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Daisy Johnson had gone through rigorous training to become an Agent of SHIELD, including the art of going undercover, but this was pushing her abilities to the limit, as now she found herself in some kind of nightmare world, with her only comfort being none of it was real. Only, she could very easily die for real in this world. Or worse, get her friends killed. So she had to keep her composure, even if it meant posing as a Hydra agent. Which was a rough pill to swallow given in the real world they were enemies, and she hated everything they stood for, but at least physically it was easy, as in this computer simulation she was a Hydra agent, allowing her to more or less come and go as she pleased.

It was the same for Bobbi Morse, her companion/back up for this mission, and together they were able to infiltrate their enemy's HQ and gain valuable Intel. However the good stuff would be locked away in The Doctor's office, a.k.a. Fitz's creepy Framework alter ego. They could break in there no problem and subdue him, and his guards, but then they would have limited time to look around, and there was always a chance that Fitz might get hurt in the process. So Bobbi had suggested they hid in a storage closet and waited for the majority of the personnel to leave, except maybe Fitz, who if was anything like his real-world counterpart, would probably work late. Which was a good plan. A solid plan. There was just one problem...

"Hey! Don't get any ideas!" Daisy warned as after a few long minutes of silence Bobbi started kissing her neck.

"What? We'll be here for a while yet. We have to pass the time somehow." Bobbi teased, before gleefully adding, "What? It's not like we are in Coulson's office... although, that could be fun."

Daisy glared at her for a few long seconds, before hissing, "Don't even joke about that."

Bobbi hummed noncommittally, and then offered before she gently pushed, "Okay, too much? I can respect that. I don't want to push you Daisy. It's just... I've wanted you for so long, and now I finally have you... it's just hard to keep my hands to myself. You know?"

"Oh believe me, I know." Daisy smiled softly, and then after a brief pause cautiously added, "I've wanted this for a long time too. Wanted you. So..."

"So..." Bobbi grinned.

"Maybe... it would be okay. As long as it's soft, gentle and ideally fast." Daisy said, quickly adding with a blush, "And no butt stuff."

"Awww, is someone's ass feeling a little sore and tender?" Bobbi teased with a wicked grin, "I thought you were walking funny."

"Shut up! I wasn't!" Daisy protested, "I just..."

Thankfully Daisy was cut off by Bobbi pressing her lips against hers, because she really didn't have a comeback. The truth was walking, and especially sitting down, had been challenging. But it wasn't anything she couldn't handle. Admittedly Bobbi's strap-on was much bigger than anything she'd experienced before back there, and she paid the price for it, but the orgasms made it totally worth it. Of course she hadn't wanted to admit that out loud, so just kissing Bobbi was preferable. In fact kissing Bobbi Morse was preferable to just about anything, sex with her even more so, so it wasn't surprising that it hadn't taken much to talk Daisy into this. After all, she really had wanted this for so very long, and the kissing alone was proving this woman was worth the wait.

Which was crystal clear during the few long minutes of passionate making out, and then even more so when Bobbi's hands start sliding over her body. Admittedly along the way she squeezed Daisy's sore butt, which made the mighty Quake whimper right into the kiss, while the infamous Mockingbird grinned wickedly into it. However it wasn't truly painful, and more than the aforementioned walking and sitting this was quite the pleasant reminder of how much fun they'd had before. Then Bobbi's hands were sliding beneath her uniform, cupping her breasts in a way which made Daisy moan happily into the kiss. And then again when one of those hands moved lower.

Bobbi did her best to concentrate on Daisy's tits for a good long while, and she thought she succeeded. Admittedly it was hard for her to tell, as she was so lost in kissing Daisy. Which to be fair was kind of understandable, given how long she'd wanted to do this. Which admittedly was her excuse for pushing things along further than she should. Then again they were in a public place, and more importantly Daisy seemed ready for her, given how hard her nipples were under her touch, and how wet that little pussy of hers turned out to be when Bobbi finally touched it. Which understandably, caused Bobbi to grin wickedly into the kiss, and then keep kissing the other woman even more passionately than before.

In turn just the gentle touch caused Daisy to cry out joyfully, although thankfully it was muffled by the kiss. Which continued to be very much the case as Bobbi spend the next few minutes sliding her fingertips up and down Daisy's pussy lips, and then even more so when she cautiously pushed a finger into the other girl's pussy. Unsurprisingly that finger was welcomed, as was eventually a second and a third, but not before burying the first all the way into Daisy's cunt and then slowly beginning to thrust it in and out of the other SHIELD Agent. Just as she did with those additional fingers, with the exact same results, namely very pleasant sounds from her lover.

Arguably they were too loud though, so eventually Bobbi broke the kiss and whispered a playful threat into Daisy's ear, "Baby girl, you gotta be quiet or I'll have to gag you with your own panties."

Almost immediately Daisy fired back with, "Gag me with yours."

This took Bobbi by surprise, but she was soon grinning wickedly and quickly obeying. Unfortunately that meant pulling her fingers out of Daisy's pussy, something that neither girl was a fan of, but it worked out for Bobbi, as she got to tease her lover by sucking her juices slowly of her fingers. She then very slowly removed her own pants, then panties, and then pulled her pants back up, just in case they were discovered. Daisy then immediately opened her mouth, allowing Bobbi to push the underwear inside, making sure to place the part which had been against her now very much wet pussy against Daisy's tongue, again with a predictable response, at least now somewhat gagged.

Unfortunately this meant stopping the kissing for the time being, but the fact that she got to press her lips to Daisy's neck and start worshiping that was a pretty good trade. Especially because it allowed her to hear her lover's muffled sounds of pleasure up close and personal, and whisper naughty things into Daisy's ear. Which honestly, was softer than some of the sounds of pleasure Daisy was making, even with that underwear gag. Especially when she pushed her fingers back inside her, starting out with two straight away with this time, and making her way up to four. She thought about going even further, pushing her whole fist inside, but no. Bobbi had something else in mind for the squirming superhero.

Daisy tried not too, but she just couldn't resist sucking on those panties. Which of course meant it wasn't long before there was barely even a lingering taste of pussy left, which of course left the horny bisexual craving more. Oh yes, she wanted to dropped to her knees and worship The Mockingbird's tasty little twat, and she promised herself before they left this perverted place she would do just that. Regardless of whether they were discovered or not. In fact, somehow finding the time to eat Bobbi's pussy in between kicking the asses of the bad guys seem like a whole lot of fun in this wonderfully twisted moment. Something she got to fantasize about for a while, as Bobbi continued to gently finger fuck her.

She then received a rather alarming wake-up call in the form of Bobbi pressing one of her battle staves to her lips, taking it into her mouth and beginning to lick and suck it suggestively. That couldn't be good. Well, it might be, under other circumstances. However Daisy was still recovering from last night, and she had a sneaking suspicion where that battle stave was headed. For better or for worse, she was quickly proven wrong. Although it was definitely for worse at first, as it meant the thing is being removed from her needy little cunt, causing Daisy to whimper pathetically. And then even more when replaced with the battle stave, Bobbi giving Daisy a few long seconds to think about it before pushing it into her pussy.

Even though she did it slowly and gently as possible it was far bigger than anything Daisy had taken before, dwarfing even the strap-on Bobbi had used last night. To be fair, Bobbi had the decency of pulling back and looking at Daisy with an apprehensive look, clearly waiting for her to object. Of course the whole point of that was probably to make Daisy submit to it, as it would've been a blow to her pride if she asked to stop. And sure enough that was exactly what happened, the stubborn Inhuman relaxing best she could and with a noticeable bit of pain allowing the first few inches of that long, thick battle stave to stretch her entrance wide enough to slide into her, causing her to let out an extra loud cry in the process.

"Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, good girl. " Bobbi then purred into her ear, "That's it, relax and give me that pussy. Yes, just a little more. You can do it. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I know it hurts now, but trust me, it'll be worth it. Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss, just relax for me baby girl, and I swear, I swear I'll make you cum so fucking hard."

That last part thankfully wasn't hard to believe, which was one of the main reasons that Daisy was submitting to this. Oh yes, she was sure that Bobbi would make her cum nice and hard, just like she had last night. And just like she'd no doubt made herself cum when she had done this to herself. The image of which definitely helped Daisy to relax. And as much as she hated to admit it, everything else about this was helping her to relax. Oh yes, just everything about this was allowing Daisy to relax, and let The Mockingbird Bobbi Morse shove that giant fighting stick of hers into her cunt, inch after inch disappearing until about half of it was inside her. Then and only then was she officially fucked by it, really slow at first, but gradually building up the pace until Daisy could barely think straight.

Bobbi had always wanted to try this. She'd never been bold enough to ask before, and honestly, she didn't think any of the other girls she had been with could take it. Well, maybe Natasha. But Daisy might just be the toughest girl she'd ever known, considering how little training she actually had in the grand scheme of things. Oh yes, the likes of Bobbi, May, and even The Black Widow herself had decades worth of fighting experience, and yet Daisy could easily rival any of them when it came to toughness. Or perhaps stubbornness. Either way, Bobbi used it against the other girl, until she had as much of the battle stave as she dared into the other girl's cunt, and then began thrusting it in and out.

When she finally began officially fucking the other woman with that battle stave Daisy's cries, gasps and whimpers became so loud that Bobbi thought for sure that they were going to be caught, and she was almost okay with that. Deep down she knew that wasn't the case, as it could have deadly consequences, and it would be a total mood killer. However the fantasy of getting caught was always more enjoyable than the reality, and it was definitely having a positive effect on Bobbi at that moment. Oh yes, she would love to see the expressions on the faces of Hydra Agents, or even the Framework's version of Fitz, to see her fucking Daisy Johnson with one of her battle staves. Something Daisy was likely imagining too, given her reactions, which in turn pushed Bobbi to do something about it.

"Shhhhhhhh baby, you got to keep it down. You don't want the whole of Hydra to know I'm fucking you like this, do you?" Bobbi teased, earning her a understandably very upset look from Daisy, which unfortunately brought out the worst in her, "Or do you? Huh? That making you hot? Or is that just my big battle stave in your cunt? Huh? Both? Mmmmmmm yessssssssss, it's both, isn't it? Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, I know it is, mmmmmmmm, because I feel the same way. Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh, we're both loving this baby, mmmmmmmm, and it's going to make you cum so hard! And me. Oooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, so just relax and enjoy Daisy, and I swear soon enough, I'll give you what you want."

Thankfully this turned Daisy from glaring in annoyance at her, to whimpering and relaxing for her. As it was obvious her words were having a positive effect Bobbi continued to whisper encouragement into Daisy's ear for the next few long minutes, in between kisses to the other girl's neck, lips and even all over her face. Eventually she added nibbling on Daisy's earlobe into the equation, about the same time she increased her pace ever so slightly. Which of course, despite what was probably the brunette's best efforts, caused the mighty Quake to let out what sounded like a deafening cry in this confined space, which again, was completely unacceptable for this situation.

"Still struggling to keep quiet? That's okay, we have ways of making you silent." Bobbi whispered in a mocking Russian accent as she pulled out her other battle stave and pressed it to Daisy's mouth.

For a moment Daisy gave her a look, and then just parted her lips, allowing Bobbi to push the second battle stave inside her mouth. Bobbi would have been perfectly happy for it just to be left there, providing the perfect little gag for the girl she was fucking. However Daisy made it even better by beginning to suck on that battle stave, just like she had the last one, creating the idea that she was taking it in both ends, something which made Bobbi crazy with lust. It also gave The Mockingbird a wicked idea when it came to making Quake cum. Which admittedly would be risky, but in her mind was worth it to make Daisy cum nice and hard. But first, she would make sure she was as ready for it as possible.

"Yesssssssssss, that's it baby, suck it. Suck it like it's a nice big cock." Bobbi gleefully whispered into Daisy's ear, "Suck it like it's my cock! Mmmmmmmm yessssssssss, suck it like it's my nice big strap-on cock. Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh, you like that, don't you. You like sucking girl cock for another woman? Huh? Yeah you do, mmmmmmmm, and I love it. God Daisy, you look so hot. Sooooooo fucking hot taking it in both ends like a total whore! A cock sucking whore! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss, mmmmmmmmm, take it and cum for me! Cum for me like a good girl. Come on, oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss, I wanna see it! Cum for me Daisy, mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh, fucking cum!"

Daisy would have loved to obey, but infuriatingly Bobbi just wasn't letting her. The clearly experienced woman had slowly built up the pace of her thrusting so any discomfort Daisy might have felt in the beginning from something so big inside her was fucked away, and even when the blonde got to the hard fucking the brunette felt nothing but pleasure. Infuriating pleasure, which felt amazing, but just wasn't enough to make her cum, and Bobbi knew it. The bitch was telling her that with those words, and it made Daisy want to use her powers to push Bobbi away and give her a taste of her medicine. Or at least spit out that battle stave and give The Mockingbird a piece of her mind, but she didn't.

Instead Daisy just whimpered pathetically and allowed herself to be tormented. Which was very humiliating for her, but she just couldn't stop it. Not without getting some unwanted attention. And honestly, she didn't want too. So much of her life now was being bold, and taking command, and just fighting, that it was nice relax and just let someone else have their way with her. Especially someone as beautiful as Bobbi Morse. Who, let's not forget, Daisy had been pining over for felt like an eternity. So it would've been really counterproductive of her to stop Bobbi having her fun now. Especially when Bobbi could just point out she wasn't the only one enjoying it. No, it was clear that both women were very much enjoying themselves, given the way that the blonde was grinning wickedly, and that the poor brunette was on the edge of cumming.

If her mouth had been free Daisy would have gladly begged for the privilege but she didn't get the chance with that second battle stave now very much fucking her mouth. Admittedly it wasn't as hard as the pussy fucking she was receiving, but it was more than enough to push her closer, and closer to the edge to the point that she thought she really was going to cum. Then all of a sudden it was being pulled out, giving Daisy a much-needed opportunity to gasp for breath. She then tried to beg to cum, only for Bobbi to silence her with another passionate kiss. Which was probably a good thing, given how loud Daisy was still being, but it was still very frustrating.

Then her eyes went wide as she felt that second battle stave being pressed against her ass hole. She also froze with fear, given how sore she was back there. However, she was also desperate to be pushed over the edge of orgasm, and at least the battle stave was coated with her saliva. And her back door hadn't completely closed from the abuse it had received earlier. So Daisy relaxed into the kiss, which was all the encouragement that Bobbi needed to shove the second battle stave up her butt. Nowhere near as gently as she thought she would do it, but it made Daisy cum nice and hard, so it was impossible for her to complain. Especially when Bobbi continued to kiss her passionately. And the fact that the other girl started making her cum over and over again.

Bobbi knew she was pushing her luck, but she just couldn't help herself. She just had such a vivid memory of how hard Daisy came when she fucked her up the ass, and she was sure with this little push she would make the other woman cum just as hard, if not harder. Something she was proven wonderfully right about the second she violated Daisy's sexy little ass. Admittedly the anal penetration could have been a little more gentle, especially as her battle stave was a tad wider than her strap-on, but to be fair it wasn't like Daisy complained. No, she screamed out in pure pleasure into Bobby's mouth, and just came, and came, and came. Which was again, something Bobbi did her best to muffle, although it was hard to care at this point.

Also while Bobbi was pounding Daisy's pussy with every ounce of her strength, and using over half of the battle stave, she was nowhere near as rough with the other girl's ass. No, she only pushed about an inch or two initially into Daisy's butt hole, and then maybe a few more over the course of the next few minutes, but that was very much a gentle push, and otherwise Bobbi didn't bother to fuck the other girl's ass. She didn't have too, as Daisy was more than happy to do it herself, bouncing back and forth, and thus sodomizing herself on the battle stave. And perhaps more importantly, impaling her pussy on the other one. Oh yes, the infamous Quake enthusiastically rode those weapons like she was a whore riding a couple of clients.

Whether it was a conscious decision or sheer coincidence Daisy even timed her thrusts to coincide with Bobbi's, making the pussy pounding perhaps even rougher than it should be. Daisy wasn't going to be too damaged from this, but a twisted part of Bobbi kind of wanted her too. Like the idea that she was leaving Quake's front and back holes sore from how hard she fucked them. And in this case, just how hard she made the other girl cum. She just wish she could let go of her mouth, so she could really hear her scream. Especially if she bit down her neck in the process. Bobbi also wanted to fuck Daisy into unconsciousness, but given their surroundings she couldn't risk it.

So Bobbi made Daisy cum as many times as she dared, and then she slowly bought her down from her high by decreasing the force of her thrusts until they were completely still inside her. Daisy however was too cum drunk to want to stop, and continued bouncing up and down frantically on those battle staves for a long minute or two, before realizing what she was doing. She then stopped, broke the kiss, and blushed adorably. Which in turn made Bobbi grin widely and kiss the other girl again. Probably because she just couldn't resist, and also because she wanted to muffle the inevitable whimpers of disappointment as Bobbi slowly pulled those battle staves out of her lover.

Daisy cried out extra loudly into that kiss, especially when those weapons were pulled from her ass hole. God, she thought she was sore back there before, but now she didn't think she would ever sit down again. Which was embarrassing as hell, along with the fact that the equally big weapon was then pulled out of her cunt, the difference being it had been much further up there. The result was the same though, Daisy left feeling incredibly sore, and admittedly blissed out, while Bobbi was left smirking with triumph. It was a look that Daisy desperately wanted to knock off her face, but as tempting as it was to slap her she had a much more pleasurable idea. Namely dropping to her knees, yanking Bobbi's pants down, and burying her face in her twat.

No build-up, no foreplay, just Daisy pressing her mouth against Bobbi's pussy and then frantically beginning too lick it. And even that was probably holding back at this stage, given that Bobbi's cunt was unsurprisingly soaking wet from fucking both of Daisy's holes. Also, if she had been crushing on her half as much as Daisy had been crushing on Bobbi, The Mockingbird would've been thinking about their previous encounter throughout the day, but especially when they ended up trapped inside this closet. And of course, she got very positive sounds out of the other woman because of this. Maybe too positive. Yeah, if they were going to avoid being caught, the more experienced spy was really going to have to do something about that.

Of course before Daisy could even give Bobbi a look at those sounds became muffled, and she didn't need to look up to know what that meant. Although she just couldn't resist, as it was just such an inviting sight. Namely The Mockingbird Bobbi Morse sucking on her weapon of choice, right after it had been used to fuck Daisy's cunt. Or was that the one used on her ass? Honestly in all this excitement Daisy completely lost track. And she wouldn't be surprised if Bobbi had too. But it didn't really matter, as she was confident that the other woman would just make her way through one, and then switch to the other. Or maybe go back and forth between them? Whatever, the point was the blonde and the brunette would be tasting each other at the same time, the difference being that Daisy would be tasting Bobbi right from the source.

That meant she definitely got the best part of the deal. Sure, Bobbi was tasting her cum right now, or at least would be soon, but it really wouldn't be long before Daisy got to taste some cum. Especially as she was wasting no time going after the other girl's clit, at first just lightly brushing over it with every stroke of her tongue before she just decided to focus on that. At the same time she brought her fingers up to Bobbi's cunt, and spent the next few long minutes teasing the entrance. Because she knew Bobbi was more than ready to be entered, but she wouldn't accommodate her. Not yet. No, she had to make the other girl suffer first, before making her so sore and tender, and dominating her so thoroughly. Although she was also determined to reward her for making her cum. It just so happened, that it was basically the same thing.

Bobbi was impressed that Daisy still had the presence of mind to tease her. She really thought she would have fucked that out of her by now, along with the ability to think coherently. Which she was sure would be the case for any normal human, but this was a super human. An Inhuman. The best of her kind, as far as Bobbi had ever met. And oh, was she doing a masterful job of pushing her towards climax, without quite pushing her over the edge. She was almost there, and Bobbi could have probably achieved it if she really tried. But no, she was rather enjoying Daisy turning the tables on her. At least for this brief moment. She was still confident that this woman was a natural bottom, and she looked forward to reminding her of that. But even a bottom could take control once in a while, as long as her top permitted it.

That was definitely the case here. Oh yes, Bobbi could put a stop to this if she really wanted too, but why would she? She was enjoying herself too much. If anything she wish they could slow things down even more, so she could take her time licking Daisy's juices off of her battle staves, like she had when the other girl had started eating her pussy. But Daisy was too good tonguing twat for her to keep that up for very long, and ultimately she had to shove those weapons one by one into her mouth to muffle her sounds of enjoyment. Which was a little wide even for someone well practiced in sucking phallic objects like her, but to her credit she was able to get every drop of Daisy's butt cream, and most of her cunt juice.

Although whether by coincidence or because Daisy was trying an unadvisable form of revenge, while Bobbi was switching from one battle stave to the other two fingers were pushed into her cunt, and it took all of her training to cry out too loudly. She then stuck to that battle stave for the next few minutes, as after slowly pushing those fingers inside of her she started slowly thrusting them in and out of her at an increasingly fast pace. That combined with Daisy latching onto her clit and not only licking it but sucking on it was more than enough to push her over the edge of orgasm. And then again, and again, and again, Daisy seemingly determined to give Bobbi as many climaxes as she had received, and The Mockingbird did nothing to stop her.

Indeed the two Agents of SHIELD, or in this nightmare world the two Agents of Hydra, became completely lost in cumming, and making the other cum, to the point that Bobbi was sure that Daisy was just as mindless as she was during those few precious moments. Really, the next thing she was aware of was the other girl slowly bringing her down from her high, and then standing up so she could smirk in triumph directly into her face. Bobbi returned the smirk, and then moved in for a kiss, only for the fingers which had been inside her pussy to be pressed against her lips. Which of course she happily sucked clean, before finally receiving another kiss from her fellow Agent, something that again the two girls became lost in for several long minutes.

Then Daisy broke the kiss and pointed out dryly, "I thought I said no butt stuff?"

""Sorry, I was just lost in the moment." Bobbi at least had the decency to somewhat apologize, even if she then pointed out, "And it worked, didn't it?"

"Maybe." Daisy blushed, "But I'm still getting you back for it."

"I thought that's what you just did." Bobbi teased, "But if you think I need to be further 'punished' with a few more pussy lickings, I suppose I could 'suffer' through it."

Daisy glared at her for a few long seconds, before checking her watch, "We'll continue this later, but-"

"I hope so." Bobbi interrupted.

"But, it turns out that was a rather effective way to pass the time." Daisy tried to ignore her lover, even though she blushed slightly.

"Okay then." Bobbi noted, pulling up her pants and panties at the same time as Daisy, before kissing her again briefly and telling her, "Let's go save the world."

"Our world." Daisy clarified.

"Obviously." Bobbi confirmed, before they cautiously left the safety of the storage room, leaving behind the smell of sex.

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