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Chapter 15: Slow

“See the life that I’ve had can make a good man bad. So for once in my life let me get what I want. Lord knows, it would be the first time.” Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want by Elefant.

The awkward was back. When they’d first gotten in the car Georgia found herself a bit tongue tied for what to say. On a normal day she didn’t have a problem talking to Tony, but just the idea they were on a date made her more careful with her words. The man had come to the rescue by asking about the progress on Rhodey’s car, and that conversation had carried them all the way to their destination.

The restaurant was an upper scale place on the beach. It wasn’t a place that intimidated her. As Forge had taken on more specialty restoration she’d had to meet a few clients in places similar to it. They’d been seated with a bit of fawning from the staff, ordered wine, and chosen their meals when the awkward came rushing back. 

She was surprised that the man across from her seemed at a loss for words. Forge considered the way Tony seemed to come at the important stuff sideways. His reticence made more sense in that light. Whatever. When couldn’t they talk shop?

“So, I was thinking about the boots,” she segued. She watched the man’s eyes go from flitting all over the restaurant to focusing on her. A little frown creased his brow.


She held in a smile. He seemed genuinely confused. “Yeah. The connection problem with the main power source.” Forge warmed to the topic a bit. “It’s vulnerable, but I don’t want to add any more armor. I don’t think there’s room for one, and I think it’d make the suit too heavy.”

With that they were off discussing the details of super suits. They’d gotten all the way through different ways to shield the connection, both his tech wise and her power wise, when Georgia finally had to point out the obvious.

“Does this happen to you a lot?” The waiter had been over three times since delivering their meal to see if they needed anything.

Tony smirked a bit. “The level of hovering here is a bit higher than usual.” He side eyed the waiter who was hanging around the patio bar to their left.

“We didn’t have this problem at the Mexican place,” she pointed out.

Tony shrugged. “I go to that place all the time. They’re used to me.” He popped a forkful of steamed vegetables into his mouth, chewed, and swallowed. “I’ve only been here twice.”

Forge shook her head, not wanting to touch why he might have been there before. That was something she‘d have to square with herself. The man had a past. Didn‘t everybody? “And yet when you earn a free meal this is the place you want to go to,” she pointed out. “Somewhere you get stared at?”

“Well,” he was giving her those coy eyes again. “Maybe I was trying to impress you.”

She couldn’t help but laugh. The man was ridiculous. “You had me impressed at JARVIS. Also your knowledge of good animated movies.”

“It’s nice to know I’m appreciated for the little things,” he quipped.

She mock gasped. “You did not just call Mr. JARVIS little. You take that back right now,” she demanded.

They were both smiling and laughing when the flash happened. Tony didn’t let the smile slip off his face but she could see the way it became a little pinched. 

“How do you want to handle this?” She questioned.

Tony took a quick glance at both their plates. They were toward the end of the meal. “Well, we could ignore them,” he offered, “But we’ll have to watch what we talk about. If they’re taking pictures I guarantee somebody will be listening,” he explained.

Forge took a bite of her steak and decided to be cheeky. She hummed a few bars of a song.

He blinked at her. “Did you just hum Lady Gaga?”

She swallowed and smiled. “Did you just recognize a Lady Gaga song by a hum alone?” Forge teased.

“Well it was a rather on point song,” he chuckled. 

“So I think we should watch Wall-E.” Forge decided not to let paparazzi spoil her good mood. “Down in the lab though. It seems wrong to watch it without Dum-E,” she opined.

Tony grinned and shook his head a bit. “I thought Meet the Robinsons was next?”

“You just want to watch the movie about the boy genius,” she teased.

The rest of the time at the restaurant was spent with animated movie banter. 

“That was ridiculous,” Forge commented on the way back to the house. “We were only there for an hour and there was a full on reporter storm when we came out.” She chuckled a bit in disbelief.

Tony reached over to grab her hand while driving. “Be prepared to be gossip page news,” he sounded slightly apologetic. 

“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes. It‘s not like she had a family to disappoint. Gossip rags weren’t going to do anything bad to her business. “Hay will love it. He’s going to call me all indignant claiming I haven’t kept him in the loop.”

He side eyed her a bit. “Did you two ever?” He trailed off.

“No,” she barked a laugh. “Hay doesn’t like girls like that. Going by the way you describe your friend, I’d say Hay is my Rhodey. He tries to make sure you can still see the girl under the grease.”

Tony toyed with the cuff of the suit on her arm. “Well the girl is very pretty.”

They pulled into the garage a few minutes later and he helped her put the suit away. Instead of stepping back when he was done he folded her into his arms and leaned down to kiss her.

This is okay, Georgia thought. Slow. Kissing was slow. 

Tony pulled her tighter against him. She found her hands sliding up his chest to his shoulders. One of his hands found its way under the bottom of her tank top and stroked the curve of her spine. Her lips parted on a sigh and he swept his tongue into her mouth, tilting his head slightly. She could feel his other hand slide up her back and then his arm jostled the underside of her arm and a sharp pain zinged through her. She broke the kiss.

“Ow,” she complained.

He drew back and rested his forehead against hers. “Still sore huh?”

She wrinkled her nose.

Tony gave a lopsided grin and then leaned back to tug on her over shirt. “Off,” he commanded.

Forge gave him a look of mock chastisement. “I thought you said you could do slow.”

He gave her that genuine smile before it turned into more of a smirk. “Well, I have good intentions.”

She huffed out through her nose but pulled the rest of the way back and slipped her over shirt off. In the moment she was distracted he swept back in and placed a hot, open mouthed kiss on her left shoulder. Georgia felt her lashes actually flutter like some stupid bimbo. Damn man. He knew it too, based on the look he gave her afterward. 

Tony gently lifted her arm and looked over the back of it. He hummed. “Icing it would probably be a good idea. Come on,” he gave her a little tug. “We’ll go upstairs, get you set up, and watch a movie.”

She spent the evening watching a movie about an evil bowler hat pressed against Tony’s side with her arms doctored up. Georgia couldn’t help but think the date with him had been really, really good.


Wednesday JARVIS narrowed the possible dart gun manufactures down to seven.

They’d spent the morning testing Four’s new armored under suit and then working on the homing beacons for the Mark VII. Tony hadn’t expected it to be so nice to have someone to work on the suits with. Four was a good sounding board though. It seemed they could bounce ideas back and forth, and leap frog over each other’s thinking easily once they started discussing things.

Over the past two days they‘d ended up making out like teenagers a few times. His favorite had been only a few hours before JARVIS’ notification. If that woman straddled him like that again though Tony would not have the consequences held against him. 

“You’re staring,” Four commented from beside him.

Tony let a grin curl his lips. “Thinking about this morning.” He watched a faint flush cross her face and felt his smile grow larger.

“These two are out of the country,” she pointed to the map in front of them JARVIS was projecting.

He let himself be sidetracked. Four was still a little hesitant about their physical relationship. Tony understood, but if that woman pushed him much more he was going to pin her to a wall until she lost all rational thought. “True.” Tony took note of the locations; Sokovia and Austria. “You want to eliminate them?”

“Sideline,” she corrected. “Don’t you think this group is local?”

“There’s nothing that says they are. They found you at the Expo. That could mean anything. If they’re a big group like SHIELD suspects it could mean international.” He explained.

Four hummed in dissatisfaction. “So, what do we do?”

“JARVIS is still parsing some data.” Tony rubbed a hand over his goatee. “Unless something else happens or SHIELD gathers more information we wait.”

That Friday they were at a little road house on their second date having a contest for worst childhood.

“Raised by my Uncle in a late eighties auto garage. Do you have any idea what kind of things were posted on the wall in that place? My sex ed was hearing my mom and her boyfriend’s and then Hustler.”

He grimaced a bit, then tilted his head and countered. “Raised by the butler in a sheltered mansion, with an alcoholic father and a mother more interested in charity. Sex ed was older girls who were trying to get pregnant with the next Stark heir for money.” 

Four’s face screwed up in disgust. “That is revolting.”

Yeah it was. Tony nodded. Also a good general education on life for someone in his situation.

“Also an alcoholic parent,” She continued, “Mother though. Father was a no show as soon as the ink on the divorce papers dried.”

That sucked. After a moment of silence he complained, “This is depressing.”

“Yeah,” Four agreed. “We both get gold stars for not being sociopaths.”

He felt himself smile. “Just workaholics,” he agreed.

“There are worse things.”

He watched her for a moment and then decided to push her a little. “Craziest place you’ve ever had sex?”

“Not fair,” she cried. “You’re gonna beat me. There is no way I can win this.”

Tony laughed. 

Less than an hour later they pulled into the parking lot of the GlowZone. “What is this place?” Four asked. He watched her look around curiously.

Tony pulled her up out of the car, wrapped an arm around her waist, and began heading toward the doors. An older man dressed in a polo shirt uniform opened the doors for them.

“Good evening Mr. Stark. Thank you for coming to GlowZone LA. We have the place all set up for you.” The manager gestured as they walked into a black lit arcade. “You’re selections are prepared at the bar. There’s two sets of equipment ready in the laser tag zone,” he continued. “If you require anything simply call or text my number and we’ll be right with you.”

Tony freed his arm from around Georgia for a moment to shake the man’s hand. They’d done everything he’d asked. He’d make sure to tip well. “I’m sure everything’s great. We’ll let you know.”

“Enjoy your evening. Miss,” the man nodded at Four before turning and retreating to an office.

“You rented out an arcade?” He could see she had a bemused smile on her face.

“Have them open after hours actually.” He boasted a little.

The grin stretched her mouth and she chuckled a little in disbelief. She popped up on her toes and kissed him, before he could recover his wits she stepped away. “Come play laser tag with me?”

Hell yes. “What do I get if I catch you?”

Four smirked and shook her head. “You’re not gonna catch me.”

When he caught her he wrapped his arms around her and leaned down for a kiss. Mid-kiss his vest went off. Little minx had shot him in the back.

“That’s playing dirty,” he scolded.

She looked up at him from the circle of his arms and cocked an eyebrow. “You wanna talk about dirty? Lets talk about you replacing the seat of my motorcycle with one that had a picture of your face on it.”

He snickered a bit.

“I had to ride it home.” 

She seemed to still be really put out by his little prank. 

“The way I had to sit on it I could see your eyes from between my legs.” He busted out laughing and she slapped him on the shoulder. 

“You didn’t have to listen to what Hay said!” He heard her continue over his laughter. “I had to special order a new seat rush delivery! Do you know what would have happened if the guys on my crew had see it!?” She demanded. “Uncalled for,” she crowed.

“Payback,” he declared, “for you drawing me like one your French girls.”

She shot him in the back again.

When they got back to his house it was after midnight. They were both a little sweaty from running around playing laser tag and tumbling through the obstacle course. 

They’d been quiet since getting out of the car. With only JARVIS’ welcome home interrupting them. He followed her up to her bedroom door and waited to see what she‘d do. He wanted to take her to bed, but he wanted to get things right between them too.

She put her back to her door and Tony closed the space between them. The kiss he gave her then was hot and searching. His fingers dug into her hip and a hand tugged the back of her hair to tilt her head. He could feel her hand run up his back. That was promising. When he pulled back to breathe he could smell that scent of vanilla again. He breathed out heavily through his nose and tried to temper the ball of desire he felt in his gut.

Tony pressed his chest against hers and leaned in to kiss her again, taking a chance, he took a few tentative steps backward with her down the hall. She followed and made a breathy little mewl noise. Fuck. He pushed back forward and ran a hand through all that pretty blond hair. When she broke the kiss he leaned in and sucked on the skin below her ear. She made another tiny noise and he walked her a few feet further down the hall toward his room.

When she continued to let him lead her Tony slid a hand under the back of her button up top and traced his fingers down her spine. He continued that push and pull until they were through the door to his bedroom. She was breathing faster now and all Tony wanted was to get her on his bed.

He stepped on the heels of his shoes, sliding them off, and spun her so she was walking backwards. His hand came off her back and around to tug on the buttons of her blouse.

Her hands pushed his shirt up and he raised his arms to let it slide over his head. He was gratified to see her looking at his face and not staring at the arc reactor or the scars around it, but was distracted quick enough by the tug on his waist band. Oh, yes. Finally.

By the time he pushed her back onto his bed they’d stripped their clothes off. He took a moment to look her over. Long legs and big hips, strong core, pert breasts, those outrageous collar bones, and all that hair finally spread out over his sheets like he’d been fantasizing about.

He could see her throat move when she swallowed and he leaned down to run his lips over it. One of those wonderful legs came up outside his hip and Tony groaned into the underside of her jaw.

Fuck. Condom. Condom. He pulled back and leaned over to his bed stand. A quick rummage later and he was ripping the foil on the packet. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. The woman was sucking on the cords of his neck and dragging her hands down his back.

He managed to roll the condom on one handed and keep his knees under him. He slid a hand under her thigh and pulled her leg up further on his hip. Tony sucked in a breath when he felt her hand on him and he groaned aloud when she guided him into her. He panted for a second and then swallowed. One of her arms went around his neck and she leaned up to kiss him, her tongue sliding in his mouth. 

Tony’s hips lunged forward and oh, fuck he wanted more of her. He pulled back a bit and let his lips wrap around a pretty pink nipple. Above him he hear Four gasp. She rocked her hips and called his name in that breathy voice that always got him going. 

For the next while Tony’s mind was focused on smooth skin, and long hair, and her little cries of pleasure. He breathed through his nose and tried to hold on. When he felt his gut tightening in a way that was undeniable he slid his hand between them searching. Four gave a cry and he knew he’d found the right spot. He circled and titled his hips, thrusting and waiting. Her breathing shortened and he felt the muscles in her thighs start to twitch. Yes, yes, yes.

She called his name, gasped and tensed. Then Tony’s world was grasping slick muscle, and his back locking in a jagged rhythm, and oh. Oh God. Please. A groan tore out of his chest.

He dropped his forehead to her shoulder and panted. His muscles quivered in fatigue, but he picked his head up and kissed her. She ran her hands down his back and Tony sighed heavily. 

After a few moments he leaned back and gently disengaged himself. He reached down and pulled the condom off, stretching over to drop it in the trash, before flopping on his side next to her.

Tony took a moment to watch her watch him. Then he pulled the sheets free from beneath them and held his arm out to her. She smiled a sleepy satisfied smile that made him feel a little warm in his chest and then cuddled into his side. Tony drew the sheets over them and let his jaw rest against the top of her head before settling down to sleep.

His last thought was that the date with Four had been really, really good.

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