Into The Framework

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Daisy Johnson and Bobbi Morse had successfully reunited with their whole team, except for Fitz and May, who were loyal Agents of Hydra in this nightmare simulation. Of course, they couldn't leave without them, which is why they had a meeting to plan strategies for not only retrieving their friends, but of course how to get out of here. Which Daisy was trying to pay attention to as much as possible, but it was kind of hard when Bobbi just wouldn't leave her alone. Fortunately, it was Jemma who was doing most of the talking, but every so often she had something to add, meaning all eyes were on her, and it was hard not to blush when her butt was being squeezed, pinched and fondled pretty much the entire time.

Thankfully they were all gathered around a small table, meaning no one thought it was strange that Bobbi and Daisy were standing so closely together, and no one noticed that the blonde's right hand was out of sight, because it was busy playing with the brunette's ass. Of course, when it first started, Daisy tried to get Bobbi to stop by silently glaring at her, but her cocky lover just grinned mischievously back, completely unrepentant for what she was doing. And while it was very tempting to do more, even to the point of using her powers, the mighty Quake just stood still and took it, as she didn't want the whole team to know what was going on between the two of them.

Once the meeting was over Daisy dragged Bobbi into the nearest empty room, and whined, "What the hell was that?"

"What was what?" Bobbi asked innocently.

"Don't give me that." Daisy glared, "You know exactly what I mean?"

"Do I?" Bobbi questioned, before sighing and protesting, "What? I've been on a million assignments just like this. I know what to expect. Both from the mission, and from the planning stage. I knew everything Jemma was going to say, before she said it. Hell, I could have led that meeting, if I wanted too. But, I was too distracted by your cute little butt."

"But we agreed not to tell anyone yet, and that was kind of counter-productive." Daisy complained.

"Not really." Bobbi said dismissively, before pointing out, "I knew we could get away with it, and we did."

"Something else you have experience with." Daisy grumbled,

"Of course." Bobbi grinned wickedly, "Why? Jealous?"

"No." Daisy said unconvincingly, then quickly clarified, "I'm annoyed. No, I'm furious. You knew I wanted to stop, and you didn't."

"Did you, though?" Bobbi grinned wickedly, "Because you never actually tried to push my hand away, or even actually said stop."

"I didn't want to get caught." Daisy whined.

"And I think the threat of getting caught is a major turn on for you." Bobbi pointed out, walking over to the door and fiddling with it, "As it is for me."

"What are you doing?" Daisy frowned.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Bobbi teased.

"Locking as in here." Daisy grumbled, before pointing out, "Which would be a very, very bad idea, considering people saw us come in here, and if someone needs to talk to us, like Jemma, and they find the door is locked, which is likely given the situation we're in, what are they supposed to think, huh?"

"That I'm fucking my sexy girlfriend." Bobbi grinned, and then turned around to approach her pray, once she had the door finally locked, "As they should, when they hear you moaning my name."

"Girlfriend?" Daisy questioned, definitely concentrating on the wrong thing.

"Uh-huh." Bobbi grinned, closing the short distance between them, and kissing the other girl.

Even though it was pretty much the worst thing she could do under the circumstances, Daisy didn't hesitate kissing back, the two of them becoming lost in that lip lock for several long minutes, until the blonde's right hand made it's way back down to the brunette's ass. And even that only caused her to tense up for a few long seconds, before becoming lost in the kiss once again. Because sure, it was annoying, but it felt good. Really, really good. And it was nothing that they wouldn't do under the circumstances. Well, Daisy was definitely going to kick Bobbi's ass in their next training session to try and get some dignity back, but for now, she was happy to let the other woman have her way with her.

Ideally that would be it. They'd make out like teenagers in love for a few minutes, then get back to the mission at hand. But obviously Bobbi wanted more, and honestly, so did Daisy. Which was why she didn't protest when her pants and then panties were slowly pushed down, giving the blonde all the access she could want to the brunette's booty. At first, she didn't really use this to her advantage, instead choosing to get right back to the squeezing and the groping. Bobbi even broke the kiss, in favour of pressing her lips to Daisy's neck, giving her the perfect chance to complain about what they were doing. It just took a while for her to convince her mouth to actually do that.

"We, we should stop." Daisy moaned.

"You're right..." Bobbi agreed thoughtfully, before grinning wickedly against Daisy's neck, "But first..."

Bobbi then forcefully turned Daisy around, and dropped down to her knees, so her face was right in front of that cute little bubble butt. Partly because she just couldn't resist admiring that yummy prize, and partly because she was giving her girl another chance to protest. If she did, and she actually sounded like she meant it this time, Bobbi would be only too happy to oblige. After all, it was hard to control her lust for Daisy Johnson, given that after years of doing just that she finally had permission to indulge in it, as she knew that this amazing woman wanted her back. And to her delight, she got a signed that this hot little bottom wanted to continue, by resting her hands against the wall and leaning her head downwards in submission. Fuck, the brunette even stuck out that booty, practically begging the blonde to do whatever she wanted to do with it.

Happy to oblige, Bobbi buried her face in between those cheeks, and started frantically lapping away at Daisy's slutty little ass hole. It would've been nice to have more of a build-up, and to strip this beautiful woman completely naked, but the other Agent of SHIELD was right, someone could come looking for them at any moment. Which of course, made this whole thing that much more fun, but they also should make this quick. Well, Bobbi couldn't resist motor-boating that booty a little, but mostly, she focused on tonguing Daisy's butt hole, much to the delight of her fellow Agent. Oh yes, the mighty Quake was trying her best to hide it, but The Mockingbird was also making her moan, gasp and whimper so beautifully in pure pleasure, just from a little butt munching.

She got even more of those wonderful sounds when she pulled apart those cute little cheeks, so she could have more access to the most private hole on anyone's body, which in this case, was clearly also meant to be a slutty little fuck hole. Or more accurately, it was a slutty little fuck hole, and it was up to Bobbi to make sure that it got used as hard and as frequently as possible. And in a variety of ways. Oh yes, she was going to make sure that her hot little bottom got all of the anal love she clearly needed from her top. Which definitely included nice, long, drawn-out rim jobs. Or at least, as in this case, a quick, but passionate rimming, before moving on to something which could actually make Daisy cum.

Perhaps one day soon she would tie Daisy down, and worship her ass just like this without mercy, to see whether her girl was such a butt slut that she could cum just from something like this. But today was not that day. No, because while Bobbi's main focus remained the passionate rim job, she also added her fingers into the mix. At first this was just gently rubbing Daisy's pussy, but it definitely promised more. And hell, it was good enough for now, given that the other spy was once again making wonderful sounds of pleasure. Probably too loud under the circumstances, but hopefully if they were heard, they would be ignored, the other Agents of SHIELD figuring out what was going on, more or less, and doing them the courtesy of leaving them alone.

Daisy was also hopeful that was the case, if the worst came to the worst. Then again, they had been having a lot of sex in public places without being discovered, so maybe they would be okay? Or maybe it was different, because there was some real people around here now, instead of just MPCs? It was a theory which they shouldn't be testing out, but to her shame, Daisy just couldn't help it. Because it really didn't take much to get her turned on when Bobbi Morse was around, especially after years of denying her feelings for the other girl. And maybe more importantly, the pretty much non-stop lesbian sex they had been having over the past 48 hours. Especially that of the anal variety.

Once again Bobbi Morse was proving herself to be an expert at that, as she ate Daisy's ass out with an almost ridiculous amount of enthusiasm. Especially when she started sliding around that forbidden hole, and even pushing it inside. Which to her shame was way too easy, given the constant pounding that poor back door and back passage had taken as of late. Oh fuck, that tongue just slid all the way in, and then Bobbi started thrusting it in and out, butt fucking her with her fucking tongue. And if that wasn't enough, at about the same time, she pushed a finger into her cunt, quickly followed by a second finger, which was enough to bring poor Daisy to the edge of orgasm.

She dearly wished it had been that easy. That the other girl had fingered her cunt nice and hard, and continued hammering her tongue in and out of that incredibly private hole. Which would be more than enough to make her cum. But no, Bobbi just had to insist on the slow, gentle fingering, while completely going to town on her butt hole. Fuck, she even ended up pulling those fingers out completely, and then pushing them back in again, a few times, before switching holes. Which, if she was honest, could have also made her cum in her current state of mind, if only Bobbi had been a bit more forceful about it. But instead she went slowly, to make sure to get Daisy on the edge of orgasm, or at least close to it, while never letting her get close to true satisfaction.

Admittedly, there was something to be said for what she was receiving, especially as Bobbi was so fucking good at it. Oh yes, if things had been different, Daisy would have loved to do this for hours. For The Mockingbird to pin her down, and have her way with her for hours. But again, given their surroundings, they should really make this quick. Which was why it was frustrating to have first one, then two fingers pushed inside her again at the same slow speed, even though at this point, she could have taken a much harder and faster penetration. Which Daisy kind of wanted to beg for, but she didn't trust her voice right now. Especially when it became increasingly apparent what Bobbi was actually planning here.

Bobbi also wanted to include words since the mix, and there might be a way she could do that. But that would involve standing up, and getting really close to Daisy's ear, and she wasn't ready for that. Not yet. Not until she had truly violated this slutty little ass hole. Oh yes, a couple of fingers weren't nearly enough for a whore hole of this calibre. Which had Bobbi itching to reach for her batons. But she'd already use them, and the former Skye deserved a variety of ass fuckings. Which was why she chose another weapon which he regularly used to beat her opponents into unconsciousness. Which was of course, her fists. Or in this case, just one of them. Which was going to take some build-up, but The Mockingbird was sure that it would be worth it.

So she spend the next few long minutes, working two fingers in and out of Daisy's ass hole, eventually adding a third finger, and thus repeating the process, until she had all four fingers, and her thumb, inside that slutty little fuck hole. And of course, she got the same reactions from Daisy, the entire time, that being sounds of pure pleasure, even though the hacker had to know where this was going. Hell, her whimpers told Bobbi as much. But again, she didn't protest. No, the hot little anal loving bottom, just continue taking it like a good girl, even when Bobbi finally started giving her more. Namely, stretching that cute little butt hole perhaps wider than ever before with her knuckles.

To her credit, she pulled back when it was clear Daisy was beginning to struggle, and then repeated the process over and over again, slowly and gradually making progress, until that slutty little fuck hole was stretching around her knuckles without causing Daisy too much pain. And she then repeated the process a few times, before finally pushing them all the way in. Watching as her hands slowly disappeared into the other girl's butt hole, until all she could see was her wrist. Oh yes, Daisy's back door was wrapped around her wrist, and Bobbi could feel Daisy's back passage squeezing her hand. Oh fuck, this was so fucking hot, Bobbi giving herself and her girl a few long seconds to savour the moment, before beginning too fist fuck that hot bottom's hot bottom.

During that time she wondered if this was how it would feel if, and maybe when, she actually got to stick a hand up Daisy's butt in the real world? And was this something that Fitz it actually programmed into the system? Because that would be super weird. Especially with them in mind. No, he didn't know they were coming. Especially not Bobbi. So, this had to be some kind of predictive text. And God, it was weird to think this was just a simulation, as it felt so weirdly real. Unfortunately Bobbi was then distracted from such thoughts, as she began to slid her fist in and out of Daisy's most private hole, slowly at first, but gradually building up speed. Which again, got the same sounds out of the other Agent of SHIELD.

Daisy of course had her hand covering her mouth tightly at this point, desperately trying to keep as quiet as possible while she was fucked in the ass in the middle of this SHIELD base. Which wasn't very quiet at all. Oh God, she wasn't even sure whose quarters these were. Not that it mattered, as it was most likely a MPCs. But still, she didn't like the idea that even a computer simulation would be able to smell her cum, and just arousal, from such an act. Or worse, that one of them would discover her allowing another woman to anally fist her. And of course, it would be so much worse if it was someone they actually knew. Which again, should have pushed Daisy into putting a stop to this long before now, but it was only turning her on more.

That was both a blessing and a curse right now, as it was more than enough to bring her to the edge of orgasm, meaning that this could be ended in a second if they were discovered. Also, it obviously meant that she was being bombarded by pleasure the entire time. However, the pleasure was torturous, as she was aching for satisfaction. And the more Bobbi refused to give it to her, the more likely it was that they would be caught. Caught with Bobbi's hand up her ass. Oh God, even if they weren't caught, Daisy wasn't sure how she would ever get over the embarrassment she was currently feeling. And getting to feel, as she was sodomized for what felt like nearly an hour.

Just when Daisy was about to lose it, and loudly demand that Bobbi make her cum, or more likely just remain whimpering in frustration, the other SHIELD Agent suddenly jumped to her feet, and pressed a kiss to the back of her neck. She then kissed her way around to the side, and lingered there for a while, nibbling her ear, and pressing her body into hers. God, Daisy loved the feeling of boobs being pressed into her back. But more importantly, she was sure that Bobbi was going to say something any second now, which would finally push her off the edge of orgasm. And while it took a lot longer than she would have liked, it finally happened, with the expected results.

"Cum for me baby! Cum with my fist in your ass!" Bobbi growled into Daisy's ear, pausing briefly to nibble on it, before continuing, "Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, cum like the little butt slut you are! My little butt slut! That's what you are, Daisy. Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh, the mighty Quake is such a good little ass whore for me, that she can cum with my fist up her butt. Yes she can, mmmmmmmmm, yes she can. Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, cum like a total slut. Cum like the little anal bitch you are! Oh my God! Oh fuck! Oh baby, I can feel you clenching down on me. Clenching down on my hand. On my whole fucking hand, which is deep in your fucking whore ass! Ah fuck yeah, fucking cum! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss, ah fuck!"

Only too happy to oblige, Daisy came nice and hard. So hard Bobbi's fist was stopped in it's tracks. Or maybe the other girl was just letting her ride out the orgasm, and was about to restart the ass fucking? Then again, this really should be it, as again, this really should be a quickie. Although, it was hard for Daisy to think about that or anything in that moment, except the climax echoing through her body. And of course, the feeling of having Bobbi Morse so close. And those wonderful words being whispered into her ear. And just, everything. Because they were still in incredible danger, and needed to save their friends, but in that moment, everything was just hunky-dory.

Bobbi was extremely tempted to continue anally fisting Daisy, and with a little added force, she was sure she could do it. However, she was already pushing her luck, and the sooner they got back on track, the sooner that she could butt fuck this incredible woman for real. Amongst many, many other things. Oh yes, in that moment Bobbi Morse's mind was again racing with all of the things she could do with Daisy Johnson once they escaped The Framework. Although admittedly, considering where one of her hands were in the things that she was whispering into the other woman's ear, her focus in that moment was definitely on all the different ways that she could fucked the mighty Quake in the ass.

She thought about stretching this cute little fuck hole wide and deep with all sorts of toys, and yes, even her hands. For the briefest of moments, she also considered to bring in someone to help her double fuck this ass, like Jemma, who Bobbi was sure that both she and Daisy were crushing on. However, she didn't linger on that thought, as she didn't like the idea of sharing this perfect little fuck hole. And more importantly, she just didn't like the idea of sharing Daisy. Oh yes, Daisy Johnson was hers. Her personal little anal loving bottom. Hell, in that moment, she wanted to tattoo 'Property of Bobbi Morse' onto Daisy's ass, or her lower back, or even her forehead, just so that everyone would know that Quake belonged to The Mockingbird.

Under other circumstances, those thoughts could've probably made Bobbi cum, and it was really, really tempting to shove her hand down her pants and finish the job. Or better yet, pull down those pants and shove her panties out of the way, and then sit on Daisy's pretty little face, and ride it until her hot little bottom made her top cum. But it would be very easy to get carried away with either of these things, and for now, she just wanted to concentrate on making her little butt slut cum. Then, when her orgasm was finished, she pulled her hand slowly out of the other girl's ass, used her other hand to turn the superhero around, and then press the hand which is just been up Daisy's ass to Daisy's mouth.

"Clean it." Bobbi ordered, while shamelessly looking deep into Daisy's eyes with a grin on her face. She then leaned in and whispered into the other woman's ear, "Come on, mmmmmmmmmm, we both know you want too. Oh yes, mmmmmmmmm, we both know Daisy Johnson is a little ATM whore, so go ahead. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh, ah fuck, be a good little ass to mouth loving bottom, and clean it! Clean the hand which has just been up your butt. Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm fuck, good girl. That's it! Oh Daisy. Ooooooooooooh yessssssssssss, mmmmmmmmmm, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck, clean it like a good girl!"

The annoyance was radiating off of Daisy, but it didn't take much encouragement to do as she was told. Mostly because she knew if she didn't, Bobbi would, and sure enough, the blonde made sure she got her fair share, even if the brunette got the majority of the butt cream. Oh yes, the two women slid their tongues all over that hand. Those tongues met more than once, which of course led to more kissing. A lot more kissing. So much, that Bobbi was once again tempted to push things to continue. Ideally by shoving Daisy's head in between her legs, and demanding that the other woman eat her cunt, until she came all over her pretty little face. But again, she was just about able to resist, in favour of something much better. Something which she pointed out to the other spy.

"Let's get out of here." Bobbi said abruptly, breaking their latest kiss.

"Wait, what about you?" Daisy questioned.

"We can worry about me when we finally get out of The Framework." Bobbi said, heading towards the door, then stopping to turn to smile at her lover, "Then, it will be real."

"Sounds like a plan." Daisy smiled dreamily, before pointing out with a wicked smile, "You do realize that in the real world, we've probably ruined our panties, right? Probably our pants, too. Like, there's just this massive wet spot in between our legs, which makes it look like we've pissed ourselves, when really it's just all of the cum we literally mind fucked out of each other?"

"Oh God, you're probably right." Bobbi laughed, even as she scrunched up her face in horror, "Remind me to make sure that we wake up first."

"No problem." Daisy said.

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