The Forge

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Chapter 22: Superhero

“I ain’t gonna be just a face in the crowd. You’re gonna hear my voice when I shout it out loud.” It’s My Life Bon Jovi

Forge had been right. Ripping the implants out of her arms had been just as much fun as she had expected. She was bleeding down the backs of her arms, but she had more important things to worry about. The clock was ticking.

After giving up more than a pint of blood to the crazy assholes who had a hold of her, she knew she would only get weaker as time went by. She wanted to wait for the right moment, but if she waited too long she may loose her window. 

Forge had a few ounces of metal trinkets stashed above her by then. She worked them through the vent and went about slicing off the heavy straps holding her up. Her feet hit the ground with a thud. It was freezing rough concrete and her toes curled in aversion. 

She took stock of what she had to work with; Two fist-full’s of screws and nuts, her implants sans GPS chip, and a single pipe bracket. It was enough shrapnel for a pipe bomb and that was what she was going to be. First, the lock.

A screw flattened out and she carefully shot it through the bolts on the door. Forge didn’t want to shoot too hard and have the metal potentially make noise contacting with a wall. Once she’d unlocked her cell she knew she needed to move fast. They may not have an alarm on the door, sensors were also metal, but if they came down at an inopportune time they would catch her in the plastic part of the stair well. She wanted to minimize shit like that happening.

Without further consideration she stretched her senses out and sprinted for the door at the end of the hall. Forge kept her head enough not to let it thud open or closed, before taking the steps two at a time. She was half a floor below where the metal free zone started when the door above her opened and shitty timing happened.

Igor and Guard two apparently had a date with her. Rude. They didn’t give her time to do her hair. With a quick mental wrench Guard two’s fillings went through his brain and he dropped like a brick. Igor had a moment of what-the-fuck face before he also got Guard Two’s fillings to the brain. As gross as it was Forge added the bloody metal bits to her collection of death. Of course that was when all hell broke loose.

Guard one screamed and opened fire at her with the dart gun. Forge flung herself over the railing at the same time she sent two screws and an implant speeding through the unfortunate Guard’s skull. Her body slammed against the wall of the stairs and her hands slipped off the rail. She landed awkwardly on her right ankle, swearing. Wrong way. Forge needed up.

Trying to ignore the new pain in her ankle she lunged back up the stairs. The stealth approach was blown and she was close enough to feel the metal in the floors above her. Time to make things explode.

Yelling could be heard above her but she’d deal with that once she was out of all the plastic. Her vision tunneled on the door above her while her concentration went to all the pipes she could find within reach. She didn’t bother with finesse or aim, simply commanded the pipes to burst up through every wall and floor with as much force as she could muster. 

Glass shattered further above her and the yelling picked up. An alarm started several floors up. Forge slammed into the door and rammed her shoulder into the opposite wall. She was facing a dead end so spun around and sprinted the opposite direction.

She had a split second to recognize that Volek was in the lab passing by on her left and trying to aim a dart gun at her. Viciously Forge flattened the pipe bracket and shot it at Volek’s wrist. She followed it up with a volley of high velocity screws. Forge didn’t stop to see if the man lost his hand. Out first, revenge second.


Tony blew a hole through the side of the building and flew into it. He landed for a moment, shot repulsors at two armed guards, then he spun and shot a third. Kicking the repulsors back on and taking off, he heard an explosion happen behind him that he thought was courtesy of Barton.

He had enough time to notice the way metal piping jutted from the walls to create an obstacle course before JARVIS plotted a way around it. With a twist of his torso he dodged clipping his shoulder, picked a man off the ground, and threw him into a wall. Ahead of him a dozen more hired men arranged themselves in the hallway and opened fire. Bullets zinged off his armor before the targeting system locked. A flick of his eyes and they were on the ground dead.

From further down he could hear someone smashing the hell out of the place. With a bit of glee Tony thought that it was probably Four. He jerked back as a large sharp piece of metal jutted up from the floor. Definitely Four. He didn’t bother taking the indirect route, Tony smashed down through the open gash to meet her.


Escaping from somewhere you didn’t know the layout of was hard. Back in Texas, the facility had been smaller with less levels. She’d had a straight shot up from her cell, then down through the other containment and out. This time she was having to navigate to find stairs and the lazy bastards hadn’t hung the fun glowing exit signs above them. That had to be some sort of safety violation.

Three guards tried to box her into an office she’d accidentally barreled into. They had dart guns and were aiming them at her, so Forge flattened a vent cover and capped the ends of the guns. There was a comical moment when the guards looked at the guns that refused to fire, but by then Forge was lunging through them behind a cloud of all things pointy and fast moving. They men hit the ground and didn’t get back up.

She heard an explosion sound above her, and then another. The building over her head rattled and ceiling tiles fell all around her. One of them clipped her on the head. With a grunt of surprise she brought her arms up in an effort to protect her head, but didn’t stop. Her heart was hammering and sweat was joining the trickle of blood she could still feel making it’s way down her arms. Further down the hall she stepped on something that cut the bottom of her foot. All the while Natasha’s voice was in her head, urging her to keep moving. 

Behind her in the hallway someone crunched on glass and Forge dove head long to the floor, scraping her arms and chest. A set of darts flew over her and embedded in the wall. Rolling onto her back Forge mentally reached out for something to protect herself. There was a stainless steel sink in the room across from her. With a second of concentration she ripped it out and flattened it, using it as a wall between her and the man firing at her. Around the side of her shield she swarmed a set of fancy pens. There was a cry, a gurgle, and Forge took a moment to peek over the top of her barrier to see the man on the ground with an impromptu tracheotomy. Whoops. She did it wrong.

Another man jumped out of the room she’d stolen the sink from and Forge whipped the flattened metal around a bit lower and slower than she intended. It cut one of the man’s legs off at the knee and wedged in the bone of the other. With a grimace she ripped it back out trying not to acknowledge the grinding sucking noise it made. Her stomach rolled and her hands shook. The guy was on the ground but he still raised his arm with the dart gun in hand. Without further consideration Forge drilled an implant through his forehead and the arm went limp. 

She took a moment to wrap the bloody metal of the flattened sink around her torso before finally finding the door to the stairwell of the next level up. Four men were coming down the stairs at her. She wrenched the screws from the tracks in the stairs and sprayed them at the men like automatic weapons fire. As she sprinted up the stairs over them, one man grabbed a hold of her sore ankle and she reflexively kicked out like a mule, hitting him in the face. She sent an extra piece of metal through him.

With a sinking feeling Forge realized she’d traveled up three floors and still couldn’t taste fresh air. She panted and stretched her senses out, trying to find more metal to work with. Bits of a swivel chair, computer, and light fixtures came into her grasp and she flung them out down the hall as fast as she could. People screamed, more glass broke. There were bangs and the funny dipping tone of ricochet. 

She still didn’t have enough metal to wrap around her full body. Why were these people so into wooden office desks and bookshelves? Where were the god damn filing cabinets? After several long seconds she was finally able to separate out a heavy boxy feeling presence above her.

Lotto, Forge thought dizzily. There was a vending machine a floor above her. She pulled it through the ceiling at the end of the hall, smashed one bad guy with it, and then stripped the metal sides off of it. Metal wrapped around her and she sank into the comfort of armor plating with relief. 

Forge took a second to ponder the hole in the ceiling. It might give her a nose bleed but fuck it. She levitated herself shakily up through the floor. Four floors, she counted to herself.

Darts pinged off her armor before she even got her feet under her, and some wise ass dropped the dart gun to grab his real, real gun. That was a bad idea. Forge made him regret that. 

The gun exploded and the man screamed. It was cut off when the barrel shot through his eye. She broke open the magazine and added the bullets to her orbiting shrapnel cloud.

Between her and a door at the end of the hall where seven men in that plastic body armor she hated. Forge’s grin was feral. The vending machine she’d cannibalized had been one for canned soda. Through the hole in the floor came dozens of cans. They split open and the sticky pop splashed along the walls and floor. 

She commanded her twister of all things metal and pointy down on the men and supplemented it with thin blades of soda can. The men fell before her. A few turned to flee down a side hall and were cut down from behind as she ran passed them. The door at the end of the hall was metal and she crunched in inward without a thought in her head but to get another floor higher. Upon breaking it open however, she found it wasn’t the way up to the floor above, but a containment unit for another mutant.

‘Jesus,’ Forge thought in horror as her feet slid to a stop inside the room. The girl had obviously been there awhile. She was thin and pale, probably only twelve or thirteen. They had her blindfolded and strapped to another table, but by the way the child’s head turned toward the door she was obviously awake. Anger pulsed through Forge so strongly she stumbled. 

Without wasting time to think it through. She ran over to the girl and started ripping out the tubes attached to her. 

“Hey,” Forge greeted breathlessly. “We’re busting out of here. I uncover your eyes you’re not gonna make me explode or something, right?” 

The girl shook her head, but Forge knew it was a gamble either way. She pulled the blindfold off and met the strangest eyes she’d ever seen. Orange irises started back at her from the younger girl’s face. More yelling came from down the hall and broke Forge from her staring contest. Sshe could hear bullets firing from above her.

“Okay,” Forge ripped the straps off and yanked the girl up roughly by her arm. “We’ve got to run.”

“My brother,” the girl protested in a weak voice, pointing back down the hall the way Forge had come.

Fuck. “Show me,” Forge commanded.

The girl bolted for the open door and Forge had a moment to remember what adrenaline could do for a body. 

Two doors down was another locked door, also metal. Forge busted it off the hinges. Inside was a boy of about fifteen. He was snarling and thrashing against his bonds until he saw the girl with Forge.

“Hugh,” the girl called. She ran over and tugged at the metal bands securing the boy. 

Forge took a moment to concentrate and snapped the bands at the latch points. They sprung free and the boy dove toward her with claws. 

“No,” the girl called. Her voice stopped the boy inches from Forge’s body. She didn’t think it would have mattered, she was still armored up, but time was wasting.

“Let’s go,” Forge called.

She formed the metal door into a wedge and shoved it up through the ceiling. It created a gash above them. Then suddenly they all had to dive out of the way as the ceiling collapsed and Iron Man landed on the floor with a clang.

“Four,” he called, his voice slightly mechanical.

Forge felt her breath rush out of her chest. “Tony!” She wanted to fling her arms around him in relief but the boy was back to acting hostile. 

“Whoa, whoa,” Forge called, holding her hands out to the feral boy. “He’s on our side.”

The girl wrapped her arm around one of her brother’s. He cast a side glance at his sister before grousing, “Can we please get the hell out of here now?” 

Forge eyed the kids and then the hole in the ceiling. “Sorry in advance,” she quipped. Before they could protest she wrapped metal around the boy and girl’s waists. Hefting them up she then half jumped half levitated herself. Behind her she could hear Tony’s repulsors kick off and then finally they were in a corridor she could smell fresh air in. The boy didn’t waste any time dragging his sister toward a window. 

Forge mentally pulled the door up behind her and then flipped it around in front of the siblings and smashed it through the outer brick wall. The three of them ran through the cloud of dust out of the opening with Iron Man flying above them.

The darkness out of the lawn was disorienting after the clinical lighting of the upper sub basements. Forge stumbled but kept her footing as she followed the two younger mutants across the yard. When they reached the tree line Forge noticed Tony land behind her so she gave a tug on the metal still around the two kids’ waists.

“Hold up,” she called.

Tony turned to her. “Barton will meet you here in a minute. He’s on the other side of the compound. He’ll get you to the quinjet. I’m going back to get Volek,” he stated.

“Third sub basement lab.” Forge panted. “Don’t know if he’s still alive.”

“We’ll find out,” Tony decided. With that Iron Man took off back toward the building and Forge went about reassuring two scared kids that, though things may not be alright, they were going to get better.


“JARVIS check structural integrity and give me a read on remaining live targets.”

“The building is still structurally sound, though the ceiling of sub basement two may become unstable.” 

On the HUD a target lit up showing a man trying to run away across the grounds. Tony blasted him and then dove back into the building. He twisted through the holes in two of the sub basements made by Four, then flew down the stair well to the third.

In the second laboratory space Tony found Volek. His hand had been sliced off at the wrist and the man had made an attempt to stem the bleeding. It didn’t seem to have worked though. Of course it was equally likely the man died from any of the shrapnel wounds present on his torso. He’d died while Four and the kids were escaping.

Tony grimaced a bit but grabbed a hold of the man and maneuvered him back outside the building. On his way out JARVIS pinpointed two more men. Tony blasted them both and didn’t feel bad about it.

Dumping Volek’s body on the lawn he called out on the communicator to Barton. “Do you have them?”

“Headed back to the quinjet now,” he answered.

“Regroup at the jet,” Romanoff called.

Tony took a moment to survey the scene below him. The building had several large holes in it. One of the explosions had started a fire. He considered his options. The research in there was dangerous, not just personally for Four, but overall. He didn’t want anyone getting their hands on it. 

He remembered how Four had said that when she’d left the facility in Sprung Heel, Texas it had been caved in and burning. Volek had escaped then. Tony didn’t want to take anymore chances. Decision made he aimed a small missile at the building and let it fly.

The explosion forced him back in the air a few feet. He watched the flames dance across the yard, illuminating Volek’s body and the bodies of several of his fallen soldiers. SHIELD could pick through the rubble for whatever remained.

Tony spun in the air and flew off for the quinjet.

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