The Forge

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Chapter 21: Working on a Jailbreak

“See I’ve been working on a jailbreak. Got no time for a mistake. Any moment till the day breaks. No more time to get to know you.” Jailbreak Awolnation

When Tony got to the house he knew Four was gone. Romanoff was walking through the front yard checking bodies alone.

“Where is she?” He asked the question anyways. Hoping maybe she was passed out somewhere. He knew it was a futile hope. JARVIS was still tracking her chip.

Romanoff shook her head, and dust fell from her hair. “Gone.” Tony grit his teeth as the hot wind of rage blew through him. “There were maybe five assailants who made it out, but it was enough to haul her with them,” the agent elaborated.

Tony swore viciously and then surveyed the scene of his home’s devastation again. “Any of them still alive?” God help them if they were because Tony would beat Four’s end destination out of them. He knew the answer before he saw Romanoff’s scowl.

“No,” she shook her head again. “Poison.”

“Fuck,” he yelled again.

“Throwing a tantrum isn’t going to get her back, Stark. We need intel.” The way her voice remained level pissed him off even more.

“JARVIS. Where is Four’s GPS now?”

Romanoff turned sharply to look at him. 

“Currently moving at considerable speed to the North East, sir. The coordinates read over Nevada.”

Tony turned to the agent. “She has a GPS chip in her hand.” He repeated the location JARVIS gave him.

“Go,” she commanded. “I’ll follow once my ride gets here. Keep me updated,” she demanded.

Tony didn’t need to hear anymore. For the third time that day he changed direction. “JARVIS. How’s that mainframe access coming?”

“Working to breach the final firewall now, sir.”

“Good. Let me know what you find.”

Those people, Tony thought. They had no idea what they had just done. He would get Four back and he would wipe the Xenix Foundation off the face of the Earth.

Tony thought about Four telling him about Dr. Pittman’s past treatment of her. He remembered her claiming she was a superhero. He remember the day he’d come back from New Jersey and the way she had admitted to having PTSD. Tony hoped he would get her back in one piece.


Somewhere between Malibu and where she ended up, Forge swum back to consciousness. It was caught quickly though and the man next to her rather brutally stabbed her with a sedative. Before Forge passed back out she had a moment to quip, ‘rude,’ to herself.

When she came to the second time she knew she was in deep shit. Before she even opened her eyes she could recognize the smell. Plastic and glass, an overwhelming stink of chemicals that was fresher than last time because they‘d had less time to plan. And still headache inducing.

Forge expected panic at the knowledge she was in another plastic box, instead she was surprised by how funny she found it. She wondered if she was slightly hysterical or just out of fuck‘s to give. Either way she kept her eyes closed and took stock of her situation. This wasn’t the first time she’d run this particular rodeo.

She was strapped to an upright surface with scratchy belting. Whatever it was, it was tight enough and strong enough to keep her from slipping down while dangling upright. They had stripped her of the rest of the suit and her under suit to boot. She could tell she was in the spandex shorts and sports bra she’d taken to wearing underneath the thing. 

Her toes were cold. Her fingers were cold and she fought off a shiver at the knowledge she was underground again. Forge concentrated for a moment and felt the reassuring zing of metal in her consciousness. All nine implants were right where they were supposed to be. Bully for her.

She knew from experience they would come the moment they thought she was awake. So Forge hung lax and just surveyed her surroundings with her eyes closed. Two stories above her the dull feeling of non metal gave way to screws, wires, and pipes. 

Advantage one, Forge thought, she had metal on her person they had not detected. If they came down with only the doctor, or less than three guards, she had a good chance of killing them and getting closer to large slabs of what she needed. Advantage two, they were working on old or limited intel about her powers. 

Forge took a moment to sense a possible passageway and then experimentally worked a screw from a vent two stories up loose. Above her there was a bit of a plinking noise and she had to work not to grimace in reflex. Yup. She called the screw down the airshaft and let it rest next to the plastic vent above her head.

Disadvantage one, she did not have enough metal to protect herself from further sedation. Disadvantage two, she was further down in the ground than she could sense. So more than two stories. That was a long way to fight up. They’d buried her deeper this time.

Advantage three, the GPS chip should still be transmitting which meant Tony was on his way. She had no idea when he’d get there though. Forge figured she’d listen for explosions.

She took another moment to pull a screw from a different area to the stockpile she was planning above her head. It plinked again, but no one came to investigate.

She tried to think like Romanoff. There was probably only going to be one shot at an escape. Which meant she would have to see how they approached her without attacking the first time. If she jumped the gun she could make her situation much worse.

Forge had a lot of options to go through. When, how, what, visualize, she reminded herself. Another plink from above her and still no response from guards or doctors. Forge breathed in through her nose and went about the business of plotting a jail break, stealing metal one small piece at a time.

She estimated it was about two hours later that they got tired of waiting for her to wake up. The sound of boots on hollow stairs came from far in front of her. She counted twelve steps before a door at the end of the hallway thudded open. There were multiple sets, which made it difficult to distinguish, but she thought it was twenty two or four steps from the door to her cell. A click sounded and she knew it would be an old style plastic bolt, they couldn’t afford electronics by her. 

Lighting was always a problem for them in the past, and it seemed that hadn’t changed. Anything that could emit a glow usually involved wires, so they’d stuck to old school candles in the past. That seemed to be the way they went again. That meant it was harder for them to see her and easier for her eyes to adjust.

Guard two was a naughty boy and had metal fillings in two of his teeth. As a twenty year old Forge wouldn’t have been able to rip them out, wouldn’t have even thought of it, but Forge was thirty six now.

A slap across the face brought her out of her thoughts. Yeah. She was gonna shred them and not feel bad about it at all. She opened her eyes.

“Hello againm Georgia. You’ve made quite a nuisance of yourself.”

“Hi, Doctor Nick,” she sassed as she catalogued the location and position of the doctor and guards. Four guards, one doc, all armed with sedative darts. “You’re face has looked better.”

He smiled at her. “As has yours.“ He gestured to the ropey scar above his eyebrow. “A memento of our last visit,” he explained easily. 

“Well Doc Quinn, I do apologize for it not being more pleasant,” she kept her voice as sweet as sugar.

“Yes, well, thankfully this visit will not last as long,” he commented.

She wondered if this was the part where he spilled his evil plan. Whatever. She got extra sarcastic when stressed.

Guard three stepped forward and jabbed a bone needle in her arm. Asshole. She was dubbing him Igor. Forge tried not to flinch and tilted her head down to watch the syringe fill with her blood. So, this again. 

They wouldn’t get reactions of horror from her this time. She knew she was a superhero now. 

“Don’t worry Georgia,” Dr. Dastardly reassured. “We’ll have everything we need from you in the next day or so. Then, you’re free to go.”

Ha. Who did Dr. Delusional think he was fooling. It was so very sweet of him to give her a timetable though. He left after that. Witty banter had never been his thing.

Five minutes later, Guard three was back for her blood with a pint bag. When she sassed him he punched her in the mouth. When she asked him if he‘d had surgery to remove the back hump, he worked over her ribs. Forge was tempted to put one of her implants through his forehead, but held off. Guard one had stayed in the stairwell and Georgia hadn’t worked out of her restraints yet.

Advantage four, surveillance equipment had metal in it. There were no cameras down in Forge’s cell. She was going to make sure to make them regret that.


It seemed Benjamin Volek had missed his speaking appearance. Tony had been informed by SHIELD agents stationed at the Expo that Volek had never shown up. Instead his second, Bronson, had given the talk in Volek’s place and was currently sitting in SHIELD custody for it.

Four had been missing for almost seven hours now. Tony had tracked her GPS across the continental United States. She’d obviously been on a plane, one which landed in the Capital City airport just over five hours after take off. From there she traveled up the five eighty one to an area outside of the city.

“Sir, I have gained access to the Xenix Foundation’s mainframe.”

Fuck yes. “Lay it on me J.”

“They are headquartered in Marysville, Pennsylvania.”

What do you know? Four‘s GPS said she was there too. Several sets of documents flashed up in miniature. “Tell me what I’m looking at J. Can’t fly and read.”

“Dr. Benjamin Volek has partnered with Baron Jon Bronson and created plans to genetically engineer soldiers using mutant DNA. The results so far are unstable and result in test subject fatality within minutes to hours. There are contract orders for several private military forces. One of which is labeled as metal wielders.”

Tony clenched his jaw. So Volek and this Bronson guy wanted Four’s DNA to make a force of soldiers that could do what she could. He took a moment to internally shudder at the thought. An army like that would be devastating on the scale of the introduction of the nuclear weapon. 

“Is Vandimir in on it?” Tony needed to know exactly who to crush.

“It does not appear so, sir. Volek is keeping his genetic testing records on a private server. There are records that indicate KoleTech is being used as a new funding source. Money is being funneled from a legitimate project to the testing laboratory.” JARVIS continued.

Well, Tony thought, it can’t be cheap to scrub backgrounds of hired soldiers. Especially when Four kept killing them. Also not cheap to fund an illegal weapons manufacturer, especially when you blow it up. He understood the security better now. Xenix and Volek couldn’t afford to be linked to their under the table dealings or the shiny new funding from KoleTech would be pulled. 

If only they had stayed away from Four they might have squeaked by long enough under SHIELD’s radar to have some success.

“Get me an address JARVIS.”

“2100 Legacy Lane Marysville, Pennsylvania, sir.”

What do you know? Tony was looking right at it.


Tony had been surveying the low brick laboratory building for twenty minutes before Romanoff got there. It was a struggle not to go in ahead of time. They could be doing anything to Four in there. 

JARVIS had alerted him there was a quinjet landing a bit out. When Tony flew over to meet Romanoff he found she had brought a friend. 

Clint Barton stepped off the jet behind the red head, his ever present bow on his back. Tony still thought a bow as a super agent’s weapon was stupid but he wasn’t going to complain about the backup.

JARVIS flashed the blueprints for the building across his HUD again and Tony detailed them for the two agents with him.

There was a single ground level comprised of offices, three sub levels, then a lone fourth. The first sub level housed what looked like barracks and containment units for two other mutants. The second, a set of rooms, as well as what appeared to be testing facilities. The third was Volek’s and Bronson’s offices and medical labs. Two floors further into the Earth, connected by what JARVIS surmised was a plastic stairwell, was a single hallway and cell. They were also plastic. 

Everyone there knew who that cell was for. Tony felt his rage like a pool of lava bubbling in his gut. 

His scanning radar went a little wonky the deeper into the building he went. JARVIS could interpret the readings to say there were twenty men inside or fifty. He couldn’t even get a reading on whether the cell at the bottom was occupied. Tony didn’t need it though. The GPS told the story there. He had a moment to scoff at himself, and he had thought the woman was crazy.

“You want to go up and ring the bell?” He asked Romanoff flippantly.

Barton was the one that shook his head. “We have to be careful how we approach this or we could end up with a hostage situation,” he reminded.

Fuck. Four could only defend herself from a gun or knife if it was metal and she was awake. 

“Do we know if Volek is in there?” Romanoff asked.

“Yeah,” Tony cut in. “He walked in the front doors about two hours ago.”

The three of them passed ideas back and forth about egress routes and contingencies based on the number of possible armed security. During that time Tony had JARVIS dumping everything non-Four related in the Xenix database to SHIELD. He wanted to bury the bastards, but he needed to check Four’s files for things to redact first. 

After fifteen minutes of strategizing the problems circled around to one. They needed to get down to Four before the bad guys knew they were under attack. Once they got her moving then they could blow the place to hell.

“We need to get to Georgia,” Romanoff started them off. Tony was still a little weirded out how the two woman used their real first names for each other. It seemed they had grown close while he was in New York. “I can sneak in and get down to her,” she turned to Clint. “After I’ve got her, you and Stark cause a distraction to cover our escape.”

“What about Volek?” Barton asked adjusting his communication ear piece.

Tony felt his jaw clench and eyes narrow behind his face plate. “Leave him to me.”

They made their way through the woods around the lab and positioned themselves. Before Romanoff could start to make her way across the open lawn to a side window there was a wrenching sound, yelling, and glass shattering from somewhere in the building. Alarms started to blare from within.

Romanoff and Barton looked at each other. “I don’t think she’s waiting for us,” Barton quipped.

Tony kicked his repulsors on and flew head on toward the building.

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