The Forge

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Disclaimer: I don’t own Iron Man and I don’t own Foals. I make no money from writing this little bit of fiction. I’m just using Marvel brand chalk on the sidewalk.

Chapter 19: Actions and Reactions

“I see a mountain in my way. It’s looming larger by the day. I see a darkness in my fate. I’ll drive my car without the brakes.” Mountain At My Gates Foals

Tony hadn’t joined Four. Not when JARVIS told him she was drinking alone in the kitchen. Not when Tony had been informed she’d gone to his bedroom to sleep. Not when the AI had told him she kept waking up from nightmares. Tony stayed in the lab and worked on the Mark VII until he worked out the bugs in the homing beacon. Then he started to upgrade the weapons tech. Halfway through that he’d put the Mark VII away and started making a Mark IV backpack with weapons for Four. Halfway through that he’d gone back to the Mark VII. 

He didn’t know how he felt. Tony didn’t express feelings very well. He knew the thought of her hurt or dead was intolerable. The other thing he knew was that if they split up he’d be poorer for it.

Tony wanted to call Pepper and apologize for being a stubborn ass. He wanted to tell her he got why she was freaked out by him going out and being Iron Man. There was a sinking feeling in his gut when he realized even when he saw things from her point of view, he wouldn’t give up being Iron Man.

Four said she was always Forge. He remember Happy saying it was the name she preferred. 

She was right. Tony had been Iron Man long before the cave in Afghanistan. He’d just lacked drive. He was comfortable in the life he had. Even back then, when his company still made weapons, he’d thought he’d been doing good with what he could do.

Tony wondered if that was how it was for Four. 

He couldn’t get rid of his brain anymore than she could get rid of her gift and Tony thought it was a gift. He just didn’t like the way she wanted to use it. Then Tony was back to thinking about Pepper.

He was Pepper. He didn’t like it. He didn’t want to be Pepper, especially because he knew that situation from the opposite side.

Of course that all became a moot point Friday morning when he went upstairs and saw Forge taking a trained SHIELD agent apart on his lawn. Tony could tell the red head was holding back, but so was Four. He knew then that she was going to go out into the world as Forge whether he agreed with it or not, just like him and Iron Man.

If Tony wanted to give Iron Man to the world, there was no one who should stop him from doing it. Fuck. Tony went back to building the Mark IV backpack for Four. 

When JARVIS told him Four was upstairs in his bathroom taking a shower he dropped his work and went up after her. She was rinsing the shampoo from her hair when he stepped in behind her. He didn’t even give her time to say anything. 

Four turned when he walked into the shower and he crossed the tile floor in three steps. He wrapped his hand in all that long wet blonde hair and pulled her head back to kiss her. She squeaked a bit but he didn’t let up. Tony walked her back to the tile wall and thrust his tongue passed her lips. Four gave a bit of a muffled huff before her arms slid up his back. That was all the okay Tony needed. 

He used his foot to nudge one of her legs out and pressed his hips to her. One hand stayed in her hair and the other slid between their bodies. He ran a finger along the side of his cock before slipping the digit between her folds and searching. 

Tony pulled back from the kiss and tilted her head with his hand before sliding his mouth down her neck. He stopped to nip at her collar bones and then down at her nipple. He tongued it for a bit, and traced his hand from her neck to her hip. Then he closed his lips around her pretty pink nipple and sucked. She gave a small mewl and rocked her hips. 

He purposefully rubbed the side of his goatee across her chest as he moved to her other nipple and gave it similar treatment. His hands spanned her ribs and he stopped to place a kiss on her breast bone. Then Tony was sliding to his knees on the tile, and wasn’t that uncomfortable. Fuck it. He placed a teasing trail of kisses along her belly and the crease of her hip before hiking her leg over his shoulder.

“Tony,” he looked up to see Four looking down at him. 

Tony paused to place a sucking open mouth kiss on her inner thigh before parting her and spearing her clit with his tongue. Four’s hips jerked and he grabbed a hold of them. 

He tracked the tip of his tongue around her opening before flicking the tip across it. Above him Four moaned and tried to rock her hips. Tony slid his tongue up, and up, until he hit her clit again. Then he flattened his tongue, sealed his lips around it, and started listening to the sounds she made.

“Fuck,” she gasped and her hips twitched again. He circled a bit faster. “Tony,” she cried. Her hand was in his hair by then and he could tell by the tension in her fingers she didn’t know whether to pull or push. Tony took a moment to pull back and flick over her rapidly with just the tip of his tongue. Four cried loudly and inarticulately then. Then he sealed his lips around just her nub and sucked. He was mostly holding her up propped against the wall and her hips were a bit freer to move. Tony let her ride his face for a moment before squeezing her hip and moving back to flicking. 

He listened as she started a chant of “Oh. Oh, oh, oh.” He could feel her thigh tensing and relaxing against his shoulder and knew she was close. Tony released her hip with his left hand and slid it down between her legs. She was so very wet, and he took a moment to rub the pads of his first two fingers around her entrance. Four cried out his name and Tony rolled his jaw and flattened his tongue back out to circle. Two of his fingers slid inside her and he turned his wrist to crook them where he knew she liked. It was only a few thrusts later that she started an inarticulate string of moans and cries that crescendo into a grunt and whimpers.

Tony slowly lowered her leg off his shoulder and held onto her hips again. She was weak kneed and shaking. That was fine. She wasn’t going to stand long. Once Tony gained his feet he hooked his hands under her ass and picked her up. Her back slapped the wall and Tony was between her splayed thighs. 

Four gasped and then mewled when he captured her mouth with his. In one smooth thrust Tony was in. He knew his grip on her ass had to be bruising but she didn’t protest. Tony slammed himself up into her almost brutally. He could hear the sounds coming from his own mouth now. Hoarse cries and shouts. She swiveled her hips a bit and he cursed. 

Tony shuffled his position grasping her a bit so he was leaning most of her weight on the wall and she was only slightly propped on his forearm. The other hand went back between her thighs. When he got a good position he pinched her clit and she almost screamed. That just made Tony fuck her harder.

His mind was consumed with up. Up. In. Deeper. Fuck. Somehow he managed to get the pad of his thumb pressed to her clit and he was bouncing her so hard he didn’t even really have to move his hand. He felt her legs clench around him and she tossed her head. Tony leaned forward and bit at the spot on her neck she liked so much. He wanted a mark there. The heavy feeling was gathering in his balls. He could feel them slapping against her ass. Tony wanted harder.

Fuck. Fuck yes. In. In. He pressed a bit harsher with his thumb and this time Four cried out so loudly it rung in the tile shower. She grunted and her back arched. Her pussy clamped down on him and he was up on his toes. His hips pushed up and in, in, and fire was shooting through his cock. Tony felt the yell tear up through his chest. His balls drew up tight against him and the muscles in his ass clenched. In. Fuck. Yes. Georgia was whimpering next to his ear and his orgasm dragged on and on. He couldn’t breathe or see. His world was his cock, the sucking pull of her muscles, and the breath on his neck. Then it was like his strings were cut. 

Tony fell back on his heels and scrabbled at the wall to keep from falling backwards. His knees wobbled. The hand on Georgia slipped and they both almost went down in the shower. When they finally gained balance her chest was smashed against his and Tony had slipped out of her. He rested his forehead against her temple for a minute and felt her muscles trembling as hard as his own. 

This woman shouldn‘t have to hide, and whether she hid or not her life was going to be at risk. Her life had always been at risk. Tony was going to keep her. He was going to go with her. God help the sad bastard who went after her.

Georgia turned her head and kissed up his neck to his mouth. Tony slid his hands from her shoulders down her arms and just enjoyed kissing her for awhile. He had a moment to thank unlimited hot water. When they pulled apart she rested her forehead against his collar bone and Tony could still feel his heart hammering.

“I’m sorry,” he hummed.

Georgia tilted her head back against the wall and looked up at him. 

“I get it,” he murmured. They were who they were, and the only way to stay out of corners was to shove the people trying to put you there out of the way.

She wrapped a hand around the back of his neck and tugged some. He bent his head down and she kissed him again. “Good.”

She didn’t finish her shower. The both of them could barely stand and Tony let her help him towel off. His back hurt like hell and his thigh throbbed but he didn’t care. Once they were semi dry he herded her to the bed with his body and collapsed into it next to her. He felt Georgia tug the sheet free and it settled over his body. Tony reached out for her and pulled her into his arms against his chest. Within moments he was asleep. He dreamed about playing backgammon with Yinsen.


Forge had napped for a few hours and then slid out of Tony’s embrace. The man looked exhausted still. He’d shocked her busting in on her shower like that. Tony had moved like a man possessed. She was pretty sure she had hand prints on her ass and a bruise forming on the back of her left shoulder. Not to mention the bite mark by her neck and beard burn on her chest. It seemed Tony had been feeling possessive. 

Forge took a moment to stretch, feeling a dull pull between her legs that spoke of muscles well used. Her hair was a little stiffer than normal, having missed conditioner. Well worth it though. If that was the way the man apologized she was going to have to let him screw up more. She chuckled softly to herself.

She got dressed and headed down the stairs in her socks. Forge was starving and in the mood for something Italian. When she reached the kitchen she spotted Natasha in the living room watching TV. 

The red head turned to her and griped, “I had to come all the way down here and I could still hear highlights.”

Forge couldn’t stop the silly smile from forming on her face. She hummed happily. “Make up sex.”

Natasha’s lips quirked. “Apparently Stark is doing something right.”

Forge’s smile grew toothy. The agent rolled her eyes and went back to her program.

Stomach growling Forge wandered into the kitchen and started the makings of lunch. She was waiting for the noodles to finish boiling when Natasha flipped to the news and their peaceful day was ruined.

“In a last minute change to the presentation roster, reclusive Military tech designer Benjamin Volek former employee of KoleTech Industries, will be speaking tonight at the recently reopened Stark Expo.” 

The reporter wasn’t what Forge was looking at. It was the picture of the man named Benjamin Volek. The older looking man was on the pudgy side and had thin graying hair brushed back from his forehead. Her eyes lingered on the ropey white scar tissue above his right eye. 

“Only this morning, KoleTech founder Nicholas Vandimir, announced that Volek would be opening his own bio weapons division, the Xenix Foundation, in partnership with KoleTech.” The woman continued on but Forge wasn’t listening.

“JARVIS get Tony up,” Forge commanded.

Natasha looked between the news report and Forge’s paling face. “The Xenix Foundation. That’s the name the arms dealer gave Stark,” she stated.

Forge felt herself nod but she was busy giving JARVIS more instructions. “Bring up all the information you can find on Benjamin Volek would you JARVIS?”

“Of course, Miss. Shall I inform sir it is an emergency?”

“Yes,” she breathed. This definitely qualified as emergency. “Go ahead JARVIS.”

“You recognize Volek?” The agent said it in a way that made it more of a statement.

“Volek,” and Forge was not startled she almost spit the name. “I don’t know if that’s his real name or not. I know him as Doctor Pittman. He was my therapist through FOKUS and the man responsible for running the experiments they did on me.”

Tony came stumbling down the stairs a bit. “Did I hear that right?”

Forge nodded. “I thought he’d died,” she continued. She couldn’t remember seeing him on her way out of the facility, but then she was busy at the time. Forge had just assumed he had died in the ensuing chaos. She wondered if that scar on his face was from back then, because he hadn’t had it when she knew him.

Tony turned to Romanoff. “You said FOKUS was destroyed.”

Romanoff turned to him. “As far as SHIELD is concerned it was. We didn’t exactly have a full roster of people involved with them. They didn’t hit SHIELD’s radar until after the town’s destruction.”

“How did I never know he was out there? He works for a military tech company,” Forge cried.

“Volek is not a name I’ve heard and I used to be a military tech company,” Tony comforted her.

Forge shook her head. “Your expo has shit luck with presenters.” First Hammer, now Pittman or Volek. Whatever.

“I need to go out there,” Tony announced.

“What? Can’t we just have SHIELD pick him up?” Forge asked.

“Volek’s presentation is in under three hours.” Romanoff commented. “We can have a team there,” she continued.

“And take the risk that he’s the only one there,” Tony asked. “He comes out of his science dungeon to go on national TV the day after I bust up his weapons manufacturer. He’s calling us out.“ He concluded. “What’s the chance he thinks Four won’t recognize him?”

“He had me followed. He knows my behavior patterns. He knows my past. There is no way he wouldn’t know I would peg him as soon as I saw his face.” Forge ranted a bit. “You don’t forget someone who straps you down and does a biopsy without anesthetic!” She cried, breathing heavily.

Tony moved across the room and wrapped her up in a hug. She buried her face in his shoulder. She was trembling, but it was from fury not fear. “I go.” Forge whipped her head up to look at him. “You send a team to meet me. We grab the guy and interrogate him.” He continued. 

Forge opened her mouth to argue but Tony cut her off. “It’s a six hour flight by plane. You’re suit is not meant for long distance travel yet,” he reminded.

“I could get on the plane and meet you there,” she protested.

“Nah,” he brushed a piece of hair over her shoulder. “All the good stuff would be over by the time you got to the Expo.”

Natasha was on the phone when Forge glanced at her. “I don’t like it,” she continued to Tony. “He’s expecting us. He waves himself under my nose like this. It stinks, Tony.”

“You and Romanoff button up here. He called us out. I’m going to answer,” Tony declared roughly.

“Natasha?” Forge questioned. She wanted the agent’s opinion because Forge couldn’t see all the angles on the problem.

The red head talked for a few more seconds and then hung up. “A team will meet you at the Expo. You’ll pick up Volek for interrogation. We’ll find his base of operations for Xenix and go in,” she laid down the game plan.

Forge grit her teeth. “Then I should definitely be on my way to New York.

She watched the agent shake her head. “You and I are headed for the SHIELD helicarrier. It’ll be stationed in the New York New Jersey Bight. That’s were they’ll bring Volek,” she explained.

Okay. She could get behind that. As long as she wasn’t left behind in Malibu again.

“You’re wearing the suit,” Tony commanded.

Like she’d go without it.


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