The Forge

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Chapter 13: Fantastic Science

“I said hey, what’s your name baby. Maybe we can see things the same. Now don’t you wait, or hesitate. Let’s move before they raise the parking rate.” All Right Now Free 

“Come downstairs.” Three days after the meeting with Agent Pretty, Tony had his hip propped against the counter in the kitchen.

Forge continued filling a glass with orange juice. “What? You wanna science with me now? I’m hung over,” she complained.

Sunday evening, after Romanoff had left, the two of them had descended into the bat cave. Forge, to check on the progress of the car and start a new project of her own. Tony to do something with his suits and check on JARVIS’ search for the gun manufacturer. In between fixing some rust spots on the Mustang and researching microchip implanters, she was describing and demonstrating her powers to the billionaire. 

Since the bridge incident he’d seemed very focused on learning about what she could do. That was fine. She wasn’t concerned about him poking around her powers anymore. 

She’d finally gotten her hands on the Iron Man armor two days before. It was that stupid gauntlet he’d left on her desk. It taunted her until she put it together and slapped it back into his hands. When she’d warned him not leave his toys on her desk or she’d play with them, he’d laughed. 

“Background,” he‘d chuckled, “I had it checked. PhD in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan at age eighteen. Certified auto mechanic for the past seventeen years, and a PhD in Physics from MIT which you completed in four years.”

Slightly wrong footed she‘d replied. “Yeah well, just so it’s out there. The only reason I’m interested in the suits is because they’re mechanical mad genius, not because I want to steal your tech and take over the world.”

“I know,” then he’d grinned and that stupid sparkle was back in his eyes. “Are you calling me a mad genius?”

Forge had rolled her eyes. “Dude, you’re a mad genius. You don’t need me to tell you that.” 

“Well, now I’m flattered. Quick, take me to dinner.” He’d actually batted his eyelashes.

“It’s noon. How about I order pizza and you never mention this again?”

“Nah. How about I order Chinese and mention this as often as I want?”

“You’re the one that wanted to play the Star Wars drinking game. Live with the consequences.” He chuckled behind her when she turned to put the juice away. 

“Captain C,” Forge whined.

A hand grabbed her glass of juice as she felt an arm go around her waist. He shuffled her forward a bit with his body. She had noticed he was being much more touchy feely lately too. Forge wasn‘t sure how she felt about it. It wasn’t bad per say. She was woman enough to admit she liked him, but she was still concerned about his reputation. 

“Come on. Downstairs. You can be hung over later.”

“I don’t think that’s how this works.” She made a grabby hand at her orange juice. 

“Lab time, Four.” His amused voice was very close to her ear. The arm around her waist suddenly disappeared when he stepped back. Instead a hand found its was to the juncture of her neck and shoulder and squeezed a bit.

Her head was throbbing a little. They’d both spent the night drunkenly passed out on the couch. She’d woken up with his head on her hip. He seemed to bounce back quicker than she did though. Forge decided the pressure on the back of her neck was actually really nice and followed it all the way to the top of the stairs. Whatever. She could work with him for a bit and then take a nap on her Coleman inflatable. Forge gave up and led the pair of them into the lab.

“No loud music,” she commanded.

“Done.” Tony set her glass on his desk and nudged her down into his chair.

She obediently sat and sipped her drink, watching him cross to a work top near the cases of his suits. He came back carrying a tray with a set of different sized metal cuffs on them. Forge tried to discern what they were. They definitely looked mechanical, and she could sense they had a lot of movable parts packed into them.

After setting the tray down on the corner of his desk he reached for her and tugged on the metal band she‘d been wearing around her wrist constantly. “Take that off.”

She frowned but curled her fingers around it and pulled it free. “What are you doing?” She was starting to get that Stark doom cloud feeling again.

“You’ll see,” he smirked. With swift fingers he clicked a thick piece around her neck, and one on each wrist. She twitched a bit when he fastened a clunky belt with a mini arc reactor imbedded in it around her waist. 

“Captain C,” her voice held warning now. “You really should tell me what you are doing now.”

He dropped to his knees in front of her and rolled the leg of her jeans up slightly to fit the last two pieces on her ankles. “You remember that problem we talked about? The one that involves you going unconscious and not having a back up.”

“Be kind of hard to forget.” She fingered the gold colored piece on her wrist for a minute. It was much thinner than the ones around her neck and ankles. What he was putting on her looked suspiciously like super suit technology. “You know,” she joked, trying to ease her nervousness. “This better not be the beginning of some bad Princess Leia fantasy.”

Stark looked up at her from where he was adjusting the fit on her left ankle. “It wasn’t, but now that you’ve put the idea in my head,” His eyes roamed her slowly from top to bottom, “I kind of can’t stop imaging it.”

“Would you get to the point?” That twinkle lit up his dark eyes and he started to grin. She quickly added, “With the tech your strapping on me.”

“Sure.” He stood up and grabbed her hands. Tony pulled her out of her seat and lead her further out into the lab. Forge really started to worry when she noticed Dum-E had a camera. “Stay there.” He walked back across the lab and then got into the Mark VI armor.

“This can‘t be good,” Forge commented.

“Test of the Reel In protocol on the Mark II Four suit. Stamp date time.”

“Wait,” she went to take a step and Stark held his hands up.

“No. No. Stay there. You’ll be fine. Just don’t fight it,” he hurried to say.

“Don’t fight what?” She asked in trepidation. “Nothing about this is fine,” Forge protested.

“Start it up, J.”

“Yes, sir.”

There was a shifting from the metal pieces around her and Forge called out, “Candyman! No!” The helmet wrapped around her neck and head, covering her lower jaw. It left her mouth and nose exposed but the visor settled over her eyes. Her vision lit up with an external video feed. She felt something extend down between her shoulder blades and attach to something that came up from her waist. At the same time her hands and feet were covered and she was suddenly in the air and flying across the lab with no control over her body. 

“Whoa! Whoa! Slow it down J!”

Before she could do more than curse there was a thud, a clang, and a drop. Forge groaned as the visor unfolded from around her eyes. When she was finally able to open them she found herself on the floor, across the lab, on top of Iron Man. Forge took a moment to stare right into the glowing eye holes of the mask. “I kind of hate you right now.”


A week after Romanoff’s visit Forge was standing on the testing platform in the lab again. After Wednesday’s semi-successful test she and Tony had put their heads together to make something slightly more functional. The result was the Mark III backpack, a system designed to work independently or in conjunction with the collapsible gauntlets and boots.

“I like the backpack design much better.” Forge commented, shuffling in place a bit. “Much more comfortable.”

“You still have to wear the wrist and ankle cuffs if you don‘t want to dangle all over the place,” Tony fiddled with something on her back. “Stop fidgeting,” he commanded. 

Forge tried to hold as still as she could. 

The newer version of her suit had been based around the jetpack stabilizer Tony had designed for the Mark VII. The bulk of the tech laid close to her back along the length of her spine. It was secured with straps that went over her shoulders and fastened around her chest. Stability and power was leant to it by attaching a waist belt. They had to increase the size of the cuffs around her wrists and ankles to allow the pieces to expand more. There was a power distribution problem with the gauntlets that they fixed by extending the armor over her shoulders but the boots were even trickier. 

At the current phase the boots were attached to the waist belt by a single shielded connection that ran along the outside of her thighs. It was a vulnerability neither of them liked, but if they went much further Forge might as well just wear the damn Iron Man suit. That thing was too bulky for day wear and she needed something she could keep on her at all times.

“Okay,” Tony walked around in front of her, running critical eyes over the front fittings. “I think we’re ready. Remember, directional shifts with your hands. Small increments. The jetpack will pick up the rest.” He scratched his goatee. “Maybe you should have a tether.”  

“You are not putting a leash on me,” Forge protested.

He smiled that pretty smile at her. “Could be fun?” He offered.

“How about you let me put one on you?”

“Kinky,” Tony joked. “You ready J?”

“Of course, sir.”

Forge broke in. “Wait. Shouldn’t we have someone on fire safety?” She asked. U and Butterfingers were still busy with the Mustang and Dum-E was currently on camera duty.

He looked at her for a moment. “No.” Tony walked off the platform and got into the Mark VI. “Trust me, you do not want Dum-E on fire safety. You’ll be fine.”

“That’s what you said last time,” she reminded.

“And you were fine,” he shot back.

“Bruised. I was not fine.”

“Mostly fine.” His faceplate came down and his voice went slightly mechanical. “Independent flight stabilizer test. Mark III Backpack unit. One percent power. Whenever you‘re ready, Four.”

She took a breath to steady her nerves and tapped the control on her belt. Immediately the backpack started to unfold around her. Metal slid over her chest and stomach, covering her back and shoulders. The gauntlets expanded down her hands and up her arms. She felt the boots encase her feet up to her knees and relaxed into the familiar feeling of metal enclosing her. Metal was always safe. The visor slid down over her eyes last and the HUD booted up.

Forge took a moment to get used to the foreign feeling of her legs and the bottom half of her face being exposed. The metal was heavier as well. If she was ever to fly for distance or height in the thing she’d need to come up with some under suit that had a thermal and armor component. Not to mention a flight shield for the bottom half of her face. That was for later though. She was finally getting to fly.

She positioned her arms at her sides and stiffened her spine. The repulsors kicked in with a whooshing sound and Forge felt a giddy feeling start to grow in her stomach. A bit shakily she lifted off the ground a few feet. Her eyes traveled over the information on the HUD and a huge smile broke over her face. 

“I can see you smiling,” Tony commented with amusement from across the room. 

Forge started to laugh. She may have been only feet off the ground but it was exhilarating. 

“If you jerk too much you’re going to start moving around,” he warned.

“This is awesome,” Forge cried. “Science to the nth power.”

She could hear Tony chuckling. “Go ahead a move around a little. Get a feel for it.”

Forge shifted her weight a bit to right and was startled by how responsive the maneuvering was. She overcorrected to the left and went shooting across the lab. “Whoa!”

“Gently! Gently!” Tony called.

She managed to reign it back in and moved a bit jerkily back to the testing pad to land. Once she was back on her own two feet she retracted the visor and stared at Tony for a bit.

That man had brought some dangerous stranger he knew nothing about into his lab, because she needed his help, and let her work with one of the most important parts of himself. He had taken the knowledge of her being helpless when knocked out and rigged her up a suit that could spirit her away from attackers the moment she fell unconscious. 

He flipped up his faceplate. “Well?”

Fuck it. The man was rock star. Forge crossed to him in a handful of strides and grabbed the sides of his helmet with her hands. His eyes went wide and she didn’t waste a second leaning in to kiss him full on the mouth. “That was amazing. Thank you.”

Tony blinked in shock for a few seconds before a sly look crossed his face. “You know, usually when a woman says that to me I’ve had to do a lot less science based work.”

She smiled at him. “Well,” she gave him a mock patient look. “It’s a little late in life for you to learn this, but every woman has different likes,” she trailed off when his arms went around her waist. They were both still in their respective armors so it was mostly just a feeling of pressure. 

“And all I had to do to get a kiss from you was build you a super suit?” Ugh, that stupid, stupid pretty smile.

“It helped,” she quipped back. 

She watched him open his mouth, hesitate and then swallow. Her brow furrowed in confusion. “What do you say we go for a fly?” He asked. It seemed like he was changing the topic.

Forge blinked. “You think I’m ready?”

“Yeah. Best to get on the horse and ride.” His face plate came back down and he dropped his arms. “JARVIS check the sky.” He tapped the side of her helmet and her visor came back down. “Come on Four. Keep up.” His repulsors lit up and he took off out the ramp to the garage.

She shook her head a bit. That man could do abrupt. “Alright,” she drawled. Her own repulsors whirred to life and, narrowing her eyes, she took off after him.

She may have scraped the wall on the way out, but she wasn’t going to tell him that. He didn’t need the ammo.

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