Old Rivals

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Lois and Peter continued to snuggle as the morning ray of sun crept through Peter’s small dorm room window. Her clothes lay scattered around his small room..it had been a few weeks since their first interaction at the pool...now they're somewhat had a friends with benefits situation as they have started to hang out before and after their respective classes, they eat out at regular students hang outs, go to the bar on weekends...and sometimes it starts with a little flirting during their conversation...then its followed by giggles by Lois and light chuckles from Peter…then they start to kiss..tongues meshing together and…

“...You’re place...or mine?” One would ask the other 

“.. You take the lead” the other would answer with a smile and soon enough they end up in someone’s bed...creaking and moaning mixing together as their bodies moved in rhythm..whether he’s on top, or she’s on top..or in any position it was amazing. 

Lois was starting to slowly creep out of his bed when he laced an arm around her and pulled her and started kissing her neck and shoulder making the sexy brunette laugh and giggle 

“Peter stop, I have class in 10 minutes” she said between giggles as he kissed her.She finally wiggled out of his grasp and she put on her red panties and hooked up her matching red lace bra, her tits now confined to the material making a rather busty cleavage and her panties showed how toned her ass,hips, and waist is with her swim team competitions which Peter had attended on several occasions, much to Lois’s delightful surprise. 

“Come on Lo, skip one class just once...I did last week when you were practically begging for a second round” Peter said with a smirk as Lois looked over her shoulder with a smile as she was pulling her tight jeans over her ample ass and buttoned them 

“Sorry babe...this is a journalism class, I need to attend all classes for my major, but I promise as soon as it’s done..I’ll come right over” she leaned in and planted a wet kiss on his lips and she buttoned up her black plaid shirt and grabbed her bag with her class materials

“Thanks for coming to my swim meet...I liked seeing you there” she said with a shy smile and Peter returned her soft smile 

“You don’t have to thank me…I love seeing the determination on your face and the huge smile you have when you’re team wins...plus the hot thank you sex is a great bonus” he added the last part with a tone of humor as Lois let out a light chuckle at his comment. 

“Well it’s great for me too...I’ll see you later” she said as she stepped out the door and left him alone in his dorm, Peter just laid on the bed then reached for his phone..he looked at some photos of him and Lois..it was amazing how their sex/frienship has blossomed as he skimmed photos of them at the bar, making wacky faces at the camera, and some selfies Lois took of herself in his bed, showing off her tits to the camera with a wink and smile. 

 Then he heard a knock from his door. He got up and put on some boxers and opened the door slightly...he was very surprised to see who it was.. “Lois I thou…” he was caught off when she pushed him aside and started to undress herself 

“Just checked my email…” she unbuttoned her shirt and ripped her bra off, exposing those perky round tits he’s been obsessing over since meeting her 

“...Professor’s out sick for today..” she said with a smile as she  made her way to the wall and she unbuttoned her jeans and lowered them, along with her panties, to below her ankles..there she was, tits exposed, jeans and panties around her feet showing her bare bouncy ass…

“...well what are you waiting for…” she said with a lustful smile as she placed both hands on the wall...Peter closed his dorm door...

   He pushed into her with fury as her hands were on his wall..he was pulling her waist as he thrusted making the impacts deeper for the both of them, she had screamed she had moaned and now was groaning as he kept pounding into her, her face and tits were meshed on the wall as he kept pushing into her nonstop making her scream 

  They were sweating and were creating an atmosphere of hot passion from sex in his small room...he lost track of how long it’s been but he didn’t really care since he’s holding a sweaty toned body close to him as he planted kisses to the back of her neck making her moan and groan

“..Peter please...please…” she pleaded and Peter responded 

“Ughh...ohhh..what...ahhh...Lois...ohhhh” he asked while groaning and moaning. Lois looked over her sweaty sticky shoulder with round eyes and a panting mouth 

“...take..uhh ahhh ohh...take me ohhhh ohh ahhh…” she struggled since he went faster and harder wanting to make her screech 

“Ahhh ohhh uhhh….take me to bed!!” She finally screamed out and he laughed at her and pulled out of her and lifted her by the waist and threw her on his small bed, making it creak loudly as she bounced on it making her tits swing and her ass jiggle, he pounced on her like a lion taking it’s prey and pinned her down holding her wrists over her head and she panted loudly at his move...he looked deep into her eyes, her clit wet and ready for him while his cock was stiff and red ready to plunge into her vag 

“Peter…what am I to you?” Lois asked a question out of nowhere and Peter started to insert himself into her..first his head then a few inches, making her gasp and groan..once he was fully inside her, wet walls tombing his throbbing cock, he said 

“Ohh..You Are Mine Lois Lane” he started to thrust as her tits bounced and he hands balled up into fists while he held her wrists, all she could do was buck her hips up while wrapping her legs around his back and locking them in place using her feet. She moaned and gaped her mouth as she was rammed up his twin bed as it creaked loudly from his rough rhythm 

  “You’re Mine” he repeated as he panted and his sweat on his forehead landed on her forehead as they stared into each other while she moaned into his face when he leaned in 

“Ahhh ohh ahhh Kiss Me!” She said as she groaned and moaned when he increased his speed 

“Kis..” she was cut off when he planted his lips on hers and he wrapped his arms around her head and neck to hold her close and her hands, now free from his grip, her hands went to his back and she started scratching it with her pedicured nails and he hissed as she left scratch marks on his sweaty back. He retaliated by bucking harder and faster making her scream and the bed creak loudly..they were close now, the sounds coming out of their mouths were in unison 

“Ohh ahhh uhh ughh” 

Ohhh ahhhh ughhh ohh” The moans and groans intensified, finally he released as he felt her liquid engulf his rod in its wetness..she panted hard as she felt his cum splurge inside her as he grunted giving one last thrust. They cuddled afterwards and just relaxed all day. 

Present Day  

  Lois leading Peter by hand back to her apartment, her body clad in the tight sexy one piece swimsuit, her hips and ass swaying as she walked which drove peter insane as he walked with a raging hard on...he had enough and pulled Lois to him and just used his super strength to push open a locked apartment door they were next to 

“Peter this is someone’s apartment” Lois said worriedly yet excitedly as he pulled her in seeing her ass and tits jiggle, he pushed her against a wall and started assaulting her lips 

 “I don’t care...I need to be inside you...it’s been so long Lo” he said in a desperate whisper and Lois shuddered at him calling her by the old college nickname. He rubbed himself on her and she moaned at his action as she raised a leg to his side and his hand gripped the sexy toned thigh as their lips mashed together in passion 

Lois used a free hand to rub his groin and Peter lifted Lois off her feet and she wrapped her legs around his waist, he walked around the apartment when Lois removed her lips from his 

 “To the bed now...it’s been too long” She breathed, it had been years since they fucked each other…she had moved away to Metropolis for some time after college, which in turn ended their relationship/friends with benefits type deal. It wasn’t sad since they always knew it was never meant to be but that didn’t change how they felt when they were in the heat of passion: Peter caressing Lois’s legs,thighs and chest while sje stroked his abs,her legs would go to his waist and her lips would leave wet kisses all over his face and neck...the memories only fueled the fire they were both on. 

   They were both gasping into each other’s mouths as he moved while carrying her to the elegant bedroom..whoever lives here was loaded and sure liked to spend, Peter threw Lois onto the bed making it bounce from the impact of her sexy one piece swimsuit clad body which showed off her ass,thighs and bust. He growled when she crawled on the bed and she smiled wickedly 

 “Tell me everything about the alleged affair Gwen Stacy Osborn is having..given I’ve seen you two meet up in coffee shops for lunch at times...I’m sure she’s told her old friend something about it? She questioned him and Peter’s excitement disappeared as he was now in a state of inner panic. No one can even suspect Gwen Osborn is having an affair, Harry would throw everything he can into keeping an eye on Gwen and she’ll never be able to escape him and be with Peter forever. Peter put on a poker face. 

 “I have no idea what you’re talking about, yeah me and Gwen meet up sometimes and we just chat about recent things like work and junk. Besides, she's not the type of woman to cheat on her loyal husband..so I don’t know anything about an affair.” He said as convincingly as he can and Lois’s smile fell and she got off the bed and started to walk out of the apartment, much to Peter’s surprise. 

  “Hey Lo where are y..” he was cut off

 “No story no pussy Parker goodbye” she said simply and walked away from him. Peter scoffed and let her walk away. He just stood there in the stranger’s bedroom in his swimming trunks hot and ready..then he heard the door open and he smiled 

“Ha, I knew you couldn…” he stopped speaking when he saw it wasn’t Lois..though he smiled wickedly at who was the tenant in the apartment 

  “Well well...I knew you’d come back around” she said as she started to unbutton her white shirt revealing her white lace bra that covered her busty mounds that were honestly on Par with Gwen’s...she approached him and wrapped her arms around his neck while his hands went to her ass what was in a long black skirt...he felt her shapely toned rear as she sighed and he rested his forehead on hers..both their eyes closed with smiles on their faces. 

 “So you couldn’t resist me and decided to break in my place and wait for me huh,I’m flattered” She said softly as his hands went to the zipper of her skirt at her side..he grinned as he pulled down the zipper, 

“Yeah that’s right..I came to claim what's mine” he lied skillfully to get the heat from his dick a release, but he wasn’t using her entirely, he did love her to a degree between best friend and lover..He smiled down at the sexy redhead 

  “So Mary Jane Watson..where would you like to make love” he asked her in a lustful whisper and she smiled broadly with low eyes, like in a dream, 

 “Take me to the shower...let’s get clean while getting down and dirty..and he took her hand and led her bra and panty clad body to her bathroom..

   Her body shook at the force as she was pressed hard against the glass while he thrusted from behind. He was panting now pushing himself deeper and deeper into the sexy redhead reporter as she mewled and moaned at his thrusts. The warm water hitting them both like warm rain. 

 “Peter ohhh Peter” she groaned loudly and he just felt her tits swinging, he molded the flesh in his hands and his fingers pinched her nipples making her scream fill up the small steamy bathroom 

 “Jesus MJ ohhh ahhh ohhh..ahhhh ohhh baby you’re something else” he said between groans feeling her walls suck his rod as he went in her at rapid speed hearing the squishy sounds of their juices leaking mixed with the shower water. 

   They eventually ended up on her bed, MJ on all fours panting like a thirsty dog as her tits swinged in the air and her ass was pounded by Peter’s rapidly moving hips as her walls were penetrated deeply as she felt it reach her womb and she groaned out loud feeling it, Peter laughed as he kept his fast tempo making the her bed creak and creak from their force. She was sweaty and dripping onto the bed as she gripped the bedsheets and mewled when Peter spanked hee jiggling ass. 

“Ahhhh ohhhh hahahaha ahhhh I’m gonna ahhhhhhh” MJ leaked out her cum from her slit and moisted Peter’s rod as he too grunted and released his seed into her as she sighed feeling the hot liquid go into her tunnel. 

 Peter got dressed as he looked at a sleeping MJ on her bed, he smiled and planted a kiss on her cheek as he walked out of her apartment.

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