Old Rivals

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2014- Oscorp Tower 

     “Wow Harry this place really has come together since...shit sorry man” a black haired young man in a Ford suit said to Harry as they walked down the hallways of the building that now belonged to Harry 

        “It’s okay Stuart..better to get used to it being real than...a bad dream, you know” Harry said solemnly and his friend put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and they both nodded. 

    Stuart began to speak again “hey so how are you handling those protestors and bullshit civil rights lawyers?” He asked showing an annoyed face at his friend’s situation, Harry had a moment of thought and said “it’s easy...just deny, deny, deny...we’ve denied about their being malfunctions in the experimental eel tanks...we’ve denied a worker being forced to over way above overtime to maintain the tanks...and of course we’ve denied having ‘destroyed’” Harry said in his own quotation marks.. “ the body of Max Dillion to avoid charges and compensation” Harry finished with a smug...evil..smile, and being that his friend came from the same world of course he’d support it with a broad grin. 

 “That’s great Harry...hey but what about that annoying news photographer Parker?” Stuart asked with disdain, Harry had mentioned his ex best friend was trying to expose the cover up Oscorp has done by trying to get photographic evidence for The Daily Bugle...and he came close to being caught a few times but he always got away in the nick of time which annoyed Harry to the point of madness. 

 “He’s gotten away from us a few times...like a little cockroach that just won’t die or stay away” Harry said with a sneer, “..and luckily the bastard hasn’t tried to get in contact with Gwen or else I’d just hire someone out my dad’s old blackbook to handle the job” Harry finished with a sinister tone, He admittedly been worried that his hot piece was still friends with her loser ex out of respect for their history...he had to make sure of her loyalty...so he did have her followed a few weeks, and maybe hacked her email...luckily she was just a hot nerd and only got science magazine offers and junk, ‘Thank God she has that ass and body on her’ Harry thought with a horny grin as he remembers how well her ass fills out her jeans and how shapely her waist looked...and her perfume and perfect thin lips that he loved sucking on...but what annoyed him is how she’d pull away and say “easy boy down” she’d joke and he’d have to play along but all he wanted was to grab her, pull her jeans down just stick his prick right through her panties, ‘Mine is strong enough’ he’d figured’ in his head. The thought of just going to town on his girlfriend of almost 1 year...and few fuck sessions that ended early cuz she said it’s too much and worse...she always made him wear a stupid rubber for his cum for her stupid over sensitive pussy. Still though...Peter wasn’t the one putting his prick in her nice pale pink slit so why should he complain...besides there’s Liz (Jordana Brewster) to take in the extra sperm he had in him

  “So...where’s Gwen?” Stuart asked with a sly smile, he remembered being introduced to her just an hour ago..she wore black skinny jeans that hugged her slender legs and showed of her cute building rear, she wore black flats since the carpet floors of the building provided comfortable padding..she also wore an adorable white button top that did wonders for her hourglass frame and expanding breasts, thank you womanly genes,  and she wore a cute pink jacket to finish the ensemble, her make up done to perfection with her lips having that cherry red color on them which combined with her big green eyes, bright yellow blonde hair with curls at the end….Stuart began to get a hard on just thinking about this broad his old friend managed to snag, and that he got her as technically leftovers from an ex best friend who let him down. Harry snagged her up in time.

  Harry noticed the look, and gave a pat on the back to Stuart and said “calm down dude, you’ll jizz in your pants like you did in Amsterdam hahah” Harry laughed in amusement as his friend simply said ‘shut up’...

    “...anyway where is she for real?” Stuart asked again 

  “She said she had to get some more work done at her station and well...somethings been up with her or something cuz she’s been looking anxious for a while now..” Harry said in puzzlement… “ah..it’s probably just her time of the month” he chuckled and so did Stuart. “Hey come one I gotta introduce you to Liz’s friend Vicky, she’ll do anybody if it means a chance to hit the town with a rich dude” Harry said as he wrapped an arm around his friend who only chuckled but looked excited nonetheless.

     They entered an elevator and got off the 14th floor where the pair continued to chat and walk passing the computer rooms, labs, a big conference room and finally a plain grey janitor’s closet door where the usual cleaning supplies were and is being used as storage for the most floor custodial workers .they entered another elevator next to it taking them further downstairs in the building.  


   The other side of the door              

 The dark room was luckily an ordinary sized closet, not too small and not overtly big...the items stored included piles of extra towels for the executive bathrooms, some old boxes laid together,office supplies in plastic bins stored on a rack by the wall and a old printer just placed against the wall alongside the spare towels  at the far end of the closet where a partially covered window with newspapers facing the outside of the city allowed some light into the dark supply room ...that’s where they were…the pair sharing saliva as their lips meshed together while their hands were fondling each other, she had moaned,whined,even squeaked when he bit her neck and she retaliated by covering his face and neck in red lipstick by assaulting his cheeks,chin and collarbone with her lips. She was moaning more and more and so was he...she was wearing nothing but a sexy blue bra and panties which made her more desirable with the combo of cream pale skin covered by royal dark blue colors...He pulled down his boxers and began to assault the woman by kneeling and focusing his lips on her toned belly and cleavage provided by her blue covered mounds.

The (locked) door offered little light to enter the room through the bottom of the old grey door.

  On the Rack were a pair of jet black skinny jeans and a brown long sleeve shirt having been thrown there , and on the floor were a pair black flats along with a pair of regular sneakers that were on separate ends of the room, having been kicked off...on an old box was a cute white button top...the shirt laid discarded on the boxes, and on top of that was a pair of dark jeans and what just landed on that was a royal blue bra. A pink jacket was just laying by the door as that was the first thing to be removed.

   And now something just flew across the closet hitting the door with silence...a cute pair of matching blue panties landed on the floor.

     “Come here” she said as she sat on the old printer..her bare feet just inches above the ground, her long slender creamy legs, that she crossed to purposefully hid her wet snatch from her lover’s view, oh those angel legs reached her wide sexy thighs…leading to her delicious waist…

  As a now naked  Peter Parker began to slowly approach an equally naked Gwen Stacy...she held out her hands for him and slowly separated her legs for him to be properly be  between her legs, on instinct he reached around her waist to her ever growing rear and squeezed, earning a low moan from Gwen “ohh..” she said and she ran her hands up and down his back….they weren’t in a rush...after all Gwen knew Harry would just go get shit faced drunk or high…. ‘we have all day’ she had told him when she pulled him into the closet. They were feeling each other’s skin and flesh, as if to imprint the memory in their minds forever. Gwen was feeling up Peter’s back muscles, his arms, and just feeling his hot body heat go through as her hot body heat went into him. 

   “God, I've been craving this all day!”, Said Gwen as she reached between them and started stroking Peter’s rock hard member which made him groan in surprise. She began to tug on the rod as his precum already made it nice and moist so her hand was sliding easily as she masturbated her secret lover. Peter made use of his hand by slicking two fingers into her snatch, “ah..ahh..ah..ahh” She moaned as her walls expanded around his fingers that invaded her insides, she put her forehead against his as they masturbated each other, her pulling and him sliding in and out, they breathed hot breaths on each other with their eyes closed. 

    Gwen had told Peter to meet up with her to get some information on Max’s death...and how to find the right evidence to expose the truth about Oscorp,and Harry's Cover up, Gwen had managed to get her hands on Max Dillion’s insurance forms that he signed when he started working at Oscorp, she had made copies to avoid being accused of taking the originals since they could only be found in the main offices at the top of the tower. She barely made it out after leaving the originals when Harry came up to her with some guy and introduced him as an old friend Steve...or Kevin?...it didn’t matter to Gwen cuz there was only one man on her mind at that moment,

 As soon as the pleasantries were exchanged Gwen made her way to the 14th floor closet, she knows that this particular closet is rarely entered and used mainly to store old junk. What better place to have a secret meeting to right the wrongs of Oscorp and Harry Osborn. Gwen arrived at the door in the hallway by the elevators and checked to make sure no one was around and had used the secret knock they agreed on, the door unlocked and Peter gave her an excited smile which she returned and he let her in, the room was naturally lit by the sun entering the room since the lights don’t work..she walked in and went straight for the old printer where she hid some files.

     Employees were hearing low moans and low groans coming from the walls, no the ceiling, ‘Maybe ghosts’ one employee suggested ‘naw man maybe huge ass rats in the walls’, another said ...‘no it’s gotta be the plumbing’ another interjected funny thing was the only ones making suggestions like these were Men….the women of the office who heard the groans and moans know what was the origin of that sound, “Jesus I can’t remember the last time Herb made me do that” Janice said among the small group of female co-workers who were listening to a vent, a vent where some lustful sounds were coming out of… 

     “Oh..ohh....oohh” the moaning can be heard as plain as day to these 5 women on the 15th floor who now began to sweat hearing these passionate sounds coming out of the floor vent.. 

    “Ah..ahh..oh..ohhh..ahh” the moans were accompanied by loud gasps in between which made the women listen, blush and sweat more than before…. ‘See now that was a ghost’ a male employee said as the others were conversing. “I feel bad for their girlfriends” one brunette said as she joined the women on the audio peep fest, but she caught all the women off guard given who she was. 

      “Oh Ms.Hardy” one black haired woman began.. “ we are just...we were…” she looked scared and so did the other women but Felicia brushed them aside and said “move I wanna hear this too...been a while since I watched, or well  listened to porn” as she placed herself on the wall by the vent...the other women looked dumbfounded and they slowly started to walk away from the newcomer since no one really knows her other than her name, and the fact she has now worked for both Osborns as their assistant, 

    “Hey where are you going?” She asked the women “you’re gonna miss a good show” she said with a knowing smile, just then a loud gasp was heard through the vent and…

  “Ahh!!!...Ohhhh...whoaa” loud male groans and moans were pouring out of the vent and now all 6 women huddled by the vent craving popcorn to eat with the audio show

    Directly below the same vent 

     Gwen Stacy had pinned Peter Parker against the stored towels which acted as a soft layer for the young investigative photographer to sit on while his hands were on a moist shapely waist as the the motions intensified 

  “Ha..ha...ohh” he moaned and groaned as Gwen’s rocking was making him lose focus, her waist was sucking in his cock by itself while her long slender, smooth creamy legs were wrapped tightly around him reaching behind his back and her feet interlocking them keeping her secure as she rocked on him. The towels did an excellent job of silencing their shaking of the old boxes where the towels were placed on top of…

   “Peter…” Gwen began to moan...her breasts going up and down...they weren’t big but they weren’t small either...Peter loved them either way, in fact he even named them much to Gwen’s extreme embarrassment over the reason why which only made it more sexy to say in these moments. 

 Her hands were now on his shoulders as she began to… 

   “Shit Gwen” Peter panted as she moved using her arms and was now moving her groin area up and down on his shaft fully swallowing  his prick ...he stared at her slightly large areolas that was light red and right in the middle were her adorable nips, his hands had been just steadying his back, one arm reached for her right breast but she slapped his hand away and she gave her secret lover a stern look 

  “Don’t (pant) even try (pant) to…” she began to say but was cut off and slightly screamed and moaned when he grabbed her left breast roughly, what he loved about their size is that they filled into his hand perfectly. His fingers acted as a cage to her smooth squishy flesh covered in sweat and he could feel the tip of her hardened nipple rub against the center of his hand. She felt the wave of climax coming and not wanting it to end too soon she grabbed his hand and held it against the towels and gave him a knock it off look with her face, funny thing was she was giving him a devil’s smile so it was confusing...he moaned and smiled as their combined bodies were rocking and her face was flush red, sweat making her face shine thanks to the little  light coming directly above them and when he laid fully back against some towels acting as makeshift pillow ..

...he saw a hourglass silhouette mixed with some light that shined the sweat of moving hips, perky breasts jumping as her hair fanned out in the air as the light struck the golden locks,he shot back up and wrapped his arms around her back holding her close as he gazed closely at her features like her mouth..oh god her mouth was just wide open as silent screams came out of her as she rocked on the strong firm rod that was currently stretching her walls that has been craving Peter Parker, going deeper and deeper in her, as she went forward it went in rubbing one of her walls causing the moans, when he shot up with his hips, his prick went straight up...deeper into her, close to her womb which is what caused her to scream into the vent. 

Now they were moving….He grabbed onto her sweet, now firmer, ass and the other hand went to her leg to hold her her against him as she groaned and started kissing his neck while he got up and now he’s running, he ran from one end of the room to the the door that acted as a shield to protect Gwen’s act of betrayal to her snobby elitist boyfriend.

, Thud  her back hit the door, causing her breasts  to lightly jiggle as Peter worked his way into her womb, claiming what was, and will always be his, 

“Oh god (pant)..oh...ah..ohh..Peter wha” Gwen tried to speak but was unable to as her walls were being pistoled by Peter as he was now ramming her up the door as her thighs were being groped by a pair of strong hands as her sweaty slippery legs dangled on Peter’s sides while her hands were holding the sides of her head and her fingers raked her own hair as she was being filled and pushed at the same time by her one true love.

   Gwen had given Peter the forms proving Max did work at Oscorp since his files were deleted but what Gwen managed to get was enough for Peter to get it as a official story which they both cheered and hugged each other..the tension and fire between them  was already high with what they did when Gwen had said to him only a week ago, ‘I want you to come with me to England’ she had said to him after revealing her acceptance into Oxford, 

    Peter had given her a confused look “what about...Harry?” He asked carefully 

   That was when Gwen looked at the ground, then at him...then Times Square as it was right behind in its glowing beauty, then back at him and said 

     “....I have an idea…” she started carefully as she began to collect her thoughts while Peter simply waited for her to continue, 

    “..it’s a way to keep an eye on Oscorp’s activities, their criminal dealings, and more importantly just what Harry is going to do to this city...so you can stop it before it ever happens..” Gwen stopped a moment to see how Peter was reacting to her words so far, he had a look of confusion mixed with interest. 

    Gwen’s sweaty back was now leaving a slight  sweat trail on the closet door as Peter continued going inside her, rubbing her up and down against the door as her legs reaching around his back again and  her feet locked her legs in place as she gave low moans into his ear now that their heads were side by side as he pistoled himself into her juicy, open, tunnel as her walls hugged his invading rod which only made her walls more sleek and increased the squish squish sound he loved to hear, it was a sound meaning their connection was truly filled with passion as the meshing of liquids echoed in the room...both of their clothings laid scattered around the room as they had practically tried to eat each other….


  Peter had a shocked look on his face after Gwen explained her plan “Gwen, that’s crazy even for us..even for what I do it’s nuts” Peter said bewildered that Gwen would suggest such a thing 

  “Come on Peter please, I know it’s insane and I’ll admit I was disgusted with myself too but I know we can make this work if we do it right and besides..” Gwen was now looking deeply at his eyes which made Peter very nervous “Do you really want to let this go” she grabbed her own breasts through here purple button top that matched her equally dark purple above the knee skirt and her creamy legs were encased in fishnet stockings she wore which ended with a pure of black boots.., “along with this” she slapped her own ass which echoed  in the New York wind, as Gwen gave him a wink and said “Squats” as she began to massage her own rear through her skirt in front of her ex-boyfriend who still owned her heart. -Peter couldn’t believe what was happening: 

  Gwen had proposed to continue their sexual relationship behind Harry’s back  while using his money to fund their hero work  and the access she has to Oscorp now being the boss’s girlfriend allowed her to help more often than before, Peter was okay with using inside info to expose and prevent any more tragedies, he was not okay with banging someone else’s girlfriend, even if it’s someone who called him a worthless loser who’d never amount to anything, even after finding out Harry had started dating Gwen, he respected it and stayed away for months…now  here he was with his ex girlfriend, who called him up and dropped a whole lot of bombshells on him, and is now seducing him.

    Gwen was now walking towards him and Peter’s so nervous he started stepping back slowly, but Gwen simply followed his steps, her eyes never leaving his..like she had caught her prey with her eyesight...Peter’s back found a wall. Gwen’s hands landed on Peter’s cheeks as she forced him to face her and now they’re staring at each other...not saying a word….green eyes staring deep into brown doe eyes. He slowly lowered his face and she slowly raised hers and their lips met in the middle…”let’s talk at your place” she said with a comforting smile. He nodded in response and his hand was taken by Gwen’s as she led their journey back to his home, having remembered where he lived Gwen walked with confidence pulling the still confused brown haired boy with her.  

     Gwen was now riding on her lover like a cowgirl on her stallion. 

“Ahh..ohh...ah..whoa...Jesus Gwendy” Peter groaned as he laid on the floor of the 14th floor closet, his hands on her boobs holding them from shaking as she rode him fast and hard...his prick no longer visible as it was just a flash of flesh as the friction went on and on..and on with their juices leaking around Peter’s waist, making it nice lubricated for the blonde bombshell...Peter was in a daze as his vision was blurry 

  He looked around as he felt the intense heat and sweet weight of Gwen’s delicate body moving him in rhythm with her grinding, his vision saw :  A figure moving frantically on him as his hands somehow stayed on her soft mushy, sweaty, mounds.The Ceiling moved as well, ‘Wait that’s because she’s moving me too’ Peter realized with a horny smile. 

The once organized supply closet was now ruined with some towels being dropped and mushed while the boxes were crushed and huge sweat marks could be seen, and finally the printer was clearly drenched in juices. 

   Gwen was groaning now...it was finally time 

  ‘Oh..oh...ohhh..ahhh” she moaned ‘wonder how long it’s been this time?’ Gwen thought with a smile as she was now gripping Peter’s shoulders and riding him for dear life, he groaned loudly and he responded the only way he could 

Gwen had been facing the ceiling with a smile planted on her face as her hips moved on autopilot on her lover’s powerful web shooter when

   Smack...the sound of his hand landing firmly on her ass echoed the closest, Gwen gasped and stared down her prey, he gave her a wicked smile and.. 

SMACK, SMACK His other hand slapped her ass twice, hard 

  Gwen could only gasp and take the retaliation as it made her leak more and more, SMACK, another one causing her to moan loudly,

   “Ahhh..oh...ahh I’m” she moaned in happiness as Peter held onto her perfect sweat-lubricated rear as he pulled her onto his prick while she rocked back using her hands on his shoulders 

    “Ha..ha.ha..hahaha Together?” She asked with a loving smile as she watched his body move along with her movements ,she could hear how their juices slicked on each other as lubricant,  

     Peter moved his hands from her rear to cup her cheeks which she smiled happily at the action, 

     “Always” He panted as he rubbed circles on her smooth porcelain skin and sure enough she snagged his hands with her own as they now held  each other...she went fast...so fast...Jesus you need a speed-monitor to track her movements...creak...creak 

   ‘Damn’ they both thought in unison as they heard the effects of their lovemaking in her boyfriend’s...she went harder on him and 

  “Ohhh...yeah..yea yea yea ..oh yeah!!” She moaned into the air now at the realization she was cheating on her boyfriend...with her ex-boyfriend, in her current’s building of business… 

    “Gwen your so…”Peter tried to say but was cut off when Gwen knelt down, her hips now bucking downwards on his shaft to fully swallow that Webshooter and was swallowing his lips with her own, loud slaps of their lips meeting and sucking each other’s breath out their mouths, her hands wrapped around his delicate head as she put on head on his forehead while the other was on his right cheek while they mashed their lips together, his own arms finding their place on her back as he held her close to him while enjoying her sweet lips, lips that belonged to him, lips that have sucked his lips, kissed his face,neck,forehead,chest… 

   ‘God damn it she’s sucked me dry with this mouth’ Peter thought while they continued to mesh their lips rather than separating them..their spit also worked as lube for their mashing. 

    “Gwen…get ready...ok...cuz..” Peter chucked and she looked him while rocking her hips 

   “I’m gonna make sure you remember this ” Peter gave her a devil's smile and she gasped as he flipped them over, without pulling out, and now his hips really were pistoling her slit and tunnel… 

  “Ahhhh...ohhh...ohhh..ah..ahhh” Gwen held onto Peter’s back and forearm out of fear of sliding out and the sensation stopping, she could hear how wet and moist his hips were from when she had been the one in charge of this session which made her blush knowing how much she leaked because of this man

   “Please!..” Gwen began to moan/speak

     “Make me remember this day...bruise my Pusey...make more leak an ocean” she panted as she spoke and moaned 

  ..”Get me Pregnant!!!!” She screamed as she came and felt her climax run her over like a truck 

   Peter gave 5 last great, deep, thrusts into her tunnel and finally one last hard push… 

  “Fuck!!!” He groaned and released his river of seed into her ...no latex to block their passion as a stream of white traveled into her funnel….he was exhausted and he pushed himself off her, Gwen let out one last moan as she felt her walls being rubbed again one last time as Peter pulled himself out of her vag...he got up,sorely, like he went a few rounds with a new baddie, and walked around the Oscorp closet and began to collect Gwen’s clothing that was discarded all around the room. 

    Peter’s memories of the past...shit he lost track of time...anyway each garment of clothing he picks up, the memory of how it got there flashed in his mind, causing smiles of horniness to appear on his face. 

-he picked up her pink jacket ...“We shouldn’t do this here” Peter had said while Gwen was trying to undo his belt and jeans after having successfully taking off his shirt.  Gwen removed her hands from the now undone belt buckle and took off her pink jacket,

-he then picked up skinny jeans that were on the rack, Gwen still laid on the floor catching her breath as her heaving chest and breasts went up and down…..”Come on Peter..like I didn’t feel you staring at my Ass when we met up this morning” Gwen said with a sly smile as her hands were now unzipping her jeans, Peter was simply staring at her dumbfounded...he had been watching her swaying hips and firmer rear as she sneaked him into the building that early morning…

 “Come here” Peter said and picked up Gwen earning a squeal from her, he placed on the printer and he grabbed hold of her jeans from the top..he stared into her eyes...as if asking for nonverbal permission...She nodded...and he pulled the tight black material hard and her smooth sexy legs were exposed...his eyes traveled down her legs that she was now slightly rubbing together…

  Peter continued to pick up her clothes…

-Peter now grabbed her cute shirt and bra….

   Gwen was on the printer...bare legs and panties..only her shirt remained..which Peter quickly discarded as he lifted it and she lifted her arms easing the action, her smooth belly..cute little belly button..her heaving chest drew his attention as he looked at her cute blue bra...he massaged the material as Gwen’s face shot up to the ceiling, enjoying his teasing touch..Then without warning she felt a hard tug from the back and 

   Rip! She felt the wire and fabric locks on the bra give out to his powerful finger and her breasts came into his view...he immediately threw her bra and shirt as he began to suck and fondle her hard nips...She moaned loudly towards the ceiling.

 Peter approached Gwen who was now using some towels in the room to rub some of the dry cum of her body...her slit, her thighs and legs..he loved what he was seeing…

 His gorgeous lover was doing her best to keep her cover as she tried to clean all evidence of their love...Harry would never know what his girlfriend just did… ‘and you walked right by us while I was kissing your girl’s pussy through her panties Har’ Peter thought with a smug smile. She caught his sight and knew what he was thinking 

  “How do you think I feel..” Gwen started as Peter looked away from her naked rear to her face

 “...I just cheated on my boyfriend, well he’s not but you know what I mean, and I let you do things he’s never done..not even now I still don’t let him..” 

    Gwen threw the used towels in a nearby bin

    “And we do it RAW..” Gwen said emphasizing the last word.. “Every time…” Gwen finished as Peter simply smiled at her and handed her clothing to her…

  “Thanks” she said as she pecked his lips..it was easy for him to dress since he didn’t rally dress up

   So he enjoyed watching Gwen slowly,to his benefit, redressing herself as she gave him dreamy, lustful eyes. Slowly putting her panties as she pulled them up her slender creamy legs..covering her sweet rear,then came the bra..

   Each item she put back on was like a reverse strip tease eventually they were both clothed and gathering the materials 

 “Well that was something” Gwen said as she fished the key for the door from her jacket pocket..she looked back at Peter whose face was blushing red, Gwen was still surprised he was shy about this, they’ve done a lot of things together at that point. 

   “Yeah..still can’t believe this is actually working” said Peter with genuine surprise, “..plus I really love putting it in with no hat on…” he tried to joke only to earn a really look from Gwen 

  “I’m sorry please don’t make me start wearing hats” Peter said and winced and the still lame Joke being mentioned which only made her laugh as she unlocked the door..thankfully it’s late afternoon so most are either going home or at lunch, Peter and Gwen walked out the their closet “we’ll use this room again” Gwen said as she locked the door to the closet, placing the key In her jacket pocket...she began to walk to stairwell as Peter followed her, they had to be careful as to not be seen.. 

 “Yeah it’s a good spot to trade info in this place” Peter said as he followed Gwen down the stairs to reach the first floor…

  “And to fuck each other’s brains out whenever we really wanna screw behind Harry’s back” Gwen said looking over her shoulder with a wicked grin as they passed a big number 4, meaning they were close to their exit. Gwen found herself pushed between the wall and Peter’s lips pressed to hers with fire, she responded by kissing him back and wrapping on hand around his neck while the other went to his back...the two secret lovers were enamoured with each other and the added betrayal on Gwen’s part and sweet revenge for Peter made this whole relationship more lustful and sinful. Peter separated himself from her lips earning a cute huff from her, he gave a light chuckle. 

 He just stared at her and she stared at him, both with blushing smiles on their faces, he took her hand and they continued on. They were walking down the bustling city streets, in hooded sweaters as they couldn’t risk being photographed...after all Gwen Stacy holding another guys hand when she’s been linked to New York’s youngest millionaire it would surely be front page news to catch her cheating..most of all with her ex, although they wanted to throw it in Harry’s face they had to wait, they had to part ways when Gwen said she had to at least have a late dinner with Harry to keep up the charade..she saw his sad face through his hoodie and she grabbed his hand and led him a nearby alley…

  Peter had his back on the wall while his hands held on to dumpster handles located on either side of him, he was gasping ...the beautiful blonde vixen was kneeling, her knees bent as one hand was going up to his face and oh..

  She inserted a finger into Peter’s mouth, now two fingers as they massaged his tongue while he gasped and shuddered, her other hand held his balls…Peter Looked down with fluttering eyes at the truly wonderful sight 

   ...His hardened member was being swallowed up by her sweet cherry lips as she sucked and gorged on his rod. The dumpsters acted as a great cover for her on both dies as people walked by thinking the weird guy was just jerking off in the alley, not uncommon in New York, but if they only knew that  behind these dumpsters was Harry Osborn’s supposed loyal girlfriend giving another guy a wonderful blowjob...Peter continued to moan as his one hand went to the top of Gwen’s head as she went back and forth on his prick, the other hand found its way to groping one of her breasts through her shirt...she opened her closed eyes and looked up at him as she began to moan as he groped her tit, ‘I’ll leave you with a little present’ she had told him she she pushed him against the wall in the alley, then next thing he knew his pants and boxers were around his ankles and she knelt down and took his rod in her mouth, his prick was soft at the time but once his sensitive foreskin felt her sweet tongue, and teeth as she bit him a bit to jolt the web shooter awake, his rod went from soft to hard as a rock in an instant in her mouth, it stretched her cheeks as spread across her little mouth… ‘Jesus I feel it growing longer’ Gwen thought as the dick in her mouth grew, she had to pull back a bit before she’d start gagging..speaking of which… 

   Peter was about to explode...she had been working his prick for almost 20 minutes now,he knew the calls that were ignored were from Harry, and he knew he couldn't hold it anymore so….

 “Gwen im sorry..but..aghhh sorry gwendy” peter whined and moaned and gwen looked at him with wondering eyes when suddenly, Peter’s hands were placed on either sides of her head ‘Oh shit he's gonna’ Gwen realized and put her hands on his waist….

  Now her head was like a ragdoll while her body shook along with her head in a frenzy…Peter was now ramming his rod into Gwen, his hands firmly holding her head in place as his member disappeared in her salivating mouth in rapid motion. Gwen was gagging and gurgling his rod as it reached the abyss leading to her stomach, his precum fully staining her gums and teeth as it leaked all over into her mouth. Peter was groaning as he thrusted rapidly into his blonde vixen, release coming right about… 

  “Gahhhh” Peter loudly groaned as his seed released into Gwen’s mouth and he could hear her gurgle and swallow his seed as it filled her mouth, his head laid back on the wall, hands still holding Gwen’s head as her hands still held his waist as they both waited with closed blissful eyes for his river of white warm liquid to finish pouring itself into her mouth. 


  Peter and Gwen were laughly loudly side by side as they laid on the king size bed naked as they recalled how this relationship of theirs started all those years ago...with many adventures along the way. 

  “It's been insane hasn't it “ Gwen said looking at her lover on her husband’s bed in their home, “But it’s been great, we’ve caused Oscorp to pay up to their legal fees and pay their victims who have suffered thanks to them, and we’ve had a lot of fun thanks to Harry’s money right” Gwen finished with a wink and smile as Peter chuckled at her. 

    -20 Minutes Later 

   Peter had Gwen in the doggystyle  position as he rammed himself into her from behind on the bed, Gwen just laid her arms beside her head as she moaned and groaned as he penetrated her roughly. Gwen had heard the message Harry left about staying at the office late to do some more work, needless to say they went another round..except they added some spice to their heated session 

   Like he did with the plasma tv, peter hacked into the tv that was in front of the bed..the HDR TV cam was now recording… 

   The wide camera settings provides a great view: 

   The bed was visible as were the nightstands behind it, and you can see Gwen Stacy Osborn being rammed from behind by a muscular gentlemen whose head was cut out of view...The Richest Woman in New York was moaning as she was pushed forward roughly and held in place by two strong hands on her waist as he grunted and groaned increasing his speed, showing his stamina he went very fast causing Gwen’s already shaking tits to shake everywhere, her hard nips pointed in every direction as her breasts flung in the air thanks to physics…

   “Ohhhh God..ohhh God..Oh God” Gwen continued to groan with her eyes shut and her eyes were barely visible with her hair being flung across her head…Peter couldn't handle the sight any longer so... 

  Smack, smack, SMACK!!! 

 “Ahhh,ohhh,ahhhhh,ahhhhhh” Gwen pratically screamed and howled when Peter began to slap her Bulbous, jiggling, creamy ass that was getting red in the spot he just slapped.. 

  The video was getting everything: Peter had faced Gwen towards the TV meaning it was recording her facial expressions as she was pushed forward and back and you could see her awesome ass jiggle because of the motions as Peter closed his eyes now as he enjoyed the feelings of the married woman’s walls clutching his prick as he infiltrated this sleek, slippery funnel..

 “Ohhh Yeah..ohhh Yeah Baby Like That” Gwen panted and moaned, Peter kept eyes closed out of fear of finishing…. “Yeah!!Yeah..Oh Yes..Yes Yes Yes Yes !!!” Gwen continued to howl as Peter was now like a machine plunging in and out of her…

    Their juices leaked on the bed...their sweat stained the sheets already...and peter is  pretty sure he saw some drool drop from Gwen’s lips 

    “Yeah..Yeah ..Yeah Come on Come On” Gwen pleaded loudly. Peter brought a hand to her shoulder and the other to her waist….

   Now he’s really ramming her...Gwen had been supporting herself with her arms and hands holding her up but now she dropped on the bed with a groan as Peter pulled her waist higher towards his thrusting hips..Gwen was about to….

    “AHHHHHH” Too Late, without warning she climaxed all over his rod 

   “Shit” Gwen said she looked over her shoulder, Peter used the remote next to him to end the recording, “Sorry, Finished early” She said as Peter pulled out...still hard as a rock and was moist with her juices ..and she leaked on the bed some more. 

  “Its okay...besides i should probably get going, we’ve been at it for a while” Peter said as he went to the tv to pull out a flashdrive on the back of the TV. His naked body traveled back to the living room and removed the flash drive on the plasma TV, placing them both in his bag...he fished around and grabbed something with a wide grin as he went back to the master bedroom where his cum dumpster was wearing a pure white robe around her naked body...she whistled a catcall at him when he entered making him chuckle...she was drinking a glass a wine with a content smile on her face..Peter grabbed his cloths and began to change into them. “Remember to send me some copies okay” Gwen said with a sultry smile as Peter replied with a sly smile of his own and Gwen noticed his predicament…

  “Hey..”she started before taking another sip of red wine..peter looked at her, had fully changed at that point. 

   “I know a way you find a release for that” she pointed a finger at the bulge in his pants. Peter raised his eyebrows with a smile as Gwen had a smile of her own and took another sip of wine.

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