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Pepper put her hand on the door to her room and waited as the doorknob read her palm print and biometrics—a security measure Happy had somewhat chivalrously insisted on. It’d been three days since her ‘session’ with Bruce. A small Midwestern manufacturer had gone bankrupt after an accident sent its stock prices plummeting. Tony liked their work, so he’d volunteered Stark Enterprises to swoop in and incorporate it, turning it into a division of the larger conglomerate.

“See if you can get my name in it somewhere,” he’d said before handing it off to her, and so Pepper had been up almost two straight days, assuring the smaller company’s board that Stark Enterprises was only there to help. They had no intention of killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

She’d found the management provincial and stubborn, but not wholly unreasonable, and with time and diplomacy she’d convinced most of the talent to stay onboard and help keep the company on track. Hard to do, when half the time she was squeezing her thighs together, thinking of how good it’d feel when her wall-to-wall meetings took a coffee break and she had a minute to go to the bathroom and jill herself to satisfaction. These days, she kept a vibe in her pocket. Not even her purse. Her pocket. She reached for it more than her wallet.

So when she walked into her private bedroom—Tony having kicked her out of his until she stopped waking him up with handjobs—she was more pleased than surprised to find Natasha Romanova in her bed. The agent was naked, one runner’s leg emerging from the white linen sheets, either slender arm above the covers, her mane of reddish-gold hair and perfect face and lazily displayed breasts all leaned back into the pillows.

Natasha was a master of seduction, manipulation, a woman who could project sensuality as well as she could intimidation. And Pepper had seen her be very, very intimidating. But now, with her coy look, the slight dishevelment of her hair, the teased positioning of her body, she sent a stab of lust directly into Pepper.

Pepper dropped her papers. She tried to play it off as if it’d been intentional.

“Hey there, bestie,” Natasha greeted ironically. She still wore her Black Widow gauntlets, even now. Pepper would’ve expected nothing less. “Heard about your problem. Thought I’d volunteer my services. If you’re not interested, I’ll understand. Well, I won’t understand…”

“I’m interested.” Pepper nodded to herself. “I’m very, very interested… what are friends for?”

She began stripping her clothes off. Natasha hummed approvingly, which did wonders for Pepper’s self-esteem.

“Nat, you will not believe how many toothbrushes this woman has,” Clint Barton said, coming out of the en suite bathroom. He wore only a pair of boxers. They were tented with a growing erection. He stopped, staring between Natasha and Pepper. “Okay,” he continued, in a much smaller voice. “This looks bad.”

6. And Hawkeye

“Aww, Nat—you said you would give me the high-sign when she came in!”

“Who did you think I was talking to?” Natasha retorted. “My junk? I’m not you.”

Clint looked down to address his package. “She doesn’t understand us.”

Pepper was covering her breasts with one arm, her pussy with one hand. Clint’s boxers were purple, with little arrows on them. She shouldn’t find a forty-something man so… adorable.

“Clint’s been feeling down ever since he got Loki in his head,” Natasha told her. “I figure a redhead sandwich will perk him up.”

Pepper was still agog. Her head was swimming. She felt like she might start seeing stars any moment. She’d never had a threesome before. Tony would probably never forgive her for having one without him; not even a devil’s threesome, at that. And he’d never forgive himself for not at least watching.

“Can we make a sex tape?” Pepper asked.

Nat looked to Clint, communicating for a second on some psychic level. He shrugged.

“Okay,” Natasha said.

Well, that solved that.


It started slow—well, as slow as Natasha could go, with that body that was hot as hellfire, hell on heels, the eyes that spoke of need and experience and perfect knowledge of just what she wanted. On the bed, Pepper began kissing her and couldn’t stop. In fact, the only reason she opened her eyes was when she heard Clint groan. She looked up, letting Natasha obliterate the old hickey Bruce had left, to see Clint was standing over them. Natasha had reached into his boxers through a leghole and begun jacking him off. Pepper almost felt neglected, until Natasha’s other hand crept between her thighs.


Ten minutes later, Natasha took her hand away from Clint, pulling his boxers down instead. She’d jacked him off as much as she could without making him come. He needed a minute to cool down now.

She used both hands on Pepper instead.


It really impressed Pepper how Clint just stood there, his hands actually behind his back, as his rail-splitting cock shook with want, leaking precum, so hard it seemed about to Hulk out. Tony would’ve come all over them by now. And then taken some super-Viagra to get it back up.

Natasha was kissing her breasts, but Pepper almost couldn’t focus on the feeling. “He’s… really big,” she said. “Actually bigger than—“

“You knew there had to be some reason we let him on the team, right?” Natasha quipped around Pepper’s nipple. She popped the pebble-hard nub out of her mouth, moving to Pepper’s other breast but not taking it between her lips just yet. “I think we’d better let him join in. I’m not cruel enough to make him stand there any longer than necessary.”

“Yeah you are,” Clint groused.

She looked up at him with a wry grin. “Well, yes, I am, but I won’t.” Her grin got bigger by a half-inch. “That’s how you know I like you.”


Natasha took Clint first. He slid into bed behind her, while she turned back to Pepper, and he was kissing her neck and touching her hip and Pepper knew he’d entered her by the slight oh and the little widening of her eyes. The warm, familiar, doting smile on Natasha’s bee-stung lips.

“Don’t come inside me,” Natasha said, her voice low and hushed, not meant for Pepper’s ear but not caring if she heard either. It was real, not the lilting sarcasm she used so often, for so many others. “Save some for Pepper—just make me come.”

“So, same ol’, same ol’?” he replied chipperly, as his callused fingers glided down her belly, into the red hair marking her womanhood.

Natasha felt him thrust into her, hard enough to press her flush against Pepper. “Yeah. Just like old times…”

She pulled Pepper to her, trusting the CEO to help. Facilitate. She was good at that.

On the next thrust, her eyes rolled back into her head.


Five minutes later, a damp patch of fabric on the bedspread marked Natasha’s satisfaction. Pepper felt it as Natasha crawled over her, switching places with her, Pepper now moving to Clint. He was still hard, painfully hard. But he’d been trained to resist torture.

Just not Natasha Romanova.

“Fuck her,” Natasha whispered, settling in behind Pepper, spooning her. “I wanna see what we look like when you’re making me come.”

Clint embraced them both, but he only entered Pepper. A moment later, Pepper felt the Widow’s gauntlet on her ass.

It was vibrating.


Clint was trained for sniper work, long-distance surveillance, battlefield combat, urban warfare. All disciplines requiring exacting attention to detail and prolonged endurance. And SHIELD didn’t neglect honeypot training, even for male agents. He could fuck all night, if he had to. Same mechanics as going twelve round with a Mongolian boxing champ.

But he saw Nat’s mischievous grin over Pepper’s shoulder, felt her vibrating touch right through Pepper’s flesh, into his loins. It was robbing him of the control he always strove for, seldom got. He pushed into Pepper and felt Nat’s rattle along the underside of his cock, from where it was giving Pepper—anal stimulation. It made her clamp down on him with I’d-like-to-talk-to-you-about-the-Avengers-Initiative force.

He flashed Nat a look, knowing the dirty trick she’d pulled on him. And gave her his cockiest grin.


Pepper kissed Clint as he fucked, craned her neck and kissed Natasha. Felt both their hands all over her body, Clint’s rough and crude but never clumsy, Natasha’s soft and supple but just as exacting. Over the past few weeks, getting more action in a month than she had in years, she’d wondered which was better: hard and rough or soft and gentle.

Both, she decided. Both was good.

They were working on her in perfect harmony. There was not one fantasy she’d had that was missing. When she opened her clenched eyes, she saw a handsome devil, all glistening sweat and rippling muscles, fucking into her with monstrous skill and a monstrous prick. One callused hand was on her hips, steadying her, while another covered her left breast—and another, Natasha’s, covered her right. Her tits felt like balloons, filling with pleasure, swelling to match the heat that was being rubbed into them.

And God, her ass—whatever Natasha had up there was turning her to Jell-O, making her blood pound in her ears, louder than the slap of Clint’s manhood into her sex. This was the best sex she’d ever had. She didn’t know what to focus on, what to try to remember with her trademark clarity. It was all impossibly good. All she ended up doing was staying between them and letting them give her the fuck of a lifetime.

All good things must come to an end: Clint couldn’t keep up the pace and resist the vibrator stroking his cock right through Pepper’s clenching walls. Pepper felt him swelling, like a stopped-up garden hose, his willpower holding it closed for a second. Then he gasped—the first sound she’d heard him make—and there was a river in her cunt.

Clint pulled out of her, rolling onto his back with a defeated sigh and a contented smile. Pepper didn’t blame him at all for drifting to sleep in the next minute. He’d just fucked her like a goddamn stallion. A dark horse in more ways than one.

And still, after all that, she would go back to Tony. Because he was the one man who’d want her to have this. Ego enough to have no ego. Pepper looked at the camera standing silent vigil over them and blew it a kiss. Maybe she’d give Tony a blowjob while he watched. That would be one hell of a birthday present.

Natasha leaned over Pepper to kiss Clint on the cheek, then settled over her fellow redhead. Her smile was simple, refreshed. “Thank you,” she said sincerely. She looked down at Pepper’s sex, which felt like it housed a small lake. “He really let you have it, didn’t he?”


“Backed up. Guess the Loki thing put a crimp on his social life. Not that he’s less than hopeless when he isn’t recovering from a good brainwashing. I do take pity on him…” Natasha smiled fondly at the sleeping man. Pepper wondered how much of it was an act. Even with friends, you had to pretend sometimes. “Guess we’d better get you cleaned up. Since my cock got your cunt all wet.”

Natasha gave Pepper a grin that made her wonder just how much the spy had spied, then her head dipped down, mouth open.

Pepper decided to put her ‘going back to Tony’ decision on the backburner. One shouldn’t make up their mind too hastily.



“Jane, you okay there?” Tony asked, switching off his Bunsen burner.

Jane Foster startled back to awareness. She’d been standing in front of her whiteboard, lost to the world. “Sorry, didn’t get much sleep. Thor kept me up half the night.”

Bruce looked up briefly from his own labwork. “Might be more than I wanted to know about Norse mythology.”

“Don’t say that,” Tony chided him. “I still wanna know if that thing with Loki and the horse is true…”

Not like that,” Jane stressed, interrupting their byplay. “Since we moved in together, Thor’s just been really… coupley. He can’t get enough of Earth culture, and guess who’s his tour guide? ‘Lady Jane, what is yonder meme? Why doth these cats talk in such childish limericks!’”

“He really sounds like that?” Bruce asked.

Jane resumed writing out her equation. “Don’t get me wrong, I love him and all, but I just wish something could get him out of my hair for five minutes. I mean, where’s a good troll invasion when you need one?”

Tony and Bruce exchanged a glance. Bruce shook his head. Tony nodded.

“Jane,” Tony said wonderingly, “I just might be able to help you there.”

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