, and once he got changed into his casual blue jeans and button shirt he started to sort out his data and information on Oscorp for his cover story, he spent several hours culminating the timeline of cover ups the company was involved in. Eventually he finished up for what he had so far and decided to enjoy some time to himself, he collected his polaroids and flash drives from his bag. Grinning he plugged them into his laptop and began to play the videos as he flicked through his sexy collection of photos while the penthouse video of Gwen riding Peter on the sofa played on the screen: 

   Gwen posing in her nude form on the bed, blowing a kiss to the camera, showing her anus by spreading her butt cheeks. 

     Liz was in her thong smiling as she was laying on her bed, she was giving him head, a close up shot of her hardened tit, laughing as she held her tits in her hands standing on the bed. Showing off her ass. 

   Lois in her bra and panties with her ass in the air, she’s grabbing her tits in her hands, hands on her sexy ass. Blowing a kiss to the camera while a hand was on her breast. A pose of her like a sexy cat on the bed. 

 Peter began to tug on his member as he watched himself being bounced on by Gwen as she screamed and moaned. Then the video switched to her being fucked doggystyle on the bed as she was facing the camera, Peter focused on Gwen’s heaving, sweating, gaping face and he panted when he saw her wink at the camera and mouthed ‘I Love You’ to the camera. 

  He was close, then a knock on his door. He grunted angry at being disturbed when he was very close to release, he decided whoever it was would be responsible, he made his way to the door,pulling up his jeans, and he opened it. There stood a familiar policewoman, she raised her eyebrows at him, Peter smirked at her 

 “Round 2?” He asked and she scoffed 

“Maybe next time, we need to talk” She said and Peter could tell she was serious as he stepped back and let her in his place, she walked around his place surveying it and quickly noticed the extreme graphic content on his desk and she gave him a stare. 

“Don’t worry I got nothing on you” he said as she simply scoffed at him 

“Listen, I don’t just screw random guys who hit on me so don’t I’m some kind of ho” she said sternly, Peter smiled at her which confused her 

“ I hope you ain’t a ho, now that you're my girl” he said as he approached her slowly and she just stared at his erect member. But still remained composed but it was a struggle with her loins begging for his body.

 “Boy I ain’t your girl, and besides you lucky I let you hit this” she said 

 “Shit lady you lucky you felt what this baby can do” Peter retorted. 

“Whatever...listen I need your help to investigate a company called Roxxon,I know for a fact they’re in league with Oscorp, and i heard you’re writing an expose about them, so what do you say, team up to take down two bad companies in our city” she asked while her hands were on her wide hips. Peter contemplated the idea and gave his answer 

 “Alright let’s do it, I know now fo sneak into Roxxon so let’s wait til the dead of night and we’ll sneak in” 

 “Aight sounds good” Misty responded “but what we gonna do for a few hours” she asked and Peter simply went to his fridge and pulled out two beers and offered her one, she said ‘fuck it’ and took it, they were both sitting on his couch watching a basketball game while waiting for darkness to fall onto the city, they drank and chatted for a while. They shared their past, she told him about growing up in Harlem, how its a close community but also dangerous when the wrong people get control, and how she wanted to be a cop to help protect it. He explained how his parents work to expose Oscorp Industries Illegal actions inspired to seek a path in criminal investigation and since he was already a wiz with science and engineering he sought a career in journalism and photography. They shared a smile to each other in a moment of silence. They both slowly leaned in, their lips inches away then a cheer from the tv as a basket was made, they backed off from each other and decided it's time to go. They were at Peter’s door ready to go to Roxxon Headquarters to do some sleuthing but before leaving Peter kissed her which made her chuckle to Jersey as he walked down the hall. 

  They were in the tall building, floor 41 had the head of fiances office who had information they needed according to Misty who left him through the dark hallways as they moved silently to avoid security guards who were patrolling the floors, it was lucky they got in through a service hatch but now it luck or nothing since Peter can’t reveal himself to the detective, at least not this way. They passed several offices and computer labs til they reached a corner office and misty pulled a pin out of her afro and worked the lock on the door, they went in and locked it again, using the darkness as cover Misty went to work on looking in the file cabinets for the financial reports that showed something fishy within Roxxon’s expenses while peter went to work on the computer trying to hack in and find any odd reports or anything to get them started on a new lead. After some time searching they found something interesting in one of the files while Peter found some receipts for strange equipment and managed to get the location of the deliveries. They gathered their materials when they heard the door knob jiggle then unlock, 

  The guard looked inside the office and saw nothing unusual in the dark room and figured the noise was just his imagination and closed and locked the door. Peter and Misty let out a relieved sigh as they moved from the desk they hid under, though Peter moved slowly to enjoy the view of her ass, they got out of the room and made their way out of the building but then a stupid guard decided pop out of the bathroom in their path and alerted the others. They had no choice but to escape through the basement and go through the sewers. They managed to escape the guards without their faces being seen but they both reeked from the smell 

 “God damn it I smell like shit” Misty said as she sniffed her armpits and Peter agreed which earned him a punch from her as he chuckled at her 

 “Come on we’ll take a shower at my place its closer than yours” he said as he took her hand which she quickly pulled away from 

“Who da’fuck said I’m gonna shower at your place and ‘we’ like we fonna shower together?” She asked in mockery like he’d actually have the chance but was caught off guard when he pulled in her for a kiss and backed away and walked off 

“Come along or go home then” he said and she gave a lustful smile behind his back and followed him.

The door pushed open with force as she wrapped her legs around him as he walked in his apartment while holding her rear and kicking his foor shut. He kissed her passionately then went for her throat and she sighed 

“I dunno what it is about you but...you make me wet” she whispered in his ear and he growled and walked them to his bathroom, their lips continuing to smack on each other . 

   She was gripping his shower rail, he held her waist as he went inside her furiously, the warm water coming from the shower making the room moist and foggy as they moved in frantic and moaning. The sound of his hips hitting her bulbous asscheeks was sexy to hear while her walls expanded as he thrusted into feeling everything with no latex to block the wetness coming from her slit. She moaned and moaned as he grunted 

 “Damn you hung for a white boy” she looked back with a grin as she groaned. Peter went slower but his thrusts went deeper and with more force making her grip on the rail harden as he heard the metal bend at her force. 

 “Jesus (pant) (pant) shut the fuck up before you make me bust” he said in between grunts and she laughed at that comment. 

 “Don’t laugh officer” he said as he went deep as he could making her groan out loud in the shower

“It’s..ha..ha..oh..ohh Detective civilian” she answered back while moaning and backing her ass into his prick as the warm water water soaked their bodies providng a nice level of stem to make the erotic scene more lustful. 

 “Ohh...hahaha..oh..ohh..oh” Peter sighed and moaned as he gripped her swinging mounds and the soft flesh molded in his hands. He leaned in and started to plant kisses on her back and neck as he went inside her, she sighed at his kisses and jer knees trembled, she felt the flood coming down and grunted 

 “Baby..haha...ohh..ohh I’m close” Misty told him through her pants and Peter grunted as he felt his end coming too as he pistoned in and out of that pink snatch. He went faster and faster, tits winging, legs wobbling, ass and hips jiggling with impact as their moans and grunts filled the steamy bathroom and soon enough with one final hard thrust, Peter emptied himself inside her as his prick felt the pressure of her own juices flowing down her tunnel. They breathed in and out to catch their breaths, smiles on both their faces as she still held the rail and his hands on her waist. 

   Peter looked at Misty knocked out on his bed, drooling on the bed after another round after their shower. He was looking over the files they took from Roxxon when his phone pinged, he saw a message sent from Lois, 

“Stuart went to see Harry at Oscorp, let’s go for a 3 AM swim” the text came with a wink emoji and Peter smiled at it. 

   He opened the glass door to the pool area where he had once caught Lois in her bra and panties, oh how he wanted to pound her then and there, he walked around and called out for Lois, then a whistle and he turned, Lois was wearing a bright red one piece swimsuit, her bare back was visible with the suit slimming her sexy frame, busty breasts, long slender legs with wide hips and a sexy waist and ass any man would grip on the street. She motioned to a chair she placed next to the pool 

“Be my lifeguard” she asked, he nodded and in an instant he saw her dive into the pool and began her laps. He watched from his seat as her legs kicked in the water, her arms motioned through the water as her hips and ass moved through in a seamless beautiful motion. The brunette swimmer gracefully moved in the pool, Peter watching her body and imagining plowing into it, it only occurred to him that he and Lois have not actually been together in that way...least not since back then anyway…something they had agreed to never bring up.


  It was a  very late Friday night, Peter was getting ready to leave the pool, he figured a nice swim after classes would help clear his head. He was just sitting at the edge of the pool with his legs in the water and saw another person was there, a girl. She was wearing a two piece swimsuit, red bottom to cover her nice perky ass and hips with a black top to cover her busty breasts, she had a sexy frame to her and Peter couldn’t help but admire her body as she walked towards the diving board as each step showed how toned her body was and he could swear she knew he was there cuz there was an added sway to her hips as she walked to show off her ass as it moved side to side with her hips and waist and she whipped her light brown brunette hair, she stepped onto tge diving board and before she dived in, she looked at Peter and gave him wink, she too was admiring his physic with his muscular body. She went in the water and swam gracefully, slender legs kicking, ass moving and jiggling, her back was so sexy to look at as she moved through the water. She climbed up the ladder that was right next to Peter, she was overexaggerating her movements now, in the best way possible: 

  She swayed her hips as she stepped, showed off her ass with each sway, held her head high in the air along with her chest showing her bust, her cleavage and breasts were confined to the red swimwear. Peter gulped at the girl as he began to sweat from his forehead, she looked at him and sat next to him...she smiled and chuckled at his nervous face 

  “Don’t be nervous..I won’t bite….just needed to feel like I got it, my jackass boyfriend dumped me for a dumb blonde slut” she said with distain on the last part, Peter looked her over and smiled broadly 

“It’s definitely his lost...I’m Peter Parker” he held out his hand to her, she shook with while giving him a smile 

“My name’s Lois..Lois Lane, I’m here studying political science and journalism with a minor in social justice...my aim is to be the top crime reporter in the big apple” she said with confidence which Peter found very attractive coming from such a voice that said ‘I will achieve that goal’...so much like Gwen’s voice, It’s been a month since she left for Oxford and all he can do is visit as much as he can using the private jet harry gifted Gwen for her birthday, rich useful douchebag. Peter tells Lois his studies are in Engineering and biological science and his dream to one day own his own research company, Lois could tell by his voice and face that science is this guy’s comfort zone so he will be great to lead a whole team of scientists she thought to herself. They continuned to chat for what seemed like a long time, just two NYU students enjoying each other’s company on a very late friday night, just sitting poolside and chatting...until they both went silent for a minute and just stared at each other smiling...they both leaned in slowly and their lips found each other. 

   Peter had missed the feeling of soft lips on his..lapping over his..and Lois used her lips to open his mouth and she put her tongue in his mouth and started to snake around his mouth which made him moan, her hands went around his neck and his hands went to her waist as their tongues danced around each other in their lip lock..spit being mixed as they pushed into each other now their passion is growing. Now their breathing was frantic as their lips went crazy on each other, Peter couldn’t stand it..he had to know how she tasted..his lips went to her neck and started to plant kisses and nip at her soft wet skin, Lois moaned at his kisses and pulled away and looked at Peter’s eyes with passion in her own 

 “Please tell me you live on campus” she asked breathlessly...Peter gave her a soft smile and nodded which made Lois give him a soft smile as well and kissed him softly..then she got up, peter looking up at her gorgeous body, and she held out her hand for him and he took it. She led him away from the pool…

  His twin bed creaked softly as they were now going as frantic as their kissing was at the pool...no instead they went nice and slow, enjoying each other’s bodies and heat, Peter was on his back on his bed..hands on the back of his with a smile on his face as he looked at the sexy teen riding on him slowly but hard, he looked at her...sexy thighs on his sides, her walls entrapped his rod in her she bucked her hips into it. Her sexy waist and slim tone body moved back and forth in a smooth rhythm as her breasts lightly bounced as she had her chest upright with her hands on his bed supporting her as her face was up facing the ceiling with closed eyes as she moaned and moaned. Peter panted as she moaned more and more as they rocked into each other, her swimsuit was discarded on his floor and he enjoyed the striptease and dance she gave him before rhey started fucking, his hands went to her waist and gripped it and she retailated by putting her hands on his pecs, now she bouncing on him, lifting herself then letting gravity pull her down as Peter groaned as she landed on him hard each time and now he was pushing his own hips up to meet hers and she gasped feeling his rod push into her deeper.   She moaned and groaned as they kept moving into each other 

“Ha...ha..ha..ohh..ohhh God Peter” she said as she gripped jos shoulders tighter as she went faster on him making him reach for her tits, she gasped and smiled at him and he smiled back while panting 

 “Ohh..oh..oh Lois Lane you’re amazing” he said and she leaned down and they started attacking each others lips and Peter moved his hands to her rocking ass and gripped her butt cheeks making her groan in his mouth which vibrated his teeth and gums..he pushed his tongue into her mouth and she had her lips on it like she was sucking his prick which almost made Peter lose it right then and there but luckily he was in control as he held Lois’s back and lifted himself to the seating position..now he was rocking forward as she lifted herself to create more friction as her hands went to his head and neck while his caressed her sweaty smooth back as they moved on his small twin bed in his dorm...Lois kissed him and he passionately returned her kisses as they exchanged tongues and saliva while exhaling bodily liquids down there as his rod kept going in and out of her while they exchanged saliva. 

“Peter..ohh..ahhh...ohhhh I’m...Jesus….I’m….ahhhhh” Lois screamed as she cam and her body withered from the feeling 

 “Ohhh..ahhh...ohhh Lois...ohhhh” Peter gave her one last hard thrust and he cam as he grunted….

 They held each other as they calmed down and eventually they fell asleep on his bed. 

  Present day 

  They were floating...the water helped with them staying afloat as Lois had her legs wrapped around him as he hand his hands on her ass underwater as they kissed, Peter’s kicking was what kept them afloat 

“Can we please go back?” Lois asked with pleading eyes and elaborated when she saw Peter’s confused face 

“I mean back...can things be like back then?” She asked and Peter remembered everything they had agreed to never bring up...

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