Skye's Anal Quest

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The away mission went well as the group had expected. At the end of the day they had captured more objects, this time from a rogue student from the SHIELD academy who had grown misguided as he neared graduation. He was contracted by a sleazy billionaire to create some form of weather machine. 

"So the guy could make a blizzard with the click of a button," Skye inquired with the field agents.

"More or less, yeah," May answered.

"Awesome," the hacker replied.

"Okay team. We touch down in 5," Coulson said, poking his head into the training room. 

"I assume I'll hang back with the Bus...and Skye," May proposed.

"Not this time. You'll go out in the field with FitzSimmons and Ward. And before you protest it's only because they will need a helicopter pilot," the highest ranking SHIELD agent said to the Asian woman.

"Fine," May said, heading off to get changed.

"So it's you and me staying behind then boss." Skye remarked.

"Yes. Meet in my office. 2 minutes," he said before disappearing.

"Shouldn't we just walk together," Skye asked to no one in particular. "No? Guess not. Meet you there sir."

Exactly 2 minutes later she rapped her knuckles onto his glass door before he waved her in. Skye slide open the door and heard it seal shut behind him before the soundproofing seal around the door inflated.

"Is everything okay sir," Skye asked her boss.

"While the team is off on a mission I want you to snoop through everyone's files. Before you protest I'm not a fan of this protocol either but if you don't do it then SHIELD will march some unknown onto my Bus and do the same thing. At least this way it's a friendly face who we trust with our deepest secrets...if there are any to uncover," Phil lectured.

"Okay...but I'm doing so under duress," Skye accepted.

"Your complaint is noted. Also, I'll have all doors unlocked on here. I want any flash drive and CD scanned and accessed. Understood?"

"Yes sir," the brunette answered.

"Great. Get started once the team launches off," Coulson finished.

* * *

"And then there was one," Skye said aloud though no one was there to hear her.

As she stepped in front of Ward's door, the metal barrier slid into its recess and allowed her entry. She was no stranger to his quarters, nor his bed, but this time it felt weird to be in there snooping for electronic information. 

Just like she had done to the other crew members, Coulson excluded, she did a search of their computer and assessed whether they were using it for anything that didn't match their log sheets. Like the other agents, Ward was clean which made her smile. However she still had to do a little snooping around to make sure there were no external storage devices.

"What is this," Skye said.

It had been half an hour of looking around in all the drawers when Skye found a small flash drive hidden under a false shelf in his clothes rack. She only knew to look for it because it was a feature in all the wardrobes she had ever bought. Taking out her laptop she plugged in the drive and took a look at the contents. 

There were nearly 3 dozen files, all videos made within the last 5 years. The file names were all two or three letter codes so she picked on at random labeled NR. It took her video player only a few seconds to boot up and start the footage. The timestamp said it was taken last week, when the Bus was getting repaired at one of SHIELD's bases.

"Don't be lame Natasha, let me have a video of our night together," a familiar male voice said.

"Ward!? That's definitely his voice," Skye said.

Sure enough, her statement was confirmed as the computer camera he was filming on was spun to frame his handsome face perfectly. He did one last check of the angle and lightning before he stepped aside to show someone that made Skye's mouth gape open.

On Ward's bed, where Skye was sitting with the laptop running the video, was SHIELD super agent Natasha Romanoff alias Black Widow. She was wearing her usual uniform of a skin-tight dark blue cat suit that hugged every curve of her voluptuous body that was as perfect as if the Gods sculpted her.

A very naked Ward soon joined her on the bed where the two engaged in a passionate kiss that shocked Skye, mainly since this was made after they started dating in secret. As angry and hurt as she was, the half-Asian hacker stayed with her eyes glued to the screen. 

Skye wasn't a lesbian but she was more in awe about Natasha then anything else. The super spy had her wavy red hair flowing down onto her shoulders while she had a heavy belt around her waist worn tight to better showcase her hourglass figure. Instead of heels, she had on a heavy pair of boots that still made her look sexy somehow.

"Fuck...Widow is so smoking hot," Skye thought.

Natasha used her hand to stroke Skye's boyfriend's cock while his hands were busy slowly pulling down the zipper of her uniform, exposing her slender neck and her creamy white skin between her tits. When the zipper stopped at her belt, he folded the cat suit to her sides and exposed her massive, D-cup breasts in all their magnificence. 

Natasha shrugged her uniform off her shoulders leaving her naked from the waist up and letting it dangle behind her. Skye's eyes were stuck on her bright pink nipples, perfectly sized for her rack, and already hard. She watched as Ward ran his fingertips across her chest as she seductively licked her juicy lips and continued jerking him off.

Skye's silent pleading seemed to reach Ward as after he gave each of her wonderful globes a heart squeeze and squished her pillowy chest, he attacked her belt and removed it. The zipper was descended lower and he helped her out of her combat boots and catsuit, leaving the busty redhead completely naked.

"Much better," Ward grinned, accenting his point with a heavy slap to her perfect ass.

Ward joined her back on the bed and their lips met in another kiss. They were rough and sloppy, their tongues frequently spilling out from the ring their lips made against each other as they both pawed at the other's amazing body. 

Only a short time passed when Black Widow broke the kiss and opened her wide eyes to stare at him. It also allowed Skye another good look at her fantastic body as she soaked in gorgeous woman with a fit and toned body, heart shaped ass, flaming red hair, full lips, sparkling blue eyes and large, firm D-cup breasts.

Her hand had never left his cock during their making out so Natasha disengaged from the kiss so she could look down at the fleshy member. She was very pleased to find that her kissing partner had a serious piece of pipe. Skye knew all too well the size of his cock, measuring a little bigger than 8 inches plus had a good amount of girth as her thumb and middle finger could barely wrap around and touch each other.

"Great cock Ward," Widow complimented, licking her lips in anticipation.

Ward allowed the smaller woman to maneuver him as she saw fit, which meant that he settled with his head in the pillows as he laid on his back. The redhead moved quick as a rabbit to be the one kneeling between his powerful legs, a position that Skye found herself in more times then not over the past few weeks.

Her hand had found his lengthy shaft once again and was effortlessly stroking his entire member smoothly. Natasha sank down further to bring her head closer to his lap and opened her mouth wide to accept his girthy cock. Skye watched her red hair be corralled up by Ward to keep it out of her face, a move he did with her all the time. 

With that last issue no longer an annoyance, Widow descended her head the last few inches and placed his entire cockhead in her mouth. She could hear him moan in pleasure with simply her lips touching the sensitive skin, then when she applied suction and began tracing circles around his pee slit he gripped the sheets violently.

"Mmhm yes," Ward grunted as he squeezed harder on her hair.

Encouraged by the obvious pleasure she was eliciting for him, Natasha pushed forward and took more of his lengthy member into her mouth. Once his tip tapped against the back of her throat she held him with half his length swallowed in her mouth. While she sucked on the top portion, her hand was clutched firmly yet still softly around the bottom half and was stroking the remaining flesh with her smooth hand. She let him savor the moist warmth of the inside of her mouth before slowly dragging her wet lips along his cock until only the every end of his tip was left.

Black Widow had hit her stride and was now rapidly bobbing her red hair head up down the tall man's dick. She worked her body in perfect rhythm as her mouth continued to occupy the top half while she maintained stroking his portion unable to fit between her plump lips. 

"Fuck she's good," Skye thought. "But she was a Russian spy trained in all things espionage so she was likely taught by the best for sex."

Skye knew little about Natasha Romanoff but one thing she just learnt was how amazing of a cocksucker she was. Graced with seemingly boundless energy and had skills no doubt honed through practice, the curvy assassin slurped and sucked his member continuously. 

"I want to fuck you now," Ward told her.

The SHIELD man moved like a coiled snake as he twisted his hips enough to have his cock pop free from her skilled mouth. Natasha allowed the bigger man to move her as Ward flipped her over onto her stomach with her weighty tits pressed against the very spot Skye now sat. He pulled back on her hips making Black Widow end up on her hands and knees, her amazing rump facing back at him.

Skye watched as Ward held nothing back as he bent forward and his tongue instantly contacted her pink folds that his fingers had already plunged the depths of. Licking up from her nub, the SHIELD operative dragged his tongue skyward until reaching her tight hole. Pushing his head even further against her, Ward felt her ass cheeks against his closed eye sockets as his tongue buried deep in her twat.

"Oh God yes," Natasha shouted, a tiny amount of her Russian accent leaking through. 

And then Skye say Ward do something that nearly scared her out of bed last time they hooked up. She knew Ward was into butt stuff but the lovely hacker had made it perfectly clear that she absolutely wasn't. However, as Ward used his hands to pull apart her thick cheeks so her light pink colored asshole came into view and used his tongue to rim her gaping hole, Natasha gave another loud scream of pure pleasure. 

"Whoa...mhmm," Natasha squalled.

"Slut," Skye thought to herself.

She didn't stop at just one loud bellow as her screams came in a constant chorus. The man responsible was Skye's man, who alternated between simply licking over her butt with a flat wide tongue before sharpening it to a point and attempting to cram as much of the wet muscle into her bowels as he physically could.

Skye's eyes were glued to the screen. She didn't want to watch her boyfriend licking the asshole of another woman, which he was taking a lot of glee in, but she couldn't look away. It was like a train wreck or car accident as she couldn't muster the will to stop watching. As she was zoned out in disgust, she missed Ward springing up the bed before rolling them on their sides, her back pressing against his muscular chest, her plump ass nestled in his lap.

"Is it gonna be a special day," Ward asked, rubbing his tip against her crinkled asshole.

"Baby whenever I get together with you it's special," Widow replied with her seductive smile. "After all, I'm your little butt slut."

Skye watched as her boyfriend gave the other woman a wide grin then pulled her chin in towards him to kiss her deeply. At almost the same time his tongue poked into her mouth Ward did the same with his cock. Bringing his hips forward, her backdoor yielded after a short time, permitting his head to pop inside her rectum with ease.

"Mhmm...ughh," Black Widow gasped with mouth wide.

Ward's arm muscles flexed as he dragged her womanly hips back towards him to spear more of his member into her asshole. He was taking it slow, but Skye still watched on in disbelief that Natasha was taking her sodomy with such ease. Ward was hung like a barn animal and yet she was able to handle his rod pressing into her tightest of holes. 

Ward also groaned, but he made a conscious effort to temper the volume of his, not wanting the experienced girl to think it was first time penetrating an asshole before. In reality, the SHIELD agent had fucked every girlfriend he ever had up the ass since being a sophomore in high school, with the notable exception of 1 that is.

Being on their sides was perfect for the pair. In the beginning it allowed for the horny man to be in control while also allowing him to feel her smooth curvy butt cheeks on his hips and lower leg, not to mention the access to her awe-inspiring tits. Hell, even Skye was growing jealous of Ward getting to knead and squeeze the lovely twins as they bounced in front of Natasha with every thrust into her rear. 

The position was also useful for the Black Widow as well. Being on their side, which to the timestamp on the screen had informed Skye that it had been for the over 10 minutes, give Ward control but also tempered as deep he could go unless she wanted more. 

This time though, that wasn't an issue as Skye's boyfriend was proving himself to be an excellent anal lover, both gentle and considerate while also firm and enjoyable. She continued to encourage his thrusting deep into her bowels by rocking her hips back at him as he thrust his cock forward, causing her shapely ass to jiggle on contact.

"Go on your back," Natasha ordered, her words stopping her steady stream of moans.

"I'm just finding my stride though," Ward replied, his hips smacking her ass cheeks 3 times with sharp, hard thrusts into the beautiful woman.

"A hot bitch who is letting you drill her in the ass gives you an order and you argue," the Russian born agent said.

Neither Ward nor Skye could argue with that rationale. Doing as the shorter but deadlier woman told him, Ward pulled out of the warm and tight confines of her anus, much to his chagrin. Natasha had moved over as soon as she felt his cock, which had been occupying her bowels for the better part of the last quarter hour, pull free. This left the space open for the tall man to go belly up onto his bed, his legs and arms slightly spread making him look like an elongated star.

Black Widow crawled over to him and threw her short leg over his lean body to straddle his waist. Reaching back between her legs, the Russian gave his erect tool a stroke before holding it sturdy at the base. Moving quickly as she didn't want her anus to have crinkled back up, Natasha sat down and took half of his member back into her ass in one shot.

"Shit! You're so damn tight," Ward moaned with eyes closed.

Natasha was standing with her feet planted on the soft mattress on either side of Ward's toned body, a position Skye found herself in often with him albeit with him occupying a different hole. Pushing down into the bed, the curvy redhead rose up on his dick until only the tip remained inside of her then let the tone go in her leg muscles so she sank back down. After 2 or 3 more times, Natasha was back to taking all of her lover's member in and out of her tightest of holes.

"Oh my God! She's fucking her own ass that hard and deep," Skye thought, mouth agape in shock.

"And these tits," he groaned, both hands shutting up to knead the bouncing globes in front of him.

Natasha smirked at his remark, happy in the knowledge that the lucky man was as big of a fan of her glorious boobs as she was of them. The thought didn't distract her from continuing to bounce her curvy body up and down his rock hard dick, skewering herself in the ass each time she descended on his tool.

Ward couldn't believe how extraordinary this woman was, his memory needing refreshing since the last time was almost a year ago. She had the face of an innocent angel yet she was taking his dick in her ass with ease and loving every minute of it, if her chorus of moans were anything to go by anyway. Over and over she rose up only to swiftly fall back down his veiny member, eliciting primal grunts from them both. 

Skye had forgotten that she was on a time sensitive mission for Coulson as she was so completely engrossed in the sex tape involving one of the Avengers and her boyfriend. Natasha's bouncing perfectly shaped tits were hypnotizing for her and Ward alike and the sight of her ass rippling with each drop onto his cock was equally stimulating. She hated to admit it, but the rookie SHIELD agent was an absolute fountain between the legs. 

"Almost there," Ward's grunt snapping Skye's hypnotic gaze. 

"Cum for me baby," Natasha cooed, seemingly to thrust herself down even harder on his erection.

Ward's resistance seemed to have severely broken with her last comments. The constant desirable friction of her sphincter against his shaft was proving to be too great a feat to hold back from any further. Skye could tell by the contorted look about his face that he was going to spew his seed in no less then a handful of seconds.

She watched the screen of her laptop as Ward grabbed the bouncing woman and threw her to the bed. Natasha must have been ready for it as Ward pulled himself from her asshole and climbed up her body until he was practically sitting on her pillowy tits. 

"Oh fuck! Here it comes," Ward warned with urgency. "UGGHHH!"

"Coat my face," she encouraged.

Skye saw him grip on hand around his cock and stroke it while the other took a rough handful of Natasha's red hair and pulled her head around and towards his cock. Massaging his member it didn't take much more for him to release a huge surge of cum across her face, coating almost every inch of her cream-colored skin.

"OH THAT'S IT NATASHA!" he bellowed a deep moan as he sprayed stream after stream of his thick semen over her.

The man had cum like a typhoon but eventually finished as he got off her by rolling onto his back beside her. Skye recognized the facial expression wash over his face of his relaxed into one of serenity. Summoning some energy, Ward swung up and walked over to his camera where he smiled one last time into the lens before the screen Skye was watching went black.

Skye sat on the bed in Ward's room in utter disbelief having just seen her boyfriend ass-fuck one of the most gorgeous women on the face of the earth...and had her like it. However, her mental contemplation was soon interpreted as she heard the seal of the door break before it slid open.

"Just hanging out Skye," Coulson asked amusingly.

"No sir. Computer just finished up scanning a flash drive from Ward's room."

"And? Anything I need to be told about," he asked with a more serious face.

"No sir. Just some personal files for his own use. Nothing malicious," Skye answered.

Coulson gave her one last quizzical look, knowing that something had happened to her but ultimately he turned and left her alone. Skye wanted to smash the hard drive into a million pieces but knew that it wouldn't help anything. Instead she placed the flash drive back where she found it and exited his room...for the last time.

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