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In the lab of Avengers Tower, Bruce and Tony fruitfully worked on their latest experiment. It had a great deal of things that, used improperly, could kill—gamma radiation, robot bits, live Chitauri samples—so Tony was happy, which made Bruce happy. As they waited for the cyclotron to spin down, Tony’s eyes were lazily locked on the read-out.

“Hey, I love Pepper. She’s the love of my life. I named a star after her, a good star! But honestly? Nag, nag, nag, nag.” He took a bite of his nachos, then talked with his mouth full. “She won’t even let me have nachos in the lab!”

“Tony, careful with the cheese there.”

Tony looked down to see a strand of melted cheddar was almost dipping into a sample of Steve’s blood. He yanked it back, managing to redirect it into his mouth, only getting a little in his goatee. “See? No problem. But it’s always this, it’s always that. ‘Tony, you need to go to this charity ball, Tony, you need to go to this movie premiere, Tony, the arc reactor just caused a black-out in three boroughs.’ I can’t get any work done. What day is it, anyway?”

Bruce tapped his read-out to see if it would update. “I wanna say… Wednesday.”

“Damn, I missed the new episode of Reign.”

“Don’t you have a DVR?”

“You have to watch it live if you don’t want ‘em to cancel it. I need a new secretary.”

“Executive assistant.”

“First rule, has to let me call them a secretary. They need a sense of reality. But honestly, Bruce, I’m telling you, this open relationship might be the best thing to happen to me and Pepper. I have time to get my work done without fulfilling her voracious sexual appetite, she has kinky lesbian sex, everyone’s happy.”

Bruce cleaned his glasses. “So you’re not jealous? Or worried?”

“Jealous? Worried? Bruce, the only way Pepper could conceivably leave me is if she met someone who was smarter, handsomer, richer, funnier, and better-dressed than me. Or Channing Tatum. And he’s married, I’ve checked. The guy’s got a kid; Pepper’s no home-wrecker.” Tony jabbed his middle and forefinger into his head. “I’m an idiot!”

“What?” Bruce scrambled over to look at his read-out. “Was it less than ten gigawatts?”

“No, it’s plenty of gigawatts. It’s me, I’m being a horrible friend. I’m sorry, I’ve been trying to stop doing that since the polonium poisoning. Here I am, talking about my girlfriend’s voracious sexual appetite—“

“Maybe stop calling it voracious?”

“—with literally the biggest bachelor in New York. So how ‘bout it, Bruce? Interested in banging my girlfriend?”

Bruce took his glasses off so his hands had something to fiddle with. “Well, I, uh, that’s a loaded—I’m not sure that’s—I just got out of a pretty long-term relationship with Betty…”

“I like that you don’t have an immediate answer. Shows you haven’t been thinking about it. I appreciate that, brah.”

Bruce put his glasses back on, seeming calmer. He sat down. “Well, it’s not something I think about,” he said resignedly. “With… the other guy being the way he is, it’s not exactly an option.”

“Wait, you’re a monk now? Is that it?”

“Not a monk, exactly, I just need to… discipline myself.”

“Hey, too much of that and you go blind.” Tony waved his hand in the air, starting to pace. “Okay, read your file, kinda guessed that might be a thing. But c’mon, Bruce. Think of all the advances man has made through the ages to get laid. Think of how smart I am. There’s no way you keep dating your Hulk hands if we set our minds to getting you some.”

Bruce aimed his thumb back at the read-out. “What about the cure for cancer?”

“Eh, it can wait.”


“I’d love that, May. I’ll pick up the tab? Alright, I’ll pick up the tab.” Seeing Tony and Bruce entering her office, Pepper raised a hand to her Bluetooth. “Alright, see you then. Bye.” She clicked it off. “So, Bruce?”

“Think of it as an experiment,” Tony began.

“It’s not an experiment,” Bruce said quickly. “Honestly, I think Tony’s off that sleep schedule you gave him.”

Pepper leaned over her desk, hands on the Carpathian elm. “You want me to have sex with Bruce?”

Tony shrugged, guffawing. “If you want to call it sex, sure…”

“Alright. I’m finished for the day, so I’ll be in my bedroom whenever you’re ready, Bruce.”

Tony looked from Pepper to Bruce. Back again. “I know… you two… don’t know each other very well.”

“I know enough.” Pepper walked by the two men, running her hand over Bruce’s shoulder as she passed him. “See you upstairs.”

“He’s really not… usually a hulking, rampaging monster,” Tony insisted, louder than strictly necessary.

Pepper stopped at the door to look back. “Bruce? Make sure you keep your glasses on. I really think they’re cute.”

She shut the door behind her.

“I, uh, I don’t know what’s happening right now,” Bruce said. “You think she has a crush on me?”

“I drive race cars,” Tony said. “In my spare time. I own the race cars.”


Pepper’s bedroom was seldom used, but in case there were any startling developments in her relationship with Tony, she was more comfortable there than on the couch. It was a simple, tasteful space of privacy and comfort, with none of Tony’s projects allowed in eyesight of the door, and some private mementos she wanted out of the way of Tony’s (sometimes quite literal) blast radius.

“I’m gonna try to control myself,” Bruce said, looking a little unsure of what to do with himself in the intimate setting: the lowered lights, the soft music Pepper had put on, her own state of undress.

“Okay,” Pepper agreed, trying further to put him at ease.

“It’s a tantric thing, and I took a few pills that’ll… deaden my system a little. But the other guy, he’ll still want a say in it.”


Bruce took off his shoes, his dress socks puttering awkwardly on the carpet—then, after a moment’s thought, he unbuttoned his shirt and stripped to the A-shirt underneath. Pepper liked that. It was far more flattering to his physique.

Between him and Tony, where’d this rumor about scientists having lousy bodies get started? she wondered, curling her nyloned legs under herself as she waited patiently atop the bed.

Bruce made one more adjustment, taking off his belt, then he approached her. Pepper looked down at herself; her stockinged feet, her skirt, her partially unbuttoned blouse. They both looked more like they’d just gotten home from a long day at the office than—swingers.

He sat down on the foot of the bed, a respectful distance away from her. “The thing you have to understand about the other guy is, he just wants to feel safe. That’s when he can… shrink. Things that don’t make him feel safe, he reacts to. He’s really very sensitive; it doesn’t take much to set him off. I try to process his feelings as best I can; acknowledge them. This isn’t your fault at all, but you make him nervous, this situation…” Bruce huffed a deep breath. “So he’s going to want to be sure you’re not a threat.”

Pepper looked at him. He looked in control. “And what’s that entail, exactly?”

“Just that I’ll be pretty… in charge.”

Pepper smirked. “And I am fine with that.” Silver fox and a dom. Yup, she could live with that.

“Yeah, so I gather. But… if you want to slow down, go another road, say yellow. And if you want to stop, for any reason, say red.”

Pepper nodded. But she couldn’t keep a smile off her face. “And if I want it harder? Faster? Rougher?

Bruce stood. He seemed to tower over her. Pepper wasn’t intimidated at all. “Green.”


He asked about her vibrator—“What makes you think I have one?” “Don’t lie to me.”—She got it from the box under her bed. He examined it coolly, casually, like it were some scientific instrument he were about to take a reading with. His glasses flashed with the light from the windows, hiding his eyes.

Pepper took off her blouse. Bruce smiled at her, the sight of her bra, almost reassuringly. But when he turned the vibrator on, Pepper saw how on edge he was. He slipped a little; the green behind the white in his eyes. He gathered his wits about him and held the vibrator out to her; she held her head high as he ran its buzzing tip down the bridge over her nose, down to her lips, across her neck…

“Green,” she said, turning her head as if trying to get away from the vibrator, but instead displaying her jaw to it.

He ran its tip there, then down her long throat. The buzzing went away; instead his lips kissed hers, fully, passionately, but over in a moment. He pulled back, looked at her a moment, his eyes flashing green. What she’d said registered. He crushed their bodies together again, from their lips to their groins, and Pepper felt herself falling back to the mattress, ground under him, as the vibrator buzzed against her leg.

Pepper squirmed against the soft mattress that held her inexorably against Bruce’s hard, hirsute body. She felt his muscular chest on her breasts, his growing erection at her thighs, and his tongue speared deep into her mouth. Her hands went to his waist; he growled as she stripped his undershirt off.

“I need you,” he whispered, like he didn’t want the other guy to hear. “I need you to be mine.”

“Then make me yours,” she replied, her voice hushed as well. Her pained gasp was much louder, when he bit her throat.

Bruce nipped just a small portion of her skin, but he sucked and gnawed there until she felt like he might tear the flesh. Instead Bruce pulled away, leaving an angry red memento on the fair skin of her neck. He stared at the reddening hickey like it had him hypnotized.

Pepper lowered her voice, her eyes. She felt like she was in an Animal Planet documentary, addressing the alpha of her pack, and why did that turn her on? “I’m yours,” she said, her low voice lost between passion and shame.

Then Bruce held himself over her once more, kneeling between her legs. He ran the vibrator over her shuddering breasts, his free hand down under her skirt and over her panties. “You’re wet, Pepper. We should get these off before you ruin them.”

Barely waiting for Pepper’s breathless nod, he pulled her panties away. She felt her cream slickening her labia like a dam had burst, her juices running shockingly into the open air.

“Now that’s out of the way,” Bruce said, “we’re ready for the hard part.”

In short order, Pepper was flipped over, jerked to the side of the bed, her legs and ass dangling in the air like a side of meat. Bruce stood behind her on the floor, pushing her skirt out of the way with one hand and fondling her slender ass with the other. The vibrator lay suddenly abandoned on the mattress, its unfettered buzzing seeming much louder than the gentle music that still played.

Pepper heard his fly unzip, the cotton of his underpants parting, and a wet noise as he readied himself. Then she felt him: the head of his cock slotted against her ready sex. He pushed, just once, and slid right in. Pepper’s head flew up, not crying out but gagging on her own pleasure. She felt humbled completely; owned, used, and yet in such a loving fashion that she didn’t resent her ravishing at all. And his cock! She couldn’t even think of not thrusting her ass back against the rapture he brought her.

Suddenly Bruce’s weight was on her again, pinning her to the bed. She could no longer keep her hands underneath her; Pepper fell to the mattress, him mounting her like a dog in heat. The vibrator got louder—Bruce had it in his hands again. He was bringing it under Pepper’s body, pressing it to her hardened nipples. It felt so good it hurt a little.

“Tell me to keep fucking you,” he gritted out into her ear. She didn’t know if he was ordering her, asking for permission, what. She barely cared. “Tell me you want it or I’ll stop.”

“Don’t stop,” Pepper begged. “Fuck me, come inside me, do anything you want to me, just don’t stop…!”

Bruce moaned with as much pleasure as hers, crushing her body underneath his frenzied rutting. He dug his teeth into the back of her neck, clawed his fingers into her rump. The vibrator was once more abandoned under Pepper, but she managed to get her hands on it, managed to bring it under her groin, then she was twisting her way through a climax that trembling and beat to the tempo of his cock.

“Nnnnngh!” Bruce roared, his voice rougher than sandpaper. “Your cunt’s mine! Gonna fill it—gonna make it full of cum!”

Pepper came again, feeling slippery as sin with the sweat that covered her body. With a crowbar effort, Bruce let go of her ass, grabbing her hips instead, her hair. Now he yanked her brutally against his pounding cock, slamming into her for a few orgiastic seconds before he came inside her.

Pepper’s eyes bulged as she felt him come with the force of a fist ramming into her belly; he splashed deep inside her, coming until it ran down her legs thick and fast. It was the best orgasm Bruce could remember, and he kept rocking inside Pepper’s sex until he’d left every last drop inside her.

When he pulled out of her, Pepper twitched like she was still coming. Bruce helped her arrange herself, pulling her up so she was sitting heavily on the side of the bed, then hugging her to his chest. His heart beat next to her ear, heavy and firm. Like the ocean in a seashell.

“That was wonderful,” he said. “You were wonderful. Please tell me I didn’t hurt you.”

“No. Not at all.” Pepper wrapped her arms around his back, petting the saltpeter hair that bristled on his shoulder blades. So much like the thick hand he was using to stroke her hair. “I really enjoyed that.”

His heart thumped, maybe a little slower than before. “Good. I’m glad to hear it. But still, sorry if it got a little… intense.”

“I like intense. I don’t have any regrets. Except…” She looked up at him with her big green eyes. “I think my cunt got your cock all wet. Do you mind if I clean it off?”

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