Skye's Anal Quest

BY : TheChemist
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"Man, what a battle," Ward thought to himself as he flopped down on his bed.

The members of the Bus, led by Agent Phil Coulson, had been out on another field mission and like usual a fight broke out. Ward didn't mind, he was in great shape and was a trained fighter and killer so it was right up his wheelhouse. Not to mention he saw how horny it made Skye so he knew he'd be in for a wild ride tonight.

Thinking of Skye gave the handsome man mixed feelings. He felt such a strong kinship to her that drove him to love her, yet she broke his one big relationship role. Must take anal. He didn't want much in a girlfriend but that was practically a deal breaker. However, the thought of the sexy hacker wearing her painted on pants got his juices going so he went on the hunt to find her and take her.

"Hey Skye, got a minute," Ward said, finding the hacker talking with Simmons.

The two women finished their conversation before they hugged as Skye walked away. As Ward waited to let the rookie agent walk past him he noticed that Jemma Simmons had turned her back to him so he took a good, long look. The nerdy scientist was a contradiction to the stereotypical view of her profession as the British girl was a perfect mix of cute and sexy.

Ward quickly scanned Jemma's body, appreciating her booty, which was a good size for a white girl and made to look even more enticing in her tight jeans. Her bright colored shirt was tight enough around the chest to give a preview of her B cup tits, roughly the same size as Skye's by Ward's approximation. But by far the Brit's best feature was her face, angelic in appearance with a smile that could light a city.

"What's up Ward," Skye asked with more then a little hostility.

"Easy girl," he replied, noting the tone. "Was hoping you'd by willing to rub me down after such a physical day."

"I don't have time right now, I have plans with Jemma. A lot to do before we meet up with the other team shortly," Skye explained.

Ward was upset and blindsided by her refusal to join him in the bedroom as it was the first time in recent memory that she didn't want to go to pound town with him. He watched her turn away and start walking back to the lab before she spun on her heels and headed back towards him. He flushed in excitement as the sexy rookie agent must have had a change of feelings.

"Here. Watch this. I think it'll help," Skye said, handing him a flash drive before walking away for good this time.


"Wonder what that was all about," Ward thought.

It was the oddest conversation he had with the hacker since they first started seeing each other in secret. She didn't elaborate about what was on the small hard drive, nor did she even give instructions about what file to watch. He wanted to press her but she was more stand-offish since his failed attempt to sodomize her so he figured to let sleeping dogs lay.

Ward didn't come straight back to his room, instead he went to the wet bar and made himself a glass of sipping whiskey. It was still early in the afternoon so he dropped a single ice cube into the glass before pouring the honey amber liquid overtop. With drink in hand, the SHIELD agent walked back to his private bunk and pushed the drive into the slot on the side of the screen.

What the agent saw once he hit the power button was the high definition vision of Skye's face taking up the entire screen. The drive started up as soon as there was power to the console, which was surprising until he remembered that Skye was an expert with all things technology. 

"Hey honey, glad you could find the time to play this. I'll cut right to the chase lover boy. I found your hidden video files so I know how much you like fucking all those whores in the ass. And now you can have a front row seat to watch me taking it up the ass. Enjoy jerk," Skye aid before backing away from the camera.

"," Ward gaped at vision in front of him.

When Skye had moved back from the camera it allowed some of the background to become visible to the man watching. Ward still couldn't believe his eyes as it depicted the innocent looking Jemma Simmons on her knees. She was kneeling in front of a very naked Leo Fitz whose erect cock was being sucked by the aforementioned scientist.

"Yes Jemma...gobble that dick," Fitz encouraged.

If Simmons heard his words Ward would never know though the cute-as-a-button girl continued her oral assault on her lab partner's cock. She was fitting the first 3 or so inches of Fitz's member into her mouth as she bobbed on that portion she used her hand to stroke the other half of his flesh stick.

His girlfriend interrupted his vision of Simmons going down on Fitz as she cut in front of the camera on her way to meet the pair on the sofa. He found out that just like the gorgeous scientist, Skye too was completely naked. Ward's eyes trained onto her adorable ass as it swayed and bounced until she joined them at the couch.

"Those mother fuckers filmed this right outside in the common room," Ward swore, recognizing the scene.

Skye wasted no time in stepping up onto the cushions before swinging a leg over Fitz, but rather then preparing to ride him, the hacker was too high for that. Ward watched as his girlfriend squatted down lower so that she actually sat on the male scientist's face.

"Yes baby, eat Skye's gash," Simmons said in her amazing accent.

Ward smiled at the cute way the English girl said pussy while loud munching noises emitted from under his girl's ass as Fitz did just as he as told. Skye shook her ass playfully for the camera while Fitz's tongue repeatedly plunged the depths of her folds. The deadly agent observing the video gave the smaller man credit for focusing so well on eating out the hacker all while Jemma was doing her best to make him bust in her skilled mouth. 

"Ohhh...Shit," Skye cooed as the brainy man's tongue swirled inside her cunt.

Meanwhile Simmons as busy doing loud kisses down her lab mate's cock before pinning his shaft against his chest. With his tilted skyward, it allowed Jemma to run her tongue up the underside of his member until reaching her destination. Using her tongue and mouth to take turns on each of Fitz's nuts, the man squirmed his appreciation as any grunts were drown out by Skye's ass on his face. 

For someone who came across as reserved as Simmons, Ward was shocked to see her give such an enthusiastic and slutty blowjob to someone. Simmons came off as so mild-mannered that he never thought she'd have such a sexual appetite...with Fitz no less! Now there's a person the deadly agent never thought they'd have it in them, first to land a hot girl like Jemma even though they shared similar interests, but participating in a threesome seemed so far outside the realm of possibility.

Little did Ward know that Fitz and Simmons had been regularly hooking up before they were assigned to the Bus to work together. The pair sparked up friendship early at the Academy and bonded over their English heritage and from there they became lovers, though never in a serious relationship. No one knew of their history except for the top commanders at SHIELD, including Maria Hill who had set up this hole tryst that Ward as watching.

"My word Fitz, you have a nice cock," Simmons commented.

The boy didn't reply since his tongue was still busy being buried deep within Skye's pink pussy. The sharp noise of a hand striking flesh snapped the trained killer out of his thoughts of the to scientists relations. His eyes caught Fitz giving Skye's wonderfully plump ass a few more slaps as her meaty bottom now had fresh red handprints on either side.

"I think you're ready now, love," Fitz said, finally emerging after minutes of munching her mound.

"Think you need more lube sweetie," Simmons asked, showing the other girl her oral handiwork.

"Holy crap Jemma...I don't think that dick could get any wetter," Skye observed. 

"And I put quite the spit-shine one that adorable arse too," Fitz added, the camera picking up the glistening area surrounding her backdoor entrance.

"My she actually gonna take it in the ass," Ward gasped in excitement and envy.

Skye was a little worried about the initial penetration as she slid off Fitz's face and straddled him around the hips. She banished the worry from her thoughts and remembered her training. For starters she had walked around all day with a small butt plug lodged in her butt to help loosen her up. Secondly she was following Maria's golden rules for anal sex and they worked the first time, albeit with plastic toys.

With Simmons still kneeling behind her, the gorgeous Brit was in charge of aiming Fitz's surprisingly big cock at its destination. This freed up Skye's hands so she used one to steady herself as she hovered above Leo's lap by pressing against his chest while the other shot down between her thighs and rubbed her folds.

"You good," the nerdy boy asked quietly.

"Let's do it Fitz," was all Skye replied.

Knowing it was on her, Skye didn't wait any longer and started to descend down. She felt his wide tip pressed against her hole, aimed perfectly by Simmons, and the hacker kept going lower until after much resistance she felt her hole relent and his first 2 inches embedded in her ass.

"Holy first dick in my bum," Skye said, amazed before turning over her shoulder to look at the camera. "And it feels so good."

Ward had a feeling that the last part was aimed in his direction to make him jealous and pissed off, and it worked to a degree. He felt envy towards Fitz, how his cock was getting squeezed on all sides but the unrelenting pressure of a virgin asshole. However, his hand was inside his SHIELD-issued pants and rubbing his very large cock, which was rock hard watching his girlfriend get ass-fucked by another person.

Tuning back into the action on screen, Ward watched as Skye got use to the invasion of her backdoor quickly, much faster then he could have ever guessed. In a couple of bounces she was swallowing up half his lengthy member and she must have given Fitz the go ahead to start fucking her back. Instantly his hips started rising up off the cushions to spike further into the hacker.

" tight," Leo grunted from under the gorgeous rookie agent.

His hands were busy kneading her pleasantly plump ass while it bounced up and down most of his shaft at this point. Simmons didn't have much to do at this point, simply to sit on her heels and watch the action with her trademark beautiful smile plastered on her face. 

"You are so much bigger then my butt plug," Skye commented.

Her reply came in the form of two slaps, one from Simmons with her dainty little hand to her left cheek and the other by Fitz's larger paw to her right side. Skye was doing her best to keep her head turned as far to the side as possible so that the camera could catch her every moan and facial expression for Ward to watch as her anal virginity was plucked from her.

Ward didn't know how good of an actress Skye was, but from her body language and screams, he was willing to bet good money that she was amazingly enjoying her experience. He read her correctly as the hacker was surprising herself by getting some form of pleasure from her first backdoor fucking, something she never would have thought in a million years.

"My word that looks so good," Simmons commented before leaning down and licking the portion of Skye's crack directly above where the cock was thrusting up.

"Tell us how it feels Skye," Fitz added while both their hips came crashing together again and again.

" it," the hacker blurted out between moans.

Skye kept riding on Fitz but suddenly she found that she could no longer take him balls deep in her booty. Looking further back, she saw that Simmons had wrapped her little fist around the base of her lab partner's cock and was slowly moving it upwards each time Skye rode to the top. Finally she took the hint and had Leo's dick pull completely free of her asshole, leaving her feeling oddly empty.

"Oh yes Simmons...suck me straight from her ass," the fellow Brit groaned.

Ward was shocked as the innocent seeming lab tech opened her gorgeous mouth wide and inhaled half of Fitz's cock in one swoop. Watching as the prim Englishwoman suck on something that had come straight from Skye's asshole turned him on so incredibly much, and got his mind racing about how much sluttier he could make Simmons. 

"Okay. Had my taste now let's get it back in there," Jemma commented.

"Mhmm...yes," Skye grunted as his cock slammed deep in her ass in one motion. "There's my cock."

Even with all 8 inches of his shaft continuously knifing into her ass, Skye continued to voice her satisfaction and throw herself down on him with more energy. Over and over again her expansive asshole stretched to what had to be her limit in order to accommodate his eager probing. The smile on her face and the way she looked up at Ward through the lens Fitz drilled into her only helped to elevate the lust he felt for the vindictive girl.

If she was in pain from the relentless ass fucking that Leo was doling out to her then Ward could never have known it. With each time the full length of his cock slid out of her bowels only to pierce them once more until he was going so fast his balls were swinging up and smacking her on her meaty bottom. Skye just kept moaning though on occasion she would interrupt her stream to demandingly urge him to keep fucking her ass harder.

"I know tonight is about you Skye, but watching Fitz fuck you has me all excited," Jemma commented. "Do you think...would you mind if I bored him for a little while."

"Not at all. He's your...well whatever he is," Skye replied.

"Don't worry, she'll totally eat you out while I sodomize her little tight butt," Fitz added.

As the gorgeous Brit nerd got to her feet and stood naked in all her wonder for the camera, Ward was finally able to overlook her entire tight body. Her small but perky tits fit her slim body perfectly, with bright pink nipples drawing his attention as well. She had a great rounded ass that was severely underrated until displayed properly in tight-fitting pants without a lab coat blocking the view. However, Jemma's star attribute was her gorgeous legs that were long, lean yet had toned muscles that made them look feminine but sexy.

The three bodies got all to their feet though none stayed like that for long. Under their instruction Skye was the first back on the large sofa as she got onto her back towards one end with her legs spread wide. Fitz hopped onto his knees on the other end of the couch leaving Simmons to crawl on hands and knees between the two of them.

"Come's not going to shag itself," she said with a cocky grin.

Fitz was probably trying to regain some stamina that accompanied the change of position but it was clear Jemma was having none of that. Leo didn't waste another second as he gripped his base, placed the tip against her crinkled entrance and pushed until the first third of his thick cock was planted in her ass. 

"Oh God you're huge," Simmons groaned as her lab mate slowly worked in and out.

"Fuck...yes," Fitz grunted in pleasure. "Love your tight little ass. Whose ass is this?"

"It's yours Fitz! Plow my slutty little bottom," Jemma begged.

Of course Simmons didn't forget about the pussy buffet in front of her face with Skye laying spread eagle right under her nose. Luckily for Ward they had arranged themselves so that he could have full view of all the action. He was now simultaneously watching as Fitz's cock plunged the depth of Simmons' perky ass at the same time her tongue ran through Skye's pink pussy.

"Yes...mhmmm....ohhh," the hacker moaned. "You're really good at that."

"Practice made perfect," Fitz answered for Jemma, as she was being used at both ends.

Ward loved the observing as his girlfriend's beautiful face contorted into that of pure pleasure as Simmons clearly was doing a fantastic job of going down on her all while her ass was being gleefully fucked. It was amazing that the scientist could do such a good job with her tongue given how hard her skinny but curvy-in-all-the-right places body was being rocked by Fitz.

"I have a newfound respect for that little nerdy man," Ward thought while watching his performance.

It seemed as Fitz ramped up his thrusting, Simmons would bear down harder and eat out Skye with more vigor. The hacker felt Jemma's grip on her toned thighs increase as she buried her face in her sex even firmer. Simmons' tongue easily sliced into her folds, wet with excitement, before piercing her pussy to lick her inner walls.

Ward's ears were being bombarded with all the noise the camera's microphone was picking up. The loudest of which were the moans coming from the two ladies, though Skye's were much louder since Simmons had hers muffled into the hacker's cunt. Fitz was also uttering a stream of grunts and curses as sweat built up around his brow, but Ward could also pick up the wet noise of Jemma going down on Skye and the constant skin-on-skin slap of his pelvis and Simmons' ass.

"Yeah, you like that, don't you," Fitz asked, giving each of Jemma's adorable cheeks a light swat.

Skye was pleased that Jemma didn't stop eating her out to reply with words, as the nerdy girl only wiggled her ass enticingly to portray her answer. The hacker felt guilty for the thought but didn't care all at the same time since Simmons was doing such an amazing job. With every one of her licks, she either found her clit or hooked deep inside her to stimulate her equally sensitive G-spot.

Ward was impressed by the Brit's ability to multitask as she was amazingly taking a hard ass-fucking while also bringing Skye close to cumming. She hadn't made mention of it to the girl munching her rug but Ward had been on the giving end of enough of them to Skye that he knew all her tells. 

The SHIELD operative continued picking up every detail of the action with his eyes glued to the screen. True to his observation he saw Simmons putting the finishing touches on her friend's pending orgasm. The lab scientist moved her mouth back up to Skye's clit and lashed it with her tongue all while her two slim fingers blasted deep and repeatedly into her snatch,

"Yesssss.....MMMHHHMMMMMM," Skye screamed into what was probably an empty Bus as she climaxed.

Jemma seemed to get an extra thrill of having Skye's pussy ooze her sweet lady cum onto the two digits inside her. Skye was a ball of tightened muscles on top of her sofa as one of the most powerful orgasms of her life rocked her lithe body. Jemma gave her a few moments before withdrawing the drenching fingers from her teammate and placing them in her own mouth to lick them clean of the sweet juices.

"Mhmm," Simmons cooed due to the flavorful cum. "God Fitz...I'm getting close too!"

Skye had her mind melted from the intense orgasm but the loud screams coming from Simmons' freed mouth snapped her back into reality. Remembering back to her experience with Maria and how the girl had helped her get use to anal by going down on her as the same time a dildo was plunging her rectum, she was smacked with a great idea.

Moving quickly, Skye used her athleticism to snake her body underneath Jemma by sliding between her arms headfirst. She came face-to-chest with her rocking set of tits but kept moving until her mouth hovered right beneath the girl's unoccupied pussy. Steadying her nerves since she'd never done this before, Skye used her skilled mouth to open wide and wiggled her tongue up and down her pink slit no more than a few inches away from where Fitz's cock was spearing into Simmons' bowels.

"Yes my clit! Lick my clit," Simmons instructed Skye before turning her head to address Fitz. "And you keep that dick deep in my arse."

The two of them listened to the bossy scientist and carried out their orders to the tee. Ward assumed Fitz was pleased that the girl was close to cumming, which based on the look on his face seemed to re-vitalize his fleeting energy to some degree. He kept plowing the deeper reaches of her bowels while Skye went down on a girl for the very first time by clamping lips around Jemma's clit and combining motions of sucking and licking.

"YES! I'm cumming!"

The nerdy Brit gasped loudly then seemed to begin chanting some unintelligible babble as she came...hard. Her juices flowed down right into Skye's mouth, where the brown-haired beauty seemed to greedily drink down each drop of the other girl's cum.

"Goodness two know how to treat a lady," Simmons moaned, completely spent.

"Mr. Fitz, I think you still have a load to bust and I can guarantee my ass is ready for more," Skye told him as she wiggled out from under Simmons.

"Yes ma'am," he grinned before adding. "But I think we'll be needing more lube. Jemma's arse rubbed me dry."

Skye had a decision to make but she came to an answer fairly quickly. She had now seen Maria Hill, Simmons and that man-stealing whore Black Widow take a cock or toy directly from their bowels into their mouth. She imagined it was gross but all three ladies were unfazed and even Maria told her how pleasant it really was.

"Negative, give it here," Skye said, trying to sound more confident then she was.

Skye got into position on her knees in front of the couch while Fitz pulled his cock free of Simmons's rear at which point she crumbled onto her tits and stomach. The scientist got to his feet and turned to face the kneeling hacker, the two of them perfectly placed for Ward to watch all the action.

"Is she gonna do what I think she's going to do," Ward said aloud in his empty room.

Skye steeled herself one final time and reminded herself how irritated it would make her cheating boyfriend as he watched the video. Clutching the base of his cock the slutty brunette began to lick all over his tool before finally taking him inside her mouth, the first time she had blown someone who came straight from an asshole.

She had already licked both sides of his enormous tool from ball sack to tip, not to mention bobbed her head on the first 6 inches before actually registering the taste. What was even more surprising to Skye was the fact that she wasn't repulsed by the taste of Simmons anus and actually somewhat enjoyed it.

"Good girl," Simmons critiqued of her friend.

"She's such a perfect slut now," Ward thought with a wide grin on his face.

Ward watched that after a few more seconds Fitz helped the hacker up to her feet and walked them closer to the camera. He was wondering what that was all about but soon found out. Since Fitz was only a few inches taller then Skye, they lined up pretty well so he was able to lean her face right in front of the lens as he went around back.

"Yes Fitz...get back in my ass," she said, Ward looking her right in the eyes as another man sodomized her.

Though another person was fucking her roughly, Ward was powerless to turn away. In fact, he was getting off on the action as he had now popped his cock out and was stroking it at the same rhythm that Fitz was gliding into Skye's plump booty. Her piercing brown eyes alternated from being clamped shut as she screamed then would open wide and stare at Ward through the camera.

Ward saw a look of surprise wash over Skye's face as her head was tilted back suddenly. The culprit was of course Fitz who had a handful of her wavy brunette hair and used it to tug back firmly yet not too hard in order to fuck her even harder. Once the surprise vanished Skye went back to begging the nerdy boy to plow her harder and slap her ass with his free hand. Both requests were immediately granted to her satisfaction.

Since they had less stable footing now that they were standing then back on the sofa Fitz was only able to work three quarters of his length inside her ass. His strokes were slightly shorter and his speed was a little slower but it was still hitting all the right sports for Skye, who was producing long, low groans as the dick pulled back and pushed forwards continuously at a good rate.

His hands on her hips helped rock her sizeable booty back towards his thrusting hips, assisting him to slide repeatedly into her rump. Skye took a brief break from staring into the camera to look over her shoulder and pull Fitz into a passionate kiss. Ward watched their lips collided roughly the same time his hips hit her firm cheeks, her mouth opening to moan as their tongues tangled together.

"Yes...yes...close. Oh so close," Skye panted before adding for Ward's benefit. "I'm gonna cum again."

"Cum for me baby," Fitz encouraged.

Ward knew that Skye was a lot easier to make cum once her first one was out of the way with, however he was still utterly astounded that she had an orgasm while getting sodomized. After all, this was Skye, the girl who claimed strongly that her booty was a one-way street and that anal sex was gross and degrading.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," she screamed at the top of her lungs as she had another intense orgasm.

When Skye came for a second time in the empty airplane, it was the beginning of the end for Fitz. On the other end of the camera, Ward was beside himself with amazement as he watched the nerdy boy make an anal virgin climax. He'd have bet big bucks that it would have ended in tears for Skye, not the hacker creaming herself even though she was giving herself a helping hand by fingering her snatch and rubbing her clit.

Skye's orgasms caused her asshole to clamp down, which meant acting like a vice on Fitz's cock. His tool was still wet and slippery so it was able to still plunge into her backdoor, but at a cost. The added pressure was too much pleasure for him to bear and it was now time for him to cum.

"Shit, need to cum," the boy grunted in desperation.

"I want your cum," Skye pleaded. "I want it all over my face."

Fitz pulled backwards and freed himself from her vice-like asshole as the gorgeous half-Asian hacker dropped to her knees in front of him. The pretty Simmons who had regained enough energy to appear for the big finale suddenly joined her. 

The boy stroked his cock once and could feel it throb in his hand, his orgasm coming up in moments. Both lovely ladies opened their mouths and tilted their heads back as they prepared and encouraged him to shoot his load all over their beautiful, flawless faces.

Grunting, Fitz shot several ropes of jizz that rocketed from his head and splattered on their waiting faces. Skye was the lucky recipient of the first blast, taking the pudding on the side of her nose down across her open lips. Fitz adjusted his aim and shared with his long-time partner Simmons, hosing her on the forehead and streaking across one eye onto her cheekbone. The following jets of cum were less in volume but still enough to puddle on their beautiful faces in various locations.

"Here, let me clean you up," Jemma offered.

Raising higher up onto her knees, the English girl held Skye's face steady as she extended her wet tongue and proceeded to lick up the cum smeared on her olive skin. When she gathered it all she hover her mouth over Skye's, waited for her to open her mouth then spat the collected jizz onto her friend's tongue. 

Rather than swallow it down, Skye resisted that urge and did likewise to Simmons to clean her face. When she was done, she did the same move to Simmons, sharing the entire load with her friend. Knowing that tonight was about the skilled hacker, Jemma returned the mixture of semen and spit one more time Skye, who promptly swallowed the large mouthful.

"Put it in my ass one last time," Skye demanded, much to the shock of everyone.

The attitude of the innocent and naive Skye may have been a surprise to some, but not as much to Ward as he always knew that the brunette could become a pure nympho. Fitz nodded his head so she hopped back up onto the sofa on her side, meaty legs crossed over at the knee and dangling over the edge to give the camera a good angle to catch the angle. 

Simmons pulled herself away from sucking her lab partner's cock to allow him to take the short walk towards the couch, at which point he took his held cock and placed it right into her ass in one motion. His cock was very sensitive from his orgasm, but that didn't stop him from railing into the beautiful 22 year old with disregard.

Fitz could only stomach so much of his sensitive cock getting squeezed by her tight ass. He kept up the brisk pace for a minute or so but after that he had to pull out, truly spent. However, as a parting gift he crouched down low and pulled both her cheeks apart to allow the camera to get a good, long look deep inside her well-used asshole. 

Like a coiled spring, once Fitz pulled out of her ass and the tension on her cheeks lessened she got to her feet and stood in front of the camera. Ward could see the smears of saliva still on her face from where the surprising slut Simmons licked the cum from her skin.

"How did you like Ward? Watching me get fucked," she said with scorn in her voice. 

"Wow," Ward huffed as cum squirted all over his hand as the screen faded to black.

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