Skye's Anal Quest

BY : TheChemist
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Ward contemplated what to do about the raunchy revenge sex tape that Skye had made for him, with the help of Fitz and Simmons. By the time the video ended it was late and he doubted that Skye would still be around in the training facility but he tried anyway. She wasn't there, nor was she in any of the other common areas of the plan so that meant it would have to wait until tomorrow to have the conservation with her. 

"Ward, just the man I wanted to see," Coulson said, bumping into the agent outside his room.

"Sir. How can I help," Ward offered.

"We rendez vous with your old SO tomorrow at 06:00. I just thought you'd like to be part of the welcoming party," Phil shared.

"I'll be there sir."

The pair said their farewells but suddenly an idea, a wicked little idea in fact struck the SHIELD agent like a hammer blow from Thor himself. He went straight to his bunk and withdrew a radio that he knew he could always reach his old SO John Garrett on with privacy. He was so excited by the possibility that he rambled over the air with Garrett like a little schoolgirl.

"Interesting. I like how your mind thinks Ward," Garrett's crackling voice came through over the radio. "I'll run it by Trip but I've been with the guy for 3 years so I feel confident that he'll be game."

"Perfect sir. See you tomorrow. Over and out."

* * *

Coulson didn't make it mandatory for the whole team to meet senior officer John Garrett or agent Antoine Triplett, better known simply as Trip. However, to his happiness they all woke up early and met the pair in the hangar as Garrett landed his two-man plane onto the much bigger Bus.

Skye shook hands with both men and noted how good looking of a man Garrett was for an older guy as he clearly stayed in shape. He had aged gracefully and still maintained a ruggedness about him that did it for Skye. Meanwhile Trip was a tall glass of chocolate milk, his ebony skin mixed with the tall, dark and handsome thing making her tingle between the thighs.

However, her mind couldn't stop replaying the conversation she had briefly with Ward in the hallway before the two newcomers landed on the Bus. Her bumping into Ward was completely by luck as she didn't know when she'd see him again after her revenge porn video. But rather then being pissed at her, or even avoid her like the plague, he was excited.

Several minutes earlier...

"Oh...sorry," Skye apologized as she and Ward almost walked into each other as they rounded the same corner from opposite directions. 

There was a brief awkward pause until Ward's face broke into an ear-to-ear smile. "Thank you so much for the little video last night. I absolutely loved it!"

Skye didn't detect even a hint of sarcasm in his tone. "What video?"

"You know, the one of you fucking Fitz and Simmons," he said in a quiet voice. 

"What the hell? What do you mean you loved it," Skye said, not keeping her voice low at all. 

"It was so incredibly hot. It's what I always wanted the end game of this relationship to be. Us fucking our way through SHIELD, though I'd like it a bit more if we did it together but taping it for each other is a fine consolation," Ward explained. 

Skye could only stare at the handsome man in utter disbelief. She was trying to get her revenge on the two-timing son of a bitch, but instead he loved her performance. She had lost her anal virginity, hooked up in her first threesome and fooled around with butt toys with SHIELD's second-in-command Maria Hill all for nothing.

"So thank you and I've taken the liberty of organizing a little surprise for you tonight at the Hub base. What do you say," he asked.

Skye was silent for awhile, weighing up the implications. She thought about stalling her answer and consulting with Maria or Simmons but then wiped that from her mind. Instead, Ward watched as her tough look lessened before nodding her head. He returned a smile at her then headed off away from her. 

* * *

"Wait! So he actually enjoyed our...your video," Simmons asked as the two ladies talked at the base.

"Insane right. So he has something planned for me tonight," Skye agreed.

"What is it?"

"No idea. I don't even know when or where," the hacker added. 

Skye would start receiving those answers after dinner. The Bus had landed in the early afternoon at one of SHIELD's bases called the Hub. Coulson had business to attend to and gave the team the night off. Skye didn't schedule anything since she was waiting for Ward's surprise and he kept her waiting hours until finally her communicator buzzed.

"Room 4016. Fourth floor. Dress in what I bought you in Monaco. Take the staircase in the northwest corner. You have 1 minute 30 seconds to dress and get through the door before an alarm will sound if opened afterwards. Go."

Skye cursed then flung the communicator on her bed and headed for her bag. She knew exactly what Ward wanted and found it easily enough. The gorgeous girl with piercing eyes stripped out of her clothes as fast as Quicksilver could have done and threw on the outfit her man specified. She through a short beige trench coat over herself before smoothing out her silky hair and headed out the door. 

It was late enough that there wasn't a lot of activity out in the halls but she was sure the clicking of her black high heels was sure to garner the attention of those around. However even with the pumps on she made it to the right door in less than 20 seconds, and after a quick scan to make sure no one was watching she pushed the door open.

No alarm rang out so Skye walked through and closed it tightly behind her. Knowing Ward, he likely allotted her a limited amount of time to get through every checkpoint so she didn't waste time and claimed the 4 flights of stairs. She glanced through the window in the door and confirmed no one was in the hall before opening and stepping onto the cement floor.

"Room 4010, 4012, 4014..." she counted before reaching a small hallway before the next door.

She turned the corner and found that it was a shallow recess but she felt more protected now that she was off of the main strip. In front of her was only one door with the right room number that Ward had told her about. To confirm that she was where she was supposed to be was the fact that the door stood slightly ajar, allowing her to enter inside without knocking.

"No turning back now," she thought to herself.

She took one last deep breath but she knew that nothing was going to turn her away from opening the door. She was too excited and far too horny for that, hell she could already feel the puddle formed in her panties. Banishing any last worries, she put her hand on the edge of the metal, pushed it far enough to slide through then closed it behind her.

She took in the scene in front of her. Apparently room 4016 was meant for important people as the place was at least 4 times as big as her simple bunk four floors below. It had a large living space with a sofa and a few chairs, an office off to the left and through glass French doors Skye could see the bedroom. Oh, and the room came complete with 2 handsome and hungry looking men.

"Garrett. Trip," Skye called out in surprise.

"Skye," Garrett replied with a wide, almost predatory smile. "So nice of you to join us."

Skye was in disbelief that this was the thing that Ward had arranged for her for the evening. Sure, she found both men attractive in their own way, but why would the guy who was her boyfriend want to watch her be fucked by two of his better friends.

"She seems...unsettled," Trip commented.

The athletic black man sauntered up over to Skye and rounded her, checking her out despite the fact the jacket she wore concealed her body. He decided to do something about that by placing his hands on either side of the jacket up by her neckline while behind her. Skye got the hint and undid the tied belt that kept the coat cinched, allowing Trip to peel it down off her arms.

"You probably have questions so let me sum this up. Our good friend Ward is what society would call a sexual pervert. He's watching through the camera system he installed in here, wanting us to pound you senseless. Questions," Garrett asked before waiting a few seconds in silence added. "Perfect."

"Hot damn," Trip called out. "Look at this fine ass girl."

The short but curvy girl was standing mere feet away from him dressed in only a short, black silk nightgown and a pair of matching high heels. Ward had picked it out for her weeks ago and the gown only covered just below her thick ass, showing off plenty of her strong legs that glistened in the dim lighting due to the lotion she used on them.

"Truly love," the older man added, coming up and joining the duo. 

Skye felt his massive fist close lightly enough around her chin and tilt her head up further so that she was looking him right in his eyes. She had seconds to decide if this was something she wanted to go through. After all, she had only just had her first threesome a few days ago and now she was jumping into another one with two strangers all while her boyfriend sat and jerked off to it.

However once the older man leaned down and kissed her deeply on the lips, Skye's worries and thoughts of fleeing vanished. Her lips relaxed and opened as she took his tongue into her mouth while she felt another set of hands starting to roam her body from behind. Then John Garrett did something that let her know that she was definitely not in control of the rendez vous as his hand slid from her chin and closed around her throat.

"You ready to receive a fucking that you will never, ever forget about you anal slut," he said with menace in his voice.

Skye was stunned but surprised herself by choking out, "Yes sir."

The older and more heavyset Garrett relaxed the clutch he had around her throat but kept it there while his other paw immediately started pawing at her left breast, pulling down the cover of the skimpy nightgown to knead with excessive force. Agent Triplett wasn't going to miss out on the fun as the other man lifted up her skirt and kneaded her perfectly round butt.

"Nice firm tits you got," Garrett told her. "Ward's done well for himself."

"And this ass is really fine too," Trip added. "I mean it looked amazing in those tight pants you wore earlier, but having this bare flesh in my hands have made me appreciate it even more."

Garrett's lip lock with the girl half his age was interrupted when Trip pushed her forward but used his hands to make sure she only bent at the waist. Liking his prot�g�'s idea, the older man walked his slave forward so her hands rested on a wall with her plump ass stuck out towards both men.

"You guys seem to like my ass a little bit," Skye commented, growing more comfortable with the arrangement.

The younger agent already had flipped her nightgown onto her back to expose her great ass with only a thin strong of panties separating her firm cheeks. Trip did away with that last barrier by hooking it up and over one of her curvy cheeks so both agents could look at her pink pussy lips and puckered asshole.

"Pull it apart and give us a good view sweetie," Garrett's smooth voice instructed.

Skye showed no hesitation as she reached both arms back behind her and did as the man had told her. She pulled her cheeks apart and in the process gaped her asshole enough to give both men a preview of what was to come. They could make out the smooth light pink inwards of her asshole and almost drooled over the sight.

"Move your hands," Trip said after admiring for a short period of time.

Skye did as she was told but may have rethought that if she knew that what awaited her were more than a dozen hard slaps. Both men got in on the fun as they held little back as they repeatedly smacked her curvy bottom, turning the slightly olive skin complexion a dark shade of red. They even had Skye participate as well, having her spank her own sore ass for the hell of it.

Just when she didn't think she could take more, one of them spun her around and pulled her nightgown off her amazingly fit body, leaving her in only her panties and heels. A hand went to each of her freed tits and squeezed the nipple until both were rock hard from their pinching, but that felt good. As did when Trip roamed his hand down her flat stomach, into her thong and started blasting two fingers deep in her gushing twat.

"Oh God! Yes," she screamed, all the punishment making the reward of being fingered so much better.

The young agent didn't simply stop at getting her engine revved. He kept plunging his fingers in and out of her pussy, being sure to curl the digits when they were fully inserted to get her G spot. Skye was constantly spewing moans and begging for more until he finally drove deep inside her and grinded his palm into her clit.

"OH MY LORD," Skye bellowed as she came all over his fingers in record time.

"Here...taste," he told her.

Skye kept her eyes shut tightly from the intense orgasm but opened her mouth and waited for what was sure to be his cum-coated fingers. He didn't disappoint as Skye felt him leave her snatch before depositing them in her mouth. She quickly closed her mouth around the two digits and sucked them clean, noting how sweet and tasty her pussy juice truly was.

Skye felt the fingers slid along her plump lips as Trip removed them completely from her mouth once she got the entire flavor from his ebony skin. After a few seconds no one touched her so she opened her eyes and found that the doors leading into the bedroom were wide open and both men stood in front of the bed.

"Crawl like a dog to us," the more senior man ordered.

Skye was feeling all the sexual energy in the room and listened again to the man's command. She dropped to her hands and knees and degraded herself by slowly walking on all fours towards the men. She had stepped out of her lingerie but the thong remained around her thighs, but that didn't stop her from crawling all the way into the bedroom to join the two men.

As Skye rocked back onto her heels she was aware that both men had discarded their clothing while she made her way to them. Their cocks were equally awesome and massive in their own way. Garrett's was as thick as her wrist and she briefly worried how that would fit in her pussy, much less her asshole. Trip's on the other hand was skinnier but made up for that with standing a proud foot in length, made all the more enticing by the sheen his dark skin reflected.

"I hope these big, hard cocks are for me," Skye asked with a wide grin plastered on her beautiful face.

Skye wasted no time in licking both hands before wrapping the damp fist around each cock to her left and right. She gave each a few tugs before leaning in and taking Trip into her mouth, bringing him as deep as she could until his head butted against the back of the throat. For most men getting 6 inches of their member into her mouth would mean her nose was in their pubic hair but Trip still had another 6 inches of cock that she used her hand to please.

As she peeled her lips away from Trip after a few more moments and turned to face Garrett, she realized that her thumb and index finger weren't able to close around his girthy tool. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she pushed him inside though could only get 3 of his healthy 7 inches wet. Her lips were just able to completely engulf his dickhead while her tongue went about licking the entire surface of his sensitive skin.

"Mmhm...awwhh," the men groaned in unison as she took turns bouncing between their two cocks.

Wanting to get more of his dick wet with her saliva, the 22-year-old freed his tip from her mouth. Extending her tongue she ran it's moistened surface down one side of his baseball bat-thick member until she reached his base. The hacker was able to do this while still stroking the other man's cock with her free hand, getting grunts of approval from him. With her hands and mouth working at the same time, Skye licked down and took turns open-mouth kissing Garrett's equally large nuts before returning to the base and licking up the other side of his member.

"Oh my God, you guys taste so good," Skye moaned, loving her job of blowing both men.

Turning her attention to the younger agent, the leggy girl repeated the same actions she had just done with Garrett. Focusing purely on Trip for the time being she bobbed her head towards his groin until his head reached the back of her throat. Having learnt the technique years ago when she was a teenager and practicing it regularly since, she pushed her head even further forward, forcing his lengthy shaft down her throat. Fighting the urge to gag she kept forcing more of his member into her gullet until her lips were now pressed firmly against the short curly pubic hair above his cock.

"Wow that's impressive," the burly man commented, amazed the talented 22-year-old could take a cock nearly a foot in length deep into her throat.

Skye loved showing off that oral move especially since it always blew the men's minds, but now she pulled back off his cock. Trip's cock was lengthier than most so she coughed and gasped for oxygen slightly once he was free of her throat causing long strands of saliva to stretch out and connect his shaft to her mouth. Proving to her new sexual conquests that the deepthroating was no fluke, she collected her breath before swallowing the strings of her spit and impaling his cock down her throat for a second time. 

"Fuck," Skye gasped in one of the few moments her mouth wasn't being stuff with dick. "I love sucking cock!"

Skye had whipped herself up into such a sexual frenzy that her actions were in overdrive. She pulled both their dicks until they were only a foot away from each other's tip, allowing her to switch readily between them. She parted her lips just enough to form a tight seal as she ran them along the side of Garrett's cock several times before doing the same to Trip's. She kept doing this for a spell, sometimes opening wider and sucking their tips a few times then doing likewise to the other agent.

Finally she turned back to give more quality time to the elder of the members. Garrett had no disillusions that the leggy hacker could do to him what she did to Trip, but to her credit she still tried to swallow down as much of his cock as possible. His cock may have been superhuman in terms of width and seemingly got wider the closer to the base that it went, but Skye was stubborn and so incredibly horny. Little by little she choked more of his cock down into her mouth filling the large room with the wet sucking sounds of her slobbering and gagging on his massive erection.

"You're good, I'll give you that. Now tuck those hands behind your back darling," Garrett demanded.

Skye didn't know what for but she did as the much older man told her to do because she knew it's what Ward wanted. As she grabbed her wrists behind her back, leaving her vulnerable, the two men took advantage. They each wielded their own cock in their hand and used them to thud against Skye's gorgeous face, Ward able to hear that loud slapping noises from his command center.

"Now you do it," Trip voiced. "Slap yourself with our dicks."

Skye thought the act was degrading but she had already come to the conclusion she was putting herself at their mercy. Taking cocks in her hand, she ran her tongue along the underbelly of both of them to make the slapping noise ring louder. Her plan worked as she first thudded Trip's ebony shaft against her cheek a few times then used Garrett's thicker cock to hit her other side.

The two men exchanged a look that seemed to portray what they wanted to do next and they were on the same page. They both reached down and grabbed one of the hacker's arms and helped her get to her feet, but she didn't stay on them for long. As swift as she was lifted she was eased back onto the bed this time on her side with Garrett soon coming to rest behind her.

With one meaty hand he clutched her thigh firmly and lifted it up so to give him more room to move. In a move that he'd done hundreds of time in his sexual past Garrett grabbed his cock, slid it through the much younger girl's snatch before lining it up with her hole. Skye was gratefully wet, apparently the degrading behavior was a turn-on for the 22-year-old, so when Garrett pushed forward she was stretched but not painfully.

"Oh God yes," Skye screamed in delight.

Garrett felt her wetness coat his girthy member and sensed her stretching out in response to slicing into her cunt so he knew that he didn't have to hold back very much with the leggy brunette. She was also gushing wet so her own natural lubrication mixed with her spit from her earlier blowjob meant that he had ample lube to be driving into her tasty twat at neck breaking speed.

As The senior SHIELD man settled into a thumping rhythm that caused her surprising thick ass cheeks to ripple due to the force, Skye was busy on her other end. The newest recruit had her mouth formed in a perfect O around Trip's thick cock as he placed his hands on the back of her head to help her take more into her mouth.

Back behind her, Garrett gave her ass a hearty slap on both sides with his rough hands. The result was two handprints to form on her olive skin, not to mention the extra sensation of her tongue vibrating on the underbelly of the black meat pole between her lips. Knowing that nothing was off limits when it came to sex with Skye via Ward's instructions, Garrett spat on his finger then dragged it down the crack between her cheeks until he found the saliva-slickened backdoor.

"Oh Lord that feels so good," Skye said while looking back at him over her shoulder.

"Suck all the way down for him," Trip ordered. 

Skye had lost her focus towards the athletic looking man as her asshole was poked into by a thick finger but she was back to looking at Trip and more than able to supply that service for the good looking guy. Removing her hand from around his dick that she was using to beat him off, she descended from his tip she relaxed her throat and took all of him into her mouth. It was all Trip could do not to immediately lose control and pump every drop of his cum right down into her stomach at that very moment. 

After holding his entire length in her mouth for a few seconds she came all the way off and took a big breath. This time as she went down, Trip held her face down with her nose buried in his small nest of pubes. Skye was surprised by the action and tried to pull off of him in a panic, but to no avail since he easily overpowered her. Loud choking noises were heard coming from the struggling girl's throat as his lengthy cock prevent air from getting into her body, effectively suffocating her.

"Mmmpphh," she gargled before he removed the pressure holding her down, allowing her to jump from his crotch like a coiled spring. "Gotcha...Trip's a fan of deep-throating. Message rece...Oh GOD yes!"

Skye was cut off from her thought mid-sentence as Garrett took that moment to use his free hand on her clit while stuffing his entire length into her snatch. Skye thought it was a miracle at first to have his sizeable cock in her twat without tearing, but now she was wondering how long until she came all over him while finger was diddling her clit and another was stuffed deep in her asshole. 

"She's really humming all over my cock man! She must really be liking your dick," Trip encouraged his friend.

"I can't wait to fuck you in your little asshole," Garrett said while both fingering her tight ass and continuing to stroke himself into Skye's slick pussy. 

"Mhmmm...I can't wait either," she replied with a wicked smile before speaking into the nearest camera. "I'm gonna love taking your big dick in my little asshole."

"Still can't believe this little chick takes anal," the younger man said.

"Stick around and you'll find out," Skye said in sultry tone before lowering her head and flicking his pee slit with her skilled tongue.

As if to test her on her words, Trip flattened himself out on the large bed so that his head was in the pillows with his incredibly long cock pointing at the ceiling. He figured it had been a good 5 minutes since Garrett started fucking her, more then enough time for him to pass the girl over to his charge. 

Garrett was fine when he saw the younger man's hand close around Skye's wrists and start pulling the 22-year old girl up towards him. He wasn't that happy about it but he knew in threesomes there had to be sharing involved so he didn't resist, instead feeling his finger first depart from her ass before his cock slide free from her pink folds.

Trip had already drizzled a healthy amount of lube onto his cock and massaged it into his skin by the time Skye crawled her curvy body up his legs and settled around his torso. He leaned up and kissed her before surprising her by spinning the girl around until she was back facing the direction she came from.

Skye took a heartbeat to get use to her new surroundings before getting into a more favorable position, the hacker leaned her naked back against his chest and placed the soles of her high heels she was still wearing against the bed on either side of him. Skye gathered up his cock and was prepared to push him back into her pussy but he clearly had another idea.

"Just relax babe," Trip told her, taking control of his cock from her and butting his head up with her asshole.

"I was the one begging for you to fuck me in the ass so I think I'm good to go," Skye replied with smirk.

"Well the smart ass is about to get ass fucked then," the black agent told her before pushing forward.

"Ughh...God damn that stings," Skye groaned as he buried 4 inches into her anal canal.

The genius hacker wasn't sure how many times she would need to be fucked in the rump before the initial pain of having your sphincter forced open went away. However, Maria Hill's training quickly kicked in and reminded her to relax so she used her hand to rub around her folds. Trip felt the immediate effects of Skye playing with herself as he was able to drag the petite chock further down on his pecker before lifting her back up.

Her clit playing was working like a charm again for the newest SHIELD agent as now Skye was riding half his length in her bowels and was moaning while she did so. When Garrett appeared kneeling in front of her and used his mouth to suck on her perky tits, paying close attention to her erect nipples, Skye began descending further on the other man's lap. With so much stimulation happening to her tiny body, Skye was overwhelmed and didn't realized until a few minutes later that she was guiding her body up and down over his entire foot of meaty cock.

"Shiiittt...that feels so good in my ass," Skye screamed, her face tilted towards the camera.

Trip loved fucking a girl in the ass and Skye's was no exception. Her ring was very tight but still had enough give to it that allowed his condom-less dick to pass into it without much trouble. Her saliva from earlier and the more recent lube was proving to be extremely helpful as he was able to have the horny girl take almost his entire 12 inches pumping into her rump while he kept increasing the speed as much as he could. All this was occurring as his teammate continued to play with her bouncing chest from in front of her.

"You ready for Ward's big surprise young lady," Garrett said with that predatory smile returning.

"Yeah...give it to me," she moaned without ever opening her eyes.

Skye didn't know what he had in mind at all but she was also barely considering his words at the same time. She was aware of his hand pressing on her chest, easing her back down onto Trip's strong chest, his arm wrapping around her torso to hold her steady. The motion had dislodged her hand from fingering her cunt, meaning that when Garrett settled between the four legs directly in front of him he had an empty hole for his cock. 

Skye was completely unaware of his presence until she felt the tip of his cock rub against her wet velvety folds. The hacker had a plethora of emotion strike her at that very moment. Trip's hands from underneath her pressed his palms against her perky tits in order to settle down her riding, right at the point at all 12 inches of his fleshy tool were buried in her butt. Her cute little ass was pressed firmly against his black thighs and her pussy was now an easy target to penetrate, once the brunette gave the all clear. Skye felt incredibly nervous since taking two cocks in her holes at once, but the thought of doing it while Ward watched her fueled her, causing her to nod.

"Hhgghhhh....Oh my God I have two dicks in me," Skye moaned, the realization dawning on her.

The two more senior agents had participated in threesomes and orgies together in the past so this was not their first time double penetrating a girl. They knew it was easier going like this, with Trip's thinner cock holding steady in her bowels while Garrett's thick member fucked her stretched pussy. Just like in the past, the strategy was sound and soon the older man was working most of his tool into her, albeit slower than before, and Trip was able to start gyrating his hips up and down to fuck her ass at the same time.

Ward watched from his room as Skye was willing and able for any challenge the pair were throwing at her this evening and he was ecstatic that they got the chance to double fuck one of the hottest women in SHIELD. With her pussy already loosened and still dripping wet, Peter found his thick cock slid in with too much difficulty. It felt fuller since there was another cock in her with only a thin barrier separating the twins, but it was manageable. They thought she might need a minute to adapt but Skye immediately pushed back into both their meat poles and started fucking them.

"Ohhh....mmmm....oohhhhh," she moaned loudly.

With Trip lying on the bed fucking up into her tight asshole and Garrett standing in front of her slamming his entire length into her slick pussy, Skye was somehow in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn't express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure. And the biggest excitement of all was knowing that her boyfriend was watching her do so. 

"Oh God it's so good," she screamed again. "Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah. Just like that!"

"Ward really found a sex freak this time," Trip stated while wildly thrusting upwards into her bowels.

"Come suck on our cocks you anal-loving slut," Garrett said.

The bigger man pulled out of her pussy and stayed kneeling between his teammate's legs while Skye swung off the black man and crutched low adjacent to both men. With her mouth stationed no more an a few inches from both their tips she felt Garrett's hand gather up her hair as she turned to face Trip first.

"Let me get the dirty one first," the half-Asian girl commented. 

"Ugghh...yes," Trip groaned as she sucked half his length at a time. "Taste your ass."

Skye bobbed her head in a showy fashion so all three men, including the one watching in his room, could see her swallow half his tool then slowly drag her tongue and lips up and taste as much of her own asshole from his cock. She was over the phobia of the flavor on her taste buds as her own ass bathed on them thanks to Fitz and Simmons so she could enjoy the sensation for what it was.

"And then the sweet one," Skye said.

"Oh Lord," Garrett groaned as her skilled mouth turned to him.

As soon as her lips wrapped around his immense girth and her tongue started to glide on the underbelly of his length she tasted her honey-flavored juices all over him. Though she hadn't had an outright lesbian encounter, within the past week she had tasted Maria Hill and Jemma Simmons. Those times taught her a few things, the first being that she loved how pussy tasted and the second being that she found hers to be the tastiest, though she was more than willing to keep searching to find one better. 

The older man couldn't read minds but he deduced that the girl was bobbing down his massive cock with more vigor this time around, the only thing having changed was her own pussy coating his skin. He smiled at how big of a cock-craving whore the 22 year old was proving to be as he reached behind her to grope her fantastic ass while she kept continuously engulfing his manhood.

"Ready to have him in your ass now," Trip told the cock-sucking agent.

"Holy Mother," Skye said before giggling as she noted his massive width. "I guess I'll try."

The men applauded her sporting attitude as Garrett gave her meaty ass a firm slap as she crawled back to Trip. She shot him a playful grin as her leg swung over his waist as she got back on top of him, though this time she was facing his bearded face. As he slid into her pussy it felt like nothing after having Garrett's monster width fill her up moments ago.

And that's when Skye realized what was happening behind her. She flattened her modest chest against Trip to give the horny man better access, looking back over her shoulder right in time to see him hurk a big wad of spit right onto her crinkled starfish with startling accuracy. He smeared the saliva around her hole with his cock head before settling right against her opening.

Trip stopped thrusting to allow the girl peace as Garrett finally accomplished popping his monstrous tip into her ass after a lengthy fight against her sphincter. Skye bit into the pillow beneath her then focused on her breathing as the older man simply soaked in her bowels, not trying to advance more dick into her ass. 

"Oh my ass is so tight," Skye giggled.

"It is darling. Now you push back against me when you're ready," Garrett said with surprising softness.

Slowly, very slowly in fact, Skye used her sporty legs to push herself backwards into both cocks. Trip was a good way of prepping her asshole, not there was anything that could have prepared her for Garrett's massive width. However Skye was determined so she kept rocking forward and backwards, trying to take another half-inch of cock into her booty each time.

"Fuck," she said with almost serenity. "Holy God."

Though it was slow, Garrett didn't mind. After all, he had a fantastic view while looking down at her heart-shaped ass and could watch as the slutty girl with a sharp tongue took his dick in her rump. 

However, Garrett became aware that the time they allotted her to adjust to the new degree of stretch that her asshole was currently undergoing had worked. She was picking up the speed and edged more of his length into her, confident that now she wouldn't rip in half. She was able to slow down her bouncing on Trip's cock and limit it so that she was only taking the top half of his shaft into her pussy to allow her body the extra space of a second cock pushing into her tiny holes.

With her pulling up on the man under her, it added with the fact she was bouncing on less length of Trip's cock in her pussy meant that it was easier for Garrett to latch onto her. With more of a stationary target and one more able to handle him now, the brute clutched tightly onto her hips and pushed his hips closer to hers. This time her anal verge expanded even wider to accommodate more of his frightening large dick, causing wince for a moment before her face became neutral again. Luckily for Skye was that she gave him a very wet blowjob so her spit was acting as an excellent lubricant, but she still felt every inch of him as he probed deeper and deeper into her ass.

"Tell your little boyfriend how it feels," Trip instructed her.

Skye didn't know how she was holding up so well considering two of the best hung agents at SHIELD were each thrusting into her holes at the same time. Her youthful body was under siege but was adapting well so that now she was hardly feeling any pain. It also helped that Garrett stopped trying to ram his entire length in her tight bumhole and instead was focusing on seeing how fast he could pump into her ass with only half his length. It was good for all of them as he was happy at getting to fuck her in the ass at optimal speed while it allowed Trip to resume his own deep exploration of her wet pussy.

"It feels really good," Skye moaned in pleasure.

None of the three in the room nor Ward watching from another location doubted her words for a second. What they all knew as well was that Skye was close to cumming and it was in the position of her sandwich between the two of them with a dick in her pussy and another rammed in her asshole. 

Skye was at both men's whim but she could care less about that. Garrett was the one in charge for the most part, dictating how much Skye rode or was a sitting target. It seemed he would change her style every minute or two based on prolonging his own orgasm while still eliciting every ounce of pleasure from her as he could. He'd make her bounce more on their cocks when he needed a breath then would grab her hard and have both men slam into her as hard as they could in the next minute.

"Yes Skye...feel that asshole stretch for me," he hissed.

"I think she loves being used like a little sex puppet," Trip added.

"Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! I'm gonna cum," Skye screamed.

Skye not only surprised herself by reaching her climax with two dicks see-sawing into her holes at the same time but also the men responsible for the feat, as well as Ward watching on his screen and her friends Maria & Simmons when she told them hours in the future. The hacker wouldn't have thought it possible in a million years but there was just something so powerful about two men using her and hitting all the right spots that made her orgasm.

Of course, Skye wasn't the only one that was being pushed to the edge with the double fucking. Having their cock separated by only a thin barrier between the rookie agent's pussy and rectum meant both men's tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the leggy girl's holes squeezing them tightly for the past while as they fucked her at the same time. 

"Need to fucking cum," Trip panted from under Skye.

" too," Garrett groaned.

"Cum in me...give it to me," she begged, though much more tired then before.

Neither man could complain with her request nor did it take them very long to comply either. They tried their best to milk the last few moments with the extremely sexy agent for as long as they could as their sweat covered bodies continued to slam against Skye, sandwiching the petite beauty.

However there time was up. All Garrett could do was tightly clench the younger woman's hips and quickly stroke his cock into her asshole for the last few seconds. Tossing his head back, the senior SHIELD man buried himself in Skye for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his love gun had emptied completely. Exhausted he rolled over onto his back and panted.

While his boss was getting off and painting the walls of Skye's bowels, Trip was about to do the same as well. He gave the energetic girl credit, even after a strong orgasm she was still bouncing on his pecker, helping to get him off. Their combined efforts worked perfectly as it had the black agent squirting deep into her pussy, pinning her hips against his to ride out the last few blasts of cum.

"Well now that's a good way to spend an evening at the Hub," Garrett laughed, exhausted.

His words helped snap Skye out of her temporary fog. Re-joining the world of the living, the tired hacker swung off Trip's lap and landed gently on her feet beside the bed. She walked around the spacious room and gathered up her clothes. Garrett and Trip wouldn't have even known she left other then the door latching into place behind her.

* * *

"Can I watch it again," Maria Hill asked.

It had been 12 hours since her night with the two studly SHIELD members. After they finished Skye went back to her room and had a hot shower. She didn't think she'd be able to sleep but she passed out like a baby. 

"Sure, but how about after I leave," Skye replied.

She woke up after a nine-hour rest, which was nearly unheard of since joining Coulson's team however she felt like a new woman. The first thing she did was track down Ward and have a little conversation.

"Fair enough but full disclosure, I'm totally masturbating while I watch you get fucked in the ass the second you leave here," her superior told her.

The talk went well; they were officially back together and even sealed the deal with him getting his first crack in her ass. It felt great and Skye had a feeling from now on her asshole would be used more then her pussy ever would be.

"It was a crazy night. And I'm pretty sure I won't be able to sit for a week. But as a plus, after fucking Garrett I now know I can use a baseball bat as a butt plug," Skye mused.

"Always a good thing to know, those are highly accessible," Maria laughed. "I can't believe how much of an anal slut you've become."

"What can I say, I'm a butt loving whore," Skye added.

"Well I think the Bus is gonna to be an even happier place to be...for everyone."

"You have no idea..."

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