Skye's Anal Quest

BY : TheChemist
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"We were idiots to not do this sooner," Skye blurted out while she kissed Ward.

"Definitely," her Supervising Officer agreed.

The pair had butted heads throughout Skye's first several months with the team but over time Ward's frosty attitude began melting away while the half-Asian hacker had matured. No longer an untrusted add-on to the top SHIELD team, Skye was a productive member who started taking everything more serious.

This didn't go unnoticed by Agent Ward, the stoic and uber-serious member of the elite group. As she matured, which turned him on, he softened and showed more personality, which in turn was what Skye needed to look at him more sexually. It was a no brainer that they were both attractive as Ward had the tall, dark and handsome thing going on while Skye was a physical goddess, but now their personalities were more in sink.

"Card key...back pocket," Skye told him, barely breaking the lip lock.

Her hands were running through his close-cropped dark hair and since his were currently squeezing her plump ass it just made sense for him to pull it out for them. They moved in sync, wrapped in each other's arms through the empty common room of the massive flying plane until positioned in front of her bedroom door, which Ward swipe the card and opened.

"Done," he said, replacing the key back into her pocket.

The heavy sliding door went back into place as they stepped inside the simple bedroom. All the rooms were the same on the Bus as they tailored to function not comfort, with just enough space for a bed, dresser and closet. The close quarters didn't matter to either Agent as they really only needed the bed.

Skye did a mix of moan and laugh into Ward's mouth as he firmly but playfully slapped both meaty ass cheeks before taking up two handfuls of her firm booty with such power she was almost lifted from her feet. The gorgeous hacker didn't oppose so he kept on kissing her as his erection was now pressing through his pants and against her inner thigh.

"Get those off me," Skye begged.

Not just letting him have all the fun of undressing her, Skye jumped in on the action as well. Ward was wearing another of his dark colored long sleeve shirts that fit him so well but the half-Asian Agent had no use for it as she pulled it over his head and on to the floor. Skye started tracing her fingertips through all the grooves of his 6-pack abs before realizing her pants were around her ankles.

Ward was initially upset to remove his hands from her meaty rump, but he was more than happy to strip her naked. His hands darted to the front and undid the button to take tension away, a big plus considering her jeans were so tight they were practically painted on. It may have proved more difficult if it wasn't for the fact that he could bench press 400 pounds so removing skinny pants from a skinny 22 year old wasn't overly difficult. 

"Arms up," he instructed.

"Yes sir," she giggled.

Skye did just that and in the next moment her white V-neck shirt was lifted up over her head, causing her wavy brunette hair to fall back down like something straight from a shampoo commercial. 

"You're beautiful," Ward told her as he looked at her wearing only a matching blue bra and thong.

That was something that someone working outside of the Intelligence field would have been able to assess. The junior agent with long dark hair that hung down past her ample, perky breasts which were perfectly rounded. Her eyes were big and mesmerizing, which Ward loved, largely do to her whole American-Asian biracial heritage that she had working for her. She was a perfect of sexy and cute, with a beautiful smile and gorgeous skin that was close to olive colored, though not as dark.

"You mean you're a fan of the whole flat stomach, perfect tits thick ass and model-esque legs," Skye countered, sounding cocky but really it was more sarcastic to deflect the praise though it happened to be 100% true. 

Ward watched her flush and gave her trademark awkward smile before leaning back in to kiss her. The older man wrapped his arms back around her and unclasped her bra to free her perfectly sized but very perky boobs. As he threw the bra aside, he slid both arms between them so that he could cup each of her globes, making sure to pay particular attention in erotically twisting her nipples.

"Uh, mmhh," Skye moaned into his mouth as Ward's touch got her extremely horny.

The handsome Agent backed her up until her legs hit the edge of the bed and she started to sit on the bed before he guided her further back so she was lying with her head in the pillows. Sliding his hands up her smooth legs, he hooked his fingers under the waistband of her thong and pulled it down until it joined the rest of her clothing on the floor.

"I love a hairless pussy," Ward remarked as he stared at her bright pink folds that seemed to be freshly waxed.

Using one hand to help pull apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her torso to explore her naked body, Ward ran his tongue between her labia from top to bottom. He felt the younger girl squirm as she experienced a world of pleasures once he clamped his lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

"Unnggghhhh," Skye moaned in appreciation.

Ward returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. It was having the desired effect as now the hacker's naked body was thrashing with the pleasure that he was giving her.

Instead of keeping with the same move, Ward felt it was time to move on and really turn on the pleasure for his date. Not swiping his tongue up her slit the next time he got to the bottom, the Intelligence expert dipped his tongue into her hole.

"You like that," he smirked.

Ward smiled as he felt the younger Skye thrust her hips up in an attempt to get him deeper into her hole. Abiding by her wishes, the tall dark and handsome man dug further into her pussy before licking her inner walls. The best part of this for the male was that if he made Skye really turned on then he might finally get a chance to stick it in her ass at long last. 

Wanting to test out the waters again, like he did every few trysts, he went back to swiping through her folds but let his tongue 'accidently' slip further south until he licked her crinkled asshole. The new Agent didn't say anything so he stayed around her booty and licked over her backdoor several more times.

"What are you doing," she asked, propping her naked body up onto her elbows.

"Just lay back and relax," he replied.

He could sense her tentativeness that his brief rimjob elicited so he used his hand that was groping her bouncy tits to press against her breastbone and ease her back to the bed. She relented and followed his physical instruction, aided by the fact his tongue went back to dipping deep in the taste honey pot she called a pussy.

"Uh! UH! Oh God yes! Don't stop," Skye shouted as her orgasm quickly approached once he got back to business.

Ward was gripped with an idea after hearing how close he had already pushed Skye towards cumming. He continued his expert work between her thighs but backed off right in her build-up to her climax. She huffed disappointedly but started moaning again once Ward ramped back up the pleasure. 

The handsome man did this a few times until he could sense her frustration and need to cum. This time he would allow her the orgasm she craved but it would be on his terms, specifically with his tongue buried in her rear. 

Ward replaced his skilled tongue with his two fingers, which pumped into her sopping wet twat and stretched her out. Skye moaned louder with the new stimulation and then screamed in delight when his other hand slid from her pillowy breast and rubbed her clit. 

Knowing her well from their previous hook-ups, Ward knew she was close. He looked up her body and stole a glance of her boobs heave up and down in response to her heavy breathing before lowering his head lower then before. When she was seconds away from cumming he deciding now was the right time so he extended his tongue onto a wet point and crammed it into her asshole.

"YES! YES! YES! I'm cumming! Ugghhhhh," Skye screamed as she came, not caring about the foreign object wedged up her virgin backdoor. 

Her legs squeezed tight against Ward's head and she arched her back as she had her first orgasm from oral sex when someone played with her ass at the same time. Her sweet cream gushed out of her and onto Ward's thrusting fingers, which he was more then happy to take as it was so sweet. 

"See...I knew you'd like that," Ward said with his knowing grin.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Skye said, running a hand through her luscious hair.

"Now let's try a finger..."

Ward removed his cum-soaked digits from the girl's cunt and moved it down over her starfish. He smeared the sweet fluid around in big non-threatening concentric rings to spread out some lubrication before he isolated his index finger and tried to push it inside her anus. He got just the fingertip inside her tight ass before she squirmed up the bed and glared at him.

"I've told you I'm not into anal," she said with a hint of insecurity.

"Okay, no problem," Ward said with an even tone.

Even as he was speaking he popped up onto his knees and started undoing his belt. Skye seemed over the transgression and sat up with her long legs on either side of his kneeling form. She took over the job of taking his pants off, pulling them down over his ass so his thick 8-inch cock came springing free.

"There's my cock," the grinning girl said.

Ward's eyes shut tightly when her hand closed around his fully erect cock and stroked him lightly yet with purpose. It didn't take her long to get her plump lips wrapped around him as she flexed further forward and took him inside her talented mouth. She formed a tight seal and moved her firmly pressed lips along his member, gliding up and down his massive length.

"Oh yeah. Just like that," Ward encouraged.

For being only 22 years of age and having few sexually experiences before him, Skye naturally knew what she was doing. She would constantly keep switching from sucking on his meat then the next minute she would only focus on the head. Currently she was leaving big sloppy kisses down his pole before reaching his sack.

"Do you want me to suck on your nuts," Skye asked him rhetorically.

"Yes please," Ward responded.

While using her one hand to stroke his saliva-coated cock, Skye leant down further until she pulled one ball into her mouth and played with it gently with her tongue. She exchanged one for the next and did the same thing before treating him to both going into her skilled mouth. She felt his reach down until his hands here on her head, bundling up her long brown hair and holding it above her head.

"Thought you might like that," Skye told before getting her lips wrapped back around his dick and taking 6 inches into her mouth before her throat stopped anymore from entering.

"Need to fuck you...right now," Ward retorted.

The pair were in motion after his sentence concluded. They had a good rapport with each other sexually and they were once again on the right page as they both rolled onto their sides facing the far side of the room. Ward bucked his hips to remove his pants from his powerful thighs before settling right behind Skye so her smooth back was pressed against his ripped chest.

They didn't bother with condoms since they knew each other was clean and Skye was on birth control so Ward was inside her in one smooth motion. Skye moaned deeply in satisfaction as the man behind her guided his rock hard dick into her wet snatch. It only took him a few slow thrusts into her before she could feel his hips thudding against her curvy ass with his entire tool buried in her wetness.

" good," Skye moaned in delight.

Now that he had gone slowly into her a few times, Ward felt she was stretched out enough to really start fucking her. Not holding back any further, the man grabbed her hips and pulled her back while he thrust forward, going as deep as possible inside her but much faster now. Skye was use to his size now and the fact that she was a gushing mess between the legs meant his cock fly into her with great speed.

"So tight," the stoic agent grunted as he watched his dick repeatedly disappear into her snatch.

Ward was glad Skye was enjoying herself too as he felt her start pushing her hips back to help get him deeper into her. Her pussy was still clamped tightly to his rod as it glided into her hole before his pelvis crashed against her cheeks, making them ripple. This encouraged him to spike with great power forward, causing her firm ass to jiggle even more, much to his delight.

Skye was very much enjoying herself with the older man who she had a crush on ever since she first joined the team. He was guarded and fiercely private but he was so physically attractive that once he let her in she fell head over heels. 

She was a little bit wrapped up in her own head that she had lost complete track of time and didn't know how long they'd been going at it. Since they started hooking up a few weeks ago they had varied between quickies and marathon sessions, taking advantage of their superior physical fitness but this was shading towards the former.

"Awhh...OH God," Skye screamed into her soundproof room.

Her sudden scream was the direct result of Ward snaking his top arm down her body and between her legs. Remembering from last time he started to slowly flick her bean, causing intense bursts of pleasure to pulse throughout her curvy body. Even though they didn't have to rush things tonight he had the goal of getting her off again in short order so that she was loose and relaxed...then try to slip it in her ass.

"I'm gonna...I need...I'm cumming," Skye screamed as she was on the verge of climaxing.

With one last hard plunge, Ward buried his whole length into the 22-year-old's pussy deeper then anything had ever been in her before. This, combined with his faster friction of her clit, was just the stimulation the horny hacker needed as she erupted into her second orgasm of the night.

Ward rode out her orgasm with steady thrusts into her twat as Skye's muscles went ridged, including her pussy squeezing the life out of his cock. He kept going slower then before and stopped rubbing her clit until her body relented and started to loosen. He glanced up and saw her beautiful face with a serene, half unconscious look on it and decided to act.

He slowed his thrusting down as well as edged it further and further out of her snatch each time. Finally it was only his head that was stroking into her so he removed it altogether and angled it an inch higher up. She was as flaccid as she would ever be, including her anal sphincter so he butted his tip against her virgin bum and pushed forward with steady pressure

"WHOA! What are you doing!"

"Just giving your pussy a break. We pounded it raw over the past week plus you know I want to try anal," Ward looked down more firm then she'd seen him.

"No. I'm not into that," she remained him, returning his serious look.

"Fuck," he cursed loudly. "Fine."

Skye was surprised by his strong reaction and was surprised again when his strong hands clamped tightly around her hips almost to the point of pain. In one quick motion Ward had flipped her flat on her stomach so her amazingly rounded ass was pointed up at the ceiling of the huge airplane. 

She was going to protest but decided to just let him finish unless he made another play to ass-fuck her again. She felt his shaft slide between her legs but this time it was back into her pussy where he buried himself inside her in one push. She grunted from the rough thrust but only widened her legs more to allow for easier access.

Ward seemed determined to fuck her through the mattress and he was on a good pace to do just that. Over and over again he reared back his hips before slamming them down against Skye's shapely ass, making them quake from the contact. The girl was silent aside from the odd groan, clearly pissed at him for his attempt to sodomize her but for him it was worth the chance.

Skye knew that the big SHIELD agent behind her had entered the position of no return and was on course to cum. She may not have gone to the Academy to become an Intelligence agent but even she could see all the traditional signs were there; loudest grunts of the session, wild and erratic thrusts for the past minute plus the near bone-bruising grip of his strong hands on her perfectly rounded hips. 

"UUUGGHHH," Ward grunted as he speared deep inside her one final time. 

Ward gave his one final thrust before his semen bubbled up from his balls and started flying out of his tip. He deposited his seed deep within her twat, painting her walls with his sticky ropes of goo as she took it without complaint.

Exhausted, Ward rolled off the smaller female and lay on his back facing the ceiling as his naked girlfriend remained face down on the bed. He knew he'd be in for an awkward conversation with the pissed-off girl at some point, but it wouldn't be tonight. 

"I have to go. Coulson called a mission brief in 5 minutes and we don't want people suspecting anything is going on between us," the agent told her.

"Okay," she said, rolling to face him. "Sneak out then I'll meet you guys down there, coming late like usual."

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