Into The Framework

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Daisy Johnson opened her eyes and sat up in bed. For a moment she wondered if it really had been all a dream, or more accurately a nightmare, but no, this wasn't her bed, or her apartment, and she could tell something was just off. Which to be fair could have been the result of a one night stand, although she was worried it was the program trying to affect her already. She reminded herself this wasn't real, that it was just a virtual world which her friends had been trapped in, and it was up to her to save them. Thankfully she wouldn't be doing it alone, as she called in an old friend to help her. Someone she could trust. Someone good in a fight. Someone who was hopefully taking a shower right now, or things were about to get awkward.

Sure enough the shower was shut off and the statuesque goddess known as Bobbi Morse, a.k.a. the Mockingbird, stepped into the room wearing nothing but a towel wrapped around her and an awkward smile. The two women studied each other for a few long minutes, then mumbled excuses as Daisy turned her back to Bobbi to give her some privacy to put some clothes on. Then she noticed something on her dressing table, which she quickly realised was a wedding ring. For a moment Daisy smiled at the idea that this version of her maybe happily married. Then she thought about who had been taking a shower in this apartment. Which to be fair could be heard jumping to conclusions, which was true. It just happened to be the right conclusions, as she turned to find Bobbi staring at a picture of them, both in wedding dresses and smiling happily.

There was a long, awkward silence, which Daisy was desperate to break, so she let out a half-hearted chuckle and quipped, "I guess we're married here."

"I guess." Bobbi mumbled softly, still staring at that photograph and marvelling at how happy she seemed holding the woman she had once called Skye.

"That isn't a problem for you, is it?" Daisy frowned, confused by Bobbi's reaction, "You never struck me as the homophobic type, and I wouldn't have figured you'd have a problem pretending to be gay, when you were willing to pretend to be a Hydra agent."

"I didn't, it's not, I'm not-" Bobbi stammered, trying to get a grip, but she didn't have to look at Daisy to know the wheels in her head were turning.

"Wait! Is that something you'd actually want?" Daisy's eyes went wide, "Like, seriously?"

Lowering her head Bobbi finally turned around and asked, "Is that a problem?"

There was a brief pause, and then Daisy laughed, "Only if you don't know about my giant crush on you."

It was Bobbi's turn for her eyes to go wide, "Your what now?"

"You seriously didn't know?" Daisy laughed again, "Bobbi, you're a superspy!"

"Yeah, well... so are you, and apparently me having feelings for you is news to you too." Bobbi pointed out, trying not to pout, "And besides, I always thought you were more into Jemma."

Daisy's face fell, "I... I liked you both. Well, honestly I still do, but Jemma seems happy with Fitz, and the last thing I want to do is hurt her. Either of them really."

Bobbi's face fell, lowering her head as she self-deprecatingly quipped, "So I'm what, your second choice?"

"No!" Daisy quickly protested.

"It's okay, I get it." Bobbi said, wishing she hadn't said anything.

"Hey, look at me." Daisy insisted, and then when Bobbi was looking at her again she told her, "I didn't know there was a choice to be had. And if there actually was one, I don't know if I could. But luckily I don't have too."

"It really is okay." Bobbi insisted, before admitting, "I had feelings for her too."

There was a brief pause, then Daisy laughed, "She can't hear us, can she?"

"I don't think so." Bobbi laughed, before grinning wickedly, "But if she can, she's just heard us both confess our love for her, so I might as well tell her that I'd totally date you both if I could."

Briefly Daisy blushed, before laughing, "Me too."

The two women then shared a smile, before Bobbi tried to get them back on track, "We should table this for now. We have to find the others."

"Oh no, that can wait." Daisy grinned, pushing the covers away from her and getting onto her knees, "After all, we went from friends to married, without any of the fun parts in between. The least you can do is give your wife a good morning kiss. Or better yet, morning sex."

"Daisy..." Bobbi began, before trailing off.

While Daisy knew that Bobbi was right, she also knew that her friends are trapped here and they weren't going anywhere, so they might as well take advantage of this moment they had to themselves. Besides, this was technically blending in as a married couple, something Daisy was more than ready to argue if needs be. However she tried to end the debate by using a tactic which had never failed with particularly guys, and to her delight it seemed that Bobbi was just as bad, because all Daisy had to do was pull her top over her head and suddenly the taller woman trailed off and seemed to completely forget what she was saying. Which may the brunette feel very proud of herself, grinning wickedly at the blonde as she tossed the pyjama top aside and then pulled down the bottoms.

Then unfortunately she was left just kneeling there awkwardly for a few long seconds as Bobbi clearly debated what to do next, then just as Daisy was getting nervous the goddess in front of her smiled wickedly, and dropped her towel. Which initially made Daisy grin happily, but then she was just left awestruck at the incredible body in front of her. Fuck, she had always thought Bobbi looked amazing, but fuck. She really was a goddess, and Daisy wanted to worship every inch of that awe-inspiring body. Thankfully she got her chance, as after a few long seconds of staring at each other longingly Bobbi closed the distance between them, their bodies crashing together as they started making out intensely.

Bobbi had waited for this for so long that she actually whimpered when their lips connected. Well, the fact that their bodies were pressed against each other had a lot to do with it, especially as it was naked skin to naked skin, but still, it was a little embarrassing. Although she thought that Daisy made her let out a similar sound, and either way it didn't matter because they were both so preoccupied with kissing each other, and sliding their hands all over each other's bodies, like they had wanted to do for so long. Of course Bobbi tried to be good and start off slow, while Daisy barely bothered before grabbing Bobbi's boobs with both hands and started to fondle them.

Admittedly this caused Bobbi to chuckle, and more importantly it gave her permission to go after Daisy's tits, albeit after briefly pausing to squeeze that amazing ass of hers and pull the other woman more firmly against her. Meanwhile, she had managed to win the battle between their tongues and fight her way into Daisy's mouth, where her reward was getting her tongue massaged by the other, which was so wonderful Bobbi almost didn't notice the mighty Quake pushing her backwards. She tried to do this slowly and subtly, but then Bobbi flipped it so that she landed on top. However to her surprise, and delight, Daisy was able to roll with the momentum and end up on top, which was really impressive. Although of course, Daisy had to break the kiss and grin widely, silently celebrating her victory.

Seeing Bobbi glare, and expecting her to flip them again, Daisy quickly asked, "Can I go down on you? Please? I've been thinking about this for so long, and I just, really want to go first. Please?"

There was a brief pause, and then Bobbi smirked, "I suppose that would be okay. You are my wife, after all."

"Yes, I am." Daisy grinned, "So I should perform my wifely duties."

"Yes, you should." Bobbi agreed with a moan as Daisy moved down to attack her neck.

Which Daisy lingered on for a few long seconds, before making her way down to Bobbi's tits, the taller woman crying out and arching her back as the shorter one took a nipple into her mouth, and started sucking on it. Then Daisy kissed her way down one boob and up the other so she could repeat the process, each time sucking gently, at least at first. Inevitably she increased the force of the action, and added her tongue into the mix, swirling it around Bobbi's nipples and sucking them, much to the delight of the Mockingbird. But she wanted more. Daisy wasn't the only one who had been thinking about this for so long, and she had Quake's mouth and tongue so close to where she really wanted them it was almost painful.

Still, Bobbi did her best to just relax and let Daisy have her way with her, while thinking of all the way she could get her revenge on her for this level of teasing. Although to be fair, even when Daisy really started going to town on her tits, using both hands on them, as well as her mouth and tongue, it still wasn't enough. Bobbi needed Daisy to eat her pussy, which she would happily to tell her if she wasn't worried about saying something embarrassing. So instead she forcefully pushed down on the back of Daisy's head, and thankfully the other woman went downwards without too much fuss. It was frustrating that it wasn't straight down, but even that was a promise of what Bobbi really wanted, so she let it slide.

Daisy was ironically just as eager to move on, but at the same time she was overwhelmed by the desire to want to do this right. After all, this was their first time together, and she really, really didn't want it to be a one time thing. No, she wanted it to be so amazing that Bobbi would want more. Both back in the real world, and this virtual one. Oh yes, there was no way Daisy could wait until they were back in their own bodies to have their second time together, and certainly not the first time. God, she was so grateful that Bobbi had pushed the issue. But now it was up to her to make this truly special, and Daisy had no problem with using every trick in the book to make that happen, even if it was a little painful on her.

That included spending perhaps a little too long on Bobbi's amazing tits, which somehow seemed like it was nothing at the same time. Of course, Daisy didn't think she could ever have enough time with Bobbi Morse's big tits. They were just perfect. Not ridiculously big, but big enough to overflow in Daisy's hands. Oh yes, her nipples were just so suck-able. Even if she was kissing her way down Bobbi stomach Daisy wanted to go back up and start worshipping those beautiful boobs again, but she was pretty sure Bobbi would hurt her if she did. Besides, at that point Daisy was eager to get herself down in between the legs of her fellow SHIELD agent and admire her prize.

Even though Daisy only paused for a few seconds it was enough to have Bobbi whimpering, "Daisy, please..."

Which was enough to have Daisy grinning wickedly, but it was also enough to push her forwards. After all, she wanted to tease Bobbi, but not torture her. And again, she was eager to do this. Eager to press her lips against the other woman's pussy and stick out her tongue to slide over it, which of course got the most wonderful cry of pleasure out of the Mockingbird, followed by a long, satisfied moan. To her delight she continued getting those kinds of sounds as she repeated the process, establishing a steady rhythm and officially beginning to lick the pussy of the Mockingbird Bobbi Morse! Oh God, Daisy was fucking her fellow superspy. Well, licking her. The fucking would technically come later, Daisy thought with a wicked smile. For now, licking was good.

In fact, licking was very, very good, because the infamous Bobbi Morse was just as tasty as Daisy had imagined she would be. Maybe more, if that was possible, and Daisy found herself moaning softly as soon as that wonderful flavour hit her taste-buds. Which of course, made her eager for more of it. And of course, curious to see what Bobbi's cum would taste like. Well, actually she had been thinking about that for a very long time, but maybe now more than ever as she became completely lost in sliding her tongue over Bobbi's pussy lips over and over again. Luckily this was far from the first time she had done this, so her body automatically knew not to make Bobbi cum too quickly, so for better or for worse she just continued the gentle cunt lapping for what felt like an eternity.

Bobbi more than welcomed that, especially in the beginning. She even welcomed all the foreplay, because she had imagined this for so long and now she finally had it she definitely wanted to savour it. Also, if the roles were reversed, she would definitely be taking her time teasing Daisy, and then worshipping her pussy. And she would! Oh yes, Bobbi fully intended to turn the tables and give as good as she got, or ideally better, which would hopefully ensure this wasn't a one time thing. But at least for a while Bobbi was perfectly content with laying back and letting Daisy worship her body with her mouth and tongue, just like she'd always dreamed. Okay, the foreplay had gone on a little longer than she would have liked, but it hadn't taken much to get Daisy where she wanted her, proving the other girl was as eager for it as she was.

Further proof of that came from the first incredibly skilled lick, which was so long and slow Daisy had to be savouring her taste. Hell, Bobbi was pretty sure she felt Daisy moaning against her skin, which was a very positive sign. Of course, that moan was drowned out by one of her own, Daisy forcing plenty of moans out of her as she repeated that lick. Also gasps, whimpers and cries of pleasure too overwhelming for Bobbi to be embarrassed by them. Especially when Daisy touched her clit with her tongue, like she had at the end of that first lick, even though she didn't linger over it in the same way, as just that hint of what was to come was wonderful.

While Bobbi felt she'd be perfectly content receiving this treatment all night she would be lying if she claimed she didn't welcome Daisy slowly picking things up without having to be asked. At first it was just exploring Bobbi's pussy, licking all around it instead of just up and down, but then she started hitting her clit with every other lick, and then with every lick, and then finally she was lingering on it. She also lingered on her entrance, teasing it in a way which made Bobbi ached to beg Daisy to shove her tongue as deep as it would go into her and fuck her with it. Oh yes, fuck her until she came in that hot little mouth and all over that pretty little face. And all Bobbi had to do was ask for it. Which would almost certainly sound like begging in her current state of mind. Or...

It may have been too much too soon but Bobbi suddenly rolled them over so she was sitting on Daisy's face and grinding down upon it. To her credit she paid close attention to the other Agent's reactions, and wouldn't have stopped her if Daisy had pushed her off of her. Perhaps part of her was even hoping that she would. Pin her down and take control. Instead of that, after freezing for a moment Daisy moaned happily, took Bobbi's clit into her mouth and sucked it for all she was worth, seemingly confirming a theory Bobbi had about her. Which was more than enough to make her cum in her current state of mind, and together the two Agents of SHIELD made sure that the Mockingbird then came over and over again.

Daisy wasn't expecting Bobbi to suddenly take control like this, but she welcomed it. It was so hot, and it meant that even more than before her whole world became pure Bobbi Morse. Pure Bobbi Morse's yummy little pussy. That was what was pressed firmly against her face right now, covering it in her juices. Better yet when the other woman came Daisy's onto her face was covered in girl cum, marking her as the little lesbian slut she was being in that moment. Even better, she was Bobbi Morse's little lesbian slut. Of course, that meant she couldn't swallow every drop which was kind of ruining the moment, as was the fact that with the other woman grinding down onto her face it was hard to contribute to the pleasure, but she made do.

Mostly she kept her tongue stuck out so that Bobbi could bash her clit against it, but occasionally she would be able to push her tongue into the taller girl's cunt and fuck her with it a little bit. During those times Bobbi would even stop the grinding and just let Daisy fuck her with her tongue, which was one moment of control Daisy had which ultimately was taken from her again. She also occasionally latched her mouth onto the other woman's clit and sucked it as hard as she could, but unlike the other things it meant no cum was automatically going down her throat, and Daisy hated to miss out on that, because Bobbi Morse's cum was easily the best thing she'd ever tasted, and she just wanted to lay there all day savouring it.

Sadly that just wasn't to be, as much sooner than she would have liked Bobbi lifted herself off of her, Daisy even whimpering in disappointment because of it. That disappointment was short lived though when Bobbi lowered her body down on top of hers, Daisy almost painfully aware of where their hard nipples pressed against each other's boobs, and their wet pussies pressed against each other's thighs. God, Daisy hadn't realised just how hot and needy she had become from eating pussy, but now it was all she could think about. Well, at least for a few long seconds, it was all she could think about, then Bobbi pushed her tongue into her mouth, tasting her own cum and pussy cream inside it.

This wasn't like the first kisses they had. They had been more equal, whereas now Daisy was feeling so overwhelmed she couldn't fight back, and Bobbi just took total control of the situation, which was so freaking hot Daisy thought she was going to cum on the spot. Or maybe that was because Bobbi started grinding her body against hers, making Daisy moan and whimper into the other girl's mouth, and desperately try and grind back. Hell, at that point, even Bobbi breaking the kiss occasionally to lick up some of the cum that was on Daisy's face, and kissing her again to feed it to her, made her feel like she was going to cum. Unfortunately, as suddenly as it started it was over, the Mockingbird getting off of her and getting something out of a bedside drawer.

"Bobbi..." Daisy whined, before she noticed what Bobbi was getting, at which point her eyes went wide and she blushed.

"What?" Bobbi grinned, shutting the draw, and admiring the toy, "If we were married, we'd definitely have one of these things lying around."

"Oh?" Daisy gulped, then cautiously asked, "Who wears it? You, or me?"

"Me, obviously." Bobbi answered without hesitation, stepping into the harness and then pulling it up her thighs.

"Okay..." Daisy mumbled, and then hesitantly added, "It's... a little big, don't you think."

"You'll love it." Bobbi said confidently as she tightened the straps, "Now be a good little bottom and bend over. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, I want to fuck you doggy style."

This awoke Daisy from her amazement, and she raised an eyebrow, "Bottom? Who are you calling a bottom?"

"You." Bobbi answered without hesitation, then quickly pointed out, "But trust me, there are benefits to being my good little bottom."

Daisy blushed, and then after thinking about it for a few long seconds asked, "Don't you want me to suck it first? You know, get it nice and ready?"

"No, I want you to suck my cock after. Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, that way you get to taste yourself on my dick after I've fucked you with it. Won't that be hot? But... if you're really worried..." Bobbi grinned wickedly, and then spat onto her hand and then rubbed it into her strap-on while telling the other girl, "There, now it's more than ready for your hot, wet little cunt. Now bend over for me, bottom."

Bobbi found the way that the former Skye blushed to be absolutely adorable, along with her replies, but they also told her she was on the right track, and she couldn't have been more thrilled when the bottom did as she was told. Oh yes, the infamous Quake slowly got onto her hands and knees in the centre of the bed, presenting Bobbi with that cute little ass of hers. Which gave Bobbi more wicked and wonderful ideas, but for now she focused on getting down behind her prey while sucking on a couple of fingers. She then pressed her fingertips against Daisy's hot little cunt and started to slide them up and down it, which predictably made the other Agent of SHIELD moan in pleasure.

"Yeah, you like that baby?" Bobbi teased.

Then when Daisy was about to respond Bobbi pushed a finger inside of her, making the other girl cry out loudly in pleasure. She made sure to do it slowly so she could squeeze out that cry as long as possible, but also, she could tell how close the little bottom was to cumming already, and she wanted to postpone that until her cock was buried inside Daisy, one way or a another. It was also the reason she left that finger buried inside of the other girl for a few long seconds, before beginning to pump it in and out of her, and cautiously adding a second. Although maybe this was just another way to prepare Daisy for her dick, which was also why Bobbi spit into her free hand and rubbed that saliva into the shaft, before ultimately bringing the two together.

"Please..." Daisy whimpered, breaking the silence which had fallen between them.

"Please what?" Bobbi pushed with a wicked grin.

"Fuck me!" Daisy moaned.

"So, you do like it?" Bobbi teased.

"Oh fuck!" Daisy groaned in frustration, before snapping, "Of course I like it! Mmmmmm, I fucking love it! Oh God, fuck me Bobbi! Shove every inch of that big cock deep inside my cunt and fuck me! Ah fuck!"

After a few long seconds enjoying Daisy's words Bobbi swiftly pulled her fingers out of the other woman's pussy, press the head of her cock against it, and pushing forwards, causing Daisy to cry out loudly as she was penetrated. She then whimpered for a little while, as Bobbi just left the head inside her and allowed her to get used to it before pushing forwards again, this time causing inch after inch of dildo to disappear into that welcoming little twat. Occasionally Bobbi paused to allow Daisy even more time to adjust, but not as much as she intended as her friend continued to moan in pleasure as her cunt was stuffed full of strap-on. Even when she paused once the penetration was complete it was more about savouring the moment.

Of course, even that couldn't compare to the moment that she began thrusting her hips back and forth, causing the dildo to pump in and out of Daisy's pussy, meaning that the Mockingbird was officially fucking Quake with a strap-on dildo. Oh yes, Bobbi couldn't help savour the wonderful moment that she began fucking her friend and long-time crush Daisy Johnson in one of the most dominant ways possible. However it wasn't quite the most dominant, and while she tried to be satisfied with what she was getting, and push her luck, Bobbi's eyes were constantly drifting to Daisy's ass. Or more accurately, to the little hole in between them, Bobbi even spreading her cheeks to get a good look at the prize in between them. The one which would truly turn this powerful woman into her good little bottom.

Daisy had never felt more overwhelmingly full, and Bobbi was so right about it, she did love it. Which was pretty clear from the way that she was constantly moaning, gasping, whimpering in pure pleasure. Even when she was being stretched like never before she was letting out those very pleasant sounds, which only got louder when she relaxed around the giant cock and truly felt nothing but pleasure from it. The initial stretching had been a little painful, but even that in it's own weird way had felt good, and Daisy had loved every second of it. Even if it did feel like the dildo was about to come out of her mouth, having skewered her straight through her body.

That wider and deeper stretching than she was used to bought her down from her high initially, but it didn't take long to get her right back again, to the point where it felt like she was going to cum any second, if only Bobbi would pick up the pace a little more. Something Daisy was only too happy to beg for at this stage, although she held off for a while just to savour the feeling of being fucked. Then just as she was opening her mouth to beg she felt something weird. It took her a second to figure out exactly what it was, then her eyes went wide when she realised it was the fingers Bobbi had used to stretch her cunt now rubbing against her ass hole, seemingly teasing a whole new level of naughtiness.

Sure enough Bobbi slowly began pushing one of those fingers, which was still wet from her pussy, up her ass. Oh God, Bobbi was using her pussy juice to make it easier to get a finger up her butt. And what of this was only the beginning? What if her friend wanted to sodomise her? Fuck her in the butt with her giant strap-on? The thought was terrifying, and yet so perverted and thrilling it was the little push Daisy needed to go crashing over the edge of a powerful climax. To be fair she still had the taste of Bobbi's cum in her mouth, and that precious liquid was covering her face, and there was a wonderful big cock in her cunt, and there was the thrill of getting to fuck her long-time crush. But she couldn't deny what had sent her over the edge, which seemed to really delighted Bobbi, who chuckled wickedly because of this.

"Wow! Did you really just cum from that?" Bobbi laughed with wicked delight, before adding with a long moan, "I knew it. Mmmmmmm, you're a total bottom. And better yet, an anal loving bottom. My favourite kind."

Under other circumstances Daisy would happily argue that she was a switch, if you had to put a label on it. Although it was kind of hard to think that when she was recovering from a climax that powerful, especially when her body continued to be attacked on two fronts. Namely the cock still stuffing her cunt, and that finger slowly made it's way up to the knuckle inside of her ass. Bobbi kept her dick unfortunately still for the next few long minutes, but she pumped that finger in and out of Daisy's back hole, even eventually adding a second, which definitely suggested where this was going. Which again would have made her cum, if Bobbi wasn't going even more slowly than before, and having stopped the pussy fucking entirely.

"Have you taken it in your butt before?"  Bobbi asked deceptively casually.

Which made Daisy blush, but after a brief pause she answered, "Yes... mmmmmmm, but not by a girl."

"Did he make you cum?"  Bobbi pushed, and then when Daisy shook her head she grumbled, "He probably came too quickly, huh? Mmmmmmm, not that I can blame him. Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, you’ve got a tight little cock milking ass. But luckily for you, I've got a dick which will never go soft, and if you let me, I can use it to make you cum so freaking hard you'll see stars. Or I can make you cum like this. But I highly recommend the anal orgasms, ooooooooh, especially because of how much you seem to like my fingers in your tight little bottom."

There was another pause, this one much longer, and then Daisy nodded gently and whispered, "Okay."

"Okay what?" Bobbi grinned, "I just want to be clear."

Daisy glared over her shoulder at the bitch who was totally pushing her luck, but it was hard to stay stern under the circumstances, and she just ended up moaning, "Fuck me, fuck my ass! Oh God, fuck me in the fucking ass Bobbi! Is that what you want to hear, huh? Well do it then! Ass fuck me, ooooooooh Gooooooddddddd, ass fuck me like a, like an anal loving bottom."

"Oh, good to hear you finally accepting your place." Bobbi further teased, unable to help herself. "But just do one more thing for me baby? Reach back, and spread your cheeks. Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh, mmmmmmm, show me that pretty little butt hole I'm about to fuck, and prove just how badly you want it."

Bobbi knew she was pushing her luck, but she couldn't help it. She just wanted this so badly, and for so long, and now she was finally getting it she wanted it to be perfect. Thankfully it all worked out, because not only did Daisy agreed to be ass fucked, but she was now reaching back to spread her cheeks as wide as she could. As soon as she did Bobbi quickly pulled her cock out of Daisy's cunt and her fingers out of the other girl's ass, which got an adorable whimper in disappointment out of the beautiful brunette. This in turn caused the blonde to chuckle, and just savour the sight of the mighty Quake presenting her ass hole to be fucked, before the Mockingbird attacked her pray, a.k.a. Bobbi pressing the tip of her strap-on against Daisy's back door and then slowly beginning to push forwards.

Having her butt hole stretched for a strap-on made Daisy understandably gasp and whimper, the superhero trying her best to be brave, but ultimately crying out in pain as her anal ring opened enough for the head of that dick to slide through it and into her bottom. Bobbi let out a cry of her own, although it was much softer, and of pure pleasure. She just loved watching another woman's most intimate hole stretch for her. Nothing had ever made her feel more dominant and powerful, and this was no exception. Oh God, Bobbi wished that Daisy was still a butt virgin, then it would have been perfect. Although her ass proved to be so tight Bobbi wouldn't be surprised if this was something Daisy had done just once or twice, meaning that she was still practically an anal virgin.

Further proof of that came in the form of Daisy continuing to gasp, whimper and cry out as Bobbi started pushing inch after inch of dildo into her tight little ass, even though the butt stuffing was as slow as it possibly could be. Bobbi even paused every so often, wanting to make this as easy on her friend as possible. Mostly because she'd secretly been in love with her for so long, but also she wanted her to love this. Fortunately this was far from Bobbi's first time butt fucking another girl, and she was confident in her abilities to make Daisy love it. Oh yes, she silently promised herself that she would turn this girl into an anal slut. And more importantly, her anal slut.

Which had Bobbi daydreaming, not for the first time, about the super powerful Quake becoming her little ass whore, who bent over for her at a moments notice. Or in whatever position Bobbi wanted her in when she took her tight little butt. And maybe Daisy would even reveal that she had been lying just to seem brave, and she really was an anal virgin. Which would explain why her ass was so tight. Then again, they were in The Framework, Bobbi reminded herself, which might explain it. It also meant that while this was technically their first time, their bodies weren't even touching. Not really. No, those were in the real world, both women probably soaking their panties as Bobbi got to play out her little fantasy with Daisy in the virtual world. God, what if this wasn't really Daisy, but part of the computer program? Bobbi didn't know if she could take that.

Daisy had wondered the same thing, but not for long. Before she eventually got lost in getting what she wanted, and the sheer pleasure of it, but now that her body was being attacked by the most unique pain she'd ever received she had plenty of time to think. To be fair, they had arrived together, and it was unlikely that the computer program would play along with her like this if it wasn't the real Bobbi. Although that meant the real Bobbi was anally violating her, and Daisy wasn't sure whether that was a win. But she tried a little anal for guys that she liked a lot less than Bobbi, so the least she could do was give this a try. As for why it was such a tight fit, that was no mystery. It was simply a result of the dildo invading a hole that wasn't designed to stretch for something so big.

Even though it was painful it was nothing compared to some of the things Daisy had experienced even before she became an Agent of SHIELD, but as an Agent she'd had her ass metaphorically kicked enough to know this wasn't that bad. It was certainly unique, and intense, but with the possible exception of the initial penetration, it wasn't that bad. Besides, she had to admit, there was a certain thrill of doing something so wrong, and forbidden. That was the reason that she had done this more than once, as with extra help from her hand it made her eventual orgasm that much more intense. Even if she normally had to wait for after a guy blew his load into her butt.

She was kind of hoping Bobbi could do better. After all, her dick never went soft, and she was going a lot slower then the guys had. Although to be fair, the dick Bobbi was pushing up her butt was a lot bigger, both in length and width, so it was the least she could do. Hell, at first Daisy didn't think there was any way she could take it all, but bit by bit that dildo disappeared into her most private hole, until Bobbi's thighs came to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing every inch of that monster strap-on was now buried up her ass. Which was a little embarrassing and slutty, but mostly it made Daisy feel weirdly proud of herself. And thankfully Bobbi gave her a few long seconds to relax before actually moving onto the next stage.

"Every inch..." Bobbi moaned in disbelief a few long seconds after achieving her goal of stuffing Daisy's butt, "Mmmmmm, that's every single inch of this big dick up your butt. Oh Daisy, you're doing so well. Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, I'm going to make an anal slut out of you in no time. Mmmmmmm, my little anal slut."

Which somehow made Daisy blush furiously, and yet preen with delight. Mostly over the idea of being Bobbi's anything, but also she'd had plenty of fantasies about being Bobbi's little slut. Admittedly, all those involved being Bobbi's little lezzie slut, or pussy licking slut, or even ass eating slut, but anal slut? That was new, and incredibly submissive, and Daisy kind of liked it. Which was maybe why she enjoyed the feeling of that big cock not only being finally pulled out of her aching backside, but being pushed back into it. In fact she let out something which sounded like a cry of pleasure, which of course made her blush given this was just the beginning of the sodomy, and that really would make her an anal slut.

Again, this was a virtual world, and while she had no doubt this was the real Bobbi doing this to her, well at least not a lot of doubt, Daisy couldn't know for sure if this was how her real body would react, given the same scenario. She like to think it wouldn't, but this was Bobbi Morse she was talking about, or more accurately she was thinking about. This woman was a spy, trained to infiltrate and seduce, and probably knew about a billion different ways to fuck her targets into submission. And now Daisy was the target. More to the point, her ass hole was Bobbi's target, and even in the real world the Mockingbird could probably turn a reluctant rear hole into an eager little fuck hole in a matter of seconds.

She tried to remind herself of that over and over again as she clamped her mouth shut so she could avoid any more sounds of pleasure coming out. Which was a losing battle, but as long as she didn't immediately cry out in pure pleasure from getting fucked in the ass, then at least that was something. And maybe, just maybe, Daisy could walk away from this with a shred of dignity. Although that seemed increasingly unlikely, as Bobbi effortlessly caused the pain and even the discomfort to fade away like it never had before, to the point where Daisy was only feeling pure pleasure. Which turned to squeezing a cry of pleasure out of her, which caused Bobbi to chuckle with delight, smack her ass, and taunt her again.

"See, I knew you'd like it. Bottom." Bobbi taunted, beginning to pick up the pace.

While she'd always prided herself on being a switch, it definitely felt like in this moment it would be worth it to become a pure bottom if she could be Bobbi's girlfriend, and more importantly, Bobbi's little slut. Her little anal slut! Oh yes, that's what Daisy wanted to be. Right now that was all she wanted to be. Which was incredibly shameful, but it was also true. It felt amazing to be butt fucked by the Mockingbird, who was doing it with more skill and confidence than any guy had ever done before. Maybe with more skill and confidence than anyone else was capable of. But Daisy wanted more. Oh God, she felt arising urge to cum, and rather than fight it she just wanted it now, and she didn't care what she had to do to get it.

"Make me cum, ooooooooh, please Bobbi, make me cum!" Daisy finally whimpered, as she desperately tried to think what her friend wanted to hear, "Make me cum like an anal loving bottom! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, fuck me! Fuck my butt, mmmmmmm fuck, pound it hard and deep and make me cum Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, please make me cum!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Bobbi teased, "Cum like a good little butt slut with a dick in your ass?"

"Yesssssssssss!" Daisy quickly replied, "God yes, mmmmmmm, make me cum like a good little butt slut with a dick in my ass!"

"Prove it!" Bobbi pushed, moaning at her instant success, "Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss, that's it! That's exactly what I was looking for. Mmmmmmm, bounce that cute little booty back at me. Prove you're a hot little ass slut for me! My ass slut! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, that's what you are Daisy. My little butt slut, my little ass whore, mmmmmmmm, my anal loving bitch! My anal loving bottom. Oh yes, mmmmmmmm, that's what I want you to be from now on Daisy. I want you to be the perfect little bottom for me, mmmmmmm, bending over, ohhhhhhhhhhh, spreading your cheeks, ooooooooooh, giving up your ass hole to me, ohhhhhhhhh, eating my pussy, ohhhhhhhhhh, and my ass, oh yes, oh yes, oh yessssssssss, fuck me, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss!"

Not needing to be told twice Daisy took her hands off her butt cheeks and started hammering herself back and forth, desperate for the orgasm Bobbi promised her. Which caused Bobbi to chuckle with wicked delight, but Daisy didn't care any more. She just wanted to cum. And thankfully she got her wish, the other girl increasing her speed until she had to be using every ounce of her strength to pound her little ass hole. Although she didn't even achieve half that speed and strength before Daisy came for the first time, in what had to be the most powerful climax of her life, quickly followed by another, and another, and another until she lost the ability to think, her last coherent thought being an overwhelming desire to be Bobbi's little butt slut forever.

Bobbi wanted that more than anything. Well, the most important thing was that Daisy became her girlfriend, but in this wonderfully dominant moment simply dating wasn't enough for Bobbi. No, she wanted to make Daisy her submissive little bitch who loved it up the butt so much that she would bend over when ever Bobbi wanted a piece of this heavenly ass. Or get into whatever position Bobbi wanted her in at the time. Oh yes, the Mockingbird fully intended to sodomise the mighty Quake in a variety of different positions, although this had to be her favourite one. After all, she had this powerful woman, one who could destroy things with a wave of her hand, bent over in front of her, that cute little ass of hers jiggling slightly with every thrust and the sound of her thighs smacking against those cheeks echoing around the room so wonderfully.

It was all pure heaven for Bobbi, especially with Daisy now screaming in pleasure the entire time so that the entire Framework probably heard her. Which was an unfortunate reminder that this wasn't technically real, but that just meant Bobbi could do this all over again once they were free. Better yet, she wanted to butt fuck the other girl so hard that her back door was left gaping open in real life. Have the mighty Quake so convinced she'd got her ass violated that her most private hole was stretched accordingly. Which probably wasn't possible, but it didn't stop Bobbi from trying. Most of all though, she wanted to make sure in real life Daisy was ruining her panties by squirting into them constantly at the idea of being butt fucked by the Mockingbird.

Even though this wasn't technically real the pleasure certainly felt like it, Bobbi being bombarded with so much of it from the other end of the harness bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising Quake that she came over and over again. She held back for as long as she could so she could make sure that Daisy came as much as possible, and thus making it more likely that the other girl would date her, and that she had meant her earlier words. Oh yes, Bobbi held back enough to make herself proud, but she was only fighting the inevitable. Although to her credit, when she did go over the edge she pushed herself through it and the climaxes that followed so she could maximise both of their pleasure.

The good thing about this being in the Framework was that no matter how hard and brutally Bobbi wrecked Daisy's tight little ass she wouldn't do any permanent damage. Probably. It might be a different story if they did this in real life, as there would probably be no way Bobbi could resist from giving Daisy the same treatment, although maybe that would be worth it if their climaxes in real life were this intense. Hopefully Daisy would agree, because Bobbi just couldn't bear the thought of not doing this again. Oh yes, no matter what it took, she was going to do this again. Truly make Daisy Johnson her anal loving bitch. Her little ass whore. Her butt slut. Her bottom. Which was the last coherent thing Bobbi thought, until she collapsed down in exhaustion upon the equally sweaty body of her friend turned lover.

There was a long pause and then Daisy quipped, "So, I guess I'm your butt slut now?"

Although there was sarcasm there, Daisy also sounded unsure whether she wanted to mean it jokingly or not, so Bobbi cautiously told her, "Only if you want to be."

"Well..." Daisy hesitantly admitted after another long pause, "I suppose it wouldn't be so bad being a bottom, if I was your bottom."

Bobbi grinned happily, then unable to help herself gently pushed, "My anal loving bottom?"

Which caused Daisy to blush, but she hesitantly admitted without looking at the other woman, "Yeah."

"Then prove it." Bobbi grinned wickedly, emboldened enough by the brunette's response to pull her dick out of Daisy's butt and rolling off of her, "Clean my cock."

"Seriously?" Daisy whined.

Bobbi shrugged, "I said I wanted you to suck my cock after I fuck you, didn't I?"

"Yeah, but..." Daisy trailed off.

Bobbi was honestly expecting Daisy to protest a lot more, and was even ready for it, but after trailing off her friend perhaps turned more glanced down to the dildo which had just fucked her in the butt, and then stared at it for a few long moments. Then to Bobbi's delight Daisy slowly crawled down her body until she was in between her legs again, this time with her lips hovering over a cock. Her slowness was probably down to just how nervous and exhausted she was, but Bobbi suspected that Daisy's ass was aching after what she'd just put it through. Which was a thought which really, really shouldn't have added to her enjoyment, but it did. Briefly Bobbi felt guilty for that, but then Daisy wrapped her mouth around her cock, and she forgot all about her guilt.

All Bobbi could focus on at that moment was the soft moan that Daisy let out as she tasted the deepest part of her own butt, and the adorable blush which crossed her face because of it. Not that it stopped Daisy from keeping her mouth around that dick and slowly sucking her own butt cream off of it. Hell, Daisy even began bobbing her head up and down the dildo, taking more and more without having to be told, like the ass to mouth loving bottom that she was. Something Bobbi just had to mention, although she held back for as long as she could, as she was just enjoying the show so much. Besides, she showed it in other ways, namely by stroking the other girl's hair, and smiling down at her.

Ultimately though Bobbi just had to moan, "Ohhhhhhhhh yessssssss, mmmmmmmm, that's it Daisy, suck my cock. Suck my cock after it's been up your ass you nasty little ATM slut! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, that's what you are now. An ass to mouth loving little slut. My ass to mouth loving little slut! My ass to mouth loving little bottom. Mmmmmmm yesssssssss, oh Daisy, you make such a greedy little bottom. I always knew you would. Oh yes, prove me right by taking it deep. Deep down your throat you beautiful little cock sucker! Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessssssssss, suck it! Suck it good, mmmmmmm fuck! Oh Daisy! Oh fuck!"

Sure enough Daisy pushed the dildo into her throat, and even though she choked and gagged increasingly violently she continuesd, slowly working her way down until her lips reached the base, announcing that every inch of that strap-on was stuffed into her mouth and down her throat. Daisy even held it there for a few long seconds, before beginning to bob up and down on the full length, making sure she got every drop of her own juices. To make it even better, she was constantly looking up to Bobbi for approval, only to blush and look away, making Bobbi grin even more wickedly, and provided more encouragement. And when the cock had been thoroughly cleaned Bobbi pulled Daisy up, and into her arms so she could give her another long lingering kiss.

Bobbi didn't want to break that kiss, as she was tasting Daisy's juices on Daisy's lips, but they had work to do, so eventually she broke that kiss and reminded her new lover, "I'd love to fuck you all day long, but we have work to do."

"Right." Daisy blushed, before agreeing, "Let's go save our friends."

The two Agents of SHIELD exchanged another smile, another brief kiss, and then pulled apart and went in search of their clothes. Bobbi tried to concentrate on that, as looking at Daisy would just make her want to fuck her again, but she just couldn't help herself. To her delight she saw that her friend was moving slowly and awkwardly, and better yet her butt hole was gaping wide open several minutes after Bobbi had pounded it. Something she promised herself she would soon see in the real world, and ideally take a picture of it, because it just looked so cute. But again, this wasn't the time. No, this was time to really get into the framework and complete their mission. Then more sex, Bobbi thought with a smile.

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