Into The Framework

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"Relax she'll be here." Bobbi said softly, cautiously reaching out and grabbing hold of Daisy's hand.

For a moment Daisy felt comforted, and the two women exchanged a smile, but then she pulled her hand away and grumbled, "You don't know that."

"I do." Bobbi insisted, and then when she got a look from the other woman added, "Jemma is stronger than most people give her credit for. She'll get through this. I know she will."

"I know..." Daisy snapped, before softening her tone, "I know people underestimate Jemma, but this place... it's just... upside down, and evil, and I just can't stop worrying about her."

"I know." Bobbi said softly, before smiling widely when she finally saw someone coming towards them, "But like I said, you didn't have too.

"DAISY!" Jemma cried out, running towards her friends.

"JEMMA!" Daisy exclaimed, quickly closing the distance between them, and then hugging her tightly, "We were so worried about you."

"Me too." Jemma said softly, trying to keep it together as she quickly hugged Bobbi too, and then asked her friends, "It's not safe here. Do you have somewhere we can talk?"

Bobbi and Daisy exchanged a look, and smiled.


"Wow, this is nice." Jemma marvelled as she followed her friends into their apartment, "Who's is it?"

"Ours." Bobbi beamed.

"Oh, you're roommates, that's so nice." Jemma smiled.

"Not exactly..." Daisy began hesitantly, before seeing Jemma notice a picture of the two Agents of SHIELD looking very coupley.

"Oh..." Jemma blushed, staring at the photo for a few long seconds, before turning back to her friends, "So you're..."

"Married." Bobbi finished for her, letting the word hang in the air for a few long seconds, before clarifying, "In the framework."

"Right." Jemma nodded, realizing she was being silly.

"But also..." Daisy added, cautiously taking Bobbi's hand, and then continuing, "We're together now, because when we found out we were married here it made us confess how we really felt about each other, and well, one thing led to another. But it's new, and we're still figuring it out, and this really isn't the time. And I just... you're my best friend Jemma. I wanted you to know."

"Oh Daisy." Jemma beamed, hugging her best friend tightly, "I'm so happy for you."

"You are?" Daisy grinned.

"Of course." Jemma confirmed, before pulling back, "Fitz and I always thought there was something between you two. Which is probably why you're the way you are here. Which I guess means this place did at least something right. We must remember to thank Fitz. After kicking his ass of course."

"Of course." Daisy parroted.

"But we need to find him first." Jemma said sombrely.

"Actually, that's not a problem." Bobbi said hesitantly, deciding to leave certain things out for now, "We spent the day tracking everyone down, and we know exactly where everyone is. But remember, no one has their original memories, except us, and they wouldn't be exactly receptive to us banging on their door at the end of the day. Especially as most of them don't know us here. So I suggest we get a good night sleep, and get a good meal in us, then we do our best to recruit Colson in the morning. And hope once the rest see his face it will help awaken their true selves, and from our research we think he is the most likely to believe us."

"Okay, but I will need to review your findings." Jemma ultimately agreed.

"Naturally." Bobbi smiled, squeezing Daisy's hand before letting it go, "I'll get dinner on."

"And I assume there is only one bed." Jemma said, trying not to blush, "So if you have a spare blanket or something, I'll happily take the couch."

"No way." Daisy shut that down, and then when everyone else gave her a look she protested, "What? The bed is big enough for three. It's no trouble."

"Daisy..." Jemma did blush this time, "Just to be clear, I love you, but I'm with Fitz..."

"What? No, no, no... I only meant you could literally sleep with us. Not..." Daisy blushed at the thought, and then when Jemma gave her a look she doubled down, "Seriously, we're not animals. We can control ourselves, right Bobbi?"

"Right." Bobbi confirmed, "No funny business. I promise."


"Bobbi!" Daisy hissed as softly as she could, "You promised!"

"I thought we were promising not to seduce Jemma." Bobbi grinned, before going back to kissing Daisy's neck.

"You, oh, you know what you promised." Daisy groaned, doing her best to keep herself quiet, "What we promised."

"What can I say? I just can't keep my hands off your sexy little ass." Bobbi teased, and although she meant that metaphorically she squeezed her girlfriend's cute little butt, causing a loud squeak to escape Daisy's lips, which had Jemma stirring, "Although, if we are going to do this, clearly we need to find a way to keep you quiet. Luckily, I have an idea..."

"We can't... we shouldn't..." Daisy protested, although she didn't sound convincing even to herself, especially when she corrected herself. However the fact that Bobbi predictably got off the bed and then came back made Daisy nervous, so she whimpered, "Please Bobbi, I'm so sore."

"Oh?" Bobbi grinned, "Which part of you is sore?"

Daisy blushed furiously, and then hissed, "You know which part."

"I do..." Bobbi grinned, "Which is exactly why I'm going to kiss it better."

Daisy's eyes went wide as she heard that because she knew exactly what it meant, and she opened her mouth to protest, only to be silenced by a piece of fabric being shoved into her mouth. For a moment she protested, until she realized she was tasting something familiar, namely pussy. Bobbi's pussy? Her own? Jemma's? Oh God, Bobbi wouldn't do that to her, would she? Because Bobbi had always been playful, but surely she would understand that would be crossing the line. Then again, there was definitely a level of forcefulness here which arguably crossed the line, or at least came close to it, and it would be certainly nothing Daisy would tolerate from anyone else. But this was the Mockingbird. Someone she had been crushing on for so long. And honestly, she kind of like the forcefulness.

What made it bearable was that after pushing the fabric into her mouth... after pushing those panties into her mouth, Daisy realized, which gave her a weird thrill, and distracted her briefly. Anyway, the point was that after doing what she did Bobbi let go and paused, waiting for a reaction. Then when Daisy's body relaxed and the supposedly mighty Quake blushed and looked away from her Bobbi grinned, and started to make good on her promise. Not that Daisy could see it in the moment, but she could practically taste the smug look which had to be on Bobbi's face. She then felt it against her skin as Bobbi went back to kissing her neck, before pulling the fabric of the shirt up that she was sleeping in, so the Mockingbird could slide her head beneath the covers and start kissing the exposed flesh of Quake's back.

Those lips quickly made their way down Daisy's spine, but then when they reached her lower back lingered there for a few agonizingly long minutes. Because if they were going to do this, surely it had to be quick, right? Which was the same reason Daisy was frustrated by Bobbi slowly pulling down her sleeping shorts and then covering her ass in kisses. Admittedly it all felt kind of nice, but this wasn't the time for foreplay. But Daisy didn't dare take the panties out of her mouth to point that out, as she was afraid Bobbi would take that opportunity to do something that would make her cry out in pleasure. She also didn't want to admit that foreplay wasn't necessary, as it felt like giving Bobbi another win, even though the other spy was probably perfectly aware of how ready she was for this.

Quake was certainly grateful that she didn't try and talk when Bobbi was kissing her ass, because one minute she was smooching one of her butt cheeks, and the next minute the other woman was pushing her face in between them and starting to frantically lick Daisy's back hole. Now this was more like it, Daisy thought. Hell, she wouldn't be surprised if Bobbi could make her cum just from this. Or maybe this, and a couple of fingers pushed into her cunt. Something Daisy was very tempted to do herself, although there was definitely something to be said for just relaxing and letting Bobbi tongue her butt. Especially because it was so soothing to her well fucked ass.

Bobbi did feel a little guilty for pushing Daisy into this. Alright, she felt a lot guilty, but she just couldn't help herself. She had wanted Daisy for so very long, and now she finally had her she wanted to use every minute to her advantage. And honestly, Bobbi might have a tiny kink for public sex, especially after how thrilling it had been to get away with it. Something which she was very much open to exploring with Daisy later. But for now though, Bobbi was more than happy to concentrate on licking the other girl's ass hole. Especially given the coos, gasps and even soft moans and whimpers, which indicated just how soothing this was for Daisy. Which was really good, considering what she had done to this supposedly forbidden hole, and what she planned to do in just a few minutes.

Of course it was the last thing which pushed Bobbi to pick up the pace from gently sliding her tongue around Daisy's back door, which even many hours later was still slightly open from the earlier pounding, to actually sliding her tongue inside her butt. Unsurprisingly that really got a loud gasp of pleasure, followed by a whimper of humiliation, from Daisy as Bobbi's tongue easily entered her stretched out bottom. To her credit Bobbi then spent a minute or so gently sliding her tongue around the walls of the other girl's rectum, before she began fucking that cute little butt hole with her tongue. At which point she grabbed a firm hold of Daisy's waist so she could hold her in place as she shoved her face as deep as it would go into her lover's ass so the next few minutes she could give her the most passionate rim job possible.

It was easily one of the tastiest ass holes Bobbi had ever had the pleasure of munching on, and she promised when she had the time she would really draw this out, and make sure to eat Daisy's ass pretty much every time she fucked it, which she promised herself would always be at least on a daily basis. She also considered just making Daisy cum. Maybe stick a finger or two into her cunt in the process. Which would probably be the wise decision, but Bobbi really wanted to get her dick into that ass hole, and she was determined to do just that. Luckily, while retrieving her panties Bobbi had quickly strapped on a dildo and collected some lube, the latter of which she covered a few fingers in, before then using one of them to replace her tongue.

Again this got a promising reaction out of the former Skye, and again, Daisy was nice and loose back there, so Bobbi used it to her advantage. Oh yes, it wasn't long before she was pushing a second finger, and then a third into Daisy's butt hole, as that continued getting positive reactions she went for a fourth finger and got it. Which made it very tempting to try and fist Daisy's ass, but that would be a waste of the dick Bobbi had just strapped on, and the lube she was covering it with. Besides, she'd already committed to the idea, and it was what she wanted the most. So Bobbi slowly slid it upwards until she was behind her prey again, and then she replaced her fingers with the dildo, resting against that prepared back door for a few long seconds to further tease the hot little bottom in front of her.

"Are you ready?" Bobbi then whispered into Daisy's ear, before chuckling softly as the other girl frantically nodded, "Ooooooooooh, I love an eager little butt slut."

Daisy rolled her eyes before trying to look back at Bobbi and glare, only for the other spy to cover her mouth, and thus holding her head in place. Which was a very good thing, as only about a second later The Mockingbird started to penetrate Quake's ass hole. Thankfully this was done slowly and gently, and although it embarrassed her Daisy was also grateful for the earlier butt poundings, as it caused her loosened shit hole to easily open for the invading object with only a small amount of pain. It was still enough to make her cry out, but thankfully Bobbi's hand did a pretty good job of muffling it. Then Bobbi just left the head of the dildo stretching Daisy's butt hole and gave the humiliated spy some much-needed time to relax.

Unfortunately it was a bit too much time to relax, because without warning Bobbi suddenly pushed forwards, burying a few inches of that thick dildo into her back hole and causing Daisy to cry out loudly. If they had been alone the worse part would've been that the cry was out of pure pleasure, the preparation and recent ass fuckings making sure even the pain was pleasurable, so in a really sick and twisted way, there was only just pleasure to be had. Something which would normally make Bobbi tease her, but this time it was far worse. Because this time their dear, sweet friend Jemma stirred in her sleep, causing the other Agents of SHIELD to freeze with fear.

They clearly both thought for sure that they were about to be discovered. That the prim and proper Jemma Simmons was going to discover them having anal sex right in front of her while she slept. Something they would never, ever live down, especially not Daisy. But thankfully that wasn't the case, and instead after a few tense minutes Jemma relaxed and returned to the deep sleep she had been in before. In turn, the other Agents of SHIELD relaxed in relief, although Daisy was disappointed that it meant an end to the anal fun. Because surely they couldn't continue after this, right? It would be wrong. Irresponsible. And although it was embarrassing for her to admit, extremely hot.

Just as Daisy was contemplating the pros and cons of spitting out the panties and trying to convince Bobbi to continue as softly as she could the butt stuffing was suddenly continued. Oh God, another woman went back to slowly pushing a long, thick strap-on cock into her shit-pipe, and this time Bobbi didn't stop when Jemma stirred. This was especially frustrating, as this time Jemma rolled over so that she was facing them, practically nose to nose with poor Daisy. Which made it more important than ever that Daisy stayed as silent as possible, but no matter how hard she tried little gasps, whimpers and even moans escaped her mouth, especially when the sodomy officially started, because after that the pleasure was just so overwhelming.

Bobbi had found Jemma asleep at her desk more than a few times, so she knew just how much of a deep sleeper her friend was. Even so, she kind of wished she had at the very least taken Daisy into the bathroom to do this, because the other girl was being a lot more noisy than she had been hoping for. Then again, it was hard to blame her given that she had a huge 10 inch cock making it's way into her forbidden hole and deep into the depths of her back passage. Honestly Bobbi couldn't imagine taking anything so big inside her, especially not in that hole. Which made it more and more impressive that the former Skye was not only taking it, but enjoying it. Also it made it hotter, and while she wouldn't want to make this a regular thing, the chance of being discovered also made it hotter, to the point that Bobbi just couldn't stop, especially given what was about to happen.

Namely, her thighs came to rest against Daisy's well-rounded butt cheeks, announcing that every inch of her big dick was buried deep within the other girl's bowels. God, Bobbi loved that feeling. Sure, she couldn't feel it like a guy would, but just the feeling of her thighs against those juicy cheeks, and in this case, their bodies pressed as firm as possible against each other, and that feeling let her know exactly what she had just done to the other girl's poor little ass hole. It was a feeling she savored for a few long minutes, before starting to slowly rotate her hips, unnecessarily stretching out Daisy's rectum even more, and from the sounds of it, giving her a decent amount of pleasure in the process.

Of course it wasn't long before she slowly pushed her hips back, and then pushed them forward, causing the dildo to start sliding in and out of Daisy's butt hole. She did this slowly and steadily, but it was enough to make it official, The Mockingbird was fucking Quake in the ass. Fucking another girl up the butt. Sodomizing Daisy! Oh God yes, Bobbi was butt fucking one of the most powerful women she had ever met. Not in terms of physical or political strength, but simply having supernatural powers which could incapacitate Bobbi, or worse, in an instant. And Bobbi was anally dominating her, for the third time that day. Oh yes, she had made Daisy's most private hole her personal fuck hole, and was proving it by using it as frequently as possible.

Despite the circumstances, Bobbi really, really wanted to say all that and more to Daisy. Whisper it into her ear so she could make this ass fucking even more nasty, and perhaps even make Jemma dream that she was doing exactly what she was doing, namely fucking Daisy's perfect little ass. But she was able to resist, at least for now. She would probably have to let out some of those words eventually, as the urge to do so was becoming overwhelming. However she wanted to save it for making them both cum. Something which she was sure it wouldn't take very long, given the reaction she was getting. Especially when she added the hand to the equation which wasn't busy covering Daisy's mouth.

Daisy very much welcomed that edition, even when at first it just cupped one of her tits, because she had a pretty good idea where it would end up. Although there was something to be said for the way that Bobbi cupped one boob, and then the other, the very experienced woman playing Daisy's body like a musical instrument. Which felt so good that Daisy kind of hoped they could do this all night long, and just finish moments before Jemma woke up. That seemed like a much better use of their time than sleeping. In fact, the former Skye had never felt less tired, and from the way that she was eagerly touching her body, and violating it, it was pretty clear that Bobbi felt the same way.

Although thankfully they were both clearly aching for an increase in the pleasure, given that as Daisy had guessed, that hand eventually left her boobs, and slid down her stomach as slowly as possible, until it reached it's final destination. Those moments were sweet agony, especially as Bobbi pause the butt fucking with every inch of her strap-on buried deep within Daisy's shit-pipe. Which admittedly was just as well, because the moment that Bobbi's hand slowly slid over her aching pussy and then gently cupped it caused Daisy to let out the loudest sound yet, which she thought for sure would wake Jemma up. Instead, not only did Jemma remain sleeping, but she actually rolled back over onto her other side and away from the action.

Taking this as an invitation Bobbi immediately pushed two fingers into Daisy's needy little cunt, almost making the smaller woman cum on the spot. Which probably would've happened, if Bobbi had only started thrusting those fingers in and out, instead of just leaving them buried inside her. She then gave Daisy a few long seconds to recover, before beginning to slowly thrust those fingers in and out for a few long minutes, before softly repeating the process with the strap-on deeply embedded within Daisy's rectum. This process was then repeated over and over again, driving Daisy crazy, especially as she couldn't beg for the orgasm she so desperately needed. Or more accurately, the orgasms, given Bobbi's previous track record.

For better or for worse Bobbi then started whispering into her ear, "Cum for me baby. Cum with my big dick in your ass! Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, mmmmmmmm, so wet. You're so wet for me baby. You love having my fingers in your pretty little cunt and my big dick up your perfect little ass at the same time, don't you? Don't you? Huh? Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah you do, yeah you do. Cum for me Daisy! Cum while I'm fucking your hot little pussy and your nice, tight little ass hole! Cum you double stuffed slut! You DP whore, mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss, you little anal bitch. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, that's it, squirt all over my fucking fingers, oh fuck yeah baby, ah fuck! Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!"

It was such a big risk, and Jemma stirred more than once, but it was so worth it, because it made Daisy cum so freaking hard. Well, that and the fact that Bobbi not only increased the pace of the finger fucking, but used her thumb to rub the other girl's clit, while again there was a big dildo buried deep within her ass. She then found herself cumming over and over again to the point she didn't care whether they were discovered when Bobbi started thrusting that strap-on in and out of her butt, meaning that for the second time today Daisy was getting her front and back holes fucked. And it was the third time that day being sodomized by The Mockingbird, those facts and the ecstasy she was feeling causing Daisy to lose the ability to even think coherently.

Bobbi couldn't afford to get lost in the pleasure she was feeling, because if she did Jemma would surely wake up. Hell, it was a miracle that she hadn't done so before now. Which was also why Bobbi couldn't start hammering Daisy's ass hole as hard as she possibly could. She wanted too, she wanted to so, so badly, but she could get the job done with just her fingers, and a few well-timed thrusts into that perfect little butt. Well, she could make Daisy cum that way for sure, and she did. She made Daisy Johnson, the mighty Quake, a superhero with more power than she'd ever possess, cum for her. Hell, she made her squirt all over her fingers, cry and whimper into her hand, and tremble in her arms. But she couldn't make herself cum, at least not with what she was physically doing.

Luckily for her there was still some friction against her clit every time she pushed her hips back and forth, and the fact that it was happening throughout the sodomy combined with the sheer mental high of not only fucking this girl in the ass, but actually making her cum from it? Now that was enough to give her what she so desperately needed in that moment. It wasn't close to what she was used to receiving under the circumstances. Certainly not as hard and as frequent. However, it just may be one of the most satisfying climaxes of her life, a wide smile crossing Bobby's face as she achieved her goal. It was a moment of pure euphoria, followed by terror as she heard Jemma groan, and then slowly start to turn around, her eyelids slowly fluttering open.

Instantly Bobbi froze, ironically with her hips coming to rest against Daisy's butt cheeks, meaning every inch of the strap-on was once again resting as deep as it could go into the other girl's ass. Bobbi also became aware of the fact that herself and Daisy were clearly both sweaty, so much so that the blonde's nipples were poking through her pyjama top and into the brunette's back, while Daisy's nipples were no doubt visible if Jemma looked underneath the sheets. And if she did so, she would definitely notice that Daisy's pyjama bottoms were down around her ankles, and Bobbi was clearly wearing a strap-on, making it crystal clear what they had been doing. Oh fuck, and the room smelt of sex, and cum, and oh God, they were so screwed. And yet bizarrely when Jemma finished turning over she actually smiled at them, which was confusing, until she actually spoke.

"Awww, you guys are so cute together." Jemma beamed, before looking sad, "I wish Fitz was here to spoon me."

"Spooning? Yes, right. That's what we're doing. That's exactly what we're doing." Daisy stammered unconvincingly, getting Jemma's attention.

"Are you okay?" Jemma frowned.

"I'm fine." Daisy squeaked unconvincingly, feeling like she was literally sweating bullets.

"Are you sure?" Jemma pushed sweetly.

"Yeah, I just..." Daisy gulped, thinking on her feet, or with a big cock up her ass in this case, "I just had a bad dream, and Bobbi was making me feel better."

"Awww." Jemma cooed, "That's so sweet."

"Isn't it though?" Bobbi grinned, "I'm the best."

"Yeah, you are." Daisy grumbled, trying to hide her annoyance, and the fact that she was still a little cum drunk, by quickly adding, "Please don't say anything about this Jem? I've worked hard to earn respect around here, and the last thing I want is for someone to find out about this."

"Don't worry, I won't say anything. I promise." Jemma promised, squeezing Daisy's hand reassuringly, before rolling onto her back and sighing wistfully, "Damnit, if I'm not wide-awake now though."

"You could try getting a glass of milk. I hear that helps." Bobbi suggested.

"Well, anything is worth a try, I guess." Jemma sleepily agreed, getting out of bed and heading for the kitchen.

As soon as she was out of sight Bobbi pulled her strap-on out of Daisy's ass hole in one swift movement, the mighty Quake barely getting her face into the bed sheets before she swore, "Fuck!"

"I know, that was close. Mmmmmmmm, totally worth it though, right?" Bobbi grinned widely as she admired her handiwork, although it was only for a few seconds before Daisy pulled up her pyjama bottoms, concealing her gaping ass hole.

"We are never doing that again." Daisy whined.

"Anal sex, or public sex?" Bobbi teased, continuing even though the other girl gave her an angry look, "Because you said that before and yet here we are."

"Shut up!" Daisy groaned, burying her face back in the pillow.

"What? Aren't you going to suck it clean?" Bobbi pushed, before realizing she was going too far, so she disappeared into the bathroom.

She made sure to take her pyjama bottoms with her, and immediately took off the strap-on and replaced it with those pajamas, changing the top in the process. At which point she should have immediately returned to the bed and hope that Jemma either didn't notice the smell, or was too polite to draw attention to it. But honestly Bobbi just couldn't resist bringing the dildo up to her own lips and sucking it clean. Which wasn't as satisfying as making Daisy do it, but it was still quite the incredible end to what was one of the riskiest things she'd ever done, at least as far as sex was concerned. This made her feel bizarrely proud, and she began plotting what she could get away with, while of course making the priority saving their friends and getting out of the framework.

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