Old Rivals

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“...and that’s why our new product will ensure consumers will require additional purchases to ensure a constant growth in revenue for our financial term, also the newly built Oscorp Hotel Plaza has already gained over 200 million dollars in reservations since it’s located right in the middle of bustling Manhattan among its many fancy buildings, skyscrapers and luxury hotels that reach the moon itself which of course draws the elite who want to spend in style which we offer , expenses such as food service and excellent alcoholic beverages, and of course our additional ‘minor’ fee for a guest to have their own exclusive presidential suite along with an indoor pool...needless to say people, we’re making money of these idiots” Harry Osborn had a nice laugh along with all the other corporate heads at Oscorp. 

     He was in his best 3 piece suit to give the best impression he could to begin the new term for his company. It had been at least 10 years since he lost his father to the awful illness he himself will succumb to in his later years, though probably his 40’s according to the doctors….but he didn’t worry because he has great things to enjoy the time he has. After shaking a couple of hands and hearing the regular ‘congratulations’ and ‘way to go’ from the kiss asses, that only care about their checks for just sitting at their desks at this point, which he proved by having a corporate meeting very very late at night on a Friday to see who would show up to kiss the boss’s ass, and of course they all did show much to his sheer amusement, he stayed after the meeting for a while, Harry made his way to his office at the top of the tower where the city skyscrapers can be seen in their all their glory especially at 1AM when the darkness is illuminated by the vast lights in the Manhattan sky.

“Mr.Osborn”... a black haired woman holding an electronic clipboard entered his office 

“Felicia...what’s up” said Harry as he turned away from the glass wall to face her 

       “I just wanted to say congratulations on the presentation and how well the company’s been doing these past several years...your father would be proud” Felicia said with a comforting smile 

       Harry was touched “thank you Felicia, I really appreciate that and all the hard work you do as my assistant all this time”. Now Felicia looked touched and simply said “you don’t have to thank me Mr.Osborn, it’s a pleasure and honor to work alongside you” 

     “For me” Harry corrected her, Felicia fought back a scowl, she hated his guy with a passion but hey the money’s good so why not, she can handle his dumb elite personality so she said “oh right, sorry” 

       Harry had to collect his thoughts for a moment, that last thing got to him as he can only hope his father would be proud, after all their last interaction hadn’t gone well….but he won’t focus on the past...or the people..well person who let him down cuz he did have a last laugh in the end. 

“Oh I’m sorry your wife couldn’t attend,” Felicia said as she was walking out the door. 

       “It’s okay, I had the camera streaming the meeting the whole time so she could watch from our Penthouse at the hotel….she said she’d probably be sleeping by the time I get home so I’ll just hit the clubs with some of the guys” Harry said with a cocky smile that only he didn’t notice but Felicia saw the inner Osborn enjoying the statement, she had seen it when she worked for Norman, how his voice sounded when talking about his competitors losing money, employees or their products and projects failing while Oscorp thrived thanks to HIS leadership, the voice smug and self centered man was always there. She had hoped Harry would be different but nope..like father like son. 

         “That sounds…great…tell  Gwen I said hello” Felicia said awkwardly as she left his office, now annoyed with him after only speaking for like 5 minutes with the man ‘god that guy just loves bragging about the money, company and the playboy personality while he has a wife of 9 years, who helped him after his father died’ Felicia thought. 

      The mention of Gwen made Harry reach for his phone in his pocket and call his wife while sitting in his chair facing the city lights...the phone kept ringing so he assumed she was sleeping after watching his meeting via cam, so he left a message “Hey honey, the meeting went great as I’m sure you saw” Harry said with ego spilling out of each letter, “I’m gonna stay here at the office for a while to get some extra done so I can have more time for my bonus later okay honey away wear something sexy for me for when I get back, and remember if you get bored...just spend some money and buy some fun” Harry said with a laugh, “anyway, I’ll see you later...Mrs.Osborn” Harry hung up with showed a screensaver photo of him and Gwen standing in front of the new Oscorp Hotel that was just opened recently…’Man Peter...you really screwed up letting this one go...but your loss is my gain’ Harry thought and chucked, he put his phone down and began to work on his computer. 


                  *2 hours ago( during the meeting)


       The huge  place was beautiful in every way, new wood laminate  floor,with an incredible view thanks to the glass walls facing the skyscrapers, vast city streets in its glory which lightens the living room portion of the penthouse in the dead of night, the huge leather sofa placed in front of the Plasma TV, the same one that should have been playing Harry’s  meeting via the cam on the top allowing streaming and recording …but instead it was hacked and made to record something else happening…something happening in front of the tv, on the sofa...by the glass corner wall. 

            The brown haired man groaned as he placed his hands behind his head to soften the bounces as he hit the armrest on the leather sofa, he was sweating profusely like he was running a hundred mile marathon, his sweat went from the top of his head, down his chin then down to his muscular chest and abs 

           Two soft hands were placed on his pictorials as the woman above him steadied herself as she continued to bounce up and down on the man’s member 

      “Oh..oh..oh...oh my god” she moaned as her clit continued to swallow the shift, The man placed both hands on the woman’s delicious rear. He couldn’t get enough of it...it was firm yet soft, mushy in some areas while rock hard in others which only made him harder whenever his lucky hand should find that border between mush and firmness on her ass. 

        Now he was raising his hips as he looked to the side at the Plasma TV, he really couldn’t believe what he was seeing was real, it felt like a dream..heck it’s been years and it’s still does, 

    “Hey, ah..ah...ah...oh..oh...Look at me” the woman said, well more like moaned 

         The man looked and gave a loving smile at the woman bouncing on his member...he really looked at her...her shapely toned creamy legs, her cute pussy folds that are busy sucking in his prick with a little patch of blonde hair on the top of her pussy. His eyes traveled up her bouncing body...her toned stomach and sexy hourglass waist...her breasts that were the sizes of went up and down..up and down..and up and down...her breasts were the size of melons now and he reached and clasped both bouncing mounds in each hand which earned a cute Yelp from her...he called them “the pepperoni twins” the reason should be obvious..which he made clear to her when he pinched her areolas that we’re pink which was a sexy feature to her pale creamy skin that was smooth all over, like magic that he couldn’t understand…

       Her face shoot up in the air facing the ceiling as he continued to twirl her nipples as the mounds of flesh bounced and he swears he could see the motion waves of her bouncing melons in slow motion as she came down, her moans intensified as she went from bouncing to 

   “Oh...oh...you feel amazing...you always feel amazing “ he panted 

         She looked down at the man and placed both hands  on his shoulders to push him off her breasts and back to resting his head and arms on the armrest...then she started.. 

   “Wha..oh..oh my..oh my god” He immediately put his hands back to the back of  his head

   She had started to grind him...going forward and backward on his shaft, he looked down and saw her clit being engulfed by his prick, the flesh sliding more in then less, he could hear their Juices mixing together…

     Squish...squish squish  the sound of sleek flesh sounding around the living room and he could see her face concentrating...focusing on her task as she was the one on top...the one to set the rhythm for tonight...she went faster as her body pushed his upwards then back on the armrest...it was amazing her pussy was pulling him back along with her as she continued her grind…

      “Oh my god” she panted and patted his shoulder 

         “I’m close...oh...I’m not….ah...I’m not gonna...ah..ah..oh fuck I’m not gonna last” she whined as she began to lower herself towards him, her face nearing his as she continued going foward and back in his member, 

           “Whoa…god..” he panted as he put his hands on her smooth, sweaty back. 

            “I’m not..jesus…I’m not far off either” he said quickly as he held the woman close to him, their foreheads resting on each other as the grind became more and more frantic 

            She looked at him…her red and sweaty face with beautiful big green eyes that he always lost himself in just by looking at them for more than a second, 

     “Together?” She asked, well panted 

       He put a hand on her buttcheek while the other stayed on her back, steadying her during the hard rocking, and he knows they’ve scratched the floor already that’ll be hard to explain he thought while looking at her 

     “Like always, but let’s switch it up” he gave her an evil smile 

        “Ha...ha…what do u whoa” she had asked but was then was quickly lifted from her dominant position to being held, he stood up using all his strength and was now standing up in the middle of the living room..holding her by placing one arm under her rear and the other on her upper body,holding her to his chest...she put her hand behind his head..starching his hair cuz…’well she had to do something and not just let him do everything right’ she thought 

      Their mouths found each other as she was doing her best to raise herself while he has using his arm located under her rear to lift her enough from the base of his member for a drop to be pleasurable to both, the kisses were wet, frantic, she was biting his lips...he could swear she was trying to savor his saliva or something

     He moved his head from her mouth to resting against her shoulder as they continued to fuck...their means acting like music to the dark  quiet area in the dead of night with the city lights acting as a beautiful Christmas background lights in the summer...seeing this couldn’t take it anymore 

      “  Ho...ho…hold on” he panted 

                   “Oh….oh..” she panted, she simply nodded,as her words were lost in the Ecstasy of being filled and pounded , he felt the nod against his head. He began to walk, not stopping the rocking of their bodies as they both moaned, toward to the glass wall that faced the city and he reached it and placed her back on the glass while extending an arm to steady himself against it.

     Now they looked like an obtuse triangle, her back on the wall while she was angled so that he could be the one pushing himself into her juicy, squishy folds while her legs locked themselves around his waist. His arm was next to her head as he looked at her, the angle they were in had him looking down at her slightly, but he loved it because he could see her completely

      “  Ha..ah..ha.oh” she moaned, oh god he could feel her hot breath hit his face as she moaned and her squeaks in between were almost his breaking point. She looked away from his face towards the other wall, the corner that had the city lights shining and she had the biggest smile on her face as she was being pushed up and down against the glass, he put a hand on her back as he went faster which caught by surprise 

    “Oh! Ah..whoa..ah” she panted as she quickly looked back at him and placed both hands on the glass wall to make some movement of her own. 

    “Almost?” He asked 

   “Ye...y...yea” she panted as an answer 

         Suddenly he was drilling her...going in and out of her as fast as he can..the sleek sound of sweaty flesh along with squish, squish, squash coming from their juices pooling together down there , it was an orchestra of lust and passion that filled the penthouse. 

     She was going up, down, up and up on the glass, thank god my sweat is letting me slide easy she thought as the was nearing her end, his prick was pisoling her pussy like it was a mission, and it was in a way...at least for their current situation. Her melon mounds bounced beautifully as she was taking it against the glass wall, he was hypnotized by them...the pepperoni twins had their own weight and power, he sees it, the flesh was waving up and down and they even bounced upwards, her nipples pointing up, hard and the sweat made them shine among the night mixed with the metropolitan lights. 

    She followed his gaze God he never gets enough of them she chucked to herself as her climax was almost…

    “  Shit!...I’m...I’m gonna” she said as he went faster already knowing what was gonna happen, he could see it in her face, he could always tell..even back then he could…

      “Me too...hold on...ha..just one” he said and panted as he grabbed himself and handful of her left breast..which earned a groan from her as messing with her tits is a huge turn on for her, she’d never admitted but he knew, the smooth flesh molded against his hand, the sweaty porcelain skin, she moaned more loudly and closed her eyes, he groaned and shit his as wel

   “Ohhhhhh...ohh” her moans turned to groans…”ohhh..oh…..ahhhh!!!!” her eyes opened wide as she cam 

    “Oh..ohh” he groaned…”ohhhh..God!!!!Fuck!!!!!” He shouted as he cam when she did 

  His cum was shooting into her waiting tunnel as it was filled with warm, white liquid...her liquids came pouring down..she could feel it, shit,shit she moaned in her head..they both began to breathe heavily now, catching their breathes at last. 

     They could feel their Juices mixing, his sperm with her cum...mixing bodily liquids that can only come from an act of pure passion. 

          He was still holding her, she was exhausted, she was just laying on his groin..he was still in her….she rested a hand on his shoulder as her eyes were still closed and she was catching her breathe

   She slowly turned her head and her eyes opened just as slow...almost like she was waking from a long slumber 

         “That...now that...was a way to end a Friday” she said as she breathed in and out to get proper air in after that  intense session...she gave him a loving smile as she raked her hand over his brown hair...his classic bed hair that she had grown fond of in the past...and missed for a certain period of time. 

                He smiled back at her, his breathe now even as he can plainly speak now “it sure was….never expected that to happen when you invited over to watch the…” he was cut off by her 

“Don’t mention that please…” she said annoyed 

       He gave her a look 

     She huffed “it’s just…it reminds me that...he’s still around….it reminds that I…” she didn’t finish, she simply looked at the stupid big ring on her finger, she looked at him with a sad smile, but to her surprise, he had a grin on his face...not the funny kind but the are you thinking what I’m thinking kind 

         “Doesn’t it make it better” he said plainly as she blinked in surprise at him, he was now pulling out of her as she winced, he still carried her...to her surprise again he actually began to walk around the pentobouse while holding her naked form, his arms under her thighs while her arms were wrapped around him. 

             Gwen Stacy Osborn couldn’t believe Peter was naked and barefoot walking around Harry Osborn’s, the richest man in New York, home. 

    “It’s crazy when you think about it” he began as she focused on him while looked at her as he walked around the home she had been sharing with her Husband for 3 years now

“....we break up because I didn’t want to lose you...you go on the rebound by dating my now ex-best friend who also happened to be the heir to Oscorp and it’s fortune, you guys date and all that..lovey dovey even” he said with a groan while she chucked 

  “Then his dad bites it...he gets rich...starts seeing you as a  sexy accessory….”

        Gwen smiled at that...she thought after their break up right after graduation he’d hate her..maybe even find her unattractive, but now he just admitted to having those thoughts of her even way back then...it made her feel better about what they just did….and all the other things they’ve done, 

      “Then boom...you start having doubts, then you get into Oxford, you decide to go but instead of inviting your boyfriend, who you’d been dating...and fucking” he added the last part with distain as she too had a look of disgust remember all the times she let Harry put his small, ear swab prick in her back then, “Thank God you were my first” she said in her head 

        Peter went on “....you invite me...you call me up, tell me you’ve been accepted and you say ‘and I’m really excited...and I want you to come to London with me’ which you know caught me by surprise” 

         Gwen didn’t notice until he began to slowly let her down that he had walked them into the master bedroom, the from was very big...with a king size bed that was covered in cotton sheets, at Gwen’s request, which felt nice against her naked form 

He sat her down on the bed and he looked to the Side where a large bed stand stood with a phone, and pictures, pictures of Harry and Gwen on their wedding day, on vacation, or just relaxing as a selfie…..Gwen was looking at the pictures too 

“But then….” Peter started again and Gwen knew where the story was going…

She gave him a playful smile.  

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